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Claire Lemke - RVC

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1: Table of Contents | Pages 2-3: Mesopotamia | Pages 4-5: Egypt | Pages 6-7: China | Pages 8-9: Indus River Valley

2: Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris river, and the Euphrates river. | Mesopotamia's written language is called cuneiform, which is a system of writing with wedge-shaped symbols. | Mesopotamia has limited natural resources. | The religions controlled Mesopotamia's government. The priests transferred messages from their god to the people. | Mesopotamia | Priests would read the livers of chickens and lambs to see what the gods wanted for sacrificing.

3: When farming, people in Mesopotamia use plows to make farming easier. | Many people in Mesopotamia are polytheistic, which means that they believed in many gods. | The people of Mesopotamia invented the wheel, plow, irrigation systems, and the sailboat. | Slavery was used in Mesopotamia. Slaves were controlled by higher classes, who could really do anything they wanted as long as they didn't break the law. | Mesopotamia was made up of city states that were always at war. Each one was controlled by different powers.

4: Egypt | Egypt was divided into two parts, the upper and lower kingdoms, until they were united in 3,000 B.C. | Egypts system of writing is called hieroglyphics, which are recognizable pictures of things represented. | Egyptians wrote on thick paper that was made from the papyrus plane, which was once abundant in the Nile delta. | Egypt has a hot, dry climate, and it is surrounded by desert. | Slaves were used in Egypt, but the system was very fair.

5: The Nile River, located in Egypt flowed North to South, and provided fertile soil whenever it flooded. | The kings in Egypt, called Pharoahs, were seen as gods. | A lot of household items, such as, scissors, makeup, toothbrushes, and toothpaste were created by the Egyptians. | Egyptians invented the art of painting on plaster. They were also the first to use cement as well. | In Ancient Egypt, woman were allowed to own land, represent themselves in court, and become doctors.

6: China | The people of China were strictly segregated into nobles or peasants. | Matches, paper, silk, and ice cream were invented in Ancient China. | The Chinese people believed that their past family ancestors had power over whether or not good or bad things happened to that family. The families paid their past ancestors respect and made sacrifices for them. | The Chinese government was ruled by an emporer and it's royal family. | Chinese people believed that they were the central country in the world. | People in China believed in the Mandate of Heaven, which were orders from Heaven.

7: China's spoken language is different than it's written language; each symbol stood for on syllable. | The Huang He river deposits fertile soil called loess which is blown west and north by wind from the desert. | The Zhou dynasty put in roads and canals, and produced coined money to make trade better and easier. | People who lived in Chine believed that being respectful to your elders and family is your top priority.

8: Indus River Valley | The Indus River Valley had a strong central government that governed through control of trade and religion. | The people of Indus invented the plumbing system Americans use today. | The world's tallest mountains protect the Indus River Valley from being invaded, and the mountains also guard a plain formed by the Indus and Ganges rivers. | The people of Indus River Valley were mainly Hindu.

9: The written language for the Indus River Valley is made up of over 400 symbols, and the language is almost impossible to decipher. | The people of Indus laid out their cities on an intricate system that was very precise. | It is said that the people of Indus were the first to use weights and measurements. | Many people living in Indus believed that cattle, elephants, and other animals represented gods. | Wood buildings, silk, and bronze originated in the Indus River Valley. | In Indus, barley was an important crop that they used.

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