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BC: Corrupted, a new steamy yet hilarious Television series that shows the inside job to the success of a sex magazine company. Discusses the relationship to holding to ones faith and the journey of experience in a world that is slowly struggling in its economy.

FC: Productions | Corrupted | A Dirty World For the Working Class Girl

1: Kaneesha Heath 401 W. Kennedy Blvd. Box 2143 Tampa, Fl, 33606 813.635.6757 klovemedia@gmail.com From:Kaneesha Heath RE: Florida screenwriter looking for representation. Dear "Agency of Interest", I am a Florida screenwriter who has recently completed a television show pilot spec script and pitch that I believe your agency may be interested in representing. Please find an amended pitch below for your review. Title: Corrupted Genre: Comedy Log Line: It's a dirty world for the working class girl Pitch: Set up as a television sitcom half-hour long, the humor keeps the story going. Meant for mature audiences like those of HBO and/or Bravo and A&E television. Although it is a half an hour it keeps you laughing constantly like Ally McBeal but progresses as a story much as Ugly Betty. The characters and flaws keep the story funny but the experiences continue to go forward and with a purpose. The office humor pushes everyone together. If this has piqued your interest, I would be happy to send a hard copy of the television spec for your consideration. I can be contacted via email, phone or post at your earliest convenience. Warm Regards, Kaneesha Heath | Sample Distribution Letter

2: Genre: Comedy Age for audience: 16+ Rating: TV-MA

3: A sexy comedy about the trials and tribulations of a conservative college graduate. Grabbing the first job offer she was given in the adult magazine world, she thinks she can make a difference. It’s Ugly Betty meets Alley McBeil

4: Sinsation Magazine Office | Sex Workshop | Place where Faith takes the classes in order to learn how to be a bad girl for her video blog | Faith’s workplace at the Magazine Company, most action occurs in the conference room | Interior Shots

5: Faith's Apartment | Bedroom | Locations | Nicky and Faith's shared apartment. Displays Faith’s personal life outside the job. | Bedroom where Faith shoots her video blogs

6: (20s) Faith is a new college graduate who majored in communications and grew up with a big religious background. She is very conservative and never curses, she sees the world as if it is the first time. She is unaware or disbelieving of the possibility of other types of influences in her chosen career field. | Faith Windsor | Emma Stone | Emma Stone is a red head who stands out from the typical blonde. She also provides sarcasm and good comedic timing. She also has an innocent look that can fit in the story of a catholic school girl.

7: Sean McNeal | (20s) A young entrepreneur who has big dreams for his short-lived magazine. An anti-religious man from a interesting family background he attempts to break his walls through low-key sarcasm and sexist views. All of this and he remains very traditional. | Alex is at the height of his career at this moment, where he is a good look on camera. He is also a matching role for Faith’s character and ideal actress Emma Stone. | Alex Pettyfer

8: Genre: Comedy Demographics: 16+ Rating: TV-MA | Nicky | Has played very excentric roles before, and is flabouyant enough to provide style and humor to Faith’s life. | Christian Vincent | A fashionable yet uber macho man who runs the fitness column for Sinsation magazine. He has a thing for unnecessary advice. He is blunt and raunchy and very suggestive.

9: He has the ability to play a character that has an ulterior motive, one that plays trustworthy, and mysterious demeanor. | A manipulative character who has an estranged relationship with his son Sean | Jeff | Julian McMahon

10: John Cho | Max Scott | An awkward individual, and a man no one knows how to react to. He is especially corny with the ladies, and has a rough time trying to get their attention. He is the staff photographer. | John is unique enough to play the eccentric character Max in order to fill in the character’s needs and comedic elements

11: (60s) An ill older gentleman who wanted to get rich quick. He is Faith's Uncle and offers Faith a job after she graduates college. He tries to repent by letting Faith reorganize a new image for his “Sinsation”Magazine for the better. | Terry O'Quinn | Uncle Bill Windsor | Has a look of a character that has been through life. He is also at a good age for the role.

12: "Every Magazine needs some sort of inspiration" | Faith's Source of Inspirtation for her Video Blogs

13: Madame Gayla's Sex Workshop | Enter if you desire

14: "We didn't invent sex, we perfected it!" | Madame Gayla's Sex Workshop

15: "It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover." ~Marge Piercy | Madame Gayla | Therapist and sex education teacher (late 30s-40s) who is sarcastic, witty, and carries a no nonsense attitude | Megan Mullally | Megan is perfect for this role because she has a strong, commanding presence and good comedic timing.

16: Christian Serratos | An "aggressive“ woman (20s) taking the sex class to push her boyfriend over the edge. She befriends Faith and helps her with her article. | Shaniqua | Christian is rising in her career after finishing playing the role of Angela in the popular Twilight Series. This would be a unique role for her to show of the edge and aggression she gives off in her photographs, compared to the innocent, shy girl.

17: Ben | An "passive“ man (20s) is very timid and soft spoken. He is dragged to taking Madame Gayla's sex class by his girlfriend in order to improve their relationship. He befriends Faith and helps her with her article. | Ben Feldman | Ben is perfect for the character Ben not just for his name, but for also his sweet innocence in most of the characters he plays.

18: Even Faith Can Be Tested... | Chase | Nicholas is a handsome face that would spark sympathy and sensitivity from the audience when trying to spark a love interest in Faith. He also has the ability to play slapstick comedy to prove the character’s awkwardness and comedic relief. | Nicholas D'Agosto | A handsome student at Madame Gayla's class that is just looking for a girlfriend. He might be Faith's temptation with his sweet and innocent behavior

19: Trish | A unique individual who is very eccentric and intimidating. She is the secretary at the Sinsation Magazine Office. Big ego but with a spastic twist, she is always found with a different color hair piece. She is jealous of Faith’s relationship with Sean. | Juno Temple | She provides an independent and unique style that gives the character an edge | Can Be Tested

20: (20s) Matt White is a gay man (20s) in a relationship with Matt. He is a Bad Ass who is a controlling boyfriend. He is at the workshop in order to spark interest in his relationship with Matt’s sex life | Matt White | (20s) A gay man in a relationship with Matt White. He is always being pushed around by his a controlling boyfriend. He is at the workshop in order to spark interest in his relationship with Matt’s sex life. | Matt Jackson | Through his performance in Ugly Betty, he proved himself as a flamboyant, dominating character who is perfect for the role of Matt. | Through his performance in Noah’s Arc, Jensen’s performance showed a mix and range of tough exterior who was romantic in the homosexual relationships. | Jensen Atwood | Michael Urie

21: Nick | A good looking porn star with a large ego. He is a teacher’s assistant for the sex class as his side job. | Justin is physically fit, rugged look, and has the persona of a self assured individual. | Justin Hartley

22: Sinsation Magazine Article

23: More Desire Coming Soon... | Scenes from Corrupted

24: The objective of this television show is to air this on HBO or Showtime. I will be looking to make a "Sinsation" apparel, posters, calendars, and the actual magazine to market the series. | Objective

25: The Goal | The goal is to be recognized by the Emmys as the best new comedy, as well the SAG Awards. I plan to make this series air for at least three seasons. | Solution: With sexual overtones presented in a unique setting, we will have a large audience of both genders because it provides comedic sexual release.

26: Film Locations: Universal Backlot and Studio. Tampa and Orlando, FL | Film Type: Ultra Low Budget (10,999 per episode) | Shooting schedule 5 days a week, for 12 weeks | Writer: Kaneesha Heath

27: Thank you for the time to review this television series proposal. If you are still interested in learning more about the project, I would be happy to send a hard copy of the television spec for your consideration. I can be contacted via email, phone or post at your earliest convenience. Your investment would be a major contribution to making this project possible. Thank you, Tamara Austin

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