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Colonel Robinson

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Colonel Robinson - Page Text Content

S: Marine Aircraft Group-31

2: Almighty Father, whose command is over all and whose love never fails, make me aware of Thy presence and obedient to Thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and deed and helping me to live so that I can face my fellow Marines, my loved ones, and Thee without shame or fear. Protect my family. Give me the will to do the work of a Marine and to accept my share of responsibilities with vigor and enthusiasm. Grant me the courage to be proficient in my daily performance. Keep me loyal and faithful to my superiors and to the duties my Country and the Marine Corps have entrusted to me. Help me to wear my uniform with dignity, and let it remind me daily of the traditions which I must uphold. If I am inclined to doubt, steady my faith: if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again. Guide me with the light of truth and grant me wisdom by which I may understand the answer to my my prayer. | Marine's Prayer

6: Major General Jon "Dog" Davis 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Commanding General/Pilot I've watched you throughout your career with great admiration. For this past year, as your Commanding General, I could not have asked for a finer commander, a better leader, a more exceptional teacher, mentor or warrior to be at the helm of MAG-31. Lesson learned: Professionalism - - always!!!

7: LtCol Derek “Crank” Richardson MCAS Beaufort Executive Officer/Pilot Sir, it has truly been a pleasure to serve with you. Your steadfast leadership example has inspired me and many others. You will never know exactly how many but it is individuals such as yourself that have made a lasting impact on so many around them. You, sir, are one of those individuals. As President Reagan is oft quoted and I feel is most applicable to you, “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they’ve made a difference. Marines don’t have that problem.” Most sincerest wishes to you and Mary Delle and the family in all your future endeavors! Blue Skies and Tailwinds always! | Colonel Jack "Giant" Snider MCAS Beaufort Base Commander/Pilot Crusoe, it has been an honor to work with you over the past two years. I enjoyed watching the MAG excel under your leadership. Fair winds and following seas my friend! Semper Fi, Giant

8: LtCol Joseph "Darla" Reedy MAG-31 Executive Officer/Pilot Great working with you, Sir, good luck in the future. Lesson Learned: Don't answer too fast! | SgtMaj Miles Thetford MAG-31 Sergeant Major Sir I wish you the very best in your future endeavors, it has been my honor and pleasure to work with you and I am amazed by the amount of plates that you can keep spinning on a daily basis. God Bless you and your amazing family. Semper Fi. Lesson Learned: Patience, timely decision making, solicit feedback, and having a plan and executing it! Memory: Getting "Red Couched" in your own office at EMV.

9: LtCol Wade "WZL" Wiegel MAG-31 HQ Squadron Commanding Officer/Pilot Perfection may be unattainable, but you get awfully close, Sir. Stay in the Corps to raise our standards and keep the Corps operationally focused. Best memory: You leading me on my first sortie in the fleet way back in November 1998. | Maj Daniel "Dip" Schnick MAG-31 HQ Squadron Executive Officer/ WSO Congratulations and job well done. May the memories you made carry you through for the rest of your life and set the foundation for the next stage of your life and career.

10: MGySgt James Hunter MAG-31 HQ Squadron Maintenance Chief Thank you for all of the mentoring and for allowing the MAG-31 Staff NCO's to be Staff NCO's. I will miss your leadership. May the sun always shine on you and your family's faces and the wind always be at your backs. Best lesson: Choose your battles and always do your homework before you walk into the office. | GySgt Danny Worth MAG-31 HQ Squadron HQ Squadron Gunny Thank you for always inspiring the Marines and Sailors to never settle for anything but excellence. Lesson Learned: Mission accomplishment is first. | Mr. William Rosche MAG-31 HQ Squadron Readiness Advisor Sir, congratulations on your tour as MAG-31 Commanding Officer. Your efforts have been and will continue to be a positive influence on the FA-18 and other communities. Lesson Learned: Be prepared. | PFC Saul Sedillo MAG-31 HQ Squadron Armory Custodian Good luck and God Speed. Memory: The day you pulled a 180 degree turn in a jet and almost blasted ordinance personnel away. Very funny seeing all the ordinance personnel hit the deck! | SSgt John McElwain MAG-31 HQ Squadron Armory SNCOIC Best wishes, Semper Fidelis! | Cpl Alberto Lopez MAG-31 HQ Squadron Squadron Armorer Good luck in your endeavors,Sir. Semper Fi! | GySgt Antonio Darby MAG -31 HQ Squadron Operations Chief Good luck in your next adventure. It was a pleasure, Sir. Lesson Learned: To take care of the people that take care of you. | 2nd Lt Adriana Drocacosulich MAG-31 Adjutant Sir, best wishes in your future endeavors. You are by far the best officer I have had the privilege to work with or for. Lesson Learned: Professionalism; you are a true gentleman.

11: Mr. Ted Crandall FRO MAG-31 HQ Squadron You raised the bar high for all of us and made us all better people. Best memory: You getting voted into and going under in the dunk tank. Lesson Learned: An 80% solution on time is better than a 100% solution late. | Cpl Cady Andrews MAG-31 HQ Squadron Adjutant Clerk I am very honored to have met you, Sir. Thank you for everything you have done for us at the MAG. Memory: Driving for you and the Commanding General, MajGen Davis. Lesson Learned: To represent yourself with high morals and being proud of where you came from. | LCDR Tai Do MAG-31 SMO/Doctor Best wishes!! MAG-31 and its families will truly miss you. Lesson Learned: Taking care of a Marine also includes taking care of his/her family. | SSgt Ronald Simmons MAG-31 HQ Squadron S-3, BCP/RCP, PFT/CFT Coordinator Sir, it was always a pleasure to work for you. Good luck with your future endeavors and as always, Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: To give the proper greeting of the day just moments after snapping to a perfectly postured position of attention. | PFC Courtney Holliday MAG-31 HQ Squadron MCP Fiscal Thank you for being such a strong, motivational Marine! Lesson Learned: The best thing I have learned from you is to stay motivated and on the right path and to stay away from drugs and alcohol. | MSgt Rodger Peterman MAG-31 HQ Squadron Admin Chief Sir, it has been both an honor and a pleasure serving as your Admin Chief. You have been an excellent example of leadership. The incoming CO has a lot to live up to as you have set the bar very high. I wish you all the best in your retirement. Enjoy yourself and your family. Semper Fi. | PFC Justin Kofoed MAG-31 HQ Squadron DASF Clerk Best of luck, Sir, in all that you do, Semper Fi. Lesson Learned: That summer can be dangerous, so be safe and responsible and always have a back-up plan. | LT Kevin Brighton MAG -31 HQ Squadron AMSO/Physiologist Best of luck to you sir. Thank you for your leadership. Semper Fi!

12: SSgt Michael Noel MAG-31 HQ Squadron MATSS SNCO Fair winds and following seas; it has been an honor serving under your command. Memory: I stuck my foot in my mouth in front of you, Gen Davis and some Boeing reps at the club. Lesson Learned: Let small unit leadership do its job and only intervene when necessary. LCpl Tyrone Oates MAG-31 HQ Squadron Warehouse Clerk Best of luck wherever life takes you next. Memory: I remember the first time I saw you play basketball. You didn't miss a shot! Lesson Learned: No matter what you did to get into trouble, you can always bounce back. Sgt Matthew Snyder MAG-31 HQ Squadron CBRN NCOIC Fair winds and following seas. Best of luck in all you do. Lesson Learned: Always give 100%. LCpl Cherish Pogue MAG-31 HQ Squadron MCP Have a great time at you new duty station, Sir. Semper Fi! Cpl George Woodley MAG-31 Armory NCOIC Good luck, Sir. Semper Fi! | Mr. John Nolan MAG-31 HQ Squadron Readiness Analyst Sir, congratulations on your successful career. I have enjoyed working with you and have learned much. I hope that our paths will cross again in the future. Fair winds and following seas. Semper Fi. Lesson Learned: Have you data prepared to back up your position. Don't shoot from the hip. CPL Christian Barnett MAG-31 HQ Squadron, MCP Assistant Warehouse Chief Fair winds and following seas, Sir. May God bless you and your family on your journey. Best Lesson: Stay on track and you can go far in your MOS. PFC Jovan Morones MAG-31 HQ Squadron Mail Clerk Oorah! Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: To be safe in the 101 days of summer. LCpl Sean Peavey MAG-31 HQ Squadron MCP Fiscal Lesson Learned: I learned how to stop and hear all sides to a story before making a decision. PFC Richard Carver MAG-31 Armory Armorer Best wishes, Sir. Semper Fi! Memory: You giving us a day off for beating your PFT score! Lesson Learned: Inspect what you expect. LCpl Christina Moore MAG-31 HQ Squadron CMR Clerk I appreciate everything you have done for our unit. Have a good time at your new duty station, Sir. | Ashley Fielder MAG-31 HQ Squadron Family Readiness Assistant Col Robinson, although I have been with you a short amount of time, I feel like I have known you for a very long time. With that being said, thank you for allowing me to be apart of the committee. It has been a pleasurable experience and I wish you luck and success with your future endeavors. You and your family will be greatly missed. Take care and best wishes. LCpl A.E. Haynes MAG-31 HQ Squadron Warehouse Clerk You are a strong leader and a good person to talk to. Memory: Myself and another Marine were goofing off and when the other Marine spotted you, he was worried we were in trouble. But you were coming over to say hi. Lesson Learned: Love the Corps but always maintain a life outside the Corps. Cpl Clayton Gill MAG-31 HQ Squadron Ops Clerk/Training Have a great trip in life sir. SSgt Ronadl Dorval MAG-31 HQ Squadron Career Planner I've not spent too much time speaking with you or hearing you speak but just your presence and the way you carry yourself says it all. Best Memory: You recently made a comment about the trooper who failed at his attempt to convey to the crowd of Marines, when giving them dizzy goggles, to walk the line. You said, "I guess he didn't get the desired effect." Lesson Learned: Humility.

13: CDR Gerald "Chaps" Felder MAG-31 HQ Command Chaplain To an Officer, a man of GOD who cares for those who work with and for him. BZ Devil Dog!!!!!!! Lesson Learned: This is not a lesson learned, but reaffirmed, we are there for the Marine, Sailor and their families. Family and those military personnel is what we are all about. Very inspirational in mentoring us to be your best, your attention to details is remarkable; you really know your people and your JOB! A man of great compassion and patience, who has an outstanding memory. I see you as a great family man who has made many sacrifices. Memory: Recently my chaplain and I were in the Subway and you walked in and looked very shocked to see us there. We were hungry. Cpl Jarred Perry MAG-31 Armory Armorer Fair winds and following seas. Cpl Joshua Millsap MAG-31 HQ Squadron CBRN Instructor Good luck sir. Best wishes. Lesson Learned: If you work hard and stay out of trouble, you can make it far. | Cpl Zachary Peters MAG-31 HQ Squadron S-1 Admin Clerk Thank you for the second chance, Sir. My family and I are grateful for everything you do. Best memory: When you took all the junior Marines down range in 29 Palms to watch live fire training and dropping inert ordnance. It showed me that you looked out for every Marine in your command and that rank did not matter. Best Lesson Learned: You can turn any situation into a positive or negative. It's all on you. Cpl Mathew Hooten MAG-31 HQ Squadron CBRN Warehouse NCO Semper Fi and good luck, Sir. Memory: Seeing you go under in the dunk tank. Lesson Learned: Be fair but just. Mrs. JoBeth Peterman MAG-31 HQ Squadron Newsletter Editor/FRA Sir, you have been a wonderful CO. I wish you many blessings and much happiness in your retirement. It has been an honor and a privilege working with you. God Bless. | LtCol Oscar "Speedy" Alvarez MAG-31 HQ Squadron Operations Officer/Pilot Memory: The numerous hours you spent teaching me tactics in Fallon. In addition, the multiple playbacks of one merge where you are trying to determine whether or not you shot a brown or gray hornet. Lesson Learned: Learn as much as you can about a situation and make timely and accurate decisions. Realize your decision could have lasting effects. GySgt Kerry O'Connell MAG-31 HQ Squadron CBRN Defense Chief Fair winds and following seas. Semper Fi! Memory: The daily reminder that the MC Ball was almost over. Lesson Learned: Do you job and do it well! LtCol Bob "Bams" Brodie MAG-31 HQ Squadron Director of Safety & Standards/Pilot Sir, thank you for your genuine mentorship and guidance. I wish you the very best. The Corps will miss your unmatched leadership. Lesson Learned: Know your Marines, mentor them and capitalize on their strengths.

20: LtCol Matthew "Gump" Phares VMFA-115 Executive Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for the leadership, guidance and the example you have set for all of us. It has been a privilege to serve along side of you. Lesson Learned: The way you consider each issue, thoughtfully considers the pros and cons of each side and then make the best decision given the circumstances. | LtCol Danny "Jerky" Johnson VMFA-115 Commanding Officer/Pilot Crusoe, wow it has been a fast couple years. I hope Hamey and Gump don't screw up all the great work we have done. Good Luck with that MarryDelle girl! I think she really likes you. Don't ever change. See you on FB! (LOL) Memory: when you told me I was taking command early and going on deployment in a month. I think you expected me to be excited. I was scared out of my mind! Lesson Learned: Hold yourself to a higher standard. Uncompromising professionalism at all times. | SgtMaj Clay Lambert VMFA-115 Squadron Sergeant Major Sir, it has been an honor serving with you. Semper Fi.

21: Maj Greg "Mac" McGuire VMFA-115 Maintenance Officer/Pilot 101 was going to be my sunset tour. But your leadership and approach to the Marine Corps changed my mind. Thank you and Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: Don't worry about the things you can't change only worry about the things you can change. | Capt Christopher "Shag" Melling VMFA-115 S-3 Officer/Pilot Best Commanding Officer ever! Lesson Learned: Make flying a priority. | Thank you for the leadership and instruction. Your mentorship has made me a better pilot and Marine Officer. Lesson Learned: The ability to provide accurate, high quality instruction to aircrew. Flying with you has made me a better and more efficient instructor. | Maj Allen "Gomr" Szczepek VMFA-115 Operations Officer/Pilot Most likely to keep a straight face during a comedy show. Lesson Learned: Juggle everything but know what the priorities are. | Capt Jesse "Climax" Peppers VMFA 115 Pilot My best memory is when I checked in with you after a month with my squadron. Then in-brief you gave me about how you would take care of your pilots will stay with me for a long, long time. I could tell that you meant every world you said and that you really had my best interest in mind. Your compassion and genuine interest in the Marines under your command is admirable. Lesson Learned: When flying in an air show, there are always people watching. This is not the time to settle for being out of position. | Capt Taylor "NC" Shenkman VMFA-115 Pilot Trigger down...SNAP! Memory: Double teaming F-5's in SEM. Lesson Learned: I will never beat him in BFM. | Capt Richard "Gabbe" Behrmann VMFA 115 Pilot Training Officer/Pilo

22: Maj Philip "Filthy" Williams VMFA-115 S-5/Pilot Best wishes and good luck in your future! Lesson Learned: Sweat the small stuff and the rest will fall into place. | Capt James "Rollerboy" Berard VMFA-115 Quality Assurance Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for all the guidance and the incredible tactical support and mentorship leading up to my trip to Fallon. Lesson Learned: Tactical execution, leadership and mentorship from the highest level down to the squadrons. | Capt Patrick "SIMR" Cosgrove VMFA-115 A-OPSO/Pilot God's speed; was great to fly with you. Lesson Learned: During BFM, it is a bad idea to go pure nose low while 500 feet above the Hard Deck. Memory: I was once ranting and complaining about a very busy day with lots of detailed, non-vulgar and very appropriate language to some fellow Captains in the Ready Room. After one of the brother Captains put his pointer finger to his lip and whispered "shhh" I turned around and saw you, the Head Boss sitting on the couch with a slight grin and then you asked me, "So how's your day?" | Capt Kyle "Banjo" Petkovzek VMFA-115 S-4, Embark One/Pilot Best wishes and thanks for the training, Sir. Lesson Learned: De-briefing BFM-specifically solving for POM on maneuvering targets during snapshot drills. | Capt Chris "Omoha" Robinson VMFA-115 Pilot Hope I can live up to the name. Semper Fi Lesson Leaned: Professionalism and leadership.

23: Capt Alexander “Steamer” Goodno VMFA-115 Airframes OIC/Pilot Thanks for all the great teaching advice. Have a great summer and don’t forget to call! 850-529-0156 Lesson Learned: Always consider each and every contingency when developing a plan. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Know each and every Marine that works for you. Memory: My best memory is hot seating into your jet prior to one of my mission commander events. You always had sage advice for each and every event. | 1stLt Torry "Bingo" Brissette VMFA-115 Pilot Memory: Although you are busy with many other tasks and meetings throughout the day, you continue to maintain a high level of flight proficiency. Lesson Learned: Make an effort to know your Marines and ensure they are taken care of. | LT Ky Dorsey VMFA-115 Flight Surgeon Good luck and Semper Fi. | Capt EA "Wingnut" Sweigart MAG-31 VMFA-115 DOSS/Pilot Hopefully I'll meet up with you 15 years down the road and I'll be able to say I've had the same impact that you have. Memory: I loaded bricks for you at the RAG at VFA-106 when you were going through the refresh syllabus. When I checked into the MAG you were checking in and immediately called me by my call sign and asked how I was doing. You cared about Marines regardless of rank of position. Lesson Learned: Never stop learning. Never give up. | Capt Phil "Aflac" Goebel VMFA-115 Pilot Thanks for the lessons, best of luck in the future. Lesson Learned: How to maintain overall SA during section engaged maneuvering.

24: SSgt Waldemar Velázquez VMFA-115 Maintenance Control & Technical Directives Coordinator Was your aircraft really down? Really? Lesson Learned: Ensure you have a back-up to the back-up before the Colonel arrives on deck to fly your jets! | Sgt Brian Colony VMFA-115 S-2 Intel Chief We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Semper Fi. | GySgt Christopher Brown VMFA-115 S-1 Admin Chief Fair winds and following seas, Sir. Semper Fi. | SSgt Wanda Evans VMFA-115 Maintenance Admin Chief Thanks for a job well done! | GySgt Stephen Davis VMFA-115 Ground Safety Manager Semper Fi, Sir. It was good working with you as your EKMS Manager. I am proud to have kept you out of jail. | Sgt J.E. Hass VMFA-115 Ops Chief Sir, it has been a pleasure. Good luck on your future travels. | Cpl Jasmine Thomas VMFA-115 Admin Clerk Best of luck to you and your family. OOHRAH | LCpl K.L. Crum VMFA-115 Admin Clerk Good luck on your new adventure, Sir.

25: LCpl John Knapp VMFA-115 S-4 Good luck, Sir. Semper Fi! | Sgt Michael Jackson VMFA-115 Ordnance Work Center Supervisor Thank you for the great leadership. Semper Fi | LCpl Frank Corn VMFA-115 Flight Equipment Tech It was an honor serving under your command. Fair winds and following seas. | LCpl Gabriel Smycz VMFA-115 Admin Clerk Wishing you the best luck in your future endeavors, Sir. | LCpl Jeremy James VMFA-115 Expeditor Best wishes and Semper Fi, Sir. Lesson Learned: Everyday is a good day to be a Marine! MSgt William Hetrick Jr VMFA-115 Aircraft Maint Chief Good luck with your future endeavors! Memory: Your memory was quite amazing. You would revisit areas of concern that took place months prior during the monthly 3M brief. SSgt Gregory Pegues VMFA-115 SNCOIC Maint Admin Job well done sir, proud to serve under you! Memory: You NEVER digitally signed your NAVFLIRS. | Sgt Nicole Keith VMFA-115 S-1 NCOIC Wishing you the best of luck for your future, Sir. GySgt Matthew James VMFA-115 Maint Control Chief Good luck and God Speed. Lesson Learned Maintain your professionalism. Mr. Jimmie Woods VMFA-115 Family Readiness Officer It has been a pleasure serving with you and I truly appreciate all the support that you have provided me in my endeavors. Lesson Learned: To always have a smile on your face and approach each person in a positive, upbeat manner.

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28: LtCol Stephen "Fozzy" Acosta VMFA-122 Executive Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for not crushing me at the twelve 3M meetings while I tap-danced! Lesson Learned: That you can be a Colonel, and still be a tactical aviator and not just a desk ranger. There are (in my humble opinion) few around, but Crusoe, you are one of them. I would follow you downtown anytime. Memory: Your ability to completely reconstruct and debrief a 2v2 Section Engaged Maneuver flight that included no less than 8 different merges that happened as far away as 3 NM from you, without getting ANY input from the audience. When you asked me, "do you have anything different?" at the end, I confidently looked down at my kneeboard card, paused for a second as if I was considering offering an input, and said "No sir, that's pretty much what I had. Spot on." It was all a bluff- my kneeboard card was blank and I didn't know what happened 10 seconds after the "fight's on" call. I cried myself to sleep that night. | LtCol John "Dead" Bolt VMFA-122 Commanding Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for your leadership over the past two years - best of luck to you and Mary Delle in your future endeavors. Lesson Learned: The importance of being a tactically proficient aviator at senior ranks. The younger pilots have a tremendous amount of respect for your airmanship and instructional skills and I have strived to emulate that while in command. Memory: You gave a fantastic speech at our squadron dining-in right before we deployed to Afghanistan. The Marines really enjoyed it. | SgtMaj David Cadd VMFA-122 Squadron Sergeant Major Thanks for your leadership and unwavering service to the Marines of VMFA-122 and the Corps. Semper Fidelis!

29: Capt Anthony “Snooki” Tielli VMFA-122 Quality Assureance Officer/Pilot Thank you for your leadership and example. MAG-31 has made great strides under your command and I wish the best for you and your family in all future endeavors. Lesson Learned: That tactical knowledge is our number one priority. While there are an abundance of other important factors in our profession we must remember the endstate – tactical employment. | Capt Brandon “S’UUP” Cordill VMFA-122 Pilot It has been a pleasure to serve along side of you both in the air and on the ground. Lesson Learned: To always remain as tactical as possible. | Capt Christopher “Chester” Horch VMFA-122 Flight O/Pilot It was a privilege serving under your command. | Capt Andrew “Puddles” Thomas VMFA-122 Pilot Semper Fi! Memory: Hitting golf balls at our tent during the chili cookout. | Capt Geoffrey “Gato” Franks VMFA-122 Pilot Semper Fidelis Lesson Learned: How to debrief and pull learning points from BFM. Memory: Better defensive on offensive BFM. | Maj Bruce “Link” Green VMFA-122 AMO/Pilot You are a true fighter pilot! Oohrah!! Lesson Learned: How to lead Marines by example.

30: Capt Michael “Recall” Webb VMFA-122 Schedules Officer/Pilot Sir, you’re the best fighter pilot I know. Lesson Learned: Know when to turn lead into lag. Memory: Col Robinson was the first person to greet me when I landed upon returning from OEF. I thought that was an example of how a leader should be. | Capt Jeffrey “D.A.R.Y.L.” Mullins VMFA-122 CNCC/CMO/Pilot Memory: Col Robinson shaking my hand at the bottom of the ladder when I returned from Afghanistan. | Capt Travis “Shak” Barksdale VMFA-122 S-1 OIC/Pilot Good luck on whatever your next challenge is. Thank you for MAG-31, an example for others to follow. We will truly miss your leadership and what you bring to the fight. Lesson Learned: Your professionalism and how humble you carry yourself. You are one of the best fighter pilots in the Marine Corps. Sir, your ability to motivate and inspire Marines around you is unprecedented. Memory: You would find learning in any scenario. Sir, you could teach the least common denominator to be a contributor in a flight. You could find training in any scenario you thought was perfect. | Capt Joe “Mitch” Freshour VMFA-122 Pilot Training Officer/Pilot Good luck on your future endeavors and thank you for everything you did to make this MAG an incredible place to work and fly. The example you set is one I hope to emulate. Lesson Learned: Your professionalism as an aviator and an officer is incredible. Your abilities in the jet are remarkable and it was an absolute pleasure to fly with you. Memory: The questions you would ask, no matter if I had thought of everything, you could always find something to take a better look at.

31: Capt Scot “Lumpy” Foster VMFA-122 Assistant Aircraft Maint Officer/Pilot Congratulations on a great career and thank you for being one of those leaders to learn from and emulate. Lesson Learned: Leadership by example and leading from the front; it’s rare to see the MAG CO studying for a basic flight or spending hours preparing for a mission, but you would be ready for any flight and wanted to lead. | SSgt Roberto Rodrigues VMFA-122 Div Chief Thank you for your leadership and dedication to the Marines. | Capt Jonathan "Hawlm" Reed VMFA-122 S-4/Pilot Sir, it has been a pleasure. It was great flying with you. Semper FI | Capt Robert "Repo" Wavers VMFA-122 Airframes Division Officer/Pilot Fair winds and following seas. Thanks for setting such a high bar for those you lead. Lesson Learned: Take every opportunity you can to fly. Even if you do not think your are ready. Get the experience. Memory: The phone call I received from you as a junior wingman telling me that I was going to lead you on our night flight about two hours before the brief. | SSgt Daniel Filbert VMFA-122 SNCOIC Colonel, keep in touch. It has been a pleasure. Lesson Learned: Experience helps in every situation. Memory: Watching you kick junior pilots out of jets. | Maj Chad “Cip” Cipparone VMFA-122 Operations Officer/Pilot Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a squadron Operations Officer for a combat deployment. Lesson Learned: Always set the example and hold yourself to the highest standard.

32: GySgt Eddie Wilson VMFA-122 Maintenance Control Semper Fidelis! Fair winds and following seas. MSgt David Loftin VMFA-122 Maint Chief Sir, serving as 122’s Maint Chief under your command is a memory I will never forget. Semper Fi. SSgt Douglas Chapman VMFA-122 Operations Chief Sir, God Speed and good luck with future endeavors. Lesson Learned: We are human and anyone can make mistakes. It is how we rebound and recover that separates us from others. Memory: Your speech to our unit at the dinning-in prior to deployment. GySgt Matthew Richter VMFA-122 QA Divison Chief Thank you for your leadership and guidance. GySgt Joshep Camargo VMFA-122 S-1 Admin Chief Good luck and Semper Fidelis. Lesson Learned: Do your best all the time. | SgtMaj David Cadd VMFA-122 Squadron Sergeant Major Thanks for your leadership and unwavering service to the Marines of VMFA-122 and the Corps. Semper Fidelis! 1st Lt David Ryan VMFA-122 S-2 Intelligence Officer Best of luck in your future endeavors. Capt Brian “Flubes” Hansell VMFA-122 NATOPS Officer/Ground Safety Officer/Pilot Sir, it’s been a pleasure. Fair winds and following seas. Lesson Learned: The importance of knowing your Marines. I’m continually impressed that you know every pilot’s name, considering we have minimal interaction together. Ms. Sarhi Wiggins VMFA-122 Family Readiness Officer Best of luck to you. Lesson Learned: That caring for the Marines and their families simply isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to roll up our sleeves and make a stand to make things better. Just like you did with your suicide policy and support of family programs. Memory: I will always remember both you and Mary Delle for your kindness and graciousness. | SSgt Mark Brandt VMFA-122 Intelligence Chief Sir, it was a privilege to have served under you while assigned to MAG-31. Best wishes to you and your family in your future endeavors. Lesson Learned: Educate your Marines and train them to be professional and selfless leaders. Memory: My best memory is when you congratulated and welcomed every Marine home from Afghanistan as we stepped off of the plane. MSgt Gregory Gossett VMFA-122 AVI Chief Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice to the MAG and the Marine Corps. Semper Fi!

36: LtCol Peter "Mudduck" McArdle VMFA(AW)-224 Commanding Officer/Pilot Thank you for your support, leadership and mentoring. Good luck on your new ventures in life. You will be sorely missed. Memory: Being advised of my new change of command date while standing in line for ice cream at Disney World. Lesson Learned: Prepare your boss with the best available information to set him up for success. | Maj Patrick "Fitz" Fitzgerald VMFA(AW)-224 Executive Officer/Pilot God speed and Semper Fidelis! | SgtMaj Patrick DeHerrera VMFA (AW)-224 Sergeant Major Best of luck, Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: Be professional.

37: Capt Joshua "Snot" Allgood VMFA(AW)-224 Skeds/SACO/Ground Training/Pilot Good luck on future endeavors. Semper Fi! | Maj John "Wizzo" Bussard VMFA(AW)-224 WSO Training Officer/WSO Thanks for the continued leadership through many challenges for Beaufort Marines. Your example has made MAG-31 a better place. | Capt Sean "Machu" McGee VMFA(AW)-224 S-4/Pilot Fair winds and following seas. Semper Fi | Capt Su "Donger" Kang VMFA(AW)-224 S-6/WSO Airspeed!! Lesson Learned: Be confident and professional. | Capt Jeff "Sausage" Dean VMFA(AW)-224 Pilot Training Officer/Pilot Always welcome back in merry, merry Beaufort! Lesson Learned: As the attacker, max performance pull to align fuselages prior to the redefinition follow. As the defender, put your lift vector on the attacker, and when you have to reverse, reverse sooner. | Capt Sean "Mooch" Pangia VMFA(AW)-224 S-3 Schedules Writer/WSO Semper Fidelis Lesson Learned: Be professional and know your stuff.

38: Mrs. Jennifer Marrow VMFA(AW)-224 Family Readiness Officer Fair winds and following seas! Capt Eli "Sloth" Keller VMFA(AW)-224, Assistant Operations Officer/WSO Sir, you are always professional and ask the same from your Marines. I think that is what makes a great leader and you are a great leader. Maj Matthew "Pablo" Brown VMFA(AW)-224 Maintenance Officer/WSO Thank you for the opportunities at the MATSS and with the Bengals! My learning curve has been steep, thank you for your example and mentorship! Lesson Learned: Present an air tight case upfront and you will win. Clearly communicate your intent and your subordinates can execute according to your desires without you. Memory: Tap dancing at my first 3M meeting as the new MO of 224 and taking all of your calls about WTI Manning! | Sgt Larry Lechuga VMFA(AW)-224 Data Analyst Sir, thank you for the motivation from the monthly 3M briefs to the handshakes on the welcoming us back from deployment. Not only are you all about readiness, you also care about your Marines. Semper Fi. Lesson Learned: Determination! In 2009 you knew about my position as Data Analyst for 224. Not certified with less than one year of OJT, what you said and the look you gave me to succeed on training my unit on documentation was inspiring! Memory: One time during the 3M brief, you asked your XO if he had "any last words of wisdom." MSgt Lewis Mathis VMFA(AW)-224 Maintenance Chief Thank you, Sir, for the patience, confidence and trust. Lesson Learned: Be straight and to the point. Fluff is not needed. Memory: The first time I met you, you had read my bio and you remembered the high school I attended because your high school was in the same region and we played each other's schools on several occasions. GySgt James Hinson VMFA(AW)-224 Maintenance Control Chief Sir, thanks for the years of leadership and guidance. It was a pleasure serving with you. Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: Accountability and letting junior Marines act on the commands intent. Memory: Osan, Korea with "Pig" and Gunny Bushory that's all that can be said. | Sgt Andrew Emig VMFA(AW)-224 Flight Equipment CDI/Supervisor Good luck! Lesson Learned: Chain of command will always trust the word of a CID. Memory: Always made a point to ask the junior marines how things were going and how their day was. GySgt Garland Cox VMFA(AW)-224 Powerline Division Chief Wow sir! The incoming CO has BIG shoes to fill. Lesson Learned: Public speaking is an art. 2nd Lt Robert Rios VMFA(AW)-224 MMCO Awesome leader! Semper Fi. Memory: I still don't have a call sign, Sir! MSgt Russell Heboa VMFA(AW)-224 Avionics Chief Best of luck, Sir, in future endeavors. Lesson Learned: Communication is essential to all success.

39: Capt Nicholas "Yeller" Goodwin VMFA(AW)-224 GSO/Coffee Mess/ALSS OIC/WSO Semper Fi, Sir! Best of luck. | Capt Nicole "Cougar" Jansen-Hinnenkamp VMFA(AW)-224 S-3, Schedule Writer/WSO Good luck on your future endeavors. Semper Fi | Capt Aaron "Gote" Jirovsky VMFA(AW)-224 NATOPS/WSO I'll never forget providing CA's in G-10. Most crisp roll-ins ever!! Lesson Learned: to be professional, straight-forward, and confident at all times. Memory: My best memory is your memory. My callsign changed three times in about three months and you kept up with remembering along with knowing all your Marines very well. | Maj Grant "Puffs" Johnson VMFA(AW)-224 Operations Officer/Pilot Sir, thank you for your leadership and the example you have set for all of us to emulate. Lesson Learned: To do the best you can every day to improve yourself tactically and professionally. Someone is always watching. | GySgt James Hinson VMFA(AW)-224 Maintenance Control Chief Sir, thanks for the years of leadership and guidance. It was a pleasure serving with you. Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: Accountability and letting junior Marines act on the commands intent. Memory: Osan, Korea with "Pig" and Gunny Bushory that's all that can be said. | SSgt FJ Cobb VMFA(AW)-224 Airframes Division SNCOIC Smeper Fi, Sir. Best of luck!

42: LtCol Mike "Ko-Ko" Sobkowski VMFA-251 Commanding Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for setting the bar high and giving us all a boost while striving to achieve the standards you set for this MAG. Your example in the air and on the ground inspires all to better serve our fellow Marines as a team. It has been a sincere honor serving with you - thanks for the support and high cover. Lesson Learned: Do the right thing. Regardless of the pressure, you always took and led from the high road. Memory: How to tell someone they're all screwed up with a smile on your face and not making them feel bad. I've learned this lesson from you many times, usually immediately after relearning lesson number one. | LtCol Simon "Simple" Doran VMFA-251 Executive Officer/Pilot I would have to quote LtCol "Dukes" Spahr: "He's the best Marine Officer I've ever met." Lesson Learned: Striving for perfection is a legitimate goal. If you can't be perfect, you've come closer than anyone else. Memory: You were the "judge" at a wrestling competition between TOPGUN and the USAF at the NAS Fallon Officers Club. | SgtMaj Marty Fenton VMFA-251 Squadron Sergeant Major “Has anyone seen an aircraft carrier around here?” Lesson Learned: Trust your NCO’s and let them lead, they will surprise you. Memory: Showing up two hours late to the aircraft carrier when you came to see the Marines and having a Captain turn the aircraft for you until you were ready to leave.

43: Capt C. Scott “Sonny” Duncan VMFA-251 Pilot Training Officer/Pilot Fair winds and following seas at your next command and future assignments. Lesson Learned: The best lesson you taught me was how to set the example as a leader and aviator and you demonstrated true teaching passion. You are a professional who does not stop short of or waiver in your pursuit of excellence. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to you and there is no question you were instrumental in my personal and professional development. Memory: I will never forget how you always looked people in the eye and never forgot a name. Your genuine concern for others is one of your strongest traits. Lt Darshan Thota VMFA-251 Flight Surgeon Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn about Aviation and the USMC. Lesson Learned: Just as we wouldn’t leave someone with physical wounds on the battlefield, neither would we abandon a Marine with mental health disease. CWO2 Steve “Vaughn” Turner VMFA-251 AVO/GroundO Thanks for your incredible leadership, Sir! Enjoy your retirement and have some fun. Lesson Learned: My chili was the BEST at the cook off according to you! Memory: During an EKMS meeting for the MAG CO, Squadron CO’s and EKMS custodians, the Navy Chief giving the brief had no idea how to speak intelligently about EKMS. His brief was terrible. You and the Squadron CO’s all had the WTF look on your faces for an hour. I almost cracked up when the brief concluded and you asked, “So what did you come down here for?” Awesome!! | Maj Eric “Lil’g” Geyer VMFA-251 Maintenance Officer/Pilot Col Robinson, as an instructor pilot, you had the most significant impact on my career as an aviator. Lesson Learned: Set high standards for Marines; give them the tools to meet them and then step back to allow them to be successful. Memory: I flew the majority of my Fighter/Weapons flight in the FRS with you. Colonel, you showed me techniques that I still use and teach today. I will never forget you or your methods as an instructor. 1st Lt Chelsea “Frau” Buckholts VMFA-251 AAMO/Pilot Sir, please let me know when you plan on running for public office. I will be first in line to vote! Lesson Learned: The importance of knowing your Marines. Memory: I had been checked into MCAS Beaufort for approximately two weeks when I had my first meeting at the MAG. I was a Second Lieutenant who hadn’t even been to MOS school in a room full of O-5’s and above. I was terrified, to say the least. I was doing my best to blend into the wall when you walked up to me, stuck out your hand out, and said, “Nice to finally meet you 2nd Lt Buckholtz!” Now, I always do my best to meet our new check-ins right away and make them feel at home in the T-bolts. Thanks, Sir, for teaching me the importance of knowing your Marines.

44: Capt Tom “Loaf” Bolen Jr. VMFA-251 Pilot Training Officer/Pilot Thank you for the schooling in BFM! I learned a great deal and am grateful to have received a bit of your knowledge. Thank you, Sir. Lesson Learned: I learned how to be a better instructor in the Hornet community ensuring that our accrued knowledge and experiences get passed on to the next generation. Memory: My best memory is being able to fly with you and experience just how good of a pilot and instructor you are. WO Corey Wainscott VMFA-251 Ordnance Officer Sir, congratulation on a very successful command. Best wishes to you and your family with all future endeavors the Marine Corps may bring. Lessoned Learned: You taught us that all Marines need to be held accountable for their actions. Whether the action was good or bad. All Marines are responsible for their own career as well as passing on pertinent techniques to their subordinates for success in their career. Maj Fredrick “Boil” Lewis VMFA-251 OPSO/Pilot Lesson Learned: You are the only MAG CO and senior officer I have seen who will brief, lead and de-brief each flight you are scheduled for. You have not lost your passion for instructing pilots, no matter how busy your schedule is. You personify “leading from the front.” SSgt Brett Grow VMFA-251 Technical Directive Program Coordinator Fair winds and following seas. | Maj Robert “Finch” Porter VMFA-251 Assistant OpsO/Pilot Sir, while I’ve been gone in workups or deployed for a good portion of your command, my first interaction with you was at VFA-106 while both of us were going through refresher training. From that point forward, you also greeted me by name, and everyone else you came into contact with. As an individual with many high-level demands, concerns and decisions, the fact that you always took the time to speak to and care for the unit and individuals always impressed me and is something everyone should strive to emulate. Lesson Learned: Leadership, plain and simple. Setting the example across the board, leading from the front, tactically, as a Marine Corps Officer. GySgt Shane Richardson VMFA-251 Com/NavSNCOIC Thank you for your outstanding leadership and guidance throughout MAG-31. Lesson Learned: Guidance on personal and professional conduct is simple, do things right all the time with no exceptions. Capt Douglas “Dumps” Proctor VMFA-251 ASO/Pilot Thank you for all the great flights! Lesson Learned: To know ones self and to seek self improvement day to day. Capt Christopher “Woogie” Baker VMFA-251 Powerline Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for taking care of the T-Bolts and making sure we had what we need to be lethal in combat. Lesson Learned: Take care of your Marines and they will take care of you.

45: MSgt Aaron Bense VMFA-251 Maintenance Control SNCOIC Good luck in your future endeavors. I am sure you will be the best at whatever that might be. The Marine Corps is losing one of its best leaders. Lesson Learned: Always be thorough at what you do and value the input from your peers and troops. You do not always have the best way to accomplish the mission at hand. Memory: One day shortly after you took over as the MAG-11 DOSS, you counseled me on my email etiquette. You would direct me to pass new MAG policy to the squadron’s Commanding Officer and DOSS. I would write the emails exactly as if you were writing them. The tone of my emails did not go over too well with officers. You had to explain to me that I was only a SSgt and had to write my emails as if I was speaking to the officers. I learned that all caps meant that I was yelling and the proper way to end an email. V/R Capt Daniel “Sunggie” Neubauer VMFA-251 Airframes Officer/Pilot Thanks for believing in me. Lesson Learned: The past is the past and people should be treated as professionals and not for something that occurred in a prior experience. Memory: When I was leaving for deployment you shook my hand and told me you were proud of me. Due to our past, it meant a lot to me. Capt Michael “Goonch” Fisher VNFA-251 SKEDSO/GSO/NATOPSO/Pilot It has been an honor, Sir. God bless. Lesson Learned: Have ‘big ears and a little mouth.’

48: LtCol Frank "Speedo" Latt VMFA-312 Commanding Officer/Pilot Most likely to be on time. Lesson Learned: How to build an air tight case and shape the battlefield for HHQ's decision in favor of what is best for your unit. Memory: Whenever you told me you were proud of my Marines and Sailors. | Maj James "Beaver" Hunt VMFA-312 Executive Officer/Pilot Thanks for having me back in MAG-31! Congratulations and God bless! Memory: 2V2 SEM Red Air Brief. | SgtMaj Jimmy Sanchez VMFA-312 Squadron Sergeant Major Good luck and God Speed as you start the next chapter. Lesson Learned: Tactical patience.

49: Capt Brett "Snappy McButterpants" Abbamonte VMFA-312 Schedules Officer/Pilot Sir, it was an honor to serve under you in MAG-31. You are one of the most impressive individuals that I have ever met. The combination of your character and professionalism combined with your flying skills and knowledge is truly awe inspiring. Lesson Learned: How important it is to take the time to genuinely show interest in your Marine's lives. The way you treated me as a very junior pilot in your MAG really sticks out in my mind. The second time you ever saw me you remembered my name and callsign. Every single other time you saw me, you took the time out of your day to ask how I was doing and what was going on with my life. I had never witnessed so much care shown from such a senior leader. | Capt Adam "Ted" Gardner VMFA-312 ASO/Pilot Thanks for clearly setting the example. Lesson Learned: No reason not to be poised and professional at all times. | Capt Kyle "Dwimm" Reilly VMFA-312 Pilot You will do great at anything you do. Semper Fi | Capt Jeff “Kooch” Kuss VMFA-312 NATOPS/Coffee Mess Officer/Pilot Sir, in my short time here at MCAS Beaufort, it is quite evident that EVERY Marine who knows you respects and admires you. Your professionalism and enthusiasm at every encounter is motivating and drives me to want to be the best Marine I can be. An honor to meet you and I wish you a very pleasant departure from your faith MAG-31. Lesson Learned: Stay engaged with your Marines and maintains an awareness of what they have going on in their lives, both at work and outside the Corps.

50: Capt Frank "Tank" Machniak VMFA-312 Pilot Training Officer/Pilot Best of luck, Sir. I know whatever you do will be immediately improved. Lesson Learned: To always be 100% professional all the time. People are always watching. Memory: In a debrief: "We initially get 2-circle and then you did some sort of flip maneuver and we were back 1-circle." LCpl Tori Shanley VMFA-312 Aviation Operation Specialist Semper Fi and enjoy your well earned retirement! | Maj Charles "Stitch" Jindrich VMFA-312 Aircraft Maintenance Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for the rudder steers. Lesson Learned: Have all your ducks in a row before you open your mouth or sign your name. Memory: Your leniency with regards to my mistakes. CWO2 M.W. Knight VMFA-312 Ordnance Officer Sir, thank you for your dedicated service over the past 24 years. You get set the bar high and demanded excellence from your Marines. The lessons you taught us will be with us always. God bless you in your future endeavors. | Lt Kevin "Frosty" Keith VMFA-312 Flight Surgeon Thanks for the leadership and steady guidance. Lesson Learned: Do it right the first time. Always be above reproach. Memory: The slight surprised look in your eyes the first time we met and you saw the highlights in my hair. | Capt Kevin "Toilet" Bowler VMFA-312 S-4/Pilot Thanks for the outstanding BFM cross country out of Savannah. Lesson Learned: The level reactive game plan. GySgt MJ Davis VMFA-312 AVC Semper Fi Lesson Learned: Hard work and dedication will allow you to take your career anywhere you want. Memory: I can remember being a young LCpl in 115 and knowing a Capt Robinson. I remember thinking then that this pilot was going to go far | 1stLt David "Piglet" Hannaford VMFA-312 Pilot Semper Fi Memory: No matter what your talking about, there is never a single wasted word.

51: GySgt Ryan VanScoy VMFA-312 A/F Division Chief Semper Fi! GySgt Jason Martin VMFA-312 Maintenance Admin Chief Semper Fi and "FIGHTS ON!" Lesson Learned: Stay focused on the mission and take care of our Marines. Memory: Your motivational speech to us prior to our deployment. 1st Lt Jason DaSilva VMFA-312 AAMO It has been a pleasure serving under you. Best of luck! Lesson Learned: If you do not know the answer to a question when asked, gather the needed information before answering. I have seen you read through peoples answers, knowing they are unsure of what they are talking about. Mrs. DaNiel Cox VMFA-312 Family Readiness Officer Congratulations and Semper Fidelis! MSgt Wayne Moore VMFA-312 DIV Chief Thank you Sir, for always leading by example and upholding the core values of the Marine Corps to their highest standard. A true leader. Sgt Jamie Lawhorn VMFA-312 AVI SUP Sir, it’s been great serving under you. Semper Fi | MSgt Tim Whited VMFA-312 Maintenance Control Chief Fair winds and following seas. Lesson Learned: Always be prepared for every situation. MSgt Michael Goza VMFA-312 Maintenance Chief Semper Fi! It has been an honor serving alongside you. Lesson Learned: Professionalism and leadership skills. GySgt William Schmett Jr. VMFA-312 QA Division Chief Thank you for your leadership! It was always a boost to see our MAG Skipper land on the boat with us for workups! GySgt Arthur Cochran VMFA-312 Maintenance Control Sir, good luck in the future and if you ever want to fly with the Checkerboards we will give you 210 anytime! GySgt Bryson Sellers VMFA-312 Avionics Davison Chief Sir, it has been an honor to work for you here in MAG-31. I appreciate how approachable you always were, you took the time to ask how the Marines are doing and showed interest in what they were doing. LCpl Daniel Kurtz VMFA-312 AVI Good job, Sir. Semper Fi Lesson Learned: Don’t drink and drive, ORM. | GySgt Samuel Carodine VMFA-312 S-1 Admin Chief Semper Fi! GySgt James Gill VMFA-312 Powerline Division Chief Semper Fi! SSgt John Vajk VMFA-312 Seat Shop NCOIC Fair winds and following seas, Sir. Best of luck in all you do. GySgt Jason Tuttle VMFA-312 Seat Shop SNCOIC Hope you enjoyed the ride! Semper Fi

54: LtCol Jim "Baja" Wellons VMFAT-501 Commanding Officer/Pilot "Check Six!" Memory: The night of the Warlord reactivation at Eglin when he told the story of the Marines getting kicked out of the 62nd Fighter squadron bar - which became the first VMFAT-501 bar! Lesson Learned: Take care of your Marines. | Maj Steve "Glibby" Gillette VMFAT-501 Executive Officer/Pilot Thanks for the leadership and support. Great to fly with you... Take a cut away! | SgtMaj Bonnie Skinner VMFAT-501 Sergeant Major In challenging waters, the leader must always be the rock that provides stability. You did. Job well done, Sir.

55: Capt Robert Rhea VMFAT-501 AAMO Semper Fi & Good luck! SSgt Jeremy Olberding VMFAT-501 SACO Thanks for the mentorship and support. Maj Ralph Keener VMFAT-501 AMO Job well done, Sir. Semper Fi GySgt John Ayo VMFAT-501 Maint Admin Chief Semper Fi and good luck!

56: MSgt William Vachon VMFAT-501 Ordnance IYAOYAS! Semper Fi Maj James "Hefty" Bardo VMFAT-501 DOSS/Pilot Semper Fi, thanks for the support. MSgt Leonard McCullough VMFAT-501 AVI Chief WHATZZUUPPPP! Maj John "Tank" Ryan VMFAT-501 OpsO Here's to health to you and to our Corps. SSgt Christina Johansen VMFAT-501 Central Tech Publication Library Once a Devil Dog always a Devil Dog! MSgt Michael Duran VMFAT-501 S-1 Admin Chief Good luck sir. It's been a pleasure. Semper Fi

57: Capt Mario Valle VMFAT-501 MX Control Thank you for your leadership. Semper Fidelis! MGySgt S.B. Kennedy VMFAT-501 Maintenance Chief Fair winds and following seas, good luck with your next adventure. Maj Aric "Walleye" Liberman VMFAT-501 Pilot Thanks for the flight time and Good Luck! Capt Marc "Maverick" Nobel VMFAT-501 S-4 OIC Semper Fi, Thanks for all the support! GySgt Kelando Blackwell VMFAT-501 Operations Chief Thank you for all your years of service. Semper Fi GySgt Sergio Capatosto VMFAT-501 UVA Pride is forever. Semper Fi

58: LT Kenneth Alea VMFAT-501 Flight Surgeon Fair winds and following seas. | GySgt Harris Carr VMFAT-501 Flight Line Equip Semper Fi! | GySgt Kenneth Hollingsworth VMFAT-501 AirFrames Semper Fi | GySgt Markus Lill VMFAT-501 Quality Assurance Semper Fi! Best of luck to you. | GySgt Oliver Cain VMFAT-501 S-2 Chief Teufel Hunden OORRAH! | GySgt Nicholas Hannah VMFAT-501 AirFrames Semper Fi It's been a pleasure, Sir. | GySgt Luis Martinez VMFAT-501 ALMILS Fair winds and following seas. Best of luck to you. Semper Fi | GySgt Thomas McNelis VMFAT-501 Avionics Honor...Always

60: LtCol George “Sack” Rowell VMFA(AW)-533 Commanding Officer/Pilot The person I know ‘most likely to succeed’. Lesson Learned: Humility is one of the greatest facets of leadership. | LtCol Simon "Dung" Bailey VMFA(AW)-533 Executive Officer/Pilot Fair winds and following seas, Sir. Semper Fi! | SgtMaj Suzie Hollings VMFA(AW)-533 Sergeant Major Stay cool, don’t ever change. Good luck in the future.

61: Maj Michael “Job” Shand VMFA(AW)-533 Maintenance Officer/WSO Thank you for the leadership and mentoring. I wish you all of the best in your future endeavors. Maj Jayson “Cooch” Tiger VMFA(AW)-533 Assistant Maintenance Officer/Pilot It has been a great pleasure serving in MAG-31 during your tenure! Your leadership will be missed by all. Lesson Learned: Be tactically proficient regardless of rank or billet. Memory: 3M meetings where complex issues were discussed. (P)Section Lead Armed Recce mission to Pinecastle in fall 2010 (Cooch/Zdac Johnson & MAG CO / Rico Suarez). 20 minutes of roll-ins and target area attacks. You have a way of initiating a lower stress environment so students can succeed. Capt Scotty “Scotty” Black VMFA(AW)-533 S-1A Officer/WSO I truly enjoyed flying in your back seat! Lesson Learned: Fly aggressive! Memory: Flying with you was always fun. I usually spent more time hanging in the straps than in the seat. Your aggressive maneuvering of the jet is something you don’t see “experienced” (older) guys doing much. Capt Justin “Mowgli” Gogel VMFA(AW)-533 S-6 OIC/WSO Thank you for your guidance and leadership. Lesson Learned: Above all else, be tactically proficient. | Capt Kyle “Shaver” Haire VMFA(AW)-533 WSO Training Officer/WSO The most tactically engaged MAG CO I have ever seen. Lesson Learned: Everyone has to listen and weigh their options prior to making any decision. Be methodical, tactically patient and decisive. Memory: You once told Captain Dickerson and I that you had witnessed a very difficult and complex, but extremely rare tactical scenario, “ahhh, let me think about 200 times.” Maj Brian “Shutr” Blomquist VMFA(AW)-533 S-2 OIC/Pilot Lesson Learned: Professionalism in all aspects of life. Memory: When I arrived in Al Asad, Iraq in 2006 as an IA with 3rd MAW, you took the time to take me over to VMFA(AW)-533 who was there at the time and personally introduced me to everyone in the squadron who was working at that time, you did not leave one door closed as you made the introductions. Capt Norman “Francis” Mitchel VMFA(AW)-533 S-4 OIC/WSO Sir, you were my first hornet squadron CO (VMFAT-101) and I truly appreciate the example you’ve consistently set for conduct and tactical proficiency over the years. The advice you’ve given and the lessons I’ve learned from you will always stick with me. Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: If you have to be either over-confident or overly humble, I recommend you err on the side of humility. | Maj Al “Ned” Bryant VMFA(AW)-533 Operations Officer/WSO Sir, thank you for all you have done for MAG-31, the Hornet community, the Marine Corps, and the United States. Your leadership and professionalism will be greatly missed. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Semper Fidelis! Lesson Learned: Mine would be a general lesson in leadership and professionalism. You are one of the best leaders I have ever observed. It was truly a pleasure to see you in action. Colonel, you motivated me to strive to be like you and to uphold the standards you established as the MAG CO. Capt Matt “Dry” Humphries VMFA(AW)-533 F/A-18D WSO Lesson Learned: Reverse on a 3k Defensive Set. They’ll never know what’s coming. Lt Justin Whitley VMFA(AW)-533 Flight Surgeon Fair winds and following seas. PRIDE

62: Maj Neil “Dummy” Cordes VMFA(AW)-533 Assistant Operations Officer/WSO Sir, it has been a pleasure flying/serving with you over the years. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Lesson Learned: The ability to set the example with professionalism at all times. Memory: Flying 1v2 versus F-5s during the FRS. Still to this day, one of my favorite hops in the hornet. CWO2 Kevin Wernsing VMFA(AW)-533 Ordnance Officer Good luck. Semper Fi! WO David Willingham VMFA(AW)-533 Avionics Officer Thank you for approving my request to become a Warrant Officer! Maj Jared “Vic” Santos VMFA(AW)-533 DOSS/Pilot Voted most likely to command a Marine Air Group. Lesson Learned: Good leaders tell their people what to do. Great leaders build a box, bounded by regulation and guidance, for their people to operate in and trust their subordinates to get the job done while staying within the confines of the box. Col Robinson, you exemplify great leadership. Memory: I did a Hi Aspect BFM sortie with you. You briefed, lead, and debriefed the entire thing. Unfortunately nobody’s tapes ran. Despite extensive vertical maneuvering, you were able to accurately re-construct the entire engagement, and draw excellent learning points. When flying with senior officers, the debrief often gets cut short due to their busy schedule and timing constraints. This wasn’t the case with you, Colonel; I learned a lot from you. | Capt Dan “Stroke” Pettit VMFA(AW)-533 Legal O, SACO, Awards O, Cruise Book O/Pilot Dear Colonel, I can’t believe the year has gone by so fast. It seems like I was just checking in yesterday. We had some great training with live ordnance out in El Centro in August, and then with the holidays time just flew by and before I knew it we were on WestPac. We’ve got to see some great places, and participate in a number of exercises, and now it’s almost time to come home! Lesson Learned: Suicide is threat to the Marine Corps. Maj Jason “Dangle” McManigle VMFA(AW)-533 Quality Assurance Officer/Pilot Enjoyed flying with you Sir. Whenever a MAG CO is in a flight we tend to keep an extra eye on him just because he may have been out of the cockpit for awhile and still kicking off some rust. Never have to do that for you. You are still just as lethal now as you ever were. Lesson Learned: Even though you’re the master of your trade, you still manage to be one of the most humble aviators I’ve ever met. You are always looking for ways to make yourself and others better. Memory: I flew in a Large Force Exercise with you on my wing as we were a section of close escort for one of 115’s Mission Commander workups. We were sitting through a TACTs debrief when the tapes were stopped to analyze how we did against a certain red air presentation and you were asked for your assessment. You said you had a few points and started with, “I’ve seen this particular presentation, “stopped for a few seconds to think, then continued, “over 350 times.” We didn’t doubt you one bit, and we were willing to bet that you were within +/- 5 of the actual number. | Capt Erik “Hooves” Dickerson VMFA(AW)-533 S-3/Pilot Training Officer/Pilot Sir, thanks for the help in the Fallon workup. VMFA(AW)-533 S-4 Embarkation Officer/WSO Thank you for the outstanding leadership! Lesson Learned: Take care of your Marines and look out for their welfare. Memory: My best memory is the welcome aboard brief. You certainly make it known how much you care for the Marines. Capt Seth “Thumbs” Byrum VMFA(AW)-533 Schedules Officer/Command Historian/Pilot Thank you for the example you have set for all of the officers in the MAG. Lesson Learned: It doesn’t matter how good you are, you can always learn something new. 1st Lt Enrico Landas VMFA(AW)-533 Assistant Maintenance Officer Sir, it has been an exceptional pleasure having the opportunity to work with you. I hope I have that opportunity again in the future. Good Luck, Sir! Lesson Learned: My normal interactions with you occurred once a month during the 3M briefs. From those briefs I learned the importance of gathering and learning as much information as humanly possible and utilizing that information to guide decisions for the future. | Capt Wesley “Newman!” Newman

63: Capt Phillippe "Bitties" Brule VMFA(AW)-533 NATOPS Officer/Pilot Good luck with your future endeavors. Capt Joseph “Slider” Coenen VMFA-533 Pilot Good luck in the future and thanks for the leadership. Lesson Learned: Patience in a BFN engagement while on a cross country in a SAV.

66: LtCol William Gray MALS-31 Commanding Officer Sir, even though it was a short time together, it has been a great ride! Memory: You have a MALS-31 license plate on your truck! Lesson Learned: Have fun in command! | Maj Kolter Miller MALS-31 Executive Officer Sir, thank you for your leadership and time given to support me as one of your XO’s. Fair winds and following seas. Salute to you. Lesson Learned: That you can be firm and fair and have everyone benefit from a commanders decision. That creative solutions can come from any source. Memory: When you were the GOH for the MALS-31 SNCO/Officer Dining in. Quite a fun evening. Thanks for everything,Sir. | SgtMaj Thomas Ruppert MALS-31 Sergeant Major Thanks for your leadership and guidance. Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: Always verify M.C. orders. Memory: You always remember my favorite football team.

67: Maj Bruce Jones MALS-31 AMO Your leadership and ability to address the impacting issues of today while considering the future has been inspiring and pushed the MAG to be successful. Memory: Using a pink cell phone while trying to coordinate the Wing CG conference call. Not a flattering color, Sir. Lesson Learned: Regardless of how thorough your research is, always be prepared to answer the unanticipated question. | Maj Rob Davis MALS-31 Supply Officer Thank you for your leadership, guidance and Top Cover. Memory: Guest speaker for MALS-31 dining-in...inspiring comments and outstanding understanding of what MALS Aviation Logistics bring to the fight. Lesson Learned: Command presence and analysis of three levels of your own. | Maj Glenn Marriott MALS-31 Operations Officer Thank you, Sir, for you inspiration and true professionalism. You will be missed. Memory: Thoroughly impressed by your command presence and the way you spoke to the entire room at the Marine Corps Ball 2010. Lesson Learned: To be technically and tactically proficient in everything you do. | Capt Bill Spink MALS-31 Asst Operations Officer Sir, Good luck in your future endeavors. I appreciate the support to the Bengals when I was with them. Lesson Learned: Remember that you work primarily for your Marines and take care of yourself and your family. Maintain balance and take leave. Memory: One day you were over at MALS-31 and 2 jets from 224 took off. Both aircraft had rather aggressive take offs. One jet inverted during the take off. You immediately got on the phone and asked who was flying at that time. It wasn't long after, that some heads rolled! | 1st Lt Ketric Buffin MALS-31 Airframes Division Officer Thank you for the example that you have set. I aspire to one day live up to your standard because I know that while standing at 5'9" I will never be able to live up to your stature. Lesson Learned: It is important to understand where the future of the Marine Corps lies. | Maj Mark Mitchell MALS-31 Ordnance Officer Thanks for your leadership and confidence in the Ordnance Department. Semper Fi. | Capt Regan Kieff MALS-31 Production Control Officer God's speed and Semper Fi!

68: LCpl Michael Quinonez MALS-31 Training Clerk Thank you for your service to our country. You are the best in the world at what you do, and I am proud to have served with you. Lesson Learned: When in doubt, remember our Corps values and follow your conscience. | LCpl Evan Resor MALS-31 Training Clerk It was great serving under you. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Lesson Learned: Do things right and do the right thing. | Sgt Kent Cox MALS-31 Training Chief Thank you for the wisdom and knowledge you gave at PME briefs and the Dining-In. | SSgt Michael Cook MALS-31 Munitions Chief Sir, MAG-31 has benefited greatly from your leadership. Thank you and good luck to you and your family. Lesson Learned: A Marine's family is just as important to mission accomplishment as the Marine is. | Cpl Benjamin Konchar MALS-31 Munitions Thank you for your leadership and best of luck to you in all you pursue. Lesson Learned: 96's are valuable and necessary for troop welfare. | LCpl Bryan Lee MALS-31 Good luck to you in your future endeavors and thank you for such great leadership. | SSgt Todd Allen MALS-31 71B W/C Supervisor Farewell, stay safe, God bless. Memory: Staff/OfficerMess Night. Good times. | GySgt Shawn DiMauro MALS-31 Ordnance Dept. PC Chief Best wishes to you and your family. Semper Fi! | Mr. Randy Thompson MALS-31 Airframes Depot Artisan Best wishes for a job well done. Good luck with all your future endeavors. | LCpl James Tyler MALS-31 Ordnance Tech It's been great working for you. Memory: You were always a motivator. Lesson Learned: Keep moving forward in your career. | LCpl Quentyn Hillman MALS-31 Administration Clerk It was an honor to serve under you. Semper Fi! | Mr. Kenneth Mingle MALS-31 Airframes, Sheet metal, Composite, Canopy Have a happy retirement, wish you the best of luck in all you do.

69: GySgt Donald Martin MALS-31 Ground Safety Manager It has been an honor to serve under you, Sir. Semper Fi! Lesson Learned: Be on time, punctuality. | GySgt Derrell Weitman MALS-31 Production Controller It was the best of times. It was the worst of times... Lesson Learned. Be on time!! | GySgt Ronald Williams MALS-31 Admin Chief Definitely was great serving with you. Best wishes to you and your family. Lesson Learned: Consider the whole situation before passing judgment. | MGySgt Dedric Foreman MALS-31 Aviation Supply Chief Sir, thank you for your leadership and dedication to the Marines of MAG-31. Lesson Learned: Always be in pursuit of excellence. | MSgt Thomas Monroe MALS-31 Asst maintenance Chief Congratulations on a successful career and best wishes to you and your family. | GySgt Jerrod Wollard MALS-31 ALIMS Chief Always aim for the stars and enjoy the ride. | MGySgt Victor Colombo MALS-31 MAG Ordnance Chief Great serving with you! May God's hand lead and protect you as you navigate the future. Lesson Learned: To receive the counsel of your trusted SME's. | GySgt Jose Bustos MALS-31 Technical Directive Coordinator I'll never forget your story when a GySgt corrected you (as a Lt) about addressing the Gunny by his first name. | Sgt Colin Brown MALS-31 Ordnance ASRS NCOIC Thanks for the opportunity to prove myself. Memory: My best memory is when you recommended me for re-enlistment and allowed me the opportunity to overcome my mistakes. Lesson Learned: To be able to look past past errors and mistakes and allow people to grow and learn from them. | SSgt Hezie Guyton MALS-31 Logs & Records Clerk Good luck, Sir, the Corps will miss you. Lesson Learned: Safety is paramount. | SSgt Able MALS-31 Ordnance OA & Training Chief Good luck, Sir. Hope your next tour is as good as this one. Semper Fi! | The Few The Proud Marines

72: CDR John "Beaker" Perrone VFA-86 Commanding Officer/Pilot An inspirational leader whose excellence is contagious! Lesson Learned: Tactical excellence begins at the top. | CDR Michael "Spunk" Connor VFA-86 Executive Officer/Pilot Great to see you again after so many years since TopGun! Lesson Learned: You can be a senior pilot/aircrew and still be tactically on step.

73: LCDR Paul "Dino" Brantuas VFA-86 OPSO/Pilot Thanks for all the bad weather days! Lesson Learned: Don't schedule the Colonel unless you want a low overcast below mins. Memory: New callsign, "Black Cloud." | LT Matt "Merlot" Sullivan VFA-86 Pilot New Callsign- "Umbrella" So I guess there are some Marines that are good at BFM! Lesson Learned: It seems like all my lessons were learned from you on how to be a good flight lead, especially in BFM. Memory: Brief - Rain. Brief - Rain. Brief - Rain. Brief - Rain. Brief - Rain. Brief - Rain. Brief - Rain. Brief - Rain. | LT William "Vieter" Vuillet VFA-86 NATOPS/Pilot Thanks for bringing the good weather! | LCDR Wells "Shrimp" Green VFA-86 Pilot Best of luck in your next job. Lesson Learned: Professionalism. Memory: You got cancelled about four times in a row for weather. | LT Joe "Jinro" Burns VFA-86 AOPS/Pilot Even Raisin Bran's 2-scoops sunny mascot could stave off the rain when MAG-31's CO would be on the VFA-86 flight schedule! | LT Brady "Shake Weight" O'Neal VFA-86 SKEDS/Aircraft DIV-O/Pilot Best of luck to you. Lesson Learned: Professionalism goes a long way. Memory: Your sunny disposition does not bring sunny weather!

74: LT Zach "Smedium" Dean VFA-86 Pilot Thanks for making our stay at MCAS Beaufort a memorable one. Lesson Learned: If you're blind during a 1V1 BFM engagement, look at your six o'clock. Memory: Anytime the Colonel is on the flight schedule, bring an umbrella and prepare to be WX canceled. | LT Leigh "FJ" Loesel VFA-86 Scheds O/Pilot You are one of the finest officers I have ever met. You presence and knowledge is something I aspire to emulate. Lesson Learned: You taught me how to fight the jet. Your use of the "Level-Reachive" game plan allowed me to understand and enjoy BFM.

75: G O N A V Y

78: LCDR Mark "The Pope" Giralmo Former MAG-31 Command Chaplain Have deeply appreciated serving under a man who is worthy of being called a phenomenal leader. Thank you for allowing me to have my social, political and otherwise passionate opinions. You listened and didn't judge me or try to shut me up. Also thanks for putting up with a little "different" Chaplain. I will miss you personally and professionally. Remember, if you ever need a loyal friend or a Chaps I will be there in a moment's notice. Lesson Learned: Sir, I love how you consulted your resident professionals, "Department Heads" and then made an informed decision quickly. You were never a micro manager but an enabler who inspired and encouraged your Officers. A continual lesson to be learned by all when you move from job to job. | LtCol Shawn "Dirty" Callahan Former MAG-31 HQ Commanding Officer/WSO Sir, thank you very much for supporting my plans for our Marines, and for giving me time to get home so often. Best wishes! Memory: After a command visit to a squadron deployed aboard an aircraft carrier, who else would volunteer to participate in an Alpha Strike for an "easy hop" back home ...and pull it off? Lesson Learned: When you make it a high priority to communicate a clear and consistent message, the command will understand what you consider important. It is OK to seek assistance from your boss at higher headquarters when you lack the resources to properly take care of Marines, or when you get conflicting guidance from the staff. | Col Jeff "JD" Davis MACG-38 Commanding Officer/Pilot Crusoe, not enough words to tell you the lasting positive impact you made on me at Al Asad, and how honored I am to know and serve with you. You are the best of the best, thank you for leading by example, doing it right, and doing it the right way. Lesson Learned: No one is calmer or cooler at sorting and shooting...whether it's bandits as a pilot or immediate ASRs/JTARs, TICs, and mishaps as a Battle Captain. The lessons about aviation and employing aviation are priceless! Memory: My favorite memory is every single 1300 turnover brief...each one an education, motivating, and giving me a better sight picture of what the standard was I needed to strive toward. | F R I E N D S

79: CDR Bruce Boyle Former MAG-31 Group Chaplain Thank you Colonel for your great support and leadership. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family. Lesson Learned: COL Robinson is the best combination of Leadership, Faith and Commitment to his personnel. | Capt. Nichole Bastion Former MAG-31 Adjutant It was an honor serving with you. You were the ideal officer to serve with. You have and will be the example the Marine Officer I strive to be. Thank you for always listening, taking the time to explain decisions, and letting me be me! Semper Fi. Lesson Learned: The 80% solution works. Operations always trumps protocol. Lead by example. Memory: The dunk at the Family Day picnic! Your pre-deployment speech to IAs before I deployed. | GySgt Eric Moncibias Former MAG-31 HQ Squadron Gunny After 18 years in the Corps, it saddens me that it took this long to see impeccable leadership on a daily basis. I admired every moment I was able to observe the way you conducted business and with that I apply it to my daily business. Thank you Sir, for everything you did or didn’t know you instilled in all of us. Semper Fidelis. Lesson Learned: Gather facts, all of them. Scrutinize those facts and then weigh out the variables, human error and all options. There are several sides to a situation but cut the waste and get to the truth and the solution. Memory: Your end of the week “fly by” inquiring about everyone’s plans and mental aspects for the weekend. Some of the volleys of conversations were humorous. It made me proud to observe the young Marines interact with the you. Only you or SgtMaj Richardson showed that personal interest, in remembering one weekend to the next, plans that were spoke of and inquired of outcomes. | F R I E N D S

80: LtCol Russ Blauw Former MALS-31 Commanding Officer Thank you, Sir, for the leadership. It has been an honor serving with you. Lesson Learned: Be positive, have a plan, treat people the way you would want to be treated. Memory: The time the airplane flew upside down over our heads. | F R I E N D S | LtCol Glen "Troll" Klassa Former MAG-31 Executive Officer/Pilot it has been an honor and a privilege to work for the finest Marine officer, leader, and gentleman. Continues success. Most of all, enjoy the family." Simper fi, Troll | Col Michael "Homey" Cederholm MAG-31 Commanding Officer/Pilot To the best Marine Corps officer and friend that I have known. Thank you for what you have done for our Corps, my family and I. Semper Fidelis, Homey Lesson Learned: How to cover, look at and investigate all aspects of a problem in order to come to the best possible solution. Memory: Our time at Top Gun flying, teaching and learning.

82: Family | Dear David, We have been privileged to be able to view your life from the beginning and what a joy that has been for us. We have seen you progress through the various stages of life and in each stage have witnessed your accomplishments. We have also seen how Proverbs 3:5-6 has been a blueprint for your life and how the Lord has directed your path, putting you where you have been able to positively impact many lives. Your willingness to be teachable has been a key to the many accomplishments of your life. While we have been blessed seeing your many achievements, we have been even more blessed by your character, the person you are. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life--past, present, and future. We love you. Mom and Dad | LtCol Dan "Smokey" Robinson Joint Staff/J-8/WSO To a great Marine, a great teacher, and especially a great brother. You’ve been there to lead the way & help me out from elementary school to flight school and beyond. Thanks for taking the pressure off by setting the bar so high I didn’t even have to worry about trying to reach it. I think back on how lucky I was when our squadrons were in the same building in Beaufort & I could pop over to ask you tactics advice, only to be followed by an awesome family dinner later that night where MD & Jill would let me sneak in a few more questions (thanks for making me look smart). You’ve taught me so many things, I can’t begin to list them – however, two particular lessons come to mind: 1) If you’re drilling a hole to hang something above the kitchen sink, and it gets really hard to drill, just push really, really hard and eventually you’ll get your hole. 2) Always have an assistant when drilling the hole, so they can call the plumber while you wipe the water from your face & hold your finger in the hole. Congratulations on a great command & great career. Keep pushing – we’ll always be there to support you. We are all very proud of you– well done. Much Love, Your Bro

83: The In-Laws DR, it is amazing to think that you are at the completion of an honorable time of service with the Marine’s. Hat’s off to you!! There is no doubt that you have left a significant mark on the men and women that you have served with and led through your leadership. Lesson Learned: The best lesson we have observed in your life is the reminder to put God at the beginning of our day. Because you have sought God’s wise counsel at the beginning of your day, the Marine’s, friends, and family that you have led and been a part of have been blessed for it. May this continued counsel with God each morning lead you in your future endeavors. Memory: It is with certainty that the best memory that we have of you is when you first met your bride, our sister, Mary Delle. She was a visiting queen (Miss Myrtle Beach) in your hometown of Winchester, Virginia, at the Apple Blossom Festival. Mary Delle came home with a picture of David Robinson, not the basketball player that you were escourting, but THE David A. Robinson, hunk of a guy. Funny thing was, the picture that Mary Delle shared with our family was of she and a faceless man dancing. We had to take it at her word that you were the “hunk” she thought you were. | The Worsley, Frank & Quincannon Famlies | Robbie Robinson Brother How do I sum up the things I've learned from my brother Dave...Colonel Robinson... Crusoe...? My brother has taught me a lot, perhaps more than he realizes. My brother has taught me that there is more than one way to do something - that different people do things differently - and that the way to get the best out of people is to tell them what you need and then allow them to do it their way and to the best of their ability. My brother has taught me to do the right thing - even if doing the right thing may lead to severe consequences. My brother has taught me that a man keeps his word - that when a man commits to something he follows through, even if it takes his entire life. But I think most of all, my brother has taught me that in order to lead you must hold yourself to a higher standard than you demand of those you are leading, and that the only way to lead is through this example of excellence. I count myself lucky for many things in my life, one of which is that I have been allowed to watch, frequently with awe, a truly good man doing truly exceptional things with an unswerving dedication to that which he holds dear. It is a rare and beautiful thing to see, and I am grateful to have been given the privilege of a front row seat. Robbie

84: Best Memory: Family road trips! (cross-country, college tours, New England) Water-skiing! (preferably sunset instead of sunrise ) Navy games! (especially when they win ) Oahu! (Waikiki at sunrise, Bellows at sunset “Somewhere over the Rainbow”) Special family times! | Mary Delle "Friday" Robinson Wife of 21 years Looking back with love and admiration over our past 21 years and the best is yet to be!” Lesson Learned: “Choose wisely how you spend your time and money; these are precious limited resources.”

85: Abby "Ab" Robinson Eldest Daughter - 16 Lesson Learned: Do your best; that’s all I ask. | You’re the best Dad ever because you are a great example, you teach us lessons about life, and you love us. We are so proud of you! | Drew "Drew -Buddy" Robinson Son - 13 Lesson Learned: Doing hard things builds character. | Audrey "Sweet Pea" Robinson Baby Girl - 11 Lesson Learned: Chase your dreams and never give up on them. | Love

86: Fun Pics

91: Thank | Oohrah!

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