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Cyrano de Bergerac-By Katelyn Woods

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Cyrano de Bergerac-By Katelyn Woods - Page Text Content

S: By: Katelyn Woods

FC: Cyrano de Bergerac | By:Edmond Rostand

1: Act I Setting | The hall of a hotel in 1640. Decorated for theatrical productions. Stage with a curtain and broad steps leading up to it. No seats on the floor, but there are benches towards the back of the hall. Great double doors lead to the Entrance of the Hall. The chandeliers are lowered to the floor.

2: Act II Setting | Bakery. Hanging ducks, geese, and white peacocks. Yellow sunflowers in bouquets by a huge fireplace. First entrance there is a door. Second entrance there is a staircase that leads to a dining room. Ovens are under the staircase. Tables are covered with cakes and rolls.

3: Act III Setting | Old houses and narrow streets. The House of Roxanne has a garden wall and is overhung with tall shrubbery. Ivy is on the wall.

4: Act IV Setting | A plain stretches across the horizon. In the distance there is houses and walls. There are tents, scattered weapons, and drums.

5: Act V Setting | The Park of Convent occupied by the Ladies of the Cross, at Paris in 1655. Doors opening onto a Terrace. Chestnut trees leading to the door of a Chapel. It is late October and leaves are falling everywhere. There are baskets filled with silk and balls of wool.

6: Cyrano | Cyrano is the main character of the book. He is a skilled swordsman but he has a very big nose. People do not make fun of his nose because he is a good sword fighter and he could beat anyone in a duel. | He is in love with Roxanne and he is her cousin. He is trying to help Christian with his love letters because he loves Roxanne too. Valvert made fun of Cyrano's nose, so he challenged him to a duel.

7: Roxanne | Roxanne is the main woman character of the book. She does not know that Cyrano loves her. They are cousins and she is very beautiful. | She is cousins with Cyrano. She does not know that he loves her. Roxanne is in love with Christian but she is not impressed by him because he did not write the love letters. She is in love with the guy who wrote the letters and she thinks that it is Christian.

8: Christian | Christian is in love with Roxanne. Christian is not that smart but he wants to impress Roxanne. Cyrano writes love letters for him so Roxanne will fall in love with him. | Christian is in love with Roxanne and he wants her to love him too. He asks Cyrano to write the love letters for him and he does but then Christian does not know what to say to Roxanne.

9: Valvert | Valvert is very confident in his self. He makes fun of Cyrano's nose, even though Cyrano is a very skilled sword fighter. | Valvert has no relationship with Roxanne or Christian. He challenged Cyrano to a sword fight. Cyrano accepted because Valvert made fun of his nose. Cyrano beat Valvert.

10: Act I Summary | Cyrano kicks Montefleury off of the stage. Montefleury tries to say his lines but Cyrano will not let him. Christian wants to see Cyrano because everybody has been talking about him. Christian also wants to see Roxanne because he is in love with her. Christian challenges Valvert to a sword fight. Then Valvert sees Cyrano and makes fun of his nose, so Cyrano challenges Valvert to a sword fight and Valvert loses.

11: Act II Summary | Lise gets mad at Ragueneau for selling his baked goods for verses from poets. Cyrano is nervous and jumpy when he comes to the bakery. Cyrano tells Lise that he will not tolerate her affair. Cyrano tells Roxanne that he injured his hand the night before because he fought 100 men. Roxanne tells Cyrano that she is in love with Christian. Roxanne wants Christian to write love letters to her.

12: Act III Summary | Ragueneau finds out that his wife ran off with a musketeer and he thinks that his bakery is ruined. He tries to hang himself and Cyrano saves him. Roxanne says that Christian's letters are amazing, not knowing that Cyrano wrote them. Roxanne wants to talk to Christian and Cyrano encourages Christian to learn lines from the love letters but he refuses. Christian goes to see Roxanne and she leaves angry because Christian did not recite the love letters that she thought that he wrote.

13: Act IV Summary | Cyrano promised Roxanne that Christian would write to her everyday. Christian is slowly dying of hunger. Cyrano writes a farewell letter from Christian to Roxanne. Roxanne comes to the war to see Christian. Cyrano runs into battle. Roxanne tells Christian that she would love him even if he were ugly, which makes Christian miserable. Cyrano is about to tell Roxanne the truth when Christian dies. Cyrano tells Christian that Roxanne chose him.

14: Act V Summary | It flashes forward fifteen years. It shows Roxanne at a nunery. Cyrano was injured by some other men and he had a big hole in his head. Cyrano quotes the love letters that Roxanne thought Christian wrote. Roxanne realizes that Cyrano was the one who wrote all of the love letters. Cyrano dies, right when Roxanne realizes that she loved him instead of Christian all along.

15: Quotes 1 & 2 | " One of those aesthetes...Intellectuals, you call them-How can I talk to a woman in that style? I have no wit." This quote is important because it shows how Christian feels. It shows how he sees himself. It also shows why Cyrano writes the letters for him to impress Roxanne. | "My wit is more polished than your mustache. The truth which I speak strikes more sparks from men's hearts than your spurs do from the cobblestones." Cyrano is talking about how smart he is. He is saying that some men might be handsome but it does not matter as much. He thinks that knowledge is more important to have than looks.

16: Quotes 3 & 4 | "Through the whirlwind which your eyes stir up inside me. But now, in this blessed darkness, I feel I am speaking to you for the first time." Cyrano is talking to Roxanne. He has known her his whole life but he never loved her because they are cousins. He realizes in this quote that he loves her. | "She said, If you were ugly, I would only love you more." This is Roxanne talking to Christian. It is ironic because Cyrano loves Roxanne too. Cyrano wrote the letters to Roxanne from Christian so now she is in love with Christian instead.

17: Quotes 5 & 6 | " A little longer! She is always here. Please! I must find some way of meeting her. I am dying of love!" This quote is important because it shows how Christian feels about Roxanne. It shows why Christian needs Cyrano help. It also shows why Cyrano helps him. | " Love grows and struggles like...an angry child...Breaking my heart...his cradle." This quote is important because Christian is trying to prove himself to Roxanne. He is trying to quote the love letters. He is having a hard time because Cyrano wrote them.

18: Quotes 7 & 8 | " I never look at you, but theres some new virtue born in me, some new courage. Do you begin to understand, a little? Can you feel my soul, there in the darkness, breathe on you?" This quote show love inspiring Cyrano. He tries to impress Roxanne. He tells her that he fought one hundred men. | " Sometimes I think he has not altogether died; our hearts meet, and his love flows all around me, living." This quote shows Roxanne's love for Christian. To her he is still alive. She stills loves him even though he is dead.

19: Quotes 9 & 10 | " My nose precedes me by fifteen minutes." This quote shows how Cyrano feels about his nose. It effects his self-esteem. It also does not give him confidence to talk to Roxanne and tell her that he loves her. | " I made a mess of everything, even my death." This quote shows that Cyrano has regrets. He wishes that he could go back and tell Roxanne how he feels. He thinks that he screwed up his death because he never told Roxanne.

20: Text to Self | Cyrano can be compared to a lot of people. A bunch of people in the world love people that they think do not love them back. They get upset and feel unloved, just like Cyrano did at the beginning of the book. | Roxanne can be compared to women in the world who are confused about love. Roxanne does not know who to love and she feels conflicted. A bunch of people everywhere feel that way a lot about two people. | Christian can be compared to a lot of people too. He is very handsome but he is not that smart and that is true for some people. There are handsome people who are still smart but Christian represents the ones who are not that smart.

21: Text to Screen/Text | The Sound of Music: This book relates to this movie because of the nuns. Both the movie and the book have nuns. They have very similar situations. | Beauty and the Beast: This movie and the book have similar story lines. Cyrano is the Beast and Roxanne is Beauty. They are not likely to fall in love but they do. | Romeo and Juliet: Both books are very similar. They are both about love that should not happen. People did not think that Romeo and Juliet should be together, and they did not think that Cyrano and Roxanne should be together. They are both about forbidden love.

22: To Cyrano: | I realize that you are uncomfortable with the size of your nose. But I am here to fix your nose so that it will be perfect for you. The price will be around $5000. The actual surgery will not be very big or long. The recovery will be very fast except for some swelling. After surgery, you will have a new and improved nose, and you will be very happy with the results.

23: Head: Cyrano thinks about a lot of things. He loves Roxanne so he thinks about her. He thinks about how much he hates his nose. He also thinks about sword fighting and war. | Eyes: Cyrano goes a lot of places so he sees a lot of things. He does not like to see his nose but he sees that all the time. He also sees Roxanne, and he likes to see her because he loves her. | Mouth: Cyrano talks to a lot of people. He talks to Roxanne and he writes and says love letters. He loves to read and say verses from different poems. He also says a lot of smart things. | Heart: Cyrano has a lot of different feelings. He feels anger against the people who laugh at his nose. He feels love for Roxanne. He feels embarrassment because his nose is so big. | Hands: Cyrano is a very skilled sword fighter. He takes action with his sword all the time. He uses it to fight people who laugh at him and he uses it in war. | Feet: Cyrano goes to visit Roxanne. He goes to help Christian write love letters and he goes to war.

24: Memorial Speech | Cyrano was a great friend to everyone. He was always helpful to people who needed it. He was willing to risk giving up something of his to help someone else achieve their dreams. He affected Roxanne because she fell in love with him. He showed Christian that even not so handsome people can find love and are caring. He also showed him that being smart is important. He impacted the people he went to war with because he showed them how to fight with passion. He risked his life to fight in the war and he was very brave and showed no fear. He was a very skilled sword fighter, and he made other people try hard to be good at it too. He tried not to let his nose bother him and that is something to admire. Cyrano was a great person and he will be greatly missed by everyone that was in his life.

25: Tombstone | Cyrano de Bergerac | Loving friend, skilled sword fighter, and a honest person to trust. He will be greatly missed.

26: Roxanne to Cyrano | Dear Cyrano, I am not sure how I feel about you. Now that I know you have written the letters, I know that I love you. I wish I would have known the truth when you were a live. I do not really know what I am supposed to do now. But I do wish that I could have spent more time with you than with Christian. Love, Roxanne

27: Roxanne to Christian | Dear Christian, I think that you are very handsome. I love you but I wish you could recite some of the verses from the love letters that you wrote me. If you were a little smarter then that would make things better. I still love you because I love the letters that you wrote me and I think that you are handsome. I would love you even if you were ugly. Keep on writing me love letters. Love, Roxanne

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