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FC: J | Memories of Joe

1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Just a few memories, to show you how much everyone loves you! love melisa

2: I can only say that the few times I saw your father I so impressed with what a great Father he was . The time he and your Mother came for a weekend and your Dad and Dave went to a Flea Market looking for car parts at Earl's Creek. They put the car in this huge lot and then forgot where they had it. Had to call Phyllis so she could send a signal they could hear to find it. Hope Joe has a great day and Please give him our best wishes for many happy returns of the day. Love Aunt Mary

3: JD | Dad, There are so many memories, its almost impossible to narrow them all dow. I remember when we were little and you would get home from work, crystal and i would fight to get your lunch box first cause we knew you always had treats for us in it. always marshmellow broms. Once when i was in elementary school, you let me bring a taxidermy fish to school for show and tell, you wraped it in newpaer and a garbage bag, all the other kids thought i was so cool. You are the best at coming up with last minute costumes. Me telling you i wanted an El Camino, and you making it real. Picking treasures off peoples curbs. Going to the fishing derby on the canal and winnig a trophy, you losing your sunglasses in the canal. There are a ,illion more! The best memory of all is that you are and always will be the best dad in the entire world, i love you so much! melissa xoxox

4: Joe: ever since I started dating John, you have made me feel so comfortable and so welcome. It's something that I still appreciate because it's a big family to get into and can be a little intimidating for a newbie. The thing I will always remember about you, and which still makes me smile, is that night we all got drunk together on your deck at the cottage. I didn't know that John got all gushy with you inside the cottage and told you he was in love with me, but I remember you offering -- and maybe even insisting a little -- that you'd marry us. Heck, why not right here at the cottage, you said. You even got a certificate to prove that you could and everything! That made me laugh. When I think of that time leading up to us getting engaged, I always think about that night. Happy birthday! Natalie xo

5: Soon after your dad built the dock with the green carpeting it suddenly became our WWF wrestling ring. All us kids trying to dethrone Joe from being 'King of the dock'. Sitting around the fire pit drinking and telling stories and laughing and being loud until Joe opened the patio door, turning the music off and telling us we are cut off. This happened many times. One thing that always stands out for me is that Joe is always first to offer a helping hand. Whether its working on a cottage, dealing with pump issues, digging a hole, or fixing a car. Thanks Joe for all your help. The 'aw crap' look on his face when all us cottage kids came around to disturb his peace and quiet. I know he secretly loved having us around though, right Joe? Watching old NASCAR races or old WWF matchs on VHS with him at the cottage. Watch out when he tries to put 'the claw' on you. THE CLAW!!!!! nick

6: I think this one is mine. Ok to pick just one, was sooo hard. I decided to go back to almost the beginning Fri 1 Aug 1975!!!! Our elopement day. We had decided 2 days before. We had to pick up a motorcycle tire for Mike before going to the Retired Rev Good's house. We got there around 9:00 pm. Oh dear, the Rev Good, forgot we were coming and he was in his BOXER's and nothing else..... Did I mention he was retired (I'm sure he was in his late 80's). Lol that was a little disconcerting. So while the Rev got dressed, we sat around a 6 inch fan trying to get the breeze. The Rev was hilarious and played us a little tune on his piano when we were done....Then we headed home to tell our parents. Hottest night of my life....lol.... It was a recored breaking heat wave 34c. Lov ya Phyllis xox | Dad & I were heading out for a fishing trip at the cottage. You were so happy to be going & you had new fishing tackle. We get to the "spot" & you bait up my line.... Well you toss my line into the water, & oops the gear you had just spent making look so delicious for the "big catch" wasn't attached to the line!! #2 obviously will never forget you walking me down the isle!! #3 look they're breeting!! crystal xoxo

8: because he always takes me for a walk. Ruff ruff love annie xo

9: Man oh man, what I could write, or at least willing to share ;)...maybe a book. Us eloping; you guys being born *sigh*; lol, double riding me home on a bike; wearing a football helmut on the motorcycle; walking home from the ottawa Ex to Lincolnfields (approx 14km) because he doesn't want to take a bus, grrrr; Cottage, "watch out for the bear sheeeet!"; OMG! fight on bank street with another car load of people; dancing all night at Carol and Don's; movie making "bob and Doug"; ending up at the hospital and the dr asked if he'd been hit by a bus...lol no just the work guys jumping on him; maybe the first time he saw the ocean, magical :) or his first time flying only 2 years ago..... Maybe San Fran. phyllis xo

10: Gee wizz...poor Joe was privy to way more teenage girl talk than any man should ever have to endure. I met Joe when I was 9. Instantly loved him along with the rest of the Denny's. So many memories. I remember when Joey built us a recycling bin on ski's so we could deliver our pennysaver flyers. Don't think he intended for us to ride it down the hill on Connaught...but anyways. He helped me catch my first fish at the cottage. He was always there to chase away boys with an axe in hand or yell at us to stop giggling and get to sleep. He fed me my "first dinner" almost daily before I headed home for my 2nd one. Still crave his Mac & Cheese. Love Ya Joe! lisa dunn | I have so many memories of Joe. Lots of good times with him and Phyllis. If I need help , Joe is right there to help. Playing bang bang at 3 in the am. Dancing in the basement till all hours. Love you Joe!!! carol

11: Joe, Joe, Joe... My childhood and early years memories of Joe are always being there, helping my dad out with whatever he was working on at the time, being at ALL the house and cottage parties, usually side by each with dad, having a few pints. My more recent memories of Joe... Well, shopping for and helping me find my first car. That's a big one. So many nights he spent either looking online for me or taking me out to different lots or addresses, giving me his best advice for a good first time car. Really, for being a stand-in dad. Writing this gets me a little choked up, because to me, that's who Joe is. He's a great cousin, a good bud, a ton of fun, but more than anything else, he's the person I turn to for help, advice or to just talk to now that dad isn't here for that. Hey Joe, remember coming to my house to help me solve my plumbing issues? Looking down into that pipe and saying, "What the &%#! is that?!?" Calling me over to take a look. "It looks like a really long screw", you say, "or maybe two of them!" That was so funny! A first for you, you said. I should have been so embarrassed that I put two very long screws into my toilet pipe, but you made me feel okay about it. I always liked giving my dad 'an assist' when he was working, hearing him sort things out, cursing his brains out, being there to pass him whatever tool or whatever. I felt the same way that day you were over. I also feel like if ever I need help in life, that you would be there for me, without a second of hesitation. I appreciate that so very much. You rock, Joe. Plain and simple. I love you, man! Teena

12: i remember on Ahearn Ave. mike and joe would go in the bush to look for treasures, there was an old milk wagon there. i remember i was out at the side of this road trying to sell mom's home made rolly polly's to anyone who passed by. (no one passed by lol) suddenly mike and joe come running from the bush and all i hear is joe saying a lion bit me, a lion bit me, my heart stopped thinking we had lions now. there was blood all down his leg and he was crying, mike running behind him yelling for help, both in a panic. my mother came running out to see what the heck all the crying and yelling was about. i ran too of course cause i wanted to get away from the lion. as i got closer to joe i noticed a big stick sticking in his leg. it was no damn lion but he got stabbed by a stick while walking in the woods. there was a big enough hole in his leg. but no damn lion. i remember a time when joe was in his early teens. he was a shy boy then. one evening there was a knock at the door. it was joe's friends, wayne sweeney and someone else. my dad was drinking so he invited them in. he asked why they were there and they said they were there to take joe out to a party (with girls). joe was so embarrassed he hide in his bed and did not want to go. my dad went in the room and tried to lure him out with good jokes about girls. his friends were joking around with him too to get him to go, finally joe went. that was the starting of a new life. but joe was not one to bring girls home or to date. when he first brought your mom to our home....wayyyyyyyyyyy back in time. he made sure the house was clean. he never cleaned the house before. lol. elaine

13: I remember one time when Phyllis went away with Melissa and or Crystal somewhere and Joe called Claude and I to come over and watch the hockey game, which we did. When we were done he suggested we take some R & R in the hot tube, so out we go hop in relax and it was winter and snowing, Joe says he always wanted to do snow Angels so out all three of us get and hop in the snow and lie flat in the freezing cold snow and made snow angels. Let me tell you we got up pretty damn quit after realizing the snow was stinging out asses off. Fun times, fun times. Happy Birthday Big Brother. Love from The Bergeron's.

14: When Tim was a baby I had to go for blood work at the Civic for both of us. Joe and Ray came with me to take care of Tim while I had blood taken. I passed out. So Joe and Ray both offered to drive home,but they were way to young to drive. carol | I have a lot of memories of Don & Joe together at home and at the cottage. Don thought of Joe as his little brother.Lots of parties and good times. Happy birthday Joe! carol

15: When Melissa had the idea for all of us to share memories of times with you, I struggled to come up with one. There are just too many good times to choose from. For as long as I can remember you have always been a big part of our lives. It has always been hard to say who you are to us.... cousin? uncle? None of that really fits. Ok so here goes.....I’m going to save the tear jerking sappy stuff for the cottage this summer. We’ll have a few pints and get all Denny sloppy....I love you man!! On with the rest. I remember the first time I drove. It was with you at the cottage. I don’t remember what car you had at the time (that is shameful, I am sure you remember the first car you drove). We were driving the back way in to your cottage and you pulled over and told me to take it from there. I probably made it 100 feet, right to the turn in front of Gloria Ray’s place and a car came from the other direction and I froze. Couldn’t do it. That was the first time I drove with you as co-pilot and the second time was driving your truck home from Britannia Road. Too scary for me. What a weapon!! I remember one time when Mel and Crystal were young. We were driving home from the cottage and stopped at the flashing light chip stand. Mel found a bag of money. You got in the car, fired her up and we peeled out of there like a bunch of bandits!! That was awesome. Probably my most recent memory that hits the highlight reel is last summer at the cottage. Rob, Ray and Travis went fishing and you stayed behind. You and I sat down on the dock while the kids swam, had a few beers and just talked about everything and nothing for an hour. Riding in the back of the El Camino when we were kids, Steam roller, the many parties where we drank more bottles of wine than there were people, summer turkeys at the cottage, you trying to teach me how to play guitar when I was 9, realizing I had zero musical talent (other than being an awesome drunken DJ), You are one of the only people man enough to dance to ABBA with us at the many parties, you cook a mean bass, you are always there to help and you are one of the only people who should be called Bucko, cause you earned it. You are one of a kind Joe. I love you man!! Hope you have a great birthday and we will definitely celebrate this summer. linda

16: Joe Happy Birthday #60 Joe, do you remembered me playing war with you and mike with your little army men? We would make hills, trenches and caves and organize all the army men. And we would hook up fuses to fire crackers then bury them under the army men. Then we would stand back and light the fuses and watch them all blow to hell. You were the same age as Calvin now. I guess I was just a big kid playing with you guys back then. Happy Birthday, Love Uncle Paul | Happy Birthday Joe, 2013 Do you remember a Neighbor kid throwing rocks and getting hit on the head with one? Getting a big gash and bleeding all over? Mr.True took you to the hospital to get stitched up. Dad and I were grocery shopping and Bea was babysitting for us. Or do you remember the time you and Mike and Lou were down at the river fishing or something and you stepped on broken bottle and cut yourself bad and Lou piggybacked you all the way home. You were about 8 or 9 at the time. Or the time you came to the cottage and helped take the Neighbor John's garage down and you decided to go for a dip in the creek after. P.S. I have the video tape of it. Haha that was so funny. Happy Birthday Joe Can't say I'm 39 anymore can I? Love Mom xoxo

17: I remember when I was in the junk yard and was going through a car and came across this 5 cent pack of licorice that must have been at least 15 years old. I later on went up to you and asked you if you wanted some and you took it and took a bite out of it without hesitation. I asked if it tasted stale at all and I'm pretty sure you wanted to kill me then and there. Happy Birthday brother. brother jim | I remember when my dad and I were driving by your house on garbage night and decided to pull a prank on you. We took your Steinburg's recycling bin and you were so angry thinking that the garbage pickers were desperate and took your bin. We didn't have the nerve to bring it back to you until two years after the incident. When we brought it back to you, you didn't even remember it and you didn't know where it had came from. Haha. Happy Birthday! young jim | First off ~ I never knew you as Joe ~ it was always Joey!!! When did you grow up and change your name? I remember you as being very quiet and kind of cool, good looking and more mature ~ hmmmmm but according to some things I have seen written about you maybe you weren't all that mature after all ~ lol ~ to me you were just another dennyballs ~ an older teenage one that is ~ I guess you have grown up since then eh? well hope you enjoy this very special day ~ Happy Birthday Joey! Hugs from one of the trueballs ~ Nancy

18: - she always laughs when she remembers when Joe was driving Mike's motorbike (I think it was like a 160cc something) in the Pascal parking lot (Zellers on Merivale Road). Anyway somehow the fender went into the front tire and Joe went over the handle bars. Lol he didn't really get hurt but he had scratches everywhere. He wanted to show us all his injuries, so he put my Dad's (grampa Lacelle's) shorts on that were like 10 sizes too big. There is a picture of this in the old albums. Of course, in an emergency, she always calls Joe first, instead of me because she knows that he's always there and answers his phone. Fixes her car and she keeps a "to do" list that he always takes care of. Love Joyce, Mom xox | Happy Birthday Uncle Joe! You will forever be my birthday buddy. Even though you have a little bit of a head start on me with the years. Haha. I remember all of those Christmas dinners that we had in your basement! I absolutely loved spending time as a huge family. Another one of my great memories with you Uncle Joe, is at your cottage. Everybody used to camp out there and you would set off a million fireworks. We used to go fishing in the middle of the night and I always told you to let the fish go but you always wanted them for a snack:P I hope you have an awesome birthday with many more to come:) Much love, Emma

19: Well...what can I say about "Joey" about our 40+ years of friendship...some things I am sure are not suitable for all ears... I met Joey when I was 14...he was 18...ooohhh and older man...hahaha...but alas he was not interested in me...it was not to be, he had a girlfriend...Phyllis...who would have known you would be my BFF for life... We have been thru some much over the years...running out of gas in in the VW...driving around in the big yellow barn car....breaking down in whatever car..so many vehicles...so little time.... The cottage life...both of us getting so smashed, me on fuzzy navals..and both of us not being able to lift our heads till sometime in the afternoon...with Phyllis yelling at us you to are pigs..and then trying to make us eat eggs and bacon...yuck..dont think I have had a fuzzy naval since... I could go on and on...but have to say Elvis is alive and living in Joey's pants...Phyllis knows what I am talking about... Well Joe...I just want to wish you all the very best always...for now and for another 60 years my dear friend.. Love ya tonz... C

20: . Joe’s birthdays seem to come around faster than mine, but mine last longer, (I’m still living the life of a thirty-five year old with less hair) Thinking of stories of your dad, reminds me of a bunch of us sitting on Ray's deck with Joe and your Uncles, making barricades with empty cases of? Must have been water as it was flowing fast, I think he returned to Ottawa the next day!! Then there was the time I had to rescue a Poole from evaporation and being thrown overboard and a likely drowning in the middle of Lac B, when the darker side of the Denny boy showed through, I ask you who would take Mikey fishing at 7am in a tippy green boat without a bottle opener? Then there was the time my little Jeep had to tow a truck out of what was clearly a parking lot, having a dump in the bush took on a whole new meaning that day, naughty Silverado. Alas Melissa all these and other tidbits happened at the cottage and as you know: What happens at the cottage, stays at the cottage. Thanks for the memories Joe. Happy Birthday Murray | Hello this is Mel one of joes co workers. Ok something I remember about your dad is a long time ago at work me and your dad was in the garage talking he was kinda picking on me so I come out with a comment that made your dad chase me around the garage. I told him that he was not much of a man that he only had girls and was not man enough to have a boy. Yeah sure was funny. Oh he did not catch me lol

21: i remember a time on Carling Ave on Waterloo, joey, mike, jim and vic and bob and wayne were outside playing street hockey. they weren't playing hockey with a hockey puck. they were playing hockey with a great big sewer rat that came up behind them. they passed that damn rat back and forth to each other trying to beat it off. the rat had a lot of power and was jumping up at them towards their face. they had no choice but to fight it off or the rat was going to win. They won. Street hockey team 1, Sewer Rat 0. when we were young, real young my parents would go to do the groceries at "shoppers city" on baseline, now the college square. with 7 kids that was a task to have tag along with you when your getting the food for the week. my father usually had a station wagon. my mother would give joe strict orders to NOT let us out of the car when they went in the store, (they always took the babies in the store). so joe usually had to watch mike, sharon, me and jimmy in the car. but there was this gully down below the parking lot at shoppers city and mike and joe thought it would be fun to go see the cows. they would make sharon and me sit outside the car windows and keep an eye out for mom and dad while they ran down the gully to scare the cows we would laugh from the windows of the car. we had a key word to warm them when mom and dad were coming so they had time to get back to the car. i few times they did not make it back in time and there fore they did not get their 10 cent bag of popcorn that our parents brought out of the store for us as a treat. and when it was to cold to leave the car or we were REALLY warned DONT GET OUT! we would all sit near a window and fog up the window. the minute someone said a bad word we put their name on the window and a check mark under their name for swearing. every time we wrote joe's name down on the window he would freak out and wipe it off. then at the last minute he usually told us all to wipe the window so we could get that damn bag of 10 cent popcorn. elaine

22: I remember your dad taking us all to the store at the cottage. It was in the evening and it was dark out. Just after the big sand pit we heard a big bang under the tires. Joe had hit a raccoon. The girls were a little freaked out and I remember Joe kept singing a song about how there was raccoon on the tires which grossed us out more but it was really funny! tammy moyes | As I am sitting here thinking of a memory of your dad it always goes back to the summers at the cottage. One memory I have of is when we were about 15 and your dad let you drive home from the corner store. Well we were coming onto our street and I guess you didn't turn sharp enough and you slammed on the brakes and I went sliding to the front of the station wagon. That was the end of you driving home! I look forward to being back there this summer! Happy 60th Joe! tracy thompson | !! I can't think of any stories about your dad specifically... But all I can say is.... I will never forgot the look on his and your moms face when we ( stupidity) we were playing wall whatever it was called.. And you passed out and hit your ear and they had to rush you off to the hospital.. laurie thompson

23: Memories..... I remember at the cottage walking and he was into the sauce and on the way back to ur cottage we saw bear shit and he kept saying dont step in the bear sheeeeet. Lol he was always so grumpy but when he drank at the cottage he was such a lover, I remember dancing in ur cottage with him to the 8 tracks, as a kid I didn't understand why ur mom would get so mad, so he might have slept with his head In the toilet but he sure was lovey and fun!!! robin xox | 1) They put a block of wood under Joe's gas pedal & he couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't go fast. 2) When the BBQ blew up at the cottage and Joe blamed Mike for it, til Jimmy Fitzpatrick told Joe it blew up on it's own. The look on Joe's face was so funny. 3) Fishing in the states with Bootser and Joe fell asleep in the camper holding the guitar. mike

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