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Class of 2011

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BC: Class | Class of 2011 Thanks for the Memories

FC: Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant NicolasMari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari Kyle Gabriel Preston Juliann Connor Keith Mara Nicholas Michael Nicholas Joey Jennifer Scott Griffin Sofia Claire Melanie Glenn Megan Claire Christopher Shelby Vinka Joseph Ricky Rosanna Conor Jordan Lauren Grant Nicolas Mari | St. Charles School | Class of 2011

1: St. Charles School | Love, The Parents of the Class of 2011

2: Those Were The Days These past nine years that I have spent learning, playing, making friends, and growing up at St. Charles have been truly unforgettable. It all started on the first day of Kindergarten. I was in the Late Group. I remember our field trip to the pumpkin patch and the shop in the classroom where I bought little accessories for my teddy bear. That year, the Late Group put on the Chicken Little play and I played one of the many chicks. We celebrated the Year of the Goat with the traditional Chinese New Year parade. When it was my turn to take care of Hug-A-Boo, I was so excited to write down everything that we did together. When Kindergarten came to an end, we had our graduation ceremony and I will never forget the caps with the lollipop tassels. Next came First Grade. I was Mr. Oliver’s “Pepsi Girl” and I got him a soda from his fridge before lunch every day. We learned our times tables and got a candy reward if we did well. Mr. Oliver had a huge armchair that he would sit in and we would surround him on the carpet as he told us stories. Ms. Blair taught us through Second Grade and helped us prepare for our First Communion, which we received that year. She was a Chicago Cubs fanatic and talked about them constantly. Skipperdee, Ms. Blair’s turtle, occasionally walked around the classroom and we joked about how the pink spot on his back looked like someone stuck their bubblegum on his shell. We also learned cursive in Second Grade and I have been writing like that ever since. Third Grade was another very memorable year. Mrs. Picard always shot her imaginary lightening bolts at us when we were being too noisy and we put on a production of The Wizard of Oz, which I narrated, and Hansel and Gretel. I recall myself rushing to finish my class work so that I could go outside and add treats to the Candy House. Our end of the year party was a trip to the beach where we had a sandcastle-building contest and my group was awarded “Best Theme” for our Giants stadium. Those four years were fun, but our journey at St. Charles was just beginning. In Fourth Grade, we had our class sleepover in Borromeo Hall. We watched High School Musical, listened to music, and played games. Our class Talent Show, where we sang and danced to “Hey Ya!” and “Celebrate”, Chocolate Day, and the Gold Rush Game all took place that year. In Fifth Grade, we had Ms. Loncich who passed out “Loncich Loot” whenever we were good. We also worked on Rube Goldberg projects and won the Track Championships. Mrs. Strafaci accompanied us through Sixth Grade. I remember the funny stories she told us about her grandchildren and the current events that I constantly brought in for extra credit. That year, we went to Walden West with Ms. Trimble. Every night, our counselor read us The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and tried to take our minds off of the cold as we waited in line for the showers. Our girls’ basketball team ended the season as PPSL South Champions that year. Seventh Grade was a good year. Mrs. Zamecki was our teacher and we went on the greatest field trip ever - a Giants game! Our whole class got a lot closer in Seventh Grade and it was sad to think that the next year would be our final year together at St. Charles. Eighth Grade has gone by really fast. At the beginning of the year, we went to CYO Camp. All of the girls had to stay in the same cabin and we probably had the messiest cabin that the camp has ever seen (with the exception of my bunk which was perfectly organized.) We had a class retreat with Fr. Dave, “class moments” when the boys won their playoff games, the girls had their last Father/Daughter Dance, and I sung in our Stations of the Cross performance. Student Council has been rewarding and at times hilarious, especially when reading over the students’ suggestions. I am honored to have served as President of the Student Body and I am confident that Ms. Diaz has taught us all how to be true scholars (*clap*). The friends that I have made, the teachers that have helped me achieve success, the goals that I have accomplished, and the many lessons that I have learned will forever remain a significant part of my childhood. Our nine year journey as the Class of 2011 is coming to an end but the memories that we have created will last a lifetime. | Mari Andreatta

4: Kyle Basch | and the California Missions. It was quite enjoyable as we learned about that era and had a good time with our St. Charles classmates. In fifth grade, our teacher, Mrs. Martinez, who was formerly known as Miss Loncich , let us exchange “Loncich Loot” for amazing prizes as a reward for our good deeds and excellent behavior. In the sixth grade, we had Ms. Strafaci who was an awesome teacher. We had a lot of fun learning about ancient Egypt and the mummies. During sixth grade we also enjoyed the great joys of being in the outdoors at Walden West. Although we had to leave our comfortable homes, to sleep in the woods, I had a wonderful experience being outside in nature with my friends. In my enlightening seventh grade year, I enjoyed learning about my heritage and the fight that so many immigrants and families had to enter our country. The sports teams that we were a part of at St. Charles, gave me a completive edge inside and outside of school. I learned valuable team building skills and participation during school activities. In my eighth grade year, sadly our final year together, we experienced many great times as a class. One of the best memories was our trip to CYO Camp. We had a wonderful time going to the beach and hiking in the scenic mountains. St. Charles will be one of the best memories of my early life, and I will always cherish these memories and my good friends. | I had a very joyous time during my seven years at St. Charles. I came to St. Charles in second grade, and I had a great time meeting my new friends. In third grade we had a super fun time performing our class play, The Wizard of OZ. We dressed up in realistic character costumes and performed brilliantly as a group. We showed our talents as very young performers in this wonderful production. During our superb fourth grade year, our wonderful class studied the Gold Rush | Super Fantastic Memories

6: St. Charles Memories I have been at this school for 10 years now; it’s hard to believe that it’s almost over. In kinder garden I started early and had to stay for two years in kindergarten. I remember in my second year I was in the late group and my two best friends were Conor Thane and Nick Fitzgerald. We used to pretend we were all a different colored jango fet, and we would run around the school yard at day care pretending we were shooting at enemies. I loved the plays we did. My favorite was the Easter play. We had Mrs. Barulich, and I remember a lot about the year I met a ton of great friends in my first year. Then in first grade we had Mr. Oliver. I had a ton of fun that year but I always hated the monthly homework packets. I remember we used to get conduct grades at the end of every week, I remember the first week of school Mr. Oliver gave everyone two’s in conduct and I wanted a one, and I cried. I made a lot of new friends that year like Ricky who is one of my best friends today. Then in second grade we had Ms. Blair. She was a really fun. I remember she would tell us stories about when she was growing up in Chicago. She was a huge Chicago Cubs fan. That year we had three new students join our class Kyle, Vinka, and Michael. I had my first sleep over that year with Ricky. Then in third grade we had Mrs. Picard. That year was so awesome we only had homework assigned one time a week. It was so easy. I loved the plays we did at the end of the year. I was the wizard in the Wizard of Oz. That year I was sick a lot, though I missed like maybe 20 days of school that year, but the year was a great one. In fourth grade we started out with Mrs. Nehrenz. Then after Christmas break we got a new teacher Ms. Loncich. She was a really great teacher and we had a lot of fun with her. Then in fifth grade we had Ms. Loncich. and we actually stayed in the same classroom. We went on a lot of fun field trips and we did a lot of fun activities. In sixth grade I had my best academic year ever. We had a fun year; we went to Walden West and Chris and I came up with the famous Johnny voice. My football team got to play in the 49er game half time show, and I became better friends with Christopher. Also Melanie joined are class that year. In seventh grade we had my math teacher become our home room teacher, Mrs. Zamecki we had a lot of fun. She was a very fun teacher. We got to go to the Giants game for our end of the year party that was so much fun and we all had a good year. And Sofia joined our class that year or a.k.a “Sof”. Then eighth grade: it’s so hard to believe that I am in my last year at St. Charles. I am really going to miss being with my class. We had a lot of fun at CYO camp. I celebrated my birthday at CYO, and I had a really great time. I am cherishing the last months I have with my classmates. So far I have had a great year. I feel I am being prepared for high school. I hope my final months at St. Charles are memorable ones, and I am excited to see where God leads me in my future. | Gabriel Cabezon

8: Preston Campi | Great Memories | Throughout the years at St. Charles, I have received a great education, made great friends and enjoyed many great memories. I started in the early group of kindergarten, and had Mrs. Barulich, Mrs. Musto, and Ms. Sanchez. It was great year, filled with Legos, the Peter Rabbit play, and the Chinese New Year Parade. In first grade we had Mr. Oliver and zoo bucks. We counted to a thousand and got to eat a bunch of candy too. We didn’t get to do The Sound Of Music, but we did have homework, which wasn’t a very fair trade off. In 2nd grade, we had Mrs. Blair, who was really cool, but talked about the Cubs more than the Giants. New kids joined that year, so our family got even bigger. We had homework, but not as much as my sister said we would. Mrs. Blair also stayed with my sister and me when my parents went away, and once I had to get up at 6 am so I could go to school with her in the morning. In 3rd grade we had Mrs. Picard and Mrs. Paris. Mrs. Paris was really nice, and Mrs. Picard was even kinder. We did the Wizard Of Oz, and Hansel and Gretel. I was Hansel and a Munchkin from the Lollipop Guild. Building the Gingerbread House was fun and we are ate some of the candy, even though it was strictly forbidden. In 4th grade we were blessed with Mrs. Nehrenz, who was a very helpful and informative teacher. Mrs. Lonchic came at the end of the year, and she was very nice. Our sports craze was in full effect, and we got to play baseball and basketball. In 5th grade we had Mrs. Lonchic, and the same classroom, and we were able to tryout for basketball. Hannah joined the class and became everyone’s good friend. We were now the little kids on the upper yard at lunch, and we had to get used to being treated as such. 6th grade was the biggest change in schoolwork, but luckily we had Mrs. Strafaci to help us get through. Homework and in class discussions were the new school way, and it was very different then math boxes and crayons. We took a bus ride to Monterey and we had Mrs. Zamecki for math. We went on the duck tours, but we couldn’t quack because of a lawsuit, and then went down the piers. It was cold and windy, but such is the life in San Francisco. 7th grade began, and Sophia joined our family. We had math groups and essays and service hours, but it was all part of getting ready for High School. Mrs. Diaz helped us transform into “scholars,” and we were now JV in sports. We got to go to the Giants game, which was a great time! So much more homework, thinking about high schools, and my favorite part, sports. 8th grade was the year when Hannah left and we all missed her. But we were all busy with school, high school apps, sports (but this is the year I broke my arm), the last science fair, ancestors, more sports, stations of the cross, physics day, and Sacramento all packed into the best year ever. Everyone was friends, we all wanted to go to the high school of our dreams, and we all wondered who we would still be seeing after the year was over. We worked hard and we were the leaders on campus, and we were treated like leaders. Soon graduation will be the end of our great years and great memories at St. Charles.

10: 1,890 Days Worth of Memories Made! Wow! Nine years at St. Charles are now coming to an end. My experience at St. Charles was full of great classmates and even greater memories! Going back to the first day of Kindergarten in the “Late Group” with Mrs. Barulich, Ms. Sanchez, and Mrs. Judy, everything was new. This was the start of our journey and I will never forget Hug-A-Boo, the bear you got to take home with you, building the Leprechaun Traps for St. Patrick’s Day and finding footprints on them the next morning, and being able to count to 100 by the 100th day of school! This was also the year that I got to take home our class chicks named Blackey and Daisy. After our Kindergarten graduation with the lollipop caps, we finally moved onto First Grade with Mr. Oliver, his Pepsi addiction, and his stuffed armadillo. He used to give us paper money called “zoo bucks” which we could spend at his store and he would always knock off the girls’ headbands. In Second Grade we moved a step higher in our Catholic faith with Ms. Blair by receiving our First Holy Communion. Ms. Blair was a nice teacher who loved her hometown of Chicago and used to let her turtle named Skipper-Dee walk around the classroom. Third Grade was a fun year because we got to build the candy house for the Hansel and Gretel and Wizard of Oz plays where I played the Wicked Witch of the West. Mrs. Picard taught us cursive while Mrs. Paris told us stories. At the end of the year, we had a sand castle-making contest where my team won “best themed” for creating a Giants Stadium. We had already finished four years at St. Charles and gained new friends along the way including Kyle, Vinka, Michael, Megan, and Glenn by the time we took our first steps into fourth grade. We had already traveled so far, but still had a long way to go until we reached 8th grade. In Fourth Grade, Mrs. Nehrenz, Mrs. O’Connell, and Ms. Loncich called us “Toadally Awesome 4th Graders” because our class mascot was a toad. We played the Gold Rush game in History to learn about the pioneers, dedicated two whole days to chocolate and cheese, and during Mass, Conor Thane, Nick York, and I shared Lemon Heads! This is also the year we put on our own talent show. The whole class learned dances to “Celebrate” and “Hey Ya” while also performing our own special talents. We also had a fun sleepover in Borromeo Hall filled with lots of memories! We moved onto Fifth Grade with the familiar face of Ms. Loncich as our homeroom teacher. We got to participate in the Rube Goldberg for the first time and got “Loncich Loot” which we bartered between each other trying to win prizes. In Sixth Grade with Mrs. Strafaci, we had a great year presenting Current Events, listening to her tell us stories about her grandchildren, and bonding as a class at Walden West. In Science class, we were split up into groups and had to create a city, brochure, newspaper, presentation, song, and model, which we called “Cell City”. Mrs. Strafaci was a nice teacher who taught us about Egypt and began our Middle School education. Only two more years before the exciting Mystery Day, Physics Day, and the long awaited Graduation! As we moved on down the road to Graduation, we joined the classes of Mrs. Zamecki for Homeroom, Mrs. Trimble for Science and Math, and Mrs. Diaz for Literature and History. This was one of my best years at St. Charles even though the tests were hard and there was a lot of homework. This was the year that Sofia joined our class and would be the last year we had Hannah. We have many inside jokes including saying “What was that” after Claire O’Rourke sneezed and clapping after Ms. Diaz called us scholars! The talent show was a big hit because we sang “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey! We had ups and downs with Mrs. Zamecki, but at the end of the day we always had a laugh. Mrs. Zamecki took us to the Giants game as our end of the year party. Finally we got to rule the school as the big 8th Graders! I can’t believe that we are already at the end of our journey. It is sad that we will be leaving each other since we have grown into the closest of friends, but we get to enjoy our final year together with C.Y.O camp to help us bond, Physics Day, Mystery Day, Sacramento, and the rest of school. I have enjoyed all of my teachers including Mrs. Diaz, Mrs. Trimble, Mrs. Zamecki, and Mr. Jerrold. We have become closer as a class and have enjoyed all of the contests Mrs. Zamecki made us write, reading the novels with Mrs. Diaz, getting in trouble as a class, watching the squirrels eat our lunches and attack our backpacks, and socializing when it’s not social hour! I love this class and don’t want it to end, but we have shared nine wonderful years together, which consists of about 1,890 school days together as St. Charles Tigers! And now as our journey of nine years together is coming to an end, we will walk down different paths only to meet up again. Strangers at first, and family with great, shared memories in the end. We are the Class of 2011 and my classmates will always have a place in my heart! Juliann Carroll

12: My St. Charles Memories I will never forget my nine years at St. Charles. I remember kindergarten with Mrs. Barulich, Mrs. Musto, and Ms. Sanchez and how they helped us celebrate Chinese New Year with the dragon parade and put on the Peter Rabbit and the Halloween plays. Some of my favorite memories at St. Charles came from first grade with Mr. Oliver, like building towers out of Mr. Oliver’s Pepsi cans or writing to 1,000, but by far my favorite thing we did in first grade was the end-of-year class party at Stafford Park when we had a huge squirt-gun fight with the whole class. In second grade we had one of the greatest teachers ever -- Ms. Blair -- and on my birthday I got to sit in a beanbag chair all day. Kyle, Vinka, and Michael joined our class that year too. Third grade was a year full of learning. Mrs. Picard and Mrs. Paris helped us build Indian dioramas, paint windows downtown for Valentine’s Day, and we learned how to write in cursive, which is how I still write today. Fourth grade was a big step up from third grade but still a lot of fun. My favorite parts were field day with Joey and Kyle on the orange team and the fourth grade sleepover. Fifth grade was my first year of track and my last year in the upper hall. It was also my first year of Majors baseball where I got to be on the Indians with my brother Danny. Two things I will remember most about fifth grade are the auction movie night on the playground and the end-of-year pool party in my backyard. Somehow we fit the whole class into my jacuzzi!! In sixth grade we moved on to junior high and had Mrs. Strafaci who was one of my favorite teachers. She also taught my cousins at St. James School in San Diego! Some of my favorite things from sixth grade were going to Walden West and the Duck Tours field trip. We still clap every time Mrs. Strafaci comes into our classroom. Then came the "big leagues" of junior high. Seventh and eighth grade were when the homework really started and the tests became the hardest, but a lot of fun happened too. In seventh grade we had Mrs. Zamecki as our homeroom teacher, and she took us to a Giants game, which was awesome! I also got my phone in seventh grade, which I have to say made homework and studying a little harder. My eighth grade year was full of excitement. We had a lot more homework than before, but we also had fun helping design our eighth grade sweatshirts and going on the Sacramento and Mystery Day field trips. Eighth grade was also my first year playing football, my new favorite sport. We had a lot of fun in eighth grade with Mrs. Diaz, and I will never forget all of my great experiences at St. Charles. | Connor Cody

14: The Time of My Life My nine years at St. Charles have shaped the way I live and think today. The first year, kindergarten, was a mad rush while we all made new friends, had our first play, and devised our leprechaun traps. We got to go to the pumpkin patch, which was very fun. I had lots of fun and met lots of people. In first grade, we had a lot more homework, which was very frustrating at times. We celebrated the 100th day of school by bringing in 100 of any item, such as cereal or beads. We also got to bake bread and pies with our dads. In second grade, we began to have harder homework, but had a really nice teacher, Ms. Blair. She was a dedicated Chicago fan and was always rooting for her teams. In third grade we had two major plays, The Wizard of Oz and Hansel and Gretel. I was a narrator for Hansel and Gretel. I remember everyone wanting to decorate the candy house, which was really big. I also made a diorama of the Navajo Indians. We all had lots of fun in third grade. | In fourth grade, we started to focus on our grades more. The homework piled up, and we had less time than we were used to. However, it was the start of school sports! I was very excited to play baseball and basketball, as they were (and still are) my two favorite sports. Another big event was the talent show. It was lots of fun, and everyone performed. In fifth grade track started up. A bunch of people joined the first year, but it wasn’t very popular after that, at least with our class. We also got more competitive with sports, and started keeping score. One of the biggest highlights was our Rube Goldberg projects. They were so much fun! Everyone came up with a different idea, which was neat, and got to show them off to the whole school! Sixth grade was one of my favorite years at St. Charles. We had a great teacher, Mrs. Strafaci, and she didn’t give us much homework. We also had our first really big trip, which was to Walden West, an outdoor education center. We also had science projects, instead of the Rube Goldberg machines we did the previous year. In seventh grade we began to be concerned about our grades a lot more, as they would be looked at by the high schools we would be applying to. We went to a Giants game with Mrs. Zamecki. I also won the grand prize for the science fair, which was very exciting. Eighth grade has gone by so fast! I can’t believe I’m about to graduate and go to high school! The past eight years have gone by so fast it’s hard not to be amazed. However, I have my teachers to thank for preparing me for what is to come next year, and my parents for influencing my way of life in a very positive way. Keith Dorais

16: Mara Earley | Education = $30,000 School Supplies = $5,000 Memories = PRICELESS As my eighth grade year comes to end, I am writing this essay to reflect back on my nine years at Saint Charles School. In kindergarten we began the year with Mrs. Musto and Mrs. Sanchez. I remember on the first day of kindergarten our class went on a scavenger hunt throughout the school to find gingerbread cookies. Mid way through the year Mrs. Barulich came. We had many fun times including, Huggaboo, leprechaun traps, teddy bear clothes sales, being a sheep in the Chinese new year parade, and the Chicken Little play where I was Tweedy Bird. In first grade we had Mr. Oliver. I remember him always asking students to get him a diet Pepsi, my favorite subject being phonics and how he had a life size fake armadillo in his class room that always scared me. In second grade we had one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Blair. That year my best friend was Cassy Kelly. That year we gained Vinka Radich who is one of my best friends to this day. As a home work assignment Mrs. Blair would ask us to watch the Chicago Cubs game. | In third grade we had Mrs. Picard. My best friends were Ali Badgett, Rosanna Sainez, and Cassy Kelly. I also remember that one time when I wanted to play at recess with Jordan Thatcher, Lauren Tierney and Vinka Radich, I had to create a dance and if it was bad I couldn’t play with them. That year we had to make a candy house with real stale candy and frosting. I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz play. In third grade I also remember having a sand castle contest at the beach for a field trip and my group tried to build Chinatown. I also remember sitting next to Gabriel who constantly tried to eat my erasers. In fourth grade we had Mrs. Nehrenz. At the end of the year, our class did a talent show. Juliann Carroll, Rosanna Sainez, Jenny Joyner, Megan McDonnell and I all did a dance to a song by Beyonce. I will never forget attempting to sing Barbie Girl for the talent show with Joey Guslani, Kyle Basch, Jordan Thatcher, Juliann Carroll and Mari Andreatta. In fifth grade we had Mrs. Martinez. Every Recess I would play four square and my partner was always Rosanna. We always had a war against Lauren Tierney and Jordan Thatcher. Kyle Basch and I started a game called spicy tuna. This game continued until sixth grade. That year I remember all the girls having a huge obsession of Nick Jonas. In fifth grade my best friends were Lauren Tierney, Jordan Thatcher and Rosanna Sainez. In sixth grade we had Mrs. Strafaci. She gave lots of tests but no home work. We gained Melanie Lopez that year who is one of the funniest people I know. In The beginning of the year our class went to Walden West. I was in a cabin with Jordan Thatcher and Jenny Joyner. I remember waiting in line for the shower and Jordan started washing her hair in the water fountain while screaming because there was soap in her eye. I was in a field group with Vinka Radich, Christopher Papapietro and Glenn McDonnell, along with Scooby who was our group leader. I will never forget the quest, lady bug land, having to be read Dr. Seuss‘s picture books every night before bed and Jordan signing Lauren, Juliann, Megan and I up for the Walden West talent show without telling us until our names were called to perform. That year I was especially good friends with Mari Andreatta and Juliann Carroll who I have shared memories with that I will never forget. In seventh grade we had Mrs. Zamecki who loved the Giants and is another one of my favorite teachers. Sofia Kurt came that year she is one of my best friends to this day. That year we had many fun field trips including the Giants game. Our class also had some good memories including clapping every time Mrs. Diaz said the word scholar. In the talent show Megan McDonnell, Sofia Kurt, Lauren Tierney, Vinka Radich, Rosanna Sainez and I performed the remix six. In eighth grade we had Mrs. Diaz who taught us how to do our morning routine in Spanish. Our class went to CYO camp. All the girls had to share one cabin which was by far the messiest cabin of all. I will never forget, the long walk on the beach, short neck buzzard, the night hike and lots more. Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning. I will always love the graduating class of 2011.

18: Looking back right now our class had a lot of fun memories in our nine years together. Everyone remembers kindergarten with Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Barulich. We did the Chinese New Years Parade, the Chicken Little play, and we even raised baby chicks together. My favorite year was in first grade when we had Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Peterson. I remember learning my multiplication tables, Mr. Oliver always putting his diet cokes inside the pole in our play yard, Mr. Oliver own currency system, and Roger!!!!! Second grade with Ms. Blair was really fun. Ms. Blair was crazy about her hometown Chicago, she let us sit on the beanbags on our birthday if it was our birthday, and Michael, Kyle, and Vinka joined our class that year too. We then went to third grade with Mrs. Picard and Ms. Paris. That year was a lot of fun because we did our Indian projects, built a candy house, did the Wizard of Oz play, and that year I asked Ms. Paris how to spell weird and she told me “Nick” and I actually put that on my paper. | Fourth through sixth grade was a really good experience. Fourth grade with Mrs. Nehrenz was super fun. We all did the Gold Rush Game, we then started to play baseball and basketball for the school, and Ms. Loncich came. In fifth we had Ms. Loncich again, which was cool. With Ms. Lonchich we had our movie night, we started track that year, and the classrooms moved places. The lower grades went to the upper halls and the upper grades went to the lower halls. Sixth grade with Mrs. Strafaci was a great experience. We listened to all the funny stories Mrs. Strafaci told us, we went to Walden West, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and we did our Egyptian projects too. Seventh and eighth grades were some of the most memorable times I have ever had. In seventh grade we had great times with Mrs. Zamecki. That year we had a lot of laughs with Mrs. Zamecki, we were split up into two different math groups; Sofia joined us, and we finally went to the Giants game! 8th grade has been an excellent experience with Mrs. Diaz. We learned how to be scholars (Clap!), we went to CYO camp, and we did the Stations of the Cross. Mr. Jerrold came to teach us advanced math, and we parted ways to start our new journey in High School. Thank you class of 2011, for all the great memories we have shared together; I will never forget this experience. Nick Fitzgerald | Thank you for the memories class of 2011

20: In second grade when I came to Saint Charles, I remember many fun times. One thing I remember was when I came here; I met at least 20 people on my very first day!! I also know that I will be keeping in my heart for the rest of my life each of those people. In third grade, we did The Wizard of Oz, and Hansel, and Gretel. I played Hansel, and got locked away in a cage, and was eating a chicken leg when Gretel, (Claire O.) came and unlocked me while the witch wasn’t looking. Then we ran off stage (outside the classroom), and ended the scene. Then we came back in and ate a pretend dinner on the floor with our parents (Scott and Stephanie). In fourth grade, I remember other fun times. I remember having Mrs. Nehrenz, and I was one of her good students. In fifth grade I can remember having Mrs. Martinez. She created the idea of “Martinez Mullah”, and “Loncich Loot”. She allowed us to spend what we had earned every Friday afternoon during clean-up, at the end of the day after everything was finished. I would save my earned mullah until the end of each month, and cash in for candy. In sixth grade I was taught by Mrs. Strafaci. I had good study habits, and was a good academic achiever. I was also a good, attentive student. In seventh grade, I remember going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. On the bus up there we were having a grand time. We were playing on game systems, laughing at funny jokes, and talking up a storm. Then we got off the bus, paid the fees, and starting our journey, went in 10 different directions! My group went to the sea otter exhibit, and saw 3 small sea otters sun-bathing and watching them play. Then we went upstairs, and looked at the manta rays, and nursing sharks. We also touched some weird looking sea-life. Then we ate lunch in the nearby park down the block. We saw a band play an unknown tune, and a guy on a bike ride really close to us. In eighth grade, so far I have cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Once, during extra recess, we saw Chris, and Conor Thane do a slam-dunk competition. Conor was good, but Chris kept on making these 360 degree dunk spins, and dunked this one jump from about 7 feet away! It was a long, smooth shot, straight to the basket!! We also played a long game of knockout that lasted about 20 minutes. I was in front of Chris, but lasted about 5 rounds before being drained out of the competition! Chris won the round by draining out Joe Rodriguez after blasting his ball about 50 feet in the air! So far I have had many fun times, and I look forward to having many more, keeping in my heart that these memories will last a lifetime in my mind!! | Michael Gaffney | Good Times, Many Good Times...

22: That Was Fast | Nick Gianuario | During the first three years at St. Charles I was able to participate in many different and fun activities. Kindergarten at St. Charles was rather exciting. Meeting Mrs. Barulich was very fun because she made me feel comfortable. During that year we did a show, “Peter and the Rabbit”, I was one of the mice, it was the first play I’d ever been a part of. At the end of the year we graduated, wearing huge hats and parading around the class. We started making life long friends. Our first grade teacher Mr. Oliver was one of my favorite teachers. What I remember most about Mr. Oliver was the Diet Pepsi he always seemed to have in his hand, for he always drank Diet Pepsi. That year we started the monthly homework packet. Joey Guslani brought a rotten egg into class that year, and when asked about the rotten egg by Mr. Oliver, Joey told him, “It’s My Friend Rodger”. In second grade we had Ms. Blair who was always talking about Chicago. That year we had our first Holy Communion. We lost Dominique Ramos but gained three. They were Vinka Radich Kyle Bash and Michael Gaffney. Next year in third grade we had Mrs Picard. We had two plays I was in one the Wizard Of Oz; I was a flying monkey. We also made a huge candy house that we covered in frosting and old candy. Most people including me snuck some frosting. In fourth grade we had Mrs. Nehrenz, a great teacher. That year we did the mission project. I had the California mission in Carmel. We had the sleep over in Borromeo hall. We didn’t do much that year but three people joined us that year: Kristen Lasdon and Glenn and Megan Mcdonell. Next year in fifth grade our teacher was Mrs. Loncich who gave us loncich loot if we answered the question right. We gained Griffin Kraemer and Dominique Ramos who came back from when she left in second grade. But we lost Garrison and Ali. In sixth grade we had a fun week at Walden West everyone was nervous at first because they did not want to be mixed up with the other schools that were there with us. That year was fun but we did lose two people, Kristen and Stephanie. But we also gained Melanie Lopez. Seventh and eighth grade were the best two years that I had at St. Charles. In seventh grade there were a lot fun things that we were able to do. For starters Mrs. Zamecki, one of my favorite teachers, took the whole class to a San Francisco Giants game at the end of the year. So much fun! When it was time for the talent show she made us sing in front of the entire school “Don’t Stop Believing.” We also matured that year with having to switch classes almost every period. We also gained the last member of our class Sofia Kurt. Eighth grade is an exciting year so far even though there is a lot of work in and out of school, with going through the high school application process, taking the HSPT, shadowing process, and the final interview with the high schools. The Giants won the World Series. Even with all the work we still had fun with stuff like CYO camp and the retreats with Father Dave. Mrs. Diaz is a great teacher and always has fun things planned for us, including the Stations of the Cross which we are starting to prepare for. I hope that the rest of my small amount of time at St. Charles will be as fun and exciting as it has been so far.

24: I Remember I remember many things at St. Charles such as having fun in the schoolyard, the classroom, and exploring the world on fun filled field trips. I remember good times with friends who I have gotten progressively closer over the past 9 years. In Kindergarten we had Mrs. Judy, Ms. Sanchez and Mrs. Barulich as our teachers. We spent time playing in the yard, building with blocks, and learning to read and write. We learned to read and write and listened to story time. Next year we were in First Grade with Mr. Oliver. The early group and the late group met to become ‘the group’. He took us to plays for field trips. One day I remember I brought a rotten egg into class and named it Roger. I got in trouble for Roger. We cleaned our desks using avalanche and got Mr. Oliver Diet Pepsi’s from his fridge as one of the class jobs. I remember having Ms. Blaire in Second Grade. Three new students came to our school Michael, Vinka, and Kyle. Ms. Blaire was from Chicago and was a huge fan of the Cubs, leading to many heated debates about baseball. | I remember having Mrs. Picard in Third Grade. We made the giant gingerbread house consisting of our unwanted Halloween candy, otherwise known as Almond Joys. We performed the plays The Wizard of Oz, and Hansel and Gretel. I played the lion in The Wizard of Oz and personally think I rocked it. I was one of the few people who could speak Op Talk, which was a language that Mrs. Picard made up. In Fourth Grade we had Mrs. Nehrenz, Mrs. O’Connell, and near the end of the year, Mrs. Martinez. It was the first year we could play sports and I played basketball and baseball which I did through the rest of my years at St. Charles. We had Mrs. Martinez in Fifth Grade. We were able to do Rube Goldberg. We could now do track and field which I did through the 6th grade. In grade 6 we had Mrs. Strafaci who gave us less homework, but almost double the amount of tests. We started to do science fair which was a downgrade from Rube Goldberg, and we went to Walden West and made friends with each other and with students from other schools. These past 2 years of my life have been very special as our class has bonded more than ever. In 7th grade we had Mrs. Zamecki. She taught us English, math and religion, while Mrs. Trimble taught us science and math. We went to the San Francisco Giants game. I remember Mrs. Zamecki made me blow my nose outside because it was distracting to the class. 8th grade has been amazing. Our class has bonded even more. Mrs. Diaz is our homeroom teacher. We have all applied to our high schools. And have realized that we might not be able to all hang out together after graduation. I feel that St. Charles has helped to shape me into who I am today and without it I would be a completely different person. | Joey Guslani

26: Looking back on all my years at St. Charles school I can remember all the fun and exciting things I was able to do as a tiger. I remember my first day of kindergarten and the first time I walked into the classroom and saw all the new faces of kids that would be my classmates for the next nine years. There were many fun memories in Kindergarten including the Peter Rabbit play where I was able to be Peter Rabbit! I remember how we used to have little chicks in the classroom and if we were good we were able to hold them. We learned the alphabet and were able to pass around books we were just learning how to read. Then came first grade, which meant a huge homework pile and many coke cans. “Show and tell” was always fun at the end of the day and this was the year we started having more tests and counted all the way up to 1000. Second grade became one of my favorite years with Ms. Blair as our teacher. We spent most of the year talking about the Chicago Cubs since it happened to be her hometown. I remember reading many Eloise stories and practicing for our First Communion. In third grade we had Mrs. Picard and that was the year we participated in a real play! I was able to be the Evil Stepmother in Hansel and Gretel, and Toto in the Wizard of Oz. That was the year we learned multiplication and started with cursive. There were many great things about fourth grade that I can remember including Chocolate Night, the talent show, and much more. One of my favorite memories about fourth grade was the sleepover as a class together in Borromeo Hall. I remember counting down every day until that night and how all the girls had a plan, which was to bring a can of whipped cream and put it on someone’s face as they were sleeping. Fourth grade was also the year we learned about the Gold Rush and were able to do the game even though unfortunately our class was too wild and talkative to be able to finish it. Next came fifth grade with new friends and new | Jenny Joyner | challenges. We were able to read a book and learn all about Alcatraz and Al Capone. We also had Movie Night as a class together and ended up watching one about Indiana Jones. In came sixth grade the following year, which came with a lot more responsibility and switching of classes. This was the first year we were able to have Mrs. Zamecki in math and Mrs. Trimble in science. Mrs. Strafaci would always tell us stories about her grandchildren whom were always so adorable and fun to hear in the morning. Sixth grade was an exciting and entertaining year full of surprises. This was the year that the A basketball team won the championships against St. Raymond’s in the last second with a clutch layup by Mari! We also were able to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium that year, which was a lot of fun and one of my favorite parts was being able to touch a stingray and hold little starfish. One of my favorite memories of sixth grade though, was when we went to Walden West. I had so much fun being outdoors and bonding with my class and getting the chance to meet so many new people from other schools too. I had a great field group and one of my favorite memories was when we were on a hike and came to a place where there were about 500 lady bugs all on a tree! While one of the scariest moments was on the night hike when we were doing a partner walk and all of a sudden a giant tree fell about thirty or so feet away from my partner, Jordan and me. Seventh grade was one thing I had been dreading ever since sixth grade. Everything was changing around in our school and we were now supposed to be having Mrs. Zamecki as our homeroom teacher. Seventh grade was always full of lots and lots of work and homework but no matter what, our class always seemed to have fun with it. Mrs. Zamecki was an amazing teacher and we always had fun joking around with her. Our whole class went to the Giants game that year which was the best field trip I have ever been on and was so much fun! We were also able to sing a Journey song (Don’t Stop Believing) in the talent show that year, which had been a blast to rehearse. Finally we come to eighth grade, which even through all the hard bumps along the way with homework, science fair, due dates, applications, résumés, and interviews has been a memorable year. Some of the moments I will never forget are being an elf and working the Santa’s Breakfast, and finally being the oldest at the school with the awesome sweatshirts to show it! I also had an amazing time at C.Y.O camp and even though the beach hike was long the pool was amazing. There have been many good laughs and random moments along the way with many more to come. I have been able to cheerlead this year with all my girl classmates and that has been so much fun with all the preparation we do for competitions and games. Sports have always played a huge role in my life and thanks to St. Charles it always will, as I am able to continue being active and involved in my school activities. Eighth grade will be a very memorable year and I can’t wait for all the new challenges of high school but I am proud to say that I come from St. Charles school. I have met amazing friends and classmates that I will never forget and know that I have been blessed with all that the school provides for their students and does to make us happy and well educated. So even though life as a tiger could be rough at times it has also been a great journey for the beginning of my life that I know I will never forget! | Life as a Tiger!

28: Kindergarten to 8th Grade: Tiger Spirit All The Way St. Charles was nine fun, exciting, and interesting years of my life. The fun all started in Kindergarten with Mrs. Barulich. I remember that Mrs. Barulich always did fun activities on holidays. For example on Halloween we went to the pumpkin patch. For St. Patrick’s Day, we made leprechaun traps and for Chinese New Year we did a parade and I was part of the dragon. After Kindergarten came first grade and many great times. In first grade we started getting homework but we did it in a fun way. For example we had to memorize our times table and if we remembered them all the way to 12 we would get a prize like M&M’s or Skittles. First grade brought Mr. Oliver, a guy who loves Pepsi, and his stuffed armadillo. After first grade, we advanced into second grade for a year of Chicago White Sox. Mrs. Blair was the biggest baseball fan for the White Sox. During second grade, we got a little bit more homework, learned how to write in cursive, and got First Communion. Holy Communion was our second sacrament and our class couldn’t wait to get more sacraments. These three years prepared us for more fun at St. Charles. After second grade, we entered third grade. During third grade we had our first plays, The Hansel and Gretel play and The Wizard of Oz play. I was in the Hansel and Gretel play and I was Hansel and Gretel’s father. I remember we always wanted to go and frost the gingerbread house. Mrs. Picard was a good teacher and she was very nice. After third grade we advanced into fourth grade. In fourth grade we started getting real homework, had chocolate day, and our whole class preformed in the talent show. We read a book called Chocolate Touch where a kid touches things and they turn into chocolate. From the book, we had a day learning about chocolate and trying different types of chocolate. Another big thing that we did in fourth grade is dancing to a song by “Outkast” in the talent show. It took a while to practice the dance moves but in the end it was really fun. After fourth grade, we moved on to fifth grade were we had Mrs. Martinez as an awesome teacher. In fifth grade we learned about the Gold Rush, Played the Gold Rush game, and had Indiana Jones night for our auction party. During the Gold Rush game, our group placed second and we won a lot of gold. We also had Indiana Jones night where Father Dave came dressed like Indiana Jones and scared us. After these three years, we entered middle school and made more memories. From fifth grade, we moved up into sixth grade with Ms. Strafaci. During sixth grade, we learned about early Egypt, had an Egypt project, and went to the Rosicrucian Museum. The Egypt project was when you studied an early time period in Egypt and wrote an essay on it. You also made drawings of pharaohs and pyramids. After sixth grade, we entered seventh grade with the coolest teacher, Ms. Zamecki, the biggest Giants fan. In seventh grade, some of the things that we did were; going to a Giants game, started looking at high schools, and went disco bowling for the auction party. After seventh grade, we came to eighth grade and knew it was close to the end of middle school. With Ms. Diaz we got our custom-made class sweatshirts, applied to high schools, had to write a resume, and took graduation pictures. With eighth grade, we became closer as a class knowing it was the last year we’d all be together. St. Charles is going to be one of the most memorable places in my life. I will never forget these times. Scott Kolnes

30: My four years at St. Charles are definitely ones I will remember. From my early beginning in fifth grade, all the way to the final days in eighth grade, I have kept dear memories that I will always cherish. My first year at St. Charles was a new and exciting year for me. Having Mrs. Martinez, Ms. Trimble and Senora Bowling teach me has helped develop me as a student. The new environment was cool and exciting for me. Meeting new people and teachers was easy since my classmates were so welcoming. Some days that I remember in fifth grade were my first days of school, Rube Goldberg, the Tech Museum and going to support Glenn and Megan in their play. By the end of the year, I really felt a part of the St. Charles community. I will definitely remember that year as one of the best. My second year at St. Charles was a very busy and exciting year. Our class accomplished a lot because of our teacher, Ms. Strafaci. I hold great memories of sixth grade such as our week at Walden West, going to the Rosicrucian Museum, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Tech Museum, and all the great times in class. Ms. Strafaci helped me develop my first interest in history and now I am currently on the Academic Decathlon doing history in the super quiz! Ms. Strafaci kept our whole class exciting and seemed to surprise us every day. One time she even brought her grandkids to class. I loved sixth grade because I started to learn good study habits, develop in my core subjects, and build better relationships with my friends. | My years of Junior High have really helped me develop as a student, as well as a person. Seventh grade holds many great memories such as the St. Francis high school play, going to the San Francisco Giants game, Sofia coming to St. Charles, and all the fun activities we did throughout the year in class. Mrs. Zamecki, who was my seventh grade homeroom teacher and is now my Engligh teacher in eighth grade, really helped me become better academically. She showed a lot of compassion toward her students and did a great job for her first year as a homeroom teacher at St. Charles. Seventh grade was fun like when our class sang during the talent show and our last week of seventh grade. I felt by the end of seventh grade, I was ready for eighth grade. The time has come, eighth grade and soon high school, my journey as a St. Charles student is coming to a close. My teachers Ms. Diaz, Mrs. Zamecki, Ms. Trimble and Mr. Jerrold have really helped me these past few years and have prepared me for high school. Eighth grade has been so much fun like going to CYO camp, our eighth grade retreat, and soon our trip to Sacramento. I love class this year and have learned a lot from my teachers. I know that the knowledge I have taken from them will soon help me in high school. I will never forget the memories throughout my four years at St. Charles. They have been life changing and ones I will always remember. ~ Griffin Kraemer ~ | The Time Has Come

32: Even though I haven’t been at Saint Charles for the full nine years it feels like I’ve been here the whole time. I came to Saint Charles in the seventh grade. Mara Earley who is one of my best friends showed me around the most and is one of the reasons I came to Saint Charles. I can’t believe it’s already been two years and that my journey is coming to an end. I couldn’t ask for better classmates and friends. Every morning I wake up, come to school and every day is just crazy fun and unforgettable. Our class is amazing we make memories every day, because something crazy and out of the blue always happens. It’s crazy to think that soon I won’t be in school with every single one of these amazing people. I’ve made so many memories that I’ll never forget. My first thoughts were what are with the uniforms, but now I’m used to them and I love our eighth grade sweatshirts. Before I came to Saint Charles I already knew Mara Earley, Mari Andreatta, Juliann Carroll, Jenny Joyner and Joseph Rodriguez. | Seventh grade was my first year. My homeroom teacher was Mrs. Zamecki and she is one of my favorite teachers. We went to the Tech Museum and the Giant’s game for field trips; we also got to see a really good play. That year a lot of memories were made and I met my best friend Conor Thane. Then there was the talent show, our class sang “Don’t Stop Believing” and Mari, Vinka, Rosanna, Mara, Lauren and I performed the Remix Six. It was also my first Halloween at Saint Charles and Vinka, Mari, Juliann and I were Jazzercisers. Seventh grade was a good year and Mrs. Zamecki’s class was really fun. The good thing about ending the seventh grade was that all of us were going to eighth grade together. Eighth grade has by far been the best year of my life. From being a cheerleader to all the great field trips and the bonding before graduating has been really great. This year has been really great. So far in eighth grade we went to C.Y.O. camp which was fun because our class really got to bond without any distractions. It was fun to be with everyone and make new memories. High School interviews and applications came really fast. We all received our acceptance letters and now know where our next chapter will begin. Mrs. Diaz is our homeroom teacher and she has been guiding us through the journey of eighth grade. We still have Physics Day, Mystery Day and Graduation which are all eighth grade privileges. Cheerleading was also an eighth grade privilege. Most of the girls in the class joined the squad and it was really fun going to support the boys in our class and going to competitions. We won first and second place at the Notre Dame Cheerleading Competition and it was a really great feeling. We’ve made so many memories and it's been great experiencing them all but it is crazy once you realize that our time together is coming to an end. Class of 2011. Sofia Kurt | All Good Things Come to an End

34: Nine Great Years I remember my first day of school. I was so scared, but Mrs. Barulich looked inviting and I took the first steps towards my education. I remember doing plays, having cubbies, and very little homework. In first grade I recall having a little more homework and responsibility, and Mr. Oliver’s cans of Diet Coke. Second grade I remember Ms. Blair talking about her hometown team, the Chicago Cubs, also we had some frequent tests. Third grade was a whole different story. We had constant and increased responsibility, tests all the time, and a couple of plays. One time, Mrs. Picard had us decorate a gingerbread house for a play. We worked on the house everyday and when we were finally finished we were pretty proud of ourselves. | In fourth grade we had Mrs. Nehrenz and she was fun, but homework got harder. We had some fun times like when we did a talent show and I sang with my classmates. Some new kids came to fourth grade their names were Megan and Glenn. Megan had a bob haircut and Glenn was really smart. In fifth grade we had Mrs. Martinez and in that year we started Iowa Testing that was really hard. Next we entered sixth grade and the playing field changed. In Mrs. Strafaci’s class we had constant responsibility and more was expected out of us. We also started our first year in the Science Fair. My project was the Rebound Ratio of Bouncing Balls. It was hard work but I felt accomplished in the end. Seventh grade was one of my best years at St. Charles. We had Mrs. Zamecki and it was a year where we would switch classes and end up in the eighth grade room with the eighth grade teacher, Ms. Diaz who taught us History and Literature. I remember that Mrs. Zamecki took our class to a Giants Game. It was my very first one and we got to sit in the nose bleeder seats. It was so fun I will never forget that day. Eighth grade what can I say I think eighth grade is going really well. As a class we have taken a trip to C.Y.O. Camp, and it was really fun. We got to bond together as a class AND make so many new friends. When it was time to leave, we didn’t want to say good-bye. We also have set goals for our class but haven’t really carried them out yet. I learned a lot and I think I have grown as a person inside and out. It’s going to be hard to say good-bye to all my friends, but I will be glad that I’m moving on to new experiences in High School. I grew up at St. Charles and a piece of my heart will not want to leave, but I know I can’t stay here forever. So this is my good-bye, but at the same time a hello to my new life in High School. | Claire Lanza

36: Unforgettable Three Years I came to St. Charles in the sixth grade. It was a huge change from going to a public elementary school to a private Catholic middle school. When I came to shadow I remember Stephanie Kolnes showing me around the school and about all the work that they did. Sadly Stephanie had left the next year. It is shocking to believe that my last year at St. Charles is finally here. I remember looking up to my older siblings and wishing I were their age, and now I'm wondering where all the time has gone. The three years that I have been here have been the best years that I will never forget and the best memories that I will always remember. Here I have made the best friendships that can never be broken and will last forever. It all began in sixth grade when the marvelous memories started. The new trends began and new friendships started to form. That year we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was the first year for science fair, and we went to an ancient museum in San Francisco. My teacher was Mrs. Strafaci and at least once a week we heard hilarious stories of her grandchildren. The work was a huge change for me, but it was what was going to get us ready for seventh grade. In seventh grade Mrs. Zamecki was my homeroom teacher. We talked about some funny things her sons did and had some non-stop laughing conversations. For the end of the year field trip we went to the Giants game that they won. GO GIANTS! For the talent show the whole class sang “Don’t Stop Believing” and ended the year great. That year we also lost a great friend Hannah Chapman. Now it comes to eight grade. The best year to end the perfect three years at St. Charles. My teacher this year is Mrs. Diaz. Her goal is to mold us into great scholars (clap!) and to be responsible students. With getting high school forms ready and taking many tests we still do have our fun. In the beginning of the year we got to design our sweatshirts and got them in a month. Right after we took a four-day field trip to CYO camp and had long laughing nights in the girl’s cabin every night. During that time our class bonded more, not just as friends but also as a family, as one. Our class continues to learn, study hard and listen to our teachers, yet still have fun doing it. We are now getting ready for our mystery day fieldtrip and for our family to bond even closer if possible. I can’t wait to graduate and will always miss St. Charles School and all of my friends. I will always remember my teachers and leaders who have made me the way I am today. St. Charles will be in my heart forever. Melanie Lopez

38: My Years as a Tiger My five years at St. Charles leaves me with memories that I will recollect as I go through high school and beyond. Fourth Grade, my first year, started with Mrs. Nehrenz. I remember fun times with the class and "The Conduct Card" system where each student had a pocket on the board with a series of cards, and the card on the wall represented behavior. I was voted Class Representative that year and I went to Student Council meetings and helped with the last Haunted House. With Mrs. Nehrenz, we studied the California Missions and wrote a report on an assigned mission. With Ms. Sanchez in science, we did fun things like farming silk worms. Later in Fourth Grade, we had the Auction sleepover in Borromeo Hall where we had lots of fun together. Then, at the end of my first year, our class preformed the Fourth Grade Talent Show with singing and dancing, instruments, and more. At the end, we preformed "Celebration" as an end to our Fourth Grade year. In Fifth Grade, Ms. Loncich, was our teacher alone for the year. We started our class jokes and traditions, such as Silent Ball and "Spicy Tuna." We did fun projects like Cell City and Rube Goldberg with Mrs. Trimble. Cell City was a science project where we modeled a cell by constructing a model city. My group was Lauren, Joseph, Juliann, and I (LJGJ). In Rube Goldberg we invented a link of objects that transfer energy to activate a function. Also with Ms. Loncich, we did the Gold Rush project. The class was divided into groups, and we each had to make decisions a prospector would make in the 1800's. That year, Ms. Loncich created a system of class to teacher bartering called "Loncich Loot". Kids were rewarded with a Loncich dollar and could invest in a privilege, although most kids used the currency system in other ways. Fifth Grade held a lot of the best memories of our elementary years at St. Charles. Sixth Grade was our first Middle School year with Mrs. Strafaci. I remember Mrs. Strafaci's entertaining stories of her grandchildren and her family. We read many great books that year, and studied Ancient Civilizations. We then did the Egyptian Report, where we explained the customs of the Egyptians. Later, we went to the Rosicrucian Museum, and visited the Asian Art Museum where we had fun on the lawn outside. In Science class, we studied Oceanography and enjoyed a week at Walden West and he Monterey Bay Aquarium. At Walden West, we learned about nature and had lots of fun both in our cabin groups and our field groups. In my field group, we studied nature, played games, and enjoyed the wilderness. Walden West left us with many memories. Later in Sixth Grade, we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where we learned about local marine life and started a narrative. The Sixth Grade brought more responsibilities, more homework, Student Council, and weekly enrichment classes. To end our Sixth Grade year, our class enjoyed a ride in San Francisco on the Duck Mobiles circling the Bay and AT&T Park. Sixth Grade provided some of the best class adventures and memories of my time at St. Charles. The next year, our Seventh Grade year, we began with Mrs. Diaz and Mrs. Zamecki. In Science, we learned about earthquakes and weather, and did a report on an Earthquake. That year, we went to Grace Cathedral and the USGS and learned about earthquake features. We also started class jokes, such as when Mrs. Diaz said “Scholars” we all clapped. Later that year, Mrs. Zamecki promised us we would go to a Giants game if we behaved, and although we didn’t expect it, we did go. We spent most of the day at AT&T Park, enjoying the great experience to end that year . Eighth Grade began with the introduction to the new responsibilities we would face, in Student Council, academics, leadership, and preparation for High School. Also, Eighth grade brought many privileges, such as roles in school events, and events exclusive to Eighth grade. Many special events have come in the past few months that will be our last with our class, such as the last Walkathon, Fall Festival, Bingo Night, the Auction, and many others to come. So far, the best memory is our week at CYO, where we had the similar experiences to Walden West. CYO was a place where we learned about nature and God. The highlight of the trip was the day we went to the beach on the Sonoma coast. CYO was a fun experience for the whole class and a great adventure. So far, Eighth grade has gone by faster than any other year. We've had fun and memorable experiences at school and elsewhere in-between times of hard work and the continuous High School admissions process, from shadowing, to the HSPT, interviewing, and acceptance. I hope the end of this year serves as a great ending to an awesome five years at St. Charles. | Glenn McDonell

39: Great memories... | ...fun times!

40: A Tiger Forever The memories of my journey at St. Charles began in Fourth grade, and now, in Eighth grade, will end soon, but they will stay with me forever. When I came to St. Charles, my first impression was that it was going to be a fun, interesting, and crazy couple of years. On the first day of school, a mom came up to me and started asking me what my name was, frustrating me, until Jordan told her mom to go away. We became friends after that. Then started the “Toadally Awesome” years of Fourth grade with Mrs. Nehrenz and Mrs. O’Connell as our teachers. I remember Mrs. O’ Connell would occasionally get annoyed with our chatty class, but always said she would reward us at the end of the day if we were good to play a game of “silent ball". Of course, for our class, throwing the ball was simple, but being silent was not. She left in the middle of the year, and we never got the cookies she promised. My favorite class project was the Gold Rush. Next came the “Toadally Awesome” Fourth Grade Sleepover in Borromeo Hall, and the “Fourth Grade Talent Show” where we all danced to Celebration, and Hey Ya, fun acts that I think we enjoyed more than the audience did. In to the Fifth grade with Mrs. Loncich. I remember having the best class projects, including Rube Goldberg and Cell City, which was my favorite. I was in a group with Preston, Ricky, and Mara, and we made a city called NYCC. I will never forget the broadcast and song we made about it, or the bloopers at the end. The main class inside joke was “Spicy Tuna”, a game invented by Kyle and Mara, and my table invented “Spicy Tuna Underwater”. That year we also had Webkins, Club Penguin, Loncich Loot, little toys such as Scoops erasers, clay, and the Peruvian finger puppets. Going on to Sixth grade with Mrs. Strafaci. I remembered that she loved was the Egyptian project, where we wrote a report about mummification and the Egyptian culture. We had great field trips in 6th grade, including the Rosicrucian Museum, with a cool replica of King Tut’s tomb, and the Asian Art Museum where we played games on the lawn outside. The best field trip was our week at Walden West. Our class had the most people sent to the "Hub", and there were fun songs we'd sing during campfire like “Banana Slug” and “Tan Oak.” My cabin group was with Mari and Juliann, and a nature-freak field leader named Otter. I will never forget the horrible showers, when we saw a mouse getting eaten by a snake, and Jordan cried, when Scooby told his stories about Barney, or the night hike when Otter gave us sparkling lifesavers, calling them bat poop. The last memories were of the dance with no modern songs, and how Jordan and I vowed to visit Otter for his wedding at Walden West the next year. When the time came, we forgot. Entering onto Seventh grade with Mrs. Zamecki. That year, Sofia was new, and I became really good friends with Mara, Hannah, Vinka, and Lauren. I will always remember the collection of inside jokes that we had, including clapping every time Mrs. Diaz said “scholar” in history, saying “What was that?” every time Claire O. sneezed, and many more! Inside jokes were what kept our class awake during tedious classes before lunch, brought smiles to our faces, and bonded our class as a whole. I also remember how hilarious it was seeing Mr. Dudley, an extreme Michigan fan's, reaction when Joe came to school on Halloween wearing an Ohio State costume. Our end of the year party was the best, where we went to a Giants game and they won! That was one of my last and favorite memories with Hannah, as she moved that summer. Our class sang “Don’t Stop Believin” in the talent show, a song which will always remind me of our class. Recalling Eighth grade, with Mrs. Diaz, it was by far the best year. Our class had been together for so long, and we knew each other so well, that instead of a class, it was evolving into a family, and we started thinking about what was coming next. Although the year was definitely going to be different, all of our inside jokes stayed the same, with the new addition of “papelas, formas sobres” in the morning, saying “bless you” a thousand times after a person sneezed, and saying “extra credit” after Mrs. Diaz asked someone to look something up. Some exciting memories included that the girls could finally be cheerleaders, our class sweatshirts, being on Student Council with Mari, and CYO camp. My favorite memories of CYO were the ride up in the car where Mari and I sang the whole time just to annoy Ricky, and passed a sign on the way saying “Yo Camp” next to CYO camp. I loved the class bonding games we played, the free time we spent by the pool, our all-girl cabin where we could not go to sleep, and beach day. As the journey comes to a close, I will never forget the times I spent with my class. All of the times we laughed at a joke, or had a memory, come together to make a great few years. I will never forget St. Charles, or the lifelong friendships that I made. Now, it’s time for the next part of my journey... | Megan McDonell

41: Memories...Friends...Family

42: Years of Memories Do you remember that first day of Kindergarten, that first day of becoming who you are now? Every person has a different story to tell and this is my story: The first day of Kindergarten is still so fresh in my mind, I remember going straight up to my teacher and wanting my mom to take a picture. Plus I was only 4 at the time so I was really small compared to her. Ha-ha. On the first day I wasn't scared about making friends because I already had 3, Juliann Carroll, Joey Guslani, and Conor Thane. But I didn't know that as the year slowly progressed, Joey and Conor would drift out of my circle and many more would come in like Mari Andreatta, Mara Earley, and Dominique Ramos. Kindergarten came and went and so came along 1st grade. Mr. Oliver taught us to count to 1,000. Plus we made a pumpkin pie and a loaf of bread with our dad's. Now its 2nd grade with Ms. Blair and the major things we did were our First Reconciliation and First Communion. It's now 3rd grade with Mrs. Picard. And we did one major thing...class plays! We did Hansel and Gretel and The Wizard of Oz. My role was Gretel in Hansel and Gretel. Now it's 4th grade with Mrs. Nehrenz. One of the few things I remember is doing a 4th grade talent show and dance in front of the whole school. So now its 5th grade and time has flown by. I'm 10-years-old now and our teacher was Mrs. Martinez...I honestly don't remember what we did. Now it's time for the three fabulous years: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. In those 3 years a lot has happened. In 6th grade my current best friend Melanie Lopez joined the class. We had Mrs. Strafaci as our teacher and we went to San Francisco for the Duck Tours and the trip to St. Mary's Cathedral. Plus Walden West with Ms. Trimble and I can't forget the trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium. In 7th grade we had Mrs. Zamecki. We went to the Giants game and our class sang “Don't Stop Believing” by Journey in the talent show. Now to 8th grade. The year that my journey at St. Charles ends. This year I have Mrs. Diaz. We went to CYO Camp, Sacramento, Great America (Physics Day), and Mystery Day. This year has definitely been the most memorable. And as this year comes to an end a new one is just around the corner. St. Charles will always be in my heart Claire O'Rourke

44: Nine Years of Good Memories | I cannot believe these nine years at St. Charles are almost coming to an end. I remember Kindergarten with Mrs. Barulich and Mrs. Judy. I remember when I was in the late group and we had little projects to do. We had two plays, one was Peter Rabbit, and the second was Chicken Little. The Chinese New Year parade was a highlight of Kindergarten and I remember yelling at Joe for not coloring in the head of the dragon. Those years were great because they got us to be familiar with the school. Now on to First grade with Mr. Oliver. Every morning I remember we counted to 20 in French and his stories about his antique swords. I will never forget about the diet cokes and how he put them in the pole coming up to the play yard. Mr. Oliver was a great teacher but it was time to move on to Second grade with a great teacher named Mrs. Blaire. I will never forget how she loved her hometown Chicago. Preston taught me how to spell people by saying “piople” and I learned how to spell “because” by saying the tune in my head B.E.C.A.U.S.E over and over again. In Second grade every time we got a new pair of shoes we put them on the table and shared them with the class and we learned CURSIVE! Second grade was a great year but it was now time for Third grade. Third grade was with Mrs. Picard and with Mrs. Paris as the assistant teacher. We had to do the Wizard of Oz and make a huge gingerbread house! I was the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and it was amazing. Now moving on to Fourth grade with Mrs. Nehrenz. She was like my second mom because that year my sisters left St. Charles and I cried a lot. She was always there comforting me and making me feel better. I remember D.E.A.R. reading with beanbags outside and I made a song called, “Don’t Want To Be a Garbanzo Bean.” Fourth grade was fun but it was time to move onto Fifth grade with Mrs. Martinez. She was new that year and I just remember having math boxes. | Fifth grade was a tough year for me but now it was time to move onto Sixth grade with Mrs. Strafaci. She was one of my favorite teachers. I remember having a lot of tests and learning about history. That year we were learning about Egypt and it was my favorite. We went to the Egyptian Museum and went into a replica tomb. I also remember always saying “Good Morning” every morning to Mrs. Strafaci and when I had the chance I always opened the door for her too. Mrs. Strafaci prepared us well for Seventh Grade. Seventh Grade was the most important year and it was with Mrs. Zamecki. Mrs. Z was a fun teacher. We went to a Giants game at the end of the year and had a lot of pressure of trying to get good grades for high school. Seventh Grade was a fun year but I was definitely ready for Eighth grade. Now I am in Eighth grade with Mrs. Diaz. She is a very nice and a very good literature and History teacher. I have learned a lot this year and was working on applications and now we are waiting for acceptance letters. I am looking forward to mystery day, physics day, and Stations of the Cross. I am going to miss Saint Charles when I leave, but I think I am well prepared for the future of High School. | Christopher Papapietro

46: Shelby Potter | My Memories at St. Charles The first day of kindergarten was so long ago it’s hard to remember how we all met and how friendships were made. In kindergarten I remember how nervous I was that first day but as the year moved on I became more independent and learned a lot. In Kindergarten we performed the plays Peter Rabbit and Chicken Little. In 1st grade we had Mr. Oliver with his refrigerator filled with Coke and Pepsi. I really thought that was all he drank. He put his empty cans in a pole everyday. We took field trips to NASA and History San Jose. In 2nd grade we learned that our teacher Ms. Blair was a Chicago Cubs fan and was from Chicago. My family is originally from Chicago so it was fun to listen to her stories about Chicago and about her brothers. 2nd grade was my favorite year and my favorite teacher. In 3rd grade we performed the play Hansel and Gretel. I was the witch. In the Wizard of Oz I was Auntie Em where I came in at the very end and said only one line. In 4th grade I had a lot of fun and I remember that we had a chocolate party. It was fun to be able to play Volleyball and Basketball. We had a lot of fun. We had two teachers in 4th grade. They were Ms. Nehrenz and Ms. Lonchich. As it turned out we also had Ms. Loncich in 5th grade which made us her first official class. In 6th grade I remember learning so much about Egypt. That took a long time. We went to an Egyptian Museum on my 12th birthday. Being in sixth grade meant we got to be in the lower yard for our classes. That was very exciting. In 7th grade the days flew by faster than I can remember. Our class went to a Giants game with Ms. Zamecki. I think it was my favorite field trip in all my years at St. Charles. In 8th grade we went to CYO Camp and bonded together and slept in cabins. Every night our cabin was filled with chaos and laughter and it was hard to fall asleep. As 8th graders we were privileged enough to be Cheerleaders. Cheering on the Boys Basketball team was fun but it was nothing compared to competing at the Mercy High School Cheer competition. Even though we didn’t win a trophy we did a great job. My 8th grade year has been amazing and I know that we will all have a good time in high school. My memories of St Charles will last a lifetime.

48: The Seven Most Memorable Years of my Life My journey at St. Charles began in the second grade. I remember how nervous I was on my first day coming into a class that had been together for two years. But to my surprise I made friends right away. The first person I met was Mari Andreatta. She came up to me knowing that I was the new girl and welcomed me to St. Charles. Mari and I are best friends to this day. In the first couple of days of the new school year I played with my cousin Nikolina who was a grade younger than me at lunch and recess because I was still a little shy. Then one day a girl in my class named Jordan Thatcher came up to me at recess and asked me if I wanted to play with her. She introduced me to Lauren Tierney and from that day on the three of us became inseparable. We called ourselves “The Three Musketeers”. Second grade was taught by one of my favorite teachers, Ms. Blair. I really liked her because she was fun and she had lots of stories to tell about her life growing up in Chicago. I will never forget how excited we would get when Ms. Blair occasionally brought her turtle “Skipper-D” into class. That year we learned cursive handwriting and multiplication. Then came third grade with Ms. Picard. This was a very exciting year because we got to perform The Wizard of Oz and Hansel and Gretel. Of course our favorite part of it all was getting to make the life size candy house for Hansel and Gretel. That year we also learned the creative language that Ms. Picard created when she was little called “OP”. Those first two years at St. Charles were very memorable. Our class gained two new students in fourth grade, Megan and Glenn McDonell. Megan and Glenn were twins who had recently lived in Germany and were an interesting addition to our class. That year we had many activities such as Gold Rush, The Fourth Grade Sleepover, Chocolate Night, Cheese Day, and my all time favorite, The Fourth Grade Talent Show. In the Fourth Grade talent show we performed “Hey Ya!” and “Celebration” together as a class and then everybody performed either individual or group acts. My talent show performance was singing to “Baby Come Back to Me” with my friends Lauren Tierney and Allie Badgett. Fifth grade wasn’t much different because we were in the same classroom and we had Ms. Loncich again. We gained a new student named Hannah Chapman. That was also the year of what we liked to call “Four Square Wars”. We intensely played the game with numerous rules and styles such as “cherry bomb mode” and “footsy style”. This game led to a lot of conflict between the girls but in the end we always worked it out and in some ways it made us all closer friends. Now we look back at those times and laugh, wishing that drama still circulated around a game of four square. In sixth grade we had Mrs. Strafaci as our teacher. I can honestly say that even though she was mighty tough on us, she was one of my favorite teachers. Sixth grade was our first year of middle school so it meant that we got to go to our first Youth Center Dances that we had been dreaming about going to for years. One of my favorite memories from sixth grade was going to Walden West for a week. At Walden West we learned fun campfire songs and had field groups that we split up into during the days to learn about nature. I have countless memories with one of my best friends Mara Earley on the adventure hikes and survival challenges. Next came seventh grade with Mrs. Zamecki. Although our class was crazy and talkative she really got along with us and understood our humor. In seventh grade, Sofia Kurt was a new addition to our class. We instantly became best friends and still are to this day. That year we separated math groups, learned how to write good essays, and became scholars (clap) in Ms. Diaz’ class. At the end of the year we had a lot of fun at a Giants game for our end of the year party. After field day our class performed “Don’t Stop Believing” in the talent show and my friends Lauren, Megan, Mara, Sofia, Rosanna and I danced and sang to the pop remix of 2009. Seventh grade ended on a good note besides the fact that one of my best friends Hannah Chapman would be moving to Oregon that summer and wouldn’t join us in our eighth grade year. Finally after all those years we made it to eighth grade and are the leaders of our school. This year has been quite an adventure for us. It all started with our trip to CYO Camp. We really bonded as a class by learning a lot about nature and teamwork. Now that we are in eighth grade the girls are cheerleaders under the leadership of Kelly Venenzia. There’s a lot more in store for our class in the next few months such as, Stations of the Cross, Physics Day at Great America, Mystery Day, The Sacramento field trip, hosting Field Day, and of course, Graduation! Our class has come really far with Ms. Diaz as our teacher. We really bonded and became like brothers and sisters. We have shared the best memories, nicknames, and inside jokes over our many years at St. Charles. Although our years here are coming to an end and we are so excited to move on to high school, it is going to be very sad to have to say good-bye. An era of our life is ending and a new one is beginning. We will never forget each other and the wonderful memories we shared. | Vinka Radich

50: These nine years as a tiger have been some of the most memorable of my life. The journey began in kindergarten with Mrs. Barulich. Kindergarten started in the morning with the early group and then we switched in the afternoon for the late group. With Hug-A-Boo helping us along the way we got through our first year and also put on Peter Rabbit with me as the farmer and Jennifer as the rabbit. Off to first grade with Mr. Oliver. We got to learn our times tables and get a treat, met Mr. Oliver’s pet armadillo, learned how to spend zoo bucks wisely, and had MY FAVORITE PERSON at St. Charles as a teacher’s aide Mrs. Peterson. After our first year of homework we stepped up to second and met Ms. Blair. We had some great memories with her and Nick York always fighting over baseball, her teaching us the eraser on the carpet trick and remembering her love of Chicago. We went to third with the legendary Mrs. Picard as our teacher and it was her last year. We put on the amazing Wizard of Oz play and Hansel and Gretel. The highlight of that would be making the candy house. We left thanking Mrs. Picard for a great last year and went on to fourth with Mrs. Nehrenz. We had an additional teacher, Ms. Loncich who was very nice. We had a talent show for only our class. We could do singing, dancing and rapping. My friend Preston and I decided to do a rap on McDonalds, which I missed anyway because of a baseball game. In fifth grade we got Ms. Loncich full time, who by the way is now Mrs. Martinez. We had an awesome movie night on the blacktop on the schoolyard that was Indiana Jones themed. In sixth grade I had no doubt the best year of my life at St. Charles and one of those reasons would be Ms. Strafaci. She’s one of those teachers that can be hard on you the first three or four months and the rest of the year she was able to make very enjoyable. We also got to change classrooms for the first time and it was awesome. We loved going on the Duck Tours and going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Seventh Grade was awesome. We went on the greatest field trip of all time. It was the GIANTS GAME FIELD TRIP. The best part was that we sat in the Nose Bleeds! Just kidding, it was a great time. Seventh grade was over and the last and final year was here. We were eighth graders now, which meant we got all the privileges. We got the sweatshirts, we got mystery day, and we got CYO camp to bond with each other. The no doubt best part of the eighth grade would be our Varsity basketball team winning the league championship by two points. We still have some more work to do to finish the year, and still need to get our diplomas, so until then we all will have to remain a class and a tiger. | Joseph Rodriguez | What Just Happened

52: Bye Bye St. Charles The last few years at St. Charles have been really good. It all started in Kindergarten with Ms. Barulich, Ms. Musto, and Ms. Sanchez, which was when my life at St. Charles began. We had 2 plays that year, Chicken Little, and Peter Rabbit. Kindergarten was a year when we had nothing to do. This was one of my favorite years. First grade was a lot of fun also, but we had homework. Mr. Oliver gave us big packets of homework that were due at the end of the month. He would tell us to bring in items and then he would give out zoo bucks for us to use. Mr. Oliver would always put his diet cokes in the pole outside and Joey started the Roger tradition by bringing an egg into the classroom. First grade was a really fun year overall. | Second grade was a fun year with Ms. Blair. We had 3 new students joining our class this year. Vinka, Michael, and Kyle all became members of our class. Ms. Blair was from Chicago and really like baseball so she would talk to us about it all the time. Second grade was a bigger responsibility then our first few years because we had more work and we started to learn cursive. Second grade was a good year because Ms. Blair was one of my favorite teachers. Moving on to third grade, it was a hard year because we had to continue learning cursive and try to improve it. We had two plays that year, they were Hansel and Gretel, along with the Wizard of Oz. Fourth grade was a good year but with more responsibilities. We had a sleepover with the class, which was fun. Glenn, Megan, and Kristin joined the class. We had the gold rush that year which was fun although we did not get to finish it. Fifth Grade was good, but Ms Ramey left and we had Ms Martinez again. We did not do a lot in fifth grade, because it was getting us ready for sixth grade, moving into middle school. Sixth grade was one of my favorite years with another one of my favorite teachers Ms. Strafaci. We went to Walden West, which was fun, although the food wasn’t the best. We had a good year with Mrs. Strafaci and she prepared for the seventh grade. Leaving sixth grade behind we moved on. Seventh grade was an exciting year also, because Mrs. Zamecki taught us. She not only taught us but also let us talk and have fun.One of the highlights was going to the Giants game. We got more homework than years before and she got us ready for the eighth grade. Kyle and I, starting playing Xbox, and then Joe joined us. Sofia came who is now my best friend. Seventh grade was a nice year and will always be my favorite. Eighth grade has been a good year so far. We have had more homework and the teachers have been getting us ready for high school. There has been a lot of work with HSPT and transfers. We went to CYO camp, which was fun and the Lakers won the championships, get off me Celtics. | Ricky Rodriguez

54: Nine Years as a Tiger The first day of kindergarten was the biggest change in my life. Compared to preschool playing, doing arts and crafts, building blocks, eating yummy snacks and naptime, kindergarten was totally different. I was in the late group and my teachers were Mrs. Barulich, Ms. Sanchez and Mrs. Judy. I only knew the people I went to preschool with. Those people were Juliann, Ali, Nick, Preston, Ricky, Joe, Joey, and Christopher. In kindergarten I remember having plenty of events and activities. In February kindergarten had a Chinese New Year Parade. In the spring during March we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day where we made leprechaun traps decorating them with glitter and splattering green paint on them. When Easter came along we had the Peter Rabbit Play and I was one of the three blind mice. When I moved on to first grade I remember there was more work involved. I had Mr. Oliver as a teacher and the thing I hated the most was him giving us monthly homework packets. We also had a day where we got to make food like pumpkin pie, baked bread, and wonton soup. One of the funniest moments was when Joey got a hard boiled egg and left it in his pocket. It smelled like rotten egg and stunk up the whole classroom, and that’s how the egg got named Roger. The most embarrassing moment was on Cinco de Mayo when I danced in front of the whole class in my cultural skirt. Second Grade was my favorite elementary grade because I enjoyed my teacher who was Ms. Blair. She was such a big Chicago Red Sox’s fan. I remember she used to read us Eloise stories, and bring in her turtle “Skipperdie”. My First Communion was my most important event in second grade. Also that year we had three students who came to St. Charles which were Vinka, Kyle, and Michael. In third grade I had Mrs. Picard as my teacher who gave us scripts for the Hansel and Gretel play. I also played Glinda in the Wizard of Oz play, the good witch of the North. In fourth grade my teachers were Mrs. Nehrenz and Ms. Loncich. I was looking forward to fourth grade because I knew we were going to have the end of the year talent show. We also had days like chocolate day and cheese day where we got to try different foods which the moms brought. Also our class got to have an auction sleepover survivor party where we danced to samba music. In fifth grade I remember having four square wars with my friends Mara and Jordan during recess which was so much fun. Ms. Loncich who was my teacher gave out Loncich loots, and that’s how Mara and I started our own business cleaning other people’s lockers and earning Loncich loots. As I moved on to sixth grade the homework load was greater. That fall our class went to Walden West for outdoor education for a week. I was in the best cabin because I was with my friends Hannah and Vinka. Another field trip we went on was to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. The highlight of the trip was the bus ride. We also went on a field trip in San Francisco and went on the Duck Tours. An exciting moment in sixth grade was when the basketball girls A team won the South PPSL division championship. In seventh grade I had a fun teacher, Mrs. Zamecki. That was a great year for me. That year we received a new student named Sofia. I will always remember us having a dance move called “Guatemala”. For our seventh grade talent show, Vinka, Sophia, Mara, Megan, Lauren, and myself performed a dance routine to a 2010 remix. We had many fun events, such as, attending a Giants game, and participating in our class auction party at a laser tag place. My years at St. Charles are almost coming to an end with Ms. Diaz being my last and final teacher for eighth grade. In the fall of eighth grade we went to CYO camp. It was so much fun experiencing nature, God, and having a better connection with my classmates. The last day of camp everyone was sad because it made us think about how this year will be our last year together. Eighth grade is fun because I became a cheerleader where I got to participate in cheer competitions, rallies, bake sales, and support the boys at their basketball game. Our St. Charles Tiger mascot was Gabriel and he was good at cheering and demonstrating our tiger pride. Holy week is the time when our class will be able to participate in the Stations of the Cross. I was excited to get the part of Veronica. We also got to do lots of fun activities, like going to Sacramento, hosting field day, going to Great America for physics day and mystery day. As the year got closer to the end I remember having to decide which high school I wanted to go to, get ready for graduation, and say goodbye to my friends. I will always remember the fun, exciting, memories and the connection I had with my class. Rosanna Sainez

56: The Last Nine Years The last nine years of my life I have spent going to school here at St. Charles and I have many memories from them and will hopefully keep the friends I have made here for the rest of my life. My first year here was very fun I met most of my classmates and our teachers were Ms. Sanchez, Mrs. Barulich, and Ms. Judy. They were great teachers for us as kindergarteners and they had many fun things like Hugaboo the teddy bear everyone would take home for a week. Another great memory I have from kindergarten is when Gabriel and I started the Jengo Fett game. We would all be different colored Jengo Fett’s from Star Wars and run around the playground with pieces of paper in front of our faces and pretending to take down bad guys. Another great memory I have is first grade. Mr. Oliver was our teacher and would do avalanches if our desks were too messy and I will never forget Roger! One day Joey came into the classroom with a hard-boiled egg from the cafeteria and it smelled horrible. And when Mr. Oliver asked him about it everyone said Roger and Mr. Oliver made Joey throw the egg away. Ms. Blair was definitely one of the best teachers I had here at St. Charles she always kept the class filled with fun and excitement. Some days it was rewarding us with Twizzlers and others seeing Skipperdy the turtle. We also gained three new students and friends that year, Kyle, Michael, and Vinka. Third grade was another fun year with Mrs. Picard and Mrs. Paris. Mrs. Picard had us do the plays and build the candy house, which were both very fun and exciting, and Mrs. Paris made things really fun and she always seemed to tell great stories for us. Next year had Mrs. Nehrenz and a new teacher at St. Charles Ms. Loncich. They both incorporated some really fun games. Our class got two new students and friends Megan and Glenn. One of my greatest St. Charles memories happened in fourth grade and that was when Nick York, Juliann, and I ate Lemonheads during the Baccalaureate Mass! Fifth grade was also very fun we had Ms. Loncich again taking over for Mrs. Ramey and we stayed in the same classroom. That year was especially fun because we had Loncich loot and we would practically compete for who could get the most. Another fun thing we did in Fifth grade was Rube Goldberg for science and then we did Cell City. That year we also had a recess wide dodge ball game with the P.E balls and even though we got in a lot of trouble it was really fun and funny. We also gained another great student and fun friend named Griffin Kraemer. My groups for both these science projects were very fun and these events have given me some great memories. Sixth grade we had a newer teacher to the school Mrs. Strafaci. She is definitely one of my favorite teachers ever. She would always tell us great stories about her family. And of course we can’t forget all the drama that year with the Fall Festival. Seventh grade our fun math teacher turned into my homeroom teacher Mrs. Zamecki. She was very awesome as a seventh grade homeroom teacher she brought back going to the Giants game for us and always tried her best to make our year more fun. Also in Seventh grade one of my best friends came, Sofia Kurt she added much fun and excitement to our class. Seventh grade went by much quicker than any other year and we became closer as friends than ever before. Our class’s friendliness and closeness only grew this year with Mrs. Diaz as our teacher and we seem to grow continuously close. It has been a fun year of bonding and friendship. We did a great performance in the Stations of the Cross and I was a Roman soldier with Nick Fitzgerald, Kyle Basch, Gabriel Cabezon, Griffin Kraemer, and Preston Campi. My basketball team also won the basketball championships! And Mrs. Peterson, one of the coolest teachers I had at St. Charles gave us a pizza party because of the friendship, spirit, and success. I will miss this class and all the friends I have made at St. Charles as we all branch off to different high schools. Conor Thane

58: Always A Tiger My first year at Saint Charles was kindergarten and was where all my memories of St. Charles first began. My first day in kindergarten began with me hiding behind my moms’ back hiding from a girl named Lauren. This feeling quickly faded when we were on the story time rug and she whispered to me do you want to be best friends? Before I knew it we entered First grade with Mr. Oliver. My most vivid memory of Mr. Oliver is him and his love for Pepsi. Every day when he picked us up from recess he never failed to carry an empty can of Pepsi along with him and shoved it down the empty pole gate. In second grade we had Ms. Blair who helped us learn cursive. Although my cursive first started out as scribbles, which resembled a foreign language, with much practice it finally became legible and somewhat pretty. Third grade was when I met Vinka who joined our class and she quickly became my friend. Soon after we met we turned into the three musketeers and Lauren, Vinka, and I became inseparable. We thought we were so cool and would skip around the schoolyard on the same foot chanting, “We are the three musketeers MIGHTY MIGHTY.” | Forth grade was the year that Megan came to our school who was a twin. I was happy the first day Megan came home with me from school. I clearly remember being so embarrassed by my mom who could for some reason not hear Megan say her name, and asked her like a billion times. I thought she was so cool but little did I know she would tell me everything about her life including that she could lift her twin brother Glenn on her shoulders. She told me that she’s nearly been to every state, which I thought was really amazing! Fifth grade was the year when four squares was the “in” game to play. My friends Mara, Lauren, Rosanna and me would have the most intense games of four square everyday at lunch. Still to this day we can’t play a simple friendly game of four square without it turning into a vicious game were nobody can win. Sixth grade was the beginning of the end it was here when we were finally considered one of the older kids. We got to be in the lower hall and have the coolest teachers. We waited so long for Ms. Strafaci who was my favorite teacher of all because of her stories of her grandchildren and her great enthusiasm. Before long we were in seventh grade and had Mrs. Zamecki as our teacher, who was really great. She took us to the Giants game on a field trip and we sat practically in the nose bleeder seats, but little did they know that they’d be the World Series Champions that season and would have the best catcher ever named Buster Posey. One of the things that made me like Mrs. Zamecki so much was that she would allow us to switch our desks, so much which made the year so much better. This was the year that my friend Sofia Kurt joined our class too. Sofia was crazy, fun, and wanted to be everyone’s friend. Every lunch Sofia, Joseph, and I would juggle a soccer ball, which we always thought was super cool because all the other girls were playing volleyball. Now I am finishing up my last year at St. Charles and am in eighth grade. We are finally the leaders of the school and stand out from the rest of the school with our eighth grade jackets. The most memorable part of eighth grade has been our class trip to CYO camp. From the cannoning adventure I had with Rosanna to the trying to find the albino alligator to the spider infested canoe it was a trip to remember. Although we won’t all be at the same school next year we will always remember all of the memories that we have shared together and will always be the Saint Charles class of 2011. | Jordan Thatcher

60: A Family In The End Kindergarten is where the journey began, where friendships were made and where life long relationships were first introduced. One of my favorite memories in Kindergarten was on the first day of school when Jordan Thatcher and I were sitting on the story time rug and she whispered in my ear asking if I wanted to be her best friend. From that day on in Kindergarten we were best friends. We did everything together including the talent show in which we played our Ukuleles to the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. So many memories were made with my primary school teachers Miss. Sanchez, Mrs. Judy, Mrs.Barulich, Mr. Oliver, Miss. Blair, and Mrs. Picard. In the first and second grades we learned so many fun things like how to write in cursive and how to do times tables. We also got to meet new and interesting people in the first and second grade. In the first grade we got to meet a good friend of Mr. Oliver’s Brian who was paralyzed in a wheel chair wheel chair for the rest of his life due to an accident and always had a positive outlook on life. In the second grade we would occasionally get to see Miss.Blair’s turtle Skipper Dee. I remember all the fun we had playing with Skipper Dee and trying to avoid stepping on him as he slowly crawled across the classroom. Also in Second grade two of my best friends to this day joined our class Vinka Radich and Kyle Basch. They are a perfect example of the people I will never forget when i end my journey at Saint Charles. By the time third grade came around all I could think about was doing the play Hansel and Gretel and building the life size candy house. In the play I was the witch and I remember all the fun we had putting on the play for friends and family. Primary school at Saint Charles was a truly unforgettably amazing time in my life. As Middle school came around I was so excited to finally be in the fourth grade. In fourth grade another one of my best friends joined our class her name was Megan McDonell. She and her twin brother had recently moved here from Germany, I was so excited to get to know her and to this day I couldn’t imagine living without her. In fourth grade we also got to do the fourth grade talent show. I remember how nervous I was getting on stage to sing to baby come back by Vanessa Hudson. In fifth grade we were joined by one of my closest friends Hannah Chapman we were friends the moment we met and we are still friends to this day. In fifth grade a new teacher Mrs.Loncich also joined us. I remember all the fun we had pretending to plan her wedding after she told us she had gotten engaged. Then came the six grades, which was such an exciting year in which we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Walden West Outdoor education. I remember how cool we thought it was riding on a bus for a field trip. I also remember running all over the Aquarium to try to complete the scavenger hunt to then find out the prize was a pencil. By the time Walden West came around we were all so excited to back our bags and go, but little did we know what they had in store for us. We would go on three hikes a day and one day we went on an all day hike from 9am to 4pm. As much as I disliked the hiking I made memories I will never forget and met people i would have never met. Finally we were in Junior High the Seventh grade. We were then joined by one of my closest friends that I will be moving on to high school with Sofia Kurt. Mrs.Zamecki was our Seventh grade teacher and we were the first class to have her as a Seventh grade teacher at Saint Charles. We went on my favorite field trip in the Seventh grad. The Giants game! We had so much fun singing and dancing trying to get on the Jumbo tron during Seventhinning stretch. At the end of the year my friends and I preformed in the talent show singing and dancing to the 2009 remix of the year. As a class we also sang to “Don't Stop Believing” by Journey. It was hysterical trying to get the whole class to do the same hand motions all together. Then came eighth grade. We were finally here!!!!!! We got to wear special sweatshirts to school, have free dress Fridays, be a cheerleader, go to C.Y.O camp, have mystery day, go to the auction, perform Stations of the cross, take a field trip to Sacramento, go to Great America and What I have been looking forward to since the Kindergarten is getting to walk down the isle in front of the whole school and Graduate. In our eighth grade year we have gotten the privilege to go to C.Y.O camp. C.Y.O. camp was so much fun. There was a swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, canoeing, archery, and we go to go on a hike to the beach. At C.Y.O camp we also would share so many laughs in our cabin at night as we made Megan McDonell sing us to sleep at night. Sharing a one-room cabin with 17 other girls may have not been the cleanest place to sleep but it was most definitely a time I will never forget. I have yet to mention three of my closest friends I have been with since Kindergarten and have shared so many memories with Juliann Carroll, Mara Early, and Mari Andreatta. Leaving Saint Charles will not be easy not only leaving memories but leaving someone who is like a sister to me Gabriella Lehr. As my 9 year journey comes to a close I will never forget the true friendships I made, the laughs I shared and the life changing journey I took. | Lauren Tierney

62: I have had a great nine years at St. Charles School. It all started in Kindergarten. At the beginning of the year we had Ms. Sanchez because Ms. Barulich’s dad passed away. We all had lots of fun getting to know each other in the early and late groups. We enjoyed many activities in Kindergarten like Hugaboo, Dollar Day, Chicken Little Play, and the Peter Rabbit Play. Next year we all met Mr. Oliver, his stuffed armadillo, his pet monkey, and Mr. Oliver’s big fridge full of Pepsi. We also learned the meaning of the word strict, but we still enjoyed Mr. Oliver. We enjoyed things like the zoo bucks store and fun field trips, though we didn’t get to do the Sound of Music play. We all had special memories like the time Mr. Oliver broke a window and glass fell everywhere. We also shared a laugh when Joey bought an egg at hot lunch and named it Roger. Joey brought Roger into the classroom, but the egg went bad and turned rotten. It really stunk up the room. Next year we welcomed Kyle, Vinka, and Michael into our class. We all met Ms. Blaire who was from Chicago. We had lots of fun in second grade even though we started to have real homework. In third grade Ms. Picard taught us. We learned many things in third grade like Op-Talk; we also had the fun project of picking a state and doing a report on it. We also got to do productions of the Wizard of Oz and Hansel and Gretel; I was the narrator of Hansel and Gretel. | In fourth grade we had Mrs. Nehrenz. We welcomed Glenn and Megan into our class. We all learned and sang the coolest song ever “Shiny Bald Head”. We also did fun things like the Gold Rush game, even though it was cut short when some people were messing around. Later in the year Ms. Loncich, now Mrs. Martinez became our new aide. The next year Ms. Loncich stepped up to fill in the fifth grade teacher spot, made empty with the departure of Ms. Ramey. Another change took place, the upper hall then became the home of grades K through 5. We were in the same room and had the same teacher, but we also received Griffin into the class. In fifth grade we had lots of fun with our teacher; some activities we did were fun field trips and the occasional origami, like the water bomb. Next year we moved back to the lower wing and into our old second grade classroom and met Mrs. Strafaci in sixth grade. In the sixth grade we had many cool field trips. In History we learned lots about Ancient Civilizations. We all geared up for our seventh grade year where our grades were extremely important in our qualifications for high school and the rest of our lives. In seventh grade we met a new girl, my good friend, Sofia. Our seventh grade teacher was our old math teacher, Mrs. Zamecki. We all decided to start a tradition of clapping when Ms. Strafaci walked in the room. That year we began receiving visits from high schools like Saint Francis, Sacred Heart, Serra, and others. We also went to the Giants game for our end of the year party, which is why Mrs.Zamecki is one of my favorite teachers. We were all excited as we entered our final year at St. Charles, our eighth grade year. That was the year I met my eighth grade math teacher Mr. Jerrold. We were ready to rule the school. We were looking forward to special eighth grade fun like receiving our sweatshirts. We all loved them as we received them. One of the best field trips we went on was the Sacramento trip. We saw a low rider that was so low that you can’t put a pinkie under it. Our own SC Bee-Team, which I was in, did very well and made it to the South Championship. Our A team won and is yet to play in the State Championships. The one most amazing song in eighth grade was the “Cat Daddy”. Joey and I had some good and fun times, like the making of our amazing and famous, secret handshake. We are still looking forward to the fun yet to come in Stations of the Cross (Via Cruces), Physics Day, Mystery Day, and more. We are excited for the end of the year and the end of our journey at St. Charles School, but we also reflect and smile upon the memories we have already had and the friends we have made. Grant Wilson | The Time of Our Lives

64: Oh the Memories... | It was in August of 2002 when I started my first day as a St. Charles Tiger. I was in the late group for Kindergarten, and for the first part of the year we had Ms. Sanchez and Mrs. Musto as our teachers. Later in the year Mrs. Barulich returned as our permanent teacher. That year our class performed the famous Peter Rabbit Play and got to meet someone special.. Hugaboo! In first grade it was a little more serious with the monthly homework packet. This year was memorable as I experienced it with one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Oliver. Mr. Oliver was hilarious and I’ll never forget those little moments when he would tell a funny joke in class or when he would stick his diet Pepsi cans onto the top of a pole on the way back from recess ( those who were in his class know what I’m talking about .) I also remember at the beginning of class he would speak to us in French and would enter the classroom greeting us “Good morning class” then we would simultaneously reply “Good morning Mr. Oliver.” .” When we got to second grade we were used to the 3:00 p.m. days and the homework. Our teacher was Ms. Blair. I remember the first day of that school year well. I was sitting at my desk when I raised my hand. She called on me and I told her my dad was from St. Louis and that he was a big Cardinal Fan. Now Ms. Blair was a Cub’s fanatic, so a Cardinal fan in her class that liked to remind her about the Cardinal’s winning and beating the Cubs sort of made her upset. That year we also added on a few new kids to our class, Kyle Basch, Vinka Radich, and Michael Gaffney who would all stay with us for the next 7 years. In third grade we had Mrs. Picard. That year we performed two plays: Hansel and Gretel and the Wizard of Oz. We also got to make the famous gingerbread house that took a couple days to build. Those early years were fun, but when we moved on to fourth grade, we had more homework and classwork than the years before. Fourth grade year was fun as we got to experience chocolate night where everyone watched ( or ran around ) Willie Wonka while eating chocolate. We also had the talent show that year just for the fourth grade where we all danced to the song He Ya! By Outkast. Not to forget Megan and Glenn Mcdonell came to St. Charles that year and would be a part of the class through graduation. In fifth grade, we found that Ms. Ramey had left, someone I was looking forward to as a teacher. Her replacement was Miss. Loncich. We also had a new science teacher who taught Fifth grade and up, Mrs. Trimble. Not to forget that Griffin Kraemer and Hannah Chapman come to our school that year. It was a fun year as we got the slumber party with our class and received Loncich Loot with which we could buy candy. After Fourth and Fifth grades, things got much more serious. In sixth, seventh, and, eighth grade we prepared for high school. Sixth grade was one of my favorite years and was also quite serious too. We were in junior high and with the “big kids.” Melanie Lopez joined us this year too. We had Ms. Strafaci this year and she turned out to be one of my favorite teachers. She was funny with the class and understood we were older but still young. I remember she gave us very little homework but made up for it with a lot of tests. This year we also got to go the Youth Center Dances which we thought were a lot of fun. We also had a little more drama as more and more people in the class were “asking each other out.” It mellowed out over time and we all went back to being really good friends. Seventh Grade was even more serious than sixth grade as high school was just around the corner and grades really mattered. That year Sofia Kurt came to St. Charles and we had Mrs. Zamecki as our teacher. The year was difficult with all of the work for good grades, but it was also fun as we got to go to the Giants Game and Mrs. Zamecki let us watch a few of their games in class. Eighth grade was our final year where we became the head of school and high school was near. My choices were Serra and Sacred Heart. My final decision, although it was a tough one, was Sacred Heart. I am really looking forward to it next year. As it comes to a close, it has been a memorable Eighth Grade Year as well as a memorable nine years here at St. Charles School. I have enjoyed looking back on the years with my classmates. We have the memories that we will never forget! It’s been a great 9 years! | Nick York

66: Stations

67: of the Cross

68: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Mari Andreatta | "Laugh often dream big, reach for the stars" Gabriel Cabezon | 2011 Class Quotes | Who DID let the dogs out? Connor Cody | "Every story has an end but in life every end is just a new beginning" Mara Earley | "SOME PEOPLE WANT IT TO HAPPEN, SOME WISH IT WOULD HAPPEN, OTHERS MAKE IT HAPPEN" Nicholas Fitzgerald | "Don’t Hate, Appreciate Joey Guslani | "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game” Jenny Joyner | “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Griffin Kraemer | “You never know how strong you are... until being strong is the only choice you have.” Claire O'Rourke | “Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” Glenn McDonell | “It’s all good.” Christopher Papapietro | “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Vinka Radich | “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination.” Conor Thane | “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Jordan Thatcher | "You don't know how good something is until it comes to an end." Nick York | Laugh as much as you breathe. and love as long as you live. Sofia Kurt

69: "Life is like a long road, take it easy, when you come to a pool of water on that road, don't make it muddy, maybe you'll past there again, and you'll be thirsty." Grant Wilson | "Don’t let school interfere with your education. There's lots to learn in life." Kyle Basch | "The dictionary is the only place success comes before work..." Preston Campi | “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away..." Juliann Carroll | “It’s really not that hard.” Keith Dorais | "It's not how good you are. It's how good you want to be." Michael Gaffney | "badda bing, badda boom" Nick Gianuario | "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Scott Kolnes | “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Claire Lanza | “Life isn't about surviving the storm, but dancing in the rain.” Megan McDonell | "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it's called the Present" Shelby Potter | "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; and working together is success." Joseph Rodriguez | “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” Rosanna Sainez | Do work Son Ricky Rodriguez | “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Melanie Lopez | “The end of every journey is just a new beginning.” Lauren Tierney

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