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Connor Wise's Monomyth Project

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FC: The Hobbit | and the Monomyth By Connor Wise

1: The Call | Bilbo Bagins ( the protagonist) is standing near the door of his hobbit hole when he is approached by the wizard, Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf asks Bilbo to go on an adventure with him, Bilbo responds by laughing. Bilbo pulls out letters and reads them pretending that Gandalf had left, but the wizard stays put. Bilbo finally remembered that Gan\is Engagement Table: like this: Gandalf Tea Wednesday." (Tolkien pg 6) | Bilbo Bagins ( the protagonist) is standing near the entrance to his house when he is approached by Gandalf the Gray. Gandalf Asks Bilbo to go on a grand adventure with him and Bilbo simply responds by laughing. Bilbo grabs some letters and reads them pretending that Gandalf is not their. The wizard refuses to move, but finally remembers that Gandalf was the one that gave his grandmother special earrings and took many people on adventures. Gandalf accepts Bilbo's apology and brings up the grand adventure again. Bilbo panics and tells Gandalf to come back tomorrow for Tea. " The next day he had almost forgotten about Gandalf. He did not remember things very well unless he put them down on his engagement table: like this: Gandalf Tea Wednesday." (Tolkien pg 6)

2: Refusal of the Call | The next day Bilbo opens the door and is approached by twelve dwarves led by Thorin oakenshield and Gandalf as well. he was somehow tricked into holding a party for all of them. Bilbo begins to get frustrated and asks for the help of the other dwarves to help him clean up. after the partying is over,thorin exclaims they need "dark for dark Business"( Tolkien pg 16). gandalf asks for silence and the group begin a meeting to speak about their plans to reclaim the lonely mountain and its treasure from a dragon named smaug. Bilbo Shrieks in fear of the adventure that is coming to fruition.

3: Thorin oaksheild from the soon to come live action hobbit film

4: Crossing the threshold | Bilbo wakes the next morning to find his house a disaster from the dwarves having a large breakfast. Bilbo is relieved thinking that they had already left for their adventure when gandalf appears and asks what happened to their early start. he points out to Bilbo the note on his mantelpiece which shows his share in the travel expenses and his share in the treasure. the note also tells that he must meet at the their inn at 11 so gandalf sends him on his way and Bilbo manages to catch up before the dwarves leave. the group begins to travel taking few breaks, only for meals, though not as frequent as Bilbo likes. as they pass through the hobbit lands and beyond the landscapes becomes more dark and gloomy. Bilbo's reluctance shows when he says that he cant believe its almost June. along the way Bilbo encounters giant trolls that want to eat him, in fear he exclaims" Please don't cook me kind sirs!... I'll cook beautifully for you!" ( Tolkien pg 37).

5: Bilbo and his encounter with the trolls

6: Supernatural Aid | Bilbo's supernatural aid is gandalf. even though he usually disappears through most of the story on side errands which are not clearly pointed at, he comes back at key points in the story to help bilbo and the dwarves when their in tight situations. for example when bilbo and the dwarves were about to be eaten BY THE TROLLS, he confused the trolls using his voice to try to get them to fight over eating them or not while giving bilbo and the rest a chance to escape.

7: gandalf from the lord of the rings live action film trilogy

8: The road of trials | During their journey Bilbo and the gang encounter many enemies one of the most important is when the group is fighting a horde of goblins, Bilbo gets separated from the group in the misty mountains. he finds a metal ring and then meets gollum the goblin who keeps saying the annoying catchphrase "my precious!'(Tolkien) Bilbo asks gollum how to get out of the misty mountains to get back to his friends but he has to play a game of riddles with gollum and win in order to pass and get back to his friends. Bilbo eventually wins against gollum and he shows Bilbo the way out of the mountain.

9: "my precious!"

10: Meeting the god(goddess) | Smaug is the god or goddess of the hobbit, he is the primary reason of why gandalf, Bilbo, thorin and his dwarves are taking this adventure. smaug is an evil dragon who is guarding the lonely mountain which once belonged to the dwarves, the mountain is filled with vast amounts of treasure. he destroyed an entire race and even cities for it. he doesn't appear for a large amount of the story but his presence is known with with the fear he has instilled in our heroes. his Conversation with Bilbo exposes him as an arrogant and hateful beast who loves treasure for the sake of having it. HE ADDS "MY ARMOR IS LIKE TENFOLD SHIELDS, MY TEETH LIKE SWORDS, MY CLAWS SPEARS, THE SHOCK OF MY TAIL A THUNDERBOLT, MY WINGS A HURRICANE AND MY BREATH DEATH." (TOLKIEN PG 224)

12: Apotheosis | over the course of the story Bilbo turns from a cautious stay-at-home-hobbit to a world hero. the ring that he got that made him turn invisible helped him become brave. he was able to help the dwarves from dangerous wood elves and spiders. he also was the one that had enough courage to stand up to smaug and distract him while the rest stole treasure from him. Bilbo had changed and now instead of being the one fearful and scared of the adventure to come he became a hero and the dwarves became cowards even if they slightly contributed.

14: Master of Two Worlds | Bilbo unfortunately does not decide to stay where he was when smaug was defeated. he decides to go back to his home after being gone for almost a year. he TALKS ABOUT HIS YEAR LONG JOURNEYSAYING "roads go ever ever on, under cloud and under star, yet feet that wandering gone, turn at last to home afar. eyes that fire and sword have seen, and horror in the halls of stone, look at last on meadows green, and trees and hills they long have known".(Tolkien pg 300) Gandalf remarks noting a profound difference in the hobbit after one year

15: The End

16: Credits | www.darkhorizions.com en.wikipedia.org www.robotmutant.com www.flicksandbits.com Tednasmith.com courses.moodleshare.com

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