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Conor's Book

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Conor's Book - Page Text Content

S: Conor Alexander Rusher 2012

FC: Conor Alexander Rusher

1: You are growing so fast!!!! It seems like just over night the words that you can say and understand expanded by leaps and bounds. You are a very busy boy, but you have started to slow down enough to be able to watch some 30 min. shows on TV. You are at the stage in life were you are pushing Mom and Dads buttons to see just how far you can push us. I think we have done a good job with providing you boundaries. It was a trying year last year only because we are learning with you. You were not born with an Owners Manual. This coming up year I am excited for. We just bought a house a few days after your 2nd Birthday. It is a big house that we hope to be in for a long while. One you can grow up in. You have a huge room and lots of toys. I am so happy that we can provide you a nice home to grow up in. We are in a great neighborhood. That hopefully you will meet young kids and build tight bonds with that you can play with and grow up with. I look forward to watching you grow even more. You shock us at least once a week right now with new words that you use in the right contexts. You are getting so big Conor wish you could stay little forever, My Little Monkey Boy. You make me proud to have such a great son like you.

2: Pictures of your New home | This Picture was taken much later after we moved in but I love this picture!!!

3: The golf course is behind our house. I love that it is all forest back there. When you get old i hope to clear an area for a fort for you. | We are very excited for summer to come and spend some time out on this deck when it is warm. Right now with it being so cold we don't spend much time out there with you. Dad and I tend to sit out there and listen to the rain when you are sleeping. It is just a wonderful deck.

4: Christmas Day!!!! | You really had no interest in opening presents. We started at 730am and finally you opened the last present at 1pm | Your big present from Santa. Playing in the ball pit. | You and your presents. Imagination time

5: January We had Company for almost Two weeks. Your Grandma Lory came up followed by Your Grandpa Pete and Taty and Uncle Casey. You grew really attached to your Uncle Casey. He read you to sleep every night for a good 45 Mins. Grandpa Pete and Taty Brought you some Play-doh. You loved it was something new that you had never | played with before.Taty was very good at making things. All you really wanted was ball made for you. But you had a great visit with them. They even took you out to the ocean for an afternoon.

6: You and Papa using electronics together | Burger king boy!!! | You just look so grown up | You love kittie---> | Conor and Santa!!!

7: February not a lot went on!!!! I hurt my back at work and I was off work for a few weeks and then we all got sick for a week so the month of February was spent sick and getting Mom back in working order!!!!

8: You have such a personality. It isn't often that we have a hard time getting you to smile for pictures. | You like to dress yourself and At times it is almost embarrassing to take you out in public because you don't match at all. But we let you express yourself in your own way. | You are such a Joy!!! I can not imagine life with out you!!! We are working on giving you a sibling!!!!

9: The weather has been so awesome that we have been walking to the park and playing | Some Cute pictures of you going down a slide that was far to big for you, but you made it look easy.

10: Your First Snow adventure !!!

14: You amaze me everyday. I Went on a long weekend because I was in a wedding down and Tucson, AZ and when I came back it seemed like you grew up over night. Your Speech is coming along very nicely. You love the show Little Einsteins and Team Umizoomi. On Little Einsteins They teach you about doing stuff in the right order and being nice and problem solving. You love love love that show. Then Auntie Shell told me about Team Umizoomi and it teaches you to count and shape recognition. You are doing so good. You go up to the TV and point at the right shape. Counting is one thing that you just dont seem to have any real interest in and I find you counting with them every once in awhile. You school is doing really good with teaching you stuff. I am amazed at what you have learned that I know that I have not taught you. The songs that you love to sing. That I have not even thought about starting to sing with you. You come home from school singing them. You are just growing up so fast. I find it starting to get easier. I now know that you understand me and when you don't do something it is because you are choosing to not listen to me instead of you not understanding. Life sure has been very awesome lately. You are so independent. I am trying harder to make you more independent earlier and I am not to sure if daddy is ready to give you that. I have made you your own drawer in the fridge and since you are such a picky eater. I put the things I know you like in there so ate least you always have stuff to eat.

15: Well We finally did it!!!!! We are pregnant. You my dear will be a Big Brother. You might even share your Birthday with Him or Her. I am not totally sure if that is going to be totally awesome or totally suck. I am sure some years it will be cool and others it will suck.

17: The weather has been starting to get nice. I think the summer is going to be filled with alot of memories on the deck. You really love your dogs. Sometimes I worry about you and the dogs you sometimes get rough with them and they hate when | you chase them with your big dump truck but that seems to be a game that you really like. You really like to pick Rufus up and force him to start outside with you. You are so Independent I hope you keep that personality. | but at the same time Momma wants to help you out more. You will learn that it will be hard to do everything to please everyone. I have HIGH hopes and expectations from you. I know you can do it. I have faith in you.

18: March and April were kind of really lazy months. I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and was so tired. We spent alot of inside time unfortunately watching tv. But boy are you getting really good with your Shapes and even alot better with your numbers. We did spend a day at the park one weekend with my co-workers and boy did you love to swing i think we pushed you on the swing for about 2 hour straight. Once you figured out how to work it you were on and you were not letting go and you wanted to be pushed non-stop

19: The end of April we did a day trip up to Newport to the Aquarium up there. That was a very fun day!!! The time spent at the aquarium i think was such a overload for you and Cheyenne. We went with Dawn and her daughter Cheyene. You seen up close and personal all these animals that you have only seen on tv till then. For us adults it was very much a whirl wind of us chasing your two around but it was alot of fun to see the excitement on the both of your faces. Then we spent the rest of the day coming home we stopped at ever pull out with a beach that we seen and went and did a tiny bit of exploring.

20: At the Devils Punchbowl. | In front of the Jelly FIsh.

21: In May we took you to your very first carnival. You LOVED IT!!! I ended up taking you alone which wasn't fun to begin with. I felt really bad because you wanted to go on the rides and I was pregnant so i could not take you on the rides. I bought alot of tokens for games on the midway. You LOVED the fishing game. You were guaranteed a prize and you didn't even want the prize you just wanted to keep fishing.

22: I was finally able to get ahold of Dawn and she brought Cheyenne down to ride the rides with you. You had so much fun. I was very shocked i was afraid that once the ride got going you would freak out and you wouldn't want to stay in or you would start crying. but you were a trooper and you loved you. You wanted to go again and again. I ended up sneaking away from Dawn and her family during the car show to take you back so you could ride some more. It was so fun watching you enjoy the rides.

24: Beginning of June we Made a Crazy Trip up to Spokane WA, for your Great Grandma's 90th Birthday. You are very luck and very blessed to be able to have your Great Grandparents still alive on Moms side and your Great Grandma still alive on your Dad side. I got to grow up with my Great Grandma and it was a treat the stories they can tell from way back when that you would never think would be possible growing up in the day and age that you are growing up in.

26: While we were up in Spokane we went to the water front park!!!! We wanted to take you on the merry go round that your great grandma had rode on every year on her birthday with her cousin. She rode this merry go round for almost 80 years straight there were a few years in there that the merry go round was in storage but other then that she made a special trip to always ride it. She even rode it this year on her 90th. She rode it the day before we got there. At the same place the merry go round is they have a big carnival that is there year round. So of course we had to take you and allow you to ride the rides and take you on the ski lift type ride that took you out over the water falls so that you could see big water falls.

27: A few different pictures from the Spokane Trip!!!

28: Have a blast!!!! Life is wonderful when you are two!!! | Remember to always embrace the fun times we get to have as a family!!!!! | Be Thankful for the things that we get to do!!!

29: After our mad dash to Spokane for your Great Grandma 90th Birthday we decided to do another mad dash weekend up to Seattle for two reasons. Your Dad's Birthday and also you Uncle Jeremy is going thru a rough divorce and we wanted to go up and support him and see the kids and see how things were going. It had been since the beginning of the year I believe if i remember right that you had seen your cousins so we figured we could kill a few birds with one stone!!!!

31: Your Dad is very much a Sports buff as I am sure you already know if you are old enough to read this book. SO for your Dad's BIrthday we went up to Seattle to take you and him and your cousins and Uncle Jeremy to a Seattle Mariners VS. San Francicso Giants Baseball Game. You did very good at the game. You played with your cousins and you watch a bit of the game you are still a bit young to sit for a whole game but we were very surprised just how good you did do at the game.

32: That same weekend that we went up to Seattle, was the same weekend of the chainsaw competition here in Reedsport. Though your dad had to rush off to work when we got home from Seattle I took you with Cheyenne and Dawn to the Chain Saw Competition. | It was not a good choice to do with two little ones that were not contained. So we didnt stay long and we went to the lake at Tugman Park instead and let you guys play in the water. Once again you are such a water bug just like your Momma

33: Weekend in July!!! The weather is alot nicer and we spent more time outside doing stuff!!!! We did some crabing with Dawn and Cheyenne!!!! We played alot in the backyard riding your Quad and playing with the dogs. It hasnt been warm enough to bust out a pool yet but i have faith that the time will come at least for a weekend maybe. We have had many Deer in our yard and front Yard you love looking out the window and watching them.

34: You are so much a Knowledge sponge right now. I am shocked and surprised at some of the things you say at times. I know i say this alot but I am just in Shock. The other day a volcano was on TV and you said "Hey Mom look at the volcano" Never had i ever taught you about volcano's. You are getting your own little personality with answering things. You now use the phrase "Of Course" or "No thanks" This this weekend your new words were "TADA" and "Awesome" and "Terrible" I know we say these words but how do you know to put them in the right context of use. You are just getting so smart and it is showing me just how fast you are growing and next thing i will know you will be graduating High School and off to college. It is almost scary. I want you to stay my little boy forever. But i Also am so interested to see how you grow up and the things that you do with the life that we have set forth in front of you. I know at times it seems that we were hard on you and i know you wont believe me till you are much older just like i didn't believe my parents till i myself am now a parent. But We are trying to set you up to be very knowledgeable and a good asset to society. I want you to grow up and be all the you can be. Whatever your dreams are i hope they come true and you are so happy in your adult life.

35: July Forth is my Birthday and so for the Fireworks we always try and do something special. I love to watch them go off. You are really interested in them as well. We actually ended up seeing Fireworks 4 times they year. We spent my actual birthday in lakeside at the beach and with my Co-Workers having a picnic bbq. Your dad ended up having to work. On the Thursday and Friday after he had a few days off so we made a Quick trip up to Woodburn, Or. I wanted to see a movie at the drive in movie theater. You dad wanted to see a baseball game so we went up to Salem and Woddburn to do both of them.

36: Our plans changed a little bit once we got up there. We went to the baseball game but we ended up going to carnival instead of the drive in movies. We spent alot of time in the pool that was at the hotel. We tried to teach you about water safety. You picked up a new word and used it alot for the rest of the evening. The word was "Dangerous" You still didnt believe us to much because you ended up going swimming with the ducks in a game at the Carnival. Luckily we had a change of clothes for you in the car.

39: You have been growing like a weed!!! I know I say this alot but i just cant get over how fast you are growing and not just physically mentally. You are doing so good at day care. You seem to really look up to Cameron at school. He seems to be the only one you will potty for. hehehe. We are working on potty training but you have no desire to do it here at home. You are very much a man of his own time. You have finally started catching on to colors!! We have been teaching you that red means stop and green means go. You always ask why are we not going when we are at stop lights or we are stopped behind a car. So the whole way home today you shouted stop when ever the person in front of us put on there brake lights. We have been working on Potty training you. You do ok at school but just absolutely wont so it at home. You do really good when your buddy Cameron is there to go potty with him. You seem to really look up to him. It is really cute. You are proving to be a man of your own time. You do it when you want to do it and not a second early. I am so ready for you to be out of Diapers and going in the potty. but all in due time. I am not to sure if you realize that there is a baby coming into your life. I know you know it but i am not sure how much you actually understand it. When i ask you where baby Alyssa is you pull up my shirt and down my pants to show my bare belly and say in your belly is were baby Lyssa is. That is what you call her. I have been painting her room and you always walk in and say so pretty and then you try and look for baby Lyssa in my belly. The other day we were out on the deck and you came up to me and told me Baby Lyssa needs to come out. and you pulled up my shirt. To tell baby Lyssa that she needed to come out. I laughed so hard. You were very sure with your demand and really wanted her to come out!!!

40: Summer has kind of been short lived this year here in Oregon. We have not had many warm days to play in the pool but any warm days i got i sure did put some warm water in your pool and got you out there in your pool. You love to play in water just like you momma!!!

41: With the summer being short lived. And our crazy work schedules we had not had much time to take you camping like we wanted, but we knew we wanted to have your first camping trip this year. Well One evening out of the blue we decided to camp in the backyard. You were so happy and all you said for like an hour was I LOVE IT HERE MOMMY!!!! You rolled around in the tent and was in such amazement that we had a tent you could go in in our backyard. Mommy didn't last long it started raining around 1am and of course i have to get up alot to pee so i Headed inside but you boys stuck it out all night out there. We didn't at the time have a BBQ or a firepit so we made a getto firepit so that we could roast marshmallows and hot dogs on something. It was a Blast. It was a very fun night.

46: We hired a friend of our to do your three year old pictures we were a bit early on the three year part but we wanted to get them done when we still had great lighting. We went to Mingus Park in Coos Bay, OR and Shot for an Hour and got a Bunch of Amazing Pictures of you!!!

48: We have been working on potty training again with you. It has been a struggle at times. You are very much on my own time kind of kid. If it is our idea of that you should go in the potty you wont do it. but if it is your idea for the day to wear big boy undies then we do better we still have accidents but we are doing way way better. School has been a big help in all of this. They keep on you every 30 mins and they don't give you the drinks that we give you here. But i have to share some of the cute sayings and things you have done thru this process. The first one was When i would go potty and you would just come in the bath room with me you would try and help me pull my undies up for me. One Saturday we had the agreement i would go potty after you but only if you went first which worked out nicely with me being pregnant with your sister i have the bladder of a two year old. So when you would go i would praise you and hug you and tell you you did a great job. So when i went you would clap and say good job mommy. then you did your little finger on your chin and said mommy you deserve a kiss for that. Good Job. SO CUTE!!!! You are a very compassionate little boy. You are not afraid to show your emotions i hope that stays with you will into your elder years. This morning you went to school with big boy pants on and when i was putting you in your car seat you told me mom, Dont pinch me it would be dangerous this morning!!!! You were very worried about getting certain body parts stuck in that buckle. It was so funny.

50: We took you on your First Airplane ride to Arizona for your Great Grandpa 80th Birthday!!! To make it to 80 years old is one heck of a milestone so we knew we had to be down there. You loved loved loved the airplane ride. It was a new experience and you did very well on the plane. Mom was worried because I get so sick on Airplanes that i was hoping you were not going to be like me. You thought it was cool to be in the plane and then on take off you grabbed hold of Dad and there for a split second you were a bit nervous but that washed over really quick. We flew into Vegas rented a car and drove the hour or so it was to Kingman, Az to visit with the rest of the family. We got a big suite hotel room and we shared it with your Uncle Jeremy and your Cousins Tyler and Rhian and Grandma as well. We spent most nights in the pool at the hotel room and The days we spent out at your Great Grandparents getting the place ready for the Party!!!! It sure was alot of fun to have to whole family together for a wonderful celebration from your Great Grandpa.

51: Back: Gary, Chance, Randy, Liz, Justin, Jenna Middle: Jeremy, Chris, Great Grandpa,Great Grandma, Mom Bottom: Grandma, Tyler, Rhian, You, Dad

52: Before we left out to head back home Grandma let us all spend an evening in Vegas at Circus Circus playing in the adventuredome. It was alot of fun. It was like being at a carnival. You rode all the rides that were in your age range several several times. You had a blast with your cousins. It was a special time for all of us. Grandma Really enjoyed seeing you light up on all the rides. | You passed out on the plane ride home!!!

53: The Many Faces Of Conor | Conor the Naked swimmer | Conor poses after a long day of pool fun!!! | Conor swinging at the National Night out event!!! | Morning Cheeses as you watch your shows!! | You and Baby Doll Alyssa!!! | I am ready for take off captain!!!

54: We are getting so close to Baby Sisters Arrival!!! This evening you told me you where ready for baby Alyssa to be here!!!! I told you that we had to wait for her to be ready to make her arrival. You said you had an Idea and that you would help her with you tools. SO you went and got your hammer and screwdriver and was going to help her out!!! It was a very funny Evening of you thinking you could tap tap on her belly and screwdrive my belly button and then she would be born.

55: You and Chloe in the Garden of Beth!!!! Beth Bought a new house here in Reedsport and we had a House warming party for her. Of course Chloe is there and you two are like two Peas in a Pod but i think that is only when no other kids are around. You two get along great. We crack up and Say If you two start dating later on we will be able to tease you two and say your relationship started with you where two which means you will have grandma and papa beat!!!! They are high school sweet hearts. The two of you have gotten in trouble at school because of kissing. While at the house warming party we all heard Chloe saying come back behind this fence and kiss me. We know you two are trouble just waiting to happen. hehehe

56: This year we went to Mahaffy's farm and picked our own Pumpkins from the pumpkin patch!!! You had a blast pulling the wagon thru the pumpkin patch and petting the animals and riding on the Hay RIde!!!

57: Your favorite part of the visit was shooting the air cannons. They shoved an ear of corn down a cannon and you got to shoot it at targets out in the field. We did this several times!!! You loved it!!! It was the highlight of your day!!!

59: Halloween was fun with you this year!!!! In the morning you got to wear your costume to school but you were not having it one bit. I got you to put it on long enough for a pouting picture!!!! Then you took it off and didnt want to wear it but you brought it to school. i was hoping that maybe if you seen the other kids wearing there costumes you would get into it. Well when i picked you up none of the other kids where wearing there costumes. When we got to mom's Doctor appt. where they were trick or treating at the medical center. You wanted the candy so you put your costume on and you where off. There was no stopping you then. We did the whole third floor while we waited for my appt. After the appt we did the 2nd floor and then moved on to the mall where we went trick or treating with shannon and Kai. You where so cute and excited to be tricker treating with Kai that you wanted to so bad for him to show up so that you could gie him a piece of your candy. You are such a caring and giving little man. We did the mall and boy was it crazy there. From there we went up to Reedsport and wanted to meet up with Chloe and Sara and go trick or treating at the hopsital and then do the trunk or treat together. We ended up missing them at the hospital and I was so ready to just go home but you insisted that we meet up with chloe so that you could share a piece of candy with her. So we finally met up with them and then went to dinner since it was so late. You made out like a bandit with all the candy that you received. You looked so cute as BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!!

60: We finally got your room done!!! We completed your sisters room and seen wow we really should do something with your room so that you would have a special place to call your own. So we decided on under the sea. you love water and love dolphin's and whales and stuff so i got some cool decals and started doing up your room. It turned out | really well. Dad and I were really happy with how it turned out. We were not to sure in the beginning how you liked it but the next day you really showed us. You spent most of the day trying to get us to come play in your cool room. We love it. | You are coming up with your own language. when we are separate you call me Mommy and Dad Daddy!!! But it seems when we are together you come up with Mah-dee or Dah-me. You combine mommy and daddy because most of the time you want both of our attentions. It really is cute and smart save some energy and combine them. heheh

61: Grandma and Papa came up for Baby Alyssa baby shower and we had a wonderful day!! You were so excited to have people over to play in your room. We had many kiddos that showed up there you had a blast with. Of course Chloe showed up and you two play so well together. Kai showed up and mary who hopefully mom and dad will start seeing her parents more so that you guys can become friends as well. I think you would really have a good time with her. I am just amazed at how good you are and how warm and willing to share with kids. You have your moments and certain stuff you dont like sharing but i just remind you that they wont hurt it and will give it back once they are done with it and you normally give in. You are just such a good kid. You make us smile all the time with the way you act. Dad and I are doing a great job with raising you we feel. WE both feel like it is totally different then the way that we where raised and we have come together with out parenting styles and we are turning out a pretty darn good kid. We both know when baby Alyssa gets here we will have new hurtles to jump thru but together we will get thru them as a family .

62: Your baby sister showed up a few weeks early!!! It was the day that we had our family pictures scheduled!!! I wanted to do one last family picture of just the three of us before baby Alyssa came and made us a family of 4!!! We got all dressed up and you looked super cute!!! Just walking into the doctors appointment we got stopped 4 times for people to tell me how cute you looked. You where very handsome. At the doctors appointment the doc scanned and seen that Sisters Fluid levels where way down so he wanted to send us over for induction to get baby sister out to keep her safe. But before we did that we wanted to make sure we made out photo shoot so we stopped off and did our pictures before going to the hospital. When we got done with out pictures we sent you to go play at Kai's house while we went to the hospital to figure out what was going to happen and come up with a game plan on how we where going to tackle all of this since it wasn't planned. I ended up spending the first night in the hospital alone. I sent Dad and you home to get some rest. I wasn't going to be doing much in the hospital so I wanted dad to take you home to give you some normalcy and to hopefully give him a good nights sleep. The next morning Dad took you to Daycare and he came on in to the hospital to see how things where progressing with me. We tried really hard to give you some normalcy thru this all. We wanted to keep you in school and at your house with your things and THANK goodness for your grandma. She was the only one that stepped up to the plate and really helped us out. We had a plan in place with other family members but they failed us in following thru with the plan. Your grandma managed to take care of you keep things calm and still managed to be in the delivery room with me for when your sister came. I was in the hospital a total of 4 days. I was in 2 days before sister was born the drugs they

63: were giving me took awhile to take effect. We brought you in the second night so that you could see me and know that i was ok. I am not sure if that helped you or scared you more. You didn't really want to get close to me. I think it was scary for you to see me in a bed hooked up to all the iv's and monitors. I was very sad when you had to leave to head home but i knew in a short time you would come back and see me along with your new baby sister. Once the party got started it actually happened very quick and she was here before we knew it. Grandma managed to choreograph so that you could be there with us soon after baby sister was here. The first time you seen your baby sister it was pretty magical for you. You understood that baby sister came out of my belly and she was here to stay. The look on your face was pretty priceless. You were so excited to see here and so excited to share your toys with her and just to touch her. We got it all on camera both still pictures and video camera. I cant wait to show you all of it when you get older.

65: We took the pictures at Mingus Park in Coos Bay!!! We did Family pictures along with Maturity Pictures for Baby Alyssa's book!! They turned out wonderful. Heather does an amazing JOB!!!!

68: You FIRST MAGICAL moments meeting Baby Alyssa!!!!

69: You just love holding your little sister!!! The expression on your face says a million words that you cant!!! You are so excited and so in love. I feel like our family is complete. You have your best friend to play with momma has her little girl and dad has his little angel. We are complete.

72: You, Chloe, and Cecil at the Christmas lights down at Shore Acres!!!

74: Your Birthday Picture this year!!! Your Turned 3!!!! You helped me make your cake and i let you lick the icing spoon!!!

75: This Last year has been Amazing!!! I know that the years are just going to get more Amazing as life carries on!!! You have grown so much from the little toddler to a little boy. It is amazing to watch you grow and mature. You are learning so much as the days go by. School has been a big help with all that you have learned. I feel at times it has taught you more then we have. I know it probably isnt that way but it seems like it sometimes. Life travels fast!!! I know alot of this year I, Myself have not had the energy to keep up with you because of being pregnant with your sister. I am not sure this next year is going to be much better with getting thru the infancy stage with her. But I promise we will do as much as we can do with you to make sure you feel loved and supported. Your life is only going to get better as the years go on. You now have a sister to share your life with. For the rest of your life she will be there for you. There will be stages where you dont get along and hate each other but that is part of life. Just remember all of these first moments that you two shared and it will remind you what life is really and truly all about. FAMILY!!!! I was hoping to have you potty trained by now but we are still struggling with that!!!! You have it down at school. I think you know how to work the system here at home and Dad and I need to get a lot tougher here at home with the potty training. As i am working on this book for you, you lost your tv for the evening because you didnt tell me you had to potty and pooped your pants. We are working on it. it is a struggle for all of us but someday we will succeed with it and you will be a big boy and using the big boy potty. I love you buddy!! Life isnt always fair and you wont always agree with us but in the end you are number one in mine and your dad's eye and we stand behind you and support you 100%!!! We will do what we have to do to make you successful in life!!!!!

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