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Contemporary Seasons

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Contemporary Seasons - Page Text Content

S: Adrian "Mac" and Alsey Ruth Catlett Sconiers

FC: Two Lives, One Story | Adrian "Mac" & Alsey Ruth Catlett Sconiers | Two Lives, One Story

1: Alsey Ruth Catlett the Early Years

2: Ruth's Heritage | Grandparents | Parents | Alsey LaFayette Catlett | Etta Lou Fox | James L. Catlett | Resaca Della Reed | Ruth Caskey | William Ambrose Fox | John Catlett | Hester A. Dean | Joseph Edward Fox | Harriet L. Newkirk | John S. Caskey | Lucinda Jane Pearson | Alsey Ruth Catlett

3: The women in her life! | Left: Aunt Mayme Fox, Grandmosther Ruth Caskey Fox, Aunt Byrda Fox Wilson, Baby A. Ruth Catlett & Etta Lou Fox Top Right: Marguerite Catlett, Etta Lou Fox, Ruth Caskey Fox & A. Ruth Catlett Bottom Right: Uncle Amos & Aunt Byrda

4: “The child must know that she is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like her”

5: Sapulpa, OK 1932 Teachers College | 1931 - High School Graduation

6: Spring is Here | Sapulpa, Oklahoma | At home with family and friends!

7: "Bathing Beauties!" | 1918 in Springfield, MO | Sisters! Marguerite & Ruth!

8: Adrian Macnair Sconiers Born January 12, 1915

9: "Family faces are magic mirrors looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future." | Mac was born in Hugo, OK but later moved to Blackfoot, ID. He lived in Blackfoot from ages 5-13, he then lived in Florida for 2 years and then to Sapulpa, OK where his brother Schley lived. The photo on the opposite page is the only found photo of his childhood, alongside his sister, Florabelle! | 1st school - Blackfoot, ID | Main Street - Blackfoot, ID | Florabelle, Clawton, Dessie & Bertice | December 1914 - the Sconiers family with Mormon Elders. Front row, left to right: Bertice, Florabelle, Dessie, Clawton, Schley. Back Row: John L. Sconiers, Montie Marie Crosby, Dewey, Leta & Luther. Mac born 1 month later!

10: Adrian Macnair Sconiers January 12, 1915 (OK) - December 17, 2001 (ID) | John Lockhart Sconiers August 22, 1861 (FL) - November 4, 1942 (FL) | Montie Marie Crosby May 22, 1872 (GA) - October 22, 1963 (OK) | Arabella (Belle) Alger November 27, 1849 (GA) - August 1934 (FL) | Henry Alex Crosby December 16, 1848 (GA) - 1933 (FL) | William Franklin Sconiers January 2, 1834 (AL) - September 1921 () | Sara Jane Turner October 1836 (AL) - August 1902 (FL)

11: Opposite Page: Top Right Picture (About 1908): Back, Left to Right: Noley Clifton Crosby, Montie Marie Crosby, Alonzo (Lonney) Summer Crosby, Christina (Chrissy) Coppedge Crosby, Dewitt Crosby Front, Left to Right: Dessie Sconiers Wilson, Arabella Alger Crosby, Henry Alex Crosby Bottom Right Picture: Arabella Alger Crosby Left Picture (About 1908): Back, Left to Right: Dewitt, Chrissy, Montie, Lonney Front, Left to Right: Arabella Alger Crosby, Henry Alex Crosby Right Page: Top Picture: John Lockhart Sconiers (26 years old) & Montie Marie Crosby (16 years old) Wedding Picture (July 4, 1889) Bottom Pictures: Arabella Alger Crosby, Henry Alex Crosby (with Glen) | Mac's Heritage

12: Adrian with friend Ralph Miller | Dessie & Emmett | Florabelle, Wanetta Sconiers Engleman (Luther's Daughter), Montie Marie Crosby | Dessie & Emmett

13: Memories of Life at its Best! | Adrian, Florabelle, Schley, Dewey, Luther, Ansel, John, Sybil, Waneta, Lorena Sconiers | CHRISTMAS TIME | Florabelle

14: Schley & Della Mae took care of Grandmother Montie. He built her a little home next to his in Sapulpa, OK.

15: Schley & Della Mae | Grandma Montie & her Four Daughters Alice, Florabelle, Dessie & Bertice | Schley & Della Mae 1958 | Montie Marie Crosby | Back: Jewell, Bob, Alice Front: Monty, Gertrude, Earl, Vic Roy, Rudolph | Grandma Montie and one of her 100+ quilts | Dewey & Elsie Sept. 1982 | Growing Older...

16: "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." | 1936 | 26 years old | Adrian's class at Highway School 1939-1940 - Melba, ID

17: Two Teachers | Women Teachers at Olive School | Taught from 1935-1939

18: Mac & Ruth married March 4, 1939. They eloped and no one knew for 2 months! They both attended University of Idaho in the Summer of 1940. They lived in Melba, ID in a one room home from the Fall of 1940 to the Spring of 1941 while Mac taught school. He loved this year of teaching! From 1941 to 1942 they moved south to McCamey, TX to work for Shell Oil Co. There they also prepared for Mac to enter into military service. While living here Ruth became pregnant but miscarried after scrubbing the ceiling of their little "shanty" home. | 1941 | McCamey, TX home

19: "Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family." | 1938 | A visit from John L. Sconiers 1942 (He died that same year.) | Adrian, John L. and Dewey | John L., Luther, Dewey & Adrian | Elsie Sconiers, her daughter, Leta and Ruth

20: WWII | Just before Mac's induction into the Army. 1942 | Mac entered the Army in 1942. He was inducted in El Paso, TX and lived in Mineral Well, TX for Basic Training in 1943 for 3 months. He was shipped out of San Fransisco, to Australia, to New Guinea and then to the Philippines (1945). He worked in Finance "because he tested well."

21: Native Village - Biak | Manila Philippines | New Guinea natives

22: Left to Right: Aunt Ruby, Alsey (Grandfather), Fern (Paul Jr's wife), Margie, Etta (Grandmother) and Ruth | Margie in 1943 | Reunion after the war, December 1945 | Army Wives

23: World War II Years 1942-1945 | During the War, while Mac was away, Ruth returned home to her family in Sapulpa, OK. While there she worked as a secretary. | 1943 | Mom Sconiers and Ruth | Etta and Alsey 1945-46

25: Wedding of Earl Prows Sr. to Marguerite Catlett August 1946 | Earl is Mac's Nephew (Alice's son) and Marguerite is Ruth's Sister | Wedding Party: Uncle Paul, Aunt Ruby, Schley Sconiers, Della Mae Sconiers, Montie Sconiers, Adrian Mac Sconiers, Alsey Ruth Sconiers, Alsey Catlett, ?, Etta Catlett

26: Margie & Earl have their 1st child Connie! | "This must have been hard for Ruth because she had miscarried before WWII and was still unable to be pregnant again."

27: Home is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us. | After the war Mac went to work for Shell Oil in Midland, TX. 1946-1949

28: In 1948 Mac & Ruth took a Road Trip with Schley and Della Mae. They traveled to Colorado and Idaho. Here their "love affair" with McCall, ID began. Ruth remembered "hanging out of the car window" on the drive from Boise to McCall because of the beauty! They made the decision to move to McCall! | Mac and Ruth in Sun Valley, ID

29: 84 | Sun Valley, ID | Royal Gorge, Colorado | "Eisenhower rode these too!" | Bridge over Payette River | Schley and Della Mae | Ruth at Continental Divide | Payette Lake, McCall, ID | Mac's Brother Albert's family in | Blackfoot, ID. | Julie, Buddy & Julia, their mother. | "Los Guapos!" in Juarez, Mexico | Mac, Ruth & Luther (Mac's Brother)

30: Sharon Harriet Sconiers November 22, 1949 Big Springs, TX | Welcome Baby!

31: four generations

32: 3 Cousins Connie, Sharon & Earl Jr.

33: In Nebraska... | Mac & Ruth buy Conifer Cabins in McCall, ID - April 1950 | ...their house | Visit from Etta in 1950! "Still snow in April!"....

34: Karla Sue Sconiers June 28, 1952 Sapulpa, OK | aby Girl

35: (Top middle picture with good friends Luella & Gladys Ernst) | When the cabins closed up in the winter of '51 they traveled back to Sapulpa to be with Grandparents Etta, Alsey and Montie. They stayed until the birth of Karla. The cousins, Connie & Earl Jr. were there too. | Karla's 1st | 2 & 4 years old | Karla's 3rd | Sharon's 3rd in McCall

36: Nothing Is So Beautiful As a Little Girl!

37: Sharon 6 | Karla 3 1/2 | December 1955

38: Always a Job to be Done... Always Working! | Mac & Ruth owned McCall's only drive-in until 1961. Carhops waited on the cars and Huckleberry Milkshakes were a summer specialty! | Ruth, heading to work at the Kwicurb

39: 1956 & 1957 The cousins all lived together! | In Iraan, TX - 1956 | with Aunt Byrda | New House - 1956 | Earl Jr. | Connie, Karla, Sharon | Bicycle Brigade

40: Top picture is that last picture of Grandfather Alsey with Etta. Taken in December of 1955 he passed away in January of 1956. The bottom picture was taken in June of 1956 when Etta re-married Fred Boren. Fred only lived 3 more years. After he died Etta moved to California to be with Earl and Margie.

41: During the busy McCall summers with the cabins and Kwicurb, "Mamaw" often came to help out in McCall. | 1960 | 1959 | Huckleberry picking, an annual tradition with "Mamaw"Etta.

42: Loved McCall Winters - Ruth skiing at age 55. - Kicking snow off the roofs. - Snow piled high. - Sharon & Karla grow up skiing. - Mac walking on the snow to clear roofs of cabins.

43: Mac through the years... | 1960 | 1966 | 1970 | McCall School Grade 8, 1957-58

44: Jack Cassity & Sharon Prom 1968 | Sharon & Karla with Kandy the horse and filly!

45: Sharon's Graduation Pictures 1968 | Karla's Graduation Pictures 1970

46: "Brothers and sisters, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends. Joy and laughter or tears and strife, holding hands tightly as they dance through life." | Mac's brother Dewey and his family: Elsie (wife), Neal (son) & Velda (daughter) - 1956. | Mac with "Buddy" Albert Sconiers - 1954 | 5 of Mac''s Siblings: Schley, Dessie, Dewey, Florabelle & Bertice 1963

47: Schley's 1965 Visit to McCall | Della Mae & Schley May 1978 | Grandmother Montie - 1956

48: Etta, Byrda & ChiChi They lived together in Bellflower, CA | Etta! After her granddaughters "spiffed" her up! About 1970 | Siblings! Byrda, Aaron & Etta in Bellflower, CA 1968 | November 1971

49: Earl Jr. with Grandmother Etta and Great Aunt Byrda | Summer 1969: (left to right) Front: Cathy Williams, Sharon Sconiers, Adrian Sconiers Middle: Cathy's boyfriend, Bertice Tice, Etta, Ruth Sconiers, Back: Dessie Konzelman, Sue Konzelman, Florabelle, Warren Tice | 1964 Connie, Earl Jr., Earl Sr. and Margie | Earl Sr., Connie & Margie - 1965 Margie died in April 1966. | Julie, Julia & Buddy Sconiers visit McCall

50: Alice (Mac's Sister) Sconiers Prows' children: youngest to oldest (Alice died in 1969) Ovida, Gwyn, Rudolph, Monette,, Earl, Gertrude, Vic Roy & Jewel | January 30, 1984: Gertie and Floyd Shanander on their motorcycles at their home.

51: Connie's Wedding August 1968 | Ruth, Earl Sr., Byrda, Gertie, Etta & Floyd In Front: Sharon & Earl Jr. | Karla & Earl Jr.

52: & | Weddings | Dessie marries John Wilson November 1969 | Sharon marries Jack Cassity February 1970 | Karla marries Richard Belt May 1974

53: Grandchildren | Kristi, Tom & James Cassity | Michael, Kara & Benjamin Belt | Boise Home | with Great Great Aunt Byrda

54: Alaskan Cruise 1988

55: 50th Anniversary Celebration | March 4, 1989

56: Mac and his Sisters! | Pictured with Florabelle, Dessie and niece, Julie Winn.

57: above: Ruth and her "girls!" About 1997 | Springfield, MO - July 1996 Reunion Connie, Ruth (83), Aunt Mayme (Etta's Sister, 93) & Karla Ruth lived with her Aunt Mayme after High School. | Top: Kristi, Kara & Karla Bottom: Ruth, Amber & Sharon

59: In their retirement years Mac and Ruth became world travelers! They traveled to Spain, Italy, England, France, Switzerland & Germany (1978); Australia, New Zealand & Fiji (1987); Portugal (1990); Mexico (1991); Kenya, Africa (1992); Russia (1993); Finland, Norway, Denmark & Sweden (1995)

60: Mac and Ruth had many wonderful years in Arizona during the winter months! (1990's) They had a home in Black Canyon City, Arizona. | Montezuma's Castle Jan 1991 | January 1999 | Arizona | 1991 - a visit from Pat Williams (Bertice's Son) and Dessie

61: They enjoyed visiting Floyd and Gertie in Glendale, Arizona. Dessie eventually moved there too! | Christmas 1993 in Glendale, Arizona. Left to Right, Front: Dessie, Gertie, Ruth, Carolyn & Jewel Back: Mac, Earl Sr., Eloise & Floyd

62: "Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

63: Mac wanted to go on an Alaskan fishing trip for many years. He tried to go several times with a few different people but never could make it work. Finally he left on his long awaited trip in July of 2000. While he was gone Ruth went on a trip with Karla and visited Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta Canada.!

64: Ruth meets one of her newest great-grandchildren, Emily Eden Kearsley April 2005 | A 4 GENERATION picture. (Ruth, Karla, Kara and Emily) Karla often brought Ruth up to Sandpoint in northern Idaho.

65: Ruth went with Karla and her family to Joseph, OR in the Spring of 2004. They visited beautiful Mallowa Lake as well as Chief Joseph's Memorial.

66: As quoted in Ruth's obituary: A. Ruth Sconiers, 95, of Nampa, ID passed away Sept. 10, 2008 at her home. She was born April 5, 1913 in Springfield, MO to Alsey and Etta Fox Catlett and was raised in Sapulpa, OK. Ruth met Adrian Mac Sconiers and they were married in 1939. In the early 1940's Ruth and her husband moved to Idaho. They returned to their home state of Oklahoma when Mac joined the army to serve in WWII. After the war, they eventually found their way back

67: to Idaho and made their home in McCall and later in Boise. Ruth is the dedicated, supportive and loving mother of Sharon H. Cassity of LaGrande, OR and Karla S. Sconiers of Spokane, WA. She is survived by her two daughters, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Ruth will be buried along with her husband, Adrian Mac, of 62 years, in Idaho State Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boise, on the hilltop overlooking the beautiful Boise valley that they loved so much.

69: Forever Missed, Forever Loved

70: Sharon and her Growing Family: Top Left: Sharon with her family at Ruth's graveside memorial (Jack not pictured) Top Right: Kristi, Bob, Amber and Alayna Randolph Bottom Left: Tom, Cori and Emily Cassity Bottom Right: James Cassity | MAC & RUTH's

71: Karla and her Growing Family: Top Left: Dennis Trainor (Karla's husband) & Karla Top Right: Michael, Jennifer, Adeline and Cameron Belt Bottom Left: Brian, Kara, Emily, Andrew and Levi Kearsley Bottom Right: Benjamin Belt | POSTERITY | Thank you for our rich and beautiful heritage Grandma and Grandpa! We love you and we miss you!

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