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CrossTrainers Anniversary Book

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S: Cross Trainers Canada Ten Years of God Stories

BC: Rooted and Grounded... | and Greater things are yet to come.

FC: CrossTrainers Canada Ten Years of God Stories

1: Give expecting nothing. Luke 6:35

2: Dear Jodi and Patti, Over the past 10 years that Crosstrainers has been open to the public in Bradford, my life has been dramatically changed since I had first introduced to the two of you. Before there was "The Hub Youth Centre", the events and circumstances that had taken place in my life involved: Living with a disease that may disables me from doing the things that I love or need to do temporarily from time to time, Having issues involving my speech impediment & understanding which has resulted in many kids wanting to pick fights with me, terrorizing me, outcasting me from group activities and interfering with me trying to make new friends, struggling to pass classes while looking over my shoulder, receiving death threats from other high school students & not even being able to trust the "Christian kids" in part due to some of their involvement as well. Regardlessly, I was doing my best to be friendly to everyone. After dealing with all of this constantly for 9 YEARS STRAIGHT, I found myself sitting in front of the door to my next class thinking about everything that has happened to me so far in life (I was in 10th grade then.) and remember saying to myself: "You Know, Absolutely everything nice I have ever done towards certain people has always been met with absolute hardness back towards me, everyone here in school wants to kill me or embarrass me enough to make me kill myself, sure I have had a friend or two in my life but they would only abandon me for "Better friends" later on in life anyway, IF THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS TRULY ALL I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO, EVERYONE HARASSING ME, BULLYING ME, OUTCASTED ME AS IS I'M WORTH LESS THAN 'WORTHLESS', THEN I DON'T WANT ANYTHING MORE TO DO WITH LIFE, I DON'T WANT ANY PART OF IT ANYMORE, I WOULD RATHER DIE." After this thought, I made the decision to end my life before the week was over. But then something had happened that I had never expected to happen, it's safe to say nothing short of Divine Intervention. A friend of mine by the name of William Hoang, had an extra neon green form for a "Paintball trip in Peterborough", He had asked me if I wanted me to go with him on this trip, I said "Sure, why not." My parents said have fun, signed the form, arrived at "THE PORTABLE", looked around and thought the place was great, handed in my form, things started to get interesting and I never left since then. Since that time in my life, we found ouzr headquarters, opened our new youth centre where I was first a member & then went through Leadership training course for 3 years in order to become a staff member (I eventually became a Christian through prayer during this time too, just saying) met a myriad of people who had come & gone staffing the centre, we expanded the ministry & from there it all turned into what it has now become today. The Program that I had been a part of for near 7 1/2 years as a member & staff at the youth centre has blessed me by giving me a reason to live, by hanging out with other kids who feel the same way I did when I was their age, we also have tonnes of fun too, Gained many friends through the ministry who never abandoned me, I was most importantly introduced to The Creator of the Universe & Earth, He is God Almighty, His magnificent Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit all whom I've entered into a relationship with. Thanks to the love of Christ shining through Jodi & Patti, they made an impact on my life that I won't soon ever forget. Yours Sincerely, --Adam Hawley

3: HOW THE MINISTRY OF CROSSTRAINERS BLESSED ME By Tammy Brophy January 12, 2011 I jumped at the chance to be able to share about how the CrossTrainers Ministry has blessed me! In 2008 Judi Coates introduced me to True Vibe by inviting me to a Beth Moore Bible study called “A Women’s Heart – God’s Resting Place”. I was blown away – my first Beth Moore Bible study and I was hooked! Praise God! I continued to be part of other Bible studies through True Vibe, and helped lead the “Mom to Mom” series of studies by Linda Anderson. God has truly blessed me through these studies because they brought me into a greater intimate relationship with Jesus that I never had before. They also immersed me into the study of The Word and armed me with knowledge that led to great growth in my spiritual life, and to turning over my life to complete trust in my heavenly Father. Then that “peace that surpasses all understanding” washed over my life at a time when I truly needed it. The True Vibe studies also blessed my life because I could share with woman who had the same thirst for discussion. My prayer life flourished as I prayed with women and for women. Jodi and Patti, I praise God for you, and I am so thankful that you followed God’s leading to start this vital ministry in Bradford. I will continue to pray for you, your team and your ministry. YOU ARE A LIGHT IN THE WORLD! Sincerely, Tammy

4: I have many fond memories of Jodi and Patty and am so grateful that I and my family have had the privilige to have them in our lives. We have shared laughs together and tears together, but what I love most about the two of them is their genuine love for the God we serve. God's love is so evident in their lives that you can't help being drawn to them. I love them and thank them for the many spiritual and tangible gifts they have shared. The gracious generosity of their time and resources was so evident in my life when my whole world fell out from under me six years ago. I was left in the position of nowhere to go and knowing Jodi and Patti, they came up with an incredible God blessed makeover of their home, in the shape of a brand newly built apartment for me. The volunteers and the money flowed in and with the generous offer from their landlords (Stan and Judy Coates), I was given a beautiful place to live rent free for one year. Wow, what a blessing that was for myself and my son, Christopher, who was just heading off to Bible Camp. He knew his Mom was taken care of by God's gracious servants. They were there whenever I needed to be heard and they would never let me leave until they prayed for me. I cannot express how grateful I have been to be so enormously blessed by two wonderful girls. This gracious offer was in a sense the beginning of a much bigger ministry in the form of Mercy House. I thank you Jodi and Patti, but most of all I thank the Almighty God for gracing these girls with your love and gifts. We are all truly blessed by it. I love you both, Merry De Winter

5: Dear Patti and Jodi, Well I have to say it has been a real ride! Working with you two has truly blessed my life. It have been so amazing to watch you living out your faith, trusting the Lord whole heartedly and expecting the Lord to work, whatever that may look like. You have challenged me to seek God first in all things and to trust that he does have a plan and it is in the best interest of all. You guys have been an example and encouragement to me, not only in how to do ministry and truly love people (no matter who they are) but to also really love our Father in Heaven. Your excitement for the Lord and what He is doing is so contagious and brings so much joy to people and glory to Him, because you continually point to Him. How can we not see Him working and be amazed at who He is! You may never know the impact that your lives, your words and your love will have on the people that God puts in your path... but I do know the Lord is going to use you, as He already has. I look forward to hearing more of what the Lord is doing in and round you. I know it will be an adventure! I really want to encourage you both to keep seeking Him, keep sharing your stories and loving everyone. I know it can get hard sometimes... but as the Sidewalk Prophets song says.... Be strong in the Lord, and never give up hope. Your gonna do great things. I already know. God’s got his hand you so don’t live life in fear. Forgive and forget, but don’t forget why your here. Take your time and pray. These are the words I would say. God bless you both for your dedication and sacrifice. -Laura Swagerman

6: Then August 1999 I picked her up from camp – she had graduated from college in the spring so was coming home to no “friends” or job. That summer had been difficult for many reasons so, when I picked her up after camp, I was very aware of her difficult feelings. She asked if she could drive and as we drove out the camp road she wanted to share a song with me that she said was her “theme” song for that time. I was anxious to hear what song meant so much to her. As Philips Craig & Dean sang “Ready for the Rain” I cried. The following words opened my eyes to the beautiful faith that had grown in Jodi and I was convinced that our Father would use her in a mighty way. “I'm ready for the rain, I'm ready for a chance to grow It's those showers from above, That make the river flow I'm ready for the rain, I'm gonna face the storm head on Though it drives me to my knees, That's where I'm made strong I'm ready for the rain.” As Jodi and Patti joined their faith and walk of obedience to God, He established CrossTrainers. Right from the beginning Jodi’s faith has been both a blessing and a challenge to me. Together the faith of these two beautiful young women would impact my life as God began impacting so many other lives. My faith could not help but be challenged and, as I saw Jesus work in and through their lives, I could see Him work in and through me as well. There is no life that has encountered either of these ladies that has not been impacted by God in some way. Both Jodi and Patti continue to encounter the “Rain” but have a blessed determination to face the storms head on because they have proven so often that He is Faithful. Since it has been a very long time since I heard or thought of the song noted above, I needed to find the words of the song to ensure accuracy. The words above were the ones that I would constantly sing in my head; however, today it is the final verse that jumped off the page at me: “When the sun comes out tomorrow, I'll stand here as living proof There is a blessing in the rain, Because it makes me more like You.” I could not help but note that Jodi and Patti stand today as “living proof” of God’s love, grace compassion and goodness. They demonstrate that there really is a blessing in the rain as it made, and continues to make, both of them more and more like their LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. With much love for and to both, Mom / “The Mom” | The word CrossTrainers is, to most, synonymous with the names Jodi and Patti. Both of these women have been a huge blessing and source of encouragement to me. For four years Jodi would leave Emmaus Bible College in the spring and go right to Joy Bible Camp – then from camp to college – the excitement of seeing camp friends softened the absence from college friends, and vice versa.

7: I have known Jodi & Patti for many years, ever since meeting them when they were counseling at Camp Li Lo Li in NY when I was a camper. I've since had the opportunity to work with them as a counselor there, as well as help out in Bradford over the years painting a mural, designing logos, helping with graphics work, and praying for them as well! My husband and I have been blessed to see the amazing growth and witness they have in the work they do with God in that area, and we love hearing how faithful God has been, and how He has had chances to show off His creativity and power through them. Their enthusiasm and dedication to Him as first of all the true Love in both their lives as individuals, is a great encouragement to me, as well as how they communicate that love and His plan of redemption to all who would accept it to others in such fantastic ways. We will both continue to pray and support them in the years ahead, and are so excited to be able to celebrate this milestone with them!! Anna & Andrew Grist Vineland, ON | Andrew & Anna

8: I know that because of Jodi my life has changed extremely since we were at camp and she had us walk down to the creek and throwing the rocks (what is holding us down) in.... It might not have been a big deal to the younger girls but it was a big step for me to live my life the way God wants me to. I think about that night at camp a lot. I feel like a lot of doors have been opened for me since then. I thank her and Patti for using their talents that God has given them to bring his word and love to us in a way that we can relate to and understand. Both of you have been to so many places in the world. Everywhere you have gone you have shared God's word with as much love as you have to offer. You are put into places where you don't know anyone but show everyone how Godly people should be, without judgement, anger, and with love. You ladies have touched so many peoples lives and I want to thank you both for everything that you have done. Stacey Foster

9: Hi there, My name is Kris Stawski and about 10 years ago I started into youth ministry at Newmarket Allliance Church. Shortly after, I got to know Jodi and then Patti and they became a valuable part of the South Lake Youth Network at that time. I always appreciated their dedication to young people and their "give it all" approach to their ministry. So many of us in that network were finding our way during that time and that allowed us to be a support to one another. I especially enjoyed the times of prayer and encouragement we shared. It meant a lot to me. I've included a family picture as a reminder that God answers prayer and is always faithful to His children. They have certainly seen God multiply their work and bless the work of their hands. I am so proud of CT's accomplishments and their dedication to serve. May God give you vision and joy as you plan for the next 10 years and may He grant you the desires of your heart as you seek to follow His best path for your lives. Many blessings, Kris

10: Hello Patti and Jodi! I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you’ve put in to your ministry. The time I spent with you both and everyone at the Hub was relatively short but in terms of significance it was huge! That was three years ago, when I was in Gr.11 and the summer I was going into Gr.12 when we went to Eagle’s Cove for the first time. (Though, it really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long). I think that I the whole year I spent with you was extremely formative. I would credit you with growing my love for the Word of God. Seeing your enthusiasm and joy was really encouraging; it made me want to know the Bible better so that I could join with you in celebrating all that God has said. It was because of you guys that I also began to understand how the Old Testament is pieced together with the New Testament, which is a very cool blessing. I especially think of the one night when we were studying the OT Temple, and all the parallels that went with that - my favourite just being the significance of the torn veil when Christ died. I always remember how valued prayer was in everything, too. I think a lot about camp when I say this, thinking about the night on the way up to Thunder Bay when we stayed at the camp run by people that (I think) the Pecks knew, how that camp let us stay the night for free and so as thanks we each committed to pray for a few of their staff/volunteers. Another time, at camp, I remember hearing a conversation that went something like: “Where’s Patti and Jodi?” “They’re praying somewhere” “Oh, obviously!” The point being that prayer was just a part of your life. (So good!) Also! More related to camp than to you two specifically, God’s really given me a love for First Nation peoples, and being out in Saskatchewan right now (with Alli at Briercrest) it’s really neat because there’s a lot of opportunities to get involved. I think that God used going to camp with you as a way of planting that seed in me that’s now developing three years later! I’ve been so blessed by the good examples that you’ve both set in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity; it’s crazy sauce! In thinking about the impact you’ve had on me, I’m realizing that I need to be thankful again for the way God has used you to work in my life. I’m also thankful for all the times you and others drove Morgan, Jake and I back and forth from Keswick. Thank you both again so much! The Lord bless you and keep you, Stephanie Wright

11: Jodi and Patti We have watched Jodi from vey young and then with a long “PEI pause” we saw what kind of a woman that she would develop into. The friendship with Patti looked from the outside as they had been together all their life and only developed from there. We have had the privilege of seeing them begin their ministry and trust God in and through it. In our devotions for the last few days in Luke 8 we have seen weakness be the formula to see the hand of the Lord at work. As John the Baptist said in John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.” less of me means that we see more of Him. This best depicts what we have seen as a staple in the diet of the lives of these two friends, and eternal companions. To see it lived out in their lives has just allowed us to see God more clearly and we thank God regularly for that. We pray for your continued reliance on God so that He would show Himself to be the strong, unfailing God to all those that your lives would touch. We again thank God for how you two have touched our lives in God’s strength. Mike, SaraLynne, Caleb and Alicia Klomp

14: I first met Jodi and Patti when i was 14, when i started coming to the Hub. I loved hanging around them, they made me feel at home. Once i started to go to the youth centre every weekend, they asked if i was interested in joining the leadership program. I said yes because i looked up to them as well as the other staff members that i wanted to be a role model for the new kids that came in. The youth centre became like my second home. I could always count on Jodi and Patti for anything. I could talk to them about anything and i knew i would always get a truthful answer and the best advice. They helped me with a lot of my struggles when i was a non believer, whether it was praying for me or just talking it out with me. Once i became a Christ follower, they helped me through my walk with Jesus. They pushed me to open up, to read the bible, and to pray out loud. I thank God for bringing these 2 amazing ladies in my life. If it wasn't for them i would have never known about God and i wouldn't be who i am today. I love you both! You are truly gifts from God. Shannah

15: Dear Jodi, Patti & the Cross Trainers Ministry Team I’ve been asked to write how your Ministry impacts me and have been informed that I need to keep this to one page. Not so easy for this girl as you all know talking is not a hardship for melol. So let me just start by saying that there have been so many ways this Ministry has blessed me in such a short time, that I won’t have room to mention them all. I’ll ask that you allow me to take you on a whirlwind trip that CT has had me and my husband on since the summer of 2010. Ready? Helmets on? Seatbelts fastened? Here we go!!! | I believe it’s been 6 years now that the Cross Trainers Ministry Team has been the Evangelist and Worship ministry for Kids Overnight Camp, at our home camp, Pine Orchard Camp (POC) near Newmarket. In July, I was blessed to be around during most of our Kids Overnight Camp wherein I was able to watch CT Ministries in action. It was amazing to see a Tabernacle full of kids introduced to the Wild West and learn about what it meant to be “branded for Christ”. To watch the kids interact with Jodi and the team is awesome. Hearts were opened wide before God and lives were changed to the Glory of His Name!! As the newly elected Director of Kids Overnight Camp at POC, I have been blessed with working with CT Ministries to continue to bring the Gospel to our children. In speaking with some of our campers over the last year, I have had one question asked over and over again....”Are Jodi and the gang coming back this year?” Our campers have been transformed through the way CT Ministries brings the Gospel to life. To watch the eyes of the kids as Moses entered the Tabernacle to lead them through Scripture or as a Sheriff and his two bumbling deputies try to bring their prisoners to jail only to find out that God had different plans to bring them to the Promised Land, is simply thrilling. CT Ministries is a very important part of the Ministries at POC. In August, my husband and I were moved immensely as we volunteered alongside CT Ministries and watched them in action as they transformed the Bradford Manor. I’m not just talking a building or physical transformation, oh no, that’s just the start. What we experienced were the hands and feet of Christ working through each member of CT Ministries. A true reflection of the fruits of the Spirit. We watched, as by faith, each need was provided for. October 2010 – CT Ministries and our new friends at the Bradford Manor arrived at POC for a day of baking, campfire, eating and fellowship. What a glorious day as we continued to watch this faith driven ministry love on our guests. In the preparations for this day, I remember receiving an email from Jodi wherein I had asked her if there had been any donations made for the baking items we’d need. This was the last area that needed to be arranged for this day. Here’s what she had written me.....”Jesus totally hooked me up with $ for the baking supplies - I'll tell you the story tomorrow - Jesus showed off yesterday and it was sweet!” Now that’s Faith!! Where two or more are gathered in HIS name, we know HE is in our midst, and that day was no exception. I was moved as we learned that in a quiet moment at fireside, a young man gave his life to Jesus that day. As the teams says....GLORY!! November – December 2010 - Through our interactions with CT Ministries, I have now become involved in the ministry at Mercy House and my husband and I both spend Christmas morning with the gang at CT along with our friends at the Bradford Manor and many other wonderful volunteers. January 2011 - We continue to work with CT Ministries in our POC Ministry, Mercy House and anywhere else we can help. So....how does this Ministry bless us? In a word......faithfulness!! Jodi, Patti, Kelsey, Josh & April and all the other wonderful, loving members of the CT Ministry Team impact our lives by being who God has called us all to be....His Hands and Feet. They love on all people, those who are faithfully following Him and those who have yet to begin to know Him. They live by faith and not by site! YES, FAITH! They exemplify Jesus’ commandment to all of us....Matthew 28:19 (NIV) 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. CT Ministries has amazing faith and they leave the rest up to God!! SWEET!!! In His Service and Love, Diana & Scott Mitchell

16: Kyle and I have had the privilege of being involved with CT since the beginning; when a safe place for at risk youth to come and build relationships was but a dream, and the staff to put it together, were no more than a handful of highschoolers wrestling with their own ideas of salvation, practical evangelism and living a set-apart life. Kyle and I have some very fond and vivid memories or the role plays, discussions, prayer times, mission statement formulations, bible studies, retreats (and of course the pranks and squamish games) in those early years. Those memories have been sited over the years as moments that have been foundational into shaping Kyle and I into the believers and young adults we are today. We were challenged to remember that God is a God of unlimited resources and He dreams BIG- so dream with him and allow yourself to step with him in Faith. We also were challenged to see God changing one life at a time as we as believers practice community, mentoring, discipleship and do life alongside one another. Over the years, we have had the delight and privilege to work alongside CT in varying capacities as the ministry has changed, grown and evolved. As HUB staff & director, Women's Bible study Leader, Retreat Speaker, Mercy House Policy Committee, Board Member and finally as MH Live-in Staff Coordinator, we have been challenged, touched, encouraged and blessed. I have witnessed over and over again, the sincerity to reach out to the lost and 'do life' alongside the hurting, the passion for scriptural preaching and teaching and what it looks like tangibly, to have a real faith that will step out....a faith that can move mountains....literally! I am not sure, either of us can express all the ways in which we have been blessed by this ministry...but I am so excited to celebrate with you these past 10 years. Thank you for your ministry, life, dedication, service and for your desire to be Jesus with skin on, expecting nothing in retrain. We wait with eager anticipation at all that God will do in and through this ministry in the years to come. Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3: 20-22 Love in Christ, Jenn and Kyle Brewer

17: I came to Crosstrainers as a fearful, apprehensive and broken sixteen year old trying to work through and understand the purpose of my life. I distinctively remember arriving at the Hub with my social worker where I was enthusiastically greeted by two passionate or should I say crazy ladies. As its said so often, sometimes you need to see someone wholeheartedly love something/someone before you can love and receive that love yourself. Thank you Jodi and Patti for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself and summoning me - with your lives - to enlist in a radical adventure of devotion to Christ. I pray that the next ten years of ministry will be full of prayer, immense joy and holy ambition. “What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off? And if he finds it, truly I tell you, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off. In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:12-14 Jon Summers

18: It's been six years since CrossTrainers opened The Hub Youth Drop-in Centre, in an upstairs room at the old St. Mary's Building. The idea was to provide a safe, comfortable and secure after-school location, where kids could get involved in activities, do homework, learn and grow, and have fun. It isn't only the high school kids who learned, and grew. The Hub itself quickly outgrew the space. “We maxed it out in about a month,” says founder Patti LaRose – with upwards of 55 kids attending the centre on an average night. “You couldn't even relationship-build. It was crowd control,” remembers co-founder, Jodi Greenstreet. Then the basement, formerly home to Bradford Co-operative Nursery School, suddenly became available – providing much-needed space for both CrossTrainers and The Hub. It's been a remarkable partnership with both the community, and The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, which owns the building – and which has supported CrossTrainers' efforts to expand the services it provides. Since The Hub opened, the organization has also developed PlayZone – two bright and cheery upstairs rooms that were being used by the Town for pre-school programs, with limited success. Now redecorated and run by Laura Swagerman, it's both a play centre, and a focus of CrossTrainers' children's ministry. Downstairs, a room at the east end of the building houses the Hand Up Clothing Room. Stocked with donations from the public, and from Giant Tiger's $3 rack, Hand Up provides new and gently-used clothing, shoes, linens and towels to families and individuals referred by local agencies, including the Helping Hand Food Bank and Ontario Early Years Centre. (Continued on next page...) | "Putting a Community Building to Community Use" | by Miriam King Bradford Times

19: Holly Muncey operates Hand Up, assisted by a small army of volunteers who come in to help sort and distribute the donations. Approximately 30 families and individuals are assisted each week, on Tuesday afternoons and Friday evenings. There's True Vibe – a Women's Ministry run by Judi Coates, that offers Bible Study, special events, and a Mom2Mom program on Tuesday mornings; and the new Connections Cafe, which invites members of the public to drop in for a cup of coffee and a listening ear. The Cafe provides internet access, and Christian and Pastoral Councillors willing to volunteer their time, to provide one-on-one mentoring. CrossTrainers has also partnered with Geranium Corp. and Metrus, to open Mercy House Transitional Housing for women and their children. “Our heart is really just to meet needs in the community,” says Greenstreet, “especially for low-income families.” Manager of Facilities & Parks, Mike O'Hare, notes that not only do CrossTrainers pay the Town “reasonable rents” for the facility, they have also made improvements to the building, thanks to donations from partners that include the Bradford Team Depot – even though there are “no promises” as to the future of the building. “They keep the place safe and clean. They're great tenants.” CrossTrainers was established about 10 years ago, as a Christian charitable organization, with a volunteer Board of Directors. It is interdenominational, its programs are open to everyone, Greenstreet says – and its goal is “encouraging the local Church to stand together and reconcile the needs within their community, by loving unconditionally, doing good, and giving expecting nothing in return.” With the economy teetering on the brink of recession, she says, “This next year, I think we're going to be kind of inundated with need.” On November 26, CrossTrainers invited Town Staff and members of Council to an appreciation luncheon, and a tour of the St. Mary's Building, to see how the old building is being put to use, to meet the community's needs . CrossTrainers have also suggested a new name: The Connections Centre, “so people know this building is a place where needs are met.” The St. Mary's Hall, built in the 1950s, was leased by the Town of Bradford from the Simcoe County Roman Catholic Separate School Board in 1975, “for community and cultural purposes,” and purchased at the end of the 4-year lease for $1. Uses at the time included day care, a seniors' centre, and community activities. Those uses continue; in addition to CrossTrainers and The Connection Centre, the building also houses the Happy Sixties Seniors' Group, Coats for Kids, and various municipal committee meetings. For more information, see www.ctministries.ca

20: Eleven to twelve years ago when Patti and Jodi had a dream for teens and were awaiting the leading and direction of the Lord, Patti was talking with her Dad, telling him of some of the things they were hoping to do and the funds that they would need. His remarks, being an accountant , were “Isn’t that taking on way too much, how will you finance it all?” “Maybe you should go at it a little slower.” Patti’s answer was “My God is a BIG God, isn’t yours?” Then we saw the first wish list – WOW! IMPOSSIBLE! But Patti’s God was a BIG God, we saw unbelievable events happen, miracles, wishes fulfilled, more than even asked for. Now the work has grown to include – children, teens, fathers, mothers, neighbours, only eternity will reveal the souls reached because of the dreams and wishes of two girls who loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him. Praise the Lord, bless you all – your God and my God is BIG, and this phrase of Patti’s has been a real blessing to me personally over the past ten years. Aunt Joanne The things which are impossible with man are possible with God. Luke 18:27

21: Dear Jodi and Patti, Since I was invited to be participating of our Bible Study Group in 2007 I had a wonderful opportunity to meet all the team and in particular both of you. Your teachings have been touching me deeply since brought me very close to Our Father, His love, compassion, comprehension, mercy and forgiveness .... Following everything you teach and share, what constantly both of you have been doing for those in need, your love towards every little thing, situation or person makes me think how wonderful could be if every corner of this planet had someone with the same motivation to help and bring comfort and hope for those in despair for His Glory, our world would be a better place to live for everyone... I thank you for all these teachings that have touched me and are helping me with my faith and overcome my fears and weaknesses...I pray that all your needs be in our Lord’s hands and that He will provide them according with His time, since I believe that this is our purpose here: “helping each other and transform our space in a better place to live and share” in His will and you both are truly doing it everyday. Also on behalf of Manny , I can reaffirm that what struck us most is your dedication and commitment , your sincerity, your loyalty to our God and your deeply desire to spread His word in a way that everyone can “feel” His presence and sovereignty. Thank you both for everything and we wish that all your dreams and plans will become true in a not too distant future. Your are an example for all of us! With love, Juliana, Manoel, Callum and Oliver

22: Dear Jodi and Patti, I have known you for awhile now but ever since I saw you guys at Pine orchard camp I have wanted to do more for God. Jodi you even told a short little prayer to say everyday on how I can show God through me. After that conversation I wanted to get baptized so in November I did. You two helped me to make that decision. After that cross trainer emailed me about the manner and I was so excited to do that. Patti and Jodi always are so nice to me and I love when I see that glow in their faces when GOD solved a major problem. When helping at the manor it made me feel a part of something big. You two always had something for me to do. I made wonderful friends while being there and I met a lot of people there also when we went apple picking and to Scanlon creek. Those people wouldn't have come into my life if God had never let me be there with you two and Cross Trainers. You also influenced me to do something a little different at Christmas when you told me about the dinner at the manor. I felt so compelled by God to make food and buy presents for them at the manor. I wish I could have seen their faces on CHRISTmas morning. I am just so glad I met you guys because it is a way to show God’s Love to people. Keep showing God’s love where ever you go! Love, Ninah

23: I first met Jodi an Patti at Bradford Baptist and heard of the work they were doing with the youth in town. Little did I know of the influence they would have on my life and the way God would use all of us at the church to bless this town. I heard of the need for help at the Hub Cafe and God spoke to me to help out.I began to volunteer at the cafe and from there met many people to love as a community of believers and find a common ground to share God's message of love for everyone and let them know someone cares when they are hurting.We formed an amazing team of believers helping with renovations ,blessing them with prayer and support in ways they had never seen before and all of these things took place because these girls answered the call of God on their lives .We love you girls now growing to include Kelsey, Jen and many more. Crosstrainers has helped us reconnect with people around the world as well when they arrive here in Canada to do missions work here with us in our little town and we get to love and pray with them. What a great legacy you have, girls. We are blessed to have you and I know you are blessed in return. Hugs and Prayers Victoria

24: Congratulations to Crosstrainers on their 10 year anniversary! We remember when we first met Jodi and Patti as they presented their vision for youth ministry to Sonfire Canada. Their enthusiasm for Christ was so evident, as they shared about how they hoped to combine physical and spiritual training to the youth of today; hence the name “Crosstrainers”. It has given us great joy and encouragement to witness the way Jodi and Patti have poured their lives into serving the Lord through so many different ways and to touch the lives of so many different people. The power of personal testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives is an incredible witness and encouragement to the rest of us. We have often been inspired by the way they depend on God for their direction, teaching and provisions. Their vast and varied friend base is a testimony to their humble, caring hearts. May God continue to richly bless both of you and the many various ministries of CrossTrainers! Blessings and prayers, Love Tom, Gail and Kelsey Janes

25: Jodi & Patti Crosstrainers was in its infancy. Jody Patty and I began a great journey together developing young leaders. We realized that we were both developing young leaders, I was with Youth Unlimited\ Youth for Christ and Patty & Jodi were I believe working with Sunfire (not sure about the name but it was pre-crosstrainers) Tom Janes may remember) We worked together for a period of time developing great leaders. The location we utilized became affectionately known as the Red Brick or Upper Room. We took our group on weekends away and even 9-10 years later I see these young people now adults serving God in great and wonderful ways. Patty & Jodi have inspired me to many great initiatives. Had Crosstrainers not been in the position to continue to work with the young leaders we may not have been able to move forward with vision that became The Shop Vehicle Donation Program. I am often inspired by their tireless effort and absolute trust in God. Congratulations on a great decade. Steve Klassen

28: “How has meeting Jodi blessed me?” On October 17, 2010, Jodi spoke at Bradford Baptist Church. It was a BEAUTIFUL thing to see; she was on fire for God! In fact, in her own words she was "out of her mind" for the sake of God. She went on to share what the Lord had put on her heart about viewing eternity as beginning now, that eternal life is to know God and we are in Him now. She also used the re-enactment of a marriage proposal to illustrate Jesus' intense, real, unrelenting, unfailing, all-out LOVE for us! Praise Him! Everything she did and said was just bathed with the anointing of God. I will never forget that day. There is no way she could have known what I was feeling or going through at the time. Indeed, she'd never met me. Nonetheless, it is impossible to fully express how profound her message was that day! Tears poured down my face uncontrollably, and by the time she concluded I felt loved by Jesus in a way I'd never known before. Now that is the sure sign of a woman who has given her heart and life over to the Lord! First, Jodi spoke to my deepest fear that day - that I was out of my mind. I'd been wondering if I was totally crazy because the things I was believing God for were in such stark contrast to my circumstances. Through her, Jesus set me free from that lie. Next, she spoke about the light momentary affliction we are to patiently endure through Christ who strengthens us, in preparation for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison! I can still clearly picture the rope she used to make us mindful of God's timeline! Another set of chains was broken as Jesus gave me truth in place of the lie that God doesn't care enough to relieve our affliction. Finally, she illustrated Jesus' tender, sweet love in a way I'd never imagined before: Jesus, down on His knees proposing marriage, offering Himself to us fully and never, no not ever, turning away nor loving us less. And all this irrespective of our love or lack of love for Him, regardless of our acceptance or rejection! It takes my breath away and my heart pounds for Him. Needless to say, I am eternally grateful to God for bringing Jodi into my life to bless me. What marvelous, miraculous things happen when people humble themselves to love and serve the Lord! There is no way that any person except Jesus could have healed the brokenness in my heart; but for God's grace and Jodi's willingness I don't know where I'd be right now. He revealed more of His heart to me that day and there is no greater blessing! Thank you Jodi! I pray you will always grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Your sister in Christ, Kate Hendriks

29: We were introduced to Jodi and Patti by Jodi’s Mom, June, who is a good friend of ours. I (Joan) met Jodi and Patti for the first time at a ladies coffee hour at Shoreacres Bible Chapel about nine years ago. Jodi was the speaker, but it was obvious that Patti and Jodi were a team. I remember Jodi referring to Patti as “my best friend in the whole world”, which I thought was very special. We have had the privilege of being in the company of Jodi and Patti over the years, usually at June’s...every Easter and Thanksgiving for several years, as well as other times. Two years ago we had the privilege of spending a few days in PEI at the lighthouse with June, Jodi and Patti. It is a vacation we will never forget! It was a wonderful time with lots of laughs as well as some serious conversations...about the Lord!! It was very obvious to us that both Jodi and Patti are deeply devoted to the Lord and passionate to follow His leading. It warmed our hearts as we listened to stories that showed God’s provision, grace and power in the work they were doing in Bradford. God was certainly working and the girls were giving God ALL the glory and praise. We have praised God many times as we hear about what is happening in Bradford. Many miracles have happened, not the least of which was Mercy House. What an amazing story of God’s provision. It is so encouraging and refreshing to see Jodi and Patti’s faith in God in EVERY situation. They have been shining examples to us of praying and then trusting COMPLELTELY AND TOTALLY on the Lord...and then praising Him for the amazing ways He answers prayers. Simeon and Joan Murphy

30: Rob & I first met Jodi at Riverdrive chapel in Holland Landing. Then later, Patti arrived and the two being like-minded for local missions, became partners. We have been greatly blessed to be witnesses of God's awesome answering of prayer through them, as they've yielded themselves to His calling. Their faith has been an encouragement to us and our family as modern-day examples of what God still does thru people who are fully committed to Him. Rob & Esther Weston

31: In the early days of Canadian Youth Network (we have been around 13 years)... Jodi (my fellow Emmaus grad) and Patti were a fixture at both a local network level and the yearly Oasis Youth Leaders retreat in Niagara Falls. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these two and have missed staying in touch over the past few years. These two young women are inspiring in their determination to forge ahead with their vision and care for their community. I want to offer a huge congratulations for 10 years of serving people in God's name! It is hard to believe that 10 years has gone by and also to see the progress of Crosstrainers and all the other ministries that have been initiated!! Way to go girls... and now all the staff of Crosstrainers... may God richly bless you and your future. John Latta

32: Dear Jodi and Patti, Congratulations on your ten year Cross Trainers anniversary! What a blessing you and Cross Trainers Ministries have been in our lives. It has been so encouraging to watch God at work in and through you. Our faith in God's timing and provision has been bolstered time and time again as you have shared the amazing ways He has met your needs and guided you. You both live out your faith so vibrantly and it has been a joy to partner in prayer with you for your many endeavors. We are also very thankful for the way you both have impacted our daughter Kelsey's life. You have played a huge role in shaping her into the passionate, godly woman of faith that she has grown to be. Because you took her under your wings and encouraged her, she is using her God given talents for His kingdom and His glory. As a parent, there is nothing better one could hope for a child. Thank you for the years you have invested in her, modeling a God-centered life, allowing her to be a part of your lives, and sharing your ministry opportunities with her. What a blessing to have two wonderful mentors such as you! As you look ahead to what God has in store for Cross Trainers, we know that He will continue to guide, direct, fill, empower, and provide. May you rest in His grace, work in His strength, and abide in His joy. Thank you for all the lives you have touched for the Kingdom! Because of grace and with gratitude, Dave and Ellen Stebbings

33: To Jodi and Patricia Thank you for taking a chance on me, when I felt that I didn't have a chance left in the world to take. I love you both more than you can ever know. Peace Constance

34: To Jodi and Patti, heartfelt congratulations and thanks for letting us take the journey with you in this exciting outreach. Many hands and hearts have become involved thanks to your vision, and your enthusiasm. We and the community have been truly blessed because of your step of Faith. God continue to bless you both mightily. We rejoice with you. Love Lynn and Bea Smith

35: "Charity Darts Night at the Legion" By Miriam King Bradford Times | The Thursday Night Fun Darts League at the Bradford Legion is a league with a heart. Not only do members have fun, they also fundraise – and at last Thursday night's Darts for Charity Night named Mercy House Transitional housing for women and children as the focus of their giving. League members brought in donations of food, gifts and toys, personal hygiene items and cash for the women and their children who will be spending Christmas at Mercy House. And as they played darts and spun the wheel of fortune for points, they also donated – and helped raise a total of $513.66. “Thank you so much from Mercy House. There's a team there, that's been blown away” by the generosity of the community, said Jodi Greenstreet of CrossTrainers. | The building that houses Mercy House is owned by Geranium (Metrus), but CrossTrainers has been granted a 5-year lease, with an option for renewal, at $1 per year. “As of January 1st, the House will be full. The need is huge.” Mercy House provides a safe haven for women and their children in transition, who have left emergency shelter but have yet to develop the skills, training, and confidence to find their own accommodation in the community. For more information, or to make a donation, call 905-775-1054.

36: When I think of you Patti, I think of big hugs and good talks. I am so thankful for you as a friend and as a big sister in the Lord. Thank you for being someone who I can come to when my head is going “crazy” to tell me I’m not alone and to point me towards my Savior Jesus. When I think back on the time when I got to live with you at Emmaus and then for the summer I think of many wonderful and hard times, thank you for loving me throughout those times. I remembered when my heart’s desire was to be a part of the “team” and live with you in Bradford and do exactly what you do, and learn to love and rely on the Lord the way your life exemplified, and the Lord told me no, I must learn these things a different way, I was heartbroken. Yet, the Lord is as His Word says, “just as it is written, "THINGS WHICH EYE HAS NOT SEEN AND EAR HAS NOT HEARD, AND which HAVE NOT ENTERED THE HEART OF MAN, ALL THAT GOD HAS PREPARED FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM." Patti, I’m not sure what to say, other than thank you for letting the Lord use you in my life so deeply as well as in the lives of so many others. Being a part of Crosstrainers has taught me so much, just by hearing and getting to be a part of so many “God stories”, the times of prayer and being in the Word together, of singing, of crying and laughing and getting completely out of my comfort zone. Of being able to watch Our God do amazing things with His people, of believing God for “something so big it is destined to fail without you, Lord something so great it takes a miracle to do”. Thank you for coming to love and serve me as I began a new life as a married woman in July, I have been so blessed by you P-dawg (woof, woof, as though a poodle would bark :) ) I love you! Dear Jodi, when I think of you, I am reminded of the many times that you have listened intently to the cries of my heart, to the worries of my mind and you have pointed me toward Jesus, the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life. There are so many things that you have told me that have stuck with me, but namely your prayer for me that the Lord would deepen the foundation of my relationship with Him before I sought a structure of ministry too high or too wide to be supported. I am thankful that you have continued to love me though for a time in life I had you on a pedestal that no human belongs on, (its scary up there!). I believe that the Lord has gifted you in many ways, in teaching, as well as faith, I have benefitted so much as the Holy Spirit within you has used these gifts to build up His Body. Jo, I love you a whole lot, you will always be a dear sister to me. Thank you inviting me to be a part of Crosstrainers for a time, I learned, and was affected so much by seeing life up close in personal at the Hub, Mercy House, and what is now Training for Life. Thinking back on our times together I remember Li-Lo-Li, the Bible study at Emmaus, times spent in Bradford, and traveling across the U.S. These are all very special memories for me, sometimes they were quite hard, others quite joyful, but most were centered around learning to live “simply” to love God, and through Him to love others. You are dear to my Jodi Greenstreet, someone for whom I thank the Lord for! Thank you for loving and serving me in the days before our wedding, you are a blessing to me friend~ I love you! -Lacey Jane Nininger

37: Patti and Jodi were a part of our lives before crosstrainers became a part of theirs. I first got to know them when they helped me run a Vacation Bible Club at Riverdrive Bible Chapel. They were as dedicated and as crazy then as they are today. I clearly remember a near death experience that week involving Patti, Jodi, a child and a wheel barrow – inside the church, of course. When they first had that twinkle in their eyes about starting a youth club with a difference, I was honoured when they asked me to be one of their low-priced “consultants”. We met together for many months. Every meeting had them bouncing ideas off our small team – big ideas, small ideas, wild ideas; these were power brainstorming sessions. Each of these meetings involved God’s Word, prayer, disappointment, excitement and faith-building nudgings in the right direction. Of course, if you know Patti and Jodi, you know the rest of the story: the youth club was only a beginning. Equally important to Nancy and me, more important to us in many ways, is the priceless influence they (and all of their spiritually-minded friends) have had (and still have) on our own four girls. Raising godly women in these early years of the 21st century is no easy task. Their role-modelllng, their taking our kids under their wings, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days, sometimes even for weeks has been invaluable to us as parents. They have helped shape our own kids’ characters in Christ-like and positive ways. So, we thank God for their ministry to our family and to our community. We thank God for crosstrainers. Most importantly, we thank God for Patti and Jodi. Happy 10th anniversary crosstrainers. We look forward to writing a blurb for your 20th! Steve and Nancy Peck

38: The ministry, and in particular my niece Jodi and her co-founder Patti, have been inspirational to me as they are an example of what complete trust and obedience in our Lord can achieve. The growth of the ministry, as illustrated in the many opportunities to witness for the Lord and provide for others, clearly demonstrates our Lord’s grace and abundance of blessings on those who turn to Him! Their humble, but ‘go-forward-for-the-Lord confidence’, inspired and continues to inspire me to just turn to Jesus. As Jodi and Patti have said – I pray that our Lord continues to bless you Jodi, Patti, and your CrossTrainers team for serving our Lord and clearly showing the light of Jesus to God’s people including me! Thank you! In Christ’s Service, Uncle Bill | “How has the ministry of CrossTrainers blessed me?”

39: One day Patti and Jodi sat in our living room and explained, with great passion, their vision of a faith-based work for youth in the Aurora, New Market, Bradford area. This was quite a vision they were presenting us with and we could only say that the Lord would show them the way and we would pray for His guiding. When they left we looked at each other wondering what would happen next. We certainly never anticipated to what extent the Lord would shower His blessing upon their willingness to serve Him in this way. How great is our God. He has shown us that through their faith our faith has also been strengthened. One of our first faith experiences with them was a garage sale adventure. They prepared a list of items they would like to have for the "HUB". We took one look at the list and said it would be difficult to find all of this in one day and there was no way we were going to find street signs at a garage sale let alone a working traffic light, BUT great is our God. Up until our last stop, we had been able to purchase or had been given everything on the list except the two impossible items. We decided to go to the place just down the street from their home for our last stop. We were tired and wanted to go home. Now we all know that God has a great sense of humour. This last stop, which we had bypassed on our way out that day, yielded not only the street signs and working traffic lights but when the girls explained what they wanted to do with these items, the people gave them FOR FREE. Our great God had once again shown us His power. Congratulations Patti and Jodi on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of CrossTrainers Canada Love to Patti from Dad and Mom Love to Jodi from Pops and Momma L

42: C is for Christ the center of it all; R is for Romans, the road to life for us all. O is for Opposition, who would have thought so many; S is for Selfishness, you both seem to lack any. S is for Sacrifice, a life surrender to your King; T is for Truth, Jodi expresses with a ring. R is for Race, a road that wasn’t to be so hard; A is for Anointed, used by Him to heal the discard. I is for Inspiring, a whole town encouraged by you; N is for Numbers, teams brought together, to accomplish not one task but two. E is for Embrace, one never goes without; R is for Rebellious, the world says “QUIET”, but you both sing and shout. S is for Surety, for two lovely hearts, that are sometimes torn apart, are devoted and determined, “thou shall not depart”. | Jodi & Patti, We have only been involved (snicker, snicker) for a short period of time, but that period has been a time of growth and love. Jesus decided it was time that I clean up my act and He wouldn't even let a fake cell phone call go by unnoticed. Really?! Oh yes...But the love of Jesus shone through Patti's BEAUTIFUL eyes as He gently scolded me.."Yes I am an adult now, though I forget to act like one". How could anyone forget my pathetic moments of honesty and failures, disclosed to the E3 group. Your embrace is always the same.....TENDER! My first attempt to be real and empty out the secrets. Well, I really have only just begun. It is easy to be real around you both! I am nervous, yet excited to see what the Lord has planned for us. I hope there will be more time to connect hearts and build friendships, that will last until we are all promoted to glory! Loving always, Crystal Johnson xoxo

43: You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. Such confidence we have through Christ before God. Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God 2 Corinthians 3:2-5 Dear Patti and Jodi, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you for your ministries, and to let you know just how much I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do. You truly are Christ’s letters to the world, continuing His story by witnessing to the world that our God is real and powerful. I am thankful to God for writing into my life through you and your ministries. 6 years ago I prayed asking God to bring into my life Christian friends, bible study, and a good church. At that time in my life I felt very alone, living away from Toronto and having no close family, friends, or home church. I was a single mother of 2 most of the time and deeply wanted a closer relationship with God. I never imagined His plans for me and my family. TrueVibe, PlayZone, HandUp Clothing Room, and the 411 Missions Projects have been a true blessing in my life. What is truly amazing about all these ministries are the many other lives (my husband and children’s included) that are being touched as you continue to follow His direction. I pray that He continues to be glorified and His name honoured as you continue His story. Love & Blessings Lorena Peraza

44: Oh my dear Jodi and Patti, Praise the Lord for what He has done and what He will continue to do through you and CrossTrainers Ministry. Thank you for being obedient to His calling 10 years ago, to see young girl’s lives impacted for Christ, and for eternity. You all have been such a blessing to me and to the Girl’s Discipleship Program here at Horton Haven in such a short time. Four years ago I began to pray about such a ministry here as my heart ached for our daughter Holly and what we went through with her. I didn’t know how it would take shape, or what it would look like or who would be involved. But as the Lord began to lead, I can clearly see His hand and guidance in this and how He brought everything together in His timing and His way! And part of His plan was bringing you guys to us. Not only has the Lord done abundantly above and beyond all I could imagine, but I have been blessed beyond measure, something I did not expect. Jodi, I love your enthusiasm and your zeal for the Word. I love your openness and honesty with the girls. Your love for the Lord is evident in your walk. Thank you for the impact you have had not only on the girls here, but girls all over the US and Canada. I know the Lord will continue to bless you and the ministry and use you in mighty ways. Patti, you are a calming, reassuring, comfort to all those around you. You are an encourager and very instrumental in these girl’s lives. Thank you for your faithfulness to Him and the example that you are and I know will continue to be. Christ truly radiates through you and in you. What joy when you reach heavens gates and see the full impact this ministry has had on countless lives. With that said, may I encourage you to continue to be faithful in what the Lord has called you to do, to run the race with endurance, and finish well. Therefore since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you may not grow weary and lose heart. Hebrews 12:1-3 You are dear to my heart, you have been an unexpected blessing in my life, and I love you both! Much Love and Many Blessings, Wendy Phelan

45: So I was thinking about how CrossTrainers, specifically Jodi and Patti, have blessed me and the most obvious thing that stood out was how God uses them to do His work. This impacted me right from the get-go as I was looking to further my Christian friends after turning my life around. I was impacted greatly by the Manor Make Over because I saw first hand how God used CrossTrainers to impact the lives of those who were less fortunate and unable to repay them. Specifically what God’s word talks about, “doing good, and giving, expecting nothing in return.” It blessed my heart greatly to see that there were “real” Christians living out the word of God, in Bradford no less! This was something that was foreign to me, back in the summer and the years before that. I have seen the team support each other like a family and go through all sorts of labour to show their love for each other, as well as others. There are a lot of different things that happen behind the scenes and it is great to know that many lives have been impacted by the ministry, which started out with just Jodi and Patti. I have had my faith and trust in God stretched so far beyond anything I could have imagined. It has ultimately led to me relying on God more and thirsting for Him to change the lives of everyone whom we come into contact with, through the ministry. I want to thank you two wonderful sisters in Christ for helping me further my walk with God! He has used you to help me grow more with Him and also to work with troubled youth, which has been on my heart for a while. Thank you so much for living by His Spirit and doing what He tells you to. It has touched so many people and will only continue to do so. You gals are loved! Chris Antonio

46: As a new believer she was overwhelmed by the reality of what God was doing in and through lives lived fully surrendered to Him and His will. Lives lived completely dependent on Him to provide in everyway; this way of life was foreign and resonated deeply with her which usually manifested itself physically by her heart feeling as though it would pound out of her chest whenever she spoke with any of the CT team members, set foot in The Hub or drove past Mercy House. For the next two months, April sought prayer regularly from the CT team (and every other willing person) for Josh who subsequently came to know the Lord as His saviour in November of that same year, PTL! Over the next year and a half a relationship developed between our family and Patti and Jodi as April attended women’s events and the first bible study Jodi authored entitled “Recognizing God”. In February 2008 we agreed to join a team that would be ministering primarily to First Nations Peoples from Northern Ontario at Eagle’s Cove Ministry Centre in Thunder Bay. While serving at EC that summer once again we realized God’s goodness and His faithfulness in offering us opportunities to use the gifts He has given us for Kingdom good. Over the course of that week, we developed close friendships with our fellow team members and Patti and Jodi specifically. In April 2009, Josh graduated with a diploma in Recreation Facility Management from Seneca College which ended a 20 month season of our family realizing His faithfulness and depending on Him to provide for our every need (we had no idea that was only the start). We sensed God leading us elsewhere and decided to put our house on the market and move. We really didn’t have any peace about where we would be going until Jodi mentioned in passing to April that the live-in family at Mercy House was leaving and that CT was praying about finding a family to replace them. In that moment, so much made sense and the Lord’s will for our family’s collective life seemed so clear! We accepted positions as the Mercy House and Youth Ministry Shepherds respectively and in July, moved to MH and began our roles as full-time missionaries with the CT Team (we found out later that they had been praying for the Lord to raise up a leader for MH at the very conference at which April had surrendered her life to the Lord three and half years earlier!) We are so blessed to be a part of this amazing ministry team and family. The Lord has grown us in so many areas/ways, strengthened our respective walks and our marriage. It is a huge blessing to have a ringside seat for the many miracles He is performing in Bradford and the surrounding area on a daily basis. We are so thankful to know and partner with these remarkable women who have such passion, humility and perseverance and it is these characteristics that leave us with no doubt as to why our Lord has entrusted this ministry to them. WE LOVE YOU BOTH DEARLY AND ARE SO THANKFUL TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER FOR GIVING YOU BOTH TO US! “If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” - Galatians 5:25 -The Schrader Family | In September of 2006, April was coming off maternity leave following the birth of our youngest daughter Emily and began working with the Simcoe County District School Board’s Alternative Education Program which was at that time operating out of The Hub Youth Centre. It was there that she met Brian Langford and first heard the “crazy” stories about what God was doing through the ministry of CrossTrainers Canada.

47: Dear Patti and Jodi, It is hard to believe that this year marks Crosstrainers’ 10th anniversary! I have been blessed, challenged, and encouraged by this amazing ministry and by you both on numerous occasions. Specifically, your Training for Life ministry has played a huge role in my life. You have been friends and mentors to me and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to pour into my life and the lives of so many other children and youth like me. You have lived lives of discipline and generosity, and most importantly, you have exemplified an intimate and loving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I have modeled my devotional habits after you two and I strive to maintain the same excitement and passion for Him that you both display each and every time that I see you. I love your fun, enthusiastic personalities, and your heart to listen to and follow God’s leading in every single area of your lives. I look up to you both so so much and I am so grateful for your friendship. Thanks for everything and may God bless you both and the entire ministry of Crosstrainers as you continue to follow His leading in every area of your lives. Love and many blessings, Kristi Weening, aka “Weiners” | Ephesians 3:17-18 “And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.”

48: “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate. Proverbs 31:29-31 Dear Jodi and Patti, How thrilled the heart of our Lord must be when He looks down on this ministry that you have given to Him over the last ten years. It is evident from your lives and the enthusiasm and intensity you give to whatever task the Lord lays before you, that you fear Him, and He has said that is worthy of praise! It is also evident that He is pleased with what He sees, for He continues to bless and expand and provide for the growing ministry of CrossTrainers. I thank the Lord for bringing you into our lives. Your ministry to the girls at the Discipleship retreats at Horton Haven has challenged them to live for the Lord, and you have brought energy and excitement to the weekends. You have also been a living example to them of the joy and fulfillment that comes from giving yourself wholly to the Lord and to His work. But the girls are not the only ones to have been touched by your ministry. He has used you to deepen within my heart a desire for God—a desire to know Him, to be consumed with the things that consume His heart, to make each and every day about Him and about letting every thought, word, and action be about bringing Him glory. Thank you for being faithful in sharing the heart of God with us—with me! It will be exciting in the years to come to see what else the Lord has in store for you and for the ministry of CrossTrainers. Somehow I think He has only just begun to show you what He can do. He is the God of the impossible and He loves to prove Himself faithful to those whose dependency and trust is in Him. To God be the glory! Great things He has done! I love you both! And thank the Lord for you! Jani Bennett

49: I can say for certain that without God's employing CrossTrainers, my life would look SO different than it does! You might remember one summer when I was in college, I was on summer staff at Verdugo, I was mistaken by a camper for “Peter.” This thoroughly confused me since not only was this girls camp, but the actual person for whom I was being mistaken I had never met. But I was soon introduced to my twin/sister/mom (that's you, Jo), and the next summer, after hearing about the crazy things God was doing with you guys, asked if you might, I dunno, ever, like, need help? Why you said yes, I'll never know, but it changed my life. The summer of 2006 will always stand out in my mind as I got to be a part of your team, along with Kelsey, traveling camps. I learned so much about trusting God, recognizing His work, and about His love. I had always enjoyed camp, but that summer I fell in love with the ministry that could be done there. It was through that summer (and my second stint in 2009) that I was introduced to Berea, where of course, I now work full time (what the heck!). CrossTrainers is where it is today because its people let God work in their own hearts. I have learned much about trust and wisdom and leaving my plans open to God from my friendships with you guys-Jodi, Patti, and Kelsey. I am, and have always felt privileged to be a part of the work God does through you and the rest of the CT team (people like Alicia and Jenna and the Pecks). In you I have found dear friends, and have been encouraged tremendously in my own relationship with Jesus. I couldn't be happier or more honored to not only to have been a part of what CT does, but also to be counted as your friend. Congratulations on ten years of service and growth and seeing God work. I can't wait to see what God does in the next ten! Love you guys! Beth Houdyshel

52: Pats and Jods, I am not quite sure where to begin or what to say in a note that could, at all, sum up what the last 7+ years have been like or meant in my life. One, because you already know more than anyone else, and two, because there is just far too much! To have you both be such an intrical part of what the LORD has done in my life over the last 10 years and to be a part of what He has done in yours has been far more of a double portion than I could have ever imagined. As you know, visioning is far from my strong suit and even if I were as good at it as Jodi, I know that I still would have never thought to think up half of the things that we’ve been through. From the miracle of the funds for my very first summer of traveling with you to the food we put in our mouths for dinner tonight, it has all been from the hand of God and it has all been so sweet. Faith has been one of the greatest areas of growth since I came on board with you two ‘nuts!’ I have been so blessed to be challenged and ripped wide open in so many areas that the LORD has used you both to grow me in. I cannot rejoice enough nor praise Him enough for the sweetness of our friendships. And though our relationships have been the hardest relationships in my life, they have also been the most fruit bearing ones. I have learned more of true love, the love of Christ, more of peace and patience, kindness and goodness, faithfulness and even at times self control. I have learned more of GOD and come to know and find peace and joy in knowing that He knows me completely! I have been blessed by your prayers and by your words of encouragement. I have been blessed by your spurring me on and lifting me up. I have been blessed by your patience as we have waited in yet another emergency room and as you have been kept up by my coughing for yet another night. I have been blessed by your love of nature and willingness to endure days of agony for the sweet pleasure of hiking the canyon twice. I have been blessed with so much laughter and even blessed to have cried with you. I have been blessed by the freedom you have given me to be myself and likewise by your abilities to be yourselves as we are finding out that we are more alike and yet so much more drastically different than we ever thought possible. I am blessed by your willingness to learn (things like closing the cap on the dish soap and shampoo) and by your willingness to take advantage of the opportunities to teach me (things like how to win in wrestling and how to go an entire summer without food, sleep and air and how to be a brighter light for Jesus Christ in this dark world)! I am blessed by both of your passion for the will and kingdom of God and your willingness to believe God for such big things! I am so blessed by your love of the Word of God and by your desire to not just be hearers but “effectual doers.” I am blessed to call you both my sisters (or in some cases my mom) and my dearest friends and more than anything to know that we are co-heirs with Christ. I will never cease to thank my Jesus for the gift He has given me in you Jodi and in you Patti. You are deeply and eternally loved! Through His strength, for His glory! ~Kelsey

53: ODE TO CROSSTRAINERS By Alli Peck Patti and Jodi of Crosstrainers, My years when we met were just 10 And the successful years of this ministry now Are totalled that same number again. My first memory of your ministry Was at Carrotfest on your rockwall. “Could I ever help out with something like this? Or am I too young, or too small?” It seemed that neither of these statements was true For at the young age of 14 I was asked If I would be interested in coming to camp! My excitement for Pine Orchard grew fast! Young Kristi and I were recruited To help with skits and music there. It was during this week that I finally discovered The vast importance of prayer. I remember thinking, “What in the world!?” “I’ve never prayed so much before!” Though I eventually grew to look forward to it Rather than fearing, and expecting a bore. Since then my summers have consisted Of travelling to camps with you two. Berea, Li-Lo-Li and Eagles Cove – With other great recruitments too! | Trips to the states were always a hoot, Dunkin Donuts at every stop, And the danger of public washroom stalls Was having water thrown over top. Memorizing scripture now Only got more fun – and stranger. With actions, voices and sound effects, And themes like “girly” or “gangster.” I thank you for seeing potential in me, As a leader of music and song. Many of my skills were developed with you. Wanda and the Trumpeters – can’t go wrong! There was once a summer when I stayed behind For Mercy House and the Hub. Experience here was wonderfully unique And something that I loved. I guess I would say that these thankyous of mine Mostly have something to do with me But that just goes to show you guys The impact of your ministry I know I’m not the only one Whom from you has gained inspiration And these past 10 years are definitely cause For a shin-dog-diggity CELEBRATION! | ***Thank you Patti and Jodi, for teaching me about falling in love with Jesus. I think about and pray for you often, and I SO wish I could have been there for this anniversary! You guys rock, and I feel like so much of who I have become is thanks to you. Thank you for everything. ***Love Alli Peck

54: To two very special ladies... I am thankful to the Lord for you! Over the years, I have seen that you have chosen the Lord and His desire for your lives, watching you make your life a living sacrifice for Him, and seeing the benefits of that!!! You are radiant with His love and faith, and you both inspire others to search Him out! The last time that I saw/spoke to you was Teen Camp '09. I had some fantastic conversations with each of you, and really enjoyed the girls chapels that the two of you handled. I hope and pray our daughter Bekah will get to be able to have you for counselors at camp!! Love to you both, and keep going on for the Lord! Lori Smith (and Mike and Bekah)

55: January 2011 Jodi & Patti, Ahhhthe memories. From sharing a cabin with Patti to sharing an apartment with Jodi. Jodi, I will never forget driving across the country with you, the “get out of bed” song, the spring break trips, your fear of thunder, when you told our future landlord that you spoke to his wife when it was really him, that stick-shift truck we drove everywhere, chicken parmesan, watching your video from speech class and seeing your neck and face gradually get beet red, and since I’m not sure who all will be reading this there are many memories I will leave out. Patti, the best kitchen crew at Summer Round-Up ever, the little mermaid, the broken shower handle, the extremely watery powdered potatoes, the trip to Florida, the heimlich maneuver, The two of you are some of the funnest people I know and no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, we pick right up where we left off. But most importantly, both of you have been and continue to be an example to me. The relationship you each have with God is so real and a priority for you. Your lives are an example that God is alive and active today! You are modern day Hudson Taylor’s, and I speak of you often - you are examples of what the Christian life should look like. I cannot adequately express how highly I think of you both, and how proud I am to be your friend. I pray both my kids will have friends like you - ones that are spiritually impactful, hilariously funny, and real. Love you both, Nancy

56: "Manor Makeover at Bradford Manor" by Miriam King Bradford Times | CrossTrainers is organizing a 1-week Extreme Makeover for the Bradford Manor, an assisted-living facility on Barrie St. About 40 volunteers have signed up to date, to give the former nursing home a facelift. They will be joined by a church Youth Group from Boston, Massachusetts on a Mission Trip to Bradford. Plans include new flooring, new paint both inside and out, new gardens – and new hope for the old Manor and its residents. Extreme Manor Makeover will be taking place from August 16 to 21, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. - thanks to support from Joe's Garden Centre, Ferragine Greenhouses, Helen Crocker of Harmony House & Home, Home Depot, Bradford TIM-BR Mart, Wal-Mart Supercentre, Sears, Giant Tiger, M & M Meat Shops, Jane's Frozen Foods, John's No Frills and all of the other businesses and suppliers who have promised donations and assistance, of supplies, expertise and food. But the project, big as it is, needs more volunteers – “There's a ton of painting,” says Jodi Greenstreet of CrossTrainers - and cash donations, to take advantage of some of the special offers, and help cover costs. For more information or to get involved, contact Josh Schrader, 905-960-8742, or email ct_yc @hotmail.com

57: On the first day of CrossTrainers' 1-week Extreme Makeover for the Bradford Manor, volunteers from local youth groups, churches, and a group on a Mission Trip from Boston, Massachusetts began the work of transforming the old building. A former nursing home, Bradford Manor is now a rooming house, providing assisted living for residents who may have challenges, face homelessness, or who may be on the margins of society. The old building was repainted when it was re-opened by John Gasper, who owns a number of assisted living residences in York Region, where the upper tier government provides funding and support - but it was still grim and grey. On August 16, the volunteers began removing the old furniture, painting interior walls, stripping the carpeting, installing new flooring and tiles, painting the exterior, and landscaping the grounds, all with materials donated by a long list of community members and businesses. Church groups are involved, dropping by every day with home-made squares and treats, and plates of sandwiches for the crews. Helen Crocker, professional designer and owner of Harmony House & Home, helped choose the colors for the interior redesign. Materials have been donated by Joe's Garden Centre, Ferragine Greenhouses, Home Depot - whose "Team Depot" volunteers participated in the makeover, Bradford TIM-BR Mart, Wal-Mart Supercentre, Sears, Giant Tiger, M & M Meat Shops, Jane's Frozen Foods, John's No Frills, and many others, including Tim Hortons owner Jack Thornton, who dropped off coffee and timbits every morning. Painter Jeremy Jones drove up from Burlington, using his power sprayer to repaint the exterior in just 3 days, working almost non-stop. "I don't think we could have done it without him," says Crosstrainer organizer Jodi Greenstreet. "It's awesome." "There's just been story after story, every day," agrees Josh Schrader. "You see the community involvement - it's just amazing!" The most amazing part has been the transformation, not just of a tired old Bradford building, but of the people, he says. The volunteers are connecting with the residents of Bradford Manor, and the residents are taking "ownership" of the project and their living space. A floor tiler who volunteered his time and skills asked for a team to help him lay tile. Five residents stepped forward, and worked long hours to re-tile the kitchen. "It's changing, from the inside out," says Schrader. "The heart is changed." The makeover wrapped up on Saturday, with a landscaper coming this week to finish the backyard gardens and patio. Still needed: donations of good used furniture for the lounges, especially couches and sofas in durable fabrics or leather. The furniture is especially needed after some sofas, moved outside while walls were painted and floors redone, got caught in last Thursday's downpour. | "Embracing Bradford Manor" by Miriam King Bradford Times

58: Once upon a time ago I met these crazy peeps (fo’ sho’) Way back then, I was just nine And we first met at Camp Li-Lo-Li. Compared to them, I was like 6 foot 7 But still was called “Jenna from Cabin 11”. They both were funny (and fairly odd) But I was mostly drawn to their love of God. Years later, my college gave the opportunity To work a month, pro bono (free) I didn’t want to waste this time But a mutually beneficial job was hard to find It wasn’t long ago I heard That Bradford gained these crazy birds One named Pats, the other Jo Who went whenever God said “GO”. They moved in with a heart for youth That God was really glad to use. And as He showed them more and more His grand thought of CT was born. With growing arms of ministry CrossTrainers reaches those in need Centred on the cross of Christ To be His hands, His feet, His eyes. At a loss for what to do, God, via Pats and Jo, came through They offered me the chance to come (And to turn them down would just be dumb.) I had never seen a faith like theirs, A living out of "All things in prayer" It seemed they had God's direct line And a love for Christ that I wanted as mine. These two have taught so much to me. And are an endless source of Christ's blessings, Of laughs, of wisdom and hugs to boot I love being with them (except when 'they' toot) CrossTrainers has meant much to me More than just an Agency But an agent of God’s endless Love A perfect fit, like hand in glove. | - Jenna Wickens

59: Well, that plan gloriously turned into an internship with CrossTrainers from the start of 2010 until the end of that summer! And so, I moved to Bradford on February 1, 2010, not knowing how the next 7 months would change my life. As I grew to know and love God more through Bible study (whether it was personal, staff study or TrueVibe), I became completely floored to share God's love with the people He called me to serve in Bradford! My whole life I’d been raised in a Christian home and could quote to you a hundred Bible verses, but the Word of God never became as real to me as it did during my time with CrossTrainers. I think the two biggest “God things” for me were truly experiencing the love of God and knowing what it is to believe Him, not just believe in Him. That has completely revolutionized the way I see God and the way I live for Him. It was incredible to see prayers get answered and seeing the “impossible” get obliterated with our God! I was so blessed to be able to serve at The Hub, Mercy House, PLAYzone, and the Connection Centre. Each person I was able to meet in these places will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was amazing how quickly CT staff became like family to me. (I cannot say how much I love you all!) The kids at the youth centre, the youngsters at PLAYzone, the women and kids at Mercy House, and the people that came into Café all started claiming pieces of my heart! It was such a joy to come to know these precious people and share Christ! The summer came so quickly! I will never forget hiking the Grand Canyon with you girls! It was one of the most exciting and God-awe-inspiring three days of my life! Surfing in SanDiego was another adventure I crossed off my bucket list with you all and had a complete blast! Then the summer of a new camp every week began! Almost every night I would lay my head on the pillow and think, “This is the best job in the whole world!" But "job" wasn't the right word, because it wasn't work - it felt like I was fulfilling my purpose in life and it was glorious! I will never forget my epic 21st and all the laughs that the 4 of us, and eventually the 7 of us, had traveling all over! One of the best summers of my life, hands down. It has been an honor to come to know you as dear friends and knit my heart with yours! And to do it as a team sharing our great God all over North America! Jods and Pats, Thank you for mentoring me and encouraging me in so many areas of my life! You both are so dear to my he art and I wouldn't trade our times for the world. Your passion for the lost and for Christ is compelling. Keep on walking with Jesus! Can’t wait to celebrate the next decade of God stories with you! Love you times a bazillion, Alicia Keenan aka Leesh | I was first introduced to Jodi, Patti, and Kelsey at Camp Li-Lo-Li during Teen Camp. I grew to love these three – their passion for God, their joyful and mentoring natures, and their fun humor and personalities! I always went away from camp excited about God because of Jodi's messages. One year I was even blessed to have Patti and Kelsey as my counselors! By summer 2009, I was camp staff alongside them. One day Jodi and I began talking about CrossTrainers camp ministry - TFL. I blurted out that I would love to be a part of that sometime and Jodi immediately asked, "How about next summer?" And so the plan was set for summer 2010!

60: Dear Jodi and Patti Betty and I want to thank you for the many times you have challenged our faith. Your example of believing God and moving out in faith has emboldened us to walk more by faith. Thanks for your love and work. In Christ, Keith and Betty Leverentz

61: Jodi and Patti, The ministry of Crosstrainers has blessed us by giving us an opportunity to serve. We value the relationships that have been made with those we've served and have been blessed by in our community. You’ve been faithful in doing what the Lord has asked you to do. You stepped into this leadership role when so few others would have taken that risk, and for that we are thankful. You are diligent about praying for needs and encouraging the local church to stand together to meet needs in the community. It's true that "Greater things are still to come and greater things are yet to be done in this city!" Praise the Lord for the vision and leadership you have given to the Lord's ministry Crosstrainers. We love you J&P! "And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8 Chris, Holly, Tabitha and Samuel

62: It was a quirky weather day, one September afternoon. The sun was shining with rain showers. I came into the weekend restless; God had not seen fit to answer my prayer in the way that I had instructed him. Wendy Phelan and I had decided months earlier to host a Young Women’s Discipleship retreat at our camp, Horton Haven Christian Camp. We had wonderful visions of gaggles of girls inundating the camp property. By the time that afternoon rolled around we maybe had ten registrants. My frustration was compounded by the fact the camp had booked a group of ladies from Canada to do the speaking that weekend. I was totally embarrassed to wonder what these ladies would think about our podunk ministry out here in the back woods of Tennessee. Wendy and I wrestled with whether or not even to have the retreat. But as the Lord saw fit to remind me, “This is my ministry Emily, not yours. I have invited and brought to you specifically those girls that need to be here.” So it was on this quasi day of sun and rain, that I trudged into our Lodge with great misgivings to meet this group from Canada. Little did I know that these women would exemplify that very statement from the Lord. Not only did they not mind the small group but encouraged me by saying they wanted the intimacy that smaller numbers brought. That was the start of my interactions and relationships with Cross Trainers. That day I met some of the most genuine and motivate women active in ministry today. The Canadians, as we have a habit of referring to them here, have partnered with our discipleship ministry since that September afternoon, tirelessly coming in the last of the summer and dead of winter to speak to the hearts of the young ladies here. They bring with them tons of laughter, encouragement but above all Truth. The lives of the young women here have seen life long change because of Cross Trainer’s willingness to partner with us. But speaking as a strong willed, independent woman myself, Pattie and Jodi have brought me such encouragement and friendship. Being a single lady in ministry presents its fair share of struggles, and lots of days asking whether it is where you are supposed to be or not. But Jodi, Pattie and Kelsey are a constant reminder of what incredible things our Creator can do with a willing spirit. The countless hours in prayer and constant immersion in scripture show in their everyday lives. I am honored and privileged to call these women my friends. - Emily Simpson

63: It has been wonderful to know Patti and Jodi for the past 10 years or so. We know that our lives are different because of the influence that they have had on us. These amazing women have taught us what it means to live a life of faith. We see them as true servants for the Lord. They pray boldly, love much and laugh often! They love unconditionally, do good and give, expecting nothing. They are willing to help out whenever and wherever they can. Most importantly, they never cease to give glory to the One who deserves it most—the most High God. It has been a privilege and honour to serve with them in this ministry. They have invested so much time, energy and love into it. Thank you, wonderful ladies, for all the things that you have done, some very public and most seen only by the One whose idea that Crosstrainers was in the first place! Thank for the little things like hugs, smiles and a word of prayer at just the right moment. Thank you for making us laugh and being there for us when things were tough. Thank you for enduring chocolate cake with chickpeas inside of it and a lesson or two about the geography of the Grand Canyon. We treasure your friendship and thank God for you. You have encouraged us in many ways. Thank you Patti and Jodi for the way that you simply love people and God. We are blessed beyond description that you are part of the Bradford community and our lives. With love, Stephanie, OCT Dave, OCT Julia and Ryan P.S. Julia wants to say that she likes to eat cupcakes with you.

65: For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory He may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:14-21

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