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Cierra's Portfolio

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FC: Cierra's | Portfolio

1: Repetition poem Title: “she” Who is she? Who is this girl starring back at me? I don’t seem to recognize her Is she the girl inside of me? The girl who is always misunderstood The girl that is never to sure of who she really is? Who is she? She must be the one holding back all my emotions Is she the one? I can’t truly see her but I know she’s there This “she” does she feel what I feel? Does she know what I know? If I told her my secrets would she keep them? Is this she me? She can’t be!

2: Now | and | Then

3: NOW: Sitting at my desk wondering what it is I want to say in my journal. Its October 5th, 1:09 p.m. The journal topic is to write about my father or to discuss a father figure. Just thinking about the word “FATHER” makes me angry. I have a lot to say I just need to organize it. THEN: There’s really nothing to remember about my father. Only things I remember is that he left when I was younger, that him and my mom were once together, and that he never seen me since the day I left. Some days I sit and think about why he left. I remember I was sitting on my floor in my little room at the age of twelve thinking about where my father was. These thoughts soon made me angry. NOW: Two minutes pass before I finally start to write my journal. I gathered a few thoughts and hope to build off of them. The thoughts I gathered were that I have no relationship with my father and that I don’t think he is a bad person. In my journal I tried to make things positive but there weren’t that many positive things to say. Writers block soon enveloped in my mind after three sentences. This sucks I thought. THEN: As I sat and thought about where my father was I grew very angry. I still remember this because it was very hard to think about my father. I didn’t know why it made me feel angry but it did. Every time I tried to think about him something removed those thoughts. There's no word in this world to give an explanation of how I feel. NOW: After I finished my journal I tried to figure out how not having a father figure around made me the person I am today. Not having him around made it clear to me that my mother was all I need. I soon began to see that my mother is both my father and my mother. My mother shaped the whole figure of my life.

4: Literary | Device | Project

5: Assonance: An example of assonance is when Nicki Minaj sings the line “you let me win, you let me ride, you let me rock, you let me slide, and when they looking you let me hide. This is an example because the definition of assonance is the repetition of internal vowel sounds in a line or group of lines and in this group of lines she repeats the vowel sound of the letter I. A second example of assonance is when Ludacris says “we island hoppin , and clubs is rockin, and haters jockin, trunk pop lock and droppin and speakers knockin, and bottles poppin” because also the vowel sound I is being repeated.

6: Alliteration: Lil Wayne uses the literary device Alliteration in the song right above it when he says “tell my girl to tell her friend that it’s time to go”. This is a form of alliteration because the T sound is being repeated at the beginning of the words tell, that, and time. Another example of alliteration is when Trey Songz says “you just wanna bump bump bring it right back” because again the beginning sound of a couple words are being repeated.

7: Personification: Eminem uses the literary device Personification when he says “life is a dumb blonde white broad”. This is personification because life can neither be smart or dumb. Another example is when he says “I swear to god I piss a happy meal off” because you cannot make a meal mad.

8: Oxymoron: An example of oxymoron is when Lil Wayne says “black and white diamond segregation”. This is an example of oxymoron because when you place to opposite words together you form an oxymoron and black and white are two opposite words. Another oxymoron is when Chris Brown says “you’re my now and later girl” because now and later are two opposites.

9: Hyperbole: Nicki Minaj uses the literary device Hyperbole when she says “you see right through me. This is a hyperbole because she’s exaggerating that her boyfriend looks right past her. This line is also hyperbole because people cannot be glass so you cannot see through them. Another hyperbole is when trey songs says “I’ll flat line without it cause girl my heart beats for you”. This is a hyperbole because no matter how much you love somebody you will not die if they leave you.

10: Allusion: An example of allusion is when Lil Wayne says “I glow like Buddha”. This is allusion because Lil Wayne is alluding to the god Buddha. Another allusion is when Drake says “on records I’m Captain Hook and my new car is Rupio” because he is alluding to the old Disney character Captain Hook.

11: Simile: Jay-z uses the literary device simile when he says “I'm like really half a billi”. This is a simile because he is comparing his self to money. Another example of a simile is when Kesha says “wake up in the morning feeling like p-diddy”. This is a simile because she’s comparing herself to p-Diddy.

12: Metaphor: An example of a metaphor is when Lil Wayne says “life is a beach”. This is a metaphor because he is comparing life to the beach without using the word like or as. Another example of a metaphor is when Nicki Minaj says “I believe that life is a prize” because she is comparing life to a prize without using like or as.

13: Onomatopoeia: Kesha uses the literary device onomatopoeia when she says “tick tock on the clock but the party don’t stop”. This is onomatopoeia because “tick tock” is referring to the sound the hands on the clock makes. Another example of onomatopoeia is when Waka Flocka says “his brains go ka-pow”. This is an example because ka-pow is referring to the sound a gun makes after it has been shot.

14: Persuasive | Essay

15: Dear Fanny, I know you don’t want to hear from me and you’re probably saying to yourself what does he want from me but I’m just writing to you to tell you that I am sorry for everything that happened between us. I want you to come back and be my wife again. I really miss you and the kids do too. Sarah goes to sleep crying every night because you’re gone. I think you would be happy to know that I sold all the slaves (well most of them) and that I do not gamble like I use to.

16: I really wish you were here to experience some of the things that I experienced. Some of the things like me going into debt because of gambling, the slave auction (which you probably wouldn’t like), and all the experiences with the kids. I still love you and wish we were still together. I never wanted you to leave but the fact that I had slaves was not something you liked. I didn’t want to get rid of them but I also didn’t want you to leave and I regret ever moment of it. Will you please come back? Sincerely, Pierce (p.s I love you)

17: Poems

18: I am poem Title: who am I? I am misunderstood and fragile. I wonder who I really am. I hear many opinions. I see many faces. I want to know who I really am. I am misunderstood and fragile. I pretend everything’s ok. I feel as if I’m alone. I touch many hearts But worry I will soon break them. I cry when I feel alone and have no way to express my feelings. I am misunderstood and fragile.

19: I understand I have to stay strong. I say everything’s going to be ok. I dream for the life when I’m never alone. I try to hide my feelings behind a smile. I hope everything will change because I am misunderstood and fragile.

20: I don’t understand poem Title: lost I don’t understand how this world can be so cruel. I don’t understand how people can lie. I don’t understand why life is so complicated, But most of all I don’t understand how there are so many problems no one can fix. I really don’t understand how people want to hurt to hurt other people. I really don’t understand why life is so weird What I understand is that the world is changing. I understand that most people try to do the right thing. And what I understand most is that you CAN get through the hard things in life.

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