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D is for Dystopia (Copy)

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BC: About the Author | Evan Farrell and Joel Montgomery are students at Wilmette Junior High School. They like to play sports, consisting of skateboarding and golf.

FC: D is for Dystopia By:Evan Farrell & Joel Montgomery

2: A is for Aberration An Aberration is a status received if the person has committed an Infraction. They are not seen as full Citizens and don't get the privileges of being Matched, possessing an artifact, or having tablets. Aberrations are usually put to work in the Disposal Department, but since there are poisons, the life expectancy is less than average. This shows signs of a dystopian society because people are discriminated against, even if they did not do anything wrong. | On page 46, Cassia finds out that Ky Markham is an aberration. "She leans closer to me. No. He is not a single. Ky Markham is an aberration." This shows that being different in this society is shocking and frowned upon because she was surprised when she learned that he was an aberration.

3: B is for Banquet | There are several types of banquets; The final banquet and the matched banquet. Both of these banquets are for special occasions, and they all symbolize a milestone in that persons life. This shows signs of a dystopian society because people have to die by a certain age, so that person has no control over when they want to die. | On page 69, Cassias grandfather is having his final banquet today. " Today is Sunday. It is Grandfathers eightieth birthday, so tonight he will die." He is going to die because it is his 'deadline'.

4: C is for cursive | Cursive writing was a lost art because everybody now writes/types on tablets or computers, which is very much like today because most people write on computers and technology. This shows signs of a dystopian society because children of the future do not even know how to write, and they definitely do not know how to write cursive. | On page 239, Ky teaches Cassia more about cursive letters. He is now teaching Cassia about the letter K. "I thought that we were learning alphabetically? Cassia asked, I am guessing that our next letter is Y? She teased. She has learned how to write her name, now she is learning his.

5: D is for Dirt | Dirt symbolizes new beginnings for Ky and Cassia because that is where they started to write, but they did not write on tablets. This shows signs of a dystopian society because they are not allowed to simply write in the dirt, and that is why they have to rub the dirt and get rid of any sign of them writing in the dirt.

6: E is for eighty The Final Banquet is an important day in a person's life. A person their Final Banquet on their 80th birthday. At first everyone watches a slideshow of the persons life. Then they were are able to choose their own dinner and the Society puts a little poison in it so that it kills the person on the night of their birthday. This shows signs of a dystopian society because people that make it to eighty are forced to die on their eightieth birthday. This shows complete control over the society by the government because they control how long a person can live. | On page 69, it explains why society has chosen eighty to be when everybody dies in their lifetime. "It's long enough that we can have a complete life experience, but not so long that we feel useless." By using facts and statistics, they have chosen a deadline that may be when a person does not want to die.

7: F is for forest | The forest in this book is where Ky and Cassia exchange notes. This shows signs of a dystopian society because it is the only place where they are not watched.

8: G is for green | The color green symbolizes Cassia's dress, eyes, and her Grandfathers favorite color.Cassia's dress was one of the dresses that the female matchees are allowed to wear. This shows signs of a dystopian society because they can only wear the dresses that the government has approved. | On page 119, grandfather talks about Cassia's relation with green. " Greenspace, green tablet, grandfather said, and then he looked at me and smiled. " Green eyes on a green girl."

9: H is or hill The hill is an important place in the book because it is where Cassia's love for Ky is confirmed. Also, Cassia and Ky share notes together, which Cassia is mesmerized by because it is unlike anything that she has ever seen. The hill is one of the only places where there are no cameras. Since there are barely any places where Cassia lives where there are no cameras, that is a sign of a dystopian society because they have to be wary of everything that they do.

10: I is for infraction An infraction is when you do something wrong and the society punishes you for it. When you get an infraction, you become an aberration. If you are a parent, every family member becomes an aberration, but if a child commits an infraction, only the child becomes an aberration. This shows signs of a dystopian society because people are discriminated against because a family member or they committed a crime.

11: J is for jeopardy | There is jeopardy in this book because Cassia puts her friends and family in danger when she falls in love with Ky because they are not matched and he is an aberration. This shows signs of a dystopian society because she is only aloud to be in a relationship with the person that she is matched with. | On page 127, Cassia gets rid of the dangerous poems that her grandfather gave her. I reach into my pocket pull out the paper grandfather gave me. I let go of it." This shows that anything against the law is extremely dangerous in this society.

12: K is for Ky Ky Markham is an aberration, and it is unknown what his father did to make him one. He falls in love with Cassia, but he is taken to fight in a war that the society is losing in. Since he is an aberration, he was not matched with Cassia, but they still fall in love. Because they are not matched, and they still fall in love, the officials talk to them and make sure that they do not do anything that they regret. This shows signs of a dystopian society because people are not allowed to fall in love with the people that they want to spend their life with.

13: L is for letters | Letters in this book represent resistance in this book because nobody in this society knows how to write, except on tablets or computers. This shows signs of a dystopian society because nobody in the future could write on paper, and they rely on technology extremely. If their were to be a power outage, nobady would be able to write. | On page 239, Ky teaches Cassia how to write another letter in the dirt. "Look, he says, showing me another letter. K." He has showed her how to write her name, and now he is showing her how to write his.

14: M is for Microcard A microcard is a virtual capsule that holds a certain persons information, as in everything there is to know about a someone, such as their height, weight, favorite food, and even their dreams. This shows signs of a dystopian society because your microcard tells you things about yourself that you did not even know. | On page 17, the hostess of the match banquet talks to Xander and Cassia. "There are a few courtship guidelines included on your microcards, so you should familiarize yourselves with those when you have the oppurtunity." The microcards has information that best friends may not even know about eachother.

15: N is for nutrition | Society chooses what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat. By doing so, they help you maintain the perfect weight. You must eat all of your food, and because the food is made to keep you healthy, it is not the best tasting. This is a quality of a dystopian society because you can not choose to be fat or skinny, you have to follow the rules and eat the required amount. | On page 113, Cassia is running on the tracker (treadmill). "If you run too far, you might be a masochist, an anorexic, or another type, and you will have to see an official of Psychology for diagnosis" You have to be healthy in this society even if you do not want to be.

16: O for officials | In the book, the officials run everything, keep everything in order, and control the lives of every citizen. Officials make sure nobody is hiding anything. For example, a man tried to hide hundreds of books in his basement, but the officials ransacked his home and burned all of the book. He received an infraction. This shows signs of a dystopian society because officials control everything. | On page 238, the officials come to Cassia's Borough. They are there to take Ky. "What are they doing? Ky" They later make everybody take the red tablet.The officials have complete power because nobody dares to stand up to tham.

17: P is for plain In Matched, society is all about equality, so everybody wears the same clothes, besides for special occasions, and everything around them is plain. This is because for everyone to be equal, everyone has to have everything that everyone else has. This means that the personal items that people can have are limited, and those items are plain so nobody else thinks that is unfair that someone else besides themselves to have something like that. This is a quality of a dystopian society because nobody has the chance to get ahead of anybody else in this society because everyone has to be equal.

18: Q is for quality Supposedly, the quality of life in this society is higher than it ever was. They think that it is this way because people live longer, live a fuller life, and they live life peacefully and safely. Even though these things may be true, people do not accomplish anything in their lifetime. This is because they do not have that opportunity because they are assigned vocations based on how they perform in school. They cannot choose to be a teacher, or an inventor, the citizens of this society are to work where they excel.

19: R is for revolution | In the book, there is a revolution taking place that the officials and the society are fighting against an unknown enemy. The society has tried its hardest to not show any signs of them losing, but cracks in the government are showing, and talk of revolution are being spread. This is a quality of dystopian society because the society is trying to hide its weaknesses from its people so nobody tries to start a revolution.

20: S is for sorting | Cassia's vocation is sorting, where she sorts lines of information into a pattern. Her job does not benefit society, and it could be considered by our standards today a game. Cassia though is the best sorter, and she was the top scorer. That means that she will get a more interesting vocation. | This is a quality of a dystopian society because some of the vocations are useless, and they will never benefit anybody. Also, you are not paid for your vocation, so there is no reason why you should work as hard as possible.

21: There are three tablets in the society. Green, red, and blue. They all have different effects, such as clearing the head of anxiety and stress. Aberrations are not allowed to carry tablets with them. Citizens receive their tablets on special occasions, like on their thirteenth birthday. They refill the tablet containers everyday if people are in need of new ones. You can only take one tablet of each type everyday, but you do not have to take the tablets. This is a quality of a dystopian society because officials can force people to take the pill that clears their mind from the past twelve hours, which could make everybody forget that something terrible happened. | T is for tablets | On page 119, Cassia's grandfather tells her that he thinks that she is strong. "Do not take the green tablet. You are strong enough without it". This shows that even though most people take the green tablet, some feel like it is not needed. Grandfather thinks that she does not need a stress reliever. And he is right, because she is the top scoring sorter.

22: U is for understanding Understanding is prominent in the book Matched because many people are forced to understand because they realize that people need them to.

23: V is for vocations Everyone is assigned a vocation based on your performance at school. You usually get your vocation in you late teenage years. Vocations can span from farming to sorting. Usually, the better you are at something, the higher and more interesting vocation is assigned to you. Cassia is a sorter, and she is tested for a high vocation. She was the top scorer. This shows signs of a dystopian society because people are assigned useless jobs that will have no effect on the future. | On page 232, Cassia is taking a test to see how fast and how efficient she is at sorting. "Congratulations, the gray-haired official tells me when I reach them. You scored very well on the test." Even though Cassia may have don very well on the test, she is just getting a harder job and getting the same that someone with a lower job gets in return.

24: W is for wonder | Wonder is a reoccurring trait in the book because many people, including Ky and Cassia wonder how the world could be different. Unfortunately though, society does not appreciate peoples imagination, and the citizens are frightened to share their ideas. This is a quality of a dystopian society because their opinions mean nothing.

25: X is for Xander Xander is Cassia's childhood friend, and her match. It was nearly impossible for them to be matched, this is because they are from the same street. When Xander realizes that Cassia is falling in love with Ky, he feels betrayed, but tries to help her anyways. He visits her when she is relocated, and sends her a bunch of survival tools that she would need if she were to try to find Ky. | On page 369, Xander visits Cassia because she was forced to relocate. "The door swings open. Xander. This shows that Xander is a great friend because he is willing to travek hours and hours just to help Cassia

26: Y is for yonderly | Cassia acts yonderly in this book when she thinks of Ky because she inadvertently falls in love with him. Being yonderly is something that is frowned upon in this society because you are always supposed to do something. | This is a quality of a dystopian society because you are considered not normal if you do not act how everybody is supposed to act, and you can not show your true self unless you are to be considered weird.

27: Z is for Zabernism The misuse of military power is found in this book when the officials force everyone on Ky's street, which include Xander and Cassia to take the red tablet, which clears the mind from the past twelve hours of the person that took the red tablet. Also, officials take Ky's parents by force when Ky is taken to fight in a war that nobody knew about. Their minds were also cleared by the red tablet. This is definitely a quality of a dystopian society because the officials can do whatever they want without anybody questioning them. | On page 324, the officials are forcing the people on Cassia' borough to take the mind clearing tablet. "We'll need you to take your red tablets. Officer Strandler and I will make sure you do. There's nothing you should worry about. This shows that the ordinary people have to follow the officials commands.

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