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Colorado Biographies 2011

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S: Our Colorado Biographies Class of 2011

FC: Our Class Biographies By: Mrs. Strasser's Class of 2011

1: The following pages contain biographies written by 4th Grade students at Shelledy Elementary. The Colorado Standards met through this project include:

2: Chief Ouray Chief Ouray was born on November 13, 1833 in New Mexico. He was the Chieff the Utes. Chief Ouray married Chipeta and had children. Later in their life they adopted children. The older children took care of the smaller children. They fed them and took them out for walks and other activities like that. Sometimes, the children didn’t were cloths because they either got too small or didn’t have any at all. The Native Americans made tipis out of animal skin, such as buffalo, elk, moose, and rabbit. They were nomadic so they carried their wherever they moved to. The Utes hunted animals such as buffalo, deer, moose, rabbit, and elk. They used a bow and arrow to hunt with. They would sneak up on them and then shoot. Then carry the animal home. The Utes would use every part of the animal. The hair was used for yarn or thread. The hooves could be made into glue. The stomach was a pot for cooking, a bag or a toy. They use every part of the body. The Utes had their own language. They also used sign language. Well, that is how they talked to each other. Chief Ouray died in August 1880. I do not know the exact date. Here are some facts about Chief Ouray. 1. Ouray has his own town named after him. 2. He had a wife before Chipeta. 3. His son died. 4. They adopted children. 5. The college team for Utah was named after the Utes. Well, that is what I learned about Chief Ouray and his tribe. I think that the important because he was the first and last Chief of the Utes. I choose him because he was a Native American and I really like Native Americans. The thing I like most about Chief Ouray is he and his tribe learned many things. I like Chief Ouray do you?

3: Chipeta Chipeta was born in 1843 near Ignacio, Colorado. She married Chief Ouray when she was 16.She was also called White Singing Bird, Wise Woman and Peace Maker. She was famous for making peace with the white people. In 1879 Chipeta rescued several hostages in the night. Chipeta died in 1924 on the Utah reservation. She was buried near the town of Ouray. Then she was reburried in 1925 in Montrose, Colorado. Insteresting fact: in 1883 Chipeta remarried and adopted 4 kids. I chose Chipeta because I have always heard Chief Ouray’s side. I wanted to hear her side of the story. I also wanted to learn about what she did. That is why I chose Chipeta.

4: Owl Woman Owl Woman was born in the 1800`s in the south eastern Colorado. She died in 1847. Owl Woman`s father was the Arrow Keeper. Her father`s job made arrows for the warriors. His real name was White Thunder. She was married to William Bent. William built Bent`s Fort with his brother. Owl Woman’s mother was named Tail Woman. Owl Woman was a Cheyenne Indian. They thought that White Thunder was a high priest. There were a lot of Cheyenne Indians. The kids would be playing, the men would be hunting, and the women would do house work. The Cheyenne Indians ate buffalo, deer, and rabbit. Mexicans, Europeans, and Americans brought food to the Cheyenne Indians food when it was hard to find food. The food they brought was meat, berries, and crops. Owl Woman died shortly after giving birth to Julia in 1847. Instead of being buried she was put on a high platform exposed to the sky and birds so she would return to earth more quickly. This was the Cheyenne Indian way. I chose to do a biography about Owl Woman because I think owls and Indians are really cool. The most interesting I learned about her was that she married William Bent.

5: Black Kettle I am going to tell you about Black Kettle. Black Kettle was born in 1803. Black Kettle was born near the Black Hills of South Dakota. Black Kettle hunted buffalo for food and for clothing. He later met his wife Maiyuna. Black Kettle is the chief of the Cheyennes. On 1863, he and Lean Bear traveled to Washington D.C. to see President Lincoln and to sign a treaty. Later the tribe began to complain that the dry lands near the Arkansas River held little wild life. He later moved his tribe to Sand Creek. On November 26, 1864 John Chivington prepared to attack Black Kettle’s tribe. Black Kettle is famous for his repeated efforts to make sacrifices with honor for his people, despite broken promises and attacks on his own life. Black Kettle was a warrior of the Cheynnes. He was the principal chief during the 1861 Treaty at Fort Wise, Colorado. The tribe was nomadic. John Chivington attacked Black Kettle’s tribe on November 29, 1864. More than 200 Cheynnes were scalped or murdered. Black Kettle escaped the attack but returned later to rescue his seriously injured wife. That day Black Kettle witnessed more than 200 members of his tribe seriously hurt or killed. On November 27, 1868 George Armstrong Custer killer both Black Kettle and his wife. Black Kettle and his wife were shot at the river. Armstrong and his soldiers rode right over Black Kettle, his wife and their horses. Their bodies were splashed with mud from the charging soldiers. Custer later reported that an Okage guide took Black Kettle’s scalp as a souvenir. I chose Black Kettle because I wanted to research an Indian. He was important because he was the chief of the Cheynnes. I think he was interesting because he returned to rescue his wife when his tribe was being attacked.

6: Little Raven Little Raven was born in Colorado and born in the year of 1810. Little Raven lived in Nebraska and when he was a kid he lived in Colorado. Little Raven lived in Nebraska and lived by his self. Little Raven was not married to anyone. He lived by his self. Little Raven was famous for making peaceful relations between Native Americans and whites, even amidst the Sand Creek Massacre. Little Raven was friends with John Evans because they both wanted to make peace.Little Raven died in Oklahoma in 1889. Little Raven died by getting shot.I chose Little Raven because he sounded like a fun person to write about. This person is important because he tried to make peace with people like Indians and white people. I learned that Little Raven was not a girl but he was a chief and that he was a friend of a white guy named John Evans.

7: Father Escalante Escalante was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico.Dominguez and Escalante wanted to find a northern route to find a northern route to Monterrey, California from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Escalante has his own ruins. They are thorough Utah. He even has his own river, The Escalante River. Escalante is a famous name; many people are named Escalante. He was a Spanish Franciscan missionary who in 1776-77 along with his superior Francisco Dominguez, set out for an expedition.At the time the New World Empire of Spain Stretched from Panama to North Mexico and across the American Southwest to the California coast. Not much was known about the country or the deserts between California and Santa Fe primarily because of the Colorado River Northwest of the capital.The government of New Mexico as well as the church sought to establish overland route through the deserts to the California coast .The U.S. did not know much about the deserts or the country. In 1775, Juan Bastuitis de Anza led an expedition from Mexico through the Sonoran desert and discovered a northern route to Monetary ,California and asked Escalante to find a southern route to Montera,California from Santa Fe New Mexico.I chose Escalante because I love Spanish Explorers because they explore new places. He was important because he discovered Utah and Colorado. That there was a Northern route to Monterey, California from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

8: Thomas Jefferson Hello, I am writing about Thomas Jefferson. Thomas was born on April 13, 1743. He was the third president of the U.S.A. Thomas wanted to know more about the western side of Colorado. He hired Lewis and Clark in 1800. In their journey they found Pikes Peak on November 27. When they were climbing Pikes Peak it got colder so they made winter clothes. They couldn’t climb Pikes Peak so they gave up and explored more of Colorado. Thomas was in the war in 1789 – 1793. Thomas barely escaped the British in 1781. Thomas married Martha Wayles Skelton. Thomas Jefferson died on July 14, 1826. Thomas was not very healthy anymore. So that is Thomas Jefferson’s life. I picked Thomas Jefferson because I wanted someone that explored Colorado. However, he only hired people to explore Colorado. Also, I knew he was the president and that is important if you are a president. Plus you make the plans for everything if you are the president.

9: George Armstrong Custer George Armstrong Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio in 1839. He spent most of his life with his half-sister and half-brother. After he graduated he began to teach in Ohio. Custer joined the military in 1862. He graduated just as the Civil war broke out. Custer was promoted to second lieutenant in the second u.s Cavalry. He joined his regiment in the first battle of Bull Run. The commander told him to give messages to Major. General. Irvin McDowell. After the battle, he was given the fifth u.s Cavalry. Custer heard his commander talk to himself and say “I wish I knew how deep it is” and Custer dashed into the river and replied “That’s how deep it is Mr. General!”. After that Custer got to lead an attack with four people of the fourth Michigan Infantry across Chickahomy River above New Bridge. The attack went well. They caught fifty Confederates and the first Confederate battle flag of the war. After that Major. General.Goerge B McClellan brought him onto his staff as an aide de camp with the temporary rank of Captain. With this Custer began his lifelong pursuit of publicity.Custer was married to Elizabeth Clift Bacon from 1842-1933. Her father was not impressed with Custer. When Custer became a brevet brigadier he married Elizabeth 14 months after meeting. Following the battle of Washita River in November in 1868.He was alleged to have unofficially married the chief of the Cheyenne’s daughter, Monaseetah.Custer died at the hands of the Cheyenne Indian’s, who shot him below the heart on June 25. They found his body on the battlefield. They had a military funeral at West Point. Two hundred sixty six officers died in combat. That was the life of George Armstrong Custer.I chose him because he is known a lot for the wars he fought. I think that when he went into the river it was most interesting. He was important for fighting in the Civil War and all the Indian wars he fought in. I think he was interesting to learn about.

10: John Evans By Michael Bechtel John Evans was born March 9, 1814 in Waynesville, Ohio. When John got older his wife died, but he still had his 3 children. It was a sad time for John, but then President Lincoln asked him to be Colorado Territory’s Governor! While he was Governor, he tried to create peace with the Indians. But the Indians said that white men don’t want peace they want war. Then John went to President Lincoln and was going to ask for help with the Indians, but then he heard bad news. The news was that the Indians were all going to be killed! So he went to the Indians and said, “Go to Sand Creek. You will be safe there”. So the Indians went there, but in the morning they were surprised, really surprised. They didn’t know but the white men were going to invade there camp! In the morning they heard yelling. The white men cut loose the Indians` horses and there was a stampede! Some Indians tried to run away but the white men shot them down. Estimates of the dead were 100 to 300 Indians. Some people said that John Evans was the one who told the army to kill the Indians. Other people said that he did not do that, but it was too late for John. He got a letter from the President saying that he had to stop his job being governor. John did as he was told and stopped being governor. Mr. Evans still helped Colorado. He tried to make Colorado a state. After a long time it did become a state, in 1876. He told people to make railroads in Denver. It was a good day for John when the first train pulled up in Denver. After that, he told the people that every city should have a college and he would give some of his land for them. Finally, one college opened and is now called the University of Denver. On his 81st birthday the people thanked him for his work. They named one of the highest mountains in the state after him. Mt. Evans sits between Pikes Peak and Longs Peak. Mt. Evans is higher than either one of these other peaks reaching 14,265 feet. On the afternoon of July 2nd, 1897 the sun was shining on Pikes Peak and Longs Peak. But on Mt. Evans, there was a storm cloud. Some say it was because he died that afternoon at 4:30PM. I wrote about John Evans because he was helpful to the state of Colorado and he obeyed commands of the President. John Evans was a good man.

11: John Chivington This is a biography on John Chivington. He was born in Lebanon, Ohio 1821.He was in the Union Army from 1861-1864. He became an editor for a newspaper when he retired. He was a colonel in the Union Army. He killed hundreds of Cheyenne Indians while they were asleep. He was married in 1844. He was in the Civil war and Sand Creek Massacre. Here are some interesting facts. A church was named after him. His dad died when he was young. Those are some interesting facts. I chose him because I wanted to learn about the war. He was in the civil war, too. That is John Chivington.

12: Nathan Meeker He was born on July 12, 1817 in Euclid, Ohio. He later married a lady named Arvilla. One of the things he did for a living was that he worked for the White River Agency. It is an organization that organized the Indians. Nathan organized the Utes. He was also a newspaper paper reporter. He wrote Life in the West. He also founded the Union colony in 1870.Nathan Meeker died at the age of 62. He died on September 29, 1879. The Utes killed him after he plowed up an Indian horse race track. They killed him because they liked to race horses. They called it the meeker massacre. Ten other people died in the meeker massacre.I think he was important because, they named a city after him. I chose him because, we read about him in class and I wanted to learn more about him. I think it is most interesting that he had a lot of jobs. I also learned what the White River Agency was.

13: Clara Brown Clara Brown was born in 1800 and then died in 1885. Clara Brown was born a slave in Virginia, in 1803. In 1856, she was granted her freedom. Clara got married at age eighteen and had two daughters and one son. She was famous for being in the Civil War. After the Civil War she traveled east to look for her family. Then she returned to her relatives but she couldn’t find her children. However, many years later Clara was able to find one of her daughters. I chose Clara Brown because I searched for her on the computer before and she was a good person to write about. She had a good life to me, because she was granted her freedom and she fought in the Civil War.

14: Kit Carson Kit Carson was born in Kentucky in 1809.Kit grew up in Missouri. Kit’s dad died when a tree fell on him, kit was eight. When kit turned 14, he started making saddles but he got sick of making saddles and he ran away. Kit was 16. His mom put a reward for one cent to anyone how could find him. Kit decided that he wanted to be a fur trapper. Kit was a trapper for 15 years. A man named Fremont wanted him to find a route from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. Kit did not want to go so he didn’t go. He went with Charles Bent to trade. Then he started hunting at Bents Fort. Then he became a scout for the army like most men did when fur trapping business went out. Kit fought in many battles with the Indians. During the Civil War kit started a ranching business in New Mexico. In hopes to make his business bigger he moved to Colorado but soon died at the age 59. I did Kit Carson because my dad has a journal. He is very interesting. He was important because he found so many routes. The most interesting thing that I found out was he ran away at 16.

15: Jim Beckwourth He was a mountain man. He was born in Virginia in 1798. No one knows what happened to him. He was scout for the Army and a man in the west. He lived with the Crow Indians. He made friends with the Crow Indians, they helped him trap buffalo. Then he moved to Denver. Jim Beckwourth was an African American. His mother was a slave. He helped the Crow Indians fight their enemies. A newspaper reporter wrote a story about him. He never returned from his visit with the Crow Indians.

16: Uncle Dick Wooten Hello I am going to tell you about Uncle Dick Wooten. He drove 9.000 sheep to Sacramento, California. Only 2.900 made it. He feed miners with the sheep. He trapped small animals like beavers and raccoons. When he was 7 he moved to Kentucky. When he was 17 he moved to Mississippi. When he was 19 he moved to Missouri. As he grew older he had long hair. He also had a big nose. He frowned a lot of the time. He died at the age of 77.He died because of old age. I chose this person because he made one of the longest trapping expeditions ever. I also chose him because my grandpa’s name is Dick.

17: Chin Lin Sou Chin Lin Sou was born in Doun Goon china and had blue and gray eyes and was six feet tall and ended up in Colorado. In his childhood, he mostly studied the languages of English and Chinese. When he grew up he got married then divorced for ten years. Then he had six kids.His job was to help people to get jobs in America. Also, he moved to the United States in 1859. Then, he became an overseeyer at a transcontinental railroad and then got fired. So then he moved to Black Hawk on May 10, 1869 to be a miner. He discovered gold and became rich. Then he died in 1894. Also, his daughter named Lily Chin became the Queen of China. I learned that Chin was named king of China Town. I picked Chin Lin Sou because I thought that it is cool that he helped American citizens to get jobs.

18: Otto Mears Have you heard Otto Mears? He is a man who built railroads and some wagon roads.He was born on May 3, 1840 in Russia. His parents died when he was 2. At age 10 Otto was sent to go live with his uncle but could never find him. So then he joined the military and built railroads after. He died on June 24, 1931. Otto Mears is famous and important because he built the Million Dollar Highway which is located in Durango. He is also the pathfinder of San Juan. I picked Otto Mears because he built the Million Dollar Highway. It is called this because it did cost a million dollars to build this highway.

19: Josephine Roche Josephine Roche was born on December 2, 1886. She was alive when Franklin Roosevelt was president of the United States. Her dad’s name was John Roche, he was not very healthy. Her mom’s name was Ella Roche. She took over her father’s oil company. She felt sorry for her worker’s. She raised their wages. She gave them more money, because she valued their hard work. She also ran for governor. They lived in Neligh, Nebraska. She was raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She moved to Denver, Colorado. Later on she moved to Washington, D.C. I think Josephine Roche’s life was very interesting. She owned her own oil company. She also ran for governor. I think it is interesting because I want to run for governor also.

20: Baby Doe Tabor Baby Doe Tabor was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and moved to our beautiful state of Colorado. She was married to Harvey Doe. She got married when she was 18 years old in 1877.Then She got divorced and married Horace Tabor. She married him at midnight in the month of March 1833. Baby Doe Tabor fist saw the Rocky Mountains will be a big part of her life. She fell in love more and more with Colorado. This is how she got famous. She married a rich man that was known as the Silver King because he was the richest man in Colorado. That is how she got famous. She was known as the Silver Queen. She was even known as Elizabeth Baby McCourt even the Silver Queen and Baby Doe Tabor. Baby Doe Tabor had 2 girls. Their names are Lille and Rose Mary Echo Silver Dollar Tabor. When her husband died he said hold on to the Matchless which is their famous mine. Then he had let go and died. Then Baby Doe Tabor said at least I have my 2 girls. Then a few days later after Lillie’s father died, Lillie ran away from home. Then the Silver crash of 1893 destroyed their richest. The family went from extremely wealthy to plain rags. Baby Doe Tabor died holding onto unsuccessful mines. She had a simple life then became the Silver queen to rags of Colorado. That is how she became the Silver Queen of Colorado. I chose baby Doe Tabor because it seemed like she had an interesting life that became the Silver Queen and back to rags. I learned that having 2 kids and a husband isn’t easy, because she lost 1 kid who ran away from home.

21: Justina Ford Justina Ford was born in Illinois. She was a black nurse. Then she moved to Chicago, then to Alabama, and then Denver. After she moved to Denver she married John Ford. A few years after their marriage they divorced. After their divorce she moved to Denver, Colorado. A few months later after she moved she married Alfred Allen. She was known for being a famous nurse. She believed in natural child birth. She helped the elderly, plain whites, African-Americans, and the Spanish, who weren’t accepted in the Denver Community Hospital. Her jobs were to obstetrics, physician, gynecology, and pediatrics. She continued this job until she died from old age on October 14, 1952. By the time of her death she delivered about 7,000 babies or more. Her house is now the location of the BAWM. The museums real name is the Black American West Museum. They also have a Justina Ford House of Denver, Colorado, or known as the Ford House of Natural History. Why I chose Justina Ford is because I want to be a nurse for animals when I grow up. Well she was a nurse for people. Why I don’t want to be her is because I might have to cut my hair really short or kind of short. That’s why I chose her. Why Justina Ford is important to Colorado is because she was the first African-American nurse in the United States of America.

22: Anne Evans Anne Evans was born in 1871 and died in 1941. Anne Evans lived for 70 years. Anne Evans is famous for being vice president of the Evans Investment Company. This company managed the Evans real estate and railroad. Evans is also famous for creating the Native American Art in the Denver Art museum. Anne Evans has a brother named William Gray Evans and a father named John Evans. John Evans was a Territorial Governor of Colorado. Anne Evans has an interest for art and a passion for Native Americans. I chose Anne Evans, because she sounded very interesting and she enjoys learning about Native Americans like I do. I think she was important, because she created her own art exhibit. My connection is a text to self. I like to learn about Native Americans like Anne Evans does. The most interesting thing I learned about Anne Evans was that her father is famous from war times. I enjoyed searching the websites for information about her.

23: Elizabeth Ensley Elizabeth Ensley was born in the year of 1849. It was in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean she received excellent education. She was in her teens when she moved to Boston in the 1870’s. She moved to Washington, DC in 1882 at age 43. Then she moved to Denver 10 years later in 1892. Elizabeth was 53 years old. Elizabeth Ensley worked for women’s suffrage civil rights and she was the Denver reporter for Women’s Era. She also gave women the right to vote and joined the Federation of Women’s Clubs. Elizabeth founded the Women’s League in 1894. She founded the Colored Women’s Republican Club. She wanted women’s equality. She did a lot of things for women to vote and the equality between blacks and whites because she was black. Elizabeth Ensley was married to Horwell N. Ensley in 1882. That is when she moved to Washington, DC. She taught at Howard University with him in the 1880’s before she got married. Elizabeth Ensley moved to Denver at an exciting but troublesome time. Elizabeth died in the year of 1919. She was 70 years old. That is pretty old for that time. Elizabeth Ensley was important to Colorado because she helped Colorado’s women vote. She is also important because she wanted blacks to be treated like whites. That is why she is important.

24: Emily Griffith Emily Griffith was born on February 10, 1868. She was born in the place of Cincinnati, Ohio. Emily Griffith grew up poor she left school in eighth grade. Emily left school to support her family and friends. Emily Griffith was famous for opening a school for poor people. She was a Deputy State Superintendent of schools in 1904. Emily Griffith had a night school for adults. Her school’s name is Emily Griffith’s Opportunity School. Emily Griffith started a school and she had 9,000 students and she retired in 1933 after a total of 100,000 students. Emily Griffith was killed by someone shooting her in the back of her head. Emily Griffith was killed in 1948. On June 18, 1947 two women were found murdered. I got Emily Griffith because she was a great woman. She was a great woman because she left for poor people and she helped adults that needed help to study. That’s why I got her.

25: Margaret “Molly” Brown I am going to talk about Molly Brown. She was born in Hannibal, Missouri in 1887. She had five brothers and sisters. Daniel was born in 1863, William was born in 1869, and Helen was born in 1871. The other two are stepsisters Cathrine Bridget Tobin and Maryanne Collins. She married James Joseph Brown. She had two kids Helen and Daniel Brown.She became famous for two reasons. One is because her husband found gold and they became millionaires. Her second reason is because she nursed and helped people keep warm after the Titanic sank. Her house gets looked at by millions of people because she is famous. Now I will give you facts about her life. When she was thirteen she stopped going to school to help her mom and dad. She got called Maggie till she was twelve. She also got called Unsinkable Molly because that’s what she wanted to be called after the Titanic sank. She also was called Molly. Her and her brother traveled to Leadville and Denver. She gave time and money to charity after she became rich. She learned to speak French, German, and Russian. She legally divorced in September 1889. She thought woman be able to vote. She also thought woman should be able to fight beside men. The rich girls liked Molly after the Titanic sank because she nursed and helped people keep warm. This paragraph will be about when she died. She died on October 26th 1932. She died in a hotel in New York City because of a brain tumor. She died at age 65. Well that’s all I have about her death.I learned a lot about Molly Brown. I hope you did too. I think it is cool she survived the Titanic and helped people. That is my favorite part. What is your favorite part? Well that’s all.

26: John Elway John Elway was born on June 28, 1960.He is 51 years old. He was born in Port Angeles, Washington. John Elway weighs 215 lbs. He is 6 ft. 3 in. Before every football game he ate the same thing. He ate French toast, eggs, and hash browns. He won 2 Super Bowls in a row for the Denver Broncos. He got 24 home runs in 42 games for the New York Yankees. He was a quarter back for the Broncos. He attended Stanford University. He is one of the two quarter back’s to throw more than 50,000 yards in his career. He heads the Elway Foundation. The Elway Foundation raises $1,000,000 annually. I chose this person because I love football and I love the Broncos! He is interesting because he was a football player. He is important because he heads the Elway Foundation. The Elway Foundation is important because it helps the people that have been abused.

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