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Contemporary Seasons

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S: The Live Of Rev, John A. Smith

BC: A Golden Heart stopped beating,Hard working hands put to rest; God broke our Hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best..

FC: The Life Of Rev. John A. Smith

1: This book was printed in book form in... | Was written by Rev, John A. Smith. And typed in book form, by his wife Lucille Smith,with Love | 1 | Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound,, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I', found, I was blind but now I see. 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears relieved, How precious did that grace appear, The hour I first believed. Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come. 'Twas grace that brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home. When we've been there ten thousand years, Bright shining as the sun, . We've no less days to sing God's praise, Than when we first begun. The Lord has been so good to me, His mercy and His love. 'Twas grace that brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me on. | AMAZING GRACE

2: 1 | This is a True Story, It was written by Rev,John A.Smith, He worked on it everyday for a little while.He would get tired of writing,and lay it down. He started it about 1980. He would pick it up and lay it back down.That went on for years. So I told him one day,you should try and finish your book,He would look at me and give me that sweet smile. But he did write in it until he got so sick ,Then he couldn't..I always wished that he would have finished it before he got sick. | This is a story,about how he grew up and worked. He was a boy born to Loving parents,They didn't have much. but they made sure their family was taken care of.He was happy, and was not ashamed of his life,or how they lived. They loved each other, And had the love of God in their home | 2

3: The more you laugh the longer you live | I'll start this out by saying, My name is John A. Smith, I love the Lord.and my Family. I was born April 01, 1931 to Davis & Edna Smith.In Knox Co. Kentucky, a place called Stinking Creek up a Holler called Hinkle Branch. I was the 6th child born to my Mom & Dad ... . . . . . . . | The oldest was Gertrude,( Gertie) we called her.She was born April 14th,1919. #2 was Elijah born March 27th,1922...#3 was Amanda born Feb,25th,1924...#4 was EuLene born Jan,30,1926....#5 was Pauline born April 03 1928 ..Then me John born April 01, 1931...# 7 was Robert born April 24, 1933...#8 Launa born July 16,1935....#9 Cleo born Jan 16, 1938....#10 Clandus born July 05, 1939...# 11 Eula Jean born Oct 07, 1943. | When I was just a baby, my sister Gertrude was baby setting me, while Mom & Dad was working in the field. Gertie was rocking,and singing to me trying to get me to sleep.We were on the front porch. And Gertie rock to close to the edge and we both went off. I was to young to remember it. I don't think I got hurt. I thank we was still living at the same house ,up on Lawrence Branch,when our house burned down. I was to young to remember,but they said I was laughing at the fire. . . . . .. | I can remember when Gertie and Aunt Rosie got married. That was Nov, 21th, 1936, I was Five years old. They got married at Maw Smith's house. I remember I was scared and I was holding on to my Mom's dress tail. The Preacher that married them rode on an old mule. I thank the Preacher had a peg leg.. | 3

4: Us kids always like to go to maw Smith's house, we would play in the yard, and go down in the bottom and climb up on the big rock. Which we though was so big,but now it don't look so big. And there was a big flat rock across from the house. Sometimes Me and Bob would play on it. There were holes under the rock where rabbits and other animals would go. . . . . | But at maw's house,she had a big fire place and we would set around the fire, and maw would tell us story Like the graveyard tales. They were scares ones too..We would get real interested in them,then Maw would jump or do something to scare us.Maw had a poker, and she was always punching the fire to get it to burn good. Maw had asthma, she had to smoke some kind of a powder. She would use a bucket lid,and put just a pinch of the powder on it, and light it with a match.And then she would take a match box cover put it over it and inhale the smoke. Some times, she would let us kids take a snort, we though that was cool. . . . . . . . | There was a paling fence along the path way going up to maw's house.As we walked along the path,we would pull a stick along the fence, it would make a loud noise. | We moved in the yellow house around from the graveyard. I was scared to pass by there, Cause they said you could hear sounds coming from it. I told my Mom, if I died to bury me under the steps.. . . . | 4

5: I remember while we lived there, Dad was working somewhere. Mom would get up early before day light. Mom would fix his lunch,I don't know what she would put in his lunch,but some times I would wake up,and go set at the table and mom would give me a peace of light bread. I though that was a treat. For we didn't have it all the time. | There was a Gully or small branch that came down close to our house. And one night it came a storm, and my Dad was scared it would wash the house away, So he carried us one by one up to the crib barn. Where we spent the rest of the night. . . . . . | Dad would take me to the woods to cut a nice straight oak tree. We would cut it down and cut blocks about five to six feet long and roll them down to the garden spot, where dad would rive paling slats to build a fence around the garden.So the chickens wouldn't get in the garden, we would sharpen the tops of the slats.I still have the old fro that Dad used. We did all this by hand ,My arms wasn't long enough to make a full stroke with the saw. So we would make short strokes,we used a two man cross cut saw and chopping ax. There was no such thing as a chain saw. . . | 4 | My Dad and some of the other men was building a road across the Mountain. They was using Blasting Powder to move the rocks Us kids would be playing out in the yard,so when they got ready they would holler, fire in the hole.we would run into Maw's house and the rocks from the blast would fall on the roof of the house. | 5

6: 5 | I remember we moved away back in the head of coal's branch. On above old man Thomas Broughton's .house.Me and my brother Bob was out playing one day, we were bare footed.So we got into a briar patch, and Bob couldn't get out . because he was bare footed, So I laid my hands on the ground,so he could walk out on my hands.Bob was two years younger than me. . | While we still lived there EuLene and one of the other girls, started out of the holler one day. They might have been going to school, any way EuLene got bit with a copper head snake. So Charlie Hinkle went down there and killed the snake. And bought it back, and stretched it out in the yard. It look to be three or four feet long. While we lived there, Dad got hunt in the coal mines, I believe it was on Horse creek and it left him with a limp when he walked. | So we moved from there back up to Lawrence Branch. By this time I was old enough to start to school. The school was a two room cobble stone building with a cobble stone well house in the yard. So in the summer time we would take our lunch to school and set our milk in th well house and it would stay cold. Pauline went to school with me. She would take care of me. she was three years older than me | 6 | This one of the school,I went too

7: On top is John and all his Family except his Dad | Mom & Dad Smith | 7

8: This is my Dad setting on a Motorcycle.I love him | John, Pauline & Bob | 8

9: Me and Pauline would work together we would go to the mountains. And get stove wood for Mom to cook with.We also worked for for Jim & Rosie Mills hoeing corn in the field. We were getting about 75 cents a day each. Jim & Rosie had a little store. so most of the time we would trade in the store. I remember we would buy a 25lbs bag of corn meal. Or maybe flour and maybe we would get a 5lb bag of sugar or pinto beans. We carried that all the way down Hinkle Branch. We were so happy that we could help buy something to eat . . . . . | There was a big open fire place and in the winter time . We burned fire wood at night time. dad would put a big log in the back of the fire place and some smaller wood in front. . . | When the fire burned out,the house would get cold. All of us kids would stay in bed until Dad or Mom would get a fire going. You know it might sound like we was poor, But we was rich in the Lord. I Thank God for being raised like I was . With the fear of God in my Heart and a Dad and Mom that raised us to believe in the Lord. I Praise the Lord for it. It was worth more than Silver or Gold.. | Dad traded or bought an old car one time, We couldn't get it all the way up to the house. We had to leave it down below at the barn. One day all us kids was playing in the car. So after dark that night, we could see a light down that way, Dad thought someone was messing with it. So Dad went down there.We had left the lights on. He wouldn't let us play in it anymore after that. . | We had some dogs,one was named Rock, and the other one was named Ring. They were good hunting dogs. | 9 | 9

10: One day Me and Pauline went to get wood, and the dogs started barking, and at first we was afraid to go see what they were barking at, We thought it might be a bear.. | Se we finely went up there, and it was a big ground Hog. On a tree limb about three or four from the ground. So I thought I would help the dogs, And I caught it bare handed. And that Ground Hog got me by the arm, and Pauline took a stick and beat it off of my arm.She almost killed it. So the dogs got a hold of it, and one pulled one way the other dog pulled the other way,around that tree. they killed it by pulling it to death.We left the wood and took the Ground Hog, down to the house. I don't know if Mom cooked it or not. | We were raised hard and poor,But you know something, I thank God for the way I was raised. My Dad worked hard to feed us .There wasn't much work back then,I think Dad worked on the road back then for 50 cent a day. They called it the W.P. A. And they built the roads by hand. I thank the Good Lord, that I had parents like that. they loved us,every one the same. . . . | One Christmas, Dad bought me and bob a red wagon, He carried it on his shoulder all the way up that holler.It was after dark,when he got home,so he set it on the front porch.It was in a card board box. After he ate supper, he told me and bob,there was something .. | 10

11: on the porch for us. We was afraid to go out there,we thought it was a dog or something. So we finely went and bought it in the house, and opened it, We were so happy. I thank Dad paid about five dollars for it,that was a lot of money back then. We played with that wagon till we ran the wheels off of it,Then Dad took it and put some sled runners on it and we used it to haul wood on . . . . | We lived poor, But we didn't know we was poor, We didn't have hogs to kill for meat to eat.And most of the time, we didn't even have a cow,to get milk. So if we got any kind of wild meat,such as a rabbit or ground hog to eat,we thought we was doing good, . . . . | I can remember one day the dogs tread something around on the side of the hill. So me and bob went to see what they were barking at, Whatever it was it was in a dirt hole on the Broom sage hill. So I told bob to go back to the house and get Shovel and hoe, and we would dig it out. when bob got back I would dig some,and then try to put my arm all the way up to my shoulder and tried to reach it. Then I would dig some more, after doing this several times. I finely got hold of a rabbit and pulled him out of there. All this time the dogs were raising cane. After all that digging,I was holding the rabbit in my hand, and he gave a big kick out of my hand, and took of up the hill.I put the dogs on his trail,They chased him for a bit, So I saw the broom sage moving, he was coming straight at me.So I just squatted down, and he ran right into my hands.But this time he didn't get away, I held him by the back legs and hit him in the back of the neck, . . | 11

12: Lasting Memories... | with my hand, and broke his neck.We took him home and skinned him, and Mom fried him up for supper.We knew when Dad got home he would be proud of us. This was around 1940 . | Pauline and myself would dig may apple root and wash it and spread it out on a rock or something and let it dry, then we would take to the store, and we might get 15 or 20 cents for a big bag full . . . . | In the fall of the year after every one has gathered their corn ,me and Pauline would take some coffee sack and pick up corn that was left in the fields. and take it to the store and get enough money to buy a box of cola coca and some fire crackers . | The house we lived in was old man John Hinkle.We gave 1/3 of the corn that we grow for rent, for the whole year. Me, Dad. EuLene & Pauline would do Most of the work. Amanda was always kind of sick. And Dad would stays at the house a lot of the time . | I remember one day, Dad was gone some some where and the weather was dry, We hadn't had any rain for awhile. Amanda, EuLene and Pauline was out working by the broom sage field. Amanda slipped around and smoked. So she lit her a cigarette and just threw the match down and it caught that broom sage grass on fire. And we couldn't put it out.That fire went up that mountain, and in a few minutes, that whole place was on fire.That scared me so bad,we didn't know what to do. So when Dad got home Amanda had to tell him what happened.So he found out that she had been slipping around smoking But he didn't whip her.We lived in an old two room house, No Electric, No water, no inside plumbing, no when you had to go to the bath room,you went up the holler or behind the barn . | 12

13: 13 | We So in the winter months,we would have a fire in the big open fire place.We didn't have no radio or T.V. so after my sisters would get though washing the dishes. They would bring the oil lamp and set it on the mantle,over the fire place.. . | Dad would read the Bible to us. He read the story about Elisha traveling some where and there were 42 Children along the wayside. When Elisha came to where they were , they started making fun of him.Saying go up thy bald head,go up.They said that three times.So God sent two she bears and killed the 42 children. | Boy, that really put a fear on me. I remember we had come out of the holler one Sunday to play with some of our cousins. Old man Sam Smith came riding an old yellow mule, my cousins started calling him names wouldn't say any thing,I was afraid to say anything,because i knew I had to go back up that holler to get home.I was afraid the bears would get me. . . . . . | While we still lived at this place, Dad traded for a pretty little mule. So he got ready to work it,he put the horns on it ,so the mule stood real still. But as soon as he picked up the lines, it started kicking,just as hard as it could. Do Dad let it kick back and forth in the yard ,until it looked like the hogs had rutted it up.So Dad had made a new corn sled. He told my Mom, he would work that mule or else, Dad wouldn't let nothing get the best of him.

14: 14 | My Mom said if you hook that mule to anything I will leave. He said you might as well go, She went off up the holler. So now Dad took the mule and hooked it to his new sled, That mule started kicking the whole front end out of the sled..Dad unhook the mule, took the horns off, and got on the mule went and traded it for a cow calf, So now we have milk. . . . | Dad would shoe Horses and mules for people.So if they wouldn't be still,He would put a twist on their upper lip.And he would give me the rope to hold. He would say John, if it don't stand still,twist the rope some more. I felt so sorry for that old horse, cause I knew had to hurt them. But I would do as my Dad said,and that old mule would wet all over the ground. . . . . | Charlie, My brother-in-law Traded for an old mule,named toby,Back then they had some kind of powder called Hi Life powder,Someone must have put some on old toby, He worked good until that wore off, and then he wouldn't hardly go or nothing.Charlie was plowing on the side of the Mountain,and I was holding onto the lines driving. We couldn't hardly get that mule to go.So Charlie picked up a rock and throw and hit that old mule between the ears and knock that mule out,So plow stock mule and every thing went down the mountain. That scared me I thought sure he had killed it. So it kicked around and got got up. I don't know what ever happened after that. . . | 14

15: Lucy, John Sandy & Jerry In 1961 | John setting on a Motorcycle | Lucy, John, & Pauline | 15

16: John was 10 years old, when this was taken of his school class, He was in the 4th grade. | John with brother Clandus | 16

17: The more you laugh, the longer you live. | 17 | Dad and William Hubbard was building a room on to the house, Me and Dad would go to the woods,and find a good Board tree,which is an Oak. And we would saw the tree down and then cut it in Board lengths,then roll them down the mountain and Dad would rive boards for the roof. While they were building the roof. I fell off and sprung my foot or ankle.My Mom took some brown paper bags or wrapping paper either one,and soaked it in Vinegar to keep the swelling down. . . . | My Dad had a talent to work with wood. He made wooden chairs, straight backs and rocking chairs. he could make bull tongue plow stocks,Axe handles and all kind of things He would use Hickory Bark for the chair bottoms. He would take me with him to the woods,and we cut down Hickory Trees.Dad would use the bark for the chair bottoms,and the rest of the wood for ax and and hammer handles. . . . | I remember one year me and Pauline would go to school bare footed. We didn't have any shoes to wear,so it was late fall of the year. It would be a frost, on the ground,we would walk through that frost,and our feet would get cold. When we came to a branch of water,we wade the water,and it felt warm to our feet. . . | At the mouth of Hinkle Branch,lived an old lady, Her name was Hillie Cairns, her grandson lived with her.and he had an old yellow dog, every time we went pass there,he would try to make that dog bite us.His name was Roosevelt,but we called him Dob, He was so mean all the time fighting with other boys, no one liked him.

18: One year we lived over across the creek, in a two room log house. This was over behind the Church house. This is where we lived,when Clandus was born. . . . . . . | I would go fishing down at the creek. I would catch some big cat fish, when i would take them off the hook. They would spear me with that fin by the gill.Some times I would set my fishing pole at night.Just stick the pole back in the bank of the creek.The next morning I would go down there there the first thing of the morning. And most of the time I would have a big yellow cat fish on the hook. I would take it back up to the house and clean it,And mom would fry it up for supper. Now that was some good eating.The kitchen was out from the house in an crib with a dirt floor.I remember the post office was down the road from the Church. Rena Mills, run the post office, She would give us milk and butter. . . | I remember we had a potato patch in front of the house. Mom sent me out to dig some potatoes for dinner one Sunday while they were having Church.Mom was at Church, They were singing and it sounded so good. After a few minutes you would hear them start shouting and praising the Lord. . . . | We moved again,back up on stinking creek. We always had to walk to Church. The Church had old mill cut lumber for the floors,and the seats were mill cut lumber.It didn't have no electric,no inside toilets,And no Music of any kind. Preacher Townsley didn't believe in music. But when they started singing and shouting the dust and dirt would come up though the cracks in the floor . . . | 18

19: 19 | They sure had some good meeting back then.I thank God that I was raised to know about God, and all the blessing of the Lord. They would bring oil lamps and hang them on the wall for lighting. Most all of these people are passed and gone now. I was just a small boy then, Now I am 71 tears old. One of the good old sisters,that night she got the Holy Ghost, She shouted all the way home. She had to cross the foot log over the creek. Some one said, you better hold on to her so she won't fall in the creek.A sinner man spoke up and said, leave her alone,she will be alright.Dad went to Church once, and got to shouting so hard, He jumped out the window,Shouting all around the Church house ,and back in the door. . | So we moved to Harlan where Dad had a job in the coal mines. They had a general store. We would go there and buy candy and Ice Cream.I don't remember how long we lived up there, it must not have been to long. We moved back down to the Mary Hammond's house,out from the mouth of Hinkle Branch. I was around twelve years old,This is where we lived when Jean was born. They sent us all around to Taylor Sharps house. And then some one went and got Uncle John Townsley to deliver the baby. In fact I thank Uncle John delivered all of Mom's babies. . | By this time Amanda and EuLene was old enough to start dating boys. So when we would go to Church, Dad would make them walk alone with him and Mom. They wasn't allowed to go ahead or walk behind. So Amanda married George Stewart and EuLene married Code Mills. This was 1943 I was twelve years old. . . .

20: So we moved from there over in Doris branch. I was still going to Cole Branch school. So one day, One of the neighbor boy named Glenn Clark went to the same school. His Dad was old man Will Clark,he had some corn in the bottom land up above the school house. So one day old man Ely Allen's cows got into the corn field and destroyed the corn. Glenn's Dad had told him to go check on the corn,and if the cows were in the corn, for him to drive them around to his barn lot and keep them there. . . | Glenn was older than me,and in a higher grade in school. So he wanted me to go and help him .So I ask my teacher, His name was Tole Mills. He said it was ok for me to go.When we got up there,There were those cows in the corn. So we got them rounded up,and drove them down the hill right pass the school. I don't remember how many they were. But we drove them on down the road,to old man Clark's and put them in the lot. And then we went back to school. I though I was doing a good deed. I didn't know we was Cattle Rustling. . . | One week or two went by,Then Ely took Clark to court. I had to be a witness, I was scared to death. I was afraid they was going to put me in jail,But they didn't.But I sure got a whipping from my Dad. I thank that was the first and the last whipping my Dad ever gave me. he had spank me some times, but I didn't drive any more cattle. We lived at that place when Maw Smith, died.In 1944 or 1945.Pauline Said she worried about Maw, If she was really dead or just in a coma. cause back then they didn't Embalm people,like they do now. . . | 20

21: We lived here when Charlie Hinkle, my brother-in-law got his call for the army.He went and took his physical.And he passed that ok. He came home ,waiting for his papers to let him know ,when he would be going in. Mom and Dad, had all the Church members to be praying, that he wouldn't have to go to the army. my sister Gertie had one or two children at the time.So the people kept praying all the time that he would not haft to go . | My Dad said he was out walking around the side of the hill,and started to step across a little ditch of water.And the Lord spoke to him,and told him Charlie won't have to go to the army. When he got back home, He told my Mom and the rest of the family that was there,that Charlie wouldn't have to go to the army. He said the Lord had spoke to him,and told him he won't have to go.So in a few days his papers came and they began to read them,and they said he passed for the army. And the next line would say Rejected.And the next line would say passed for army duty,the next line would say Rejected. And on the very bottom, it said Charlie Hinkle was Rejected for other he didn't have to go in the army. | My Uncle John and Julia lived across from us. Her oldest son Colonel was already in the Army, so the Church people was praying for him to get to come home. One day we heard Aunt Julia Shouting and Praising the Lord.cause Colonel had come home and had got discharged from the army. Don't tell me the Lord want move. | 21

22: 22 | Another one of my cousin's Jim Smith, got to come come too.The Church people was praying for him too,He told how him and two other boys was in a fox hole one night. There was one on both sides of him, and both of them boys got killed. He got to come home,I don't know if he got hurt or not.I can't remember. But as of now, he is still living .This is 2003 that I'm writing this. The house we lived in belonged to Woodrow and Sally Bright, We had to move cause she wanted to live there . . | Then we had to move again.We moved on up the holler,in a one room log house. It seemed like we never lived more that one year at a time at each house. sally Bright had some corn planted down in the bottom land, from the house. She let it go too long,before she had it worked. She hired Me and Pauline to hoe the corn. The weeds was bigger than the corn. And the corn would just fall over, when we cut the weeds down . . . . | Dad decided to build another room on the house. So we went and cut some logs, to build it with.We built the room.We didn't have any lumber,so he rived boards from oak logs,he used logs for the floors. He took a foot ax and flattened the tops of the logs.Then we used yellow clay mud, to dob the cracks with. Outside the old house was built on a rock pile the cracks in the floor was so big, you could see the chickens walking around under the house . | And the mice was so bad after the room was finished that was the kitchen. After Pauline would get the dishes washed,she would bring the oil lamp back in the other room.You could hear the mice running over the floor.

23: 23 | So one night we slipped back in there and as one ran by me, I caught it bare handed. And it bite me on the hand,and the Blood just poured. Mom put something on my hand,and in a few days it healed up. I didn't even go to a doctor. Me and Pauline went bare footed, some times we would stump our toes, on rocks or something our toes would bleed and we would put sand on them,and it would stop them from bleeding . . . | Sometimes we would get the toe itch. We would go hunt the cows.and wade through the morning dew,our toes would crack open between the toes. There was a weed that grow, we called it the toe itch weed. We would break it open and there was a white stuff like milk. We could put that on our toes,and it helped to heal them up. | I can remember while we lived at this place,we had a corn field way back on the Mountain where we raked and cleaned off the land. We worked so hard trying to grow . | some corn. We owned an old black and white dog, Now this dog like to suck eggs. The hens would lay eggs, but this old dog got to them before we did. Well one day my Dad put a rope around the dog's neck,And on the way up the hill, my dad stopped and pulled over a small tree, and tied the rope to the tree and let it go. He hung that old dog. In a few days you could see the buzzards flying around over head. I was scared to go pass that way .My Dad didn't like a egg sucking dog. . . . | We had an old blind mule. Dad always went Mud turtle hunting in the spring of the year,just as soon as the water got warm enough to wade in it. So one Saturday we put some bread, salt,skillet,and matches to build a fire with.We put them all in a sack. . . ..

24: John & Lucy on their 50th wedding day | Don't he looked natural up there | One of the houses , That John's family lived in | 24

25: John & Lucy the day after they got married | 25

26: 26 | Put it on that old blind mule, and rode it across a bjg mountain turtle Huntings. We hunted half a day and caught one little turtle. We was so hungry we set down on the creek bank. Dad put two rocks together and we built us a fire. We fried that little turtle up and ate it.Boy it sure did taste good. That was the only turtle we caught that whole day. I thank someone had already been there and got all of them. | There was other times,we went and caught a lot of turtles. We grow some cane that year. When it got ripe and ready to cut,and grind ,we pulled the blades off, and cut the tops off,cut the cane down in piles. And then we haul it in a corn sled where the mill was. My job was to feed the mill. They had this old horse walking round and round grinding the cane. . . . . | After we got so much juice, we had a big long metal pan. My Dad would dig out a trance in the ground, set the pan over that and build a fire under the pan. And boil that juice until it became molasses. We would walk to Church and Church would hold late some times. And the due would be on the ground before we got home. It was in the fall of the year, we had a turnip patch,some times on the way home from Church. We would pull up some turnips and eat them. They would be nice and cold.They tasted so good. . . | Well it's about time to move again,We hardly lived at one place more than one or two years,at a time. Dad went over on Middle Fork Richland and rented a big farm house,from old man Lige White.It had a big barn on the place,and plenty of land to grow a garden or crops.Good well on the back porch,with one of those long bucket's. We really thought that was something. . . | We was used to carrying water from the the spring, so we love it cause we had the water at the house, and not have to carry it.Dad couldn't stand for bushes high weeds to be around the house, or along the fence rows. . . .

27: 27 | Dad borrowed a horse and wagon,to move us over there. I remember the last load, was a wagon load of corn. It got dark on us before we got down to Boone high , where Gertie lived. We stopped there and rested for a while. We was all pretty tired,and we needed to rest. We drove on the main highway after it got dark. Cause we didn't have any lights on the wagon. I was riding on the main back end of the wagon.I was afraid some one would run into us. But we made it home all right | While we lived at the Mary Hammond's house,Lester Hammond lived just around the road. He had a little store. When we got five or ten cents we would go to his store and buy us some candy or chewing gum. Lester lived in a big house and it had a big barn up above the house,It was just a little ways from the and dad was working in the field one day. And we saw Dob Smith the one that lived with his grand Mother, Aunt Hilley Cairns.He went in Lester's barn and stole some eggs.He had his pockets filled with eggs.When he came out of the barn,my Dad hollered at him,and he started throwing eggs ever where. Me and him was all time fighting. . . . | Well Lester had an old ford truck.He hired my Dad to drive it, we would haul mining timbers up to the K.J.coal mines. We would drive up a crooked road to unload the timbers. There was one curve so crooked,that old truck wouldn't steer enough to make the curve.And the brakes on the truck wouldn't hold too good. So Dad would lay a timber on the side of the truck bed, and when we came to that curve I would get out and scotch the wheels, so it wouldn't go over the Mountain.I was so scared at times, that he was going to go right over that big Mountain, But it look like the Lord was always there with us. | So he would have me and bob to clean it all out,

28: 28 | After we got moved to Richland, which was in the fall of the year. We started working in the yard and fields,so that when spring came,we could get started planting our fields and garden stuff. We would go across the Mountain to Church,on Knox Fork. That's where we was going when Pauline got saved. Some times we would walk across the Mountain, and some times we would ride a horse or a mule across.Pauline prayed a long time to get saved. She like to read those love story magazines,and she said every time she got down to pray,those magazines would come up before her eyes.It went on like that for a while. One day she throw all of them away. And in a couple of weeks, The Lord saved her. She shouted all over that place . | While we still lived there, Dad had an old horse to die. And he hauled some wood out of the woods and piled it on top of the horse, and burned it.Then we had to haul the mess away.. We had a long ways to go to the store for grocery It was over by Grays. to Sam Parkers store. Maybe once every two or four weeks we would go..While we lived there Dad and George Stewart, bought a 1946 Chevrolet Truck,it was a flat bed one and a half ton. I thank George learned to drive on that truck. Something went wrong and George ended up with the truck. Later he started hauling coal, with it . | We grow a lot of stuff, we had a big garden. We canned a lot of beans, tomatoes,corns peas,and my mom put up a lot of greens,like turnip,mustard,boy did it taste good, when it got cold weather.We also grow a tobacco patch.Sure was hard and a lot of work growing tobacco.I hated having to go out and help get those big old tobacco worms off of the leaves..

29: Home is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us. | 29 | There was some big black walnut trees on the hill over from the house. And some behind the barn. Well Me and Pauline and Bob,gathered ten bushels of walnuts,We had five bushels hulled out, and dried, and five bushels still in the hull.We would eat some, and we took some and sold them...Gertie and Charlie lived up above us in the second house above us, and Code and Eulene lived in the forth house above us.We also grow some peanut and some popcorn.. . | Well it's fall of the year and time for us to move again. Dad went over on Knox Fork and rented a small house close to the Church house. We had so much stuff, we didn't hardly had room for all of it. Come spring and summer we had another garden and a big Strawberry patch.Bro. Paul Bingham was the Pastor at the Church. While he was preaching he would go skipping from one end of the pulpit, to the other. They sure had some good Services back then. The sisters would start shouting,The olds and young ones together. Their bobby pins and hair pins would come out and their hair would hang way down their backs . | Well it's time to move again, Dad went over at Girdler,and rented a house from Sister Bertha Shelton.Across the creek and railroad tracks, from the Hughes Hill Church. We didn't live there too long, Mrs Shelton wanted to move back into her house. While we lived there They had a baptizing in the creek. I remember sitting on the rail road trussel. C.G. Marion was in the group...Well it's time to move again. Dad rented a big house up the tracks called the Kail Mills, so we moved up there. .

30: Dad bought a Boundary of timber from some one, over at New Girdler for Forty Dollars.It was whole side of the Mountain. He borrowed the Forty Dollars from our neighbor Old man Coefield Chadwell. We cut mining timber and cross collars for the coal mines.Dad had another horse to die, so it was right out side of the barn. We dug a big hole right beside of the horse, and Dad chopped it's legs and head off with a chopping ax. Then rolled him over in the hole and we covered it up. Thats all we could do. We had no way to carry it any where else . | That was where we lived, when Pauline ran off and married Gilbert Reynolds | We had a hand pump on the back porch. The water had oil in it.We would tie a rag over the spout to strain the oil out of the water........ | Our water bucket looked like a slop bucket. | Dad bought an old 1937 ford truck from some black man named Wolford. . . | We Haul timbers up in Harlan some where. People up there would let their stock run loose out in the roads or any where.Me and Dad had a load of timbers on the old ford truck, and Bob and George Stewart had a load on the Chevrolet truck.We took the two loads up there. But it got dark before we got through. We got unloaded , started back home. The Brakes was no good and the lights wasn't too bright.Here comes this big hog,right out in front of us.Dad couldn't stop the truck ,and he ran over that thing . . | Well here we go again moving, we moved so much you had better know where your clothes was. Are you might not get in them fast enough.Dad went down to Flat lick and rented a two room house and we moved down there. It had real low ceilings, I was working on the farm for the mills brothers | 30

31: for four dollars a day. Almost from day light till dark.Dad and Gilbert was working in some little coal mines, But they wasn't making much money.While we lived there, All my sisters one at a time got sick or some thing got wrong with them, They came to our house and Mom had to wait on them . | I got sick, and wasn't able to work. We got to the place,where we didn't have any food or no way of getting any. So Mom and Dad started praying for the Lord to make a way. And he did,People started bringing boxes and bags of food of all different kind . The whole front porch was filled up with boxes on top of boxes. When Dad got home,He just broke down and started crying.and started thanking the Lord for making a way for us,to have food.We didn't know some of the people that brought food up there.It just goes to show you, What the Lord can do. .. | Well it came time to move again for us to move again. So dad rented a house up on Turkey Creek from old man John D. Cairnes. Dad borrowed an old truck from some one. I thank it was a T.Model Ford. We moved up there in early spring.Dad had Me and Bob to clean off some ground,to plant corn.But we didn't have no horse to plow with.Old man Cairnes had a nice horse,But he wouldn't let us use it . . | I thank we did grow a garden while we lived there.I remember we picked Poke Salad and ate it. And when Black Berries got riped, We would pick some, and Mom would make Berrie Cobbler. dad was working in another little coal mine.I remember he would come home with a real bad sick headache. I've seen him pull his hair out almost. Mom would make Hot Meal Potion and wrap and it around his head, to relieve some of the pain. | 31

32: 32 | Dad got an old truck, and it wouldn't hardly run . Dad would work on it. I thank it made it worst. I most have been about sixteen years old at the time. I got a job with John Renfro working in the timber woods. Down on poplar creek, so it come time to move again. So while I was at work one day, Dad loaded our stuff on that old truck,and headed out of the holler. As we were coming from work. We met Dad,Mom,and the other kids, they were sitting in the middle of the road. The truck had stopped and dad couldn't get it started. I got out of the other truck to help dad. We were moving to Gooden Branch, just a few miles up the road . | But that old truck,kept on stopping and it was almost midnight, when we got to the house. We opened up a little Blue gem coal mine, down the road, from the house. Dad taught Me and Bob how to shoot the coal from the solid walls.The coal was only 22--24 inches, we had to shoot the top off, so we could get in and out.We dug the coal, hauled it outside. We sold Block coal for $ 4.00 a ton, mine run for $ 3.00 a ton and Slack coal for $2.00 a ton. there was old man Airson Payne would buy coal and haul it in a wagon. He would always pay us. That sure was hard work . | Well it's that time again, Dad rented a house up on Rasnic Branch, about one mile away from where we lived. While we lived there, I worked for a man called Matthew, On the farm for two dollars a day. That was hard work too. Then I got a job on the Cumberland River,way down from Cumberland falls.Driving mules,hauling logs and brush piles up and burning them. This job paid, A dollar and twenty-five cents an hour. That was good money back then. By the time I was nineteen years old, I had saved enough money to buy me a ticket to Detroit Michigan. I was going to stay with my Aunt rose and Uncle Ed Jordan

33: 33 | They lived on Buffalo street in Detroit across the street from them lived a pretty girl named Lucille Young. My Aunt had told her I was coming up here, Cause my dad had already been up here.And he had told her all about me. And even told her, that he believe she would be his Daughter-in-Law someday.She ask him,why he though this. And he said I just have that feeling.Anyway she came over there,and I opened the door about the same time she did.and she came right into my arms . | She said "oh, you must be Johnny," So that's how we met,I was kind of shy in a way, back then. But she said I wasn't. But I was happy to get to meet her.She was fifteen years old.And would turn sixteen in September. One month away. Dad came up in a couple of weeks after I did. I bought Lucy her sixteenth Birthday Cake. We started going places to gather,we would go to the store, and once and a while we would go to the Movies. And when we did, we had to take her Baby brother Glenn with us. I got a job at Dodge main, I was only making Two dollars a hour . | I paid Aunt Rosie Twelve dollars a week for rent, this was 1950.Then when my Dad came back up the last of August of the same year,he stayed with Aunt Rosie for a few days,Then me and Dad rented a room on 3rd and temple street in Detroit. Dad got a job at Plymouth motors and worked for a while and got laid off.but then got called back. I would still go back over to Aunt Rosie to see Lucille. I bought a 1939 Ford car,so when I got laid off from my Job,I went back to Kentucky. Dad went back and stayed with Aunt Rosie,cause he was still working. He was on the afternoon shift, Lucille would stay up till he came home,and they would set on the porch and talk for a while .

34: 34 | I thank my dad told Lucille every thing about me, Cause when she would write me a letter,. She would mention a girl name. I told her I was never serious with any girl in Kentucky,My Dad really loved Lucille, and told me so. He said you should marry that girl,before she finds some one else.Then when my Dad lost his Job, he came back home, and later he be came real sick. Lucille and I would write to each other.I would have to read her letters to dad,cause he always liked her. I came back to Michigan,and got a Job at Chevrolet. Lucille and I started going out to gather again. Then in 1953 My Dad got really sick I went down to see him. and was on my way back,when he died.So I had to turn a round and go back to Kentucky. Lucille wanted to go, but I didn't have time to tell her.She was hurt so bad, Cause she wanted to be there for me . . | Then in 1954 on June 26th Lucille and I was married. The one Happy Day of my Life. And in 1955, we had our First son, he was born on August 09,1955, fourteen months. after we was married.We named him Jerry Wayne . | A little while after he was born, We started going to Church.I wanted to raise my family in Church. The first night we went to Church, I went to the altar. The Lord had been dealing with me for a long time. And that night I received Jesus in my Heart and Soul.I could take you back to the very spot, that he saved me if the place was still there. It was a store front Church, on Michigan Ave. In Detroit. Bro. Alex Warren was the pastor, and Bro, Daniel was one of the Preacher too.

35: 35 | Bro. warren went back to see if Lucy wanted to come to the altar.But she refused him at the time,and took Jerry our baby, and went outside,to the car. But she went back to Church the next week or two and excepted the Lord also. We were Baptized together. With about four or five more people, One was my Brother-in -Law,My sister's husband. And one was my Sister-in law,my brother's wife. Then in 1957 on August, 07, we had little girl. We named her Sandra Darlene. I always called her my little girl, and still do to this day.Then eighteen months later,In February 01. We had another son. his named was Ronnie Gary.He was such a sweet and beautiful baby.Seems like there were something special about him. He hardly ever cried,always had a smile,The winter of 1959 was cold ,and Little Ronnie got sick in January of 1960,and he had to spend a week in the Hospital.Lucy stayed with night and day . | He had Bronchial Pneumonia,he was in an oxygen tent ,the whole week he was in the Hospital.So after they took him out of the Oxygen tent .they just sent him home.Our Doctor had to go out of town that week and he put another Doctor over him, the nurses said he shouldn't be letting him go home so quick, Back then, you couldn't argure with them, But any way we took him home on a Sunday, and three days later, we had to rush him back to the Hospital . | I called a cab, cause Lucy had to stay with the other two children,till she got someone to watch them. That cab driver, when he saw how sick Ronnie was. He ran every red light from our house to the Hospital.hoping the police would stop him and take little Ronnie the rest of the way. When he got there the Nurses was at the door,to meet me,cause Lucy called them and told them I was on my way. The Nurse kept saying ,I knew he shouldn't have let this Baby go home.Lucy got there as soon as she could, and Little Ronnie died about an hour after she got there.He lived about two and half hour after we got him in the Hospital .

36: John holding jerry | John standing in the back yard | John and Lucy | 36 | John & Lucy when the kids was small

37: John with jerry,his first born | Pauline with gib,and her two sons that has passed away | John with his Brother and Sisters,except for Amanda & Eulene | 37

38: 38 | He died on the 22nd day of January. Nine days before he would have been one year old.I thank the Lord just wanted us to enjoy him for a while. In 1964 we had another Son, Born February 15th,He looked just like Ronnie. We named him, John Timothy. I was working Turnstead Div, of General Motors, and seems like I was getting laid off about every other month, So I got a Job at Standard Tube Company,in Redford Mich, I worked there for @7 and aHalf years,and then they folded. We bought our first home in 1958 for about 11,000 dollars. In 1972,we sold that house in Detroit and bought one in Taylor Mich, it was on almost two aches of land. But after we moved here in 1972. I was still working for the Standard Tube Co.I worked hard there,but they didn't pay much. . . | Lucy went and got a Job first at Hudson in Southland. She worked there until the Hospital opened up here in Taylor.She had saved enough money, That when our Daughter got married,She had almost enough money to pay for it.She quit Hudson in 1976 cause she had to have Surgery.Then our oldest Son Jerry went into the Army.After she got better. She went and applied for a Job at the Hospital. She got called to work, before the Hospital ever opened.Then Sandy applied for a Job also. The Hospital was called People community Hospital back then. Then Sandy got married,in 1977. She married a nice man ,His named is Richard Soblo.we all call him Rick. They have Three Beautiful Daughters. Sandy got called to work before she got back off of her Honeymoon . . | Our oldest son married Nancy in 1975, They had one son, and one daughter. Joshua and Nicole, They divorced, and he married another woman,Donna and they had one child Justin. then they were divorced. And in 1990 he was Burned to death in a house fire.That was the worst thing that ever happen to me. Joshua has a Son,Tyler, And Nicole has a daughter, .

39: 39 | But getting back to when I lost my Job at the tubing co. Lucille was still working at the Hospital, And she knew the Boss of the Maintenance Dept. and she told him what they did to me and about me losing my Job,and that I was a carpenter. He told her, to tell me to come in and talk with him.And so I went over the next day,and he hired me part-time. I worked almost full time all the time,He hired me as a carpenter, and I really loved that Job. I made five dollars more on the hour ,than I did at the tubing job.then they had to lay me off, for cut-backs. But one of the bosses had went over to Annapolis Hospital to work, And he call me up the next day and told me to come over there and work for him full-time. I worked there for about four and a half years, till I had to have Prostate Surgery in 1992, and after that,it was one thing after another going on,and in 1995, I had to have Open-heart Surgery,to replace a value,that I was losing blood from. . . | I never did get over it.My Daughter Sandy,Married a nice Man, Richard Soblo.They had Three beautiful girls,Jennifer,Stacey,& Emily,Two of Sandy's daughters are married. Jennifer has two little boys, And Stacey doesn't have any at this time,And Emily the youngest is still going to school to be a Nurse.John our youngest Son married a pretty girl, Tammy Lynn Kirk.They have three handsome Sons, Brandon, Spencer, & Johnathan.His oldest Son Brandon,is planning to get married in 2011 to his long-time girlfriend Elyse.But the other two are not making any plans yet. John's wife is going to school to be a Nurse too .. .

40: 40 | The Doctor that done my Surgery, told me that that value should last for two hundred years,. But it didn't. I wasn't able to go back to work after that,so they went back to 1992 and sign me out on a Medical Retirement.Seems like I never was strong after that,After I got over the Heart Surgery, just a couple of years later I had a stroke.I was back in the Hospital,they said I had a couple of mini-stroke, but they didn't affect me any.I don't like to be a patient in the hospital.I had to go back in and have my Gall Bladder out, And they gave me Morphine,I can't take that stuff,Cause it makes me hear things, and my mind just don't seem to work right,when they give that to me.I told Lucy some things that was happening, And she would tell me I was just imagining it.That was about 1998. Then Lucy's Mom got sick and she passed away in 1999. That hurt me so bad, I loved her,as if she was my mother.She was always so good to me. I had to Preach her Funeral, cause the minister, that was going to preach it got sick . | That was the hardest thing, to do, Cause I couldn't hardly keep from crying all the time I was standing there.I preached her Dad's funeral too. But that didn't bother me. I really loved that woman, and still miss her so bad. She always went with us on Vacations.She seem to like to go with us.Then in 2004,They had to put a Pace-Maker and connected it to my Heart, They said my heart was getting weaker all the time.While I was in the hospital getting that pace-maker they gave me Morphine again, and I started hearing things and seeing things,that wasn't there.I remember one day some people from the Church came to see me,When they came in the room. Lucy started to close the door,and I told her she was closing the door on someone.She said Honey ,they are all in the room.

41: 41 | One night I was laying in the bed,Lucy at come back home, And there was an old Man or Woman ,was yelling real long. And all of a sudden they stopped yelling, and there were two Nurses standing at the desk, Their nurse station was right across the hall from my room. well this male nurse walked up and said, well he's out for the night, and then said to the other nurse, "What about the one with the Pace-Maker,I thought they were going to kill me.I called Lucy at home it was about 1:30 in the morning,and told her what was going on, and to come and get me.She came over there and stayed the rest of the night with me.And in a couple of days I came home, But Lucy stayed with me all the time ,till they released me.She tried to convince me , nothing was going to happen.But I was sure they were going to kill me. | Then in 2007, I started losing Blood, Every time I went to the Doctor, My blood count was lower,they couldn't seem to find out where the blood was leaking from, They started running test after test on me,and they ran procedures on me,but couldn't find a thing.They started giving me blood.They sent me to a Blood Specialist to see if they could find anything, they gave me a spinal tap,thinking it might be Leukemia,but it prove out not to be that.They had to start giving me blood every three weeks, I was getting 2 units at a time,then it got to being 3 units. So Lucy said she was taking me back to see the Surgeon that had Operated on my Heart. So we went to see him, And he did a test and looked at the x-rays,and come back into the room where we was setting and said John J have found where you are losing the Blood from. It was coming from value that he put in ,back in 1995, He said two stitches had come loose,and he would have to replaced that.

42: 42 | I didn't want to have it done,But he told me ,If you don't get it done you will loose all your Blood, cause it wasn't coming out,and that is what they couldn't understand. So he set up a date to do the Surgery. January 23rd,2008, I went back under the knife. I came through the Surgery real good. But he told Lucy that the blood that was leaking out had been going into my Kidney's,and had done a lot of damage to them. I spent a week and a half in the Hospital, and then they sent me to a rehab center to have physical therapy. cause i couldn't walk or do any thing for myself, Lucy was right there with me,she even brought me a chair from home to set in. I had to go on Kidney Dialysis for my kidneys three times a week for three hours. Every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday. then they sent me to the Hospital cause they though I was having heart problems.. | I stayed in there one week, and I called Lucy after Midnight one night to come and get me,cause I was afraid they were going to kill me. My mind was playing games with me.She came and told them she was taking me home, They tried to talk her out of it.But she stood her ground. She was there every day with me, they would have to tell her she had to leave.She brought me home, and she waiting on me and worked with me, and learned me to walk again.Lucy wouldn't give up on me, she kept telling me I could do it,and would get me up and walk me around the room, and me with all my weight leaning on her. I got where I could walk on my own, and we went every third day to the clinic to have dialysis, I had to go back in the hospital for something and the same thing would happen. Lucy told them not to give me Morphine any more, for it was playing treats on my mind, so when I came home that time, I told Lucy,I'm not going back to the Hospital any more.

43: 43 | She said if you have to go back to the Hospital for any thing, that she would go and stay with me night and day, She kept her word too. I guess thats why I love her so much, She has always been good to me and stood by my side.I've have been on dialysis now, for almost three years,We though at first it would just be for a while and my Kidneys would start working on their own, But they never did.You know I told you about our oldest son getting burnt to death, I told Lucy if anyone ever ask me what the Best thing that happen to me, or the worst thing that happen to me, That I would have to say the worst thing was when our son died in the fire, And the Best thing was when God saved my soul.He gave me the Holy Ghost one night when I was praying for my brother Bob to get saved.He knock me back in the floor. I was called to Preach in 1962,and I have always preached the truth, I've been the Pastor at the FlatRock Holiness Church in FaltRock Mi, now for 31 years, And was Asst Pastor before that. Me and Lucy has always sang together,Lucy has always stood by me, and I Love her for that. We will be Married for 57 years this June 26th, 2011. I would always use us as a example to the couples,I was going to marry, and tell them about how happy we always was.We never had a fight or never left one another in all the years we was married . | That was the last of John's writing, I'm sad to say he passed away on March 11th, 2011. He was very sick from having to have Kidney Dialysis. He was getting weaker every time he took his treatments,He got so weak one night about five or six O'clock,He fell and I tried every way I could to get him up in a chair but he was too heavy for me, I called our Son John,and he rushed over here,And we was going to take him to the Hospital, But as we went out the door he passed out on us,

44: 44 | We was scared to death, But I called 911,and they came within five minutes, and they check him,at first they though he had died, But then they said no, he has a faintly pause. They got him in the Ambulance,and took him to Oakwood Hospital, They told us then that he was dying, but I banish it out of my mind, He stayed there for two weeks and come home and stayed nine days, we had a Hospital bed for him,and a home nurse,coming out to see him, But she came out on a Tuesday of March 2nd, there was a Revival that was suppose to start at the Church that night, He wanted to go so bad, But the Nurse told him he had to go back to the Hospital, He didn't want too But he didn't have much choice, cause she called 911 to come and take him. He had Pneumonia,But he told them over at the Hospital, that he wanted to get out as soon as he could, that he was going to Church. They told him no way, he was upset, Bro Jim Cottrell was there with him. | I stayed with him night and day ,over there.They got me a chair ,that made a bed to sleep on.I had promised him I would ,and I was going to keep my word to him At first they told me I couldn't stay, I said I'll set here in a chair right beside his bed, no matter what they would do,So that's when they got me a chair to make a bed with.He had more wrong with him, than he knew, They said his Lungs was eaten up by different things, They thought he had coal dust,cause he worked in the mines, Steel tubing dust, from the tubing company he worked at. they were all black,they showed us the x-rays, of his lungs, He got where he didn't want anything to eat or drink.He laid that way for a week,and on the eighth day he shut his eyes,They said he was going into a coma, the first two day, if you talked to him . He would nog his head for yes or no But on the 10th they told us, he was dying,

45: 45 | My world ended that day. Sandy stayed with me that night , and the next morning, I told Sandy if you want to say bye to your Daddy, you had better do it. I had already called our Son John to get over there, I thank he got there in about Five Minutes, Some of the Church people was there with us also.I was holding on to his hand when he took his last breath.He died so peaceful. The Lord didn't let him suffer at all.Not even the last week he lived . A lot of the Church people came over there on the night before he died,and we sung songs in his room, they told us it was find with them.And I believe he knew it too. Because sometimes he would smile . | That was the worst day of my lift,the day he passed away.He was every thing to me.I some times,can't get it through to my Heart, that he is gone. Cause I expect him to ask me to get him something to eat or drink.I know he is in a better place,with no pain. But that don't keep me from missing him. he was a wonderful father to our children,he served the Lord, with his Heart and Soul. He was a wonderful Husband, he was always good to me, I could have looked this world over, and would not have found anyone better.He would not say or do anything to make any one think otherwise. he believed you should live the way you preached it,or stay out of the Pulpit . | I've seen him stand and take words from other people, and never say a hard word back to them,He would just stand there with tears rolling down his cheeks,He was so Humble, I can remember the first Day I met him. Loved him from the start, He was shy in a way, I guess that's what I liked about him. We dated for a while, then he got laid off from his Job. He went back to Kentucky, but we kept it touch, by writing to each other. Then he got called back to work,and so he came back .

46: 46 | We started going out with each other again, Then one night we was out on a date.We was double dating with his brother Bob and a friend of his, and we was setting in the back sear of the car. he said Honey, we have been going out together for almost four years,why don't we just get Married and stop this.He said will you Marry Me, Well I'll tell you , I was the most happy girl in the world, I said Yes I will, I couldn't hardly wait to get home to tell my Mom we was getting married.My Mom always said she liked John, But she said to him that night you know you will be taking my cook, my baby setter, and house cleaner don't you, Cause she was working the night shift at a bakery, So I had to get my three brothers up for school and fix their breakfast for them ,and have dinner on the table,when my Dad came home from work.I did all the house work, But she said since it was Johnny, she would be happy for us . | We went to Angola,Ind and got married. we married on his Mother's 55th Birthday, He always said if he had it to do over, we would have gotten married a lot sooner.We had aHappy,wonderful marriage.We both got saved in 1956,so we had the Lord with us almost all of our marriage. My mother loved John, If they went any where together,she would Introduce him as her Son,my brothers and Sister said he was more like a Brother to them, than a Brother-in-law. Him and my Father could set and talk for hours sometimes . | He preached my Dad's funeral, my Sister's and my Mother's. He said the hardest thing he could do was to preach my Mother's funeral. He would get all choke up and have to stop,with tears rolling down his face.He loved my Mom, They got along so good, When we would go over to her house, whatever he wanted for dinner, my Mom would fix it. When my Mother got sick,Before she dies, She came and stayed with us .

47: 47 | She wanted John with her all the time. There will never be another Man to fill his shoes.I remember one night after my Mom started to get sick, she still lived by herself at the time, She called us one night, about 10:30 and said she wanted to talk with John. I gave him the phone,and all I heard was him saying ,"why yes Mom, you know I will." I said what was the matter,when he hung the phone up. he got his coat,and said I'll be back in a little while, Mom wants me to get her a Hamburger, and some Asparagus soup from Big Boy.He went and got it, took it over to her house, and set there and fed it to her. It was way after Midnight when he got back home, | But let me back up here and tell you more about John, there's so much to tell about him, but it's hard to write it.He never was a man to drink,anything that had alcohol in it.He never said a nasty word,he didn't gamble,play cards, He tried smoking when he was young, that made him sick so he never pick that up again. He was a good man He would not allow Beer or Alcohol in our house, and I was proud of that. I can remember one time, when our Son Jerry,before he got married,he had been out one night and the next morning, his car was in our side Driveway. John was out there working and saw some beer bottles in it. He came back in the house, went straight to jerry's room, woke him up and told him to get up and go move his car out of the driveway,with those bottles in it. Cause he didn't want it there . | He was a good father, My children would tell you that. But he stood for what he believed in. And I backed him up. I couldn't have married a better Man, No one could take his place. He loved his family, and his Church. His Church family would tell he lived and preached the word of God.

48: 48 | When he passed away,He was missed by a lot of people, Not only Me, But his Son, Daughter, Son-in-law, Daughter-in-law, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, and his Sisters and Brothers ,My Brothers Friends , Neighbors, and all of his Church family, Even His Sisters-in laws and Brother-in -laws on both sides.Nieces,and Nephews. I could go on and on,but he will be missed by every one who known him. I miss him so much,at times, I can't hardly stand it, But I'm beginning to realize he is in a better place. He won't have to suffer any pain or nothing will hurt him anymore.I know he's with the Lord.But he will always be sadly missed by me,and my children.I say my prayers at night with his Picture next to my Heart, Then I give him a big kiss and say Good night to him. . | I loved that Man, and always will Love him. I know I keep going back ,but if you Love some one ,you want people to know about them.When he had his first Open-Heart Surgery, I took three months off from work to take care of him.And when I went back to work, I worked a couple of more year and then I retired,in December of 1996, He had a small stroke, and I was afraid to leave him by himself,too long at time, and I was having to take care of my Mother too. Cause I would work eight hours at work,and leave there, and go over to my Mom's house do he grocery shopping and clean her house. It was getting to be to much on me. So I did what was best and retired. I have never regretting minute that I had to spend with my Mom. or nothing I had to do for her.And I sure don't regret having to take care of John. I did it with Love,and if I had it to do again. I would feel honored too.Cause I know if the tables was turned, He would have done the same thing, for me . .

49: 49 | Before I retired John and I put new Kitchen Cabinets in our Kitchen,He made them his self,and I designed them and they are beautiful,If we had to go buy some like he made,They would have cost us thousands of Dollars.He made me a WaterBed for My 50th Birthday,in 1984, He would work on it at night, after he got home from work, It was a surprise for me, So I wasn't allowed in his workshop then. So in August My Mom and I went to see my aunt out in California, And while we was out there,he put the Bed to gather in the up stairs bedroom . He carried piece by piece. It's a big King size bed, with side Book cases and drawers under neath the bed.And a canopy over the top,It's Beautiful, I wouldn't take $10,000.for it.He made so many things,I couldn't name all of them . | There's not a room that you can go into, that he hasn't made something for it. and this is a big house too. three Bedrooms,Living room, Family room, Kitchen,Bathroom, wash room, and he even built me a pantry. Built a big front porch and built a porch swing to go on it.A Deck on the back. He loved working with wood. He took that after his father. and his Son is following in his foot steps. Another thing he loved was his dogs. he always had him a dog. I remember one day,when I was working at the Hospital,One of the girl that used to work with me, she went on the afternoon shift, so she called me before I left work one day, and told me she had something for me. so I waited on her. She come in with this box, and in it was the smallest little Black French poodle. It was as cute as could be. She said Lucy, Please take it ,cause it's mama wouldn't feed it. I took it home, It was small enough to fit into my pocket.When I got home John and my son was already at home.So I put the puppy in my pocket,and went into the house. I told John to close his eyes,and hold out his hands, and I would give something .

50: 50 | Well he did, and I laid the puppy in his hands,he opened his eyes,and he looked like he was going to cry.The first thing he said was " OH, Sugar" so thats what we named her was sugar. She was so sweet,He babied her just like she was his little baby. and so did our Son.We had her for quite a while she had a litter of pups (three) and then about two years later she died from a hemorrhage. Then I got him a mini-Dachshund he was just a little thing too. but he followed John every where he went. I don't care if it was raining or snowing, that little dog followed him. | John loved him so much, he went every where with John, He went on vacation with us, and you didn't know he was with you,if you didn't know you took him, Cause he would get up in his seat,and that's where he stayed.Everyone wanted to pet him ,when we stop some where. When he was about Seven years old. John took him for his Check-up at the vet's He had to have his yearly shot too. So the Nurse that helped the Doctor got him around the neck,and was holding him pretty tight,and John told her she was hurting him. She said I know what I'm doing ,I want let him bite me this way. John told her he would not bite anyone. All at once he yelp out real loud.and she let go, saying I didn't do any thing . | John came back home with him,and we could tell,there was something wrong with him. Cause he didn't want to eat or he didn't want anyone to pick him up.So the next day we was setting on the front porch and he was laying out there.and someone walked across the porch. and he started crying so bad. the vibration from walking was hurting him.John took him back to the vet. And told him that his nurse had hurt him someway. He kept saying no,no,but offer to take care of him for no cost.John knew then that they was some thing wrong,so he took him to another vet to have him check out. And that vet told him that his neck was almost broke,.

51: 51 | So John went back to the first vet, and told him. and they said we want charge you nothing for taking care of him,he was afraid we was going to sue him. Which we should have, but didn't.But he got so bad,he wouldn't eat, or couldn't stand for anyone to walk closed to him. So we had to have him Put to sleep,they didn't even charge for that. When John took him up there, A friend of his went with him, Mr. Kirk, They were both crying when they came back home . Mr.Kirk was driving and John had Peanut wrap up in his Blanket, He had made a Casket for him and lined it,just like a little casket,He laid him in it and placed his favorite toy with him and buried him out in our back yard.They had a little service for him.He died the summer before John had his first Heart Surgery . | I didn't want to get him any more little dogs,cause seem like every time ,he got so attached to them something would happen to them.Then he had his first surgery,and I took time off, from work for three months to be with him. When I had to go back to work, I met his Doctor in the hall-way one day, and he ask me how John.I told him he wasn't doing too good,that he was lonesome,having to stay by himself all day.He said get him a small dog to have with him of the day.I told him I hadn't planned on getting another dog, cause I was afraid something might happen to it.He said Lucy get him a dog,So when I got home I ask John,If he would like to have a dog to keep him company . | At first he said No, then a couple of days later he was looking through the paper.and saw where someone wanted to give a small Mini Pincher away.So we went to look at it, She was real cute,she was seventeen months old. The lady was so glad that we was going to take her,She said her husband was mean to the dog. He would kick her,and that the dog would probably be afraid of men .

52: John was driving, so the dog sat in my lap all the way home,she didn't weight much, she looked just like a big Doberman Pincher.but a lot smaller.When we got home,I carried her in the house.And just as soon as I set her down,she went right over to if she always knew him. I thank she knew he was a good man,and wouldn't hurt her.He loved her, and she loved him.We called her Meka. We had her till they had that problem with the dog food. She got real sick one day, couldn't walk or even stand up. The vet said she must have gotten some of that dog food.She lived about two or three weeks after that and die.That hurt John so bad. He said I don't want another dog.Our Daughter-in-Law got him a dog a few months,before he passed away, But he was so playful and he would run and jump in John's lap, and when John would be walking through the house.the dog wanted to play and he would run and jump at John and almost knock him down. So I had to give him back to them, cause I was afraid he would hurt John.They still have him . | I could go on and on writing about him. But it hurts to write or talk about him, cause he is missed so bad.There a lot of things that happen,where he got so hurt,that he would come home and just set and cry. People would say or do some thing.and he wouldn't do nothing back to them. He always said the Lord will take care of it . | Every time I look at his Picture,I can't do nothing but cry. But I know if I live good,and stay in the Lord's will, I will get to see him again some day.The Lord has been right by my side.He helps me to get through it . | 52

53: His sister Pauline was so sick for almost two years. And we was expecting her to die,and John would always tell me,.He wanted to go down there if any thing happen to his sister. I don't know how he would have made the trip, but I would have gotten him there someway. John would call her every Saturday around (9) nine O'clock on Saturday morning, Pauline told all her family not to call at that time,cause that was when John called her. They would talk a while and sing a while.They would start singing and the next thing you heard was them crying and John would start preaching and Pauline said she would get so happy, that she couldn't hardly set still.When we went down south, we always went and stayed with her.She had Cancer,but she was a fighter,But when John died,I thank she knew it. She would ask her Daughters if they had heard from John,and they would tell her No.Then when he passed away,they had to tell her. When they told her. She said I felt it already. Then two months later she passed away.They always said which ever one passed first, the other one would wait for them at the gate . | Then seven months after he passed away, My sister-in -law Phyllis died,she was my Brother's wife. Everyone always said they come in three's.There might be something to that,cause My father died in May of 1990 .seven months later our son Jerry died and three months later my sister Dorothy died.That was within nine months I lost three out of my family. | 53

54: 54 | You know I can remember, a funny thing that happen to John once, He was on his Riding Lawn mower. and he was out in the back behind the garage,in the wooded place,trying to get some of it clean up. and it was an older lawn mower. and he was having trouble getting it in gear. He kept messing with it and pushed down on the gas pedal, thinking it was the brake. That thing took off and he hit a tree, and he almost climb that tree ,with that mower. He had a time getting off of it too. I couldn't help it,But I laughed so hard, my sides hurt . . | Another time was when Him, and Larry Asher was helping him, they were building the room upstairs. I was at work. It started off a beautiful sunny day, But after they took the roof off the house, it started raining, They tried their best to get the tarps over the house in time.But the rain was the winner, My son John T, met me at the end of the street and said Mom If I was you I wouldn't go home, well I came home. And my Kitchen was flooded and the rain water was coming down the steps, like a water fall. It was a mess. But we got it cleaned up and the room turned out Beautiful.... . . | I called one of his Sister's today,and she was telling about a time when they were small. She was about three years old, and John was about Seven, and they had a dog,that got bite up by some more dogs.and she was afraid of it ,cause he look so bad with bite places all over him, She said that John got that dog to start chasing her around the house.cause he knew she was afraid of it. . | He told me one time that he went to Church with his Mom and Dad, and that Church lasted so long. That he laid down on one of those rough benches, and fell asleep. and roll off in the floor.

55: 55 | He told me, that before he met me, That he went out with a girl one night,and the car wouldn't start,when they started home. And they had to stay in it all night. He said.He said "Honey I'm telling you the truth, nothing happen," His Dad was about to get him too. and the girl's father even come and talk with him. He said I never when out with her again . . | I said to him,But you only went out with her once, But I got you for a lifetime. he just smile and said, that right.We had a good Marriage,I could have looked the world over, a dozen times,and never found another Man I could Love more than I loved John. He was kind, If I saw something I wanted, like shoes, skirts, Dresses,or any thing for the house, He would say, Go ahead and get it if you want it. | John like to go camping, we used to take the kids when they were small. They enjoyed it so much, Then after they grow up we went a few times by our selves, Then we went with Liz and Richard three or four times and then Don and Ann went with us a few times.We always had a good time when we would set around the fire at night and sing,John took his Guitar and so did Richard and Don.When we started singing , in a little while they would be a crowd of people gathered around.We always sung hymns, and seem like they like that. | I remember one time John and myself ,we went camping down in Spencer Tennessee, at the Fall Creek State Park, The road was so crooked and going up a hill,we almost didn't make one of the curve, but we got there.And one time we went down and only took our van ,and we spent a week there camping out of our van, and one afternoon after we had eaten. we got the Guitar out and started singing,in a few minutes two men came up with their wives and wanted to know if they could join us,

56: 56 | John said, you can,but only if you play Christian Music. They said that what we play. it started getting dark.and they were a big crown there.And John started preaching to them,and the Park Rangers drove up and got out, we thought we was in trouble. John ask them,if we should stop, and they said No, We came to enjoy the Music. And there was a woman came up to me,and said my Sister goes to a Holiness Church in FlatRock Mich.we ask what was her name, and she said Janice Johnson.We said ,yes we knew her, it our Church she comes too.Loretta was the sister that was there . . | We have been to a lot of places,We have camped up in the upper part of Mich across the bridge, in East.Tawas, South Higgins,BayCity ,BayView,Irish hills,Gaylord.Even went down in Chattanooga, We enjoyed getting out, John like to camp close to the water,and we would look for pretty rocks.I thank it was about 1997 or 98, that we stop going camping,it got too much for John.He said he missed it too . | I could go on and on,telling you about John, The things he done,the things he said, and how wonderful he was,But I guess I will leave some space for my two Children to write about their Dad, They loved him too. So now I'll let them do what they want to do,I'll just say John I love you Honey and miss you more as the days goes by.But one day I will meet you over there in that beautiful Land.Bye, Bye .All my Love.xoxox.

57: 57 | Honey, I look at these pictures,and I can't keep from crying, I can remember how you would stop and rest in this swing,and we would have coffee.And that cute smile when you got your Ice cream,And you loved your recliner. But I can also remember how you like to set in the swing and read your Bible,If I got dinner ready, you would say just a minute.I'm reading something right now.

58: 58 | There's one thing, I want to do, before I finish , John Loved this song, And seems like where ever he went the people wanted him to sing it. He said it always reminded him of his self,when he was growing up, And when he lost loved ones, I love the song my self, But every time I try to sing it, I get all chocked up. I guess it's because I sung it with him. I even tried to help them sing it at his Funeral, But I didn't make it though it. I hope people won't think I'm crazy for doing this, But my Daughter Sandy is the one who said, " Mom, You should write that song that Dad like to sing all the time.".So I said , Yes I will because I know he would have like that, I could write a lot of songs, he liked, But I don't think there would be any of them, That he would like better then this unless it was "Amazing Grace" He always like that song too. But for some reason, I believe this was one of his favorite one. .

59: " Time Has Made A Change In Me " Time has made a change, since my childhood days, Many of my friends have gone away, Some I'll nevermore, in this life shall see, For,Time has made a change in me. Chorus Time has made a change, in the old home place, Time has made a change, in each smiling face. And I know my friends, can plainly see, That, Time has made a change in me. Chorus In my childhood days, I was young and strong , I could climb the hill sides, all the day long. But, I'm not today what I used to be, For, Time has made a change in me. Chorus When I reach my home,on the other shore, Meet the many friends ,that have gone before, Free from pain and care,I shall ever be, For, Time has made a change in me. Chorus Oh, Time has made a change, in the old home place, Time has made a change, in each smiling face. A I know my friends, can plainly see, That, Time has made a change in me. | 59 | " It sure has made a change, This home will never be the same,Since you have went to Live with the Lord.I can hear every little noise it makes, I Love you baby ".

60: " PEACE WONDERFUL PEACE " | Far away in the depth of my Spirit tonight, Rolls a melody sweeter than psalm. In celestial like strains it unceasingly falls, Over my soul like an infinite calm. CHORUS Peace! Peace! wonderful peace, Coming down from the Father above. Sweep over my Spirit forever I pray, In fathomless billows of love. What a treasure I have in this wonderful peace, Buried deep on the heart of my soul. So secure that no power can mine it away, While the years of eternity roll. I am resting tonight in this wonderful peace, Resting sweetly in Jesus' control. For I'm kept from all danger by night and by day. And His glory is flooding my soul. Ah! Souls are you here without comfort and rest, Marching down the rough pathway of time. Make Jesus your friend before the shadows grow dark. Oh, accept this sweet peace so sublime. James 3:18--And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace. | 60

61: In Loving Memory of my Father | My fondest memories of my Dad was that he was always there for us kids. I can remember as far back when we went to church on Michigan Ave., and my older brother Jerry and I would be in church "cutting up" and all Daddy would have to do was 'snap' his fingers and give us the "look" and we knew he meant business. If we kept on, well...we were in for a switching when we got home from church. I can remember coming home one Sunday evening from church and heading right to my bedroom and getting under the covers thinking I was safe from the switching, but Daddy kept his word and I got it anyways. You may say this was a cruel thing to do, but that's how it was in those days. Today, kids will turn their parents in to the police. But let me tell you, I am a better Woman, Mother, Wife and now a Grandmother for the way I was raised. I had the utmost respect for my Dad and Mom. I have been blessed to have been raised in a Christian Home. Not many can say that. Dad was a caring, gentle man who not only cared about his family and church and friends, but cared about the "four-legged" creatures as well. Dad always had a pet, dogs mostly. One day when I was at my home, I happened to look out the kitchen window and saw this stray dog in the backyard. The dog was in trouble. He apparently got his whole nose caught in a plastic container and wasn't able to breathe. I panicked and called Dad and he dropped everything he was doing to drive over to my house and help get this off this dog's nose. The dog was so happy to be set free. I was relieved also. Dad was our lifeline person to call when any of us needed a prayer request. He would immediately go to the Lord in prayer and petition our needs. If anyone could reach Heaven, it was Dad. I could go on and on telling you all the things Dad was, but everyone reading this book or knew Daddy personally will know that he was well loved, well liked and a man of his word. Some recipients of God's Grace; Noah "found grace in the eyes of the Lord" (Gen. 6:8). Jesus and Paul are expressly said to have experienced God's grace (Lk. 2: 40, I Cor. 15:10). Also, all who love the Lord have God's grace bestowed upon them (Eph. 6:24). My Dad, the Rev. John A. Smith was one of these recipient's of God's Grace being bestowed upon him. I want to be like my Dad, humble and full of God's Grace. Daddy, I Love You So Very Much. I miss you every day and think of you often. I know you're looking down on us all and someday I will see you again. Love always, Your Baby Girl ~ Sandra

62: To my Daughter Sandra, Honey I read what you wrote to your Daddy, I am so proud of you, I know how hard it was for you to write what you did,But you know your Dad was right there with you while you was writing it. I know he always loved you kids, he might have gave you a little whipping now and then, but I believe,it made you love him more . | If he had not corrected you then, it is no telling how you would have turned out,But just look at you today, you are the best, with a fine up standing Husband, and Children to be proud of..Dad love everyone of you kids, When he knew you are John was coming over, He would set in his Recliner,and watch for you,Seems like he couldn't wait for you or John to get there . | If anyone ever ask him about his Kids, Oh, He would start telling them what good children we had,and what you all done, where you worked, and how many children you both had.. He loved his Grand Children,also I know we didn't show it with Money are presents, But we Love them,just as much,as we could, I hope that each one of them knows that. We didn't have a lot of money, like some people did, But believe me, They couldn't of love you or John any more than we did. | If Daddy, could talk to you right, I believe he would say, "Three's my little girl I Love you Honey " He's watching down upon you right now,and one day you will get to see him again. Just keep on serving the Lord,and you will get to walk along beside him once again. I Love you Baby, Remember that as long as you live, I'll be here for you. Love you baby...and Thank you .

63: Dad to me was everything from the time I was a little boy, until today and as long as I live. He taught me so much about many different things that I will never forget. I can remember when he would work in his garage on a project and I wanted to help but was too little to run a saw or any other tool so he would give me a broom and say sweep the floor boy so I did and felt good that I was helping. As I got a little older he would show me how to use different tools and such, and I still would sweep the floor. I was with him one night working on something and he thought it would be funny to have me set a trap and not be able to let go of it without it snapping my fingers, he eventually helped me but he laughed so hard his stomach ached. There's so much more I could tell about him I probably would fill this book, but the most I remember is how great a Dad he was, and if I lived my life over I'd want him again and again to raise me. His strong faith and walk with God made him the man he was and will continue to be in my life, and the many, many others he touched, I love you Dad and will always treasure the memories you gave me. | That's My Dad, I Love You

64: JOHN, honey I know how hard it was for you to write to your Dad, But I'm so glad you did, Cause I know he learned you how to be a Man, Not just ant kind of a Man, But an Honest one, and one to respect your Wife and family, He was always so proud of you, You remind me so much of him,the way you act,and the way you do things.He always talked about you,to his friends, How you like to work with tools and things , Like he did.I'm so glad you took the time to put down in words,how you felt about him, I have a feeling,He was watching you write what you did, and said, "That's my Son."If you could see him now, He would have a big smile on his face. | Charlie

67: Here's John standing by his car, & one on the Belle Isle Bridge,and one of me and him. | 66 | 67

68: This is john in 1951 | 68

69: These two pictures of John are when we first met in 1950,Handsome man,This is our baby Ronnie,One was made Christmas,and the other one, the first of January.before he died.A little Angel. | 73 | 69

70: 70 | This is Five Generations of the Smith Men,From left to right,Robert Smith, Davis Smith, John A. Smith, John T. Smith, Brandon Smith. John's Grandfather,His Dad, John, His Son & Grandson

71: 71 | This is a picture of John's Grandpa Smith,His Dad's father, and he standing with one of his Sister's Debbie. And the one with the bonnet on is his sister also born back about 1874

72: 72 | This is me and John with our first child,And down below,He was setting on his new car in front of where we lived. On the other page is a picture of John & Bob, And in the far corner, is Charlie & John. And down below is a picture of John & George, And One of John, His Mom,brothers,Bob & Clandus, & sister Jean, this was right after his Father died.

73: 73

74: 74 | With tears of sorrow,we cry each day, In angel's arms you were carried away. Our memories of love and laughter shall not fade, for inside our hearts you will always stay

75: 75

76: This is John,We was on Vacation, we was walking through the flower garden, He sat down to rest,A Little Squirrel came out, and John started feeding it. | 76

77: 74 | 77 | I Just want to say Beside my Children,and Grand Children,and the friends at the Meeting I attend once a week. these three couples have been a life line for me, They made not know it.But if it wasn't for them sometimes, I thank I would have went completed out of my mind. I love you all May God Bless each and everyone one of you,You were there when I needed you the most.Peggy would call me sometimes,when I was having a bad time,She didn't know it, But she would say things, that help me, Bonnie called me just about every day and talk to me and some of the things,she would say,would lift me up. and Jim ,Dear old Jim,you have been a life line to me, In so many ways,I couldn't name them.and dear Jonas. You are a knew just what to say all the time. Love you all,I loved to tall with you on the phone,And Bro & Sis Long, you are really and truly a friend.All I can say to you all is ,I Love you all of you, and may God shower each of you with his Blessing......Lucy

78: 78

79: 79

80: John T with Dad & Mom | John in 1961 | John in 1980 | John in 2003 | John, lucy & David | 80

81: This is Lucy holding Peanut | This is Sugar | This is when we first met in 1950 ,about two weeks,after he came up here.... | This is John, With Uncle Ed, and / Charlie,his Brother-in-law | 81

82: Princess | Sugar, Dressed for dinner | Pretty Boy | John with Meka | Meka | Tiger | 82

83: 83 | At the top,you see how they took their nap... | John got a plaque from the Church

84: John & Lucy 2003 | John in 1953 | John in 2005 | John & Lucy in 1954 | 84

85: 85 | This is us with his mother before she passed away | This is John with his real sponge cake, his grandson is waiting for him to cut it | John & Pauline with their Uncle before he died | John and his great- grandson S.T | John's Mom & two sisters.

86: John in 1969 | John in 1955 | John & Lucy in 1956 | John | John & Lucy 1954 | 86

87: Mom Young & Mom Smith 1959 | At the top is a picture of John, and the other one is His Mom,Lucy, bettie, and his sister Jean | This is a picture of John,with his Mom,Brother and sister, after their Dad had passed away,and they came up here | 87

88: Lucy, John & Mom in Mexico | 88

89: John & Lucy Baptizing in 1956 | John in 1971 | 89

90: This a picture of John,with his Mother, his two Brothers Bob and Clandus,,Jean standing by her Mom and gertie standing on the side,the one on the bottom,Is his mom standing by the casket. | 90

91: 91

92: 92

93: I Do Not Go Alone | If Death should beckon me, with outstretched hand. And whisper softly of " An unknown Land" I shall not be afraid to go, For though the path I do not know...... | I take Death's Hand without a fear, For He who safely brought me here, Will also take me safely back, And though in many things I lack . . . . | He will not let me go alone, Into the " Valley That's Unknown", So I reach out and take Death's hand And journey to the " Promised Land ", | 93

94: 94 | I Love That Smile, and I sure do miss It.

95: 95 | Darling I miss you so much, All I can do is set and cry,It's been nine months,But it seems like it was yesterday,that I looked at you for the last time.I keep your picture in every Room of the house,except the restroom.and the pantry or the wash room. If they didn't look out of place I would put them in there. I might just do that too.I love you baby.with all my heart,,there will never be another to take your were the best,No one could ever replace you.

96: 96

97: 97 | John always loved this verse

98: Rev,John A.Smith | 04-01-31 04-11-2011

99: Pauline Reynolds | 04-03-27 | 04-03-28 05-01-11

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