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College Life

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FC: class of | 2013

1: The van is packed,and we're ready to go!


7: 75 EXIT 33 | Y'all got a baby in there??

11: Campus Choir Formal

15: "Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

19: Thanksgiving in St. Pete

22: Heather & Kristen

24: Here I am! | Parade of Favorites | Paige Lutes kids

25: A very proud Grandma! | Time to party | Beautiful Girls | Omega | Kristen and her Escort

28: We have just arrived at the airport, unloaded our luggage and started towards our terminal to check in so that we can start our journey through the airport. We had no trouble getting our boarding passes, and we had almost no complications going through airport security. I say almost because only one person was stopped and had their bags searched. Unfortunately that one person was me, somehow I manage to get searched at every single airport that I go to, it's insane. After they went through my bags and found nothing they asked me where I kept my wrench. Now I did have a wrench in my bag, I use it for Conn Crew at Lee University, but this wrench was easily within regulations (all wrenches must be 5 inches or less, this wrench in my possession is 4 inches). After showing him the wrench I had to go on to explain what my hammock was, as I never take it out of my bag and am hoping to hammock here in Ireland. At long last I got to take back my bag, wrench, and hammock and head back to the group, who without fail was laughing at the fact that I was stopped. Because I, a suburban white kid, am going to take apart a plane with a 4 inch wrench without anyone seeing or noticing me doing so. So. After we made it through the airport security we boarded the tram to get to the correct boarding area for our flight, which was incidentally the same area where I boarded a flight to England years ago with my high school band. Right when we arrived we noticed that we still had a little time to get food, exchange currency and other fun things. I went with a group of guys to go exchange currency, as I only had American money. The lady who worked the money counter was hilarious to say the least. I don't think I have ever met someone who worked at an airport that was so wonderful. After taking care of that and getting food for ourselves we boarded the plane. The plane was huge, well huge for what I was used to. There were 7 seats per row and about 3 sections on the plane. I was going to sit in seat 23D, but the lady a few seats back wanted to switch seats with me. And I ended up sitting next to a very pretty girl with very similar interests to mine. Our flight left at 9:30PM American time and arrived at about 10:30AM Ireland time (that's about a 7.5 hour flight, I'll save you having to do the math). The food on the flight was ok, to be honest it reminded me of Sodexo's food at Lee. The movies on the plane were funny, but they got cheesier as the flight got longer, but I think that might have to do with how tired I was becoming. The seat in front of me had their window open, and I watched the sun rise, it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. | Monday May 9, 2011

29: We touched down at about 10:30 in the morning here, and all of us groggily slunked off the plane, you could see the exhaustion from a mile away. I personally got maybe an hour of sleep on the plane, I've always had trouble sleeping on moving vehicles. After landing we met our tour guide, Jerry Doogen (doog-in), and he's an amazingly funny and smart local from Dublin. He took us to Trinity University to see the Book of Kells, which was AMAZING. I've never seen something so old and well preserved! We also got to walk through the "Long Room" which is a huge library in the school that holds old medical journals and tools, even a skeleton of an "Irish Giant" who was 7 feet tall. Later Jerry took us to see the park where English Royalty once kept their deer to hunt, which was beautiful. Lastly we saw the Church of Saint Patrick, where we will be singing on Wednesday at 1PM. The church is I can barely find the words It's beautiful. Magnificent. Just, amazing. Once our tour was done for the day we headed to the hotel for all of us to either nap or shower before dinner at a pub. I somehow accomplished both before leaving. We left and arrived at the pub around 6PM Ireland time. The pub was amazing, to be honest I felt like I was stepping back in time. The environment of the building was fantastic. Not to mention the food. We could choose between having a Greek Salad or the Soup of the Day (vegetable soup) and a Roast, Lamb Stew, and Fried Cod. I went with the vegetable soup and the Lamb stew, they were both amazing to say the least. After eating we were served tea and coffee, I was told that the coffee was strong, but I've always been more of a tea guy. The tea was fantastic. After dinner was over we headed back to the hotel where we all dispersed to see the city in groups of three or more. I went with Austin Smith and Justin Colon to the pubs around town to see the live music at night. While we sat in the pubs we witnessed the vast amount of people in Dublin that spend a good part of their nights at pubs at night. I'm not lying, really it's a whole lot of people, I was later told that Tuesday was a slow night for the pubs, which sort of scares me. How many people can they fit in these places?? Well. While we were at the pub who did we happen to see? That's right, the girl I had been sitting next to on the plane for 7.5 hours. We started talking and all headed out to see the sights. Before too long we ended up at McDonalds to grab cheap college kid affordable food. And then we realized what time it was and headed back to the hotel before our curfew was past, as we did not want to stir trouble. We made it back, with thirty minutes to spare or so. | Tuesday, May 10,2011

32: We started of our days with breakfast at the hotel. Now, from my past experience I expected some luke-warm bagels, half way good yogurts, and a sub-par waffle maker. And it was to my surprise that the breakfast was all out. There was fruit, eggs (both scrambled and sunny side up), crescent rolls, cereal, bacon, sausage, sausage cake things, porrage, toast, hot tea, various fruit juices, fresh coffee, and much more. To say the least I was stuffed after scarfing down around 3 plates of food. I had trouble getting up from the table to be honest. After eating I came back up to the room to work on the photo's for the blog here. At 12 we were to meet in the lobby, and from there we would head to the Cathedral for our first concert. We had our concert in Saint Patrick's Cathedral today at 1PM, the concert went spectacularly. I could tell that the crowd enjoyed the music and energy that the students in Chorale emitted during singing by the expressions on their faces. From the more serious songs to the ones about eel's being "yuck" the smiles were anything but far and in-between. After the concert we started to head out to the bus and stopped in the park behind the church to sing as well. The kids and families that were there loved the spontaneous vocal stylings of the Lee University Chorale students. After the concert we had free time. And unfortunately I cannot currently speak for where everyone went and what everyone did, I went to see the Trinity University campus at night, though I could not get pictures as the camera's flash would defeat the purpose of seeing it at night. The campus was beautiful. So amazing. | Wednesday, May 11, 2011

33: Breakfast was just as amazing as yesterday. I ate almost as much and still felt as though I had trouble getting out of my chair. One thing that I did notice is that more Chorale members were at breakfast this time, apparently the food and its fame had spread to those who chose not to attend yesterdays most important meal of the day. After breakfast we met down in the lobby to split up for our service projects. I went with Michael Payne, Rachel Cooke, Kaylee Gallagher, Austin Smith, Alisa Wood, and Jessica Quinones to paint railings and trimming in a small neighborhood area in the area East of the hotel that we're staying at. During the volunteer work we met many residents and fellow workers. One resident was familiar with American television and called me "Jon-boy" whenever she saw me, which is something my grandmother on my mothers side does. It reminded me of her. Haha. We started our work by painting railing with a new coat of silver to protect it from rusting in the rain. Ironically it rained on and off while we were painting. Once we had put the new coat of silver down on all the railings we were invited in to have tea and coffee by the other workers, it seems that "work hard and break often" is a motto for the Irish people here, and I have to say, I love that motto. Once we had had coffee, tea, and biscuits we headed back to work in building 3 where we placed down a layer of paint around the trim and light switches in the building, preparing the walls to be repainted with rollers. After laying down our first coat of paint we went to a sandwich shop that was literally a jump, hop, and a skip away (although that is definitely NOT how we got there). The sandwiches were amazing. Possibly the best I have ever had. My good friend Austin Smith got one sandwich that had Ham (might have been turkey, I can't rightfully remember), pineapple, and corn on white bread. That sandwich was one of the most interesting sandwiches I have ever seen or tasted. Interesting in a good way that is. Once we had had lunch we went back to work, placing down the second coat of paint over the paint we had already placed in building 3. After our service project I went with Michael Payne, and Austin Smith to a store called Penney's. That store has some of the best deals that I have seen in any European store. I wont go into detail, but I saved a whole lot compared to if I had bought it in America. Our shopping only lasted about an hour or two, and we had to head back to the hotel to meet for the concert at the Christ Church Cathedral. This cathedral was and is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Just... I can't even begin to describe the architecture of the building. I'll be posting pictures of it in the next photo upload, I promise. The concert-service tonight was amazing to say the least. Once again the Lee University Chorale has blown music out of the water with what seems like the slightest effort, though I know for a fact that these students work(ed) very very very hard to get the voice control that they have. After service we went to the Gallagher Pub for dinner. The food was amazing. And I promise you that you don't understand how good was. I got a homemade soup (tomato), and I must say, it was the best tomato soup I have ever had. After the soup I had an entree of a ham based dish that is local to Ireland, and unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the dish at the moment (but I am sure I will remember in the most inopportune time). For dessert I had a cheesecake that was to die for. I obviously did not die for it, but still, it was AMAZING. | Thursday, May 12,2011

36: What an amazing trip this has been. The land is beautiful, the people are charming, and the trip has truly been an experience of a lifetime. From the moment that we landed in Dublin we could see that this was a special trip and this specific group of students have been such a great representation of Lee University and the families from which they come. From touring Trinity University and seeing the Book of Kells, to the Kilainham Gaol, from enjoying the Irish music in the Temple Bar area, to great shopping on Henry Street, Dublin was an exciting city to explore. But nothing quite matched the thrill of singing "St. Patrick's Hymn" in St. Patrick's Cathedral or sharing an Evensong Service in the beautiful Christ Church Cathedral. Following our time in Dublin we headed out toward Waterford with a wonderful stop in Kilkenny City. We toured the magnificent 12th century castle and toured the beautiful grounds. We shopped for souvenirs in the quaint village and many of us had a wonderful lunch in a little place called Cafe Coco. We ended our time in Kilkenny at St. Canice's Cathedral. (It is said that President Obama's great-great-great-Uncole John Kearney was once the bishop of Osssary and is buried on the grounds of this beautiful old church.) Our tour guide got permission for us to perform a couple of songs in the cathedral and then we went out to the 102 foot tower to climb the 167 steps to the top. This gave us a great view of the entire town. At the end of the day we ended up in Waterford City, a beautiful town on the banks of the River Suir. After a wonderful dinner together we let the students free to explore the city. On Saturday we'll have a walking tour of Waterford complete with a tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory. More on that to come ... | Friday, May 13,2011

37: Saturday morning was our first morning at our new hotel, the Bridge Hotel in Waterford City. I must say that compared to the breakfast at the last hotel, the one here was rather disappointing. But I won't complain too much, "free" food is free food. (I say "free" because we payed for the hotel rooms). After breakfast we went on a walking tour around the city with our new guide Jack. Jack is and archaeologist, well, to be specific he his and archaeological geographer. For those of you who do not know exactly what that is I will explain, an archaeological geographer is the person who you would take something that you dug up and wanted to know what it is. So to say the least, he really knew his stuff. Jack reminded me so much of Indiana Jones. The only thing that I thought was funny about him is that he looked so much like Albert Einstein, facial expressions and all. He showed us the different places around Waterford that were historic and explained that the city was known for being a viking city, being settled by vikings. One of the most memorable things he told us was that vikings, though they are thought of as huge hulking warriors, were shorter than I am, most likely around 5 foot 5 inches tall. At the end of the tour we went to the Waterford Crystal factory. This tour. Was amazing. I can't remember the name of the tour guide, but I clearly remember the tour. She took us into a small room that was dark, the walls were all mirrors, and the movie shown reflected everywhere, it was super cool. After the movie our guide took us in to see the first room, where masters in glasscraft were blowing glass into basic shapes for the glass to be made into glasses, bowls, plates, etc. The second room was filled with halfway completed glass pieces, some large, some small. And here they were being cut by other masters of glasscraft so that they would have unique patterns and cuts. It was absolutely incredible what these men could do with just a spinning blade and a chunk of crystal. After seeing the cutting room we went into the next room where the pieces were being finished. Here we saw the 2012 Super Bowl Trophy under construction. I touched the 2012 Super Bowl Trophy. After the factory we went our seperate ways. I went shopping, but unfortunately I could not find anything worth buying. For dinner that night I went with Michael Payne, my family, and Ben to eat at the hotel next door. It was really funny, because for some reason on that Saturday night, everything but the hotel was closed. The food was no where near as good as that of the pubs we had become accustomed to eating, but it was still good. After food we were all exhausted and went to our rooms to pack and sleep, as we have to wake up the next day pretty early. | Saturday, May 14,2011

40: . Our concert this morning would be at a Cathedral around 45 minutes from the hotel, we had to wake up early so that we had enough time to check out, eat breakfast, and load all of our things onto the bus as well as driving to the cathedral. After arriving at the cathedral we set up to sing, I took pictures (which I will upload soon, I promise). The mass was wonderful. It was the same message as the night before at the last cathedral, but this one was better. It was better because of the children. The Father of the church had the children storm the stage, and they read the prayers. They also sang a song. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Near the end of the service it was so funny, the Father called our group "the Lee Singers". Hahahaha. After the concert at the cathedral we got back on the bus and headed to a castle in Clare. The castle was called Bunratty Castle, and it was super cool. There were towers, store rooms, a guard keep, and that's not even counting the entire village outside of the castle. I'm terrified of heights, and somehow I made it on top of two of the towers, for which I am proud of myself. In the small village we saw these two massive dogs, they were nearly 4 feet tall when standing on all four legs. I almost got a picture of one of them standing next to one of our shorter members Tricia, I only wish the dog hadn't moved off right when I tried to take it. We also saw sheep, lambs, pigs, chickens, cows, deer, goats, and all other farm type animals. I actually got to pet one of the lambs. It's fur was super super soft. The castle was really cool, but still we had to get to the next town and had to leave. We were on the bus for most of the rest of the day. Once we reached Galway we unloaded, got our room keys, freshened up, and prepared to leave for dinner at another pub. At this pub I ate vegetable soup (it was amazing), salmon (again absolutely amazing), and these creme puff pas trey things. I'm still trying for an opinion on these, as amazing is not a strong enough word to describe them. | Sunday, May 15, 2011

41: Monday started off at a leisurely 10 AM with breakfast and a tour of Galway by the best bus driver in the world, Mike. He showed us the city center, churches around the area, as well as the shopping areas. Once the tour was finished we all split up, going our different ways to shop and get lunch. At first my group consisted of Caitlin Hammon, John Moore, Chris Oglesby, Rachel Cook, Michael Payne, Kaylee Gallagher, Vera Vozynuk, my father Bill Green, my mother Twyla Green, and my sister Marybeth Green. We wandered around Galway looking from store to store for things to buy. I found a few gifts for others as well as a scarf and hat for myself. While out we got lunch at a place called The Kings Head, which was of course a pub. Haha. The food was great. I had a sandwich that was at least the size of my head. I wonder if that is why it is called the Kings Head.... After eating we went from shop to shop. Galway is actually known for one of my favorite things in the world, street musicians. They were everywhere! Accordion players, Banjo players, ENTIRE BANDS, all just playing on the street. It was amazing!! For dinner we all want to different places, but yet most of us ended up in this one Italian place just down the street from our hotel. I ate an entire pizza by myself. After dinner we all headed back to the hotel to get some much needed rest. | Monday, May 16,2011

46: Cleveland TN, where a tornado touched down on Wednesday afternoon, April 27, 2011. 9 people died in Bradley County, over 280 homes in Bradley Co. were destroyed and around 300 or so with major and minor damage. Lee University had no damage!

49: La & Kristen


51: The Marriage of Figaro By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

53: Music expresses that which cannot be said. and on which it is impossible to be silent

58: "I am absolutely grateful to love my job so much. It is the best thing one can hope for ... every day, every morning, I am happy to go to see my friends. It is enriching to me to have a relationship like this with the patient." Dr. Fouad Sattar was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. He wanted to be a doctor ever since he can remember. In fact, as a little boy, he was known among his family and friends as "the little doctor." The more he learned as he got older, the more fascinated he became with the human body. Dr. Sattar earned his medical degree from Cairo University in 1966 and received his initial training in Cairo and Great Britain. He ran a large fertility clinic at Guy’s Hospital Medical School in London and the London Hospital Medical School, where he was working as a lecturer in OBGYN, which inspired the special interest he has today in fertility medicine. He also developed a particular interest in ultrasonography and gynecological cancers. He moved here with his wife in 1977. He held various teaching and consulting positions at Ellis Hospital and Albany Medical College, where he held a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology, and rose to the rank of Clinical Professor. He joined the staff of St. Clare’s Hospital in Schenectady in 1979 as the Director of the OB/GYN Educational Program, a position he still holds. He is also currently the vice chief of the medical-dental staff at St. Clare’s, and a professor of clinical OB/GYN at Albany Medical College. In his current role, Dr. Sattar is responsible for the overall teaching and supervision of the training of the OB/GYN residents, Family Practice residents and medical students. "We have an excellent program at St. Clare’s and I thoroughly enjoy teaching and training them, in addition to medical students at Albany Medical Center." "I teach my residents to be good physicians, not just good ‘m.d.’s. We can all excel and be proficient in the science, which is the definition of ‘m.d.’ But a physician is a healer. You need a lot more to be a physician. You need to know to hold the hand to comfort the patient. Treat the patient as you would like to be treated as a friend." Dr. Sattar’s bedside manner and expertise have earned him many honors and awards including, most recently, the distinguished Kay and Hans Rozendaal Health and Community Service Award in 2004. This award is given to a person who significantly benefits the positive quality of life and availability of health and human services to people in the Schenectady community. He has twice received the Teacher of the Year Award from Albany Medical College OB/GYN residents and Family Practice residents at St. Clare’s, and has also received the "Spirit of Healing Award" from St. Clare’s Hospital in 2002. Dr. Sattar is certified by the American Board of OB/GYN, and is fluent in English, Arabic, French and Welsh. He has been published in several national and international medical journals. Dr. Sattar is a fellow and member of national and international Medical Societies including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, The American Medical Association, the Schenectady County Medical Society (president), the American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, the American Society for Laproscopic Surgery, the European Society for Human Reproductive Embrilogists, and The Royal Society of Medicine. "To see the birth ... the miracle ... it still fascinates me after all of these years. Seeing a little human coming out fully formed. It makes the job interesting and rewarding. It takes away the tiredness of getting called in at three or four in the morning. Once you see the miracle in front of you, you forget about all of that. It is one of the most beautiful moments, always ... to share those moments with the patients is special to me." Dr. Sattar and his wife are the proud parents of three grown daughters, and share their home with a dog and two cats. Travel is their favorite pastime, bringing them everywhere from "down under" and Sweden to Santa Barbara, California (which is one of their favorite places in the U.S.). Dr. Sattar loves photography, and Arabic and French literature and art. On occasion, you might also see Dr. Sattar on a golf course. | Hospital Visits

59: Ovarian cyst/cyst's | Tonsils, Anodes & Deviated Septum | Ovary removed and NO Endometriosis | July 6,2012 Dr. Fauad Sattar | Joseph R. Hellmann, M.D. | Dr. John Sullivan

60: 1678 Greenwood Ave

61: RIP Reginald March 15, 2013

64: XOXO

72: Posted: 01/20/2013 By: Casey Weldon, WCPO Channel 9, Cincinnati Ohio WASHINGTON -east_cincinnati/anderson_township woman-to-sing-prior-to-presidential-inauguration An Anderson High School grad and current music student will sing during the 57th presidential inauguration on Monday.Kristen Hollowood, who is currently studying vocal performance at Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn., is one of 200 students in university’s Festival Choir who will perform immediately before President Barack Obama is publicly sworn in at the United States Capitol. “It’s pretty exciting for us,” Hollowood told 9 On Your Side while she was touring the sites in Washington. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that not many Americans get to partake in, so how could you not be excited?” While she might have some pre-performance jitters, Hollowood is no stranger to the stage. She’s been performing on stage since she was a little girl working with the Cincinnati Children’s Theater. “I’ve been performing since I was little kid – singing and acting,” she said. “I’ve never done anything on this scale before, though. This is all new and very, very exciting.”Hollowood was chosen by the directors of Lee University’s seven choral ensemble groups, which hold regular auditions for members. She said she didn’t envy those doing the picking because of the difficult choices they’d have to make. “All the ensemble directors got together and picked the group that they felt made the balance right,” Hollowood said. “It had to be difficult because there are so many different groups and so many talented singers at Lee, but they did a great job making sure the balance was absolutely perfect.” While excited to show off her talents in front of the country and arguably the most powerful person in the world, Hollowood battled some mixed feelings about her selection. “It’s always sad to have half of your group not able to go on a trip or participate in an event. But everyone knows this isn’t about individuals. It’s about Lee (University) and performing for the country.” That same group-first mentality has Hollowood excited to sing as part of a group, instead of as a solo artist. “There’s no feeling like having 200 voices singing with you. It’s just so powerful,” she said, also admitting that a solo performance might be a little overwhelming. The group was hand-picked by Sen. Lamar Alexander, who represented the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. He invited the choir in November after attending one of their performances.Hollowood said Alexander set up the meeting with Lee University’s president, Paul Kahn, but it was kept secret so the members of the group would be surprised. “We were completely shocked when Sen. Alexander came to our concert. That’s how we found out,” Hollowood said. “I wish people could have seen our faces.” Alexander said he recommended the Lee musicians because "their great talent and inspirational musicianship will thrill the millions of people who will be watching the inauguration of our president," according to a Lee University press release. These vocal ensembles at Lee have appeared around the world at venues as varied as Carnegie Hall, the NBC television show “Sing Off,” and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. The groups present choral masterworks, pop and gospel music, and standard classical literature, performing composers ranging from Duruflé to Bach to John Rutter.Hollowood and the group of performers aren’t just staying cooped up in their hotel rooms, though, not after the group took five buses and traveled 13-hours to get to the Washington D.C. area. “We’re taking some time to see the sites. The Library of Congress is just incredible. It all is, really,” she said, making sure to note that Monday’s performance was never far from her mind. “I think I always have the performance in the back of the mind. I’ll just be looking and then I’ll think, ‘We’re going to perform at the presidential inauguration.’” Lee, which Hollowood describes as a “very musical place,” will be tuning to watch the choir perform. The university has established multiple viewing locations across the campus and will be streaming the event live. “Since classes are canceled on Monday the students will be able to watch the performance and the whole event, which is really nice. This performance isn’t about the ensemble in Washington. It’s about Lee.”

73: It is extraordinary to think that just yesterday my choir sang for the millions of people for the inauguration of our president. The whole idea seems surreal. We arrived at the capitol building around 6am and went through lots of security, getting 200 students through security that early in the morning was crazy but well worth it. We were put in a holding room where they provided breakfast and gave us a run-down on how the day was going to go. After warming up and singing through a couple songs we came together and said a prayer thanking God for the incredible opportunity we had been blessed with. We bundled up to brace the cold and before we knew it we were on our way. They handed us a ticket that allowed us to enter the stage and urged us not to let go of it. I have to admit it almost felt like holding the golden ticket to willy wonka and the chocolate factory, it almost didn't seem real. As we walked through the streets we were greeted by guards and people on the street who were so kind, the energy that filled the air was incredible. The looks on everyone's faces told the same story, we were about to be apart of history. Nothing could have prepared me for the moment we walked onto the platform. As I walked onto the platform the trees and building that blocked the view slowly peeled away to reveal the massive amounts of people that were ready for the festivities. There aren't word to describe how beautiful that sight was. It was so overwhelming. The music started, we stood and did what we do best.. sang our hearts out! The last song we sang was "God Bless America". There was a moment toward the end of that song that it all hit me like a ton of bricks. As I sang, "God Bless America" I looked out onto the crowd and was filled with utter gratitude and an overwhelming thankfulness to be apart of this choir and to live in this country. I have to admit, a few tears streamed down my cheek as we sang the final notes of the song and watched the crowd in unity waving our flag. I don't have words for how incredible it was to be apart. After singing we sat and had incredible seats to witness the rest of the inauguration. While it was absolutely freezing, none of us seemed to care that much. After the incredible ceremony was over we were escorted off stage and immediately onto our busses. Before we knew it we were on the way home, with a memory to last a lifetime. Could not have been more perfect. This experience made firm three things, my love and gratefulness for my God, my love for my country and an enormous sense of pride in saying I go to Lee University!! By Kristen Hollowood



96: So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye I leave and heave A sigh and say goodbye --Goodbye! | Stank Face!

98: Summer at Lee

101: LEE U

103: "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson

105: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Henry Stanley Haskins

106: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?" Marianne Williamson

108: 2013 | I hope you never lose your sense of wonder, You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger, May you never take one single breath for granted, God forbid love ever leave you empty handed, I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope you dance... I hope you dance...

109: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Kristen DeAnna Hollowood | Change lives, teach voice, impact your world! | _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ON THIS | 27th | ________________________ | DAY OF | July | ________________________ | 20 | 13 | _____________

110: “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” C.S. Lewis

111: Kristen, I couldn't possibly sum up all that you mean to me in this one section, but I'll have to try and make it fit. ;) But, I never knew that one person could have as much of an impact on my life as you have. You not only made my Omega experience awesome, but you made my entire college career awesome (and memorable), too. Each and every day I thank the Lord that He so strategically put you in my life. You have taught me so much these past 2 years. You have taught me how to be a better, more compassionate person. You've taught me what it means to be a true Proverbs 31 woman. You've taught me that it's okay to laugh and be stupid. But, most of all, you have taught me how to be me. You, my beautiful big, are such a blessing and I am so thankful that you are in my life. You are my best friend and role model, and I look up to you. I am so happy that we have become as close as we are and I KNOW we'll continue to get closer...even when you leave me for Ohio. :( But, I look forward to all of the many more memories we will share in the future! In the words of Aibiline (don't know if I spelled that right) from The Help.."You is kind. You is smart. You is important.".....and I really mean that....minus the bad grammar. Haha! I am truly blessed by you. I LOVE YOU. Love always, Your Little, Kayla Dunn. | K

112: Kristen, Just looking through this book, I am reminded about the incredible experiences you've had while at Lee. With everything that you have faced along the way, you've faced it all with dignity, grace, and compassion. You've been an example to so many young girls by living a life fully surrendered to Christ and in pursuit of His will for your life. I love you, Kristen. You've been an unexpected friendship and I praise God for ordaining such a wonderful relationship. Congrats on finishing this journey and beginning your next steps! -Paige | P

113: Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who loveGod all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

114: J

115: To my dearest Kristen Hollowood, Let me begin by saying Congratulations to you first and foremost. I am so incredibly proud of you and honored to call you a friend and sister. The only thing I hate about your graduation is that I wasn't able to be a part of your final 3 years at Lee University. I clearly remember the first conversation between Caitlin and I about getting you into Omega, and knowing that ultimately you were a shoe in because you had her support! It was Omega that fostered our friendship, but ultimately vulnerability and consistency that developed it over the years. Kristen I have seen you walk through hardships and troubles regarding almost every area of life over the last few years from health, to family, to relationships, to Omega you have handled everything thrown at you with an incredible amount of grace, wisdom, and certainty. It is for that reason that I am most proud of you. I have watched you grow from a quiet choir girl new to Omega, to a confident wise woman of God over the last few years, and it has been my honor as a brother and friend to watch you grow, support you, and challenge you along the way. I hope you know how much I value your opinion and words of encouragement. Your love and affirmation has picked me up in some of the lowest moments of my life, and there is no gift greater than that. You are so talented, and I know that God has your steps ordered for you. You are going to be a difference maker, you are going to be a world changer, you are a woman of influence, and do not ever forget that. For me personally, I want nothing more out of my life than to know that I have made a difference (for the better) in the lives of others. I know your heart and passions are similar, and I know that there are incredible things awaiting you. My prayer for you going forward is that you learn to live within the tension of contentment and desire for change. I am constantly trying to learn more and grow myself, but I am also incredibly content and satisfied with where I am. That is a tough place to be and it takes some balance as well. In conclusion my darling 27, know that I am proud of you, know that I will always support you, and I am always a phone call, text, or tweet away. I love you so much, and I know that you are called to magnificent things. Jordan Hicks Beau 24 Cant believe I graduated 3 years ago. I am getting old. "God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called."

117: Kristen, I am so grateful to have been able to share my experience at Lee with you. We really are sisters in every sense, and not just by letters. Thank you for always believing in and being patient with me. You are going to do incredible things for God; you have the perfect amount of heart, determination, and compassion. I can't wait to see how you impact the world. Love, Jamie Binegar | J

119: I am so beyond blessed to have you in my life and I cannot imagine my college life without you now. The moment I met you at the rush party I knew that I wanted to get to know you. Everywhere you go, you shine the love of Christ and your joy is contagious. I look at everyone that you have touched in your life and see how they have all become better people because of you. Next semester is going to be so weird for me to come back without you here. However, I am beyond excited to see you in your next stage of life. You are going to flourish and show Christs' love wherever you go. I am SO proud of you. Love you very much! Mary Dews "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." ~Joshua 1:9 | M

121: Kristen, It has been such an incredible journey beginning with this picture and seeing where God has brought us since then. I have never had a friend like you before - someone who is so similar to me, someone who goes out of their way to encourage me, and someone who has seen all sides of me and loves me anyway. =) Literally, I couldn't have handpicked a better friend. I'm so proud to be associated with you because of the way you carry yourself and the way you are a light to so many people on this campus. You have impacted more people than you realize by your words and the way you genuinely love and care about the people God has placed in your life. You are extraordinary, beautiful, gifted, and anointed. You'll never know how much you've blessed me. I love you my wonderful roommate! Leah (aka hot piece of roommate) | L

123: Kristen! I have been so blessed by this weird thing we have called friendship. Actually, lets be honest, its a sisterhood. I can trust you with anything. Well, maybe not with spilling liquids or both of us walking somewhere without tripping. But I'll trust you with the rest. Obviously this isn't goodbye but this next school year won't be the same without you. I don't know what I'm going to do without you here! I'll just have to find another shoulder to cry on. just like the picture. We've been through a lot together and we still have many more adventures! :) There is no one else I know who has a better heart for people and the Lord like you do. You have been a beautiful example to me of what a Godly woman should be like. You're one of those friends that I know will always be around, no matter how far apart we are. We'll continue trading clothes, making strange noises, falling,laughing at things that aren't funny, being socially awkward, eating extra larges pizzas, word vomiting, singing, dancing (on and off stage), making weird faces, eating Zaxby's, sitting in silence, communicating across the room with just facial expressions, taking pictures, being sappy (like right now), sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives, holding each other accountable, challenging each other, and SO MUCH MORE. I found a quote that I believe fits us really well. I don't really know where it's from but it applies to both of us. Sometimes I'm the strong one. Sometimes you're the strong one. But in the end we'll be there for each other unitl it's all okay. I love you so much! So yea, there it is. Love you, Kaylee G “Once upon a time there were two sisters. One of them was really, really strong, and one of them wasn't.' You looked at me. 'Your turn.' I rolled my eyes. 'The strong sister went outside into the rain and realized the reason she was strong was because she was made out of iron, but it was raining and she rusted. The end. -'No, because the sister who wasn't strong went outside into the rain when it was raining, and hugged her really tight until the sun came out again.” Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care | K

125: Dear Kristen, You have been a gem in my life and dear friend! I'm so thankful that you have been a part of my life and we have worked together for 3 wonderful years. Your personality radiates light. No matter what the situation, you can find a reason to smile. I am thankful that you have influenced my life and that we have shared laughter in the office, photo shoots at my house, new Pandora music, and conversations over coffer at Cait's. I know that you will, but I pray that you be blessed and your new life's journey bring you peace and happiness. Love you! Jill | J

126: Kristen tap 27 I love you so much sister and I'm so proud of the beautiful woman you are and what the future holds for you. Love, Press On | A

127: Kristen: | We've had an amazing bond over the past 5 years! From the first time we met at our college auditions, I knew that you would be there for me. And you have! Even when you probably wanted to hit me upside the head. This is my formal "thank you" - Alexia & I are very fortunate to have someone who loves us, even in the tough times. Just know, it is most definitely available in return. Love You! Congrats! Your Brother: Always, | Cody | CC TAP 101 | ACLK | EPPA | BOMS | C

128: A

129: Little Kristen, I love you so much and cannot believe that you are graduating! Holy moly, grandma-you did it! And you survived the music program! This is crazy to me because it makes me feel so old but I’m so proud of you! I am in no way sad about this because I know you are returning to Cincinnati to be close to me again – OR maybe because it is where your family and job happen to be – but the details aren’t important. ;) Nevertheless, this is an exciting time for both of us and I am so glad that it worked out for you to come home! You have seriously been like family to me from the first time I met you. I remember meeting you on a Wednesday when the Wolf’s brought me back to FCA and you were leading worship. After meeting you, I knew we would be friends. I just didn’t realize what kind of friends at the time. My sophomore year, I remember Zach made sure I got to say hi to you on a weekend when you were visiting Lee and I was so excited that you were thinking about Campus Choir. And really the rest is history. We share so many friends and common interests so it was inevitable that we would be spending A LOT of time together at Lee. Not just in general, but through countless weekend tours with CC, retreats, inductions, and events with Omega, late night sleepover/vent sessions with Cait, reunion dinners with the Cinci crew, and of course other random family nights watching Twilight and SYTYCD and making the most ridiculous facebook videos ever. Through sharing those times with you, I have been able to see so many different facets of your character and inner beauty. I know others have bragged on your strength, joy, perseverance through the hardest of times, and your genuine devotion and willingness to sacrifice for those close family members and friends in your life. But in addition, as you are moving into the next phase of life and into the ‘real world,’ I wanted to encourage you in your ability to make strangers feel like family and how well you love other people. My high school girls who visited Lee for this past Lee Day could not stop talking about the impression you made on them and how after talking to you, they were even more confident in their decision that they made to attend Lee. I think we may even have some potential Omega babies But seriously, be confident that you are truly leaving a legacy with Lee University! You have touched and impacted the lives of so many people – both close friends and acquaintances, staff and students - and it is that impact and the genuine love you have for so many people that will lead you and carry you through this transition! I’m so excited to walk with you through this next stage of life and to watch how you grow even more outside of the bubble! I love you so much, precious girl! Congratulations! Love, Slukie

130: Kristen- I could not be more proud of the woman you've become. I have had the incredible honor and privilege of being a part of your Lee family, but more importantly, I get to call you my sister and my friend. You are incredibly strong, joyous, talented and beautiful. Your determination and persistence that you've shown throughout the past few years will stand true and speak as a testament to your integrity and character. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your life. I know that there will be many, many more chances to laugh, cry, travel and grow together. Cheers to an incredible future! Your Big; Cait | C

132: Polka & Dot

133: Kristen, You are one incredible person! I'm so thankful for our relationship. The honesty we have with one another, the ridiculousness that we have created and the countless memories that we have made will always be my favorite. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for your life. I know it will be more than you or I could ever imagine. Thank you for always being a constant in my life and an unbelievable encouragement. Your heart and passion will take you to places you never dreamed. I love you! -Rachel | R

134: L | Kris!!!! I cannot believe the time has finally arrived! Your graduation dear love. The day you have worked for, cried over, and dreamed about. You have accomplished so much. You have remained steady in your race to the finish! No matter the obstacles that faced you, you pressed on. I am forever thankful to have you in my life. (Ok and here come the tears) Kristen you have been a true and loving friend that is always there. A roommate who shared hours and hours of silly laughter. A friend who listened to me cry. And a mad woman ready to go hurt an idiot. Our story of friendship is no where near over my love. I consider this the first chapter. So much more is yet to come! And no matter where we end up I will always be ready for pizza, hot tea, and musicals. I am so proud of you!!!!!!! Love you!!!! La

136: So for all of that, I want to say thanks. Thanks for the countless texts of encouragement, Scripture you've shared, prayers you've prayed, and all the times you've never allowed me to take myself too seriously. | As I write this letter to you, I'm praying for you-that God would give you wisdom to discern His plan for you, and the peace and boldness you need to accomplish those things. Don't ever cease to be amazed at the indescribable compassion and love that He extends to you continually. It's been a blessing having you here and the friendship that we've shared... You're going to be missed so much! Love you, Cody | Kristen- It's absolutely crazy to me that you're time here at Lee has come to a close. When we became friends a few years ago, you were one of the most timely friendships I could have ever asked for. Some of the very best memories that I have during my time here, you were a part of--from the talks about The Lord, late night worship hangouts until 5 in the morning, Omega, forever giving you a hard time about how you should have been in Singers, frustration over The Office, laughing so hard about things that we embarrassed ourselves--the list goes on and on, and I don't have enough room to be able to recount them one by one. So needless to say, your friendship has been a big part of my life these past few years, and I am so completely thankful for the blessing you've been during that time. | C

137: Kristen, Sister. You mean so much to me, and I'm so grateful to have you as my friend. We've grown close over the past few year or two, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. From music history, to devotions, to two-hour-long venting sessions, you've been a constant source of joy in my life, and the lives of those around you. Graduation is not goodbye, not even close; we will be close, just outside of the Lee bubble. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you, and for our friendship as He takes us forward in His plan. Love you so much, Forbes | "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." - Matthew 6:33-34 | F

138: "Don't cry because its over, laugh because it happened." There are countless adages and quotes that attempt to put words to how we feel when The Lord turns the pages of our life. We move from chapter to chapter, and often it feels we spend longer wondering and searching in new territory than we spend settled in our niche. Goodness know you and i have both put in our time with the seeking. And made some stumbles on the way. "Life isn't simple. The beauty of it is you can always start over. It'll get easier." In both of our searches at Lee, some how we found each other. I'm so glad an thankful we did. You are truly an incredible young lady. You are talented, encouraging, consistent, and absolutely have an incredible future ahead of you. I hope in your next step, I'm blessed to be one of the parts you keep from this stage. "Faith is taking the first step. Even when you can't see the whole staircase." Whatever you do and wherever you go you are chosen and equipped and are gonna impact so many people. You're a gorgeous young woman and I adore you. I'm praying for you and I love you. Whatever you do, go after it. Commit. Sell out. Pour into people even when they don't appreciate it then. Be the friend no one deserves. Be the rock you've proved yourself to be. Thats what makes you who you are and what has set you apart and locked you in my heart. So lastly "Be the first on the dance floor, and the last to leave." BJA | B

139: Dear Kristen, Getting to know you the past two years has been just incredible. I always joke about my first impression of you and how it has completely changed.. Your spirit for the Lord shines in all that you do. We will all miss small groups with you. You may laugh at your leadership but know that it is perfect because it comes from your heart. Since we have gotten to known each other more, I have always felt so close to you. You always see to it that everyone feels welcome and loved and appreciated. We have shared the same joys and disappointments but know that through it all, God will provide. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you. I know you are a world changer and you will knock everyone off their feet. With much love and admiration, Priscilla Wortman | "Seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you." Luke 12:31 | P

141: I have been so blessed by our friendship. You mean so much to me and I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes you! | Thank you for always being there for me. I love you! Rachel | R

142: This hope we have as an anchor for the soul, is both strong and steadfast. Hebrews 6:19 When my heart is overwhelmed, Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalms 61:2 Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart. Luke 6:45

143: Kristen, Words can't even express how blessed I am to have you as a best friend. You are the true definition and example of a sister. I have no doubt that we will continue this friendship throughout our entire lives, because lets be real..we are more than friends; we are family The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he put us in the same club and brought us together at the perfect time. It's definitely been a wild adventure, but looking back on all of out times together I honestly can't imagine life without you in it. Even though we wont be together in person, nothing will ever be able to separate the bond we have; not even distance. I know the Lord has incredible plans for your life and I can't wait to see them unfold. This is not the end, it's only the beginning. I love you so much and can't wait to make a million more memories with you! Love, Brittan | B

144: Kristen, First of all congratulations on this incredible accomplishment! I know firsthand how much work and effort that you have put into your academics in order to reach this step and you should definitely feel fulfilled with an incredible job well done. However, this stage obviously represents much more than just the completion of an academic degree. It marks personal development and growth relationally and spiritually as well as a wealth of friends who have helped you reach this place. You are truly wealthy in friends, and not just in the quantity of them but in the depth of quality as well. You are a continual example and mouthpiece of something that I feel is extremely lacking in our world: encouragement. I think that you are one of the most encouraging people I know. Both in and beyond Omega, you have always been so willing to look into the hearts and lives around you, find the good, and emphasize it to them with words. In our society this is an extremely rare, but needed gift. Oftentimes we hear a chorus of voices (typically including our own) which emphasize our failures and shortcomings, but I have found that you combat those voices with your own solo of kindhearted, and oftentimes vulnerable, reassurance. I know that for so many people you serve as a consistent place of safety and give them the opportunity to be vulnerable and find healing. Please continue to use this incredible gift from God as you walk into this new role of teaching and mentoring voice students. I know that you will be amazing at impacting the lives of everyone you meet beyond the music that you will be teaching them. You will have an opportunity to show them their worth in Christ and to find confidence in more than their ability to sing or play an instrument. Continue to use the amazing gifts that you have discovered and developed here at Lee for the advancement of God’s kingdom through the unique places that He is putting you. I am so excited for you and honored to have you as my friend. Thank you for all the encouragement and kindness which you have exemplified to me over the years, and congratulations once again on this amazing accomplishment. -Stephen Van Gorp | S

146: T | Kristen, You are such a beautiful soul and I'm so blessed to know you. Your friendship means the world to me. You exemplify Christ's love. You are a spiritual leader and I admire that in you. Kristen, you are that person that I don't even have to say a word to..just a look will explain everything! It's amazing to me that God put us in each others lives at the exact time we truly needed each other. I am going to miss you terribly; Lee will not be the same without you, but I'm not worried about losing my friend. You will always be a life long friend of mine. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you when you leave Lee. He has big plans for you sweet girl and I am extremely excited for Him to reveal them to you in His time. I love you so very much! Also, please remember the talents the Lord has blessed you with. Trust yourself, but trust HIM even more. I love you! Tricia Logsdon

147: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." -Romans 8:28

149: Z | Kristen, Let's kick this little note off with a huge CONGRATULATIONS! You've made it to the finish line! Well... the starting line for the rest of life but I guess it's all in how you look at things Listen, when your Mom asked me to write something I was definitely excited but a bit nervous because I wasn't sure what to write. There are so many ways to go about writing something like this. Be professional and write with no grammatical errors (but what's the fun in that), be fun and friendly with a lot of YAY!!!!'s and smiley faces , or write from the heart and hope that what comes out expresses exactly what needs to be said. I'm going to go with the last of those options (even though the second could be WAY more entertaining, haha). So here this goes... I cannot explain how this milestone is going to effect your future. I cannot tell you all the ways Music Theory will impact your life on a daily basis. Ok, that last part was a joke because let's be serious, no one in their right mind uses theory unless they HAVE to (Lord knows I failed that class 3 times. Don't you judge me). To be honest, I can't tell you what tomorrow holds but I can tell you that you have made a lasting impression in my life of the past few years and I know that you will continue influencing the lives of the people around you for the rest of your life. You are a special women, Kristen. You deserve ALL the best that God has in store for you. NEVER forget that. I remember when I met you and your family at FCA way back when. Things were a bit crazy in my life. I didn't know what I was doing, who I was, or where I was going. Your music is what got me to come there in the first place. I found a home, a family, and God because of the gift you have. I could totally draw a map out for you of all the ways that your life has directly influenced mine and lead me to where I am BUT that would take an enormous amount of time. So let's make a deal and continue this conversation over Starbucks before you go. Sound good? I am thankful to have met you, I am grateful that I have been influenced by you, and I look forward to watching your future grow into something amazingly beautiful. Congratulations, Kristen. You've made it! Your other brother, Zach

150: Kristen, How the past five years have flown away so quickly. It seems like just yesterday the two of us were freaking out about being in Chorale together. I remember that first day in Chorale. When we saw each other, you shrieked, we exchanged a big hug, and I recall saying, “I’m glad you’re here.” The same sentiment still applies. I’m glad you’re my friend and I’m glad to be yours. I’ve watched you grow into a talented musician, a beautiful woman, and an even more magnificent Woman of God. I’ve seen you come out of some very travailing times and have also seen you shrouded in peace beyond understanding, but through and through you have illustrated your faithfulness to the Lord and I know you will be blessed for it. Psalm 37:23-24, in the Amplified says, “The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step]. Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him.” The Lord’s Word will never return void (Isaiah 55:11). Stand firm upon His promises. You know who taught me to stand firm upon the promises the Lord has for me? You did, Kristen. Thank you for your obedience and example. You’ve influenced me more than you could possibly know. We have traversed the globe together, enjoyed the best voice teacher a student could have together, survived college and all it’s messes together, and, despite opposition, came out decent singers and better people. Thank you for sharpening me as iron should. Thank you for sticking like a sister. As the Lord elevates you into your calling, remember me. You, Kristen Hollowood, were born for greatness. Walk in it, girl. I love you, dear friend. With much love, Justin Colón

151: J

152: Kristen, I am beyond proud of all of your accomplishments throughout your time at Lee. I am so thankful for the opportunity to see the Lord work in your life and mold you into the beautiful woman of God that you are today. Your heart and passion for the Lord and His people never cease to amaze and inspire me. You are a constant strength and support, not just in my life, but in so many others that have had the joy of knowing you. There were many times that I did not know what to do and you were always there to speak life and encourage that Christ had a plan and a purpose for everything I was going through. I’'m thankful for every tear shed and every minute of laughter that we shared in these years where we have been learning and growing as friends and sisters. I know that the Lord has incredible plans for you! Continue to follow His voice and be obedient! You will never know the impact that you have made on my life and I know because of the amount of love that you have poured out; the Lord is going to abundantly bless you in return. I love you so very much! Emily Christopher

153: E

154: K

155: Kristen, Apologize to you're mom for me cause I have put off writing this for as long as possible. Leave it to me to procrastinate. Shocker... There's no way I can possibly fit how much love, appreciation, and respect I have for you on this one page! Whether we were getting lost in sketchville Chattanooga buying enough chips to feed a third world country and 2 reams of paper, or staying up all night to watch the worst meteor shower ever, or just sitting on your bed venting to each other, I am so thankful for each and every moment I got with you! I can't thank you enough for understanding me when no one else did! I knew all it took sometimes was just looking at you and you knew exactly what I was thinking! | Most of all, I want to thank you for pouring into me with Godly council! You never judged, you always listened and gently told me what I needed to hear! Remember that I am still and will always be here for you with open arms, ready to listen, cry, and laugh with you! Please don't forget me up north! You're always welcome to come visit down here where it's warm and we can get into more trouble together! I don't want to but I guess I better wrap this up cause I'm running out of room. I love you so very much! May God bless you because you have been such a blessing to me! ~~kelsey feltman Jeremiah 29:11

156: Kristen, I don’t really know where to start. When your mom asked me to write something for you when you leave I knew that it would be hard to portray what you mean to me and how much I’ll miss you when you leave. It’s crazy to think that I haven’t even known you for a full year because I really feel like I’ve known you all of my life. You have always been someone that has made me feel welcome. You always listen to what I have to say and make me feel like it’s the most important thing you’ve ever heard. You always make me laugh and have taught me how to laugh at myself. You have more talent than is humanly possible. You are an incredible vocalist, dancer, speaker, encourager, leader, host and the list goes on. You seek the Lord daily and you are always aware his spirit in your life. You are beautiful in so many ways and I can’t wait to see how you change the world. I am going to miss you a ton when you leave. Our group just won’t be the same. But I will look foreword to the times that you come back and we have a reunion. Maybe someday I will visit you and your family wherever the Lord takes you. I know I am young and I haven’t lived or learned as much as you have, but these things I know are true. Don’t settle for anything less than the full potential of the gifts God has given you. Never look at yourself as better than a single person in the world. Never do something for the simple fact of fitting in or making someone feel comfortable with you if it compromises who you are. Never miss an opportunity to seek the Lord, because he cares about the little things. Don’t be disappointed when your life doesn’t fit the stereotyped progression of a “normal life” that our society or even the Christian body has created. All that to say, you will change the world, and I can’t wait to see it happen. This world is not gonna’ know what hit them when you step into it, and i’m honored that I could be a part of your journey. I love you, Brendan Cothran | B

158: JJ | HOLLYWOOD! I’m so proud you’re finally about to be free from Lee University! You’ve put it a ton of hard work. I literally don’t know how you did it some days. I will say I always admired your determination and hard work ethic from afar, even before we were really close. But thank The Lord that I’m not only able to call you one of my best friends, but I can call you a great sister. Thank you for ALWAYS making yourself available. Thank you for ALWAYS being an encouragement to me. Thank you for being a source of strength for me, #nochelseadavis. OK I suck. I know. But hey; you still accept me and ALL my ignance and that’s another reason I cherish the relationship we have. You’re a beautiful girl, inside and out. You legitimately stand out because of the beauty that shines through your actions on TOP of you being freaking gorgeous. You’re an incredibly special girl, Kristen. God has His hand on your life. You’re too special of a person to NOT have a calling over your life. I know that when you let Him use you, you’re guaranteed to do incredible things. “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans 12:1-2). I love you so much, girl. Nothing could change that so don’t you EVER forget it. - JJ

159: BAB

160: Dearest Kristen, I am so blessed to have you in my life! You are such a beautiful sister in Christ. I look up to you in so many ways! You are so compassionate, generous, and wise; you have such a beautiful heart. There are not enough words to thank you for everything you have done for me. I pray that you succeed in everything you do and I pray that you always know that God is holding your hand throughout absolutely everything. I love you so much and you have impacted my life tremendously. 1 Corinthians 13:13 - Abbey Blackmon | A

161: Kristen! Hello sister! I can't believe you are graduating! Abbey and I are going to come and visit you in Ohio! You are a sister that I have looked up to and admired so much during our time together at Lee. You are one of the brightest lights shining on this campus, yet I've seen you go through such much darkness. Your life and God's work in you and your family is the epitome of strength amidst spiritual warfare. Thank you obeying the Lord's requests of you and for using your gifts to lift His name higher! It has been a witness to me and so many others. I believe God did not create us to be insignificant but to do great things. God's hand is upon you and you will succeed in everything He puts before you by His love and grace. I love you and am forever grateful for your presence in my life. - Ephesians 3:20-21 - Matthew Grauberger | M

162: S&J | Kristen, When I met you at Inman Street Coffee for the first time with Jason, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The past few months have been extraordinary. Because of you I’ve been accepted into this little family you guys have. You, Cody, Brendan, Brit, Leah...You all were absolutely put in my life by the Lord. I cannot express how much of a blessing you have been to me and to Jason. I have learned so much from you and your HUGE heart never ceases to amaze me. The Lord is going to do such great things in the world through you Kristen, I just know it. Whether it be with the ministry your family wants to start, or if it’s you working at the Leonard Center for the rest of your life, or if it’s ministering to the people you live next to, He shines so brightly through you that it is hard to miss. You have become not only a role model and a mentor for me, but also a best friend. I don’t pray that you will have all good days, because we all know that that’s impossible. But I pray that you will always grow from your bad days, that they will make you stronger. And make your faith stronger. Albert Schweitzer said, “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” I am so thankful for you. Thank you for rekindling my inner spirit. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to Jason and me. You’ve seen the good in him that I see, even when the world doesn’t and I so appreciate that. I’m so excited to see where the Lord takes you after Lee. But don’t worry about it...because how much more valuable are you than a bird? Love, Shelby | Kristen, I want to start off by saying how wonderful it has been to grow so close with you again. Our friendship began with us sitting together in music theory and helping each other struggle through it. I think I was doing most of the struggling to stay awake that is and you were doing most of the helping, but who’s keeping track right? Throughout these past few years I have stayed closer with you than I have with almost anyone at Lee. Even if we would go for a while and not see each other, or not talk as much as we would like, the second I saw you it was like we hadn’t spent any time apart. That’s what true friendship is and I’m so glad that I get to share that with you. Spending so much time with you lately, and being accepted into your group of friends has been such a blessing. Shelby and I both are so thankful for all of you. You guys are exactly what we had been looking for and you will never know what you all mean to us. My time at Lee hasn’t been easy. I struggled for a long time with horrible feelings of self-doubt, and honestly didn’t know if it was even worth it for me to come back here. Even after I came back for a while I felt very lonely. But the Lord reminded me, through the love of friends like you, that His mercies are made new every day and that there is nothing we can do to separate us from that love. Having friends that love me like Christ loves me, friends that love me in spite of me, is one of the greatest gifts God could ever give me. I am so thankful for your friendship and I hope you know that Shelby and I both would do anything for you. You have such a wonderful calling on your life Kristen, and we are so glad we get to be a part of it. Don’t think for a second that our part in your life is over after you graduate because you better believe that we aren’t going anywhere! You are going to have to put up with us for a long time I’m afraid, so you might want to buckle up and prepare yourself! Good luck in the journey ahead. Don’t worry about where you are going, but trust in the Lord to guide your steps. You may have no idea what you are walking towards but that is ok because He is a LAMP unto your feet, not a floodlight. That is how He intended it to be. He doesn’t want you to know everything. He just wants you to trust that He will provide for you. So have faith and continue to walk. We love you Kristen. You will always have our hearts. Thank you so much for blessing us like you have. Love, Jason

164: March, 2013 Dear Kristen, It is so hard to believe that your time is almost up here at Lee. I remember when you came and first tried out for Campus Choir. What a beautiful voice! But not only that, your sweet spirit was evident from the very first time we met you! Your time with us in Campus Choir was so special to Jim and me. Your gifts and talents, of course, enhanced the quality of the group's sound immeasurably; but your intense love for God and your passion for ministry added a depth to the choir's anointing that we would have missed had you not been there when you were! As much as I hated seeing you leave Campus Choir, I knew that you only did so when you felt that the Lord was leading you to widen your influence and experiences. It has been amazing watching you develop your musical expertise and also watching the immense amount of people that you have impacted through your associations in the music department, other classes, clubs, and friendships. You are a wonderful young Woman of God with a bright future! I will watch with excitement and a “mother’s” pride as you develop your gifts and calling as you walk into the destiny that God has already written for you! He definitely has His hand on you! In return, your love for Him is so very evident in everything that you do! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week you live out the character of Christ in all that you do! I’m so very proud that you chose to share a portion of your life with Pastor Jim and me and the ministry of Campus Choir. Don’t ever forget that you will ALWAYS have PJ and Momma Johnna in your corner! You will forever be one of “our girls!” Remember: “Once CC – ALWAYS CC!!” We love you very much and look forward to witnessing all that God is going to accomplish through you! Please stay in touch and let us know what is going on in your life! We are servants of the Chief Musician, Johnna (& Pastor Jim) Phillips | J&J

166: Kristen, At the beginning of every semester, I ask the Lord to bring to my studio those students that He wants to be there...and a few years ago, my life was blessed when you showed up...I recall the registration day with your mom and dad...ever the supportive parents...and that was the start. I always say that I believe in evolution, and what I mean is that the Lord takes us all through changes and we "evolve" in Him, into the person He wants us to be. It has been my honor to work with you and to be part of that Godly evolution. You are a lovely singer, a lovely person, a lovely lady of God. Our frustrations and triumphs, confusions and clarity, anger and joy have all converged to make you something you weren't when you showed up: more mature. In so many ways. Thanks for blessing my life, and I wish you only and always God's best. I shall proudly sit back and watch your life unfold and smile at what comes of you. And I shall be pleased that God answered my prayer and sent exactly who He wanted to my studio. And I shall always be honored to have been a part of your evolution. You make me smile, and certainly you must make God smile. Sing, girl. It's what you do. That makes Him smile too. Dr. Brendel | R

169: Kristen, There are a few things in life that are difficult to put into words and summing up our experiences together is definitely one of those. One of the great joys of teaching is seeing God transform a student’s life over a period of years and mold them into the vessel he can use. I have definitely seen this in your Lee journey and I am so honored that God allowed me to play a role. I can clearly remember those early days in Choral Union, seeing a young lady with energy and life finding her way in this new world. I think it is wonderful that you took the time to sample the offerings and discover just the right place. I feel fortunate that Chorale was that place and you have done so much to enrich the experience for us all. The musical quality you have brought to the group has been outstanding and your sense of spiritual calling is inspirational. I love it when God awakens both the artist and the spiritual leader in students. | Dr. Green | Thank you for the times that you have inspired me, especially in these last few years. When God places you in leadership there are many times that you need that smile or encouraging word and nobody really knows it. God has used you to lift my spirits on many occasions and for that I am grateful. I am eager to see where God takes you next. There are so many gifts that are evident in your life and you have been diligent to develop them. One thing that I know for sure, He has a great purpose for you and if you keep your eyes focused on Him, God will guide you every step of the way. . In the words of Father John O’Donohue: “May the gift of your leadership awaken in you as a vocation, keep you mindful of the providence that calls you to serve.”

170: From the office of the President | Lee U Paul Conn Style

171: Hello Kristen – Just a quick note to say “Congratulations!” on your graduation from Lee. Commencement weekend is an exciting time for graduates and their families, and I’m glad you will be part of it. I have really enjoyed getting to know you these past few years. You have created a wonderful reputation during your years as a student, and all of us will miss you! I wish you all the best in the future, and I know God has something waiting for you that will be terrific! Wherever you go, Lee University will always be part of you, and you will also be part of all of us. Please don’t forget to stay in touch with “yo mama”, your alma mater. Congratulations! Paul Conn President Lee University

173: Dear Kristen, It was a sad day for us when you, Sean, Mom and Dad left New York State. We have watched you through the years,even at a distance, grow into a mature, caring young lady. We can't forgot what a delicious lunch you, at three years old, had prepared for us when we arrived at your home in Dayton, Ohio for our first visit. A plastic hamburg with so many additions showed how much thought and effort had gone into this surprise! You were so proud of your accomplishments and that, though very simple, was the beginning of many that hold a special spot in our hearts. Your Navy Girls, your High School productions, including graduation, and the the creme de la creme your Senior Recital at Lee University School of Music. In spite of all of these and others I haven't mentioned you have remained a very humble, lovable person. That will continue I know. As you proceed on your life journey, rest assured how much you are loved and how important you are to many people. Embrace what comes your way and enjoy life to its fullest, with gratitude to God. With much love, Gram and Pop

176: Hollowood Family | SARATOGA

181: Your life has been a lesson in Christ like love. Because of all the love you share and the caring things you do. You are always there to reach out and help, to fix what is broken. With love you have changed our lives and for that we are truly grateful.

184: Kristen DeAnna

185: For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope! Jeremiah 29:11

186: Because I can

189: I would not swap the feeling of being in love with anything, the warmth and comfort you bring to my life, the way you look into my eyes, yes, I will be your wife! We joyfully welcome Emily into our family!

190: E

191: sweet kristen, you are so very precious to me. all my life I have prayed for the family I would one day be a part of & the Lord has been so faithful to my heart to bring me into such a loving family. you are a sister by marriage, but a friend by heart. I am so excited to see where the Lord takes you in this next chapter of life - there are SO many exciting adventures waiting for you! I am proud to know you & have you as a part of my life, sister! you are beautiful & gracious, wise & kind. love you, emily

196: Kristen DeAnna...

198: M B | Kristen | DeAnna

199: How can it be that you have come to the end of your college undergrad! We are so proud of all you have

200: K | HARDSHIPS OFTEN PREPARE ORDINARY PEOPLE, FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY DESTINY.... C.S. Lewis | You are precious to me my daughter, and I have set you apart as Holy. I have not given you a spirit of fear or timidity, but of power, love and a sound mind. Now is the time for you to exercise the authority and power that is in you from the Holy Spirit.. There is an aura of light around you, for I am walking with you. My heavenly host of angles are fighting for you.I am for you my precious one. There will be struggles and battles, and yet you will know it isn't against flesh and blood that you fight, but against the strongholds of evil in the heavenlies. There is a battle right now and the demons want you to shrink back...but I say to you rise up in boldness and authority. I am most certainly the victor, and I am fighting for you! Take authority Kristen. Walk in boldness. No weapon formed against you will prosper. I have set you apart. Your level of expectation needs to rise. Expect that I AM

201: BUDDY | comet | zoey

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