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Cloey R Vol 5

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S: Cloey Ranae Winder Vol 5

FC: Cloey Ranae Winder | Vol 5 October 2, 2010 through October 1, 2012

1: 2010 September-December

2: September 23,2010 –October 8, 2010 Aunt Angela's Mission Farewell, Cloey's Birthday Our first stop on our road was Lisa and Dave’s house in Meridian, ID. We stayed there just one night and the next day, Lisa and I did a little bit of shopping . Cloey and Anna had fun playing together of course and Nathan did a good job at taking care of Samuel, Anna, Tyler, Cloey and Afton while Lisa and I shopped with Isabella and Peter. We left to go to Blackfoot on Friday. We got into Blackfoot Friday night and Sharla wasn’t too far behind. All the kids except Isabella slept in Grandpa and Grandma’s new “play room.” I was surprised that Afton actually stayed in the room with Cloey on the floor the entire night. I thought she would have eventually woken up and came in to sleep with Nathan and I. Saturday, Angela, Nathan, Grandpa, and Parker all went and hiked the Big Butte and Sharla, Grandma and I all had fun with the kids in the morning until they got back. At 1:00, we took all the kids over to the Gamble’s Dairy Farm to see the cows. All the kids enjoyed that. There was one calf that was very friendly, once it started to trust Nathan. She would let all the kids pet her and wasn’t too skittish about how many kids were around the pen. Saturday night we had the Relief Society Broadcast. All the women left all the kids except Bella and Peter, with the men and we went to the broadcast. I thought it was funny because right after we all left, Grandma realized there were no adults outside with all the kids. So Angela called to make sure someone went out and was out there at all times to supervise the kids. I laughed to myself at that. Dallen was going to bring his video projector so the kids could watch a movie. When we got home, the kids were all in the living room watching a movie on a small projector. Then you looked into the big “play room” and all the men were in there with a HUGE screen watching the Boise St Vs. Oregon St football game! It was funny to see. Sunday was the day that Angela was to speak in Sacrament Meeting for her Missionary Farewell. Isabella cried during a lot of Sacrament meeting. Right before Angela was to speak, Sister Gamble, a family friend, came out and asked if she could take Bella so we could hear Angela speak. Right when Nathan gave her to Sister Gamble she stopped crying! So we got to hear her speak. Sister Gamble was funny after the meeting. I went to take Bella back and she asked if she could keep her. She promised she’d take care of her and I said as long as Grandma or no Aunts want her then I was fine with it. In the middle of Sunday School though I saw Grandma walk in with her. She later told me that she went up to Sister Gamble and asked for Bella. Sister Gamble told Grandma that she promised me she’d take care of Bella. Grandma assured Sister Gamble she’d be well taken care of with her and so Sister Gamble relinquished her to Grandma Winder. Grandma kept Bella until she was ready to eat. I walked back in at the beginning of Relief Society and soon after Afton came in needing a diaper change. Bella went back to Grandma and stayed with her until church was over.

3: After church we had a big lunch at Grandma’s house with a lot of relatives and Angela’s friends. Isabella was held by a lot of people and started to show the signs of not liking it not too long into it. I didn’t giver her away very often because whenever she was in her Dad’s arms she got taken away from him and then when she’d cry she was given to me. When she was asleep I let others hold her. Angela had a cake made by a family friend that was brought in. She made a huge chocolate cake with the old Mayan temple made out of rice cereal treats on the top. Her mom put candles in the cake for Angela’s birthday the week before and we all sang for her. There was an extra candle in it for next year’s birthday while she’s on her mission. Afton had a small accident with Angela’s chocolate cake. Someone gave her a big piece of the cake. Afton had it about had eaten, I think, and it looked like she had a lot of the cake in crumbs and small pieces. I heard her crying and I ran to see what happened. Dad was there holding her in his lap and she was covered head to toe in chocolate cake! The story was told that they wished they had a camera because it all happened in slow motion; Afton was sitting in the small chair, then she started to fall off the chair, the table tipped and the plate with the chocolate cake flipped up and landed on her head as she fell to the floor. Everyone felt so bad for her. She was still in her favorite yellow church dress too. I worked for a long time to get the stains out of that dress and she hadn’t been able to wear it for a few weeks. So I helped Dad take it off and Aunt Sharla had to do some laundry so she put the dress in with her clothes. I helped Angela clean everything up and soon Afton was doing well and eating strawberries.

6: We soon got ready to go to Ogden, Utah where we would stay the night with my Uncle Don and Aunt Terry. We got there around 7:00pm and ate dinner there. The girls had a lot of fun being there. They have a huge TV and they liked that. It took us a while to convince them they could see it better on the couch then right up at the screen. The moment we got there, Aunt Terry took Bella’s care seat with her inside and put it at her feet so she’d be the first to get her when she woke up. That’s precisely what happened too. She kept Bella until it was time to eat, then took her back again. Chad, my cousin and their youngest, came home and he started playing with Afton. He learned that Afton was one that just went and went and went until she crashed. He said he had a lot of fun with the girls. We left to Great Grandma Morgan’s house around 9am and stayed there until noon. The three hours we spent with her were so much fun. She really wanted to hold Isabella and didn’t mind me taking a bunch of pictures. Isabella loved her Great Grandma and smiled at her a lot. My Aunt Ludean was there visiting as well. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I don’t really remember the last time I saw her. It was fun to get to know her again and have her meet my husband and family. She enjoyed holding Isabella too. Cloey loved to give Grandma hugs and play with her. She even sang two songs for her; Give Said the Little Stream and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Afton on the other hand didn’t want anything to do with her. We got one picture of her and Great Grandma and the only reason why she’s smiling is because Cloey is tickling her. I missed the perfect picture of Cloey giving Grandma a hug. My camera was on movie mode and by the time it got to camera mode they were done. I really wanted them to hug again, but Grandma didn’t hear me because she was trying to get Afton to give her a hug. An opportunity missed. I hope we can make it back there on our way to or from Colorado again around Christmas. It just depends on the weather. | Big Fall Trip | Utah

8: October 2010 | Ice Cream! Kids always get treats at Grandma's House | Isabella loves her Grandma!

9: Utah | Great Grandma Love

10: We left Ogden around 1:15 and got to my parents house at 10:00pm. The trip went pretty fast for having three young kids traveling that far. We all went to bed fairly well, but still an hour later than Colorado time. Tuesday we celebrated Cloey’s birthday. Gran and I went shopping while Nathan and Papa watched all three girls. It was fun shopping with my Mom again. For Cloey’s fifth birthday, she wanted a Pinkie Pie Pony birthday cake. I decided to take the easy rout and instead of doing a shape cake, I got little Ponyville pony toys to put on top of the cake. She loved it! I had her, Audrey, Afton and Blake make little gram cracker houses with candy on them to put on the cake. They liked that too. They also had fun eating them on Saturday with Mckiala. Andrea, Robbie, Dani, and Bri were there as well as Chris’ family. We had a big BB-Q dinner because the Elders were supposed to come, but forgot or something, and then cake and ice cream. Cloey was very excited about opening her gifts because she’s been hoping and hoping for a princess scooter. She didn’t see the big present behind her until she was all done with her other gifts and I told her it was there. She made Dad put it together that night and she only got off of it to go potty, which she rode it into the bathroom and out. I hope she got off of it anyway. Audrey wasn’t happy to leave Gran’s house. She hid in the bathroom until her mom picked her up to take her home. I felt bad for her, but there wasn’t much time for her to play with Cloey except right before the party. Nathan left to Denver early Wednesday morning while the girls were still asleep. Gran went to the cannery and Papa and I were left home with the girls. We just hung out in the morning and in the afternoon left to Colorado Springs to see Steph and her family. When we got there, she was about to leave to pick up kids from school. She had two spots left in her van and came over to ask if Cloey and Afton wanted to go to the park. At the first mention on “park” Cloey quickly unbuckled and Afton was itching to get out of her seat as well. Once Steph said they had to hurry though because they had to leave right then both girls jumped out of the van and ran to her side faster than I’ve seen them move in a longtime! We were all surprised at how readily they went with her, especially Afton. They had a lot of fun with her though and Afton and a little girl Steph babysits, Sage, became fast friends. While they were gone and Bella was still asleep, Dad and I took a nap. I went upstairs and laid on the o=couch, I think Papa took intermittent naps while watching TV. It was a nice and fun visit to be able to talk to their family. We haven’t seen them in two years, since the family reunion that is. Cloey and Afton had fun jumping on the trampoline with Katie, and then later going out with Melinda. We got in a little later than expected, but that was ok. It’s fun to have Papa around and not have him worry so much about work. | Colorado

11: Thursday was a special day. Gran and I took the girls to Flat Irons Crossing Mall. The first thing we did was go to Build-a-Bear Workshop. The longest part was trying to convince Cloey to choose a bear, even though she chose the first one she saw in the first place. She had fun and actually wanted a $20 character that I knew she’d like for a little bit, but not long term. So I gave her a limit and she chose the light blue soft bear. Afton got the first one she chose which was a soft dog that she promptly look out of the box, put it on the floor and squished it with a body hug! Gran thought one bear was cool because it was hypoallergenic and had not nose or eyes for babies to choke on. So she got it for Isabella. They all got to choose a sound to put in, Afton got a “woof woof” and Cloey chose a jazz Happy Birthday song and Isabella got Brahms Lullaby. Then it was time to stuff them. Cloey was being very shy with the worker. She wouldn’t even kiss her bear’s heart before it go put in her bear. She kept pushing the bar down for the stuffing to stuff the bear in short bursts. It took her a while before her’s was stuffed. She did better when I was holding her hand. Then it was Afton’s turn. She was so funny. She did everything the worker told her to do. She pretended to make a wish on her dog’s heart, she raised it above her head, touched her toes, closed her eyes, turned around and then gave it a kiss before handing it to the worker to put in her dog. She was all for pushing the peddle and watching her dog get stuffed. She gave it a hug at the end and loved it. For Isabella’s bear, Cloey made a wish for her and gave it a kiss. Afton helped stuff it. Both Cloey’s and Isabella’s sounds are in the hand, but Afton’s is in the ankle because the foot was pre stuffed. So I might have to take hers back one day and get it switched to the hand. Now for the clothes! There was only on yellow outfit style in the entire store, and it ended up on Afton’s dog. Cloey found a Cinderella princess dress and that was it for her choice. They also got shoes, yellow for Afton and “glass” slippers for Cloey’s. Bella’s got a comfy baby sleeper. Then Cloey and Afton got to make birth certificates for their bears. Afton loved the fact she got to control the computer. Cloey named her’s Cinderella, and Afton names hers Fuzzy, but calls her Doggie. I asked her if she wanted to name it Doggie and she said “no.” So I said “Fuzzy?” and she said “YA!” I should have taken Gran’s advice and called it Doggie. Bella’s bear is names “Ella Bear.” I bought the bears for Cloey and Afton, and Gran bought the clothes and all of Bella’s bear. We tried to take a few pictures after we got them, but Afton was too interested in the Build-a-Bear Workshop design on the floor, and Cloey didn’t know what she wanted to do. We got a few good ones individually outside before we left. After we ate lunch, Gran took Cloey and Afton to the big sand pit outside the main mall. There is an outdoor portion to the mall and the girls loved playing in the sand. I took Isabella shopping because for some reason she didn’t like Gran very much. The girls definitely found their new best friends this day, especially Afton. Afton carried her doggie around with her everywhere and wouldn’t let it go.

12: Time For Cake!

13: It's Party Time!

14: Hooray For Birthdays

15: The Day we celebrated | Mckiala is reading to you

16: Where did Cloey go? | The first thing you did was go for the squares

17: Fun at Aunt Steph's house in Colorado Springs! | Glo Bugs! | Afton, Kristi, Cloey

18: So Many to choose from! | Add a sound | Make a wish... | Time to stuff | You made a wish for Bella's bear too. | Dress and name time.

20: That night we got to see Nan and her kids. We had a lot of the cousins there so we took a cousins picture. It was interesting getting all of them together. Audrey and Blake would have been there, but Kim was sick. Friday was, for the most part, a relaxing day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CLOEY! The girls and I were starting to get a little bit sick, but they still had fun. I’d gone a few nights without very much sleep, so I wasn’t feeling very well. I left to go to Denver to meet up with Nathan at 4:30. I got there at 5:30 and we went out to dinner. We went to a bakery place that was really good, then to the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra to hear them play Beethoven. That was very cool and we learned a lot of the history of the pieces and how the songs were composed. I didn’t get home until about midnight and all three girls were asleep while Gran and Papa were awake. They gave Cloey her favorite dinner; noodles with white sauce (alfrado sauce). Once again this night was pretty sleepless between Bella and Afton. I had to put Afton outside the bedroom door while I looked for my glasses because I had just gotten Bella back to sleep and Afton’s crying was waking her up again. Gran heard, of course, so she tried to come and help, but Afton would have nothing to do with Gran. So Saturday morning when Gran was ready for the day, but Bella and Afton were both awake, she let me go back to sleep with Cloey. Cloey woke up about an hour later. Thomas and Mckiala came over this morning and Tom was a big help. He, of course, mowed the lawn like he does every Saturday morning, helped us pick apples from the apple tree, and helped play with the girls. Mckiala played with the girls all morning and helped pick apples too.

21: Apple picking and eating houses | Cousins: Dani,Mckiala, Bri, Robbie, Tom, Cloey, Savannah, Afton, Sam In back Gran holding Isabella

22: Nathan got back to Longmont at 1:15 and had to finish packing everything up for me. We left about 3:00 to go as far as we could to Idaho. We decided to keep going and made it to Blackfoot around 2am. We stayed with his parents and left after breakfast to Ken and Angie’s house. The girls all had fun there and we enjoyed the visit. There are no pictures of Angie because she was in the middle of an allergy attack and didn’t want her picture taken. This was General Conference weekend, so it made it easier to travel and see them. We all traveled well until about halfway between Idaho Falls and Grangeville. Bella started crying and Cloey and Afton wanted out. So we found a Pizza place to eat at, but the owner said it’s been a very busy day and he was running out of product. He only had a 14” and 16” pizza left and no more sauce. We took whatever we could get at this point. So we ate a pizza with no sauce for dinner and the kept on trucking home. Cloey and Afton eventually fell asleep, but Bella cried until about an hour and a half before we got home. We finally had to stop because Nathan was tired, I hadn’t slept since he took over driving and Bella needed attention. We made it home at 11:00om our time (midnight CO time) and fell right to sleep. Monday and Tuesday were hard days. We had to try to get back into the swing of home life again and we were all sick, except Nathan. It’s good he wasn’t sick because Wednesday he had to leave to Chicago until Sunday for another conference. Cloey had her leader day that day as well, so Tuesday we baked banana bread and made chocolate cupcakes for snack. All the kids had fun eating apples from Gran and Papa’s apple tree because they were just their size. This was a very fun and busy trip. We all enjoyed ourselves and we are excited to be able to rest for a while before going back to Colorado for Christmas. Wish us luck! Denise Winder

23: Michael, Katelyn, Isabella, Afton, Cloey, Uncle Ken | What's down there?

24: CLOEY | i love scool i im in 1 grade i im 7 i im goen to bee 8

25: October 2010 through December 2011

26: We decorated our pumpkins a little differently this year. I got more of the push in faces and the girls went wild with them. I let them pick out whichever face features they wanted. I do have to say, they did an excellent job! Cloey pushed in almost everyone’s faces for them. She did pick out Bella’s for her though. Cloey had us all name our pumpkins. Cloey’s was Rusty, Afton’s is Aleka, Bella’s is ummm we can’t remember, mine is Crazy Dirty (I said Crazy, but Cloey added the dirty for some reason), Dad’s is Trevor and the little one that I did because it was cute is Alex. Cloey and Afton on pumpkins- Here are the girls before all the pumpkins were done. Afton was being very silly this day. I couldn't get any pictures of her without a silly face. Cloey and Afton in costumes- Cinderella and Princess fairy Girls in costumes-Isabella could not stop looking at Afton. She loved Afton and I think it was because of the bright pink on her costume. She smiled at Afton constantly. Afton face painting- We went to the ward party and the Young Women were putting their artistic skills to work with face painting. Afton wanted a ghost. Cloey face painting- Cloey wanted a pumpkin. I thought this was appropriate for Cinderella. Dad and Bella- Little lion fell asleep during the trick or treating. Chili pot- Nathan won the spiciest chili award. Isabella and candy- Here is Isabella's candy pile... Candy Piles- Here are the girl's candy piles. Cloey doesn't have even half of hers unloaded. Notice the dominate color in Afton's pile. Most of them let the kids choose their own candy. Girls in front of door- Since Halloween was on Sunday, we let the girls dress up again, I gave them a bunch of glow stuff, and they answered the door and gave candy to all the trick-or-treaters. Not very many came to our house. WE figured it was because we are close to the highway and one of the last houses. The rest of the neighborhood, I heard, had over 600 kids at their doors! Girls in front of house- Trick-or-treating our house. African violet-This is the African Violet that was given to us in the hospital from a coworker for Isabella's birth. It has been blooming non-stop and it is so pretty! The color here looks blue, but it is really a rich violet color. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

30: Thanksgiving was done with just our family this year. We did a few family traditions like we do every year, with just our family, from both sides. We had the special drink and did candles since we won’t be doing a Christmas dinner at home. Nathan’s family eats by candlelight for Christmas dinner. We had a wonderful turkey that I cooked in a bag and it was good. We didn’t do every tradition we want to have for our family just because our family is still too small to eat it all. We did do a pumpkin pie and Cloey kept asking for it as soon as it came out of the oven. She of course had to wait for a few hours for us to eat dinner and let it sit. Cloey understands more of what holidays really are and how we celebrate them. It is fun to teach her about them and see her get excited about it for next year too. She is really excited to finally be able to put all the Christmas decorations out and see the presents under the tree. We dog-sat again so we had three dogs. All three dogs got a Thanksgiving turkey dinner as well. As Nathan was finishing deboning the turkey, he pulled a bunch of meat off for the dogs. It wasn’t enough to fill their bellies, but it was a lot of meat. I was going to let them digest it for a bit before giving them their dog food, but one of them was a little too eager to get more food. One thing I like about big dogs is they can’t sneak right under your nose. We were sitting in the living room, with the table in plain sight of course, and I hear a little sound that wasn’t supposed to be. I looked to see Lucy on top of our table eating the rest of Cloey’s pumpkin pie! She of course found out very fast that that was NOT acceptable and got put in her kennel for the rest of the night. Ellie and Fern got more food, but Lucy did not. She apparently learned her lesson though for a few days anyway. I never once had to tell her to get her paws off the table for the next two days, then she did it again! We were outside for this one and I walked in on her. Fern learned by watching and didn’t do it at all.

31: You wanted one of the guest dogs to be warm and cozy. | Carving the turkey | Yummy pumpkin pie for dessert | You helped cut out the Jello shapes

32: Christmas Trip 2010 | Before we left on our big trip, We let the girls open their gifts from Gran and Papa Morgan. We knew what they were and they needed it for the trip. They got their own Pillow Pets! Cloey got a ladybug and Afton a bubble bee. They were very excited about them. When we got home, Santa had left Cloey a new bike and Isabella a learning house. Santa came to Cloey's preschool and she wanted a picture with Afton and Isabella. Afton was very scared of him and Cloey had to hold her to keep her on the bench. I was sitting just out of the shot and holding Afton to Cloey to also try and keep her there. Isabella was more interested in Santa's beard than anything. I was told later that that was his favorite part and liked Isabella being so curious.

34: Ogden, UT | We took a long trip for Christmas. We haven’t been to Colorado for Christmas since Cloey was 3 months old. We decided it was time! We left on Dec 21st and went down to Meridian. We stayed with Lisa and Dave, then went to Ogden, UT and stayed at a hotel for Wednesday night. Cloey, Afton and I had fun swimming. I felt bad Dad didn’t get to swim and I had is leave the pool an hour before it closed because I was so tired. The girls weren’t ready to leave. Thursday morning we saw my Grandma, Elda Morgan. She has gone downhill quite a bit since the last time we saw her a few months earlier. She is now on 24 hour oxygen and has her good and bad days. She was having a good day when we were there. We only stayed for about an hour and just that talking made her exhausted. She was very excited to see the girls and hold them and love them. We found out that Isabella is her 55th great grandchild, and Viktor, Staci’s newest, is her 56th. No one knows how much longer she will be here on Earth with us, but I know she feels torn between wanting to stay and wanting to go. She is such a strong and loving person. Our family is lucky to have her! We left Ogden and made the long trip to Colorado. We made it in good time and was able to let the kids get some energy out before going to bed. Colorado didn’t have any snow the entire time we were there. It was fairly warm until the day we left.

36: Friday was Christmas Eve. Chris and Kim came over and I made cookies with Cloey, Afton, Audrey and Blake. It was fun. I let them do everything from start to finish, except the mixer and oven of course. They did a great job. Steph and Brian, Kristi, Katie and Melinda were all at Gran and Papa’s for Christmas. The most fun was in the evening though. We went to see the lights around town and we went to one house that always makes a big deal out of Christmas. It was cool because they actually invited us into their home to see all the inside Christmas decorations. She was a huge Precious Moments fan. Her entire house was full of them! The girls enjoyed the light a lot. After the lights we ate dinner then did the nativity scene. Every year Nathan’s family acts out the nativity on Christmas Eve. This is the first year my family has ever done it. They had fun. Papa was the narrator, Nathan-Joseph, Kristi-Mary, Bella-Baby Jesus, Afton-Donkey (her choice), Gran and I-Shepherds, Cloey-Angel, Brian-observer/inn keeper, Steph, Katie and Melinda-3 wise men. We didn’t have Ellie as a sheep this year. Then we opened up our new pajamas and then Cloey and Afton had fun tracking Santa on the internet. It took Cloey and Afton until around 10:30 to settle down enough to go to sleep and Bella didn’t go to sleep until around 1 am. It was cute because after bella and I got to bed, Afton started talking in her sleep. She sat up and said, “That’s my Baby Jesus!” Then laid back down. It was funny and cute to know she was dreaming about baby Jesus. | Dani, Katie, Melinda, Bri, Kristi, Cloey, Afton, Isabella

38: Kristi, Mom, Isabella, Katie, Melinda, Aunt Steph, Afton, Cloey | Watching Santa

39: Donkey | Shepherds | Angel | Wisemen

40: Christmas morning was fun. Cloey walked around the room until she found her new stocking, which she got to last, and she showed Afton where her stocking was. They got a few little princesses and that is all Afton wanted! I had a really hard time convincing her to open any stocking or Santa gifts. Cloey had fun opening all of hers. Santa printed out pictures of Cloey and Bella’s big gifts that he knew we couldn’t bring home from Gran and Papa’s house. I pointed the picture out to Cloey and she was so excited to see that it was sitting in our living room at home! Bella just had fun trying to eat her picture. We all got a lot of things including a new pot and pan set, a running GPS watch and much more. It was a good Christmas. On mom’s side of the family, we eat Christmas dinner on Christmas. We all get up, open our stocking gifts, then out Santa gifts, then eat breakfast, then open under the tree gifts (which Papa always distributes) and then this year we all went to the movies. Steph and her family started that a few years ago. We went and saw Tangled. Then we had dinner. This year it was the untraditional tacos! Nan and Arron and Chris and Kim came over for dinner.

42: Sunday we went to Church and then hung out all day. Monday December 27th was our 7 year anniversary! We’ve been married 7 years and around the time we were officially married, I found Nathan and gave him a kiss. That afternoon we left the girls with my parents and left to see Tom do a little tumbling gymnastics. It was fun to see him and he was very excited to have me there to watch. After that we went to see Harry Potter! We were very excited to see it. We didn’t have time to go out to eat, but at least we got to go out for our anniversary. It was fun to go on a date like that. Tuesday, Andrea and her kids came over for a few hours. It was fun to talk to her and spend some time with her family. We set up the playhouse tent the girls got from us for Christmas and they had fun playing in it. Papa also played in it with the girls. That afternoon, Nathan and I took the girls ice skating. It was fun after they both got a helper rack they could hold onto and skate by themselves. It didn’t take long before they were both skating by themselves. Afton got her picture taken and Nathan was asked if the picture could be used in the Longmont Ledger. We’ll see if it gets used. It is one my parents would have to buy every weekend in order to see. When we got home we started packing a few things. Gran and I went shopping and I got a few crafts for the girls and I to do throughout the year.

43: Mom and Dad's anniversary | These are weird shoes!

44: Blackfoot Wednesday we left to go to Blackfoot, ID. Nathan’s parents had one day of rest before we got there. They had a few of their kids and their families for Christmas. It is a lot slower pace at their house, so the girls got to play more and Nathan and I got to read some. It was very cold there the few days we stayed. It was 10 or lower. Thursday the girls went out and played a little bit, but couldn’t stay out for too long. Grandpa brought in a big box their rocking chair came in. Nathan did some fancy cutting to make it look cool and the girls wanted to sleep in it that night. Nathan and his Dad went to the Temple. I wanted to go, but I was really worried about Bella. My milk supply had been very low and I knew she’d probably cry the entire time (around 4 -5 hours) so I stayed home. Friday Dallen and Kwani came over and played with the girls for a long time. We found out Bella really likes radio cars that light up. She laughs as them a lot. Dallen and Kwani gave Cloey and Afton a Singa-ma-jig. They are little characters that sing in harmony with each other. We left on Saturday to go home so we had Sunday to rest before school and work began again. We stopped in at Lisa and Dave’s to give the kids a rest from the car and let them play. We are glad that the trip was fairly uneventful in the way of driving and accidents. We traveled in-between storms and for the most part had dry roads. It has taken me over two weeks to get caught up on things here at home. Hopefully I can get fully caught up. Cloey got a paint your own nativity from Gran and she has been wanting to paint it a lot. When she does, I can’t do anything else. She’ll be done with it soon. Ellie was very excited to have us home again.

45: Uncle Dallen was lots of fun! You were always smiling! | Dad said he felt like a baked potato in the beanbag couch. | The cuttings looked really cool on the walls.

46: Happy New year 2011

48: May Camping | We went camping by the Selway River on a fairly warm night/day. It was Bella’s first camping trip! The girls had a lot of fun. There were a lot of Butterflies and Cloey wanted to catch one. I found a mesh bag in the van and fashioned a hoop out of a stick to put the net on. It worked well and within minutes Cloey became an expert butterfly catcher! She had a lot of fun. Afton mostly scared them all away because she would swoop the net around instead of catch. When camp was all set up, we got the fishing poll out and went down to the river. While there, Cloey found a frog and wanted me to catch it. I did and she had a lot of fun holding it and feeling it in her hands. Afton didn’t want anything to do with it after I asked if she wanted to hold it. We had to be careful though, by the water. The rivers were rising fast and there has been a lot of flooding. That night we did S’mores and Afton didn’t want to wear her shoes. Most of the evening she had bare feet and she didn’t get too cold until she started to get tired. Afton was excited to use her sleeping bag for the first time. By the next morning the rocks we were playing on in the river were completely under water and the river looked like it had risen at least 1 feet over night. We didn’t catch any fish because the river was too swift the day before so we knew there was no chance that day either. Cloey found a caterpillar before she went to bed the night before. The next day she found it in the same place by the fire pit. She picked it up and held it for a while and said, “Mom, she likes me! She’s tickling me. Can I take her home?” “No” of course. She wanted to put it in a cup and so she did and got a leaf, Afton helped her. She kept asking and we explained to her that it’s a wild insect and needed to stay there. We asked her if she thought it’d be happier in a jar or in the wild. She said “jar.” We left and when we stopped at a pond Cloey said “where should I put my caterpillar?” Nathan and I looked at each other and said, “What?!” So she snuck it in the van before we left. We got home in the afternoon on Saturday. Cloey said next time we go camping she wants to go for two nights. This caterpillar spun a cacoon that same night. I figured it was ok because we have some of these at our house. We’ll see if it comes out or not. Setting up tent, Cloey and Mom- Cloey wanted to help me set up the tent while Dad found some firewood. Where's Afton? Setting up tent including Afton- There's Afton! Afton helped too, by "spreading" out the rain fly. Isabella in tent- Once the tent was up and we started putting stuff in it, I put Bella in the tent. She thought that was cool! Tent with Ellie-Our tent. That was Ellie's spot when we were in the tent and she was out. She does sleep in the tent with us, at least until our family gets too big. Afton- Afton did not want to put any shoes on, so we let her experience the cold pokey ground on her own. She didn't mind it at all. Mom, Cloey, Isabella- Roastin’ Marshmallows Stream- This is the stream we camped by. The river was on the other side of the road. Cloey- Cloey and stream Snail- When Cloey and I went for a little walk around camp, we found a snail. Cooking- Time for breakfast! Afton wanted to help, but it was just too hot for her to help me. Afton and chips- Finally! Afton caught her chips! Cloey and cup- Cloey "caught" a fuzzy caterpillar Girls and Ellie in pond- On the way home we stopped to try our luck with a man-made fishing hole. This was a small pond made for fishing. It says they jsut stocked it, but I bet the sign was up for a while. We never saw one fish in there. Afton and Cloey found a small sand bar and Afton tried to go in as far as she could. Yes, she still has her shoes on. Ellie and Cloey- Cloey and I walked around the entire pond with Ellie. We had to make our way through tall grass. Her and Ellie enjoyed that part. I let Cloey blaze the trail to see if she could find where we were supposed to go. She did a good job.

49: Butterflies- We had fun camping by a river in May. We saw a lot of butterflies. These blue ones were everywhere and then there were a few orange ones that were bigger. Girls and I holding Frog- Here is the frog Cloey found by the river. Frog-She was very excited to hold it. Afton, not so much! Fishing-Fishing. The river was too fast. We didn't catch anything. Afton with Net- Afton swiped and swiped at the butterflies Afton looking in Net- But every time she looked, there was nothing there. I tried to teach her how to sneak up on the butterflies when they were on the ground, but she wasn't that patient. Ellie- Ellie found a bone. We figured it was from a deer leg probably from a previous camper. She enjoyed it for a little while.

52: Spring Dance Recital | Cloey and Jolynne- During the rehearsal I got a few pictures. It's easier to get the pictures during rehearsal and the video during performance because of lighting. Cloey-Cloey wanted me to take a picture of her because she "is beautiful" in her makeup. Backpack- Afton put Cloey's backpack over her head and said, "Mommy! Take a picture!" She is saying "Cheese" in this picture inside the bag. Cinderella Balloon- The theme this year was Disney. Brittney, her instructor, decorated the stage with princess balloons. Cloey was excited to get a picture with Cinderella. Belle Balloon- Afton was excited to get one with Belle. After the recital Brittney gave the balloons away to the younger girls but she was two to short. So she promised Cloey and one other in Cloey's class that she would order Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty for them. Then Afton chimed in! That girl is not shy with people she knows. She told Brittney she wanted Belle and Brittney said she'd get her one. Cloey in costume Cloey and her Class- Cloey's teacher, Brittney, and her class I know the tall one is Brianna, Cloey, and the one on the end is Jolynne. I can't remember the other two girls names right now. Arial Balloon- This is Maria and Afton. Afton wanted a picture with Ariel but she was too short. Maria was Brittney's helper in class and this year was the oldest. She helped keep Afton entertained sometimes during class. She is excellent with kids. Afton- After the recital was over and Cloey took her costume off, Afton wanted to try it on. She has her pajama top on under it. It basically fits her. She was excited to wear it and she danced very pretty in it. I took a video of Afton dancing and it sure shows Afton humor. While she was spinning around in a circle, she suddenly slowed down a little, moved around the tutu, and then said, “There’s my bum bum! He he!”

54: Graduation from Preschool | The classes- Here is everyone that came to the graduation. Cloey is in pink on the left. Giraffe- At Cloey's preschool graduation, one family had a bounce house. They brought it to help ticket sales. Cloey and Afton stayed in it for a long time! Peppermint Forest- This is the Peppermint forest. The kids played a game to get a peppermint and to go through. Mr. Peppermint- Cloey found the ball on the first try. Gumdrop Mountain- Where there wasn't a real character, there were cardboard ones. Lollipop Forest (Streamers)- They didn't like licorice forest and it wasn't very fun anyway. Peanut brittle was ok, and they got another piece of candy from her. This is the lollipop forest. They were a little nervous to through without me. Cloey Popping balloon- This was the section after the lollipop forest. They had to pop balloons, but Cloey was afraid of it popping. So she actually popped it with her hand so Cloey could get the "kiss from the princess." (chocolate kisses) The King- King Candy. He was supposed to ask the kids questions, but he just shook Cloey's hand and gave each of the girls a candy. Frog- Cloey and Afton played the frog game. Afton got her bags through the middle every time. She got one caught on the frog, then Cloey threw her bean bag and it landed right on top of Afton's. They thought that was funny! Chocolate mug pit- This is the chocolate mud pit. After the girls sat in it, they smelled like chocolate! Each room or area smelled like the candy that went with it. Princess and girls- They loved Tally! It was funny that she ended up being the princess (I wonder if she was trying to get me to do this when she asked if I could be a character. I could have, but Nathan was gone so I had to watch the girls) because she hates pink! The game was a big hit and the kids loved going through it.

56: Samuel's Baptism | This weekend was a hard decision. We were definitely going, but we had a hard time deciding when. In Grangeville, during the July 4th weekend there is a celebration called Boarder Days. This year marked the 100th anniversary of this celebration. On Friday, they had a concert of two big country music stars and then a Fun Run Saturday morning. It was either we missed the concert and the run to go to Meridian on Friday, or we missed all the July 4th stuff. We decided to miss the concert. So we left Friday morning and got to Meridian in time to meet everyone at the Discovery Center in Boise. We met Lisa and the kids and Daniel and Laura there. Bennett had a short attention span, but he liked it. The moment Cloey and Anna got together, there was no separating them! Everyone had fun and we stayed there for a long time. Anna was rushing through as much as she could to get to the shopping center so they could pretend to go shopping. After a little bit, we let the girls go shopping. They played for a while and then we convinced them to keep going and check out the bubbles. When we were waiting to go on, Afton found a robotic head that had a button to control each facial feature. She was very intrigued by the head and enjoyed figuring out how to move the different parts. Afton and Lisa got the bubbles all to themselves when all the others were done. Lisa taught Afton how to put her hand through a bubble. She was able to get it pretty far since she dipped halfway to her elbow in the bubble solution. After the bubbles I lost sight of Cloey and Anna. They were with Nathan for the most part. After found two other things she loved to play with. The first was a button you pushed that shot a metal washer up a string. It was demonstrating polarity and how a magnet can shoot something away from it. She shot it a lot! Then I showed her an air tube and football. She had so much fun trying to catch the blow-up football. Samuel came back and played with her and Peter loved the bubbles and the air tube. We all got back together again to go to the green room. There the kids learned how to disappear and become floating heads. The kids had fun seeing a tornado, the universe, wheels, and how to pull themselves and others up in a chair with a pulley. After the center, we let the kids play at the park across the paddleboat river for a while before heading home. From that time on, Anna was a fourth child in our van. Friday afternoon, John and Jamie got to Lisa’s house. That night we took the girls to the hotel and went swimming. Samuel came too. We were told he might not do well in the water, but he put a lot of faith in the float wings! He did a lot of belly flops and jumps into the deep end of the pool. Anna was a little timid in the water, but did well with her life jacket. Cloey and Afton did awesome! Afton was swimming a lot by herself and didn’t want any help. She kept swimming in and out of the stairs and even went to the deeper end to swim around, but of course stayed close to the edge by the stairs there. We got home late and the girls had a hard time going to sleep. Saturday was a big day. Saturday morning we went back to the park by the discovery center and we all took turns on the paddle boats. Cloey and Anna went with Lisa in a swan boat. Nathan, Afton and I also went in a swan boat. Isabella counted as a person so she couldn’t go. When we were on the boat, we passed Nathan’s parents on the bank. We were one of the last in our group to go. It was hot! Afton had a lot of fun steering the boat as Nathan and I paddled. We stayed at the park to have a picnic lunch and close to the end of lunch Nathan had some excitement. I hear Lisa call my name and she said to get Nathan fast. So I got Nathan and told him to hurry and run to Lisa. He did as I asked and she directed him to a man who he immediately had taken out of his chair and started CPR on. The fire truck came a few minutes later and took over. There wasn’t much Nathan could do with three paramedics there, so he came back. He gave Lisa a handful of gummy bears and a slice of Swiss cheese. Lisa decided he wouldn’t want the bears, so she ate them since they were melting in her hand. The guy was old and was ready to go. He spent his last day at the park with his family. After lunch we all went back to either the hotel or Lisa’s house to get ready for the baptism. The baptism was a Stake baptism and there were 16 kids getting baptized that day. Samuel was close to the end and all went well. He was the only one in their ward to be baptized. His confirmation took place after and was short and sweet. For dinner we went to the Golden Coral. That night we went swimming again at the hotel, but this time Samuel didn’t come. Cloey and Afton were even more comfortable this night. Both of them went into the kiddie pool and took their life jackets off. Cloey showed Anna how she can swim and did a great job. Sunday morning we all just hung around. Nathan and I packed and I helped get kids bathed and ready for church. Church was at 1:00 so it was very late compared to ours. Ours is over by then. We stayed for all of church and had dinner at Lisa’s, then got ready to go home. We got home and I know I didn’t get to bed until around 11:30.

57: Front: Afton, Tyler, Bennett, Jacob, Kaleb Second: Cloey, Anna, Bryson, Samuel, Makenzi, Meaghan Back: Peter, Grandpa, Grandma, Isabella, Joshua, Parker | Our Family | Grandma and Grandpa Winder

60: Oregon Trip 2011

82: First Day of Kindergarten | Cloey is now registered in Kindergarten and passed the screening. She was on the last day and one of the last kids to be tested. Nathan took her and when he came home he told me little bits about it all day. Really all he did was take her, fill out paper work, then they took her to play with them and brought her back after about an hour and talked to him. They told him she was the first one to get all the alphabet letters and their sounds correct. He said she showed the teacher how she could read. Miss Stacy, one of the disability teachers at school, said the Nathan told the teacher to write a sentence. She wrote “I love cats and dogs.” Cloey read it with no problem. Miss Stacy said that the reviewer went back to the Kindergarten teacher and said, “You know that girl Cloey we just saw? Ya she can read!” They were so excited and she said the teacher told everyone about how Cloey can read. I explained to her that Cloey’s been watching the Leap Frog movies since she was three and has known her alphabet and such for a while now. She also understands and knows the difference between vowels and consonants and can read complex words. Cloey’s Cousin, Anna, can read really fast compared to Cloey, but they can read the same words. Anna is five months older.

84: First Friend Party | Cloey, You had your first friend birthday party this year. Well, you had one when you were one, but you don’t remember that. A while before the party, I asked you who you wanted to invite. You named off eight people right away. A week later I got to work on you invites. They were easy to make and everyone really liked them. You handed them out two weeks before the party. I already made sure your top three friends would come so the parents already knew about it. Annika couldn’t come at the last minute because her Dad had work in Utah, so her family went to Utah for the weekend. She’ll be coming over next week to do a ply date and have a “party” with you. I spent about a month getting things ready for your party. I couldn’t find very many smurfy things even though the new Smurf movie came out this month. So I found a bunch of Smurf pictures online and printed them out, copied them onto cardstock paper and colored them. I made a big Smurfette, since she’s your favorite, to play pin the flower on the Smurfette, and a big Papa Smurf for Afton, and a big “Welcome” poster for the front door. I’m not sure if we have any blue and yellow markers left with ink in them. I worked hard on getting your cake ready. I did a vanilla cake with blue food coloring like the smurfs. I baked 30 cupcakes to get only four to make two smurf houses. Your cake was an adventure because the first cake I made wouldn’t come out of the pan and so I had to make another one. Then the modeling chocolate I made gave me lots of troubles. You made one flower to put on the cake. Friday night I made the smurf houses and frosted your cake with buttercream icing. Saturday morning we decorated the house and we finished putting the decorations on your cake. You loved the smurf figures and you helped put the flowers on the cake. Your friends started to arrive around 10:15 and we started the party at 10:30. The first thing we did was played musical chairs. We taped the smurfs I drew and colored onto each chair and I turned on the Smurf movie and played the smurf theme song for everyone to march to. Cheryl (Dr) Malory stayed to help and so we also had Justin and Jessica here too. Justin and Afton weren’t doing very well so they stopped after a little bit of playing.

85: Katelyn Bearden, Afton’s friend and you friend’s little sister, came too. She thought her mom was going to stay and so from the moment her mom left she said, “I don’t like this party, I want to go home.” She didn’t like any of the games and just wanted “Sister Winder.” While doing musical chairs, we didn’t remove any chairs but I had someone pick a paper that had a name of one of the smurfs I drew and a description of who they are. By doing this we introduced the smurfs to your friends who may not have known about them. Cheryl loved the descriptions. I also introduced Gargamel and his cat Azrael. At this point we put blue shirts on all the kids and told them they had to watch out because Gargamel might show up to catch them a few times. Dad played Gargamel when he put on his black trench coat. Then we did pin the flower on Smurfette. We gave prizes to the first, second and third place winners. You won third place! Great job! Then Gargamel showed up! Run! Run! Little smurfs scattered every ware and screamed their little high pitched voices out. They ran around for a while and then half of you ran to your bedroom to hide and then the other half hid in the circle of chairs from the previous game. It was so funny. They kept an eye out for Gargamel after that! When that game was done and all of you calmed down, we made flower headbands for all your friends to take home. They all chose to do them a little different, but all had the same flowers and leaves to work with. Gargamel showed up again and this time the Smurfs were a little smarter and hid a little faster. Cheryl took a great picture of all you smurfs lined up and Gargamel was in the background. The problem is I was putting Bella in the picture and got in the way of Afton and one other. Oh well. It’s done. I was going to take a picture but then you turned around and saw Gargamel and took off running. Dad and I had to protect Bella from getting run over! Next we did cake and ice cream! Everyone, especially Jolynne and her sister, hopefully learned that we don’t have “I wants” in our house. I asked you to show them what we do have. You politely asked is you could have the pink house to eat. I said sure because you asked so nice. After that they both asked urgently but politely if they could have the other house. One of your friends said, “I’m fine with whatever you want to give me.” I told her thank you. Everyone else got flowers on their pieces of cake to eat. Once we were done with that we did gifts. You had fun opening gifts and your friends were very excited to have you open their gifts. You were excited to get a few things you’ve been wanting. Mom and Dad gave you a new scooter since you grew out of your old one we gave you last year for your birthday. We decided since we were going to be in Meridian on your birthday, we’d give it to you now. You were very excited to get it and wanted it open as soon as most of your friends were gone. Macy stayed and played for while so her mom could go out with her best friend who was visiting. Now I need to get started on your family birthday party we’ll have in Meridian next Saturday.

86: The Cake | Before the Party


89: Afton, Katelyn and Annalease Bearden, Sydney Roach, Jolynne and Jessie Malory, Cloey, Isabella, Macey Crosby | So excited for the scooter! | Mom flooded the garage be accident and you had fun playing in the water as it dried out. | Baby Smurf

90: Happy Smurfday Cloey! | Meridian Trip

92: Halloween 2011 | This year our ward had their Halloween party on the Saturday before Halloween. Cloey invited her friend Macy and family, but Macy’s Mom got sick and was very sad she didn’t get to come with her parents and husband. We got ready and the girls were excited to dress up. Cloey was a pink mermaid, Afton was Belle, and Isabella was a cute witch. Afton and Isabella were both already able to dress up for a birthday Halloween party the Wednesday before and were already pros at getting ready. Cloey made a barrette with broken sea shells on it from the beach we went to this summer. She had fun designing it and I helped her glue the pieces on. I took a few pictures before we left and they turned out very cute! Cloey invited her friend, Macy, to the party. Her family was going to come too, but her Mom got sick, so they stayed home but dropped off Macy at the church. Why to go Cloey with being a missionary! The first thing everyone did was a parade of all the kids who had costumes. Then we ate dinner which was a chili cook off. Nathan didn’t do any chili this year because he was sick Friday night and gone Saturday. I don’t think he even really thought about it. There was one person who was disappointed that he didn’t do any chili because he really liked Nathan’s last year. Someone makes homemade mac and cheese for those who don’t like chili. Macy was sitting at the seat that had an orange pumpkin stamp on the paper place mat. That meant she was the table leader and was in charge of telling people when to get in line, who gets to take care of what at the table, and get a treat after everything was cleaned up. She asked Cloey to help her. They did eat some of the mac and cheese, but it was so cheesy that they didn’t eat very much of it. Nathan said they had to eat 10 bites, they counted each bite as they ate it. Let the games begin! After dinner, all the kids got to go around to the different rooms and play games to get candy. The girls all had fun and Macy was very excited about this. We did miss the fishing game though. This year the young Women were in charge of assigning rooms, but they weren’t there when it was time to assign. So they just let all the kids go to the different games on their own. Of course, a lot of them went to the cookie walk room which the primary is always in charge of. Our primary president stayed and did the music and calling out the numbers since Bridget and I both and kids to walk around the church. I’m glad of that because Nathan usually gets distracted and starts talking. He did that so I finished taking the kids around to the games and he joined us right before going out to trunk-or-treat. When the bell rang, all the kids went outside to trunk-or-treat. Macy thought this was really cool! The girls got quite a few candies. Macy’s Mom came to get her not too long after they were done and Macy told her Mom as much as she could really fast. She wished she would have stayed. I told her we do this every year and they are more than welcome to come next year. She did make cookies to contribute to the food. I thought that was very nice of her. Cloey then started counting down, “Only one more day until Halloween!”

93: Halloween was on a Monday this year. We didn’t have dance or piano lessons, so it was a nice day to be free of going to Cottonwood for a week. Cloey’s class did have a Halloween party at school. We made sugar cookies in the shapes of cats, pumpkins and cauldrons. The kids all went for our cookies first to decorate and I wish they could have taken more! We are left with a lot of cookies! Afton had fun joining in the festivities with Cloey and Macy. While Cloey was at school, Afton and I started carving pumpkins. I waited until Cloey got home for hers, but I ended up gutting it anyway. Afton and Isabella would NOT touch the inside of the pumpkin. Afton tried once, but once she found out she had to touch the goo in order to get the seeds, she didn’t want to any more. Cloey did scoop some out of her pumpkin, but hers was loaded! Afton chose to do Hoho the monkey from the tv show Ki lan. Cloey wanted Hello Kitty. For the one I wanted to do, I wanted to try a Smurfette scratched out of the pumpkin. I had just gotten mine started when the first trick-or-treaters arrived at 5:15pm. So I stopped and just put the pumpkin back outside and got the kids ready to go before the big rush. This year was warmer than the last few years, so even though we left early, by the time we got half way around the loop there were a lot of kids! This was the first year we could go trick-or-treating because it wasn’t when the ward party was or on a Sunday. So the kids had a lot of fun going door to door and ringing the bells and saying “trick-or-treat!” Anyway, Cloey got ready fairly fast, but Afton decided at the last minute she didn’t want to be Belle anymore, she wanted to be Arial. She looked around in the dress up stuff and found out I wasn’t lying when I told her we didn’t have another mermaid tail that fit her. She found her costume from last year and said “Mom! I’m going to be Tink! I want to be Tink!” So she is wearing the same costume from last year. Isabella’s costume changed for this night too. I knew it’d be too cold for her and the witch costume didn’t leave very much room for layering, and when she walks, she walks with her hands up still. I found a green sweats set and started getting to work tying yarn all over it and I made her a cactus! It was so cute! Trick-or-treating time! I took the girls around the loop by our house and they had a blast! They took turns ringing the bell and the both said “trick-or-treat” every time. Bella got a few snacks too. They did run from house to house when they could and whenever they saw a light on they made sure we went to it! They wanted to go the long way around, but it was getting cold for Bella so I told them they could go with Dad or me when he got home. By the time we were half way around the loop, the neighborhood was packed with kids and parents. We got home around the middle of the rush and it was fun for the kids to hand out candy. They did go with Nathan for a little while down the road a bit. They were getting cold though, so they came home. Afton was funny because she was setting up a tea party in Cloey’s room and when the doorbell rang, Cloey said “Afton we need to hand out candy!” Afton came out of her room and scolded the trick-or-treaters for interrupting setting up her tea party! It was funny because the boys had no idea what she was talking about, but she still gave them candy and that’s all they cared about. Then the next people were ones we knew from church. She asked if they’d come to their tea party when they were done. It was great. I explained to her she didn’t have to hand out candy if she was busy, but she decided it was more fun than a tea party anyway. It’s fun to see them remembering what it was like last year and knowing what they want to do the next year.

98: Thanksgiving 2011 | This years Thanksgiving was at our house and all of Nathan family came except, Dallen and Kwani, who had a lot of schoolwork to do, John and Jamie with their kids and Angela since she is on her mission. Nathan and I spent a while getting the house ready and I am newly pregnant with our fourth. I didn’t feel exhausted until after Thanksgiving dinner was served. We did use the excuse of family coming to get a carpet cleaner so we could clean our carpets. They looked nice. We had Sharla and Jeff with their three boys and a friend stay with us, Lisa and Dave had a camper trailer they stayed in, and Mom and Dad Winder stayed at the hotel. Daniel and Laura drove down in the morning. We had a 23 lb turkey and a lot of leftovers. I made appetizers which included a cheese ball, Mexican layer dip, and cheese and crackers. I would have made olive and cheese sticks but there was enough on the table for now. The boys and two older nephews all went shooting and from what I hear had a great time. Nathan didn’t make it back in time to carve the turkey, so Lisa did it instead. She said she should have let me do it, but I told her it was fine. We let the kids decorate their own table cloth with pictures of what they were thankful for and we had a thankful tree. It was a branch that I set up like a tree, cut leaves out of paper and had everyone write what they were thankful for on them. We are planning on sending them all to Angela. I was wondering how Nathan was going to tell his family I was pregnant, but he wrote on a leaf “I am thankful for my 3.2 children” and waited for people to see it. Daniel was the first to see it and looked at me and read it and asked if it was what he thought it was. Colleen was not slow in understanding when she heard what Nathan wrote. So everyone who was there found out fast after that. Now they know why I stopped caring about the way the house looked. It was not as clean as I would have wanted, but the floors were clean, and that’s what I cared about. Dinner was fun and very filling. We had a lot of help getting things together and then cleaned up. I feel like I didn’t do very much but everyone was already surprised and how much I had already done being pregnant so I didn’t worry as much. Friday was a lazy day. Colleen and George went up to Pullman to be with Daniel and Laura before their newest baby, Madelyn, was blessed and we had a campfire picnic on a very windy day. Nathan had to work. Saturday morning we invited Lisa and her family to join us for a big breakfast of bacon and pancakes and then got ready to go to the blessing in Pullman. The blessing was very nice and sweet and Bella did not like it when Dave gave her up to go stand in the circle. We had a nice lunch after at the church and then Dave and Lisa offered to take all the kids back to our house so Nathan and I could go shop for a new tv and a few Christmas gifts. It was very nice of them and it was extra nice to have the time to spend together without the kids. It’s not often, or ever, Nathan and I get to go shopping together on our own. Saturday is when everyone dispersed to go home. The rest of the day and on Sunday Bella was attached to Dad and we bet it was because she missed Dave. She was not happy he left and didn’t come back in. Lisa said she’s the first baby besides their own he has ever really held. While everyone was here, I was reading the first book to The Hunger Games trilogy. Lisa and Jeff both got really into it and Jeff stayed up Friday night to read the entire book and said he’d get the other two from the library. Lisa didn’t finish it but we lent her our copy so that she could finish it and she borrowed the other two from friends and finished the trilogy in a few days. I finished reading them in about a week. It was fun to have everyone here for Thanksgiving and it went well, especially for a first time host for Thanksgiving. Now it is time to get things back together for Christmas and my first ever piano recital for my students. Denise Winder

100: Winter Dance Recital December 2011 | Cloey and Afton had their dance recital the beginning of December. They did a great job. Cloey was an angel and Afton a peppermint girl. I felt bad for Afton and also laughed a little because Cloey’s first year with Brittney she got ran into and fell, this year for Afton’s first recital her friend ran into her face to face and I think Afton got a little embarrassed. She stayed on the stage until the curtains started to close, and then walked off as fast as she could. She did still do the closing song though and enjoyed it. She was very excited that Cloey was going to be on stage with her for two of the three songs. Cloey was very excited to be dressed as an angel complete with halo and wings. Since I usually taught a piano lesson during her time I didn’t really get to see her do her dances. I didn’t realize that her group actually had two songs they did plus the opening and closing songs. Everyone loved the costumes this year and they all did great! Cloey was also on the front page of the newspaper in the background. You can see Afton’s ponytail in the bottom corner of it and Nathan didn’t even notice it until he was reading and I saw the front page an said, “Hey, it’s Cloey!” He laughed and said it sure is.

102: Christmas Trip 2011

104: Great Grandma Morgan | Our first stop along our road trip was Utah. We left after Sacrament meeting on Sunday and drove to Ogden, UT to my Uncle Don’s house. It took us around 10 hours to get there. Isabella cried for about 1 hours when we got to Utah. We were very happy to get her out of the van thought she wanted to stay awake since she had a short 30 minute nap before we got there. It was fun talking to Uncle Don and Aunt Terri. We need to make sure we go there on a Friday sometime so we can see them more than just right before bed. I feel bad we always come when they have to work the next day. They love kids and had fun with the girls for a little before bed. Monday morning we packed back up and headed out to see my Grandma, Elda Morgan. She is now living in assisted living and loving it. She was very cute because halfway through talking to us she said “Oh, I forgot to give you the tour of my home. Here’s my bedroom (pointing to the bed in the corner), here’s my living room (motioning to the area we were sitting at the foot of her bed), here is the kitchen (pointing to around the corner), and my bathroom is around the corner where you can’t see. It’s huge! I’ve never seem such a big bathroom before.” At first Cloey, Afton and Bella were a little nervous to talk to her. Cloey has been excited to see her for a while, but for some reason decided to be shy when she was there. She took each child and talked to them and I took a video of each one. She told a few stories and had an enjoyable time. Usually we’ve been told we could only stay for 15 minutes or so before she gets tired, but we stayed for an hour and 45 minutes before she kicked us out so she could go eat lunch.

106: Colorado | Then we headed to Colorado. We got there around 10:30 or 11pm and the girls stayed awake until around midnight playing and running energy off. Isabella stayed up for another half hour before I couldn’t stay away and took her upstairs. Tuesday was a day to relax before it got busy again, sort of. We didn’t get to sleep in very much because the kids were up and ready to go by 7am. Papa helped get them breakfast and started playing with them for a while. When it was Bella’s nap time, Papa took her and got her to sleep, but as soon as he layed her on the bed, she woke up and wanted him back. So he ended up taking a nap with her in the living room. After lunch, we left to go see my best friend Valarie. She just had her first baby two weeks before and we were excited to see each other. Cloey brought her piano books so she could show Gran how she can play the piano. I think she was a little nervous. In the evening, Nan, my sister, and her kids came over for a little while. Nan took Bella so we could finish dinner and played with her. Apparently, she didn’t like Savanna very much. Anytime Savanna would look at her and start talking to her, Bella would give her a disgusted look and cry or turn away. Eventually by the end of the night, she let Savanna hold her, but not very happily. No one knows why she didn’t like Savy on the first day. The kids built blocks out of the foam squares on Gran’s floor and Cloey and Afton had a lot of fun playing Pop Goes the Weasle in them. Cloey actually took Gran and Papa’s musical tree and bear into the cube and sang “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” with them until the song was over. Then she popped out of the box and said “Pop goes the weasel.”

108: Wednesday Andrea, my other sister, came over in the morning. All the kids had a blast making tunnels out of Gran and Papa’s big foam squares. Later that day our family left to go see the Denver Zoo Lights. We left a little early so we could go find the gun shop Nathan and I see on the tv all the time. We love that show and the shop was located in Wheat Ridge, CO and is called Gun Smoke. Nathan was very excited and we did see everyone who is on the show. Nathan got some good advice and price ranges on rifles and good ideas for hand guns he can carry while in the woods. We didn’t get any pictures of him with anyone and now I wish we would have. I don’t know when we’ll ever go back and it looked like he wanted to. I did get pictures of him in front of the shop though with the girls. By the time we got to the zoo, it started to snow. There was a blizzard coming into Denver starting at 5pm and it started right at 5pm. It was very cold and snowed a lot. At he zoo, they decorate with a bunch of lights shaped like animals and some move. Santa is there and we didn’t go see him. We wish we would have because that’s where all the reindeer were as well which we couldn’t find. My Mom told us when we got home that that’s where they were. Cloey was very excited to see them and that’s one reason she was excited to go in the first place. I felt bad, but maybe we can go another year or go in the summer and see them. Cloey and Dad rode the train around and Cloey was sad she was on the outside because all the lights were on the inside of the circle the train made. The girls were freezing so we left to find inside animals. The first one we came across was the hippo. I wanted to get everyone hot chocolate, but we didn’t. I wish we would have because it’s part of the experience. After that we left to find the giraffes. We found them and the girls got to see real ones for the first time! When Afton walked into the building she was looking for an animal about the size of a horse, but then I saw her do one of those spotting the legs and then slowly looks up the body to find the head. I think she was shocked to see how big they are. The first one she saw was a baby who was not so little anymore. It was fun to see their reaction to them. We spent a lot of time in that building warming up and watching the giraffes. Then we left to go back to Gran and Papa’s. It was a slow drive home because of the blizzard, but we made it.

110: Butterfly | Friday Gran and Papa picked up Melinda and Steph from Denver. Melinda eventually joined them and read to the girls. We then went to the Butterfly Pavilion and took Gran and Papa with us. Cloey was very excited to see butterflies, especially in the winter, but we first went into the bugs exhibit. At first the girls only wanted the butterflies, but they found out the bugs were cool, and gross too. There is a tarantula there they call Rosie and you are able to hold it with the handler’s help of course. Gran held her first as she’s done it many times before, then Nathan, then Cloey held her! I was amazed that Cloey did so well holding her. Afton is terrified of spiders so she didn’t want to get near her, but she did want a sticker. She couldn’t get one unless she held Rosie though. Then we went in to see the butterflies. The place has changed a lot since the last time I was there. Papa had never been there before. First we stopped to see the emerging butterlies just coming out of cocoons. Then we walked through the “rainforest.” There were a lot of people walking around so the butterflies stayed high or kept moving. Cloey really wanted one to land on her, so she would pick various places close to butterflies and sit very still for a long time. Sometimes Afton would sit with her. Cloey would always wear a very serious expression on her face each time and was always disappointed when none would come to her. Aunt Nan had me tell her that she’s been there m any times and still has never had one land on her. Cloey did have a good chance a few times, but then there were too many people walking by or taking pictures of a different butterfly and distracting or moving the bush of the one Cloey was waiting to land on her. I’m sure we’ll go again sometime. We stayed in the butterflies for a while, then moved to the next room where there were interactive things. There was a true/false maze where you answer questions and go either down the true or false path. The questions were always about butterflies and in some of the rooms you could climb on a spider web or try to fill cocoon orders. There was a bean bag toss and at the end a zip line you could pretend to fly on. The girls had a lot of fun and enjoyed being with Gran and Papa. When we got back, Steph and Savanna were practicing their violins for Sam’s baptism on Saturday. When they were all done Steph helped Cloey play her violin and Cloey liked it, but was really shy. The girls all loved Melinda and made her sit and read books with them.

112: Saturday in the morning, Gran got out her sled and our family went sledding on the same hill I always went to when I was a kid. It’s a steep hill and very fun to go down, but when your small it’s sometimes hard to climb back up it. Cloey and Afton enjoyed it a lot and Nathan went down with them, of course. After we got back, it was time to get ready to go to Sam’s baptism. Sam was very cute and definitely a boy! He had to be reminded a lot to behave during pictures. Steph kept Isabella entertained with her phone by letting her play games on it. Bella loved her phone and always asked for it when she saw Steph. This night was also Christmas Eve. Just like last year, all the kids got new pajamas. Cloey tracked Santa on the internet again and every time he landed she would yell for Me to “come here and see!” She was very excited but wanted to see him come to Colorado, but it was her bedtime so he could come. Cloey and Afton reluctantly went to bed so Santa could come. In school, Cloey wrote a letter to Santa asking him how he and the reindeer were doing and hoping the elves were well. Santa wrote her back and she was very excited to see it Sunday.

114: Christmas | Christmas day is here! This year Christmas landed on a Sunday. We let the girls open a stocking gift before church and there were already a few things out for them to see such as a calendar and smurfs. Cloey and Afton were excited for the Smurfs. We did need to get ready for church though and we went to Sacrament meeting since that is all church holds on Christmas day. Cloey was very tired all day, but kept going. When we got home, we all changed and got ready to open gifts from Santa. Bella fell asleep in Steph’s lap and so she held her the entire time. Cloey got a big interactive globe from Santa that even Dad was really excited about. Afton’s big gift was a marble works set. Bella’s favorite, when she woke up to open her gifts, was a new baby doll just like her sisters dolls. Nathan got a P90X workout video like he wanted and I got an ice cream set like I had when I was a little girl. For the family under the tree gift, we gave our family a Wii Mario Kart game, which was well used before we even left Gran’s house, and Cloey made us a family calendar. She did a great job drawing pictures for each month. Later that day Andrea came over with her kids and so did Nan and Arron. We had Nan’s family this year and we gave them a nice tube to use in snow or water. The girls had fun watching it blow up as Dad used an air compressor to fill it up. We thought it’d be fun to blow it up and see how they were going to get it home. They didn’t have any problems, but they were really excited. Steph and Brian left on Sunday to go back home and when it was time for them to go, Isabella showed everyone how well she can give hugs. She made her rounds to anyone and everyone who would give her a hug. IT was very cute. Gran said the Bella loves to be the center of attention!

116: Very early Monday morning brought on the reason why Cloey was so tired over Christmas day, she had a tummy bug. I was up with her half the night making sure she didn’t have to throw up again. This morning my Mom and I were going to go shopping with Cloey to get her some new pants and me some new clothes, but since she was sick, she couldn’t go. She cried a lot when I told her I was till leaving, but Dad was there to take care of her. All she wanted was Mom. When I called later that day to see how things were going, Nathan and Cloey were playing the Wii. She had her good times and bad times and didn’t eat a lot, of course. Bella and Afton had fun shopping with Mom and Gran though. Later that evening, Nan came over again with Arron and we got a picture with their family. We found out that for some reason, Bella did not like Savanna at all. She would give Savanna dirty looks and didn’t like her to touch her. It was funny to watch, but Savanna felt really bad. By the end of their stay, Bella did let Savy hold her once, though she wasn’t happy about it. Tuesday was fun. Happy Anniversary to Nathan and I! We were married 8 years ago this day on the 27th of December. We went to the Olive Garden for dinner and it was really good! Gran ended up taking Cloey back to the store because the pants we got her were all just a little too big. Cloey was feeling a little better, but still really tired. I was glad since we were getting ready to travel the next day to Blackfoot, ID.

118: Colorado After Christmas

120: Wednesday we left to go to Blackfoot. Cloey started feeling really sick again and didn’t eat anything all day. It was bad luck to have to travel in the back of a van 9 hours. I have a hard time going across town when sick. We got to Blackfoot and Cloey went right to bed. Thursday John and Jamie came and Afton had a fun time with the twins. Cloey was still sick, but Jamie didn’t mind her at least being with the girls for a little bit when she was feeling up to it. Bella loved the scoot tractor at Grandma and Grandpa Winder’s house. By Friday, Cloey started feeling a lot better. She ate more food and was ready to play. We went up and saw my brother Ken in Idaho Falls. No one else was there because of various things Saturday we left for home and didn’t stop at Lisa’s house since Cloey had been sick.

122: 2012

124: The Baby is... | Nathan dropped off Afton and Isabella at a friend’s house and I took Cloey after school to the ultrasound. She has been very excited to go since I made the appointment three week ago. Cloey was able to figure out what the head was and the body and after Nathan got there she kept an ongoing “Oooo” and “gasp!” She enjoyed it and was even more excited to see pictures begin printed out to take home. She liked seeing the baby move. The baby was very active with her facial expressions during the ultrasound and it was fun to see her stick her tongue out, smile and "talk". Cloey came with us and she loved seeing the baby and thought it was funny when she moved her mouth a lot. It took a long time to get her gender because she is sitting in my pelvis and it took a lot of work to get her to move enough out of my pelvis to see. We almost had to give up and have me go in for a gender check whenever I could to see if we could find out. Cloey is very excited and so far has been right with each pregnancy as to what the baby is. Nathan said he's fine with it and he wouldn't know what to do with a boy. We are happy and are now already getting teased that we have to have more so we can have a boy. The tech didn't say anything about my due date so it must still be about July 15th. Enjoy!

126: We left on Monday the 16th after Cloey got done with school and headed to Meridian to stay overnight with Lisa and her family. Tuesday we packed up and went shopping for emergency things. That took a little bit. Then we went to Toys-r-Us so I could try to find giraffe and monkey figures for Afton’s cake. I found two giraffe figures but no monkey ones and then Cloey wanted to get a gift for Afton’s birthday. So we spent a long time in there for her to decide. She knew she wanted to get a stuffed animal for Afton. She found a bunch she liked and did the eainy meany miny mo rhyme to pick. She landed on Papa Smurf in the end. This is a big Papa too. I told her if she gets him then we’d have to get rid of a different big stuffed animal so he had a place. She agreed and we got him. Then we left to go to Ogden, UT. We got in around 7:30 their time and went over to see my Dad and his brother, Uncle Rex, and his wife, Karen at Grandma’s house. After the girls ate, they went in and played with some wooden dolls that you can dress with felt that I used to play with. They had a lot of fun. Uncle Rex eventually joined them and I left Nathan and my Dad to get a few pictures. Grandma has a glass table in the sitting room with a nice porcelain tea set on it. Bella lightly touched it and Uncle Rex said, “Uh uh” and scared Bella. It took her a while and she stuck out her bottom lip and started to cry. Nothing I did would help her calm down and she never really looked at Uncle Rex again. She finally calmed down when I gave her to Papa and he found a baby doll for her in the basement and she fell asleep. After we cleaned up and were ready we went back to the hotel to sleep.

128: Salt Lake City, UT | We left in the morning to go to Salt Lake City and show the girls around Temple Square and go to the new City Center mall. We had fun doing this. It started raining in the morning when we got to the mall, so we decided to stay there until the rain let up. We parked under the mall so it wasn’t hard to get back to the car if needed. This mall is an indoor/outdoor mall and there is a stream the ran through the middle of one side of the mall. This mall extends over two blocks with a bridge that connects the two sides together. In the stream they had trout and along the sides there were footprints of different animals you could follow and see what they are. The girls had a lot of fun following the tracks. We went to the Disney store and the girls loved it. There was a mirror that if you swiped the tag of a product from one of the princesses, a video about that princess would play through the mirror. They played every princess they could. Afton found a stuffed Belle doll that she fell in love with. Nathan and I got it for her for her birthday since she’s been asking for another Belle doll. We had to get it before we left to go back to Ogden so she didn’t know though. We went through another store or two and then ate lunch before checking on the rain. Of course the girls had to have McDonnalds so they could get the squinky toys. We then walked to Temple Square. We walked around the temple and Dad taught them about the symbols around the temple such as the circle being one eternal round. Then Afton had to go potty, so we went into the South Visitor center. They had new things that Nathan and I had never seen before. The most exciting was the entire interactive screens and display of the inside of the Salk Lake Temple. There is a big model of the temple and two of the sides were cut away to reveal where the rooms are and they even showed miniature pictures of the paintings that are in the temple. It is very cool. The interactive display tells you about the different rooms, the history and such and you are able to turn the picture around to see the entire room. It is cool to see that people can see what the temple looks like inside, but also be able to keep the sacred part, well, sacred. Of course it does not say what takes place in the rooms and that is how it is kept sacred, but you can definitely feel the spirit that takes place in the temple. Cloey really liked the model and told me that she thought it would look better if there were little people inside. I smiled and said that it might distract people from the beauty and spirit of the rooms. We finished the building and then showed them the tabernacle and assembly hall, and then went to the North Visitor center. I was in quite a bit of pain by now and needed to sit for a while. So Nathan took the girls around while I sat down. When they got farther ahead of me I would move to the next area with them. When Afton saw the big globe spinning and all the Book of Mormons around the globe, she said, “Mom, I really want a book like this for my birthday. I want a Book of Mormon.” So I said, “Sure, we’ll go to Deseret Book after this and get you your own.” I was planning on doing that for her birthday anyway, so it worked out well. We went back to the mall and she got her own set of scriptures with a green tote to carry them in that she picked out, and Cloey got two chapter books. Cloey also got a new scripture tote that is pink and brown and it says “Choose the Right” on it. I wouldn’t have gotten it for her since her other one is only a few years old and still doing very well, but she said, “Mom, I really really like this one and I should have it because I really like to choose the right.” She may have said it a little differently, but she did say it was because she likes to choose the right and she always wants to choose the right. So I got it for her. She is very excited about it. We then went to the Disney store again like we promised we would and let the girls pick out a cheep toy to remember the trip by. We got back to Ogden in time for dinner and went back to the hotel to eat. I was done for the day and couldn’t do much.

132: Dinosaur Park Ogden, UT | By Cloey Winder We went for a walk and saw lots of dinosaur and even baby dinosaurs. Then we found a park and we had fun at the park. There was a thing we could go up and it had two different sides to slide down. They had dinosaurs that you could play on and a dinosaur skull you could look in the holes and go out the eye parts. There were two different parks and one had a turtle and I tried to climb on it, but I sat on the head. There was another dinosaur slide that had two bumps and then you go off. There were also a (Flinstones) house you could go in and they had a dinosaur. This was our favorite part. The people were just statues that stuck on the wall. They had a picture for heads and that was fun. We each took turns with our heads. At the “world’s most dangerous creatures” sign, Dad told us to go around and told us that “you are the world’s most dangerous creatures.” While we walked there were other dinosaurs and there’s a water one with babies. Then there was a sitting place and we sat by a big dinosaur. We walked to a building and we saw some robots and they were dinosaurs. You could know they were robots because there was babies and you could hear the babies. There was a triceratops Mom and two babies. One was hiding behind a tree, one was by the momma. She was trying to fight the king dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I liked it, but Dad was trying to get me to stand by the big dinosaurs. I was scared. (Dad said none of them liked it when they moved.) Dad said to “lets go here because it’s safer” by the baby. There was a sandbox and there were bones stuck to the bottom and we digged in it to find the bones and I found lots of bones. It was fun. I was saying “can somebody please help me?” because I wanted somebody to help me dig up the dinosaur bones. We found this dinosaur and we didn’t know what it is and I took a picture of Dad and I sabella with him. We don’t know what it was. We saw a dinosaur fossil and Dad and Afton were being the big dinosaur that we saw. I took pictures of signs so you (Mom) could read. Dad was being a big dinosaur. We saw a nest of dinosaur eggs. We saw small dinosaurs that showed what baby dinosaurs looked like. Then there were a bunch of bones with words on them to tell you what they were. Then we saw things that were found in the sea. I liked the dinosaur park and I think Afton and Bella had lots of fun with Dad.

134: Ogden, UT | Thursday morning we were going to take the girls swimming, but the pool was closed for cleaning, so we couldn’t. We were told it would open again at noon, so I told Nathan it would be a good time to practice my flute if I could at Grandma’s house. So he took the girls to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden while I practiced. My dad was still trying to figure out what he was going to say, and Rex and Karen were just doing their own thing upstairs. At around 1:00, Rex and Karen’s kids were all coming over to eat lunch, so Nathan and I joined them. It has been a long time since I’ve seen any of my cousins and it was fun to see them. Crystal is the cousin I know the best because she is my age and we played a lot together. Right now she is living in India for two years while her husband trains workers there. She was happy to have cows milk to drink and since cows are sacred there they went out to s steakhouse for dinner on Friday night just so she could eat steak. During lunch she told us all about India and how they still have classes and they can’t marry within the classes and we wondered how the church worked with that. She said at church you can’t tell which class people are from very easily but they are not to marry someone from a different class group. It was very interesting. We went back to the hotel with about two hours before the viewing and Nathan tried to take the girls swimming again while I stayed with a sleeping Isabella, but they were adding the chemicals into the pool, so we had to try again later that night. We got ready and went to the viewing. Crystal told me a few stories I didn’t know about my Grandma. She said the Grandma used to work at a hospital at night as a nurse while she was raising kids too. Her family asked when she slept and she said that she’d catch a few hours in an empty bed before going home. She said she could not sleep more than about four hours a night and she’d get up before all her kids did to clean the house and get the canning done before they woke up. I always wondered how she was always going for walks so early in the morning while I was growing up. We went swimming after the viewing with Andrea and her kids. It was nice to get into the pool because it took all the weight of the baby off my body. Dani and Bri did very well in the water since they don’t really like it. Afton had a blast with Robbie! They were swimming in the deep water together. We left the pool when a few older kids started going into the pool and it was time to get to bed for the busy day on Friday. The girls took a quick bath and then went to bed.

136: Great Grandma Morgan's Funeral | Friday was a busy day. I got up and got ready early since I needed to leave before Nathan and the girls did. My Dad and Mom took me and picked up Staci and Geneva, which was the first time we’ve seen each other in a long time. Geneva didn’t remember me at all. We met Nan at the church, which she drove all night to get there and didn’t sleep at all, and we started figuring out where to put the stands and started practicing “Oh That I Were and Angel.” Angie came a little bit later and she played the piano while the three of us played flute for this song. Then it was Rex’s families turn to practice and so we went to a different room to figure out “How Great Thou Art.” This song was interesting because we had at least one of us at a time playing the piano part and two or three of us playing the melody parts. Once we sort of figured it out, it sounded good. The beginning was the work part and the ending was the best sounding, but we were to play it while everyone was leaving, so we wished the beginning was better. Mom said it sounded really good though and it was pretty. We went to the final viewing and Aunt Margene covered her face with the veil and they closed the casket, then Uncle Rex said the family prayer. We all walked into the chapel for the service to begin. Margene and Dad were the first two to talk and I enjoyed listening to the different stories. My Dad said she was such a proper woman that she wouldn’t of liked them to talk about her this way, but they did. He told a story that Nathan really liked about a group of women who got together every week to play cards. O ne friend turned to another and said, “I hope you won’t get mad at me, but I’ve forgotten your name.” The friend looks offended and sat there glaring and the other for a while then asked, “How soon do you need to know?” Grandma had a lot of friends and they did get together to play cards a lot. Sometimes the Bishop would invite himself to these girlfriend parties to make sure they weren’t doing anything illegal. She always remembered their faces, but not always their names. He said that one time while my Mom and he were at her house before she went to the Ameritis Inn, they were saying family prayer she stopped talking and Mom and Dad sat there for a time and they were starting to get a little worried when she looked up at Dad and said, “I just can’t remember what I was goin to say. Would you finish the prayer for me?” He finished it and related it to the story of not remembering names or words, but recognizing the faces of her friends. Then Staci, Nan, Angie and I got up and did the first song, then there were a few other talks, then the closing song. When he announced that the pole bearers were to come up he asked that everyone stay in the chapel until we were all through playing our song, then the casket would be taken out. Nan, Angie, Staci and I were all like, “what?” We were not expecting that. I did ask Crystal if she or someone could come up and turn a page for Angie and I and she realized after she said she would that she wouldn’t be able to see the casket get put into the hearse. I told her we didn’t get to see it at Grandpa’s either because we were doing the same thing, playing while everyone was leaving. So I think that conversation had something to do with it. We didn’t get to see it anyway because before the first row of family was even outside to see it the casket was already in the hearse. We did well though and except for a few mistakes it sounded good. We all ate at the church, lunch was provided by the relief society sisters and we got a family picture taken. We had all the brothers and sisters there along with all the kids. We haven’t been all together since the family reunion in 2008 after Afton was born. Then we left to Logan, UT where Grandma was buried. It was a hot day and not much shade in the cemetery. She was buried on top of Grandpa’s casket. She lived 11 years after Grandpa passed away. She was 93 years old and as beautiful as can be. After the internment, Nathan said he wanted to find the place where they sold shelf stable milk that was flavored like Root Beer. I told my family and there were a few others who also wanted to go. We went to Gossners Creamery and got a bunch of different flavored milk and got a bag of fresh cheese curds. I definitely like their more than the Tilimook curds we got from their factory. So I got my cheese curds fix and Nathan got the milk he wanted. Then we all met back in Ogden to go to dinner at Chile’s. On the way Angela called and talked to us. She was still a missionary. She told me she couldn’t wait for a “Denise hug.” After dinner we all went our separate ways. I found out later and instead of going back to the hotel to sleep for a little bit, Nan decided to drive home instead. My Mom said Nan told her she would never do anything like that again. She said that her kids were poking her to stay awake. We drove to Blackfoot, ID to Nathan’s parent’s house. Nathan had Angela awake and so we said hello and welcome home to her before letting her go back to bed.

140: Angela's Homecoming Blackfoot, ID | Saturday was a fun day. Angela got released in the morning and then spent some time alone before taking off her name tag and dressing out of her mission clothes. She showed us pictures of her mission and told us about each one and a few of the areas she was in. Later that day we all went swimming. She was asked what she wanted to do when she got home and she said to go swimming with all her nieces and nephews. Actually, I never really talked to her because she was always by the diving board on the other side of the pool with the family she won’t see this week. The girls had fun swimming with Anna and Tyler for a while. On the way back from the pool, Nathan happened to follow Dallen and he was telling me about a place with really good Root Beer flavored ice cream and then he saw Dallen turn into a parking lot and said, “And there it is now! Do you want to stop?” So he ran in and got a cone for Afton and Bella to share and a cone for me and one for him. It was good. Cloey went back in Anna’s car. After the pool, Grandpa got out the four-wheeler, the lawn tractor and the big tractor. Everyone took turns and Cloey rode the four-wheeler twice with Anna and once with Bella and Anna. Dave drove for the last two. Cloey also rode in the tractor with Grandpa twice. On the first round she was driving it into the driveway. She had a lot of fun with that. Grandpa’s shop is really nice with a place to park all three machines, a place for the wood shop and a loft to store things in. All the kids had fun playing together while the adults had fun talking. Sunday came and in the morning we let the kids play for a while and then got ready for church. We took all the kids and Angela outside to get a few pictures of Angela with them like we did when she left for her mission. The only two missing were Bennett and Madelyn since Daniel and Laura could not make it. We only stayed for Sacrament Meeting and then we all went back to eat lunch. Nathan and I left and we had Anna with us to go to Meridian. Monday it was time to go home. We did stop at a few stores while in the Boise area still before we left. Nathan went to REI to be fitted for a hiking backpack and I took the girls to the mall during that time to keep them out of trouble. We went to Build-a-bear to get a new sound for Cloey’s bear and she saw something she really wanted to get Afton for her birthday. I told her if she did it, then we’d have to take the big Papa smurf back to Toys-r-us. She was fine with that. So after we ate lunch and got Dad, he kept Afton and Bella while Cloey and I went back to Build-a-bear. She was so excited to make Afton a stuffed monkey! She really wanted to get Afton a stuffed animal for her birthday, so what better than to make it? If I would have thought ahead of time, I would have said to just get the monkey and she could dress the monkey in the pajamas that Afton got earlier, but there are pros and cons to that too. Cloey took great care to stuff the monkey, fluff and clean it’s fur, and then pick out the cutest outfit she could. She tried on four different outfits on that monkey and finally decided on a Smurfette legging outfit that had a lot of yellow and green and got a cupcake t-shirt that smelled like vanilla to put under the Smurfette jacket. Then she got pink shoes and out three free bows on the monkey; one on each ear and one on the tail. Afton really wanted a happy birthday cupcake when she was in the store earlier and so Cloey really wanted to get it for her, but the money was starting to pile high and I already spent more than what the big Papa Smurf cost. So I told her we’d see what the total was at checkout before getting the cupcake or the roller skates. She created the birth certificate and named the monkey “Sunshine” for Afton. She put the monkey’s birthday as Afton’s, May 1st, and it said the monkey was made for Afton and created by Cloey. It is very cute and Cloey can’t wait to give it to her. It’ll go with the giraffe and monkey cake she wants for her birthday. That’s all she told everyone in Blackfoot that she just wanted a giraffe and monkey cake. On the way home we stopped for a break at a gas station and pulled right in next to my visiting teacher. She was on her way out because her grandbaby was going to be born the following morning and we were on our way in. She even said she called me last week but then remembered I was going to be gone that weekend. So we talked for a few minutes while her ?? finished eating and I was able to stand for a while. Then we drove the rest of the way home. It was a very eventful trip and both emotionally exhausting and joyful. My emotions and body were spent, but Monday night I felt better than I had after traveling all the other days. The funny thing is, our car mats and seat covers came the day after we got back, on Tuesday. Go figure, right? Oh well, at least we’ll have them for the next big trip. We’ll be seeing Colleen and Angela this week as they travel to Boise, then here, then to Pulman to see the three families in Idaho.

142: Mother's Day May 2012

143: Mother’s Day was fun. Cloey wanted to go for a walk, but Nathan knew better for me and said he’d rather I drove. He left with Cloey and Bella, and Afton and I drove a little later. When we caught up to them, Cloey decided to jump into the Suburban instead. After church Cloey was very excited for me to find my gifts. She had already hidden them the night before. There were even a few things that Dad didn’t know about. The gift from Dad hadn’t come yet, so they printed out a picture and all the information to hide. I wanted to do parmesan chicken for dinner, but I wasn’t up to making it at all and my sister, Nan, had her birthday on Mother’s day and told me she was having steak. That sounded good and we had enough, so Nathan grilled them up for dinner. After dinner I found my gifts. Cloey and Bella gave me flip flops and Afton gave me princess stickers. Cloey also gave me a few special gifts. Two of them she made at school; a book with coupons in it for a big hug, for 15 minutes of relaxing time (of which she wrote on the book that she’d “need Dad’s help for this one”), and a few others, as well as a book all about how she loves me. The book had comparisons in it such as “Mom, I love you like I love school.” Or rainbows, or her bear, etc. She drew pictures on top of each page. She also gave me a hipster bag that she won from school. Her last fundraise was by mix bag designs and her name was put into a drawing. The other girl got two Angry Bird charms and she got a black and white bag. Dad asked her if she thought of giving it to Mom by herself or if it was supposed to be for Mom and she said, “ I looked at it and thought ‘hmm, I bet Mom would love this. I think I’ll give it to her for Mother’s Day.’ So I did.” We thought that was very thoughtful of her. Nathan got me a compact video camera. It’s the same size as the regular camera but takes better videos. I’ve had fun playing with it and I’m glad I got it in time for Cloey’s recital. Nathan said he got it because we couldn’t afford a nice big one and he had a lesson in Sunday School about family journal keeping. He said I do a good job at the family journals and keeping up with them every month with the pictures and things but the one place lacking was the family videos since I took them on our camera. So he is hoping this will help fill the gap with the videos for now. I was excited. I love you Cloey! Thank you for turning me into a Mother for the first time 6 years ago.

144: Spring Dance Recital | Cloey did her recital this past month and did an excellent job. She has had a few practices on a “stage” when she performed for the rehab center as well as the food bank. Then she went to the Clearwater Valley school in Kooskia to perform for the kids there. The school asked Mrs Shirley if she would take the whole hour to show the kids there that there is more out there to do than just sports. Nathan took her and he said it went a long time. She did get pictures taken of her at the recital, but I’m not sure when we’ll get them. I had to make her costume and I just got a leotard she can wear again with sleeves, then tacked them up. I figured out how to make the flowers and then made her two. I got a lot of compliments on her you couldn’t tell it looked different from the others on stage or even closer up. They also liked the flowers and wished I did them instead because hers were nice and fluffy and everyone else’s were flat. She is done with school this next week. She did her spring concert and learned a lot of fun songs. Time goes fast. She is doing a great job at telling stories and drawing pictures to go with them. She’s been pretty creative lately. She is still reading very well and keeps learning new words as we read the scriptures at night. She started coach pitch baseball this week and loved practice. She always had a big smile on her face.

146: Summer Camping

148: Coach Pitch Baseball

150: Birth of your sister Aleena Dawn Winder

152: summer trip

157: First Grade 2012

158: Bows | Breakfast

159: Climbing the stairs for the first time this school year.

160: Meridian Trip

164: cake

166: Party

168: School Party

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