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Courtney's Portfolio

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FC: Courtney Clark's Portfolio

1: Introduction | Dear Reader, Welcome to my portfolio. This portfolio contains work from this year along with photos and reflections. The portfolio is intended to show growth throughout the year. I consider my strengths fixing minor computer issues, research, and producing an end product to a project or assignment. As we began the year, my weaknesses were language and reading. Those have still remained, but I have improved in depth learning. Evidence for said weaknesses and strengths are in the form of tests and research while the computer fixing came natural. My best work was the POTUS project because I was absent most f the project but still finished. My worst was Olympic press, I didn't understand most of the work or the point of it. Collaboration is needed to succeed a big job because everyone's work makes a difference. I did take on leadership roles this year by collecting members' work and making sure it was finished to create a product. Use of technology was a big help. There are many free programs online to create fun and lively products. My favorite tool to use was Powtoons. It made the project fun with animations. To end, I want you to get the feeling of accomplishment from making it through the year through good times and bad.

2: Conclusion

4: New | How did the arrival of diverse groups of people continuously change the way of life in America's beginning? | For this project we were supposed to respond to the quote "To be free, one must be chained." claiming it true or false. | Skills needed/mastered were reading, writing, and speaking. Skills like there important because they are used everyday for various things. They are also required in many, if not all, workplaces.

5: World | Why does this matter to us today? | One important thing I learned from this project is even with freedom, there are boundaries. | To do a better job next time I can do more research and join people with a similar(in this case amendment) to collect and share thoughts on the subject/matter.

6: Rise of | The Industrial Age in America catapulted us to be the world's leading industrial and technological country - is this still true today? | For the 'Rise of industry' project our goal was to connect past technology advances to today's technology.

7: Industry | How does American Diversity continue to drive our industrial transformation? How does our transforming industry drive our diversity? | One important thing I learned from this project is thing are always improving, or in today's words "updating". | Skills I can develop would be research. I can work on learning everything, or as much as I can on the subject. | Reading was the skill required for the "Rise of Industry" project. Reading was a required skill because there was a lot of information to learn on said subject.

8: User | What do others need to know in order to work best with me? | The User Guide project was to help students help themselves, in a way. You were supposed to create a guide as if you were a product to help others work with/help you learn better. | The User Guide project had 2 important standards to grasp: reading and writing. You must be able to read (other guides) to get an idea of what must be yours and write to put correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation when creating it.

9: Guide | How can we create a user guide to inform a diverse audience about the best ways to work with us? | From this project I learned I work better and get work done fastest when I work with friends. | One skill I need to work on is communication. I need to learn to communicate with people I'm not so close to.

10: Student-Led | I learned how to plan talking points and leave out unnecessary explanations. | A skill I definitely need to improve on is memorization. I need to practice repeatedly until i can recite what I need to say flawlessly.

11: Conference | Student-Led Conferences are exactly how they sound. Instead of a Parent-Teacher meeting, students are in charge of saying what is going on in class with things such as tests, projects, and grades.

12: Bucket | 10 Activities/Goals by 2014 1.) Make up any lost credits. 2.) Apply to colleges 3.) Get job. 4.)Take internships for cooking. 5.) Improve short answer skills(main idea, author’s purpose, etc.). 6.) Find apartment. 7.) Get drivers license 8.) Go to a concert 9.) Volunteer monthly 10.) Stop procrastinating

13: List | 12 Activities/Goals by 2015 Graduate with honors Move out Make friends Do stuff 18yo have to do(order junk from TV) Check college application progress Have money saved from job(<500) Go to a concert Paintballing Visit Louis' grave Stay out of trouble Go to a club Travel/Visit friends in other states

14: Bucket | 15 Activities/Goals by 2019 Be in top 20 of my class Minor in Computers Work in field of cooking(chef, waiter, etc) Go to culinary school Meet favorite music artists(Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, the Creator, SWS, PTV, Deadmau5, etc) Have money saved($4,000 at least) Have a new car Look for a house Go to a college party Discover something new(food, style of music, news/facts) Visit distant friends Stop bad habits(Sarcasm, talking back, procrastinating) Control anger Don’t go to jail/do anything that will put me there Do things I’m scared of(rollercoasters, skydiving, etc.)

15: List(cont.) | 13 Activities/Goals by 2025 Plan a trip with most important friends Start work on my own restaurant plans Own a hedgehog or owl and dogs travel learn dishes from other countries Build a skatepark own a house Do charity work Visits with Tiara Help someone in need(provide clothes, etc.) Have degree in cooking Be on Cooking Channel Be successful

16: Bucket | For this project, I believe we were supposed to set attainable goals that will push us to get what we want. | This project taught me it's easy to make goals, but the real problem is completing them. You must push yourself to get to where you want to be.

17: List(cont.) | Skills I need to improve on are motivation, procrastination, and dedication. They are important factors to reach goals and what I have trouble with the most. | The SWLO for this project was Agency. You have to put in effort to achieving the goals you personally set.

18: Olympic | How can we use The Olympics as a starting point to understand the idea of GRIT?

19: Press | I do admit, I did not fully complete this project. For the time we had to do this project, I did nothing. And for personal reasons I thought that was okay. In addition, I learned nothing during this project. Did I try? Not really. But in the end all I have is a half finished poster with a few facts about Chris Fogt.

20: POTUS: The | Was your president's leadership indispensable in successfully launching new initiatives in our government? Which of their ideas were best for the nation? | In this project, we were supposed to persuade our audience, with facts, of why we think our president was a good president. The learning was set up by groups dividing research on different points in the president's life. | I did not learn anything during this project. Anything useful, anyway.

21: Life and Legacy | In what ways did their term(s) impact our country (+or-)? How will researching this president help you become a more informed voter in the future? | To do a better job next time I can tell the purpose of the project and not use so many words on the presentation. | Skills we were supposed to master were reading and analyzing, utilizing, and evaluating historical data. Those skills were important to learn to find useful information.

22: Code Name | How do wars shape alliances and contribute to natural identities? Is our history a history of progress? | For this project we were supposed to learn about issues in our chosen era and explain, with primary source documents, how the issue impacted American life. | We were supposed to master the use of primary source documents and the use of research to explain why things happen and how they affect life. They are important in understanding events and cause/effect relationships.

23: Code Name | Does the U.S. have an obligation to promote democracy in the world? | During this project, I learned the impact the Stock Market Crash of 1929 had on American life, such as most of AMericans being so poor as to build their own towns, also known as Hoovervilles. | To do a better job next time, I need to work on finding primary source documents, citations, and time management.

24: 10th

25: Grade

26: Growth as a | Growth as a Reader: I do not believe I have grown as a reader. Practice for reading was given. Though how are teachers going to give an angry lecture to students if they were not taught how to find the main idea or author's purpose? Therefore, because of lack of understanding many elements, I have not grown as a reader. Also, I still dislike reading.

27: Reader and Writer | Growth as a Writer: I have definitely grown as a writer, I'm not certain. In a comparison of two essays I can see the use of more details and more in depth learning to explain the way I felt. The paragraphs are fuller and there is even citation. My writing, I believe, was always "okay" but I can see improvement.

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