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Cody Stewart

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Cody Stewart - Page Text Content

S: The CH Club

BC: Happy Birthday Cody William Stewart

FC: The Memory Book of Cody Stewart & Hannah Jackson (The CH Club)

1: Happy Birthday Cody! I'm sorry that it is late, but I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for all you do for me I appreciate you being in my life. You are such a great example to me of the person I want to be when I grow up. We have had so many great memories together and I wanted to make this book for you so that you can hopefully get a glimpse of all the good times. Warning, it is super original. You are the only one who will thoroughly understand all that this book contains. If you have any questions, just let me know! You are amazing Cody. Always remember that I love you! Keep on Smiling. You are awesome possum and go get em. Love, Hannah Marian Jackson Feb 16, 2010 "This one kid named Cody Stewart told me he wants to take me on my first date!" March 23, 2010 "I was dancing around talking to people after a Toro link meeting and Cody says, "Me and Savannah were staring at you the whole time because you were just out in your own little world!" It was funny, It's important to be yourself you know! Hopefully he doesn't think I am too weird!" April 12, 2010 "Alright so there is this kid named Cody Stewart and he is a crazy one. He is so bubbly and outgoing with a lot of energy! We have been talking a little bit and have gotten to be good friends. One night he calls me and says, "Hannah are you Home?" I said, "Yes!" He said, "Okay I am going to come bring you a milkshake kay!" I told him he was so nice and he actually showed up! He has the hook ups with his friends for the baskin robbins. It is nice to know he was thinking about me. We talked for a little bit, and then we went and talked with Maddi Gibbons and his sister Kadyn next door. They are great people to be around. I told him in return I would go to his track meet, and so I did. I came with Maddi and we stayed for about five hours. I got to cheer on lots of my friends. They certainly did so good! It was very sunny outside, but I played tick tack toe in the dirt, and it wasn't so bad..! While one of my friends was vaulting I said, "Shoot Dawg Buddy, I hope they do good!" Typical Hannah saying! Whenever I come up to them now, they always say, "Shoot dawg buddy!" Maybe they think it is cool or something...!! I went back the next week to visit and it was quite great, but this time I brought an umbrella to block the sun!" April 30, 2010 "On Friday night we went to a sophomore, junior, and senior party! We pulled up and I immediately started dancing in a different area from everyone else. There was too many people in a big huddle and it looked like it could get dirty so me and my friends hung out in our own spot and partied. We all just messed around and danced cleanly, I might add! Cody and his friend Jake found us and they said they started the dance off by doing back tucks! It was pretty crazy.I talked to them. They are such fun people." May 1, 2010 "I first got invited from Cody Stewart to go to the Lake with him, Austin and Tanner Thornton, Monson Cowley, Abby Tucker, Mindy Marsh, Kadyn Stewart, Paxton Pothier, and Scott and Tanner’s dad Todd. I wanted to go so bad, but my brother was graduating from College at Grand Canyon University in The Chase field, so I felt like I should go to that. They had so much fun and I love those people! If only If only!" May 8, 2010 "My friends Cody, Meghan and Drew Hooper came over to watch the Movie HEAVY WEIGHTS... aka the funniest movie ever! It is a great movie! I played Cody in speed and he thought he won, but I really did. We tied, but decided to not be friends for the night. It was quite entertaining. Occasionally we would go and play Ping Pong outside, but I am horrible! Meghan played Cody first and lost, then I played him and lost too. We had a swing jumping competition, but he won that one too... He then told me he had a nickname for me. I was very curious to what it was. Turns out it is “Blue Eye Jackson.” I was flattered. I didn’t think my blue eyes were noticeable, but I guess they are! I am still in the process of thinking of one for him. Later on that night we had a musical talent show. I played one of my piano songs called,”Part of My Heart” by Jim Brickman. Then Cody played the piano and Drew sung. We had to convince them, but finally they did it! It was just great.I then made Ashley sing her song and play it called,”Just for you.” It was so cute because she made it up for Brik. They then left and it was a glorious night!" May 14, 2010 "I went to my friend Kadyn’s surprise party at the church. We played Just Dance on the wii, and I was horrible, but it was fun anyways! Then that night I helped these kids named Cody and Jake ask their dates to prom. Me and Ashlyn wrote on a sign and said, “I would be on an ultimate high if you would go to prom with me.” We did a pretty good job considering they both said yes to the dates! I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t turn out good but it did. We also put teddy bear gummies in the fish tank with water to see what would happen. I left it in there for a couple of weeks and then cleaned the tank, it was very sticky and the teddy bears were HUGE!!!!! I loved it." May 17, 2010 "Next time I opened the door it was my dear friend Parker Traasdahl. He said, “Don’t worry Hannah, Cody is coming” I said, “Oh boy Park!” The last one of all came up, not only was it one.. it was a duo! I opened the door to find Cody Stewart and Chandler Willman at the door.. aka my most favorite kids ever. They said, “So some how, we both got the same rose and it is someone named Hannah Jackson’s sixteenth Birthday tomorrow”.. “So....” And then they leaned in and Cody kissed the left cheek and Chandler kissed the right one. They seemed fidgity earlier, and now I know why. Right after they said, “We thought you would react differently.” I told them, “That definitely was the most interesting one I have had yet, Thanks guys!” Honestly I kinda was freaking out inside, but played it cool on the outside. They said they watched the last one and said that Chandler and Cody volunteered willingly when she said she would pay them a dollar if they kissed me. They didn’t want the dollar though she said. I felt very special. I have great friends!" September 28, 2010 "It was Brimley Pothier's birthday and I was on my way out to my car. But I had a problem... my car was lost. I'm pretty darn sure Cody was the culprit. Finally I found it at the Cowley's house. Don't worry I will get him back sooner or later!" October 5, 2010 "Then Cody came over. He was shaking and freezing when he came because he had just gotten out of the ice bath. He couldn't stop shaking, I felt bad for him! I made him peaches and cream and my mom made him hot chocolate. She put a heater on him. In the middle of our conversation he kept jittering, turns out the heater was too hot and burning him! Poor Kid, he's too nice!" October 13, 2010 "Why what a day! It started at 4:55a.m. when I got a text from Cody because I told him it was lame for him to leave early for morning football practice! So he told me he will come up with something different! haha and surprisingly, when he text me I text him back! I thought it was my alarm clock! I felt the window instead of walk outside like he asked! It was cold and pitch black outside!"

2: October 17, 2010 "Cody called me and said "Hannah, so I am kinda confused"- "I really like you, but if you don't like me too, I think I may start liking other people." I told him "Oh, I knew this was coming! I think earlier I was just scared, but I realize you have a different definition of relationship then I thought, so YES I DO LIKE YOU TOO!"- Well don't you love high school?" October 22, 2010 "Last home football game! It was freezing during school and I was talking to Cody during our "post fourth hour one minute conversation". Cody's friends said, "Cody get your head in the game..." It was silly!" November 3, 2010 " Cody got 2nd in the dance off for his stake. He would have gotten 1st except he lifted his shirt up and he was told that was bad, so he slowly put it back down. Silly kid!" November 2, 1010 " Cody found a half-eaten hot dog and napkin in my truck. I didn't believe him at first, but then he showed it to me. Man it was hilarious!" November 13, 2010 "I hung out at Cody's tonight and it was so much fun. I LOVE his family so so much. I stink at Mario Cart, but I will get better!" November 18, 2010 "On my way home from pom I drove by the field and heard something hit my car. I turned around to look at what made the sound, but didn't see anything. I looked forward and saw culprit Cody riding his long board and laughing at me. We ended up talking for like an hour! His cousin Matthew came over with a burger and made us laugh." November 26, 2010 " I hung out with Meghan and Cody! We tried to find snow, but it wasn't there. Cody would count down to when they were supposedly going to set the snow out, but it never came! It's okay we will build a snowman another time! Anyways, we went to in-n-out and played games at my house. Not just any game, this one included a box. One of us would go on the swing while the other one threw a box at their feet and they had to see how far they could kick it. Eventually I think the box broke:) I lost as speed a lot, and was "slightly" disappointed. Better luck next time!" November 27, 2010 "Cody came and we got stuff out of the attic. Then we went to Rosas to eat with my parents. After we decorated the Christmas tree, with a twist. My yellow vans even got put up as a decoration. Momma Lynn loved it!I think we had our first deep conversation?" December 6, 2011 "I saw Cody walking after 4th hour and I totally thought he saw me so I waved, but he didn't see me. He just kept walking, it was funny. Can you say out of it?" December 9, 2010 " I told Cody that my parents wanted to come to the nutcracker with us! He said "Alright that will be fun!" Then he started laughing and said, "I was planning on holding your hand, but ...uhhhhaha." Kinda awk, but I love my parents!" December 10, 2010 " During the whole Nutcracker Cody was really jittery and kept on moving, I didn't know what was wrong, but I decided that if he was going to hold my hand, I was going to make it hard for him. I kept on leaning to the otherside and putting my hands in front of me. He asked me how long the ballet was and then a while after he nudges me and hold his hand our and does a shoulder shrug. I grab it and our hands are holding really weird so I fix our hands. His were shaking so bad! (secretly I thought it was adorable) I asked him if I make him nervous and turns out I do! My bad! He was so cute though, when we had to clap I would let go and then place my hands across so he would have to grab my hand again , just to be funny. Finally I just put my hand towards his and I grab his thumb really hard. Then he holds my hand again. I tried to open it and he just squeezed it tight! So Cute! We went to Red Robin after and he said, if it was any other girl, I would have just walked out. Woops! Maybe we will get better!" December 20, 2010 "I won Cody in a game of speed!" December 22, 2010 "I kinda miss Cody a lot! It is weird not seeing him, lets he comes home from Cali soon!" December 29, 2010 "I went to the Party Store with Cody, we were laughing trying to find some wedding decorations. It was wet outside so we were rubbing our feet against the tile to make this awful piercing sound, but we were amused!" Jan 8, 2011 "Cody came over and we finished up watching Step up # and then we watched Heavy weights. When it finished, we walked to the door and he was just standing there. He stepped outside for a second and looked up at the video camera and came back inside. Funny eh! Then he just left. Then I text him and said "Cody chickened out!" Then he turned his car around and text me and said "I'm outside... who is the chicken now?" I had just gotten out of the shower and then I hear knocking on my windows. He says, "I'm waiting!" I text "are you serious!?" He said, sorry Hannah it's just getting personal!" I finally walked outside and he said "Look familiar? The first one is always awkward!" Then he kissed me! Oh boy! Then he said let me explain, "Richie text me and said If you don't kiss her tonight, I'm not letting you in and you are sleeping with duke outside!" I text Richie and assured that Cody didn't have to sleep outside. What an eventful night! Note to self, never call a Stewart a chicken." Jan 25, 2011 " I had my pom performance, it went alright although I was sick. Cody came and brought Kadyn and Kyndal with him. They sat together away from the group of friends, aren't they nice? Good quality people right there. After we twisted up a water bottle and watched the cap fly when we jumped on it. Good deal!" Jan 28, 2011 "Cody calls me and said... are you with Meghan? I said yes. then he said, are you at Shelby's? I said Yes. Then he said you might want to come outside. I go out there and they totally put snow all over the car. I get Meghan and we go play in the snow when Cody and his friends popped out and threw snowballs at us. Then they drove off! Me and Megs, went on an adventure driving and we found them. SO it was my idea to go into a neighborhood and find a good spot and turn the lights off... but they found us! I need a better hiding spot sometimes!" February 4, 2011 " I was in my room getting ready for bed because I had state tomorrow and then Cody calls me and says to look out my window! I open it and he is in the street waving at me! Nothing better than that! He even left a gatorade and good luck note in my mailbox. He is so nice to come to my Competition."

3: February 14, 2011 " Cody came over and we watched Brooke's game. I gave him a heart Pizza and he gave me flowers and cookies! Feel the love! We went on a walk and played with a trash can... nbd." February 18, 2011 "Cody came over and we carved soap. It was very entertaining... a CH club activity! We had a conversation we seem to think the same things about life, how to treat others, friends,, and how to be yourself." February 19, 2011 " We went to the church building and played Dodge-ball Frisbee and speed in basketball. Cody helped find people to find, since not very many showed up! Soon enough, lots of people came. He and his sister were so sweet to hang out with me and find people to come. I love the Stewarts!" February 28, 2011 " After dance, Cody came over and we worked on his mission picture. He didn't want to cut his hair, so his uncle put vaseline in it. It was so thick, but hey the picture worked! We had a hand stand contest, and he taught me how to shoot a rubber band, we had a fun night!" March 1, 2011 I went over to Cody's house and he made me a chocolate chip waffle SATISFACTION!" Then we played 007. He walked me to my car so no bad guys got me, I think I'm safe!" March 3, 2011 "Today me and Cody chased after a wall racquet ball today and even parked next to each other. How adorable! Randomly I was walking out of seminary and that same blue ball flew past me. It turned around and Cody was standing there. How ironic!" March 5, 2011 "Me and Cody played with a feather. CH CLUB STATUS" March 6, 2011 "Cody came over for my Dad's birthday and my dad accidently bumped into him! Cody turns in his papers in tomorrow night! Man I am going to miss him Yesterday he had me play a piano piece called "Come thou Fount" and the first thing he said when I finished was "Man, I'm really going to miss you Hannah!" March 9, 2011 "After school I went to Neds with Cody. He taught me how to leave half of the straw rapper on, it took a while but I finally got it. I went to his track meet and he did really well pulling 13'6''. He's a pole vaulting legend." March 10, 2011 " Cody came over and we saw if I could fit in the back of his car so we could sneak off campus for lunch. It was sketchy, but I actually fit.. although we never actually went off for lunch, I was too scared. He said, "I bet I could kiss you without your lips!" I said okay, so he told me to close my eyes so I did and he kissed me one the cheek and handed me a silver dollar. It was my turn to give it back to him, with my own little "spice" to it. He is quite creative!" March 17, 2011 " Cody and I hung out and he took me on a ride on his motorcycle. We went over these bumps, and I felt like I jump a mountain high. I felt his six pack, when I was holding on. SH. March 19, 2011 " Cody came over and helped me move this huge armoire in our garage into his trailer so we could take it to our storage. He is mister fix it and total braniac at all that stuff. No trouble for him. We then ate and the drink spilled on me, but not on his car! Don't worry Richard's car wasn't effected! March 23, 2011 "After practice, I went to Cody's track meet. Cody did really well and got to 13'9'' pole vaulting! Then after we drove to Vitos and I taught him how to do this cool pom trick with the pom poms! Then we ate dinner at Vitos with his family. We love food:)" March 26, 2011 "Cody got 14 feet on pole vaulting on his 1st attempt! March 27, 2011 I got home from Nationals and Cody came over at around 11 p.m. He brought me flowers with a sweet note attached. We came outside and he assured to me that he really cared about me. Why is he such a great guy!? HEART April 3, 2011 " I tried Richard's Cranberry Orange juice combo, and it actually is delicious. Cody and I went and played at Hale Elementary playground and we talked bout the old days.We miss them, but love life now too!" April 4, 2011 "After dance, Cody came over and we ate Enchiladas and learned about his mission. Then we threw a bouncy ball into the trash can to see who could get it in. He got it in the first try. Athlete. Then we tossed grapes in the air at the same time and saw who could catch the grape being thrown in their mouth. Finally we caught each other's grapes at the same time. We wrestled around being funny. He's a good friend to me." April 5, 2011 "Cody came over and we watched Tangled. Awesome. I gave him my old chewed stick of gum and he took his out and combined them together. He then said,, "Well that just got weird. " It sure did, but made for a good memory! " | March 11, 2011 "Cody and I decided we are going to take these 5 days while we are away from eachother to prepare for 750 days that are to come. Oh missions. So apparently this water I bought in mesa from Bashas is in Cody's eyes walmart water from chandler. He tried to convince me it was, because of something written on the label, he confused me so badly though! Crazy kid." March 15, 2011 "I sure am going to miss Cody on his mission, he is so fun to be around. When I texted him earlier he said, "I got butterflies in my stomach when I got a text from you!-"

4: April 13, 2011 " I hung out and did HW at Cody's house. He helped me out that smarty pants! I love his family!" April 15, 2011 " This Olympic pole vaulter asked Cody if he wanted to come get pointers from him because they could see potential in him . "Athlete". as Cody says. Man this whole relationship with Cody just seems so right:) I went to Cody's house after and played 007 th e video game. WE made a deal that whoever lost had to give the other a massage. Yes, he lost and so he gave me a calf massage. I went outside and found snow all over my car! Richie. They were messing around, but it was fun playing in the snow We played baseball with the stick in the back of my car. Then Cody and I talked and such until like 1 a.m. but then I needed to go home.! haha fun times" April 21, 2011 "Cody and I went and cheered for Tame at his Volleyball game. We made signs! Tame is a great player! We set up for Taylor's wedding and a bee stung me!" April 29, 2011 "I ate Pei Wei with Cody's family and then looked at pictures on the computer and played games. Cody kept on locking me out of his house, that stinker. You should know he hates to lose!" May 5, 2011 "Cody helped me solve this Math Problem. Man he was determined to get the right answer, and he did!" May 9, 2011 "A few of my girlfriends brought over my favorite Jamba Juice because I had a migraine. I asked them how they knew which one to buy and they said Cody told them it was my favorite because it was his favorite too! What a memory! Later, me, my mom, and dad went to the Stewarts home. I made Cody Brownies for taking me to prom. I learned how crazy of a child Cody was. He even jumped off of a ski lift!" May 10, 2011 "Me and my mom wrote on Cody's car and said "Good luck honey" with a real honey bottle, and then said love sugar lips and I put red lipstick on and then kissed the paper. Then I painted on with car paint:Cody Rocks, NBD, AWESOME POSUM! I hope he likes it!" May 15, 2011 " Cody and I went to Chandler Willman's open house and drank some Mexican soda and hung out. Cody sprayed my butt with water, and it was so wet, crazy kid! We were playing basketball with my family and I told him: Cody my life depends on your next shot. So He goes behind the Uhall truck, looks through the window and makes the basket. It was so far! I can't believe he made it, but I guess it could be a sign? We all danced around!" {{{{{{{ CAMI WAS HERE WHEN THIS ALL WENT DOWN!!!}}}}}}}}} May 18, 2011 "I went to Jamba Juice with Cody! He wouldn't let me pay for the smoothies, so I put a 10 dollar bill in his coin container:) Then we went to Rumbi's with my family and him! He is such an awesome kid!" May 21, 2011 "Cody and I went on my my Birthday date tonight. We went to Rosas and then packed up the food and headed to Richard's work yard. Cody taught me how to pump up the tires and put the thing away correctly. Then we headed over to Chandler mall to help Richie out with the flat tire! On the way back we were in a "fake fight!" but the Cody kept changing the stations and tey were all about "Love!" Just like off of a movie. We started laughing, and everything was fine! Then we went to Las Sendas and we ate our food:) He told me to look at this one drawer, but I didn't get the idea! So he pulled out this beautiful ring. IT WAS THE MOST GORGEOUS THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! He spent 26 hours making it. It is perfect and I love it. We came back and hung out! Thanks for the great BIrthday Cody!" May 24, 2011 "I went to Cody's cousin Matthew's play tonight about Susical the Musical! We had a great time with his little sisters. I may take up acting?" May 25, 2011 "KUNG FU PANDA 2 MIDNIGHT SHOWING! Cody came over around 11 ish and I needed to study, so he blocked the T.V. screen and said he wouldn't talk to me for 10 minutes so I could finish... but I didn't like that Idea! haha Finally we made it over to the theater!He finally let me buy something for him! Yes!!! The movie was awesome, even though we were super sleepy! We laughed at all these random parts. Skadush!" May 30, 2011 "The Nielsens, Stewarts, and Pines came over for a pool party and barbeque. Cody pushed Brooke in the pool so Brik and the Nielsen Bros threw Cody in, but not easily. All 4 of them had to fight to get him in because he was hugging onto the pineapple tree so hard. That night I went and watched a movie with the Stewarts and then Cody took me home. All of a sudden we were just sitting in his car, and 2 people (Brik and Kyle Christensen) Run out of the street. They were spying on us, but they didn't see much happen! Guess the video tape didn't come in handy!"

5: Tuesday May 31, 2011 (but really it is June 1st at 1:12 a.m.)I can’t complain. Life is going great for me and I’m loving the chance I have to be me. I have amazing friends, amazing boyfriend, and an amazing family. Cody and I talked tonight, but Yesterday I went and took a Shower and then got out and Cody was here. I asked him how he was doing and we decided to go to his house so I asked for 5 minutes to go get ready. He allowed me them. My mom asked him, “Where did Hannah Go?” He said, “She’s just getting dolled up for me!” and then he said “She is so pretty to me.” Man that makes me feel so good. He seriously is a great guy. We have set some good limits and figured out the whole mission ordeal. It is going to be tough, but so worth it. I love him so much!" June 4, 2011 "How did I get so lucky? I have a wonderful guy who will be so nice and keep me on the right track. He told me, "I don't think anyone can care for you as much as I do." June 9, 2011 "I got to watch a movie with Cody's family. It was some war movie, I was entertained! His family is awesome! June 16, 2011 "Momma Jay's birthday.Cody and his family came to the surprise party for her! After, I went to Cody's house and he made a wicked burger. I have to tell you they are the best I have ever tasted. It is paradise! Thanks bud." June 18, 2011 "I worked on Cody's Scrapbook all day! Then I packed up stuff for Powell tomorrow. I am so excited to spend time with the Stewarts, Stoddards, and my family! June 19, 2011 "Cody's family/parents came over to drop him off so we could leave to Powell. Cody and I were driving and I signaled to let this girl in, and this car came from behind me and hit the car.Gosh danget! I was so nervous, but it wasn't my fault . We picked up the board and Cody taught me what I would to in that situation and who would do what. I'm going to listen to him so I will be safe! My dad lost his keys, but Cody came up with a way for us to still leave! Crafty id! We finally made it to Powell! Sleeping arrangements... lets just say I got a new buddy! haha" June 30, 2011 "Cody is my best friend. I'm such a lucky girl. I had to sing in front of his family, yikes! Cody has a good voice. oh Hallelujah. We road to the work yard and then talked in my car. We both were an emotional wreck. Oh how I'm going to miss him. Some times the best things in life are hard, but that just makes it more worth while!" | July 27, 2013 I LOVE CODY STEWART! | July 27, 2011 I LOVE ELDER STEWART

6: The First Date! | Cody... Rolled down a Hill, climbed a tree, & chased a javelina. What's new? | Our homemade bracelets with matching skin color! | We accidently mixed up each other's drinks, and I started biting on the straw, and I bit all over it. We changed straws though so he didn't have to have the bad one!

7: Cody's 18th Barbeque Birthday Party

8: 3 | June 12, 2010 a great date | haha.

9: Stewart Bros & Jackson Gals Mini Golf Date

10: Pom | Football

11: 90% Cody Cool | 10% Hannah Cool | C H | Pole Vault | supporter | Olive Garden Crayons!

12: Cody, Justin, and Drew The biggest fans the Pom world has ever met. | Toro Pom's Blue Boys | November 20, 2010 | " I have the best support system in the world. My friends Drew, Cody, and Justin all colored themselves with paint and then put the letters POM on their stomachs. It was great. They were yelling so loud! After we performed, Cody came up and gave me a hug, how nice of him to travel out there"

13: I was practicing my piano when all of a sudden I looked out my window and saw 5 boys in their swimming trunks hop over my fence and jump in the pool. I had to double-look to see who it was. Sure enough it was the "Fabulous Five." I walked outside and talked to them.! Cody jumped on the diving board and broke the glass underneath it, but bought a new one for us. What a nice guy with a powerful jump.! Then we went and I ate the Arizona Burrito from Filibertos. Let me just say, I don't think that picture of them jumping in the pool will ever leave my mind. You never now what will happen when you sit down to play. | Fabulous 5 | Reenactment .

14: Unfortunately, Cody is cut off from this picture.. he didn't learn to look at the camera until later in our relationship. For a Pom group date, we all went over to the Schnepf farms in Queen Creak and traveled around. Cody said Hi to his old coach that he saw there. We road the manual go-carts and Cody drove really fast that I couldn't keep up peddling with him. I had to duck or else a tree would have hit me, I only came out with a few twigs in my hair though. We ventured into the corn patch, and I kept on getting spooked. We made it to the opposite side and Cody traveled off to go do some business and then came back. What funny kids. We then went on the ''roller coaster'' and Cody randomly started screaming like a girl. At first I thought something was wrong, but then I started laughing. He said it was what him and his brother did every roller coaster ride! Man, I wish I could scream that pitch.

15: 43 degrees Fahrenheit (temp. may vary) | "''So Cody and I have been joking about ''I'm going to throw you in the pool'' So we were just talking at my house and then all of a sudden he grabs me and heads towards my back door. I start kicking and doing everything I can to get out, but he had a tight grip on me. I held on to everything I could, but he kept on dragging me. I worked my way out of his hands and ran to safety, temporary safety. After I felt comfortable enough, I went to lock the back door... bad idea! He picked me up again when I went to lock the door. I had a tight grip on the fence, but he peeled my hands off and then threw me in the freezing pool. I'm pretty sure it was at least 43 degrees. I was soooo cold. I got out and just "''looked'' at him and at my new socks he had given me for Christmas which were at the bottom of the pool. I jumped in and got my socks and then hurried into the shower. After I received feeling again, I came outside and saw him with his shoes off sitting next to the pool. He said, ''here you go Hannah''and he jumped in the pool and was swimming around. I just looked at him like I didn't even care, although secretly I wished he didn't jump in there too. It was so funny, except for the numb feeling.! Finally, after a while, (2 minutes) we were back to being friends again. If only I was his height, my guns would be able to take him. At least I got something out of it...'' The straight face look''! | December 18 2010

16: So here’s the DEAL. First of all, I’m so stoked that we MEAT And since there is SNOWONE I’d rather go with Not to mention, I’ve been a BALOGNA of a person making you wait for your Christmas Present I “believe” (haha) it’s about TIME I ask you I know we’ll have a KICKING time... | " After dance, I went over with Cami and my mom to ask Cody to Sadies. We put all the brown bags down and took a picture. I was laughing! Turns out Kadyn was watching through the window the whole time! I didn't think anyone was home, but she was:) At least we know no one stole anything!" | Jan 10, 2011

17: A Cody original dance-answer. After a couple pieces of wood, some nails, gasoline in a Gatorade bottle, fire, and Richie, the YES masterpiece was created. | January 18, 2011 " Cody answered me tonight. Me and my mom spied on the whole thing.. shhh. He built the word Yes out of wood and then lit it on fire. How cute! My mom said, "Some guys bring roses, some bring flaming wood, but hey I like that side of him!''

18: February 13, 2011 "Sadies was a blast and it was absolutely hilarious! We danced like crazy! We ate at Venezia's pizza, which I passed out to everybody. We decided to play a joke on Justin and Lexie after the dance and we climbed through the open window in their car and hid with Marvin. The joke didn't really work though... woops! We played the what if game at Brooke Hiatt's house. One of the sayings was "Then Cody and Hannah would kiss." Gotta love High School! Me and Cody left at midnight and walked a mile to Lauren's house ! There was this guy walking down the street and Cody said "Here Hannah you can get on the other side of me" What a good protector he is! Then we went around driving, I showed him an area were I saw a fight. Then I told him to keep going straight and so he did and we turned around and saw a car. He says, "That's my car" I said "What? Don't shine your lights on them" He said, "Someone is in there" We get out and find Kadyn in there. What are the odds of running into them? Then we left and drove back to my house! I had a great night with him. Let me tell you, he is quite the dancer! BACK FLIP BOY" | Sadies 2011

20: Beanie-Man | Thanks for listening to me play the piano! | Temple lights & a Christmas Story. | C- "are you cold Hannah?" H-"I promise I'm fine!" C- "Want to go inside?" H-".....Yes please!"

21: Tim and the White Knight "The Gay Australians | The Story: So I had to be at dance at 5 on a Monday, so Cody decides that we have enough time to wash ''our'' cars, so we do, except for one thing... He parked his car around the corner so he only would clean my car. So I decided to steal his car and wash it too. Before I could finish the White Knight, Cody finished Tim and drove away in the half soaped-up WK. That's the definition of Cody Stewart. Unconditionally Sweet.

22: March 18, 2011 "Me and my parents, as well as Cody, Mindy, and Monson went to As you Wish. Cody and I painted mugs for each other. Each had a different twist to it. An original you could say. I painted from the heart to show Cody how happy he makes me.!He got"''lost''"while driving home from the place and took a detour, but don't worry we found our way!back.When we arrived home from picking the mugs up from the store, he told my mom that we left hers at the place. She was freaking out, good thing we were joking. Clever Cody.!!

23: Taking Notes:) | April 16, 2011 Cody took me on a date..WOOO! We went with Richie, Kristen Roberts, Blake Shumway and Riley, Drew and Kadyn. We first took pictures, then drove to Neds. Then we went to freestone park to eat. During the night it was Cody and I's joke that we were ''taking notes''from Richie, because he was really ''feely' with his date. Then we road our tandum bikes and brought wagons and rolled down the hills. I was nervous, but it was enjoyable. I swear it dropped 20 degrees at the bottom of the hill. We all laughed and played with the frisbee (but me and Cody played and tossed a flashlight instead) Then Cody went down the wagon backwards and he fell out. Ouch. Then Cody lost his keys Woops, we looked everywhere for them. They were locked in his car. Cody and I left to his house in RIchie's car to get spare keys. On our way Cody pulls over and runs out of his car and picks up a brand new Cowboy hat. He was so excited. Never know what ye may find. We found the keys and brought them back. What a great night!with great company:) | cloud 99

24: D E C A T H L E T E | May 19, 2011 I went to Cody's Decathalon with Kyndal. He did awesome especially when he won the shot put! MUSCLE MAN! Atta boy! He is so athletic at everything he does! A Natural. May 20, 2011 I drove Kadyn and Kyndal to Cody's track meet in Queen Creek. He did great and it was awesome hanging out with his family. In the mile, there were people cheering for him at every corner. GO CODY! He ended up getting 2nd place out of all those boys! Not just an athlete, a Decathlete.

25: Hannah's 17th birthday Date | Man Cody, you are buff. Oh I mean "toned"

26: March 7, 2011 I went to dance and came back to find Cody had asked me to Prom! He took cotton balls and had a made a pathway to find "cuddly cody!" After going around the house twice,through the blow up house down stairs, and in between every bar on the swing set, I finally found him in my room. It was a HUGE blonde bear with Cuddly Cody written on the foot and a picture of Cody in the shape of a heart on the bear's chest. Cutest way ever. We played Frisbee Golf with his family after.Let's just say I have enough Cotton balls to last the rest of my life! | Cuddly Cody | "muah"

27: Cami came up with the idea to do a mock-mission call to answer Cody to the prom. Who knew Elders could have a nick name?

28: The Best of Cody & Hannah

29: 6 | flags | adventure

30: P R O M | 2011

31: "You'll never guess what time I started getting ready at?" 5:45 baby!

32: Shoot Dawg Buddy

35: My Best Friend

36: Good lookin at the following 1.) Straight 2.) Curly 3.) Shaggy 4.) Buzzed | He's a great baby holder, especially when everyone is looking at him. | Even looks good with Man-Mascara. extra volume for a lashing price of $10.13 thx walmart | not many people can pull off this curly goodness, but Cody can:)

37: "I think I ripped my pants" I really don't wet the bed anymore! | Barbeque Party! | "Gotta get me some of those white tights!"

38: Cody's Senior Graduation 2010

39: June 6, 2011 I went and visited Cody because he got his four impacted wisdom teeth taken out. Poor guy, he isn't feeling too hott, but hopefully he gets better soon.! He also cut all of his hair off, but I got to play with it before it ''Hasta Lavista(d)''. I got to keep some of it, Lucky me. I think he looks a little bit younger without it, but is good lookin regardless:)"

40: Best dang Cheese burgers ever | Chill Bill. | Thumbs up when you need it most! | MARVIN | You're Awesome | Cody burnt his arm on the grill, He is now arm bald. | Good ole Tennis Ball. Free entertainment. | Cheesy. | Good Luck getting out Hannah! | Cody got booted. | The Poles Fit! | Smile all the while:) | Front | S i d e | Back | Cody, Richard, & Vaseline | Keepin you on your toes! | "What did ya eat for breakfast?" | P I C T U R E | April 7, 2011 "So Tim (my truck) was parked by its lonesome and so Cody decides to park his super close to me so I can't even get out because I would hit his truck if i did. So he tells me to check my phone and see the picture he sent. Then I get another picture in which Cody's truck-The White Knight has a boot on it and a note that says "You think you are funny, but I am funny also@ No one meses with my lil sis-Tame the Security Guard!" | skadush | pure beauty | The Scientist | camera shy | wave at the camera! | keeping you on your toes! | Best jack-o-lantern | Oh Kyndal | STALKER | 3 a.m. sprinkler run through | spread eagle | He found a frog! | bored in class

41: says it all. | Going hungry? | M E S S A G E | From: Trawets Ydoc | From: H Some cool girl | May 10, 2011 "Me and my mom wrote on Cody's car and said "Good luck honey" with a real honey bottle, and then said love sugar lips and I put red lipstick on and then kissed the paper. Then I painted on with car paint:Cody Rocks, NBD, AWESOME POSUM! I hope he likes it!" | 1/2 cinnamon toast 1/2 pb& j | playin with legos | There's a hole in my sheets. Crazy Kicker | Corn rows for Cody | Biggest Bear Ever | what a name! | We made the wedding wall | Remembers my Favorite gum | Spider-man | That's my kinda potty | I cut my hand real bad | a+ snow man | The straw trick! | Water bottles impress me. | Ice cream fight | 1st they're sour, then they're sweet. | I broke my bed:) | Best testing approach | The Gum ball forever | "I Know you can do it!" | It's never coming off Lynn | Stalker | Chocolate Oreo with Caramel | not for long | vacuum with books!

42: Merge. | Birthday:June 10th Birthday Date: June 11, 2011 Cody's Birthday Date! So he couldn't really eat anything, so with Brik's idea, I set up a candle-lit dinner with all foods he could eat. The we played with the Frisbee.. I need some help with it! Then we watched Kung Fu Panda, I am in love with that movie. Sadly, I stumped/broke Cody's toe really bad with the big couch ottoman. He was in pain, but nice enough to not express it! We then went to Nielsens then came back onto the swing and spied on Cami with her date! We had a handstand contest, but I lost! We created a new thumb war game, it's awesome!

43: The Ultimate Toe Touch: performed by: Cody Stewart | " You look good from the back!"

44: June 14, 2011 " My family did the Cha Cha at Fred Astaire and Cody came with me for my mom's birthday. With the ''help'' of the gay guy, Cody picked up the steps fast. He's a dancer in the heart. We got dessert at sprouts...I think we would win in an Arizona Two Srep Competition though. ''We gone country''.

45: June 10, 2011 MY MOST FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR! IT IS CODY'S 19th BIRTHDAY. We went to Rosas with his family, and I got to try this awesome strawberry smoothie thing. Don't worry Cody I drank some :)We watched True Grit and it was actually entertaining. Cuddly Cody:)! Happy birthday bud, I hope you like your gift.!

46: The Flower Collection | We're carvin soap | Almost all the precious gifts | alien light. | Hand-Stand Contest Location | The Beloved Tennis Ball | A piece of the Pink Hanger found in the road | Treasures. | Thee Half-Dollar | to be returned

47: "Ah Darnet" | The Swing of Conversation | Christmas Paper from present | Wearing the tights. | The Many Sticks | MALLARD | Hiding Spot | High Five | Crayons.

48: LAKE POWELL | best place, best company

50: Bass Pro Shop hat= my life. | Cody Stewart=my bee killing hero. | June 20, 2011 I slept next to Cody because that is where my dad placed us, it was funny and we just giggled all night. We walked to take Daisy to the potty and she went before we met the sand so I picked it up. We had to take Tracy(The houseboat guy) to the marina and Cody was driving and Tracy said, "Someone is going to be killed today!" Whatever Tracy! Cody sprayed the hose at me when I wasn't looking.. silly goose! Cody wake boarded and almost landed his flip, He's a great athlete! We showered in the lake and it was freezing. We roasted yummy marsh-mellows and chatted outside with the stars! I love spending time with the families and Cody!

51: all the while | June 23, 2011 "My dad had this idea to play catch with a fribee and jet ski. My mom told Cody that if he caught it that Cod got a kiss on the cheek from me, so he didn't catch this one. Then He tried again and my mom said a kiss on the lips for this one and he caught it silly goose! Cody just said, "It smells like blue pen." I asked him how he could smell the difference between color and he didn't know, we were just laughing!"

52: June 21, 2011 Cody landed his flip! Crazy boy! Cody and I got huge air tubing today, wowzers. Cody and I went on the Jet ski and we looked at the pretty sunset view and then gracefully, he pushed me into the inviting water. Silly kid. I wish I could hang out here all the time. | haha

54: June 24, 2011 "We climbed the sandhill today to the top! Cody, Kyndal and I did backflips on it! We ran down the hill without a faceplant dismount. Then we went cliff jumping off of a 40 foot clif. Cody did a cool brandy jump off of it, and I did a butt flop. OUCH! Cody and I went on a Jet ski ride and the waves were splashy. We got soaked just driving up the wake. He has an urge for fun that kid, I'm just trying to keep up. We talked and let the waves bring us in. We payed Skum and BS one day we will be KING. We road to dinner in Antelope and the waves were so choppy I felt like I was butt jumping on a tramp. We ate and had thumb wars, extreme style. We listened to this band with a drunk lead singer and all had a dance party outback later... I had to step up my dancing because this guy was checking Cody out. G.A.We road back and it was pitch black. Cody and I talked for a little bit and I fell asleep. I'm going to miss that kid, he is amazing!"


56: Dare | Devil

57: wannabe | "''stop it cody''

59: NBD

60: June 25, 2011 "We made it home from Powell! Cody was quite the hard worker getting everything ready. His poor mouth though! That dang pineapple pizza! We ate at Sonic, or was it Subway, or maybe Jack in the box is okay, or perhaps it was Burger King, whatever Lynn chose! The drive home was quite entertaining. Tricksters. The Stewarts almost got in an accident, but luckily they were safe. When we made it home, Brik put on his gear and helped get the puss out of Cody's mouth. I hope he feels better. Brik and Cody said goodbye and see you later for the next 2 years. How crazy. My family and I sure adore Cody. Going to Powell made me like him more. Now this is a good sign!" Thanks for coming Stewarts!" | Apple a day keeps the dentist away

61: The Coolest Guy I know | I sure am a lucky girl | "so I guess I have to get used to the pictures now?!"

62: Priceless.

63: Two Thumbs up

64: June 29, 2011 " We floated down the River. We saw a horse, duck, turtle, & a blue /green bird on the way. Cody almost caught the turtle,"It's mine!" We then went to the Stewarts and played in the rain with Trey. He is so good with kids. Richard gave him the tickle finger! We came back and swam with Trey! My mom brought us dinner and we fed eachother (haha) . I introduced myself as Ryan's brother... woops! Uncle Hannah. | The Not-so SaltyRiver | "Thank you!"

65: June 28, 2011 "Cody told me he had to show me something, so I came over. Next thing I hear is a loud vrumm... I walk outside and it is a red HARLEY DAVIDSON!!!! He let me ride on it with him like I was a biker chick. Man that was awesome! We saw Cars 2 with his sisters. That movie is where it is at. We knocked over the yellow clean-up sign. Woops! We had an adventure doing back bends. Only with Cody and Hannah!" | Cuddly Cody & Harley Hannah | Hard | Core

66: No smile status. | March 25, 2011 " CODY GOT HIS MISSION CALL!! He called me and said he was opening his call. So I listened up on it and heard him read, "Dear Elder Stewart, we hereby call you to serve in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West mission Spanish speaking. You will need to report July 27, 2011". He is going to be the best missionary ever. He is the best guy I know! I wish I could have been there, so I added myself in there!" See you soon bud!

67: Elder Stewart Reporting: July 27, 2011 | RM: Cody Stewart 2013 | RWH | "You are hereby called to service in The Santo Domingo West, Dominican Republic Mission".

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