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Cyrano De Bergerac Project

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S: Cyrano de Bergerac Project

FC: By: Deion Sampson | Source:http://www.anvil.uk.net/CYRANO/GRAPHICS/cyranohooker.jpg

1: Act 1: In Paris at The Hall of the Hotel de Bourgogne in the year 1640. A Tennis Court modified to work as a Stage. Double doors are closed and Chandeliers are lit to add to the mood and feel of the Play.

2: Act 2: The Bakery Shop of Ragueneau, on the corner of Rue St.-Honore and the Rue de l'Arbre Sec. The center of the shop has a iron ring that hands from a rope over a pulley. Ovens are on Baking things. Hams and various other meats are hung from rafters, as well as various pastries are staked in pyramids.

3: Act 3: A square in old Marais, surrounded by old houses and narrow streets. Roxane's house is near, jasmine embraces the balcony. There is a bench on the front porch, which is accompanied by stonework that is easily climbable to reach the balcony.

4: Act 4: The Post of Carbon De Castel-Jaloux located at The Siege of Arras. Located near the country, because houses of Arras are located within the sky-line. A platun is there as well, due to the fact that; tents,scattered weapons,drums, and campfires are located nearby. The Cadets are asleep, watched over by Carbon De Casterl-Jaloux and Le Bret, Christian is among the Cadets.

5: Act 5: The year is now 1655, the location is still in Paris, it is in late October. The Park Of The Convent is occupied by the Ladies of the Cross. A house in near, a large tree is in a small space and adjacent these things among Bushes is a semi-circle stone bench. Along the background stands a Chapel. The color of foliage are a mix of red, yellow and brown, there are a heap of these multicolored leaves under every tree. Nuns are coming and going across this park, several are seated on the bench around Mother Marguerite De Jesus. The leaves are falling.

6: Cyrano De Bergerac- He is a poor, humble, man, but he is very courageous and witty. He is in love with is cousin Roxane but feels that she doesnt love him due to his extremely large nose. He is a good fencer (he is like a musketeer). He is the owner of the "Theater" at which they are performing. He is also Christian's friend.

7: Christian de Neuvillette- Confident and Prideful of his good looks and charm, this causes him to tend to be more shallow then Cyrano. . He is legitimatly in love with Roxane but lacks the ability to express himself, unlike Cyrano with his poetry and letters.

8: Roxane (Madeleine Robin)- She is an attractive women, almost all men in this play want her love direct or indirectly. She is Cyrano's cousin. She is at first in love with Christian's looks, but come to find out she truly loves his supposed "wit", which further on turns out to be Cyrano's. So therefore at the end of the play she decides that it is Cyrano that she truly loves for his inner beauty and nothing more.

9: Comte De Guiche- He is somewhat like Cyrano's evil twin. He has the same wit but uses it for flattery and social climbing. He is bitter because Cyrano is like him and he wishes him dead because of it. This changes, because towards the end of the play he is influenced by Cyrano's kindness and comes up with a plan to help get Roxane away from the battle.

10: Act 1 Summary- A group of people has come to see the play La Clorise, but ultimately they have heard that an actor named Montfleury has showed up even after being banned by the theater owner Cyrano De Bergerac. A young nobleman arrives by the name of Christian and looks for a girl he has been seeing at the play recently, his friend Lingniere says her name is Roxane and that she is already promised to another man that is the Vicomte De Valvert. Montfleury tries to take the stage, he even ask for help to make Cyrano be quiet but it does not do any good. Finally Comte De Guiche tells Valvert he needs to just challenge Cryano to a duel to which Cyrano accepts. After the duel Roxane's Duenna tells Cyrano that Roxane wants to talk to him, he says he will and meets her at Ragueneau's Bakery the next day.Ligniere rushes in. He tells Cyrano about the hundred men waiting at the Porte de Nesle to kill him and announces that he is too afraid to go home. Cyrano says that he will fight all hundred men and escort Ligniere safely home. Cyrano shows man different sides of himself throughout Act 1 including his wittiness, humor, humbleness and many other things.

11: Act 2 Summary- Cyrano appears at Ragueneau's Bakery and tells him he is meeting someone there. Cyrano is nervous and jumpy, he is constantly asking for the time and cannot sit still. Cyrano tries to write something poetic to Roxane after hearing other poets describing Raguenueau's pastries so easily. When Roxane arrives, Cyrano is overcome with love. He gives Roxane's duenna pastries to distract her while he and Roxane spend time together alone. Cyrano quickly asks Roxane to say why she has come to talk to him. She simply ignores him, and they talk about the childhood summers they spent together. She tends to his wounded hand, and Cyrano tells her he was hurt in a fight the night before when he defeated a hundred men. Roxane finally admits to Cyrano that she is in love with Christian.Roxane asks Cyrano to protect him, and Cyrano agrees. She also asks Cyrano to have Christian write to her. After that she confesses friendly love and admiration for Cyrano, and leaves. Christian instantly makes a mockery of Cyrano's nose.Rather than killing Christian, Cyrano embraces him and reveals that he is Roxane’s cousin. Christian admits that he cannot write to Roxane because he is too stupid.Cyrano offers to write letters for Christian because he wants the opportunity to express his feelings to Roxane.

12: Act 3 Summary- Cyrano tries to help Christian prepare for his meeting with Roxane. He tries to get Christian to memorize lines that Cyrano has written,but Christian refuses. Christian says he wants to speak to Roxane in his own words, and Cyrano says that he can speak for himself. After a failed attempt of tell Roxane how he truely felt he loved her. Cyrano hides underneath Roxane’s balcony while Christian stands in front of it. He throws gravel at Roxane’s window, and when she comes out, Cyrano whispers words for Christian to say.Roxane is moved by Christian’s words, Cyrano to save time and confusion replaces Christian and begins to tell Roxane the things he has always longed to tell her. Christian says that afterwards he wants one kiss. Then, Cyrano and Christian switch places again, and Christian climbs up to receive the kiss.

13: Act 4 Summary- Located at the siege of Arras, the Cadets of Carbon de Castel-Jaloux languish, are surrounded by Spaniards and lack food and water. Le Bret keeps watch over the Cadets with Carbon early one morning when they hear distent gunfire and Cyrano runs in. The cadets wake up and start complaining about their hunger. There is talk of a mutiny, and Carbon asks Cyrano for his help. Cyrano comes out and talks to the cadets, he restores morale with a clever speech and passionate commitment to the cause. Christian tells Cyrano he wishes he could say farewell to Roxane, and Cyrano shows him the farewell letter he has just written. Christian notices that a mark of a tear on the letter, and nearly guesses Cyrano’s secret. Cyrano tells Christian that he has written Roxane more often than Christian thought,in fact, every day. Christian again suspects Cyrano’s secret, but Roxane interrupts him before he can say anything.

14: Act 5 Summary- This act takes place fifteen years in the future in Paris. Cyrano has become old and poor. Christian are still one of the most powerful men and is still magnificent. In the act Christian and La Bret find out that Cyrano has made quite a few enemies that are looking to possibly have him killed. They were right because some lackeys push a log on to his head and causes a gash and possibly a concussion. It looks as if he is going to die when he reads this love letter for Roxane and she realizes that it was him who said those things when he was under the deck. Then soon after he passes away.

15: Quote 1- "Your true self has prevailed over your outer appearance. I now love you for your soul alone." Roxane’s changing sentiments have affected Christian and Cyrano’s plan. Just before Christian is about to go off to battle, Roxane tells him that he loves him for his “soul alone” and no longer for his “outer appearance.” This seemingly positive romantic development troubles and depresses Christian since he essentially borrowed his “soul” from Cyrano. Without his good looks, he essentially has nothing to offer Roxane. The moment is ironic since what Roxane believes to be her statement of true, lasting love for Christian is based upon a trait that Christian does not have. This is important in real life because it goes to show that being "fake" will come back to bite you, you can alone act like something your not for so long. It is better to just be yourself and if they do not like you for who you are then it is just not meant to be.

16: Quote 2- "Your nose is . . . very big" Valvert, one of de Guiche’s men, makes fun at the size of Cyrano’s nose which is a big mistake. Cyrano makes fun of Valvert’s lack of creativity and eloquence, and he continues to start making fun of his own nose. This quote demonstrates several of Cyrano’s important qualities: eloquence, sense of humor, creativity, resourcefulness, courage, and confidence, as well as his showmanship and bravado. Suddenly he remembers the promise he made to Roxane to keep Christian safe, so he somewhat plays it off instead of being violent. This is important in life because sometimes you want to defend yourself by cannot because you fear what might happen to your friend.

17: Quote 3- "His face shines with wit and intelligence. He's proud, noble, young, fearless, handsome. . . ." Roxane speaks to Cyrano about a man she loves, well who she thinks loves her.When she is revealing his identity, Cyrano thinks that she might be referring to him—after all, each piece of information fits him. When she says that this man is “handsome,” however, Cyrano becomes certain that she is not talking about him, and that she must be talking about someone else. Cyrano reacts by cringing in pain. To cover up for his heartbreak, he quickly invents an excuse for his noticeable pain: his hand wound which she is tending to.This quote also highlights Cyrano’s weakening self-confidence and self-esteem. He always believes that Roxane will never love him. With this idea firmly planted in his head, he agrees to help Christian win her love. This is important in real life because if you never ask or go for something that you truly love you will never know if it will accept you or love you back.

18: Quote 4- "I need eloquence, and I have none!" Cyrano and Christian are talking about winning Roxane’s love. Cyrano is the first of the two to realize that they can combine their abilities, Cyrano’s wit and poetry, and Christian’s good looks and charm. Together they believe they can woo her. Essentially, they would become one person, as Cyrano states, a “romantic hero.” In a sense, both Christian and Cyrano represent stereotypes. Christian is unpoetic yet is very handsome, while Cyrano perfectly fills the role of the intelligent but, is physically unattractive. This is important in real life because it goes to show that sometimes you do not have all the characteristic that someone wants. You can never be 100% of what someone wants in a person, so you can only give what you have and they have to be happy with that.

19: Quote 5- ". . . . How can you read now? It’s dark. And for fourteen years you played the part of an old friend who came to be amusing!" Roxane begins to realize that Cyrano is the one that wrote all the letters and spoke outside her window on Christian’s behalf. As Cyrano begins to read Christian’s last letter out loud, Roxane is amazed at his ability to recite the letter from memory. Seeing tears roll down his face, she is convinced that the tears on the letter were his all along. Cyrano’s declaration about the blood on the letter is symbolic because his tears and Christian’s blood have combined on the letter. Together they represent the combination of a man. This man was the “romantic hero”—that Roxane truly loved. When Roxane accuses him of writing and speaking on Christian’s behalf, Cyrano firmly denies it. Roxane refuses to believe him and says that she has loved only one man, and has now lost him twice. This is important in real life because this goes to show you that you could let one simple thing govern all your decisions. In this case Cyrano was so affected by his large nose that he would not even talk to the love of his life. It was ovious that they were meant to be but he let a simple physical appearance influence his decisions.

20: Quote 6- "What if she turns out to be a prude - or an intellectual? I wouldn't dare speak to her, I don't have the brains. The way people speak and write nowadays makes my head hurt. I'm just an honest, simple, terrified soldier." Act 1, pg. 20 This is from Act 1 whenever Christian spots the women of his dreams named Roxane. Ironically he says that if she is an intellectual that he would not even dare speak to her, but by the end of the play he has tried every poetic trick you could think of in an attempt to win her love. This also shows that his true motives are not for anything long term, because it seems to me that he is going to try to win her over by bragging about being a solider. This is important in real life because it goes to show have even back in the 1600's guys were just as shallow as they are now, they think that good looks and being a young soldier will instantly get you a girlfriend. When they need to actually get to know the girl first, because as I mentioned by the end of this play Christian was doing almost everything he could to please her, no matter what it may be. Because he got to know her, and it turned out he liked her for both her looks and intellect.

21: Quote 7- "Does it seem strange: a hundred cutthroats against one poor poet? It is not strange. It is a minimal defense, mademoiselle- (Drawing his sword; quietly.) -when that poet is a friend of Cyrano de Bergerac." Act 1, pg. 47 Apparently bullying was still a popular thing back in the 1600's. This comes from Act 1 whenever Cyrano's friend is threated to be killed by 100 men. It is funny and somewhat ironic how confident Cyrano is to take on all 100 men to protect his drunk of a friend. This is ironic because Cyrano is constantly downing himself and lacks self-confidence because of the fact that his nose is so large. But whenever it comes to defending his friends, or his love Roxane he is quick to want to fight 100 men. This is important in real life because some people are actually just like Cyrano. They have almost no self confidence, but if a friend is put in jeopard they are quick to rush to their assistance.

22: Quote 8- "Cyrano: I had no worthy opponent. Lise: Lying through you teeth again, as usual! Cyrano: Better than lying through my nose. Now that would be a gargantuan falsehood!" Act 2, pg. 52 This is both funny and ironic because Cyrano is not only admitting to lying but he is also making fun of his own nose. This is important in real life because sometimes you have to make fun of your imperfections, because sometimes if you do not laugh at yourself a little you can get really down on yourself. Because, if you do not have any self confidence then usually you do not do anything out of your small comfort zone, which can really affect your major important decisions.

23: Quote 9- "I would die at the stake rather than change a semi-colon!" Act 2, pg. 67 This is from Act two whenever Cyrano is speaking. This goes to show you that Cyrano is very passionate about his poetry and other thoughts. This is important in real life because if you do not express your true self, and you let people's opinion of you control how you act then you are not truly being yourself. That is why Cyrano is saying that he would basically rather be killed then change a simple semi-colon of what he has written. Because, he believes in what he has written and said and refuses to take it back no matter what.

24: Quote 10- “I may climb perhaps to no great heights, but I will climb alone.” This is Cyrano speaking, and this quote is very significant to the play I think. This quote applies in many different ways to Cyrano during the play. His attitude toward life in general is kind of this way. It is basically he is going to do it his way or no way. He may not do it the best or even right at all but he will do it his way. This is important in real life because if you constantly do something that other people are doing not you are giving into peer pressure. On top of that you are also not being yourself, everyone is there own person, and if you never individualize yourself then you are basically the same as everyone else.

25: Rhinoplasty Information Page- The cost for Rhinoplasty Surgery is approximately $2,500 dollars. Before we being this intense surgery we must prep you for it. We must ensure that we do everything we can to get you looking you best the fastest and easiest way possible. You may experience a tingling itchy sensation, or a sore throbbing around the nasal area for about a week or so. Some people have report rare cases of numbness also occurring. After the surgery is complete your nose will look completely different and back to "normal". We want to ensure that you have no fears about this surgery and that any new people you encounter even notice it, it will be as if it never happened.

26: Memorial Speech- Cyrano de Bergarac was a multi-talented man. He was an amazing poet, musician,and friend above all else. He was the best when it came to swordsmanship, it was as if he was born with it in his hands. His nose may have set him apart from the crowd, but I feel that it made him unique,maybe even special. His individuality and hard headed-ness defiantly made him out as a either you liked him or hated him kind of fellow. He had one true love and her name was Roxane, he would have went around the world and back for this girl. He was a poor man, but his humbleness and constant humor helped him to be seen as someone rich and prosperous. He may not have had a lot of money, but he had a lot of heart. He lived each day like his last, but because of his nose he did have a hard time truly doing anything he loved. He never judged himself on his inner beauty, his "soul". Roxane did not even realize what was ovious, which was that Cyrano truly loved her, and her alone. He went as far as to help Christian to hook up with her, how badly would you feel if a girl you liked asked you to protect her crush. This man went through a lot, and he still tried to put on a smile. That is what I think is most important, no matter what always make the most of what you have, and that is what my friend Cyrano did.

27: Tombstone Epitaph- | "Perhaps the most important things we can undertake towards the reduction of fear is make it easier for people to accept themselves to like themselves." -Bonaro Overstreet

28: Half Page Lover Letter from Roxane to Cyrano- Dear Cyrano, It came as a big surprise to me to find out that you were in love with me. I never expected you, my own cousin to ever fall in love with me. I always admired your amazing poetic skills and your wit. It is what I have been searching for in a man. You may not have the best looks, but you had what mattered most a beautiful inner "soul". That night on the balcony was so romantic and poetically beautiful. It was as if angels were singing sweet words into my ears. When I finally discovered the truth I was both sadened and happy at the same time. Because, now you lay here on your death bed and I can do nothing to help you. I loved a man, it turned out to be the same man, and now I have lost him twice. R.I.P. Your true love, Roxane

29: Half Page Lover Letter from Roxane to Christian- Dear Christian, I always found you very physically attractive. You were always very witty; intelligent, proud, noble, young, and fearless. You were everything I though i could every want. But everytime I am alone with you it seems like all you can say are the simple words, "I Love You". I Love You as well but, it seems to me that there is more ways to describe our love then this. It would seem as if you are getting help to come up with your amazingly well spoken poetry. I do believe it is truly you that thinks of these amazing things to say to me, but I need to be sure it is really you. Let us meet and talk soon. With all my love and more, Roxane

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