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S: Loyola College & Villanova University 2006-2010

FC: Heather's College Years | 2006-2010

1: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go. ~Dr. Seuss | F | reshman | Y | ear | Loyola College Baltimore, Maryland | Hammerman Hall 3rd Floor Roommates: Lydia Jacewicz Mary Zirilli

2: Freshman year was an interesting one. Getting adjusted to having roommates was a trying time but exciting none the less. Learning when Lydia and Mary went to sleep and got up was the most difficult since we all slept in one room. Getting up and down that ladder was a struggle every morning! The best part of the room was the sink so we did not need to fight over the two sinks on our floor!

4: Our RA Pete had a program that was a scavenger hunt throughout Baltimore. Not only did we learn about the historical sites but also how to get around. It was such a fun day, filled with taking goofy pictures, good food and of course a gift card to the mall!

6: Mom signed me up for Best of Baltimore which was a program that included a dozen trips around Baltimore. One trip was the Duck Tour, we were able to see the beautiful bay and meet tons of other freshman. | Best of Baltimore Duck Tour

7: Halloween 2006

8: Another Best of Baltimore was a trip to the Navy vs Notre Dame Game. We all sat right on the 30 yard line, the Notre Dame players were literally a few yards away. Also, the Navy put on a great pregame show and did everything they could to beat Notre Dame. In the end, Notre Dame won as expected!

10: Freshman retreat took place the first weekend back from winter break. This was probably one of my favorite weekends at Loyola. About 25 of us went to a cabin about 2 and half hours away and spent the weekend getting to know each other as well as yourselves. The food was great and I came back with many new friends.

11: Freshman Retreat '07

12: Valentine's Day was a day to remember. Snow blanketed the campus, school was canceled but the final basketball game still went on. Will came with Lydia and me to the game. Afterwards, we all went back to Will's apartment in Lange Court. Later that night, Will and I officially started dating :)

13: Second semester, Will, Dan Anderson, Lydia and I all hung out every weekend. It was so nice to have such a close group of friends.

15: In April, there was the Freshman Semi-Formal and somehow I got Will to go. Will forgot his dress shoes at home so he had to wear his sneakers and I had to have Mom overnight my dress because I forgot it at home. Nonetheless, Will and I had a blast together and it didn't hurt that there was a chocolate fountain!

17: For my 19th birthday, I had a delicious cookie cake and Will came over to celebrate. He gave me beautiful TIffany circle earrings, which he remembered I wanted from months earlier! | 19 !

18: Our trip to Hawaii was beautiful. We took one plane to Colorado and then one to Oahu. On the plane to Oahu, I thought we had only 2 hours left, but I forgot to change my watch from East Coast time... we really had 6 hours!! | Once we got to the airport, each of us was presented with a beautiful lei. Welcome to Hawaii !!

20: While at Oahu, Steven and Preston learned to surf and Will and I joined them to go parasailing. I thought I would be petrified to go so high up but for some reason I did it ( probably I didn't want to seem like a giant wuss in front of all the other people on our boat)! The views from above were breathtaking and once we started to make our descent, the driver dunked Will and I in the water. We also went jet skiing in Maui. During that adventure, Steven caused Dad and Preston to fall off their jet ski. Dad lost his bathing suit and needed to be dragged back to the dock. I thought Dad was going to kill Steven!!!

22: The night before our fishing excursion, Steven thought he was going blind, turned out to just be an eye infection. Two hours later, we were aboard our very own charted fishing boat. The day was beautiful and we were visited by a school of dolphins!! We each caught a fish, I caught a giant Mahi Mahi. The fish we caught was all sold to a local restaurant.

25: Since Lost was filmed in Oahu, I HAD to check it out. We took the official Lost tour and got to go where they actually filmed. It was amazing. Jurassic Park and Godzilla were also filmed there along with a ton of other movies. Preston and I actually got to sit where Ben and Jack sat to have a conversation about the "others!"

26: In Maui, we all drove up Mount Haleakala. We looked down into the clouds and got to overlook the entire island of Maui.

27: The lovely sculpture in our hotel. Steven loved it!! | The luau was unbelievable. There was a giant pig and fire dancers. The hula dancers were so talented.

28: No matter what beach, no matter how exotic, we all have to dig a hole. Maui was no exception. All of us took part in digging this giant hole, what a masterpiece it was!

29: Our hotel was incredible, it had talking parrots, pineapples growing in the lobby, and the infamous Spats restaurant. Home of the Spatstick!

31: Sophomore Year | East Residence Hall | eastbutham rules!!

32: As an RA, I was able to have my own apartment! It was amazing and very nicely decorated! My room was in the brand new building , East Residence Hall.

34: During sophomore year, Will and I discovered so many new food places. Our favorite place was Miss Shirley's. It had the most amazing breakfast from cinnamon roll pancakes to coconut stuffed French toast. Another favorite was Vaccaro's, the Italian dessert place in Baltimore. The homemade gelato and Neapolitans were to die for!

35: Pei Wei was another frequent stop for us, it had the best Chinese food! Honey chicken and lettuce wraps were our favorite. The Fractured Prune just opened in the Spring and it had make your own donuts. Since we couldn't eat out all the time, Will and I loved to cook. Chicken and tomato rice was a favorite, along with sausage and bowties.

36: I absolutely adored my RA staff. We all worked together and had a great time on rounds together. I usually worked with Scott Mix, JT Rooth or Amy Lieu.

37: During Sophomore year, Will and I usually explored Baltimore and played Guitar Hero with Dan.

38: Hamden was about three miles from Loyola and during Christmas, the residents outdid themselves with decorating their homes in lights. For our 1st Christmas together, WIll and I gave each other iPhones wrapped in giant boxes.

39: During Winter Break, Kristin and I went to the City for one reason and one reason only....PINKBERRY!! | On our way we stopped by the Today Show and got to meet Natalie Morales, Ann Curry and Richard Simmons!

40: recipe for a birthday BURGER cake

41: For Will's Birthday, I wanted to create the most amazing cake ever. Knowing Will loves burgers, a cheeseburger cake was perfect. Not only was it huge but it tasted amazing!!! | Will's 20th Birthday

42: Will and I traveled to Washington D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms. They were beautiful and so colorful. We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Georgetown and drove through the lovely town of Bethesda. Overall, the day was so relaxing and so perfect being together.

43: Preston, Dad and I all went to the Mets game. We got to see Tom Glavine get his 300th win. Since we got there right before the gates opened, the Mets' media crew asked me to be part of a segment to say a Spanish word and its English translation. Of course I agreed so I could be on the jumbotron!

44: Brian, Will and I all went out to celebrate Brian's mom's 50th Birthday then went out in Yonkers. What a night! | Will and I at the 21 Club.

45: On the Way to the Dominican Republic | Bright & Early...

46: In the Dominican Republic, the weather was perfect and it was breathtaking. The resort had multiple pools, one of the pools had a giant iceberg in the middle. Preston, Hannah and Olivia loved climbing all the way to the top. With an all inclusive resort, we were able to enjoy Pina Colodas and Daiquiris poolside, Mom always had some drink with her!

49: From all of the swimming and food, we were exhausted. Will and I always seemed to fall asleep before dinner! Room service was also a favorite among the girls and Preston.

50: At the resort, there was a casino and an activity every night. One activity we went to was an 80's night where there was dancers on roller skates and an amazing DJ. | There were many restaurants at the resort, we ate at a different one every night. Our favorite was the Hibachi restaurant, the chefs put on a great show with delicious food.

52: This was the first time scuba diving for anyone. We went through an hour of training and then headed out on the boat. The view underwater was incredible with sea creatures I never thought I would ever see in my life! I absolutely loved scuba diving and definitely want to get certified!

53: One night we got to see a Cirque de Sol-esque show.There was a dinner before hand. The performers were so talented and nice enough to take a picture with us.

56: Back to the USA!

57: Will and I went straight from the Dominican Republic to Wilmington, North Carolina to meet his mom and sister. We stayed in the beautiful Sugar Shack right on Kure Beach. Will and I drove 30 minutes to Sonic since there are none in the North East! We had so much fun and enjoyed all the Southern food.

58: One rainy day, Debbie, Will and I went to the Aquarium. The sea creatures were so incredible. You were even able to touch the horseshoe crabs and sting rays. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy day!

59: With the last season in the original Yankee stadium, Preston and I knew that we had to go see a game there, even though we cannot stand the Yankees! Will got us tickets and the three of us went. It was so much fun... one guy even fell over the railing by us!

60: New Year's Day 2008 will be a day I will never ever probably changed my life for good. Brian came back from a party and decided that we all needed a change. That change was transferring to Villanova University. The next morning I researched the process and a week later was applying. I was the first to get in and even put a deposit down before Will or Brian even heard. Luckily we all ended up there together:) | Villanova... Here we come!

61: Junior Year Villanova University Gallen Hall roommates: Dana Tartazky Alona Cherkez

63: Gallen 115 was the best apartment ever because of the best roommates any one could want. I had my own bedroom but shared 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. We constantly had visitors, which were mostly the Volleyball and Basketball team!

64: Alona and Dana played for our Volleyball team. I loved going to the games because they were incredible to watch. Before every game Dana would throw me a little volleyball, it was our little thing. Alona mostly coached but never stopped playing. All of the girls were extremely nice on the team and I was lucky enough to become friendly with all of them.

67: We all had so much fun Junior year. I often went out with Dana and her friends and when I wasn't with them Will and I hung out with Brian and his roommates Mas and Brennan. We also went out with AJ to Kelly's and Maloney's. It seemed like we always had something to do!

69: For Will's birthday, I surprised him with tickets to the Killers! We were about 20 rows from the stage. The show was unbelievable, they played all of their old hits and most of their new songs. Seeing them live made Will and I even more obsessed with their music!

70: For our 2 year anniversary, Will and I went to Philadelphia for the weekend. That Friday I had an Organic Chemistry test and while I was there Will went into my room and put these beautiful flowers on my bed. He also put a bottle of champagne and a touching card. Somehow we ended up getting each other the same exact card, talk about being too much alike! We ate on Friday at Dosotrios which was a amazing. The chef was featured on Iron Chef so of course Will and I were excited to eat there. For Valentine's Day we ate at a Hawaiian restaurant hoping it would remind us of our time in Hawaii. Overall, we had a memorable weekend and it was so nice just to be together.

71: After Scottie Reynolds scored the winning point in the final seconds against Pitt, the school went crazy. People were jumping over the train tracks and then there was a riot in the middle of Lancaster. The school spirit was so intense that I will always remeber that night we went to the Final Four! GO NOVA!! | FINAL FOUR

72: A few days after advancing to the Final Four, the team returned from Boston to a standing ovation at the Pavillion. Coach Jay Wright and Dante Cunningham thanked all of us for supporting the team and that we were the best fans any team could want. It was an incredible time in the Pavillion we were celebrating our team's victory but also our pride as a Villanova Wildcat!

73: In June, Mom and I saw this little ball of fur in Groomingdales and we fell in love. This ball of fur was Miley, our adorable cockapoo! She is so cute and loves to jump and chase after her toys! | meet miley

74: For my 21st birthday, Will, Brian and I all went to Miami. We stayed in the Beacon Hotel right on Ocean Drive, the beach was right across the street. Every morning we ate at Johnny Rockets and then explored the restaurants along Ocean Drive. Our last night we went to the Tropical Cafe and that is where Brian met Maha, a girl from Dubai ;) | M | i | m | a | i

76: In July Mom, Hannah, Olivia, Kristin and I all went to the Jonas Brothers concert. Jordin Sparks opened the show. Nick and Joe were so amazing and so cute. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! | Jonas Brothers

78: Britts Donut Shop had the best donuts, they made them fresh right in front of you. They only served glazed but I didn't care I could eat a million of them! | Welcome to Kure Beach

79: We stayed in a townhouse right on the beach, it was three stories with an elevator. Will and I watched Law & Order marathons and then Shark Week. Watching all of Shark Week I was too petrified to go in the water! Will thought it was hilarious though.

80: While we were at Kure Beach, about 20 sea turtles hatched. The people dug a path for them to the ocean. They were so small and cute, I wanted to take one home!

81: While in Wilmington, Will, Allie and I went bowling with their cousins Chaz and Blissy. I learned that night that Will and I are terrible bowlers. Nonetheless it was a lot of fun and it was funny to watch Will bowl with his bowling shoes!

82: s | n | r | o | i | e | y | e | a | r | Rudolph Hall | Roommate: Emily Novosedlik

84: Hoops Mania is the official kickoff to the basketball season. The coaches and players from last year came in by limo and then each player was introduced with their own song. Scottie Reynolds gave an inspiring speech about our upcoming season. The freshman all received their jerseys from Jay Wright in dramatic fashion. Then the players all performed the "Thriller"dance which was followed by the traditional Blue vs White scrimmage. | H | P | S | MANIA

86: Since Halloween was on Saturday, it was more like Halloween weekend. Friday night Will and I really didn't dress up. I was a nurse on Saturday, but Will and Brian both didn't have a costume. Brian went out about an hour before and got a red Power Ranger costume. Will being Will didn't have a costume, so I took one of my sheets, which the only one I had was green and made Will into a ghost. Well, maybe Flubber is the better description!

87: Aasia and I first met each other at RA training and instantly bonded. We became inseparable. If we were ever by ourselves, someone would ask us "Where is your other half?"We took two classes together, the dreaded BioChem with Chessloff and Sociology with Donna Shai. During class, all we did was talk and laugh at everyone else. Aasia was obsessed with my drawing of Barry, her Chem lover. Without her I do not know how we would have survived RA stuff or our dreaded roommates. I am so lucky to have Aasia in my life, she is the only one can text all day and then spend an hour on the phone with! | Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.

88: This winter was a snowy one. We were hit with storm after storm, classes were constantly being canceled, it was a dream come true! The only problem was digging out our cars afterwards and then trekking to class in the leftover snow. Also right before a big storm. everyone came to visit. It was freezing but it was nice to see the entire family. During snow days, I would play Farmville and Mafia Wars all day or watch movies with WIll. Snow days were like mini vacations! I don't think I will ever get too old for a snow day :)

90: During Senior year, I was an RA in Rudolph Hall on West Campus. For duty, we had to sit at a desk for 2 hour shifts and check-in alcohol. When we weren't at the desk we were roaming listening for any violations. Not the most interesting job but at least I got free housing and food. My fellow RAs were Aasia, Emily, Will Clifford, Colin, Cristina, Carly, Zahin, Agnes, Lauren S., Lauren W. and Olga. Our Head RA was a complete weirdo, Jessie, she worshiped horses and was socially awkward. Overall, the experience was unforgettable to say the least. | Resident Assistant

91: Villanova Basketball

92: Second semester I started babysitting Alex Haas, a 7 year old in Ardmore. We became really close and treated her like my little sister. We played imaginary games almost everyday or did different arts and crafts. During my time there, they got a goldendoodle, Layla. She was adorable and quite well behaved! I still keep in touch with Alex and iChat with her whenever we can. | Alex | Layla

93: Senior Week started right after finals and went all the way up to Graduation. There were a bunch of events like Six Flags, Dave & Busters, but Will, Brian and I went to Brownie's night, Senior night at Kelly's and Senior Dinner Dance in Atlantic City. It was fun but also sad since this was the last time together as Villanova students! | Senior Week The Beginning of the End

94: May 15 2010 Graduation & My Birthday! Saturday was the first day where our names were called. We graduated from our respective colleges. Sunday was the entire University and we had the guy from MythBusters as our Commencement speaker. | Graduation

95: Class of 2010

99: One Chapter Ends... Another One Begins...

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