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Connor Kallash

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FC: To Kill A Mockingbird | by Harper Lee

1: Table of Contents | p.2-5 Setting p.6-7 Point of View p.8-9 Conflicts p.10-11 Characterization p.12 Symbols p. 13 Theme p. 14 Personal Reflection

2: Setting | The book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place in the 1930's in a small southern town in Alabama called Maycomb. It is small little town where everybody knows most everybody, so if something happens everybody will find out in a short amount of time. Understanding the context of the setting is so important because if something happened in a small town like this, where you know everybody, outside of the court-room it is possible (fairly likely), that more conflicts will arise if you run into someone who sided against you in your previous conflict.

3: "Maycomb was an old town, but it was a tired old town when I first knew it"(Lee6). Being an old town many traditions are held as we see later in the book. | "Atticus's office in the court-house contained little more than a hat rack, a spittoon, a checkerboard, and an unsullied Code of Alabama"(Lee5). This shows that there isn't much to be done or said in towns like maycomb"(Lee6). | "We lived on the main residential street in town-Atticus, Jem and I, plus Calpurnia, our cook"(Lee6). This shows that there are certain names for parts of ton which makes people more directionally oriented in a sense of where they are in town. | Here are a few quotes from the store to help understand the context of the setting.

4: Setting Cont. | The Scottsboro boys were a group of brothers who illegally hitched a ride on a train accompanied by a white prostitute and her little sister. They were all arrested at the next station, but to hide their shame the girls falsely accused the boys of rape. After years and years of trial, the younger girl confessed to the wrongful accusation. Because of the racial discrimination back then they continued to try them until they were finally released.

5: More Setting | Real Events TKAM Events | Real World Events Compared to TKAM Events | The Scottsboro boys were falsely accused of rape. A white woman falsely accused them to hide her shame of doing something illegal. The boys were obviously innocent but still tried as guilty. | Tom Robinson was falsely accused of rape charges. A white woman falsely accused Tom because she tried to hide her shame of trying to get down and dirty with a Negro. Tom was proved innocent but still condemned as guilty.

6: Point of View | To Kill A Mockingbird is written in the first person point of view through the eyes of Scout. We see this from quotes in the book. " I pushed the pillow to the head board and sat up"(Lee 190). Harper Lee uses Scouts point of view because she is a young optimistic child who can look at things in more than one way and and you understand the story from different peoples point of view.

7: I told my children that I was going to the office because knowing my kids, if I was going anywhere else they would want to come. I left the house, but instead of going to the office I went straight to the county jail where Tom Robinson was being held until his trial for which he was accused of raping Mayella Ewell. I had been sitting there for an hour or so, in front of the building reading the paper under a porch light when, as expected, I heard cars approaching, I looked up and saw 4 cars approaching I laid the paper in my lap and looked up, as they stopped men started getting out. “He in there, Mr. Finch?” said one of them. “He is,” I replied, “and he's asleep. Don't wake him up.” “You know what we want,” said another. “Get aside from the door, Mr. Finch.” I looked and to my surprise, I saw that it was Walter Cunningham. “You can turn around and go home again, Walter,” I said casually. “Heck Tate’s around here somewhere.” “The hell he is,” one of them said. “Heck’s bunch's so deep in the woods, they won't get out till mornin’.” “Indeed? Why so?” “Called ‘em off on a snipe hunt,” they said in reply. “Didn't you think a’that, Mr. Finch?” “Thought about it, but didn't believe it. Well then,” I said simply, “that changes things, doesn't it?” “It do,” said another who's owner was a shadow. “Do you really think so?” And at that out of nowhere my daughter scout came into the light. “H-ey, Atticus!” At that instance, I was scared for the fear that these men might do something to her. And to make things worse, my son Jem and his fried Dill came in as well. I stood up and I felt my hands trembling slightly. “Go home Jem. Take Scout and Dill home.” But the way my son was standing suggested that he wasn't going anywhere. “Go home, I said” Jem shook his head and as I put my hands on my hips he did the same. “Son, I said go home.” He shook his head again. “I’ll send home,” said a man and to my horror grabbed Jem by the collar and almost lifted him off of his feet.

8: Conflict | Conflict 1. Tim Johnson has the mad dog disease. 2. Mr. Ewell tried to kill Scout and Jem. 3. Tom Robinson's trial. | Type of Conflict 1. Man vs. Nature 2. Man vs. Man 3. Man vs. Man | Internal or External 1. External 2. External 3. External

9: Character Involved 1. Scout and Jem 2. Scout and Jem 3. Tom Robinson | Before Conflict 1. Scout and Jem didn't know what their father Atticus was capable of because they thought that he couldn't do anything because he was so old. 2. They thought Aurthur Radley (Boo) was a psycho who wanted to hurt people. 3. Tom Robinson was a nice helpful man with no burden on his shoulders. | After Conflict 1. They were astounded by what they saw their father could do with a rifle, and learned some things about their fathers past. 2. Jem ended up unconscious but Scout saw what kind of person Boo really was, that hes is scared, shy and really means no harm at all. 3. Tom Robinson now has this burden of being falsely accused and guilty of the crime of rape that he didn't commit, as well as he is shot when trying to flee captivity.

10: Characterization | Dynamic Scout- She is a young girl who is short fused, tough, and un-ladylike in her aunts eyes. Scout is a dynamic character because throughout the story she changes, she changes her views of how the world works, her views of people, especially Aurthur Radley, as well as her way of thinking and understanding of why people are the way they are. Jem- He is a growing boy that is going through his boy stages where he is maturing into a teenager, he starts to focus more on other things in life like football, and he is starting to want to spend more of his time alone instead of playing games and acting out plays with Dill and Scout.

11: Static Atticus- Atticus is a calm person who never raises his voice, doesn't express any emotion and hasn't ever punished his children, Hes static because of all the things hes been through, the trial, jail confrontation, Tim Johnson, and all that stuff he never showed emotion, or changed his way of thinking. Calpurnia- She is the nanny/maid in the Finch's house, African American, is like a mother to the children without actually being their mother.

12: Symbols | The mockingbird symbolizes innocence and harmlessness. That is what most of this book is about is that people that are innocent and harmless, Boo, Tom, and Scout, are the kind of people who shouldn't be harmed or harassed. | Boo- He could be considered a mockingbird because all of these years he has been hiding, in his house but people keep these rumors alive about him stabbing and wanting to hurt people but we see that they're wrong when he saves Jem and Scouts lives from Mr. Ewell, as well as the fact that hes is a shy and a little scared to be around people. | Tom- Tom could be considered a mockingbird because he is an innocent, kind, helpful person who was the scapegoat for a crime that didn't take place and he would never think of harming anyone. | Scout- She could be considered a mockingbird because she seemingly doesn't understand some of the things that are going on throughout the story like the reason Mr. Cunningham was with the people at the jail-house one night. She is also an innocent child, with many things to learn about life and other people.

13: Theme | A theme in To Kill A Mockingbird is Every man is equal. We see this when Atticus is in court defending Tom, "But there is one way in this country in which all men are created equal- that is the court". this shows that if there isn't any place where everyone is equal, there will always be the court.

14: Personal Reflection | My favorite part of this book is the scenes where scout runs to her father in front of the jail-house and tries to make conversation with Mr. Cunningham who is seemingly the head of the mob who wants to lynch Tom Robinson. But in the end she wards off them because she reminds them of the innocence of a child and that she doesn't realize what is going on. This in turn makes them supposedly think about what they're trying to do and they just quietly turn around get in their cars and go away. This actually gives you an idea of the kind of power a child, who is almost totally oblivious to what is actually happening, has in influencing one, if not more adult. My least favorite part of this book is when Mayella Ewell is on trial and with all of this evidence is stacked up against her with obvious observations that state Tom couldn't have raped her and beat her, she still sticks to her story. And stalls and stalls when Atticus is questioning her by saying that he's harassing her. The one part that I would change is that Tom Robinson dies, we all know that being shot 17 times while trying to stop him is a big bunch of bull poop.

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