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Contemporary Seasons

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S: Any Man Can Be a Father but it Takes Someone Special to be a Dad!

1: A dad is more than just a father, a dad is a man who is always there for you, he helps with everything and always stays true. He loves you forever and always will, thank you for caring, and always giving us a thrill. We love you so much, you really are the best, and shall always be, thank you for adding us to your family!

2: Birth Name:(Erin) Evan Lowell Herrick Born: November 1st, 1968 Weight: 3 lbs. Birth Parents:Norton and Elaine Herrick Birth Siblings: Howard and Michael Herrick Status: Turned out to be a WONDERFUL PERSON!!

3: Evan throughout the years....

7: Whether it's Hon or your son...we all love you in different ways...Family and friends have made messages in this book...because your a great person no one could ever over look. WE all love and care about you...we hope all your birthday wishes came true! | "Dad" | "Cousin" | "Nephew" | "Son" | "Uncle" | "Brother" | "Friend" | "Loved One" | "Family Friend"

8: Touch the hair, and I'll kiss you! | My youngest son...Muffin

10: Happy Birthday to Muff!!! I want you to know that I love you so.... From the day you were born I watched you grow... Your health was an issue for goodness sake... with lots of loving and treatments,you now have "SYDNEY AND JAKE" Take good care of yourself as best as you can... for today you turned out to be... a"WONDERFUL MAN"!!!!!!!! Love and Kisses HON

12: Dear Evan, These thoughts of mine will take you down memory lane between your ages of 5 to 7 in which the two of us probably had more quality time and bonded much more than we have in subsequent years even though those were close to being the worst two years of your life. During those two years, you became both a computer and chess wiz! We've traveled and spent time in Port Arthur Texas; Key Biscayne Florida; Tuscan Arizona; at acupuncturists in New York; chiropractors in New Jersey and the last stop was Carih and Uncle Marty in Denver, Colorado. At Carih you spent time with your then best friend Rich who was not able to protect your family treasure from being caught in a bi-fold door! Anyone who knew you would never forget your beautiful golden locks which defined your decision to change your name from Erin to Evan. Not to mention from being on the girls S.A.T. list at Newark Academy! I will always love you more than you'll ever know. Look at how far you've grown to be a wonderful and caring human being. Love Always, Dad

16: Dear Evan, Obviously most of my memories of you always include laughing. When I met Mike, you were always hanging with us. And you were always making us laugh.The three of us spent a lot of time together, and wherever we would go, you were sure to be right with us. It was nice. One of my most memorable memories of you was when we were all pretty young. You were probably 16-17 years old. I was in the kitchen in the High Ridge House with Grandma and Mike. We were all standing around the island talking and you walked in without your shirt on. You walked in with a huge smile on your face and said - "Look! My first chest hair!" You were grinning from ear to ear and giggling the way you always did. You were pulling a hair from your chest and holding it for us all to see. You were adorable and needless to say Grandma, Mike and I were all cracking up hysterically. Another more recent memory I have of you is from your visit to NH in 2010. Miles and Morgan had given you guys a huge tube full of gum balls, some that were 2.5 inches wide. I think you chewed 90% of that tube in the few days you were here. You looked like a chipmunk who had found a stash of acorns and had them in his cheeks. I don't think you wanted to eat it all, but you couldn't stop once the container was open. You were a bubble gum chewing machine.

17: Love Always, Kristi

18: Dear Evan, I've always thought of us as more than just brothers - even best friends. I think we are very similar in many ways and we've therefore always been able to relate to each other - no matter what we are doing or talking about. As kids, I always felt responsible for you. Not in bad way, like it was a burden or anything, but because you were "Erin." You were my little brother. You had struggled to breathe and stay alive most of your short life (at the time) and because we had such a tight bond on so many other levels, I knew I had to do whatever was necessary to make sure you were always OK. Of course, we laughed so much growing up. You are a naturally happy soul - despite your physical ailments - always looking to make people laugh, and always looking for a good laugh yourself. I remember one time, when we were young kids, we were at M&M Farms playing with the fruit and I remember one of us gently squeezed a plum and wouldn't you know - out from the top of it sprang a huge stream of plum guts and juice! We could not stop laughing. It was hysterical for some reason. From that day forward, periodically we would remind each other of this incident by making a squeezing motion with a fist and then motioning a finger upward into the air to signify the event. We'd always precede it with "Hey Ev (or Mike) - remember this?" And then we'd precede to break into hysterical laughter.That's just one of so many funny times we've had together over the years. Often times,one of us will say something funny in reaction to something we see or hear and the other one will know exactly what he's talking about and then we'll just precede to laugh hysterically. Or, we'll both see or hear something but neither of us will say a thing and we'll just know what the other is thinking and we'll just laugh hysterically.

19: I love you dearly and look forward to many more good times and fits of laughter together. | Love, Mike

20: Uncle Evan, I always have so much fun playing sudoku with you! Every time I solve a puzzle I think of our sudoku competitions! Your a great uncle and you always will be! P.S. Thanks for all the bubble gum! | Love, Morgan

21: It has been so entertaining playing Words with Friends with you and Hanging with Friends too. I hardly ever win, especially on Hangman, but its still so much fun. Can't wait to continue playing all those fun games. Thanks for being such a great uncle. | Love you, Miles

22: Happy Birthday Ev! You have such wonderful kids, a great reflection of you. Love you, How

26: Dear Evan, There are two times that come to mind when you were young. First,you were about 5 when I babysat you and your brothers. I stayed for a week. The last night You were having an asthma attack and it got really bad so I had to drive to the hospital with you and I was speeding( I'm no good in emergency) in between wheezing you said "Aunt Betty, your driving is going to kill me, not the asthma attack. Take it easy." The second time was when he was about 9 years old. Jensen was a baby and you said you would change his diaper. We heard a loud thump. Jensen rolled off the changing table, he was fine but you were wheezing badly since you got so scared. Now we can all laugh about it! Today your face always lights up when you talk about Jake and Sydney! We are so proud of you. You are a wonderful Dad and nephew and we wish you a Happy Birthday! Love, Aunt Betty and Uncle Elliott

28: Hi Evan! Happy Birthday! Your kids are the best! I have two wonderful memories of you...probably the earliest I can remember, and also the most recent. I sure appreciate and will never forget how you took me to those World Cup games in 1994. I'm fairly certain you had no interest in soccer or the World Cup before that summer, but you took me anyway and we had a great time! Of course, I can't leave out the most recent memory.. From Mt. Evans to Pink Berry, and from Houston's to the Bronco's and Rockies.. I sure am glad you came to Denver for a few days! Love, Jensen

30: Dear Evan- Happy Birthday! For as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always had a big smile and an upbeat personality. Even during a 28 point 7 minute collapse to Philadelphia. Oh, wait – I left early so I don’t really know how pissed off you were. Anyway, the picture Brandon found from your Fraternity at Syracuse says it all. Well, it says you had a baby face and big puffy hair, neither of which you still have. I think Steve Miller would agree. You are a great father, a great cousin and a great friend, and you’ve got two awesome kids! You’re a special guy. Lisa and I wish you a very Happy Birthday, and Go Big Blue! Love, Phil.

31: GO 'CUSE!

32: To my dear Cousin Evan – Dear Cuz – It’s nice to know that I am not the only one turning 60 this year. When you look in the mirror, do you also see the wrinkles on your forehead, the ever enlarging bald spot, or the hair growing out of your ears? (Actually, I don’t have any of those things, but our “way older” cousin Eric whines to me about it all the time). Still, even you must see your muscles sagging (probably not the only thing, either), and feel your knuckles dragging on the ground thanks to the severe droop in your shoulders. Evan - I don’t know about you, but I never thought we would make it this far, being both a Giant and a Met fan! Probably the only ones in the family with that bizarre combo. Rooting hard for two crap teams for so many years - it weighs ya down, ya know? Especially the Mets part (where is Bobby Valentine when you really need him?). Remember – no matter how hard it is being a Met fan, you could have gone over “to the dark side” and become one of “those” Yankee fans. Speaking of football, I do soooo look forward to the Sunday morning football tailgates, but seriously Evan – you don’t have to arrive on Saturday night to get a spot in J-8! Doesn’t it get cold during the night, standing around your grill as the Meadowlands winds whip up and swirl through the parking lot? Well, I guess somebody has to do it. and remember – I like my eggs a bit runny. So on the occasion of your birthday, I truly wanted to wish you the happiest and healthiest! You are a great guy, and a wonderful father. And even though you’re “getting up there”, you really don’t look aday over 50. Well, maybe 51 .

33: Love, Cousin Dave Ps – I lied. I’m really only 58, but I didn’t want you to feel bad by thinking that you were the only one turning 60 this year.

34: Dear Evan, I unfortunately never spent a lot of time with you. But for the time we did spend together: As a young child you were the best of all poster boys for people suffering from asthma; an angelic face and the character of an angel. I never saw or heard you complain about your pain from that disease, about the asthma attacks. As in the book of Job, we say it was unjustified suffering for a just God to make an innocent child suffer. But I never heard a word. They say God gives us challenges, gives us our weaknesses to test and build character and elevate our soul. And I think you're not only confronted but eventually overcame that challenge. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself or cursing God.

35: Love, Uncle Robert

36: Happy Birthday Evan! Hopefully we can celebrate soon with some epic tailgates and Giants' wins L ve, Jen and Justin

38: Dear Evan - This letter is to wish you a very happy birthday with many more to come. You have done a great job at a lot of things: raising 2 wonderful kids, building your business, taking the tailgate to the next level being a small sample. I have lots of memories of you. Do you remember the days when you and your brothers would attack and wrestle me? How about Cheap Trick, ski trips, and smoky Syracuse visits to Giants Stadium? We have had a lot of fun times and I am sure we will have many more in the future! Enjoy your birthday. Ev! Love, Eric

40: "Dear Tailgate Master Ev- We all know there is nothin like sharing a delicious burger (truffled, of course) or hotdog, or sliced salami, in the Giants Stadium parking lot. And just as generations before us have paved the way, you sir, have made countless valuable and tradition-changing additions to the family's sacred tailgating rituals. I love hanging out with you, Jake, and Sydney (ok, Rich too) in East Rutherford, and look forward to more great memories! Happy Birthday!!! Love, Mike (Robbins)

41: Wishing you a wonderful birthday, From the Richards clan (go giants!) | Hi Evan, the one thing I remember best about you, is you growing up with asthma. No matter how much you had to leave your dad and brothers, for long periods of time, to seek warmer, drier climates, you never seemed to complain. You always had a calm, easy going, tranquil about you, but what I remember most is your smile. Wishing you the very best of birthdays. Love-cousin Hope.

42: One story I remember was: When Evan, formally known as Erin, was six and was living at "CARI", in Denver, we picked him up to take him out for the day and went to a restaurant called Casa Bonita. It was place that we thought he would really enjoy with people diving off cliffs, caves to explore and lots of different goings on for young kids. Well, Evan spent about five minutes and said to us, "CAN'T WE GO TO BURGER KING!" So off we went across the street to Burger King and Erin was happy. I also remember how connected he was to electronic games and how good he was. I still remember that large watch he had on that small wrist which he constantly checked. He was so mature for such a little kid being away from his family and on his own. Everybody just loved Evan as I do. Love always, Uncle Marty

46: Dear Daddy, Happy birthday! i love you with all my heart! I remember when I was on an all boys baseball team. The other team's coach told them to move up on me (I think it was because I'm a girl). I believe it was the first pitch strike one. You called timeout and pulled me aside, and told me to hit the ball down their f-ing throats. I got back up to the plate determined. It was actually really weird, when I got up back to the plate and the pitcher pitched the ball it was like one of those moments because everything around me was blacked out except for the ball coming my way, well something like that. I smashed it over all those boys heads and when I got to second base we looked at each other with a grin on our faces. Thank you for always believing and making me aggressive and determined to succeed. I love to go to football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and any other type of sports with you! The tailgates too! With so much food! We feast! You always make me laugh and smile. We have shared so many memories I can't even put all of them into words! I got sod lucky to get a dad like you! When I saw Grandma I told her thank you to her and poppy and everyone else for giving me you! You really are the best! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! I know for sure more memories will come from now on! I can't describe how much you mean to me! Happy birthday! You deserve every lit bit of cake and every wish! I've said this a few times, I could go on and on forever! I love you! Love always Sydney (Pumpkey) Reese. p.s. So much more memories have occurred.I want to thank you for making that possible, and for taking us places, and always doing what we would like to do. Also you are a great listener! Than you for always listening to my stories and mumbles hehehe tehteh! Love you! hahha

51: Thank You for the Bnai Mitzvah! | Thank you for always coaching our sports!

52: I gone to football games. I have good memories with you. Some of the memories are good life. Your my best dad. Happy birthday dad. Your 43 years old. I love you. Love, Jake | Go Dad!

55: ....Now big one | little one

56: These Are The Moments I Live For | Peace Love Family

58: #1 Dad! | We love you! | "Be yourself, Everyone else is taken." | "It doesn't matter if we win or's all about having fun!" | "Negative" | "Jake buys nothing when it comes to shopping as Sydney does..Sydney buys nothing when it comes to food as Jake does."

60: "Denver Zoo" | "Colorado Broncos" | "Colorado Rockies"

61: "Colorado Rocky Mountain High" | "I've seen it rain and fire in the sky."

68: the World, | You May | Just Be | Someone In

69: BUT You Mean The World To Me!

70: P.S. Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof! Translation- I love you so much! You are the best Dad! Thank you for all of the gingersnaps! Love you, love always, Charlie Brown a.k.a. Charlie Boy

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