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Contemporary Seasons

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Contemporary Seasons - Page Text Content

S: Seasons of Change

BC: Mommy & Me

FC: When I was 6 2011-2012

1: Papa and Eno came to have lunch with me at school for my birthday.

3: The more you laugh the longer you live | A beautiful fall day!

4: My 6th Birthday Dinner @ Mexican Village

7: My new kitty Squirt from Papa & Eno.

8: Pumpkin Carving at School.

10: Thanksgiving 2011 @ the Friesz's

12: ~~At church one Sunday morning they were having a baptism. Leilah was watching intently. After the Priest poured the water over the baby's head Leilah asked if the baby was sanitized now. 10/2/2011 -- Leilah and her mom were attending a Bison football play off game against James Madison University at the FargoDome. At the end of the first quarter Leilah was "REALLY REALLY" mad because there wasn't a score. She called it a fake game. 12/3/2011 Leilah and her mom on their way to get Bison playoff tickets: Mom: We are going to go get our Bison playoff tickets. Leilah: How many do we need? Mom: 3 adults and 1 child. Leilah: Why do you say it like that? Mom: Because kids are cheaper than adults. Leilah: I'm NOT cheap!! 12/4/11 Leilah: My New Year's Resolution is to stop growing up. 12/29/2011 Leilah: Mom. you should go on the show the Bachelorette since you don't have a boyfriend. Or maybe you're too old. 1/2/2012 Mom was reading Charolette's Web to you. After two days of reading and getting half way through the book, you say, "They go to the county fair, the spider dies, and the pig lives. The end. I've seen the movie." You really took the wind out of your mom's sails. 1/4/2012 Leilah: My nose itches. Mommy: Somebody must be thinking of you. Leilah: I bet it's Papa. He thinks about me all the time. I hope my nose doesn't itch forever. 1/5/2012

13: Leilah and Grandma were riding together to Jamestown: Leilah: Grandma? Do you know what I want? Grandma: No, what would you like? Leilah: I would like to stop at Applebee's for some French onion soup. Grandma: I think that we could stop and have some soup. Leilah: you have enough money? Grandma: I think so. Leilah: Well you have to pay then. Whenever I ask my mom she always says she doesn't have any money and I believe her. 1/8/2012 A phone call Grandma had with Leilah: Leilah: Can you take me shopping to get my mom a birthday present? Grandma: Sure, do you know what you want to get her? Leilah: Well, I was thinking a blankey, a stuffed animal or a doll house. What do you think Grandma? Grandma: Would the blankey be for her bed? Leilah: yeah. Grandma: I think the blanket would be the best choice. Leilah: That's what I was thinking. Goodbye, I love you. 1/17/2012 Leilah: "I got into an argument with two of my friends today. They told me sumo wrestlers are from China. I told them they were from Japan. They kept saying China. But they aren't from another country like I am so they don't know." 1/17/2012 Leilah: When I turn 17 I'm moving to Paris. Grandma: What are you going to do in Paris? Leilah: I,m going to buy some fabric. Grandma: Maybe I'll go with you. Leilah: No, I want to go by myself. You'll have to plan your own trip. Mom: Can I go with you? Leilah: No, you have to plan your own trip too. I just want to go with my cat. You were obsessed about the end of the world. You kept asking what would happen. You said that grandma said that there will be 3000s after the 2000s, what about the kids. Mom explained about the Mayans and their calendar. You looked at mom and said, "Well, they aren't alive anymore , so what do they know?" 2/3/2012

14: A trip to the Mall of America November 2011

16: Dear Santa I am at Mia's House. Bring my presents Monday night. Love, Leilah

18: These Are The Moments I Live For


20: Happy NewYear 2012

21: Jackson Ray Price March 20, 2012 9lbs 2 oz. | Drew Bradley Sjolander May 5, 2012 6 lbs. 12 oz. | Collin David McCabe August 4, 2012 6 lbs. 14 oz.

22: Warm & Cozy

23: wonderland

24: for a day

25: Girls are made of angel's wings and giggles and a firefly's glow.

26: Kindergarten Graduation 2011-2012

27: School is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us.

29: Kansas City..What FUN! July 4th

31: In the recovery room you sat up and said, "It isn't even winter yet!" Mom asked what you meant by that. You said you had a dream that they did your surgery outside in the snow. As the nurse was leaving your room after checking on you, you asked her to pulled the curtain shut and close the door because you like your privacy. Mom going over your discharge instructions: Mom: You can't drink alcohol for 24 hours. Leilah: "confused look" Mom: That means you can't have any vodka or rum. Leilah: Mom, why are you saying that to me? I'm only 6 years old. Mom: You can't drive or use heavy machinery for 24 hours either. Leilah: MOOOOOM! | Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery July 11, 2012 Sanford Hospital, Fargo,ND

32: The Great Outdoors | What a beautiful view! | Our Trip to Medora

33: Medora, ND \ August 11, 2012 | Pitchfork Fondue | The Buffalo

34: Casey Johnson | Start of 1st Grade @ Westside Elementary August 23, 2012

35: "We learned about the president today. I already knew our president is Barack Obama but I call him Rocco so I can say his first and last name together." 2/23/2012 Mom: I got a text from Jerra. We are meeting @ Mexican Village @ 6:30 for DJ's birtday. Leilah: Is Rockstar (the name Leilah gave Brad & Laura's unborn baby) going to be there? Mom: No, He's still in Laura's tummy. Leilah: Is Laura going to bring her tummy? 3/12/2012 Leilah: Mom, why does Adele write songs about breaking up? Mom: She's been through a lot of them. Leilah: Oh, kind of like you? 3/15/2012 Grandma came in to give me a kiss the night before Easter... Grandma: You need to go to sleep so the Easter Bunny can come. Leilah: Why does the Easter Bunny come at night? Grandma: Because he has so many houses to go to that he needs to do it all the kids are sleeping. Leilah: All the kids would want to play with him if they saw him, right? Grandma: Yep, he wouldn't get any work done. He's like Santa Claus, he has to do all his work at night. Leilah: (thinking and tapping her chin) Soooo... that must mean they are nocturnal. 4/7/2012 Leilah: Grandma, I have to tell you something. Grandma: Oh, what do you have to tell me? Leilah: We are going to delete some of your songs on the iPod you gave me. Will that be okay? I just don't like some of those songs. Grandma: That's fine. If you don't like them you don't have to listen to them. Leilah: Yeah, just because they are special to you doesn't mean they are special to me, right? 4/25/2012 You had a bad day in school today. Spent most of the afternoon crying and in Mrs. Herman's room. You wouldn't do any of your work. Mrs. Fulsbakke asked you what was wrong. You said you were ired. You told her your bedtime was 7:40 and you didn't get to bed until 7:41. 5/4/2012

36: It's the little things that make life beautiful. | Grandma: Are you excited for golf lessons? Leilah: Well yeah! I hope I hit a home run. Grandma: Oh Leilah...wrong sport!!! 6/5/2012 | Lost your first tooth April 18, 2012

39: Leilah's Family Portrait

40: A few More Laughs Grandma was taking Leilah to a Dr.'s appointment Grandma: Leilah, do you know your Dr.'s name? Leilah: Umm, no, I don't remember. Grandma: I swear you have Alzheimer's. Leilah: Grandma why do you say that? Grandma: Every time someone asks you a question you always say, "I don't remember." Leilah: Well, I remember my boyfriend's name. Grandma: Well, that's important. (sarcastically) Leilah: Well, I do remember one Dr.'s name Grandma: Who is that? Leilah: MY MOM!!!! 4/27/2012 Leilah: I know i am going to marry GAbriel. He's the perfect boy for me. Mom: What makes him perfect? Leilah: He's a superhero and he told me he's my superhero. 5/18/2012 Leilah: Grandma, If I dressed fashionable, do you think the boys would like me? Grandma: You are only six, I don't think that you need to worry about boys liking you. Leilah: well I really want a boyfriend. Grandma: Maybe if you didn't throw fits the boys would like you. Leilah: No, boys like girls that dress fashionable. So, will you help me dress fashionable? 8/18/2012 Leilah after taking a bath: LEilah: Grandma, I need two towels. Grandma: Why do you need tow towels? Leilah: I'm practicing being a teenager. 8/27/2012

41: Love Our Bison Football

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