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Contemporary Seasons

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S: Life & Story of Lucy Smith

BC: This was on our 50th Anniversary in 1954,He lived seven years after this was made. I still miss him today

FC: Life & Story Of Lucy Smith

1: This is going to be a story of my Life, I can't remember every thing that happen along the way, But I know one thing, I met this Man, and fell madly in Love with him, There's just something about that smile... | I was born on September,26.1934 To Freeman & Bertha Young in Cookeville Tennessee . I was the Fifth child,my mother first child lived one month and died,they said her throat closed up on her.Then my oldest brother Robert was born in 1927,My Sister Dorothy was born 1930, Brother Charles born,1932. Then me in 1934, My mother had a miscarriage after me,in1936 and then another brother,Ralph in 1938,in 1940 David was born.and then in 1944 Glenn was born.. | 1

2: 2 | I can remember back to when I was about three, But my Mom told me about when I was about eight or nine months old. She was busy washing clothes,and cleaning house,and she set me on the bed to play, we had a cat there.the lady that gave it to her,told her it was a Pershing cat.any way it jump up on the bed with me. and I bite it's ear almost off.I was loving on her, I didn't mean to hurt her.Mom said that cat almost had a fit. they check it,and said it would be all right.And when I was about three my Mom's friend Sarah Clouse ,and her oldest son came for a visit. He beg my Mom to let him adopt me.But she told him no. And in 1940 he went into the Army.He was station in Hawaii,when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.He was on one of the battle ship that was hit. and he was killed. I still have a picture of him and my self,when I was three years old, My Mom gave it to me after I was grown, and said she wanted me to have it.And when I was about seven years old, I remember my Mom telling all us kids to go out and play,because she had work to do. Well my Brother Ralph was about three years old,and we was playing like we was cutting up wood for Mom. I had the ax, and I brought it up and when I started to come down with it Ralph stuck his hand on the chop block . . .

3: 3 | And I cut his finger off.Blood went every where.He scream, and I was screaming, My Mom came running out of the house,and my Dad from the barn.When they seen what had happen, All they said at the time,was to my oldest brother Bob and my sister Dorothy, was watch the kids, and they jump into a wagon to get him to a doctor, The people we rented from lived about a mile from us, and they headed over there . And they took them into town to the Doctor. He said they made good time ,and sew it back on. and it's still working now . | When My Dad and Mom,got back home. I thought I was going to get a good whipping for that, But they said I looked like a ghost when they came in,They just gave me a good talking too. And ask me why I did it. and all I could say was. He shouldn't have put his hand there. they gave me a couple of smack and told me to never touch that ax again.I never did touch the ax again. | We always loved one another,all of us did. Back then you didn't have any neighbor, that lived close to you, no friends hardly at all .So you had only your brothers and sisters to be your friends.Maybe that way people back then had so many children.But I still love my brothers today. .

4: 4 | You know when I was growing up, we didn't have any toys to play with,we invented our own, I remember me and my sister dot,we make us a play house,and would use logs as our furniture,Mud and water for our food, we would make mud pies,and put them on the table and pretend we was having dinner.We had a lot of fun,cause we didn't know there were other things,we could be playing with . | I can remember when my mother got through milking the cow, my brother Chuck would go out there in the barn and squirt milk into me and my sister 's mouth. My sister Dot and brother Chuck both had red hair, So did my brother Bob,and my Mom. But anyway Dot had so many freckles on her face and arms,she almost looked tan. So Chuck told her he knew how to get rid of those freckles for her. She went alone with him, And one day they followed the old cow around, and when she had done her stuff. my brother Chuck took it and spread it all over Dot's face and arms . . | If you know any thing about cow mature,you know when it dry on you it draw your skin up tight. Well he spread it on good and thick. My Mom had just changed the sheets on all the beds, and my sister went into the house and climb into one of the bed to let it dry,my brother told her,it had to dry to do any good. Well my Mom walk into the house,and she got a smell of that and went and pull the covers off of Dot ,

5: 5 | She jerked Dot out of the bed,and went after Chuck. She like to never got that stuff off of Dot's face. Her face looked like a wrinkle-up beet.Chuck was laughing his head off, till Mom got a hold of him.then he changed his tune.Seems like they always like to pick on Dot,One day we was all playing out on the hill up above a creek that run down below, So they were all rolling down the hill in a inner tube from a truck.They had it all blown up and they would put one at a time in the tire and let them go. You were supposed to get out before it hit the fence below. Well it come Dot's turn and they roll her up in there. I thank she was double jointed case she could bend any way. But any way. they started her down the hill and she didn't get out of it in time and hit a big rock and that all that saved her from going into that creek. And those crazy boys stood there laughing their their selfs silly. . | When we went to school we had to walk, No Buses, no cars , walk if you got any where. It was about two miles to school if you walk the way you were supposed too, My brother Chuck,he would take a short cut, When we got close to the highway. He would go down at the creek and swing across the creek on a grape vine,and he always beat us to school. So one day I followed him down there. he kept telling me I was going to get hurt,cause I didn't know how to hold on, Well when he got a hold of the vine,I went up behind him and put my arms around his waist, and went with him across.

6: 6 | I really enjoyed it, he said I could have gotten killed, and I had better not do that again, I just told him, I'll tell Mom what you are doing then and she'll whip you. So guess what, I got to swing too.But you know something me and him had a lot of fun doing that, He said we was Tarzan and I was Jane. My Uncle ,he haul Ice back then and he always brought my Mom's about the time we was coming home from school, so we got to ride on his ice truck home . . | While we still lived at this place, My mother cleaned the house for the people who rented the house to us. her husband own a big clothing store in town, His Name was BobLee Maddox,So the lady ask my Mom if she would like to ride into town with her,and she would treat all of us kid to lunch. We went and she even got us some Ice cream. so when we got home, she was pulling up in her driveway, and I thought she was stopped and opened the door in the back seat and fell out and rolled under the car, She thought she had run over me, and Mom was screaming,cause she said she thought I was dead, But all I got was a little Bruising. | I rolled all the way,under the car.they said the wheel just missed rolling over my body, But I guess,it wasn't my time yo go. | We moved about two miles from that house ,over to one on the highway,The one we lived in.was back in the fields about one and a half miles off the road.But anyway we moved over on the was a smaller house.We don't why they moved into a smaller one .

7: 7 | This is me, When I was 9 Months old. | This picture, is Robert,11,Dorothy,8, Charles, 5 Lucy 2 1/2 | But by this time my brother David was born, so one day all of us bigger ones with some friends,was over in the lot where they had the cow,and was a big field, we would go in there to play near the house.We was playing ball, and by this time David was about one and a half.Mom had been washing clothes, and she set David across the fence and told my brother Bob,and sister to watch him. He had a piece of meat in his hand, and we wasn't paying any attention to him, and the old hog got a hold of his hand and started dragging him,we all started yelling for Mom, Now this fence they said was about six feet high,My Mom came running, and jumped ,

8: 8 | that fence and never touch it,She said she thought that hog had killed her Baby.But he was ok, all the pig wanted was the meat he had in his hand. We was living here when My oldest brother got to go into town with some of my cousins,to see a movie.Well the next morning, I wanted to know all about the movie, so he set me upon a little table mom kept by the stove,she had one of those kitchen wood stove with a hearth on it, So he was telling me all about it,and I was setting there and swinging my legs back and forth, and got over balanced,and off I went and hit my nose on that hearth, and Broke it. . | My Mother, pick me up and wash the blood off my face and got a towel and soak it in some cold water,and put it over my nose, and she held my nose for about a half hour or so and it stopped bleeding,and my face was all swollen for about a week or so. But I didn't go to the Doctor and my nose isn't crooked as far as I know. | We had a lot of fun there, cause the house set up on a hill from the road, And if you were playing ball,it would always find it's way down on the road.Then we moved in closer to town,we move in one house,I remember my Brother had this red dog ,he loved that dog and i guess he was just getting old , But he died and I can remember my brother Chuck crying over him. Then we moved little ways from there into another house. My Mom got a job working in a Chicken factory,They pay her two dollars a day,to pull the feathers off dead chickens .

9: 9 | But she did it. That's where we was living when our youngest brother Glenn was born.My Dad had went up to Baltimore Maryland,and got a job, He was supposed to send Money home for us to get by on. He would send a few dollars,every once and a while,But Mom had to go to work ,so that we could get by on. I remember my uncle Ben A.he was working at the saw mill not to far from where we lived, and he got his hand caught in the machine someway,and cut about four of his fingers off. | We use to go down to our Grandma & Grandpa house. and we would ride the train down there. We loved that.And every Christmas we would go there and they would give us a bag with a Apple,Orange and maybe a candy cane for Christmas, and we thought that was the greatest thing you could get.I can remember setting around the big Fireplace. and our Grandpa would wait till the boys setting next to him,would get warm and his pants would start to get hot ,and then my grandpa would crab them on that leg, You talk about hunting ,It hurt . | I can remember when my Aunt got killed up here in Michigan,in a car accident, and they brought here back there to be buried. But she was laid out in my Grandma house,and when we went to bed, some of us, had to sleep in the same room, cause they only had Three great big rooms.The Kitchen, and the other one was the living room and bed room together.And the other one was where they had her at,with two more beds in there,They had taken one down, to make room for her .

10: 10 | You know that didn't seem to brother any of us young ones, and the grown-ups set up all night.Then when I was almost ten years old my Mother,decided to come to Detroit, My Dad had moved here from Maryland. And he still wasn't sending my Mom much Money.Glenn was just a baby,He was born in May and we came up here in July.and I was ten in September, Well let me tell you, my Dad didn't know we was coming, so when we got off the Bus, Mom had told them that me and Chuck was twins, so we both got to come on half fare. He was mad all the way up here.and wouldn't even eat, He kept saying, I'm no twin . Well we made it Detroit,we took a cab from the bus station,And when we got to the place my Dad lived.we was all surprised, It wasn't the way he told my Mom,he was living at. It was a big apartment on West Grand Woodward Avenue.Back then, It was really pretty there and Woodward was safe to walk on.Any way we went up to the door and it was locked. We rang the Doorbell, and there was a lady that lived there, she let us in. She yelled down the stairs come on up.and we went up . . . | She was real nice to us,she invited all of us into her apartment,and served us some cookies and milk.My Mom told her who we was, and we thought she was going to pass out. She said, Mrs Young,I'm sorry but I didn't even know that Freeman was married.Mom said well he is and he has these six kid and the son that was staying with him,before he went into the Navy.She said he lives in the room next door. He only had a sleeping room.

11: 11 | This picture of me & John with Jerry and Sandra,John and myself looks like we are scared. But we wasn't.The one next to it on the bottom, is of all the young siblings, and the one at the top,well just forget that one.

12: 12 | Well My Mom went to the manger,and got the key to the room,and ask if they could give her another room.He gave her one across the hall from where my dad was at. My Dad worked the afternoon shift ,It was about two o'clock when we got there,My brother Chuck wanted to go to a movie,so my Mom let him go.The lady next door,was real nice.she fix us something to eat.and told my Mom she didn't know my Dad was even married.Mom ask her who did she thank the boy was that stayed with my Dad before he went into the Navy. She said he told everyone he was his brother.Well it started to get dark, and we was setting there,and someone rang the bell.Rita was the lady name that lived next door, She went to see who it was,And told the girl that came in, to come on up.She wanted to know if Freeman was home, Well Rita said No,he's at work, But his wife and children are here.That girl almost passed out.She got so weak she ask my Mom if she could set down. She went on to tell my Mom, that she didn't know that Dad was married,and if her father had knew she was going out with a married man,He would have disown her.She told Mom the same thing that Dad had told Rita about My brother being Dad's brother.She was scared to death,you could see it on her face.She told Mom,I will never see him again,and kept telling my Mom how sorry she was.She got up to leave,and my sister Dot,she spied her ring on this girl's finger. Dad had made Dot and me a ring out of a nickel when he worked in Baltimore and gave us,But Dot's was too small and Dad took it

13: 13 | back.And told Dot he would fix it and send it back to her, But he never did. Well when she seen it, She told Mom that woman has my ring on.By this time the girl had went out of the Building and Mom took off after her.She was going down the sidewalk and Mom was yelling for her to stop. My Brother Chuck that went to the Movies was coming home, He didn't know what was going on when Mom ran by him. And grab that girl by the arm. She was scared that Mom was going to hit her,and she started crying, Mom said all I want is my Daughter's ring you have on. He made it for her, and went on to explain what happen. And she took it off and gave it to my Mom.Well we all went to bed,Five of us kids slept in one room and Mom and my baby brother Glenn,went to bed in Dad's room. believe me we didn't get too much sleep,cause when Dad got home that night around midnight,He got it with both barrels,if you know what I mean.But Mom stayed with him. a couple of days later we moved over on Milwaukee St.into a house that had three big rooms,Kitchen, bedroom,living room with a sofa that let down for a bed, And two beds in the other room and a cot that could sleep two.We was living there when World War two ended.I can remember everyone was so happy and setting off fireworks,and blowing horns.My Mom had went and got a Job at the Farm Crest Bakery, She told us we was not to go out while she was working,And the landlady lived upstairs,and kept an eye on us.

14: But my brother Chuck wanted to get out and join in the fun,So he went out the window, and told us not to tell on him. My sister Dot,was fifteen at the time, so that's why Mom went to work,she figure Dot was old enough to watch us.There was six of us.when the war ended in 1945.I was ten years old at the time,I was ten in September.Mom worked days at that time,We moved over on Brooklyn,not to far from the Tiger stadium.That were we thought we had lost Glenn, He got missing one day,and we looked every where for him.My Uncle even come over and went looking for him in his car.Then in about two hours, here comes the Ice cream man on his bike cart,with Glenn setting up on the top eating ice cream. He had followed the Ice cream man. And the man knew who he was,so he brought him home.I was the one that was supposed to have been watching him.Cause he wouldn't go to anyone but me. I was bathing him one day and had him him in a tub of water,and when I went to get his clothes,He got out and went outside cause he heard the bells on the ice cream cart. and took off up the street.He didn't have a stitch of clothes on.And one of the Neighborhood him and brought him back. He was only about two or three years old.But every where I went . I had to take him with me.or he would scream and cry.If I went to the store for Mom, I had to carry him on one hip, and the grocery on the other.Even when I met John,If we went any where,he had to go,He would call me mommy.Cause he slept with me. | 14

15: Mom worked all the time. And I was with him more than she was,But it all worked out, Cause he knew who his Mom was. You know I love my Dad I guess in a certain way,But I didn't In another way. Does that make sense.? When he was mean to my Mom I hated him. But then he could be so sweet to you. I know the Bible says to Honor your Mother and Father, But when he was hitting her, It was hard to honor him.I got a gun once and told him I would blow his head off, If he hit her again,And I was only about fourteen. He was hitting her for no reason and with a belt buckle at that. He was mean back then, But you know when he seen that my Mom was not afraid of him, He changed.At least he didn't hit her any more. cause she stood up to him.and he backed off.He didn't do right by her,but at least he wasn't hitting her,But there must have been something there cause they liked Five months being married 65 years when he died.He had a heart attack,and fell right across my Mom's lap. he died in 1990,My Mom worked at the Bakery for24 or 25 years and then she retired. We moved over on Buffalo st, and thats where I met the Love of my Life.I don't thank I will ever forget that day. Love him the first time I laid eyes on him. In fact I thank I Love him, before I ever met him. Cause his Father had already told me all about him.You see I met his Dad before I met John. Then his dad got laid off and went back to Kentucky.And John came up here to get him a Job,Thats when my world begun.He got a job, then his Dad came back up | 15

16: here, They stayed with Aunt Rosie foe a while, Then they Moved into a rooming house closer to work, But John would come back over to see me. His Dad went back home, But John worked for a while , He even bought me my Sixteenth Birthday cake. But then he got laid off from work,so he went back home, We wrote to each other,And his father was getting sick, and every time he got a letter from me. His Dad would want him to read it to him too. I always wrote a few lines to him too.John's mother told me after me and John got married, that his dad always looked forward to getting those letters read to him, and when I would mention his name and say a few words to him. that he really enjoyed that. I loved him.He passed away. one year before John and I was married.He was only 56 years old when he died.We | got married one year later,in 1954 This is what John looked like, Isn't | he cute,this picture is of us, a few days,before we got married.I thank we made a good couple.It should last.We loved each other.What do you think.? | 16

17: This is John's Father above, John on the side,And his Father's Funeral below. | 17

18: John,His Mom,sister jean, and brothers ,Bob & Clandus | This is the day after we was Married | This is the day we first met in 1950 | 18

19: This is when we first met in 1950 | That was a happy day for me, Because I married the man of my dreams.He was always so good to me, sometimes I think he was too good for me.And he was so good to my Mother,When we first got married we stayed at the same place he had rented for him, and his Mom, and his brother and sister to live in, But then all of a sudden, His Mom told us that Her, Clandus and Jean was going back down to Kentucky to live. I felt like it was my fault, But she said she only came up here to be with John and to cook for him,and now that he was married, He had someone to be with him, and to cook for him.I always loved his Mom, Her and I always got along good with each other.We stayed there for a little while after that. Then we moved over on Hillger about a block and half from where my Mom and dad lived,We was living there when Jerry was born.This is John and myself holding Jerry. . | 19

20: John was working the afternoon shift at work, and I thank Jerry had his nights and days mixed up,Cause when John got home from work, at 1:00 in the morning. I was still trying to get Jerry to sleep,We tried every think with him, John's Mom told us to use one thing,and my Mom would tell us to use something else,Even the Landlady,who lived upstairs from us. Told us about an old remedy from Czechoslovakia that she used,.But nothing seem to work. So one night I was so tired. I could hardly stay awake, So I just let him cry,He cried for about four hours, and went off to sleep, and slept all night long, and never did give us any more problem about going to sleep at night.We lived there for about a year and half after he was born, Then we moved over on fourteenth st near Stanley.Then I found out I was going to be called Mommy again,And Sandra was born almost two years after Jerry.She was born August 07 and Jerry was two years old on the 09 of August. | This is Sandy,She was one | 20

21: year old here, and then her and Jerry, She was one and he was three.Then just 17 months later I had Little Ronnie . | This is Ronnie,The one on the steps was made in January 1960, the one on the stuffed horse was made in 1959 on Christmas | He was one of the sweetest baby you could ask for, Hardly ever cried.Always smiled at you,whenever you talked to him. He took Bronchial Pneumonia.We was at Church one Sunday night,and when we got home he was coughing real bad,We took him to the Doctor the next day,and they put him in the hospital,I stayed with him while he was there. Back then they had these oxygen tents they put you in. He stayed in that one week.His Doctor was on Vacation, so the one that was taking care of him, sent him home, right after he came out of the tent. Everyone said he was sending him home too soon.I wanted them to keep him a few more days, But they said once the Doctor sign the release,their was nothing they could do.We took him home on Sunday, and rushed him | 21

22: back on Wednesday, He died about an hour and half after we got him back.We didn't Sue, But with the Nurses and our Testimony, That Doctor,lost his license.I was holding on to his little hand when he took his last breath, And John had a hold of his hand also. And he looked over at me, and said,"Honey he's gone," then he started crying so hard.It's took us so long to get over that.But we know he's a little angel in Heaven,God just let us have him for a while, Then he took him back, We always said,that God might have seen something down through the time. and took him. But you know in 1964,The Lord gave us another son,Born in the same month as Ronnie was,And he looked just like Ronnie,So God gave him back to us. | Jerry, Sandra Ronnie John.T. | My Four Little Angels,I love them so much.Two with the Lord,now.They were all six months old in these pictures | 22

23: Back then,We was seeing some rough times,But with the Lord's help we made it,and raised our family in Church. John and me both wanted to make sure our Children knew about the Lord, and what he mean to you. Not just a name you hear,But to know him as a Savior,that will help you,when you call on him.And from the way,they are living, I thank they know what we wanted of them.I'm proud of my Daughter and Son,and their family, I have so far three Beautiful grand daughters, Three Handsome Grand Sons, Nine Grand Children, and six Great Grand Children.

24: Hospital, During the night it had came a big snow storm,and I couldn't get my car out of the drive-way,The Nurse called me, and said I should get back over this as soon as I could, cause they were going to take my son down and try something new on him. I got one of the neighbors to drive me back over there.We had a hard time getting through the streets, but we made it. I got there about the time they were taking him out of the room,And I told them they wasn't taking him any place,till they talked with John and I. They kept saying We are not going to hurt him, we just want to try something new, I said you are not going to use my son, as your gunia pig,I called John at work and told him what was going on. And I told him they wasn't letting anyone leave the Hospital,on account of the storm, and the roads was covered with so much snow you couldn't get no where. he said I'm coming to get you . I told him I would be ok, But he said you are not staying over there, because they had moved John t. into a room that had about three or four more children in it, and they said i couldn't stay in there with him.And that meant I would have to stay in the Lobby with everyone else. Well in about an hour and a half later. John came into the Hospital. He had driven his truck to about two or three blocks of the Hospital, and then got out with a shovel, and shoveled his way to the Hospital.So I left with him, and a few more people left too, after they seen they could get out on the main road.Thanks to John. He said he was not going to | 24

25: let me stay over there, That I was going to be with him. I Love him so much. Cause he always thought of me first.He wanted to be sure that I was safe.But we went and got John T. and brought him home, and he got a lot better.I didn't work whi;e my children was real young, I stayed at home with them ,Then when Little johnny got about Five years old, I went to work for awhile to help out with some of the bills.Then we sold the house that we lived in and bought,one here in Taylor Mich, i didn't like it, But John like it cause it had a lot of land and a big workshop. But it was a mess when we moved out here, Tree were laying across the yard, and one was blocking the garage,as he called it his workshop.It was a three car garage,but he wasn't going to use it for that. It became his dream workshop.Him and the boys started chopping up the trees and all the wood. Some friends came over and helped him get them all chopped up.he added more on to each side of the building to make a bigger place for him to store things.I can remember the boys didn't like it cause they had to chop wood up. we had a fireplace, but John went and bought a stove ,that you could burn coal or wood in.and put it right in front of the fireplace,And then he ordered 18 tons of does warm your house, but i hated it. I could not keep anything clean from it. The white curtains look like they were gray, and you could write your name in anything you touched. | 25

26: But we stayed that way for a few years, And in 1975 our oldest son Jerry got married and had a son,he was living in Utah at the time, and then they came home and in 1978 had a little girl.And about two years later got a Divorce,Then in 1977 our Daughter got married to a real nice man. and they had three Daughters,and now the have four Grand Children. and are still just as happy as they can be.Then in 1980 our oldest son married again to a girl that already had a child.They had one son together,and when he was about three years old,they Divorced.And then in 1983,Our youngest son John T. married a beautiful girl, and they had three Sons.and are still married and happy, Then in 1980 our oldest son, got burned to death in a fire, He was in bed, when the house started burning and never made it out, the fire chief, told us that the smoke is what took his life. That almost killed John. I don't thank he ever got over that, Cause any time some one would say anything about jerry, you could see the Hurt come on his face,jerry's oldest son is 36 years old now,he has a son now,that's 19 years ,Jerry's daughter has three kids, One little girl and a set of twins, boy and a girl. Our Daughter's Oldest girl Jennifer has three children,two boys and a girl, they are in Germany at the present, but will be coming home for Christmas, and will be moving back to the states in about another year and half. Her Husband's job took them over there.Her Second daughter Stacey is married also and has a | 26

27: little girl also,Her name is Lola,Oh, I'm sorry her oldest daughters children's names are S.T and Kyle and little Julia,,Then the youngest Daughter Emily isn't married as of yet, but I don't think it will be long, Then John t. oldest Son Brandon just got married,to a very beautiful girl Elyse, his second son Spencer is not married, but his youngest son Johnathan is planning on getting married in the next year, so that let's you know, a little about the family, I thank we have a very beautiful family I love each and everyone one of them, and so did their Dad. He would do anything for his family. His Grand Children was the most wonderful thing in his life and he love the Great grand Children too. Just didn't get to know them too good,before he went to stay with the Lord.I wish I had enough money ,that I could just go out and buy them each and everyone,what every they wanted for Christmas, But they don't want me to do that, and I can't, But there no harm and wishing is there.But back to the stove,the grand children ,they like the fire also , it was cozy. Our little dog that we had at the time. he loved it more than anyone, He would lay beside of the stove all day and night.his name was peanut,he was a little miniture Dachhound,He was the sweetest little thing. every one loved him. | 27

28: Well I finally talked him in to getting a new furnace for the house. He still like to have his fire every once and awhile. But that was a job,trying to keep the fire going and both of us working.I was working at the Hospital, and he was working at the steel mill. And we would have to stock the fire and try to keep it going till we got home. But then he went into the Hospital, and I was working all day there,Had to go after work and take care of my Mom and then go over to the Hospital and see him.Come home take the ashes out and clean up the mess, Feed the dogs, and make a new fire and if I had time , i would eat a bite of something, That went on for two weeks.And when he came home from the Hospital. I told him he was going to have to give up on having a fire in the stove, all the time, Cause i just couldn't keep up with it, and there was a big snow on the ground too,He agreed with me, and told me how sorry he was for me to have to do all of that. I said it's not that I don't want to do it, I'm just not able to do it.So we turned the furnace back on.I would have done it gladly, but being I had to go over to my Mom's. and fix dinner for her and come home and fix dinner for us. I didn't have no time to spend with him. Cause it was nine or ten O'Clock time i got though and it was bedtime.....So he said that was too much.and I agreed.In 2005, he said you know I would like to have a fire tonight,it was cold out, so I said, if thats what you want to do ,go a head. But we | 28

29: both had forgotten one thing, We didn't check to see if the chimney was free of suct. But he build a big fire, and it did feel good. We fixed it up and went to bed.About two in the morning, we was woke up with people pounding on our door.The neighbor next door, had woke up and said his bedroom looked like it had a light on, and he looked out , and he saw our chimney, and he said it was as red as it could be. He called the Fire department,cause he said he couldn't wake us up. They were getting ready to chop the door down ,when I opened it.So they came in and smother the fire out,and made a pure mess,But at least. we could clean that up, they said if our neighbor,hadn't notice it. we could have been burned to death or smother to death. So we was thankful nothing awful happen.John started getting sick in about 2006. he got were he couldn't hardly drive, so I had to do the driving,and in 2008 he had another heart surgery,he had gotten where he was losing blood,they couldn't find where it was coming from.they done one test after another. they had to start giving him blood, because his blood count got down so low.That went on for awhile, and I took him to see the Doctor that had done his heart surgery in 1995.he ran a test on John, came back and said John, the valve you had put in. in 1995 was leaking blood,that it looked like two stitches had came loose.So he set him up for surgery for January 2nd.He went though the surgery real good,I thought | 29

30: good, now he;s going to be alright,But a few days after the surgery, they said his Kidneys wasn't doing good,the doctor him for them, giving him different things but seem like it didn't help.The Blood that he was losing before, had been going into his kidneys and liver.So he ended up with kidney failure.He was so up set about it and so was I ,but there was nothing we could do. So from then on he had to have Kidney dialysis every other day, three days a week for four hours at a time.It got where we couldn't go anywhere and stay long, He wanted to go see his Sister in Kentucky so bad, we check into it and the dialysis center was too far away from where she went on like that for three years. he hated taking dialysis, but he had to do it. I would set and cry when I had to take him there,cause you could see the hurt on his face. He thought he was too much trouble on me.But I would have crawled to get him where ever he wanted to go if I had too..He was never a problem to me. I would have went to the end of the world for him. Cause I loved him that much,Whenever we had to get up early to go to the clinic, which was at 4:30 am ,he would say, Honey you stay in bed .I'll try and get over there by my self...I tell him ,Do you really believe I would stay in bed, and let you do that.He would kiss me and say no,I know you wouldn't, But i wouldn't blame you if you did...If I could have taken those treatments for him, | 30

31: i would have, but I couldn't do that. I just had to set there and watch him. I still say today, that they are some of the reason, that he's not here with us today. I know the Lord had a reason for taking him, when he did,And I know the Lord didn't let him suffer, cause I was by his bedside all the time he was in the Hospital. He was in one Hospital for two weeks. They told us then that he was dying, but I tried my bless,not to believe it.We brought him home and in six days we had to take him to the Hospital again. I knew then we would never bring him home again, My life ended the same day that his did.Oh, I'm still here, but I have no feeling for my life anymore You know when I was sixteen years old,John had gotten laid off,he went south, but he sent me the nicest set of a necklace,broach,and earrings.And I still have them.They were . | color of my Birth stone.Blue Sapphire with Diamonds and I'll still keep them as long as I live.I've wore the Broach,but not the other. | 31

32: The day, that John died,I didn't think I would live another day,I was numb, I had no feeling,I didn't know where I was at.Half the time I didn't know who I was even talking to. Oh, I tried to talk with people,tried to smile, But deep own inside I was dying.My world had ended.If you ask me today,if a certain person was at his funeral,I would have to say, I don't know,My Daughter, stayed with me a couple of nights. I tried to hold every thing inside, But after everyone left.all I could do,was set around and cry,walk the floor,I couldn't sleep, Couldn't eat.I wanted to die.I didn't want no one to come over, and be with me, I wanted to be left alone.I would talk with him, and I would talk to the Lord,But it was always Why,? Why ? and I would question the Lord, Why John,? Why did you take John.It went on like that for a long time, Oh, I went to Church every Sunday.which just about kill me, cause John wasn't there.but I made it.I went to his Sister's funeral in Kentucky, That was so hard to do, When I saw her in her casket, I though I was looking at John all over again.But with the good Lord;s help, and the help my friends have giving me, I have made it, My Son and Daughter have been there for me.Peggy,Bonnie, jim, and Jonas has been a lot of help to me. They are what you call good and wonderful friends.Then Elaine from Howe Peterson funeral called me, and wanted me to come and join in the Bereavement group,at first I said no, I didn't need no one,.But I got into such a state, I though | 32

33: I was dying, or having a heart attack.I couldn't hardly breath,i would go to bed at night,and have to set up in the bed,because I felt like I was smothering,I ended up going to the Doctor.He told me,that I was holding all my grief inside of me.and I needed to let go.I started going to the Bereavement meeting,and you can set and tell them just how you feel, cause they are feeling the same thing,and if you cry, a lot of them cry right alone with you. and I have found out ,that it has helped me a lot. they are some of the sweetest people that comes there,We talk,we laugh, we cry.but we are doing it because thats what we feel like doing.We get new one from time to time, and they feel just like they all are my family.I have been going there now about four or five months,It's only one day a week,and you know I look forward to the day to go. One week I guess I was a little mixed up. I went there on Monday, and no one was there, then I happen to thank, This is Monday not Tuesday, My daughter, had a good laugh at that.In another week they are having their Christmas program, It's called"Season of Remembrance"On Dec,03 2011,I'm looking forward to going we will putting an ornament on the memory tree, for our Loved one.My Daughter and Son both are going with me.. And that is my story, I know it not much, But I just wanted to let you know a little about me. God Bless everyone,I Love each and everyone......... | 33

34: 34

35: 35

36: 36

37: 37

38: 38

39: 39

40: 40

41: 41

42: 42

43: 43

44: These two couples, mean the world to me, without them, I would have probably went crazy.they were God sent.I Love all four of them so much. | 44

45: John. T. | John. T. | This is in 2004 at our 50th wedding,anniversary,with Sandy & John T. | These are picture of us together,1972,at the top with the blue dress,2010 at Christmas,before he passed away,in 1976 at his brother-in-laws party,and the one at the left,at our Church dinner in 2010..the one above,he looks so good in................................... | 45

46: He wasn't feeling very well here,he was getting ready to give the grace over the food at the family reunion in 2010...nine months,before he left us.. <............) | we was at the peach festival in 2002 | Relaxing after eating ,at Church picnic. | Just looking cute here | 46

47: My Mom & Dad | John giving Grace, at Stacey's Wedding | John loved his Ice Cream | Sandy in Germany, with her new GrandBaby,Julia | 47

48: These three picture was taking at John's Funeral, wasn't in the mood to smile much. | This was the hardest day of my life,When I lost John, I lost my Heart and the will to live, | My Darling baby, John | My Darling, I Love you so much John | 48

49: My Darling, I Love You so much John.. | This was at my Sister-in-Law's Phyllis Funeral | John and me, He was sick here,this was made in January,and he died in March | 49

52: This is my two Sister-in- laws, I lost,right after I lost my Darling,John | Phillis young,in Oct of 2011 | Pauline Reynolds,in May of 2011. John's Sister

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