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Class of 2001 Reunion Memory Book

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Class of 2001 Reunion Memory Book - Page Text Content

S: Hope Christian High School Class of 2001 Ten Year Reunion

FC: Class of 2001 10 Year Reunion

3: Jill Miles has been married the longest 8 happy years! Sherry (Starkey) Lopez has the most children - 6! Some interesting careers the class of 2001 now has: Engineer for a fuel cell power system, Campus Director, Missionary, Traveling Music Executive, and Terrain Park Supervisor. | Universities Attended: New Mexico – 80% California – 10% Oklahoma – 6.6% Colorado – 6.6% Virginia – 3% Texas – 3% Oregon – 3% Arizona – 3% Nevada – 3% Maryland – 3% Florida – 3% | Our class' favorite teacher was very broad, but a near tie for the most were: Mrs. Bellomy & Mr. Skartwed Would you go back to the high school days? Yes: 17 % No: 60 % Maybe: 23 % Only 5% of classmates claimed to be doing what they thought they would be doing. | Class of 2001 Survey

4: Lacie (Davis) Henderson Jack and I met in November 01. I was in need of a car and I just so happened to drive passed a car for sale on the corner of Montgomery and Eubank. I called the number and asked if I could take the car for a test drive and after that it was almost like I knew he was the one! We moved to California October of 05 and lived there a year. We then moved to Dallas, TX November 06 and we lived there for about a 6 months. We got engaged February 14, 07. When we moved back to Albuquerque we started planning our wedding and we got married in July of 07. I knew I wanted children and we found out on January 1, 08 that we were pregnant with Madelyn Joan Henderson. She was born on September 11, 08. When she turned 1 I wanted to have another baby, and a short 6 months later on February 17, 2010 I found out I was pregnant with Tynlee Patricia Henderson and she was born on October 11, 2010, I am blessed to share a birthday with her! It’s been wonderful and a learning experience each day being a stay at home mom. | Katherine Price I earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of New Mexico in 2007, majoring in vocal performance. There I met my partner Paul Lombardi, and we formed a little family, together with his son, Ethan. After graduation, I worked for the Federal Government for 2 years until we moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2009. That year, I began graduate studies at the University of Oregon, and currently I am a Graduate Teaching Fellow there. I will earn my Masters in Music in 2012. Although I have appeared in Operas by Handel and Mozart, my interests are towards contemporary art music. Paul is a composer, and he and I have collaborated on several musical projects. In 2010, I was an invited performer to the John Donald Robb Composers Symposium at the UNM and the Festival of New American Music in Sacramento, CA. In 2011 I was invited to the Cascadia Composers Association’s National Concert in Portland. After graduation in 2012, I plan to continue my performing career and possibly pursue a doctoral degree. | Ben Rorabacher Since graduation, I have lived all over the world but eventually moved back to Albuquerque, married Susanne, and have 3 kids.

5: Justin Nail For the most part I have been living life. I had an awesome college experience doing crazy things that everyone only dreams of but not actually doing. About halfway through my college experience at NMSU, I met the love of my life. Melissa. We moved out to Arizona after I graduated and together we have been creating memories. I am currently a civil engineer and I work with a company that specializes in copper and gold mining all over the globe, along with telescopes/observatories design. The Lord has done amazing things in my life and none of this would be possible if it weren’t for Him. | Mike Oppedahl Life is about relationships. People are all that matter in life. Keep your relationships with family and friends strong and you will be successful in your own right. Time is the only limited resource we have. Once you realize that, your life will change forever. You need to be spending your most valuable resource as effectively as possible. Pray for Wisdom daily. By God’s grace, you may be granted Wisdom and your wildest dreams will come true. Lead with humility. Become a part of something bigger than yourself (spiritual or otherwise – to each their own). Life is way too short to be selfish. Serve others and love others. Ensure you do what you are called to do on this earth and for your own sake, collaborate – humans weren’t designed to do things alone. Soli Deo Gratis. | Marc Emerson Am I the only one to not be married with kids? Since graduation I have been keeping pretty busy none-the-less. Currently, I am in graduate school in San Diego for a Masters in Public Health, working in cancer research in the clinical trials office at the UCSD Moores Cancer Center and a desk job for an independent research lab, and dating a really cool girl. However, I have also had my share of struggles and experiences in the past 10 years, which overall have really increased and reinforced my faith in God. When I am not busy with school or work, I enjoy volunteer/ministry work, running, traveling, the outdoors and hanging out with my buds.

6: Philip Bellomy A lot has happened in ten years. I learned in college how “moralistic” I really was and how much I needed Christ. College was a great time to learn how to love others and travel the world. I learned shortly after graduating college that I didn’t have any “game.” It took me three times to finally get my girl, Erin. She was/is more than worth it! I’ve learned a lot from her. Together we have a 3 year old cat named, Paka, which is Swahili for “cat.” (We’re very creative people.) I love my job. It is a real privilege to help students understand and live out the gospel. I also get paid to play soccer, eat meals, drink Starbucks, do PT and P90X with Air Force cadets and be wherever else the students are. I’m basically a professional athlete. | Steve Civerolo I never married and never had any kids. I have two miniature dachshunds which were unplanned. I am married to a band and a dream and a schedule. To quote the greatest band of all time, it’s a lifestyle that’s unexplainable. I have seen places that I otherwise probably would not have. I have met people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I have made incredible friends. I have missed birthdays, weddings, mothers days, fathers days, funerals and family reunions. I have made personal friends with many of my heroes and gotten to perform and share the stage with bands that are among the greatest of all time. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world and best of all I get to answer yes to the question "am I doing now what I thought I'd be doing." | Frank Manfredi Since parting with many of my fellow classmates, I have pursued happiness and passion. Through art and snowboarding, I have been very blessed to follow my dreams in the snowboard industry. Downhill Mtn bike racing and snowboarding have long been a defining theme, guiding my career. I worked as a snowboard buyer for 8 years, helping build an huge business. 4 years ago a friend and I created a company fabricating and supplying terrain park features to winter resorts and private organizations, KInky Features has been a huge part of ABQs progression in the snowboard industry. Now I live and work in Taos, at Taos Ski Valley, as their Terrain Park supervisor. I design, build, and test features from rails to jumps everyday for a living. Snowboarding has taken me around the world from deep into the Canadian Rockies all the way down to Vegas ha ha.

7: Brian Fennema I am currently loving my life in Albuquerque. I have been happily married for a year and am now back in school at UNM to achieve a BS in Physical Education. I have loved my time back in school and look forward to becoming a teacher and preparing the next generation of students to change the world. I miss my friends that have moved away but love the new ones I have made over the past several years. | Teryn (Sanchez) Markland Right out of high school I went to UNM and worked at Clinique and served at Macaroni Grill. I met my husband, Aaron, who was in the Air Force and stationed at Kirtland, on St. Patrick’s Day of 2003, and we got married a few days after Christmas that same year. After the wedding, we moved to Boise, ID until his service was up, and then we moved to San Diego (his hometown) for a couple of years. Because the price of living was so high in San Diego ( and because I missed my family so much), we moved back to Albuquerque, and I went to cosmetology school and Aaron got into the Albuquerque Fire Department. I am currently self-employed and have been doing hair and makeup for about 4 years. I love what I do! We had our first child, Isaac, on June 3, 2011, and we are loving being parents. He is an answer to prayer and such a sweet boy. | Susanne (McKinnon) Rorabacher I love what I doworking as a tattoo artist and owning my own tattoo and piercing supply company. Ben and I have been married for 2 years and have 3 awesome kids.

8: Amy Hahn Since Hope I’ve graduated college with a degree in Professional Accountancy from Oklahoma Baptist University. Now I’m an accountant for Express Employment Professionals: doing exactly what I thought I’d be doing when I graduated from Hope! | Sarah (Wilson) Priebe Corey & I are currently living in Boulder, CO working with Campus Crusade for Christ. We help lead the ministry at CU-Boulder. Corey & I met in college & both moved to Serbia to work in ministry after we finished school. We got married when we moved back to the US in 2009. No kids yet, but we are hoping to start a family soon. Wish we could be there, but we’re going to have to miss out. | Sarah Abeyta I enjoy a life of serving others; working at Solomon’s Porch and being a Young Life leader really allowed me to focus on ministry.

9: Alison (Einfeld) Ashmead After we graduated, I studied at Seattle Pacific University. I am still currently in Seattle, and was married in February of this year. I love to travel and have had many fun times doing so. | Shanna Bennett We have touched on a few fun topics but we would like you to write a small paragraph about yourself and what you have been up to since graduation. Please include any details you would like printed. Answers to the questions above will not be added to this section, so feel free to include information about a spouse, children, schooling, occupation, location, and anything else you can think of. Thanks again! Jeff and I met in college at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2002. I love running, skiing and cooking. I am currently training for the Denver half-marathon in October and eventually a full marathon next year. We have 2 cats, Sunny and Mickey. I've hiked Pikes Peak and would love to hike a few more 14ers. I love Colorado and the mountains. | Kelly Denison In 2001 I started working in mid high youth ministry and have done it since. I love it and that’s where God has me serving. I married the one He had for me, Liz (Robbins) in August of ’10. She’s a NICU nurse at Pres. and one of my heros. We live in Cedar Crest where I built my bachelor pad (mostly garage) in 2009. I actually moved in the day I met Liz. I continued to race until 2009. Our team won a number of races and a few championships through the years. I met most of my closest friends and learned about hard work racing around the Southwest. Racing sprint cars is in hibernation right now but might make a comeback later in life. I’ve started racing Triathlon to feed the racing bug inside of me and it’s a blast. Talk about a lifestyle change! I work for the same company I worked at in High School and am the night shift foreman. Continental Machine is the place and we manufacture all kinds of aerospace and defense parts. It’s a great career and a fun job at times. I still am proud that I went to Hope and consider it a huge blessing to have that spiritual influence in my life. God has had his hand on me and He is and has been sovereign in my life.

10: Becky (French) McCandless Not long after graduation I met my future husband Tom, while working at Hobby Lobby. After a year and a half of dating he graduated from UNM and was commissioned as an officer into the United States Navy. I stayed back in Albuquerque while I went to school at TVI, trying to figure out what to major in. I eventually dropped out of school discouraged that I would never find a major. Meanwhile Tom and I dated long distance and in December of 2005 we got married. With Tom’s encouragement and support I have decided to go back to school full time for a nutrition degree. After finishing school we are planning on starting a family. | Eric Huelsmann After high-school I attended NMSU, where I graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2005. Prior to college graduation I also worked an Engineering co-op position for a short time in Albuquerque at Ethicon Endo-Surgery. After college graduation I moved to Tucson, which is where I currently live. I have been working at Raytheon Missile Systems since 2006, where I am a mechanical design engineer, and currently develop manufacturing automation systems. I bought my first house in 2007, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I am single and loving it, and normally keep busy outside of work with hobbies and projects including working on the bug (yep, still have it!), target shooting, and computers/home theater. Lately, however, I have given up most of my spare time so that I can attend John Hopkins University where I’m working on an MS in Systems Engineering, remotely via the Raytheon-Tucson campus, and hope to graduate in 2013. | Tina (Moore) Deshayes I am married to Jason, and currently we have no children. I work as a financial advisor and Jason is a CPA. I graduated in 2005 from UNM with my Bachelor's of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing. I have worked for Intel as a financial analyst, and now I work with John Moore & Associates. I play in the handbell choir at my church and teach elementary-age Sunday School. I've completed three half marathons in Phoenix and San Francisco, and am currently training for my fourth. I love to travel and see different parts of the country and the world.

11: Sheena (Brogdon) Hamilton I attended UNM after graduation and got a degree in Business Human Resources. Now I work at Southwest Airlines as a Leader in the Reservation Center. | Ryan Thomas Young Since graduation I have branched out quite a bit. I now live in Albuquerque again after spending a few years in college in Oklahoma. After graduating in 2006 I returned home. Two years later, after the death of my father I began my own photography company which has since grown to become one of the more popular wedding and portrait studios in town (or at least I like to think so). I opened my own studio near Candelaria and Wyoming in early 2010. Since that time I have taken on a second photographer and a full time employee. The business is just under four years old now and happily continues to grow every year. I will be purchasing my first home here shortly and look forward to seeing what else the future brings! Words could not express how happy I am with my life. | Jill (Miles) Craig Ten years has passed since our graduation, and of course there has been a lot of change. School, marriage, and children are all important. However, for me, the most significant change has been myself. God has given me the grace to learn from my mistakes and the wisdom to (most of the time) not repeat them. Miracles happen in this modern day, and I give glory to God that many have been performed in my marriage and in my family. We are an active duty military family, which means that often I am parenting alone and hold a very long distance, with limited access, relationship with my husband. If the Lord had not been on my side (Psm 124:1-8), I would certainly be in a pit of despair. I am incredibly stubborn, however, I like to think of it as focused. Failure is not an option for me. So, I look to Christ, because I know that I will never be a failure (Phil 4:13). Though was saved at age eight, the last ten years have allowed for a lot of spiritual maturity. I now experience daily what it means to have a relationship with Christ, I talk all the time to Him, and I do my best to listen. As a woman I simply enjoy my time to chat, ladies, you hear me right?! Thankfulness and gratitude just doesn’t seem to accurately describe my heart’s condition. Therefore, I’ll have to let me actions speak for me as I prayerfully continue to do God’s will, and continue to give Him the glory. I miss you all, may you have an incredible reunion class of 2001!

12: Laurel (Page) Menicucci Since graduating from Hope I attended UNM and graduated with a degree in Signed Language Interpreting. After that I worked as an Interpreter for APS, UNM, CNM, and Sorenson Video Relay Service. Kevin and I reconnected in 2008, got married 8 months later, and have been on quite the journey with our twin daughters, Eva and Abigail. Because they were born so premature we have had many struggles, but we have been so blessed to reconnect with people we went to school with! God has provided us with lots of support from old friends. I know I would not be where I am now had I not gone to Hope. | Joel Gregory After high school I went Cal Poly and got a degree in Electrical Engineering, went on a road trip to the Panama Canal with a couple buddies, and have been married to Sarah for 5 years now. | Dannelle (Sierra) Aragon After graduation from Hope, I began dating my future husband, Fabian, in 2002 while attending UNM. In May 2006, I graduated from UNM with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. I lived in beautiful Austin, Texas for a year and a half while earning my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. I completed my Master’s in December 2007. After graduating from UT, I moved back to Albuquerque and Fabian and I married in August 2008. Fabian and I like to spend our time traveling, going to concerts and Lobo basketball games, and spending time with our families. We have a wonderful pug named Paddington who brings us lots of laughs. We live in Albuquerque and I currently work in as an engineer developing computational mechanical models. We attend church at Calvary of Albuquerque.

13: Aaron Riedl I am a Ground Operations for Southwest Airlines, and have lived in Phoenix, Chicago and Albuquerque with my work. The only other (obvious) thing is my love for tattoos has grown exponentially! I have quite a bit of my body covered with plans for much more. | Rhiannon (DeJong) Levin Well, since high school, I left New Mexico for “greener pastures” in Colorado, I was planning on running cross Country @ TSJC. Long story short, the Cross Country program got cut, and there was nothing to do in Trinidad CO, so I ended up getting pregnant! (Surprise! I know!) My parents convinced me to come back to Albuquerque so they could help me raise Aubryn, my oldest daughter. I spent a semester at TVI and then transferred to UNM. I was originally going into Speech and Hearing Sciences, but I ended up transferring to the Elementary Education program. I graduated in 2007, during this time, I was working at the UNM’s EMS academy. Here I met my future husband, Nate. We got married in October 2007, and in December 2007 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (No I am not going to die!). In 2009, we had our 2nd daughter Darla. I teach middle school @ the largest middle school in the state, Truman MS which is in Westgate. I enjoy it very much, and I am glad I can make a difference in students’ lives! Currently I have taken up Cycling (I haven’t run since 2001!) and will be riding in a large race now in July to help find a cure for MS. Life is busy, but I am overwhelmed by Gods blessings! | Shawnah (Fincham) Anderson After graduation, I moved to Las Cruces for 2 years and then transfered to UNLV. I lived in Las Vegas, for 3 years and worked for Marriott. I loved every minute of it. After dating off and on, long distance, TJ decided to move to LV. Shortly after, he got a job offer in Dallas, TX, where we moved to and lived for 9 months. At that point, my father desperately needed both a driver and an account manager, so we fit the parts and moved back to Albuquerque. We were married in June 2007. Two years later we had very premature twins girls, who are now 2. We also have a 4mo. old boy. 3 kids under 2 is just crazy, especially when they go to work with me!

14: Ryan Clark I have known since a young age that I wanted to be an Orthodontist. To do this, I knew I was going to have to get my undergraduate degree (4 years), go to dental school (4 years), and then specialty school (3 years). The one thing I did not know was where I wanted to do all this schooling. I explored options at Palm Beach Atlantic in West Palm Beach, FL and UNM before finding what I was looking for at San Diego State University. All the moving meant a lot of lost credits and semesters taken off. It took a while, but I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in I/O Psychology. I also had quite a few interesting jobs throughout my undergrad – everything from a Car Audio Installation Manager for 6 years to a Dental Laboratory Technician for 1 years. I’ve met a lot of cool people since high school and had a lot of fun along the way, but one thing I’ve regretted is the instability constantly revolving around my life. I have yet to do the things many have already done – buy a house, settle down with a family, and start a career. But, I do feel I am progressing towards the goal I’ve had since I was a little kid. This fall, I will hopefully be starting a Master’s program (2 years) where I will continue on to dental school and can finally take the steps I have not yet. | Selena Salazar Since graduating high school, I attended CNM for about two years working two part time jobs but didn’t obtain a degree since I was having too much fun out of school and work. I have a daughter named Abigail Bernice, she is 7 years old now, born in 2004 and she is the angel in my life. Her father and I are not together but I have met the man of my dreams his name is Walter Adams we have been together now for three years and planning for forever. I actually live down the street from Hope now and every time I pass by I think of all the great memories I had there with all of my friends and classmates. I have been working for 4 years now at the University of New Mexico as an Administrative Assistant. My goal is to obtain a Bachelor degree in Business so I can own my own salon and open up a restaurant with Walter. | Trisha (Wiegand) Lauer Since high school Chris and I spent 5 years in Lubbock, TX where we continued to date while I attended Texas Tech University. The summer before my junior year we got married and about a year and a half later we had our first baby boy, Caden. We have since moved back to Albuquerque, started our careers with Honeywell and Coldwell Banker, built a home, and welcomed baby boy number two, Jace. We enjoy being back in Albuquerque close to friends and family and cannot believe the past ten years went by as fast as they did!

15: Ryan Barnhill Since graduation I have had a great time doing everything I was supposed to do. I have had experiences with friends, family and complete strangers that have changed my life for the better. “I love, have lost and still love like I have never lost before”. (me). I have taken my sweet time deciding what I want to do with my life and am almost done completing my MBA and soon plan to open my own business. I have a beautiful, fun and exciting young woman completing my life and sticking with me through thick and thin. So as of today, I can say that I am enjoying my life and living every second to the fullest. | Sara (Fillmore) Scheuerman I married into the military after grad school. My husband is an intelligence analyst at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington. He recently joined the Department of Homeland Security and the Reserves, which means no more tours to Afghanistan! Since graduating college, I have worked at United Way, taught Freshman and Senior English, and now work at a local Christian school in the main office. | Bethany Martin After high school, I received my Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at University of Washington. I am currently working on Master’s of Engineering in Dynamics and Controls from USC. I am a Guidance and Control Engineer for Raytheon

16: Chris Schroeder I am not married but have a serious girlfriend. No kiddos but want some in the future. I am passionate about politics and human rights. I love my job and the great people I work with. All in all I’m loving life. I wish I kept in better touch with everyone but life is crazy. Everyone from Hope had some sort of impact on my life and for that I am very thankful for all of you. (I feel like I just wrote a paragraph for a dating showI also like long walks on the beach, just saying) | Rachael (Powell) Chisholm When I graduated from high school, I knew that in the near future I wanted to have a family and a career doing ministry in some capacity. I attended Oklahoma Christian University where I majored in Business and Vocational Ministry. I met my future husband during freshman orientation. During undergrad, I discovered my career path as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I married my husband after college graduation, and we moved to Abilene, TX where we both completed graduate school. Afterwards, my husband got a position as the pulpit minister for a Church of Christ in Terrell, TX. After a brief stint as a case manager for a foster care agency, I opened my private counseling practice. I very much enjoy my work. Later that year I got pregnant with our son, Lucas. During my pregnancy, we learned that Lucas was to have severe medical problems stemming from a congenital heart defect. He spent seven out of the first 12 months of his life in the Intensive Care Unit. While we worried many times that he wouldn’t make it, we just celebrated his second birthday. While my family has been through some very tough emotional times in the last few years, we have experienced firsthand God’s overwhelming love, grace, and provision. I very much enjoy my family and my work. Maybe I didn’t see any of this coming at graduation, but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. | Chris Lauer Since high school Trisha and I spent 5 years in Lubbock, TX where we continued to date while I attended Texas Tech University. The summer before my junior year we got married and about a year and a half later we had our first baby boy, Caden. We have since moved back to Albuquerque, started our careers with Honeywell and Coldwell Banker, built a home, and welcomed baby boy number two, Jace. We enjoy being back in Albuquerque close to friends and family and cannot believe the past ten years went by as fast as they did!

17: Kri-C (Stewart) Gomez Baby Mama to two sweet little girls. Such Joy in such Grand Little Things. I enjoy running, blogging (when sleep affords such pleasures), sewing and training my 3 dogs in agility. | A Special Thanks to the 10 Year Reunion Planning Committee: Ryan Clark Shawnah Anderson Tricia Lauer Laurel Menicucci

18: TOP 10 SONGS: 1. In The End - Linkin Park 2. Crawling - Linkin Park 3. How You Remind Me - Nickelback 4. My Sacrifice - Creed 5. Bad Day - Fuel 6. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling 7. Hash Pipe - Weezer 8. Control - Puddle of Mudd 9. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm 10. Chop Suey - System of a Down | Fun Facts about our Graduating Year! | TOP 10 NEWS STORIES: 1. September 11 2. War in Afghanistan 3. Failing economy 4. Anthrax scare 5. Mideast conflict 6. Stem cell research / cloning 7. Timothy McVeigh execution 8. Milosevic handed over to The Hague 9. Senate switch 10. American Airline crash (tie) 10. The case of Chandra Levy (tie) | TOP 10 MOVIES: 1.Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 2.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 3.Monsters, Inc 4.Shrek 5.Ocean’s Eleven 6.Pearl Harbor 7.The Mummy Returns 8.Jurassic Park III 9.Planet of the Apes 10.Hannibal | The Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl The Arizona Diamondbacks win the World Series The LA Lakers won the NBA Championship | Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs | Enron files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection | The Ipod and Xbox were introduced | The world's first self-contained artifical heart was transplanted

20: Amanda (Floyd) Jones I have been married to my college sweetie for 4 years, we have been together for 9. We moved to Kansas for a year and half but then came back to be closer to our families. We bought our first house last year and we have been remodeling it. He is a lawyer and I am a wildlife biologist, my best job was working at a wolf sanctuary for 3 summers where I bottle raised a total of 13 wolf pups. We have 3 dogs, a cockatiel, a leopard gecko, a ball python, and a screech owl. We don’t know if we want kids yet. Sheena and I were roommates at UNM and still hang out a few times a month. Micheal Lerner After graduating Hope I enrolled in college at New Mexico Tech studying Computer Science. After a semester in Socorro, I decided that to transfer to New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. At New Mexico State University I joined the Fraternity Delta Sigma Phi and became president the next year. It was at a fraternity function where I met my wife to be, Angie. We dated for five years before getting married on my family's ranch in Taos, NM on the 4th of July in 2009. I am business owner and Director of Web Development at Digital Solutions, a company that does web design and marketing in Las Cruces. I currently live with my wife Angie, our two dogs, and cat in Las Cruces, NM. We are expecting our first child at the end of August, a boy we are naming Samuel. Anica Martinez A year after graduation I packed up and moved to Arizona with my good friend Melissa, and I haven’t left since. I love Arizona! I started my career at Direct Alliance Corporation almost 7 years ago and I have loved every minute of it. DAC has given me the opportunity to travel to awesome places like Cancun, Costa Rica, San Diego and now the most recent the Philippines. My current position with the company is a Sales Manager. I run a team of up to 40 sales reps as well as a team of 5 managers. Outside of work I enjoy traveling around Arizona, participating in activities such as camping, hiking and learning about its history. I don’t have a significant other at this time and I don’t have any children of my own yet, but in the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of enjoying both. Going through that experience has molded me into a stronger person today. I have learned that life is an adventure and I am always on an exploration to find new ways to balance my life.

21: Richard Eddy Since high school, I have gone to college to become a phlebotomist in Albuquerque. I am married to my lovely wife, Andrea, and have a two year old daughter named Braelyn with another on the way. Colin Williams After high school, I attended New Mexico State University where I graduated with a degree in Biology. In Las Cruces, I met my wife, Marisol and we were married and currently have two children, Renee and Hailey, and another on the way. I currently am in classes at UNM and working as a pharmacy tech at Walgreens with plans to start pharmacy school within the next couple years. Sherry (Starkey) Lopez Upon graduating highschool, I moved to Los Angeles to attend Azuza Pacific University. While out of the state, I began a long distance relationship with a long time friend, Brian Lopez. After a short while, I moved back to Albuquerque, and we were married in 2003. We have since had three children of our own, Selah(5), Matthew(4), and Madison(2). Last year, we adopted identical triplets, Caleb, Cameron, Christian. We are now one large family.

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