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Christopher Columbus Voyage

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FC: The Spain Times

1: Extra, extra read all about it! Columbus has returned from his year long voyage! See pages 4-10 for the whole story, and background on Christopher himself along with his death. Extra news on Isabel and Ferdinand, and about what is going on in the around the world too! Pg. 1 Columbus sails home

2: Have you heard about the newest inquisition? | Nasya McMahan March 14, 1493 Word has it that Isabel and Ferdinand have tightened their grip around Spain, once again. This time they have established the Spanish Inquisition . It is now final that all reports go straight to them, instead of going straight to the Catholic church. | They have also made it mandatory for Muslims and other people of different religions to convert to Christianity or leave Spain. So what is next? Rumor has it that they are looking to capture Muslim land as well. How much more control will they seek? Pg. 2

3: What is happening around the world? | New Chinese Emperor Nasya McMahan March 14, 1493 Zhu Youcheng has become the new Hongzhi emperor. He claims to continue to lead the people using Confucian ideology as a guideline. He encourages his ministers, and the people, to be honest about what is going on, and will in turn make them prosper. Pg. 3

4: Columbus receives sponsorship from Isabel and Ferdinand The Voyage That May Soon Change The World Pg. 4 | By Nasya McMahan March 14, 1493 The last time we heard from Columbus was a year ago before he left from Spain, when he told us, “No one should dear to undertake any task in the name of our Savior, if it is just and if the intention is purely for His Holy Service. After this, he set sail towards Asia, on August 12, 1492, and is returning nearly a year later. You may be wondering what it took for him to go on such a long lasting voyage. He fought for a very long time for the sponsorship from Isabel and Ferdinand. Once he received it, he packed up three ships and 90 men.

5: Columbus sails back to Spain The Voyage That May Soon Change The World Pg. 5 | Nasya McMahan March 14, 1493 The name of his three ships are the Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina. Although, he has only returned with Pinta and Nina. His crew is a mix of different men. Most are from surrounding villages, some are family members or past employees, and some are even prisoners given a deal to work for him instead of the death sentence.

6: An Insight on Christopher Columbus Nasya McMahan July 10, 1493 Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Ital y, around October in the year of 1451. Not a lot is known about Columbus as a child. He was the oldest son, and was born into a family that wasn’t well off at all. He grew up helping his father who was a wool weaver and tavern keeper. Once Columbus was old enough to have his own job, he began helping his father out whenever he would go into debt. Although Columbus spent his free time helping out his father, he always dreamed of getting onto a trading ship that passed through his village and sail away. Not a lot was known of his education either, but in order to become a navigator he would have needed to be good at Math and Mapmaking. Most people say that he has turned into a respectful , religious, (he attended mass regularly), persuasive, smart, confidant man. Pg. 6

7: A drawing of Christopher Columbus after he died.

8: Life For The Crew On the Voyage Nasya McMahan February 23, 1493 Surprisingly, most members of the crew that have returned, agreed to tell us what is was like for them. One said, “Life on the ship was a series of jobs that needed to be done. After an early morning breakfast of sea biscuits or dread lentils, it was onto washing the inside of the ship or manning the ropes and sails. Columbus wanted us to be vigilant at all times and look out for land as well. Our schedule was not glamorous. After a while dread food, honey, cheese, and sea biscuits get really old. Our cloths were also really dirty. Most of us only packed what we had on, which were calf length pants with a shirt and jacket. Occasionally you would see a crewman wearing wool hats.” Pg. 7

9: Life For The Crew On The Voyage Continued Another crewman says, “If the boring food and cold wet days didn’t get you down then the flu would. If one of us got sick, everyone would get sick. Needless to say the smallpox found its way around the ships as well. However a new disease immerged. Some men began bleeding from their gums, eyes, or ears. We would all lock them in a room, so they wouldn’t pass it along. Even with a cold or flu though, most of us still needed to wok hard on maintenance and cleaning. If it were up to me, the voyage would have ended two days after it started because most of the men around me lost their trust in Columbus. I don’t blame them for wanting to turn back and occasionally starting fights and rioting, but the consequences were immense. You could say the crew and Columbus didn’t get along any better then a slave and his master. Pg. 8

10: Navigation tools and boat types Nasya McMahan August 19, 1493 We know, you want to hear how Columbus could have possibly known where he was going out on sea. Well is the answer- navigation tools. He used different navigation tools such as magnetic compasses and astrolabes. They also relied on a system called “dead reckoning” which gages the direction and space from a specific location. They also told time by looking at the position of the sun and stars. The boats he used were typical, medium sized boats that could withstand harsh weather. All three did not have full decks, and each ship help about 20-30 men. Navigation tools Columbus used and boats he used. Pg. 10

11: Columbus' Thoughts About The Voyage Nasya McMahan September 8, 1500 It was over a year after Columbus returned from his voyage that we caught up with him and was able to interview him. We asked him where exactly he had gone, and what he saw. He replied with a mouth full, stating a long route that you can see in the picture below. He mentions the different people and places he saw. Most villages he saw ran from him. But he discovered amazing new animals and food such as new fruit he had never seen. Most of his discoveries were made in the Caribbean. He also says that he saw breath taking mountains and scenery. Pg. 11

12: The Death Of Christopher Columbus Nasya McMahan May 23, 1506 On May 20, 1506, Christopher Columbus passes away from a mysterious disease. After being arrested by Isabel and Ferdinand for not fulfilling his promises. Little is known about how he died, but some people have claimed it was Reiters Syndrome which is similar to a infection in the whole body. We do know however that he died in Valladolid Spain. We will forever remember him as a brave man to explore the Atlantic ocean with the hopes of being fame and wealth back to Spain. Pg. 12

13: A painting of Christopher Columbus

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