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Corn Stalkers

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1: It was a windy, foggy, Halloween night, Megan had to go get some last minute Halloween decorations for the trick or treaters to see. She didn't feel like going to the store, so she decided to go to the cornfield. (Which was right outside her backyard) It was about 7pm and trick or treaters will be arriving any minute. So, Megan sprinted to the corn field, just to get a few cornstalks for her front doorway.

2: Once she reached the field, Megan noticed most of the corn in the front patch was mostly all dead, so she went deeper into the field. After finding five decent stalks, Megan decided it was time to go home because it was getting rather dark and the trick or treaters will be arriving any minute. When she looked around Megan noticed nothing familiar nor heard any children nearby. Megan decided to walk diagonal though the corn. Five minutes later she saw a opening, she quickly darted out the opening hoping to find her home but only seeing an creepy old graveyard.

4: Megan was getting more scared by the second. " Oh my gosh, what is that"!, screamed Megan randomly. "Was that a ghost or something'?, she thought to herself. Just about 50 feet ahead, was an odd old man. He was very pale and was walking very much like a stalker, very slow and steady. He peered at Megan, then entered the woods very swiftly. Megan just ignored him and went back to thinking how she was going to get home. All of a sudden she felt a cold hand grasping her neck very tightly. Megan quickly dropped her stalks to try to turn around but the grip was so tight on her neck all she could do was scream a blood curdling scream. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" It was the scary old man grasping her.

6: Before Megan could scream once again, the old man choked her. She tried to escape but the old man had a amazingly tight grip on her. The old man grabbed Megan by the hair and dragged her deep into the woods. She was to scared to talk to even try to scream. It was the darkest it could get in the woods until a small light coming from a small cabin shined. The old man opened the door still having Megan in a headlock. He finally released her and shoved her into a closet without saying a word.

8: " No, please stop, why are you doing this to me?, help!", screamed Megan. The old man just slammed the door, locked it and walked off. Megan started sobbing, thinking she was going to die right there in this dark tiny closet. About 30 or 40 minutes later the door randomly creaked halfway open randomly. Megan was way to scared to think, so she got up and tried to run. As soon as she left the closet the old man was there waiting to grab her. Megan screamed of fright as she got dragged down the stairs, to the cold dark basement.

10: After tossing Megan downstairs the old man walked back up the creaky stairs. " Help, help me, he is going to kill me"!,screamed Megan. " Nobody is going to hear you", said a little voice coming from the corner of the basement. " What?, who said that?, asked Megan very frightfully. " Me, I have been down here for days, i have not eaten or drank a thing, I have been strapped to this electric chair. You don't have much time, go, run , run away, now!", shouted the little old lady.

12: Megan was now scared out of her mind. She had no idea what to do. Run or stay? She quickly decided to creep up the stairs as quietly as she could, just to see what the old man was up too. When she got to the top of the stairs she heard a terrifying scream coming back from the basement. It was the little old lady, the electric chair has turned on and killed her. Megan couldn't stand it anymore, she broke out of the basement faster then a pro soccer player could. Megan was out the cabin door in the matter of seconds. When she ran out there was nobody in the cabin. Megan knew the old man was lurking somewhere in the woods.

14: Once Megan was out of breath she ended up back in the graveyard. She also noticed her leg was stinging. So she hurried to a patch of moonlight to see. " Ouch that looks like pretty deep cut, I must get home!" The cornfield was in view now, and she knew the her house was just on the other side of the cornfield. Megan was still very frightened. Was the old man back on the hunt for her? Is she going to live tonight? Megan did not know the answer to these questions so she figured she best keep moving. She decided to sprint the whole cornfield. She ran so fast she exploded out the other side before you can say pickle. When she was out, she wasn't done running yet, Megan rushed inside of her house and locked all of the doors and triple checked all of them.

16: Megan just wanted this night to be over so she went up to bed. AS she went upstairs and opened her bedroom door she smelled something very strange. She just ignored it pulled down her covers to go to sleep and the old man was laying her bed. "Ahhhhhhh!!!" Was he dead? Megan had no idea, but she was on the phone with the cops when she thought she saw his leg move. She sprinted outside waiting for the cops to come. When they arrived she told her whole story of how he kidnapped her. After, she rushed them up to her bedroom and pointed and said " there he is"! She looked over at the bed and nothing but a bed and sheets where there. "Get in the scary Missy", said the unsatisfied cop. Megan was arrested for lying to the cops. After 3 days of questioning, Megan was placed in a crazy asylum for the rest of her life. Only Megan knows the truth of the corn stalker, who comes out in October, and on Halloween night. Be careful, he is still lurking out there somewhere in the corn. By- Jordan DiPietro

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