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civil war progect (Copy)

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FC: Civil war Joe Matt Cory

1: Sectionalism | the Missouri compromise was one of the parts of sectionalism during this time the others were the compromise of 1812 and the Kansas Nebraska act two out of three of those thing were proposed by henry clay

2: The Missouri compromise | The compromise that Missouri would become a slave state and that maine would become a free state this act was proposed by henry clay Missouri was admitted into the union in 1821 but the compromise was repealed in 1854 by the Kansas Nebraska act

3: The Compromise of 1850 the series of act during the time of manifest destiny that involved the original thirteen colonies the Missouri territory and the state of California Missouri became a slave state one of the states in the territories became a slave state it was Maine and california entered as a free state

4: Battle of Vicksburg this battle took place near the Mississippi river to win this battle the norths strategy was to take control of the river and keep it for three days the souths plan was to play defensive the north ended up taking the battle win and the Mississippi river

5: Assassination of Lincoln couple of days after the emancipation proclamation Abraham Lincoln was going to watch a play in fords theater to watch a play he and told his bodyguards to take the night off he doesn't need them later on that night john Wilkes booth shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head because he was for the south.

6: Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 as a young boy Lincoln lived on the farm where he was born for two years he grew up to be the 16th president of the united states and the president during the civil war he served two terms his famous speech th emancipation proclamation freed the slaves in the north during the civil war later go on to fords theater to watch a play and gets shot by john Wilkes booth on April 14th and dies April 15th 1865

7: Ulysses S Grant known as the general of the union during the civil war grant was the third general to lead the union army he was a drunk he was the first general to win a battle for the union he was born in 1822 died in 1885 he served two presidential terms.

8: Robert e Lee born in 1807 Robert e lee was the general of the confederate army he was known as the best general there was both sides wanted him Lee chose the south because he was loyal to his home state Virginia it was the capital of the south Lee starteed the war off good winning battle after battle the north needed a new general the south ended up losing the war and surrendered to grant in the Appomattox court house in 1865.

9: Emancipation proclamation the emancipation proclamation was a speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln during the civil war to free all the slaves but it didn't work as well because all the slave were in the south at the time and the south was another country so the president of the union could not have say so over another country.

11: Harvard: Guelzo, AC 2014, 'Civil War, American', World Book Advanced,World Book,Chicago,viewed 26 March 2014,. glencoe/theamericanrepublicyo1877socialstudiesbook http://school.eb.com/levels/high

12: Factories vs plantations factories had a huge impact on the production of slavery. factories were a new era to slaves. slaves started off on plantations and had to pick cotton with there hands in the heat. when factories were produced. less slaves were needed for labor because the machines did it for them

13: Economic | Slavery had a big effect on the economy. The cotton they produced made a huge impact on valuable goods through out the nation. cotton wasn't the only thing that slaves changed in the economy. they changed how goods were transported to by making railroads that went through the south.

14: States Rights, Nullification Crisis- | The Nullification Crisis was a confrontation between the state of South Carolina and the federal government in 1832-33 over the formers attempt to declare null & void within the state, the federal tariffs of 1828 and 1832.

15: The popular sovereignty, which was also called Squatter Sovereignty, was a controversial political doctorine that the people of federal territories should decide for themselves weather their territories would enter the unions free or slaves states.

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