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Cyrano De Bergerac

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S: Cyrano de Bergerac Scrapbook

FC: By: Micheal Burke

1: Act 1: In Paris at The Hall of the Hotel de Bourgogne in the year 1640. The stage was set up on a tennis court that had lamps and other things to light up the stage and keep a dim setting.

2: Act 2: The Bakery Shop of Ragueneau, on the corner of Rue St.-Honore and the Rue de l'Arbre Sec. The shop has different stacks of food everywhere. The shop also has a pulley with an iron ring and a rope.

3: Act 3: A square in old Marais, surrounded by old houses and narrow streets. It's close to Roxane's house. There is also a bench that could be used to climb onto a balcony.

4: Act 4: The Post of Carbon De Castel-Jaloux located at The Siege of Arras. There are tents, scattered weapons, drums, and campfires everywhere. Because of this there is a platun.

5: Act 5: The year is now 1655, the location is still in Paris, it is in late October. The Ladies of the Cross occupy some of this area. They are the nuns. There is a house, a few tree's, and a chapel. There are multicolored leaves at the base of every tree.

6: Cyrano De Bergerac- He is one of the best swordsman in the book. He is good with poetry and has a lot of wit. He is a very self conscious man because of his abnormally sized nose. He is also in love with Roxane who is his cousin.

7: Christian de Neuvillette- He is a shy person. He is very handsome and charming unlike Cyrano. He is also in love with Roxane as well but doesn't know how to tell her that he loves her.

8: Roxane (Madeleine Robin)- A women like by most of the guys in the play. She is loved by Christian and Cyrano. Cousin to Cyrano. At first she loves Christian for his charm then comes to love Cyrano for his personality.

9: Comte De Guiche- He is just like Cyrano but he is not quite as kind as Cyrano is. He is also smart just like Cyrano. Cyrano changes his perception though by being nice to him so he made a plan to get Roxane away from the fight.

10: Act 1 Summary- People have come to see a play called La Clorise. An actor by the name Montfleury has been banned by Cyrano but shows up anyway. Christian comes to the play to look for Roxane. Valvert challenges Cyrano to a duel which he accepts. Cyrano meets Roxane at Ragueneau's bakery the next day. There are people waiting at the Porte De Nesle to kill Ligniere. Cyrano says he will fight all hundred of them to protect Ligniere.

11: Act 2 Summary- While Cyrano is at the bakery is he all nervous and stuff while is waiting. He is going to meet Roxane there. While he is waiting he wants to right Roxane a poem. When she arrives he gives her duenna some pastries so that him and Roxane can be alone. Cyrano asks here why she came. She admits to liking Christian. she asks him to protect Christian and for Cyrano to ask Christian to write Roxane a letter. She accepts what she has asked. After Christian makes fun of Cyrano's nose he admits to not knowing how tell her his feelings so Cyrano rights the letter for him.

12: Act 3 summary- Cyrano helps Christian for his meeting with Roxane. Cyrano writes a note for what Christian should say but he refuses to learn his lines. Under the Balcony Christian tries to tell Roxane how he feels. He was doing bad so Cyrano switched places with him to tell her how "Christian felt". At the end he asks for just one kiss so Cyrano and Christian switch back and Christian climbs up the balcony to get the kiss from Roxane.

13: Act 4 Summary- Located at the siege of Arras, the Cadets of Carbon de Castel-Jaloux languish, are surrounded by Spaniards and lack food and water. Le Bret keeps watch one morning and hears some gunfire. Thats when Cyrano runs in. Cadets complain about hunger. Cyrano talks to the cadets and calms them. Christian wishes that he could say farewell to Roxane and thats when Cyrano gives him the letter. Christian seems to believe he knows Cyrano's secret which is that he is in love with Roxane.

14: Act 5 Summary- The year is now 1655, the location is still in Paris, it is in late October. The Park Of The Convent is occupied by the Ladies of the Cross. A house in near, a large tree is in a small space and adjacent these things among Bushes is a semi-circle stone bench. Along the background stands a Chapel. The color of foliage are a mix of red, yellow and brown, there are a heap of these multicolored leaves under every tree. Nuns are coming and going across this park, several are seated on the bench around Mother Marguerite De Jesus. The leaves are falling. The year is now 1655, the location is still in Paris, it is in late October. The Ladies of the Cross occupy some of this area. They are the nuns. There is a house, a few tree's, and a chapel. Nuns are walking across the park while some sit on a bench. There are multicolored leaves at the base of every tree.

15: Quote 1- "Your nose is . . . very big" Valvert, one of de Guiche’s men, makes fun at the size of Cyrano’s nose which is a big mistake. Cyrano makes fun of Valvert’s lack of creativity and eloquence, and he continues to start making fun of his own nose. This quote shows that even though Cyrano is sensitive and self conscious about his nose he is able to keep his cool and not get pissed with Valvert. It shows that Cyrano can keep his word. He gave his word to Roxane that he would protect Valvert so his is.

16: Quote 2- "Cyrano: I had no worthy opponent. Lise: Lying through you teeth again, as usual! Cyrano: Better than lying through my nose. Now that would be a gargantuan falsehood!" Act 2, pg. 52 This quote is important cause Cyrano is making fun of himself which is odd because he is so insecure. It applies to the real world because no one is perfect so you must laugh at your faults that make you different and not take everything so seriously. It helps stay calm and relaxed without getting angry at another person.

17: Quote 3- "I need eloquence, and I have none!" This is when Cyrano and Christian are talking about winning Roxane's love. This is important because in a way it shows the difference between Cyrano and Christian. Cyrano has the wit and Christian has the looks and charm.

18: Quote 4- “I may climb perhaps to no great heights, but I will climb alone.” This quote can be used in real life. Sometimes someone wants to do something their way. It might not be the right way or the easy way but that is how they want to do it. This is Cyrano practically saying that he knows he might not do the best but at least it's his own effort.

19: Quote 5- "His face shines with wit and intelligence. He’s proud, noble, young, fearless, handsome. . . ." This is where Roxane is talking about Christian. This is what she thinks about him which we know is not true. The only thing she has right is that he is handsome, the rest is all Cyrano but she does not know that.

20: Quote 6- "I would die at the stake rather than change a semi-colon!" Act 2, pg. 67 This shows how Cyrano can be his own person. It also shows he is very passionate about his poetry because he doesn't want to change it. This shows that he doesn't let other people's opinions change the way he does his poetry.

21: Quote 7- ". . . . How can you read now? It’s dark. And for fourteen years you played the part of an old friend who came to be amusing!" Roxane is shocked to finally realize that her friend is in love with her. That Cyrano was the one that wrote all those letters, not Christian. This confuses her but she finally knows the truth.

22: Quote 8- "Your true self has prevailed over your outer appearance. I now love you for your soul alone." This is where Roxane realizes that she is in love with Cyrano. She tells him that she loves him for his soul alone. This is because even though he is not visually appealing his inner beauty is amazing alone.

23: Quote 9- "What if she turns out to be a prude - or an intellectual? I wouldn't dare speak to her, I don't have the brains. The way people speak and write nowadays makes my head hurt. I'm just an honest, simple, terrified soldier." Act 1, pg. 20 This is when Christian has seen Roxane. He instantly falls in love at first site but he is worried that she will be really smart. This is a problem for him because he is not very bright himself.

24: Quote 10- "Does it seem strange: a hundred cutthroats against one poor poet? It is not strange. It is a minimal defense, mademoiselle- (Drawing his sword; quietly.) -when that poet is a friend of Cyrano de Bergerac." Act 1, pg. 47 It's funny because Cyrano so good with a sword he could probably take on the 100 men. The significance of this though is that he is so quick to take on the men to defend his friend. This relates back to the real world because people are always fast to defend a true friend.

25: Rhinoplasty Information Page- The surgery will cost about $ 2500.00 dollars. In the process of reconstructing your nose first we will have to learn about it. We will have to feel it, look at it, look inside of it, pretty much learn everything about it that we can to make sure everything goes well. You may experience soreness or tenderness around the nasal area for a week or so. Some possible numbness may also occur. After the surgery is complete your nose will look completely fine. It will look just like anyone else's nose. There will be no scares and no one will be able to tell you had surgery.

26: Memorial Speech- Cyrano de Bergarac was a great man. He was a fantastic poet and musician. Not to mention that he was also one of the most skilled swordsman that i know of. His nose may have set his appearance off but i feel like that is what made him different, made him special. He was like no one else. Some people saw his nose as unattractive but i just see it as something that sets him apart from everyone else. He will be remembered for being an amazing poet, swordsman, and having the huge unforgettable nose.

27: Tombstone Epitaph- The words you speak today should be soft and tender ... for tomorrow you may have to eat them.

28: Half Page Lover Letter from Roxane to Cyrano- Dear Cyrano, It came as a shock to me to find out that you were in love with me. I never expected you, a cousin to me would ever fall in love with me. I always admired your skills and your wit. It is what I looked for in a man. You may have not had the best appearance out of any man, but you had what mattered more the looks alone. That night on the balcony was so sweet and so romantic. It warmed my heart. To just now figure out that it was you that said all those romantic things and it wasn't Christian just breaks my heart because i come to find this out on your death bed. Your love, Roxane

29: Half Page Lover Letter from Roxane to Christian- Dear Christian, I always found you very attractive. You were an extremely handsome young being. You always seemed to have a good amount of wit, you are intelligent, proud, noble, young, and fearless. You are just so amazing. You seem almost perfect and you are just so good looking. I also believe that we share the same feelings for each other. I would love to be with you. Sincerely, Roxane

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