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Copy of Work

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Copy of Work - Page Text Content

S: Marquee, Bridger, ACSer, and Xerox 1995-2010

BC: Aloha!

1: We started out as simple co-workers. Long Hours, tight deadlines, and interesting clients gave us plenty of opportunity to spend LOTS of time together. Trial by Fire and Forged in the heat, our friendship developed. We may have started out as simple coworkers, but we became lifelong friends. Thank you for blessing my life!

2: McGrath's in Milwaukie March 1996 | Jim Manthe & the elusive June Johnson | Charlette Wagner | From Left to Right: Charlette Wagner, Kim Hatfield, Jim's wife, Jim Manthe, June Johnson, Doug Copple, Adrene Copple, Larry Wolf (Charlette's Uncle) | The Fabu Connie Brown

3: What was once TeleMark became LiveBridge (March 2000 - June 2005) became Affiliated Computer Services aka ACS (July 2005 - Feb 2010) and is now ACS, A Xerox Company

4: Hawaiian Punch Bowl 2000 (July 28, 2000) | Our Fearless Leaders | Hey Brah! | Rachel, Marsha, Patrick | the "Score Keeper" | Ahoha Cousins! | Classic! | Cowabunga Dude!

5: We Won! | a-lo-ha Ladies! | Mission Control | Account Executives Row 1: Bono, Rachel, Stephanie, Diana Row 2: Garner, Patrick, Chris, Jennifer | Client Systems/ Software Developers Row 1: Jason, Marilyn, Charlette, Alan, Diana Row 2: Blanche, Harry, Roy, Marsha Row 3: John B

6: 1st Place | 2nd Place | 3rd Place | 4th Place | 5th Place | King Pin | Queen Pin | Harry, Rachel, Stephanie, John B | Garner, Jason, Diana, Charlette | Annette K, Ralph, Marsha, Alan | Jennifer, Chris, Marilyn | Patrick, Roy, Blanche

7: Christmas 2000 (at Roy Lun's house) | Roy Lum and his wife | Charlette & Marilyn | June, Tanya, Sean, Jason, & Marilyn | Tanya (with the stolen goods) & Sean | NOTE TO SELF: Don't let Bill handle anything with fire...including to and not exclusive of BBQ grils and fondue pots | Left to Right: Jason, Bill, Laura, Roy, Kristin Copple, Charlette, Tressa

8: BRING IT ON! (December 2000) | "Vanna White" | The Emcee | Doug & June | Jason & Doug | Charlette, Ron, Aslam, Marsha, & Doug | Doug, Bill, & Charlette | Ron, Marsha, Doug & Bill | Doug & Marsha | Ron, Doug, Bill, & Sean | One Pez for Every Contestant. Which one was whose?

9: And the Winners are ... 2nd place ... Marsha Semmingson 1st place as "The Oracle" ... Jason Allenbrand | Jason & Gary Smith | Rachel, Jason, & Stephanie | Roy, Jason, and Sean | Stephanie, Doug, & Jason

10: Hawaiian Punch Bowl 2001

11: 1) Sean &Jason 2) "Who's your Daddy?" Copple 3) Bill, Mani, & Brad 4) Mark & Bill | 1) Laura & Annette 2) Brad Tanner 3) Ralph aka "Bono" $) Steve "the stash" Wollenberg | 1) Kirby Watson 2) Patrick McClard 3) Sean & Suzette 4) John Calvert | 1) Charlette & Diana 2) Mike Blenkarn 3) Doug Copple 4) Mani | 1) Sanjay Rajput 2) Suzette, Bono, & Rachel 3) Chian & Ron 4) Brad & Aslam

13: Hawaiian Punch Bowl 2001 | (continued)

14: A League of I.T.'s Own | (* September 2002 *) | HIt a Home Run Mommy! ~ Casey Kramer | Row 2: Rodney, John C, Annette, Doug, Chris, John B, Hitesh Row 1: Chian, Paul G, Roy, Bill | Row 2: Scott M, Sean, Mani, Charlette, Laura, Mark T, Marilyn Row 1: Brad, Aslam, Jason, Nathan, Steve, Mark G, Quincy | Best Softball Tip EVER: When you overrun home base STOP before you hit the fence pole! (Ouch Aslam!)

16: May 2003 Marilyn's Baby Shower at Corp II | Row 1: Annette, Laura, Charlette Row 2: Josh, Sean, Marilyn, Doug, Hitesh Row 3: Paul P, Jason, Mani, Bill, Chian Row 4: Steve, Mark, John P, John C, Jack | Row1: Laura, Charlette Row 2: Annette, Josh, Steve, Doug, Paul G Row 3: Paul P, Chian, Mani, Aslam, Hitesh, Sean Row 4: Mark, John P, John C, Bill, Jack

18: Jessica & Dancin' Doug | Joanne "the Ringleader" Beeman | Jessica, Amber, & Chris | Jumpin' Jason | You want me to do WHAT with this? Tammy, did you know about this? | Joanne, Jason, Matthew, & Hitesh | Jack | Amber & Jessica | Doug | Tammy Williams | Jack

19: March 2005 Hoopla!! | Go Jack! Go Jack! Go! Go! Go Jack! | My Precious! | Jack, Jason, and Ryan | Amber, Bill, & Chris | Amber, Jessica, Doug, & Chris | Hitesh, Rosanne, Chris, & Amber | Jack, Amber, Charlette, Jessica, Doug

20: End-of-Year Blowout! Dec 2005 | (Gary Smith's NEW House) | Paul P & Lindsay | Charlette & Linda Calvert | Jason & Amy | John C, Gary, Jennifer Smith, Doug, Charlette, Jason, Amy, Lindsay, & Jack

21: John C, Linda Calvert, Paul, Gary, Jennifer Smith, Doug, & Charlette | Tressa, Ryan, & Joanne | Jack, Hitesh, and John Calvert | Charlette & Ryan | Charlette, Jason, Amy, Lindsay, Jack, Hitesh, & Ryan | Is that "shop" talk I hear?

22: Holiday Party January 2007 (at the clubhouse) | Paul, Jason, Jack, & Sean | Amy, Jason, & Tressa | John A., Jack, & Kenny Janson | John A. and wife | Sean | Annette | Charlette & Annette

23: Jennifer, Sausha, Danna, & Paul | Amy & Jason | The "Boss Man" Paul P | Jennifer & Kenny | Kenny, Danna, Paul, & Jack | What a Ham!

24: Christmas 2010 (at the Byrne's) Row 1: Jason, Sausha Row 2: Amy Roe 3: John B, Charlette, Jack, Teresa, Glen Smallwood, Traci, Hitesh | Christmas 2011 (at the Allenbrand's) Row1: Hitesh, Sausha, Jason, Suzette Row 2: Teresa, Annette, Amy, Debbie Row 3: Traci, Lindsay, Jack, Charlette, John B

27: WHILE DOUG IS AWAY... THE "ROCK" WILL PLAY | There were many fun and creative times! Here is one example ...

28: MANILA, Philippines | Edy | Adam Flores | Ma Edeliza Exaltacion & Darwin Montiadora

29: Clare Villalva | Adam Flores | Jonathan Ocampo | Oscar Tonsay | Serina Balbas | Cynthia Reyes | Chuck, Lee, & Rey | Joseph | Balana

30: Hodge-Podge

31: "Fluffy"

32: Adam Flores Alan Klamasky | Alex Leigh Alex Tumang Amber Baker Annette Janson | Annette Kienberger Aslam Anatapur Bheki Mkwananzi ~"aka" BK Bill LaMorre | Blanche Lara Bob Hunter Brad Tanner Britney Lyon's ~(Ralph's Daughter) | Casey Kramer Charlette Wagner Chian Ruathaiwat Chris Gantz | Who's Who!

33: Chris 'Pretty Boy' Stevens Chris Thornesberry Chuck Pilapil Clare Villalva | Connie Brown Cynthia Reyes Dan Webb Daniel Fehrer | Danna Parmley Darwin Montiadora Deb Clark Debbie Chapman | Denise Lang Diana Lindsley Doug Copple Edward Pineda | Edy Exaltation Garbage Truck of Shame Garner Moody Gary Smith

34: Harry Cook Hitesh Desai Jack Byrne Janelle Powers | Jason Allenbrand Jatinder Gandhi Jennifer Brown Jennifer Long | Jessica Langford Jim Manthe Joanne Beeman John Arnold | John Byrne John Calvert John Pierce Jonathan Ocampo | Joseph Balana Josh Horton June Johnson Kara Tobey

35: Karen Vaughn Kimberly Hatfield Kirby Watson Laura Dieken | Lee Zuniga Lindsay Byrne Mani Muthumanickam Mark Gerow | Mark Tunnell Marsha Semingson Maryiln Kramer Matthew Benjamin | Melanie Archer Michael Posson Mike Blenkarn Nathan Wilcox | Nichole Harthill Oscar Tonsay Patrick McClard Paul Griffith

36: Paul Parmley Rachel Banta Ralph Bonaduce Rey Lozada | Rodney Young Rommel Asegurado Ron Steinhauser Rosanne Walsh | Roy Lum Rupert Kwok Ryan Torrez Sanjay Rajput | Sausha Gallegos Scott Craighead Scott Mickle Sean Andersen | Serina Balbas Stephanie Jarmel Steve Wollenburg Suzette Davis/Brooks

37: Tammy Williams Teresa Smallwood Traci McPherson Tressa Radke/Copple | William Chaney Winston Bollas Quincy Gerow | Keri Phipps Rupert Hardy Kim Austin Cheryl Mullikin Kara Tobey Bob Cranswick Keri Fox Diane Smith Spencer Lassen | Judy Lee Denise Lange Farrah Thompson Rob Sharp August Chaco Edy Exaltation Tim Tofte Kimberly Hopewell Ed Kraft Michelle Carabajal Ed Heyman | Betty DeVere Angela Daufel Lynn Woolhiser David Fehrer Daniel Fehrer Kelly Poche Peter Putnam Don Bottomly Don Conner Tracy Brenemen Charles Bauman

38: Remember when .... | It is a time of unrest in the Business Galaxy ... The LiveBridge Republic is being besieged by clients all wanting their projects to be built in lightspeed! Only a small band of Oracle Programming Knights are preventing mass chaos from permeating the corners of the LiveBridge Republic Our epic begins at the Great Council of Oracle Knights where the freedom-fighting Programming Heroes skillfully wield their light-keyboards under the watchful eyes of Gwynn-doo OracleMaster. The Oracle Programming Knights included: Boba-Bob; Obi-John; Char-Char; June-Bacca, the Cheese Tosser; Marilyn Mon Mothma; Jabba Jason; Willi Wookie; Scot Solo; Death-Doug Darklighter; Brainiac Blanche; Harry the Hutt; Rupert, the Butcher of Runatasia; Jawas Jacko, the Slammer; Mark Chitlingrits; Nate Nien Nunb; Paul Palpatine; David, the Dread AND (saving the best until last!) the greatest, the purest, the noblest, the “Opie Taylor” of Oracle Knights: Seanakin Codewriter! In his workpod, Seanakin Codewriter, our ambidextrous young hero, is typing furiously on his light-keyboard with one hand and eye, surveying his choices for fantasy football with the other hand and eye, and simultaneously humming the sweet melody of “Rock and Roll All Night” while tapping his toe to the rhythm. Suddenly, the serenity of the Great Council is broken! At this very moment, the breathless and beautiful Princess AE rushes in and throws herself at the toe-tapping feet of young Seanakin. | Princess AE exclaims, “I have here the secret plans, including layouts, script, and technical readouts of the dreaded DEATH PROJECT! My master, Lord Tofte, has promised his clients that we would be ready today—NO EXCEPTIONS! The clients will be arriving in their Skyhopper at any moment, expecting complete screen prints and all reporting done--error free! Help, me, Seanakin, you’re my only hope!” Quickly Seanakin surveys the project specifications. He then crosses him arms, leans back in his chair, puckers his lips, and murmurs reflectively, “HmmmI’ve got a bad feeling about this! Princess, your DEATH PROJECT requires third party verification, internet connectivity, record distribution in all twelve call centers, screen scrapers, balance transfers, email capability, auto-faxing, daily file appends—and the multiple version script is written by---Guy Parker! I already have 72 Service Requests on my desk! What you ask is impossible for a normal Oracle Knight to accomplish! “ And Seanakin whines so loud that a piece of string cheese drops in his work pod. This commotion causes Oracle Master, Gwynn-doo, to emerge from his cave. “I feel a great disruption in the FORCE! Have Char-Char and June Bacca gone AWOL for lunch again? Ahh! Princess AE! Ummmm! ‘DEATH PROJECT,’ is your cry? Only hope, is he! But have you filled out a Project Startup Packet? Ummm? Is the script complete—or does it contain BLACK HOLES? Go, I say. And return not until your Service Request is properly submitted!” “Wait, Master, “speaks Seanakin. This DEATH PROJECT has come from Lord Tofte who sits at the right hand of Emperor Hanlin! It must be prepared! I’ll try to have it ready for you in time, fair Princess AE. Just as long as I’m done by 4:30pm because that’s when I’ve gotta be home!”

39: Thanks for the laughs! | “Try to have it ready? TRY!” screams Gwynn-doo, who jumps up and down excitedly. “Do or not do; there is no try! Extra power from the Oracle Force is what you need!” And Gwynn-doo stretches out his bony hand clutching an extra large piece of pepperoni/sausage/salami/Canadian bacon pizza towards Seanakin to channel unlimited Oracle Force his way. Quickly Seanakin consumes this wonder-food and feels The Oracle Force surge within his sinews. He whips out his light-keyboard and with a few dazzling maneuvers completes the entire dreaded DEATH PROJECT—even the reports are done on time! Thus, Seanakin returns to his KISS music and studying Fantasy Football. Hence, peace and order were restored to the LiveBridge Republic. However, evil’s malevolent eyes peered across the business galaxy at our young hero. In certain sectors of the wicked Freightliner Empire, secret sinister plans were being made. The sinister Dark Lords of Freightliner gathered in council: “How may we seduce young Codewriter to the Freightliner Empire? What may we offer to lure him into our spider’s web? And they plotted together with ghastly cunning And so it came to pass, while young Seanakin was listening to his “Best of KISS” CD, checking the previous day’s football scores, and wielding his light-keyboard, strange voices filled his head with tempestuous, tantalizing thoughts: “Come, serve us at the Freightliner Empire and you will receive your heart’s desire: season tickets to Oregon State games, new bowling shoes, no more than a forty hour work week, AND we will let you go home BEFORE 4pm! Come, embrace the DARK SIDE!” “Home before 4pm! Wait until I tell Queen Tonia! I’m out of here!” So, alas, young Seanakin Codewriter was seduced to the evil Freightliner Empire. He forsook the LiveBridge Republic, giving up his wholesome life of unrelenting service requests He renounced his cleancut blue jeans “Opie Taylor” image Instead, he bedecked himself in an orange suit and cape He smeared his face with black and white greasepaint He was given by Freightliner a Corvallis drafty office in the pressbox of Reser Stadium causing him to develop a sinus condition which led to heavy breathing Thus, Seanakin Codewriter succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force and became known throughout the Business Galaxy as DARTH BEAVER, LORD OF THE S’KISS!

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