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Dad's 70th

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Dad's 70th - Page Text Content

S: Happy 7oth Birthday Lynn, Dad, Zaidy 2012

FC: Happy 70th Birthday!

2: It is so wonderful to recall the joy of the close and loving association since that first Seder that the 2 families got together almost 40 years ago. Looking forward to more touring together in unusual and challenging places. Love and best wishes to you all. Mim and Lou

3: About 10 years ago I woke up in the a.m. with a pain in my left side--by the time we got to Lynn and Lisa's that night for dinner i was DOUBLED UP WITH PAIN--of course I turned to my pal the doc and-knowing he claimed to be a doctor-he gave me 2 Digels and told me I had gas--by the next morning I was in the hospital with diverticulitis-Harvard--not so much!!!!!!!!!!! He also wears wool knee socks around the pool in Mexico--not a look!!!!! | Love from your extended family, Geri and Meyer, and may we always be together to celebrate the joys in our lives.

4: One of many fond memories I have of your father and family is when we arrived in Oceanside, CA in 1975. Your family came and visited us the first week we were here. Lynn stubbed his toe on our living room sofa [Arlene remembers this]. Despite this we had a wonderful time. We all went to Sea World and remember how fast your father would go from one area of the park to another pushing the stroller. What I recall most was my first day of work here in California, your father drove me to my new practice and wished me good luck. I also remember many fond Shabbat dinners together. You have a wonderful family and please wish Lynn a happy 70th for us. Regards to the whole family Jerry and Arlene

6: Lynn, you are an inspiration to all of us. We wish you joy, health, happiness and many, many more productive and fun years! Happy birthday!!! Love, Yana and Jim

7: Lynn, Wishing you a special day with your family. Our vacations to Europe and Australia are pleasant past memories. Hopefully, we will travel again soon. Stay well. With love, Michael and Cynthia

8: Dearest Lynn, How is it possible that 20 years have passed since that first "interesting encounter?" Are you the same guy? Hmmmmmm, I don't think so. You're the one who almost killed me off with my showing you 47 homes in 2 plus days..... Remember, you were locked in my car once, weren't allowed to pee or eat. AND I was in charge completely. Hasn't happened since, but you have turned the tables and are now the one in charge. You've been in charge at National Jewish, speaking/fundraising internationally, now at University of Denver, assorted're in charge at Pesach seders and Rosh Hashanah dinners and on and on. But, just think, I was in charge for a short few minutes and you actually complied. But, I really don't care now. Instead, we have developed a long standing relationship which I hold so very dear. Shermie adored you and you have been entirely supportive since he passed away. Lynn dear, may you go from strength to strength.........May your 70th year be rich in adventure and contentment......May you be blessed with good health, joy and love. My sincere respect and love always, Annette

9: Where does the time go? I think we have known each other for 59 or 60 years. Now we each have fabulous families that bring us happiness and joy. The 'old folks' used to say, "As long as you have your health, everything will be OK." We would laugh. Now, unfortunately, we know how true that is. We also know that we must get up each day and fight to stay healthy. Let's agree to keep enjoying our families and to keep fighting to stay healthy. Best wishes for the future on this special day. You are now officially an 'old man'. Welcome to the club. Lynn

10: Dear Lynn, Happy 70th Birthday. Hard to believe over 35 years have passed since we first met. I will never forget the look on your face when I asked if you thought someone could make a career out of this pediatric pulmonary gig. It was a singular honor to be your first fellow. I can still recall our trips to Fort Huachuca when the guards were reluctant to let the two of us on base. Your "Is-ro and my long hair were an obvious security concern. Having the opportunity to work with you was a game changer for me. Our family owes so much to this chance encounter with you and Lisa. I will always feel blessed to have had you as a mentor and friend. Have a great birthday. All the best, Jerry and Barbara, Ceila (your academic grand-daughter) and Shaye

12: Dear Lynn, You are one of the most thoughtful, sincere and caring people I have ever met. You and I hit it off as soon as Barry White introduced us in the fall of 1960 when I complained my roommates could not communicate and your roommate took advanced standing and moved to Quincy House. At that point I was pretty sure that you were someone I could live with in one room for Freshman year (that was before I saw the kosher salamis hanging to dry). I had no idea it wold last all four years of college or a lifetime, but I am so glad it did. Ironically, Hollis 27 was the first home I lived in where I kept kosher. It comes down to our having a shared value system and because of that commonality, the friendship expanded to include our wives and over the years to two other couples—the Greenbergs and the Zeisels. The four couples were so compatible that whenever any couple was living near another --in Boston, Tucson or Israel--- the friendship blossomed again. The attached 1996 photo of the Taussigs, Greenbergs and Slotnicks is just one snapshot of the kind of lifelong friendships you make almost routinely. This is reflected in the many accolades you have received professionally and the many messages of love you no doubt will receive during your 70th birthday celebration. Mazel tov. Marsha and I wish you and Lisa many years of good health and happiness. With love, Marc

13: What a joy it is to celebrate with family and friends. The Sobel Family sends wishes for a very happy birthday and many, many more. Carol

14: Happy Birthday Lynn, Your friendship means everything. Maxine

15: Lynn, Joni and I very much value our friendship and are only sorry our time together is so infrequent. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more Happy and Healthy Birthdays. We love you, Paul and Joni

17: Dear Lynn, Is it possible that we've been friends for half your birthdays and shared over 25 adventures on four continents, in an uncountable number of cities! We have played "you're it" with an empty box of red hots for at least half of those years and lost the kingsize bed contest more times than we want to remember over a cutthroat game of backgammon. In Mexico, our friendship barely survived your frantic knocking at our door to deliver a phony emergency message, even while we were gamely trying to determine if Barry had been permanently castrated by Lisa's errant football pass. Your largesse has been disseminated though several countries by allowing their locals to practice resuscitation skills on you after you repeatedly decided to loose consciousness. Being on the cutting edge of fashion, other countries have benefited from exposure to your sophisticated pairings of hats and black socks. We have frozen together in wagons drawn by horses, cruised on ships (sometimes with you only partially conscious), hovered in helicopters wishing we had brought diapers, and found ourselves galloping uncontrollably on a deserted beach, riding horses we thought could barely walk. We have shared joy and sorrow. We do want you to know how much we love you. We admire your humor, intelligence, curiosity, friendliness, entrepreneurship and gift of friendship. Have a healthy and happy 70th birthday. We wish you many more fun filled birthdays. With much love, Barry and Sandy P.S. We have contacted both Sri Lanka and Myanmar, and asked them to have fashion photographers on call for our arrivals!

18: Lynn has been my good friend since he arrived in Colorado. I began on the National Jewish Board at the same time that he began his service as CEO. Also meaningful, I was an original member of the Monday Night Finance Club, one of Lynn’s finest creations. Over the past 20 years, Connie and I have valued Lynn and Lisa as good friends, valuable members of our community, and important confidants. Connie and I wish Lynn best wishes for his 70th birthday. Paul and Connie Freeman

19: Happy birthday Lynn! Thanks for letting us share in your first seventy years, we look forward, with joy, to the next seventy. With all our love, Roger & Patrice

20: What do you think Lynn enjoys most on his trips? | Is it the food? | Is it the visit? | Is it the dancing?

21: Is it the profound discussions? | Or the company of his friends? | Have a happy and healthy birthday from your friends who love you, Jorge and Francine | This is really what Lynn likes the most....

22: Some friendships go back too far to remember a time when we weren’t friends. Larry and Lynn share a birthday week and have been friends since they were little tykes growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They knew each other so well, that Larry was able to select the perfect mate when Lynn asked, “Do you know anyone for me to date who might be home in Milwaukee this summer?” Larry knew JUST the right person because he was the ‘server’ at Lisa’s dorm at UW! The rest is a wonderful history. SOON, Larry was in the wedding party! The best memory was from that incredible wedding. Lynn’s brother, Stu, always ready for fun, talked Larry into obtaining a key to the bride and groom’s room. (Lynn was sure he’d hidden that information from his prankster brother by using a false name when registering at the Pfister.) Larry had to pretend to be “Mark Thompson” and ask the desk clerk for the key. That plus a ten dollar tip insured that the wedding party could slip inside the honeymooner’s room, with several bottles of champagne to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Taussig to the honeymoon suite. We’re sure they had no idea where the wedding party had disappeared to until we all shouted, “SURPRISE!” What a Memorable Moment! Over the last half century, the two couples have met for many more MEMORABLE MOMENTS! While they are too numerous to recount, they live in the happy place in our hearts along with the photos that Larry always took to mark the occasions. | SEVENTY!

23: Lynn Your dedication to your family and friends has been monumental! You’ve been an amazing advocate and given voice to the needs of your family, patients, friends, and even acquaintances with a selfless energy that cannot be surpassed. As someone who met you at age 18, I can attest to the steady energy you’ve shared with all of us. And that’s made everyone’s lives so much better than they would have been without your presence. What a gift you are! If “keywords” were tagged onto the intersection of our lives (in this technological age), they would be: treasured friend, doting father, adoring husband, devoted son, fun-loving brother, proud grandfather, compassionate physician, prudent diagnostician, innovative fundraiser, intrepid traveler, admired and visionary leader, sought-after professional, medical educator! May you live ‘til 120 and keep on giving and getting all the good things in life that make for such meaningful moments. We wish you continued nachus from all those you love!! Love, Bonnie and Larry July 19, 2012

24: I want to wish Lynn a very happy 70th, and the best for the coming years. He is a very serious poker player and, as David mentioned, he does like to play every hand; and most of the time he receives the final card to give him a win. We have a difficult time to get him to quit at the 10:00 p.m. closing; but we all understand he loves the game. Eddie

25: Lynn is a great guy and a very good poker player. He has this uncanny ability to draw the card he needs when the last card is dealt in the hand. I have on a number of occasions believed I bested him only to lose the hand because of the final draw. Needless to say, on those rare occasions when I beat him I am ecstatic. I want to take this opportunity to wish him a happy, healthy, and enjoyable 70th year and look forward to many more years of poker. Of course, I am leaning to the hope of me winning and his poker luck running out. Best wishes, David H. Engleberg

27: Dear Lynn, You and Lisa have always been such dear friends - a blessing in our lives. You brought so much joy, humor and wit to all our events, trips and outings. (And of course, the Poker games.) And most of all, your presence always brought a smile to Maurice and me. Our memories stay with me and bring me much comfort and joy. Sending you much love and happiness, Gail

29: Dear Lynn, Gail and I have known you since 1964 when you started Medical School @ Washington University. There are so many memories that it would fill a book, but we would like to concentrate on a few: * Teaching us to drive in the med school parking lot. As you recall, Gail and I had a driver’s license but we never had a car. As you recall, a classmate gave us a VW Bug with a stick shift which compounded the problem. You helped us master the driving techniques necessary to survive in St. Louis at least for Gary’s senior year. | * Our apartment on Forest Park Blvd. became yours when Gary graduated. It was a typical railroad flat much longer than wide, but for us it was heaven. * All the family functions we shared- Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, holidays, “business trips " | * Convincing you in 1980 that allergy was part of asthma, though you were very skeptical. It was monumental to your Score Grant and its results. | * We recall the discussions revolving around retirement and whether we could afford it and you beat me to it. | * We shared concern with you regarding our health and, lack of, but we’re still here. | Have a wonderful 70th birthday and a healthy one. | P.S. We know you would have written a poem, but this is the best we could do. | We feel so happy that we have been in each other’s lives all these years. | Love, Gail & Gary

30: Stan and I were fortunate enough to experience Lynn Taussig for 11 days in April 2011 on a very exciting trip to Normandy and biking through Holland. What we did learn about this man: He has an enormous desire to experience life to the fullest. Nothing plows him down. He wants to see it all and not waste one minute being sedentary. In Amerstdam, on Queen's Day, we had what Stan, Lisa and I thought was a very frightening experience. In the midst of 1,000,000 crazed, drunken Hollanders, Lynn stopped to take his medication. What we didn't know was that this esteemed doctor took AMBIEN, not his Parkinson's pills. He manifested behavior that caused us to think that he was having a stroke. OY! While we were shoved, pickpocketed, pushed, crushed, all he wanted to do was find the music. He heard that was the place to be! He fought the medication and was so insistent on going back into the crowds! We just wanted to hide for the rest of the day. | This experience among others over the 11 days only demonstrated to us Lynn's insatiable quest for life. Not even AMBIEN, 1,000,000 drunken Hollanders, Lisa's vigilance could stop him from reentering the fray hours later! We loved our vacation with Lynn and Lisa and only hope to travel with them again soon - having Lynn plan the trip and do what he does best - Experience life to the fullest! We Love You, Sharon and Stan

32: Here are some of many memories I have of your dad. Remember that I did not know him in his Milwaukee days or when he was attending school in Boston. However, when the family arrived in our 'hood in Tucson, I spent many delightful hours with your dad. One day I brought Maurice Mordka to your family home. After Maurice left, Lynn inquired whether Maurice was weird or was alright. I assured him that Maurice was just fine. After that reassurance, your dad spent much time with Maurice. Lynn was great at beating me in liars poker. No matter what trick I tried, he out thought me. Touching the dollar bills with his hand lit up his brain. He was good at that sport. Tennis. What a humiliation. The only way he could get me to play with him is if he would spot me one point a game. I tolerated that demeaning gesture. He was still too good for me. We all remember well the business world axiom that we failed to remember: easier to buy than to sell. After diligently searching for reasonably priced scalper tickets to Super Bowl (Pittsburgh vs. somebody), we made the purchase, our wives then convinced us that to drive out to the Rose Bowl for the game would be a terrible journey and we should not go but instead spend time with our brides. Taking that advice, or perhaps it was a Commandment, we then tried to sell our tickets. Included in our selling efforts was a journey to the lobby of the Bonaventure Hotel, where there the lawyer and the doctor walked around speaking in a voice that strangers could hear - "too bad we can't go to the game. We need to sell our tickets or give them away". I think that effort failed but eventually we found somebody to buy the tickets for almost what we had paid for them. Dining on the cuisine at Southwest Research Station in Portal, Arizona was a culinary delight. Never have we had such wonderful chicken backs again. Now, kudos to your mother. Lynn's birthday party, perhaps the 50th or so-, was embellished by real live hippies that she garnered from the 4th Avenue Streets and had them positioned as well groomed friends walked past them on the way into the birthday party. I remember the glow in your dad's eyes when he saw you and your sister doing a wonderful dance number. Gambling. A delightful pastime enjoyed by Lynn and myself: the long cab ride from the hotel where we were all staying, taking the holy grail of a card game. Then I found the game, but the ride took so long that we only had a few minutes at the tables. But, better a few minutes with the felt than no time at all. He loves that sport. I do trust that he will continue to play and enjoy. Lynn, Lois and I look forward to spending many happy hours with you, on the land on the shore and a long, long time from now, in the clouds. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! THE REAL L & L T's

34: Dear Lynn, Happy Birthday! We hope it's a fabulous celebration, and we're right there with you in spirit. Thanks to Heather and Jen, I've been thinking about some of the wonderful, fun, not to mention embarrassing times our two families have had together. | Remember: Heather's arrival (of course), Closely followed by the Samoyed's arrival... Closely followed by the Samoyed's departure! And who can forget the freezer? You know, the one that elicited your timeless line - "for $40, Lisa can defrost the freezer!" And Jamaica. And that HUGE guy who looked like he was a human power boat as he rushed through the ocean to save you. (aren't we glad he did!) And all those vacations at the beach. And the broken dishwasher... And the touch football. And the bet that involved the shower that I actually won. (did you ever pay up?) And on, And on, And on. It's been making me smile all week. | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! With much love, Tedi and David

35: We so much enjoy being with Lynn [and Lisa], as old as he is, and we look forward to many more meaningful times of being together. Happy Birthday, Lynn! Warmly, Ellen and Andy Selig

36: Lynn, After 60+ years, I think I can say with some confidence that our friendship won't be affected by time or distance. From the days of being politely excused from Hebrew school classes and from our adventure at Leving and Sons, we've come a long way. You've meant a lot to me over the years. Here's hoping for 70 more. Have a happy birthday. Your younger friend, Larry

37: To Lynn, Welcome to the ranks of the 70-year- olds! It just gets better. Carol and I wish you a happy birthday and look forward to seeing you soon in Colorado or Israel. With love, Carol and Dan Karsch

38: Here I am in back of my usual poker chip stack during our Monday night game and next to me is Lynn's typical stack. ( he temporarily left the table so is not shown in the picture). Lynn, you are incredibly lucky in poker but I suppose your age, experience, and skill may have something to do with it. Nonetheless, I don't mind losing to you regularly because you are a true gentleman. I have truly enjoyed playing poker with you all these years and I wish you a very happy 70th birthday. Here's to many more years of laughs together. Art

39: Dear Lynn: We are honored to be a part of this “special” birthday gift. We “Love” you – and wish you many more wonderful years to come. Love n’ Hugs Maxine & Ralph

40: We finally made it to Israel together and what fun! Love, Joanie and David

41: Dear Lynn, As we think of all the celebrations, situations, experiences, happy and sad, that we have shared together, a few memorable ones come to mind. How about the sleep over 40th birthday party you and Michael hosted together and the almost investment in Shana’s future, the stripper you hired for the evening (your idea, not Michael’s). Or when you graciously lent Michael your car when you went on one of your many trips - the only stipulation was that he drives you to the airport. That was OK but you forgot to put gas into the car and forgot to tell Mike about it. As the car ran out of gas approaching the Tucson airport, you hopped out leaving Michael there to deal with it (of course with absolutely no money on him). How about going on a family vacation to Canyon De Chelly (in northern Arizona) and our jeep, the only one in the memory of our guide, to ever get stuck in the mud and needing another 4 wheel drive come to pull us out. We remember the 10 or so years of wonderful Mother’s Day celebrations with Lisa and the girls....oh right, you weren’t there, you always went to a medical meeting that weekend. We had many years of shared birthday parties celebrating yours and Heather’s, Mike’s, Jill’s and mine and the birthday cakes with as many candles Lisa could fit on. The picture I have decided to send certainly depicts the happy, joyful and active friendship you and Michael share. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time you bored each other to sleep. Happy, happy birthday dear friend, Love, Susie and Mike

42: To the one who brought me into his poker family many years ago: We wish you only the best for your upcoming birthday. May “Payola” bring you aces, “Form Fruste” bring you full houses, and your family bring you a full and wonderful life of great memories. Many, many more Happy Birthdays. Richard and Elaine

43: Happy 70th birthday. You have now reached the age where you won't take "yes" for an answer. You should know that if you would have been folding those Ace-3 low hands after the river all these years, you would have been able to purchase a house in a neighborhood that I could recognize and easily reach for our Monday Night Finance meeting. You are what Jeff is always looking for-that "special card", a unique and special human being, a consummate, caring, dedicated, professional, leader, husband, father, grandfather and friend. Our community has been blessed to have you in its midst. May the rest of your life be filled with Ace-2 and all that brings you happiness. Best Always, Jack and Andrea Hyatt

44: Dear Lynn: On this occasion of your big 7-0, we wish to remind you of an evening you probably don't remember--because you were, well, lets just say a little out of it. We treasure the memories of the dinner parties we've had over the years with the Taussig/Gold/Davis/Love/Karsh clan. But we especially cherish the night you showed up at Joe and Marty's just after some minor operation. Apparently you had taken some pain killers that kicked in about the time we sat down to dinner. You started telling jokes and stories and had us all laughing like hyaenas for the rest of the night. Marty said it was the BEST dinner party she'd ever hosted--and we think that you should definitely consider the comedy circuit when you're ready for a career change. So now that you've reached three-score-and-ten, you can add this story to the growing list of things you probably don't remember. | Happy Birthday, Lynn. We love you . . . and look forward to more fun times in the future. Phil and Linda

45: 35 years. It's hard to believe that it's been 35 years since two young wandering Jews found their way to Tucson, Arizona and the land of Taussig. Or as we now refer to it, Taussigstan. How fortunate we were to be welcomed in by two such special people. Lynn, you have been and continue to be a wonderful mentor, teacher of pediatrics, life and poker, godfather and, most important, friend. Happy 70th birthday, may you live to be 120. Jeff and Sandy

46: Lynn- You are one of the most amazing people I know. Someone with great accomplishments to talk about, but you always want to know what is happening in the other person’s life and times. Sometimes I tell you I won’t say another word until you tell me about yourself. (Then you aren’t too shy about it so you do have a strong ego after all.) It is such a joy and pleasure to have shared so many personal and family events through the years (some sad-- some glad) and to feel your caring spirit and love. So here’s a hearty hug and wishes to you Lisa and your family for continued health, happiness and uproariousness. Love, Eldon

47: Lynn, We have known you for over 20 years, but our friendship bloomed 13 years ago when we moved back to Denver from Tucson. You and Lisa helped us integrate into the community, which helped us to fall in love with Denver all over again. Thank you for your friendship. With love, Blanca & Howard

48: Dear Lynn: Happy Birthday and many more. It has been a pleasure to have met you along our journey. Keep up the good work at the poker table. Love, Rocky, Suzi, Josh and Jeff

49: Dear Lynn, Happy 70th Birthday--you still have a few more to "catch me." There are many things I could say involving our relationship over the years. One particular incident where you were very supportive of me occurred when a "family crisis" suddenly emerged. I needed some time off-you responded, "Take as much time as you need, and don't worry about coming back to work until you feel like the issue has turned around or resolved." That statement of your support gave me the freedom to work through the crisis properly. (Of course, when I came back 7 months later, you seemed a little frustrated. JOKE--it was only 6 months!! Ha Ha) I look forward to our continued friendship. Fondly, Whitey

50: I have had the pleasure of calling Lynn Taussig my good friend since he arrived in Denver over 15 years ago. We have had the pleasure of working together on behalf of National Jewish, traveling together and, yes, being competitors at various card games. I can vividly remember one event that has remained in my memory bank for all these years. We had just attended a National Jewish gala in New York City and, of course, my wife, Julie, and Lisa went up to their rooms, leaving Lynn and myself downstairs in the lobby of the hotel in our tuxes playing gin rummy. Well, at 3:30 A.M. (Lynn was winning of course), he suddenly began taking his pulse in between dealing gin hands. I casually asked "What are you doing?" "Taking my pulse" Lynn replied, he then proceeded to explain to me what was going on. I naturally asked "What should you do?" Well, said Lynn, "I can go to bed or go to the hospital." At that point I understood it was serious and insisted we leave immediately for the closest hospital. Now, picture this, the two of us in formal tuxes, getting a cab, in the early A.M. and in the rain, off to the emergency room at the local New York City hospital. Once I got Lynn settled in bed and on monitors, to my complete surprise he pulls out the deck of cards and says "let's continue our card game." I am in a state of panic and he wants to play gin. Turns out he was fine. Well, as I have always known, this was just another example of his competitiveness and desire to excel at whatever he does. Julie joins me in wishing you the very best on your 70th, may you continue to enjoy family, friends, good health and a good card game to 120. By the way 1942 was a great year to be born. I know that for a fact. - Larry Gelfond


53: Dear Lynn, Happy Birthday on the occasion of # 70! Seems like just a few years ago (not really - it WAS a long time ago)- that you and Lisa were moving out of 1450 Cook and I was moving in. Our paths have certainly crossed a few times since then and it has been a pleasure and honor to work for you and with you -- and to be your colleague and friend. My time as Chair (now 13+ years at UC Davis) is nearing its end, I thank you for the experience and mentoring that I received in my years at the University of Arizona. The training, tutelage and our many chats were incredibly valuable to me. I hope that we continue to see you and Lisa often, either in Denver where our (so far) only grandchildren are- or out our way in California. Best wishes from all of us- Hugs and Kisses too! Tony | Here is one shot taken about 6 months ago (around the time we saw you at the bagel shop!) when all the Philipps' were together: Left to right: Brent, Lesley holding Anna ,now 22 mo, Pat, Mia , 4 1/2 held by Hilary, Emily, recently engaged (!!) and yours truly.

54: Please give Lynn our very best. Lynn has always been a wonderful mentor for Wayne professionally, but more importantly he has be a great friend and mentor to us in our family life. Wayne really does make time for our grandkids and family because of him. His remarkably accomplished life has been an inspiration. To be sure he has done more professionally than almost anyone we know of, but more importantly, he has always put family at the top of list. We know how much he loves all of you. So happy 70th and best wishes for a wonderful birthday! Misty and Wayne | Looking at both, my how time flies! | Here are two photos, one from the late 80's and a picture of us as hippies before Lynn's 50th birthday party here in Tucson | Clearly I was never, ever a hippie, but Misty did pretty good! | WJM PS: I look at lot more like Gepetto or Newt Gingrich now, but Misty is still beautiful

55: John and Linda in reunified Berlin. Where are Lynn and Lisa? Still riding the U-Bahn beneath the streets of East Berlin? | Dear Lynn, What a fortuitous meeting: June 30, 1967, the railway station in Amersfoort, Holland. I’m not sure if I’m waiting in the right place for the overnight train to Berlin. You look like a knowledgeable American (Lynn, you still look like a knowledgeable American!), and you say, “Yes, this is the right track.” And voila, the train appears. The next morning we run into each other in West Berlin’s Zoo Station and decide to head out together to look for a Pension. Further meetings that summer in the beer halls of Munich and the streets of Paris cement the friendship. And 45 years later it is still there. How wonderful it’s been to experience your warmth, vitality, intelligence and humor over the years. Love, John

56: Two stories about Lynn from Mark Zweig, July 2012 My earliest memory of Lynn was sometime about midway through our first year of med school, at Washington University. I didn’t know him at all. We were grappling with unending and often undefined bodies of material to study, and a big dilemma early on was what to study and how much time to spend. One day I walked into a neuroanatomy lab after lunch and noticed a few classmates in an animated discussion, in which Lynn was a vocal participant. I heard him pointing out subcellular structures (on some electron micrographs) that I had not even heard of up to then. Needless to say, I felt out of the loop--- in a word, terrible. At that moment he represented the 1% and I the 99%---the haves and the have-nots, as it were. I wasn’t altogether at ease with med school as it was, and this didn’t improve my comfort level. It wasn’t till our third year when I had become friends with Lynn’s roommate, Jim, that I really got to know Lynn (and the three of us eventually became close friends). It was probably around 1980 or so when Lynn and family joined our family for a week at Bethany Beach, DE. We rented a house together. At some point, near the end of the week, as I recall, Lynn and Tedi were horsing around, and one of them fell against the open door of the dishwasher, bending the door hinge a little. Though it still closed, we decided I would mention it to the realtor when I turned in the key. (The realtor was unconcerned, since it still closed, still ran and did not leak---no charge.) A word about context: I knew Lynn enjoyed exchanging practical jokes, particularly with his brother. A couple of months after the beach week, Lynn was passing through Bethesda in his travels and spent some time at our house. I had not mentioned the dishwasher, or even thought about it, since we left the beach. He brought it up and asked about what had happened with the realtor, without any forethought, I blurted out, “it cost $120 to fix”--a number I just made up on the spot. Taking advantage of my spotless reputation for truthfulness, I offered to go upstairs to look for the receipt. Lynn told me not to bother and said he would write a check for $60. I went looking anyway to enhance my evolving story. When I came back, unable to find it, he gave me a check. Such trust. I accepted it. Now I had the dilemma of how to return the $60 that was really his, since he actually owed me nothing. I decided to build a practical joke around it. After some months passed, I made a plan to return the money in the form of a gift certificate for his favorite Tucson restaurant. I liked the idea that he would think he was getting a “free” dinner, but it was actually his own money. With Lisa’s help, I got the name of one of his favorites, contacted it, bought a gift certificate for a slightly larger amount (I believe $68—we graduated med school in 1968) to throw him off a little, and extracted a promise from the restaurant not to reveal the source. I then had it mailed it to him from Chicago (by a friend’s brother who lived there) in a card with a vague, cryptic note—something about his receiving an award and here is a gift certificate to go with it. I knew he would want to know what in the world this was for and where it came from. He did indeed. In fact, he went to great lengths, as I understand, trying to figure it out, including imploring the restaurant to reveal the buyer, and even having his brother in Chicago visit the return address we had put on the envelope. (It was the apartment house of the friend’s brother. No help there.) Meanwhile he was asking all around if anyone knew anything about this, including me. He was vexed. Months, maybe over a year, went by, and eventually he and Lisa made plans to use the certificate, inviting another couple along to share it with. Lisa kept us informed about the date and time, and while they were eating I called the restaurant and had them convey a message to his table, something like, “Have a great dinner, details to follow.” An attempt to revive the mystery.

57: I think it was later that night, or maybe the next night, that I called him at home. When I asked him if he had had a nice dinner out, the light came on and he realized it was my scheme. I confessed. After his being haunted for years, it all came tumbling out. Lisa, Heather and Jenny were listening to all this outside the door, cracking up, I’m told. Eventually, he warned me that he would get back at me someday, when I least expected it. Sure enough, years later, I suddenly started getting phone calls and voice mail messages about my house being for sale. The Washington Post had run a For Sale ad listing my house at something south of half of its real market value. There was a deluge of interest, including many callers from out-of-town. On top of that, the Washington Post billed me for the ad! (I talked them out of it.) Since so much time had passed, it took some time before it occurred to me that it might be Lynn’s revenge. I confronted him and he admitted to it. Are we even? Time will tell.

59: Dear Lynn, Congratulations on turning 70. I am sure you are looking forward to the next decade as am I. My friendship with you and Lisa began many years ago so there are lots of fun memories. However, due to lack of space, I have one question to ask you. Do you remember going to New York, New York in Las Vegas and we visited the amusement park where there was a big roller coaster? I have a visual of you holding Lisa and my purses while we all went on the ride. You refused to go. It was a very smart move on your part in that I think we all suffered neck aches for the next few weeks. Although your decision was a good one, you did appear to be quite the woos but your poker skills were above average. Wishing you a very happy 70th. Love you. Carole Levi

60: From the "Galloping Gourmets"------ a bit of History! | Lynn has always been very helpful with advice to Leonard in the wardrobe department. | A few of many, many moments of our happy times together. | Much Love, Sarah and Leonard

61: CHERISH | CHERISH YOUR FAMILY FOR THEY ARE YOUR TREASURE. A STOREHOUSE OF RICHES. WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE. | ____________________________________________________________ | Dear Lynn, It's our pleasure and joy to be related to you,to share such exceptional grandchildren, and on top of that to have been friends for so many years. When we think of the perfect couple we think of you and Lisa and your extraordinary marriage. Hope to share many simchas and happy moments with you in the future. Happy Birthday Lynn! Love, Beverly and Bernie

62: Lynn, Karen thinks you've always been laid back, like this picture of you relaxing in the Land Cruiser in the Ngorongoro Crater, but she's only known you for about 40 years. I go back over 50 years with you and I know you are intense, driven, competitive and brilliant; yet always kind, always loving, and fiercely devoted to your family and to bad jokes. Being a grandfather has mellowed you completely. We are fortunate to be grandparents. It's the best thing in the world. Our lives have been fortunate for knowing you and Lisa, but distance has been the enemy. May we all live to 120 so we can spend more time together, even if we're unable to stretch out on the floor to play multiple solitaire. Love from Karen and Jack Lowe to our OLD friend.

63: Lynn, Heather, Jack and an unseen 5th (probably John W.) | Lynn, Brett, John Heather, Marsha, Bobbi Gray, Marc, Chip | Head of Marc Slotnick, Chip Gray, Lynn Taussig, Brett Miller, Jack Lowe, John Weinstein, Heather Taussig, Marsha Slotnick, head of Lisa Taussig | Pictures from 25th Harvard reunion--June 1989---Enjoy! | Jack and Lynn (and Beryl Simpson) at the Alumni procession | That night we recreated the old days by playing multiple solitaire. But in a concession to old age, we played on a table. But after some had left, we got down to real game--playing on the floor!

64: Happy Birthday to Lynn Taussig on his 70th Birthday! It is difficult to associate such an advanced number as 70 with Lynn's life and lifestyle were always based on the discount. When Lynn, Steffi and I were undergraduates at Harvard, through the art of the judicious discount, Lynn took over the Harvard Student Agencies and almost all of Cambridge through his success in selling Harvard college rings and renting refrigerators. Many customers complained how cold the rings were, but serious cases of frostbite were very few. For a while Lynn also marketed gloves for the ring finger. In fact Lynn was tireless in his efforts, and often the clatter of hundreds of the large, heavy, class rings jangling in dissonant cacophany interrupted many an undergraduate lecture as he entered wearing the large sandwich boards displaying his garish wares. When chastised for his disruptive cacophany, Lynn obligingly switched to arriving with a Harvard Student Agency refrigerator aft and behind. Although there were murmured complaints about blocking the aisles, Lynn's newly acquired hernia indicated that he should cease such dramatic entrances. Eventually Lynn managed to attend several classes and even stayed awake in several of them. We all predicted great success for Lynn in medical school. In fact when Lynn arrived in St. Louis to begin Washington University medical school, before moving into the dorms, he came directly to my parents' house and spent the night with us. Lynn was always very creative. That night he told me of his plan to work his way through medical school by selling organs. When I suggested that in St. Louis there weren't that many fans of Bach, he explained that he didn't mean those kind of organs. He was ahead of his time and proved to be a great success. We were all surprised when Lynn introduced us to Lisa. As an undergraduate Lynn was practically a hermit. He had a difficult time with girls. When he mentioned rings, they were initially enthusiastic, but soon disappointment set in when they realized that Lynn wanted them to sell sell them in the ladies rooms of Widener library. And Lynn became disappointed in the few who didn't flee when he discovered they couldn't lift a refrigerator. Lisa was attractive, intelligent, charming, and cooperative. Soon after they were married, I'll never forget the loving look on Lynn's face when I dropped by Lisa's hospital room to wish her well before her gall bladder removal. Years later when some of our classmates were amazed that Lynn was selling hospitals in Denver, it came as no surprise to those of us who knew him well.

65: Retirement offered Lynn a further challenge, but with global warming we weren't surprised when Lynn offered us some very ancient refrigerators at a very attractive price. When the water begins to rise as the coastlines recede, Lynn has already discussed with us group swimming lessons for senior citizens at affordable prices. We can hardly wait. With a friend like Lynn we won't find ourselves in deep water, and that is a good thing because those class rings he sold us weigh a ton--even more than Mrs. Morton's bean soup, but that's another story. With fond wholesale memories. Love, Allen and Stefani Hoffman

67: Dear Heather, This photo was taken during one of our many, very happy, Winter vacations with your Mom and Dad, together with our Denver group of friends. We have known your parents since Lynn was recruited to National Jewish, and enjoyed every moment of our friendship. Watching Lynn take charge at NJH, bring it from difficult financial conditions to health, and bring on board a great group of colleagues who enhanced an already sterling reputation was to watch a master at work. And watching Lynn rake in the cash at the poker and gin table was equally engrossing (except when I was a not so willing victim). Lynn: 70 is a piece of cake. In my family we say: para cien anos. Love from Carole and Al

68: To Our Wonderful Neighbor and Dear Friend, Lynn: Thank you for finding me my miserable job and for the very sexy hat to go with it. Seriously, this job is what kept me in Colorado, where I wanted to be, and for that I am grateful. Cheri and I are so fortunate that Lisa and you are our neighbors. Better than hand-picked. We hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday and year, and that you have a fabulous family vacation and celebration. We love you. Love, Cheri & Stan

69: So one day in the year 2000 - A couple of years after the great National Jewish Centennial Celebration, I returned to my "office" (which at one time had been a well used closet), and found an urgent message that Dr. Lynn Taussig wished to see me in his office immediately. With knees shaking, heart pounding and blood pressure rising I tried to compose myself. My thoughts were racing - "What did I do wrong?" "What did I fail to complete?" "To whom did I fail to respond?" Did I offend a Board Member?" And thus with great trepidation, I made the long trek down the narrow and lonely hall to the great master's office to await my trial. When I came face to face with the All Mighty One, he asked me "You know who you ought to date?" Ah Ha!!!!! I actually knew the answer to this $24,0000 question for it had already been asked of me by six other concerned, wonderful, one hundred percent authentic Jewish Yentas - tadah!!! - LEE MENDEL. And the answer was correct and I passed the test and all the Yentas were also right on and today Lee Mendel and I live happily ever after!

70: There are three crowns: The crown of the Torah, The crown of Priesthood, and the crown of kingship. But the crown of a good name surpasses them all (Pirrei Avot (4:17)). Lynn, you have not only a good name, but a big and generous heart. We treasure your friendship, and wish you not only a joyous 70th birthday, but many more wonderful ones to come! May happiness be your companion. Wherever you go. Whatever you do. All our love, Marjorie and Stephen

71: Happy 70th Lynn, and many, many more! We all still miss you here in Tucson! Fernando


73: Dear Lynn, I understand you're an avid, competitive gambler and that you possess a cute sense of humor but above all I admire your insight and intellect when it comes to important ideas and decisions. Your contributions to AJC have been terrific. I'm so glad our children are friends and that we have continued our friendship over the years that we've known you. Wishing you a wonderful 70th birthday and many more healthy, happy years. You're a prince! Wish love and best wishes, Estelle Meskin

74: To Lynn Taussig on his 70th Birthday: We may not have known you as long as many of your great friends around the world, especially your brother Stuart, but we take pride in having you and Lisa in our lives for the last 19 years. As we begin the celebration of your 7th decade, we started to reminisce about the great many experiences you have shared with us. First of all, we must thank National Jewish Hospital for bringing you & Lisa to Denver (our thanks to Phil Karsh & the search team), then you included us in the family of this great institution. We have learned so much from you and NJH, you have worked tirelessly to bring about the changes and advanced NJH as the #1 respiratory hospital in the country!!! How can anyone top that? Because of you, we had so many opportunities to expand our minds and hearts. Our friendship blossomed over the years, but you cannot take all the credits, Lisa graciously opened her arms and embraced us all. We have shared so many happy, memorable and extraordinary experiences together. Our annual trek to exotic places began at the Millennium. Where in the world can you be snowmobiling along the smoldering geysers and the ever ready “Old Faithful” with its hourly display of fountain of youth, not to speak of majestic herds of Bison allowing us to invade their magnificent backyard? It has been 12 years of incomparable trips, 12 years of celebrating New Years eve together. We will never forget the uncontrollable laughs we’ve had playing hide and seek at your house, squeezing ourselves 5 deep on the floor mat of Lisa's car gasping for fresh air. Slumber party on Millennium at the Saltzman's - late night endless games then waking up to mouth watering breakfast courtesy of Francine.

75: We admire your determination to overcome PD, your dedication to a variety of physical training including boxing routines at the crack of dawn, or is it because of all the gorgeous young chicks with their boxing gloves on waiting to take you on? Through it all, you let your dynamic, kind, thoughtful and competitive personality come through. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. In the end it is not the material things that make one happy, it is friends like you and the experiences we have shared that make us all really RICH. You may think after all the love that everyone has showered on you, you virtually could be the most perfect man in the world, almost, but not quite. As far as your playmates in that game of chance are concerned, you have the most uncanny ability to take their money every time, you could learn to be more giving and let the others win once in a while, or do you really have a pair of corrupted dice up in your sleeves? Did you really, really put your head in the water and swim across the pool in order to graduate from Harvard? Was it you who engineered the PRANK of the year, leaving Stuart holding our dinner tab at a French restaurant while we one by one disappeared from the table, my stomach cramped so badly from trying to stifle endless laughs. All kidding aside, we want to tell you how much we love you, thank you for being our friend, we are the ones that are truly blessed and fortunate to have you in our lives!!! Thank you our dearest friend, may you have many decades of HAPPY and HEALTHY birthdays. Bei-Lee & Bill

76: Here is a multifaceted collage of thoughts about Lynn. Lynn cares more about the lives of others than bragging about himself. We know that he has many professional accomplishments but we have not heard of them from him. We appreciate that he goes out of his way to attend family events. In the case of medical advice he is always there and has helped us numerous times. By taking a research/academic route Lynn has chosen to contribute to the world. But he has not forgotten the patient. His career spans clinical practice and hospital administration. Lynn has been more that a relative, he has been a life long friend and tennis buddy. Good on ya Lynn! Love , Marj and Dan



87: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.


91: Live well, laugh often, love much

92: Lynn, we wish you well. Howard remembers when Burton broke your arm when they were playing hockey. We had a great visit with you and Lisa in Michigan a couple of years ago. Happy Birthday! Jeanne & Howard

93: Dear Lynn, Mazel Tov to you, Lisa and your family on reaching this wonderful milestone. Over the years we have been so proud of all your wonderful accomplishments in the medical field, and how you have saved lives, and eased the suffering of so many children. It is an honor to be part of your family. What we find so touching is that even while you have been busy with all the above mentioned, you have always made time in your life for your extended family. You and Lisa coming to our family simchas has meant the world to us. May we share in each other's happy occasions for many years to come. Love, Bob and Sandra Kramer

94: Lynn, I am so happy to be part of the Colorado Taussig Family. One main reason I am in Colorado and able to be in the picture in our beautiful mountains is all because of you and Lisa. I ventured out here after college and was allowed to stay only because I had family here. That was a long time ago. Lisa was pregnant with Heather and we all lived in the Capital Hill area. We had a short, great few months together and I was so happy to have family here. Now you are back in Colorado and again I am so grateful to have you all as family. Lynn, you have always been a special person in my life. I remember all the fun times we had when you would visit us at Lake Gerald in Michigan. I wish some of the picnic pictures were digital so we could laugh at those times again. Also, I will never forget the support you were to me when my Aunt Rae died and you came to the funeral in Milwaukee. You were like a big brother and I cannot express how much that meant to me. Lynn, you are one of the most special cousins in my life. You and Stuart are two very special people and I am so lucky to have been able to share your birthday with both of you. You are a real Mensch. Love to you on your 70th birthday, Karen

95: We have always admired your accomplishments in the field of medicine. How proud we are when doctors both in the U.S. and Israel say Lynn Taussig is an outstanding pulmonary specialist. May you have continued success, and much nachas from your family. Happy birthday, cousin! Love, Erika, Bert and family Helen, Billy and family

96: Dear Lynn, I can't believe that you are celebrating your 70th birthday. Where has the time gone? You have been so dear to me. You have a wonderful family which I know you love and enjoy. Have many more years with your dear ones in good health. Happy Birthday!!!! Love, Helga

97: Dear Lynn, Wishing you a very happy birthday and many, many more. I have many fond memories of our times together growing up and my visits to your house and yours to mine. Your bottle of Odol mouth wash was always intriguing to me, I really don't know why. How many tennis balls did we hit off that building on Fond du lac avenue. When we were done hitting them we had to go and get the ladder out of your garage, walk a number of blocks with it on our shoulders to get all the balls that ended up on the roof. Than we had the baseball games where we threw the tennis balls off your front steps. I can't remember all the rules but do remember finally breaking one of the house numbers on 4625 Leon Terrace. (by the way, in case you forgot, your telephone number was Hilltop 2-2982) I, too, remember watching you and Larry Love play doubles in what I think was the Journal tournament at Washington Park. And than there was the infamous road hockey game in Hancock. You were leading me in the game and wanted the game to end. Me, being behind, of course wasn't ready to quit. We got into a bit of a disagreement and I happened to swing my stick at you and broke your arm. Why you just didn't kill me than I don't know!! And more recently, your and Lisa's trip to Michigan a couple of summers ago was most memorable. The boat ride, touring and four wheeling along with just visiting was great and truly wish it would happen more often. My very best to you, Lisa and the rest of your family on this very joyous occasion. Burt Seligmann



101: When I look back at all the years that have passed, you surely haven't changed much. You are still fun loving, warm and witty. A caring, family-oriented man. You are hard working, intelligent and dedicated, too. I've always admired your quest for adventure. On recent trips to Denver, I look forward to being challenged by you in board games or joining you at the gym. Definitely love hearing your book recommendations and munching on your beloved jelly bellies. Demetrius, Olivia and I enjoy spending time with you. Just wish it could be more often. Happy 70th birthday. Hope it's as wonderful as you are! Wishing you all the very best in this year to come. Xoxo, Lizl, Demetrius and Olivia

102: Happy 70th Birthday Lynn! You’re truly an inspiration, and a tough act to keep up with! I think you and Lisa are about the only people with a busier travel schedule than us, yet somehow you manage to get far more exercise in each day. It was great having had a chance to visit with everyone on our way out west from Nashville this summer, and then for Zoe’s Bat Mitzvah in September. It’s good to know that whenever we pass through Denver, there’s always a supply of frozen yogurt not too far. Can’t way to see you back in San Francisco this October, having you join us for the wedding will be lots of fun. Happy Birthday Lynn. Looking forward to celebrating many more. Love, Adam & Emily

103: We remember all the lovely shabbat dinners at Hotel Taussig, and the next morning when Lynn enthusiastically offered us a chance join him in exercise (boxing, biking, God knows what else) to give us a chance to burn off the Shabbat dinner calories, and just as enthusiastically we declined. Happy 70th Birthday! Love, Josh, Vanessa and Norah

104: Uncle Lynn, I have many fond memories of you that are both special and funny. One of my favorite memories is from when I was young and my family came to Tucson for a visit. You were there to greet us at the airport and when we were in the parking lot packing up the car, a Jeep came tearing around the corner and threw a pie in my dad’s face. You went running after the Jeep as it sped away, but I could see that you were hysterically laughing so I didn’t really know what to make of it all. But when I found out you were the one that set the whole prank up...I knew you were a cool guy! Crazy as it may sound, I remember when you drove me and my dad around in an old Green (I think) Mercedes. The gear shift was next to where the turning signal was and I was amazed that you knew how to shift the car into different gears using that thing. One of my best memories is playing touch football in the street with Heather, Jenny, Mark, Elaine and my dad. You were great at being the quarterback and calling plays that resulted in touchdowns, even if we had to tackle someone to do it! And lastly, I feel so lucky that I was able to spend time with you (and Lisa and Jenny..but I wish Heather was there too!) when I attended school at the University of Arizona. It was so nice having family there and I feel that you and I will always have that bond...that Wildcat bond. Bear Down! Uncle Lynn, Jeff and I wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday! 70 is like the new 40’s so my advice is... Go Big or Go Home!! Here’s to many more Happy Birthdays. All our love, Ava and Jeff

105: Uncle Lynn: Happy Birthday! July 19th is clearly some sort of magical day, as it is the birthday of so many illustrious and accomplished people - Edward Degas, Samuel Colt, Charles Horace Mayo, Rosalyn Sussman Yalow. And of course, you. (It was also Lizzie Borden's birthday, but we take that as the exception that proves the rule). All of our warmest and best wishes for you on your 70th birthday and we wish you many, many more! All our love, Elaine, Tom and Carson

106: Happy Birthday Uncle Lynn! | Love, Mark, Beth, Lindsey, Hannah and Shelbi


110: Zaidy, Where do I begin to describe how much you mean to me? Whether we are shooting each other with water guns, enjoying dessert, making hot dog-cakes, sneaking jelly beans from your office, snuggling up to watch a movie, taking loving orders from the general, making microwave jokes, hiding and seeking during a game of Sardines, and playing endless rounds of Memory, I savor every second I spend with you. I could not imagine a more supportive grandfather. It means so much to me that you know about all aspects of my life and are sure to call every time I'm needing a break a leg."You have taught me an immeasurable amount of life lessons. I am so honored to be your grandchild. I hope to one day to be as kind, caring, loving, personable, generous, and brilliant as you. And as you always tell me: I love you up to the sky. You mean the world to me! Much Love, Zoe

112: Zoe and Jess's Ah-Mazing Grandpa And everyone's favorite person Individually the #1 Zaidy Da best hot dog cake maker ever Y am I saying all these things - just read the note already!

113: Dear Zaidy, U R truly an AH-MAZING grandpa! There is no way to describe the bond we have created over the years! You have always been there for me in all my triumphs and catastrophes. You have taught me so much, like Déja vu all over again! We have bonded so much over our intense love of orange flavored things! I hope one day I can be as great of a hot dog cake maker as you are and even more, I can be as great of a grandma as you are a grandpa! Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, Jess (granddaughter of the great and ah-mazing ZAIDY TAUSSIG!)


118: Lynn, As you turn 70, I am approaching the age you were when I first showed up regularly at your door 25 years ago. You always welcomed me, more for your interest in a 4th player for hearts, and seemingly unconcerned with my interest in your daughter. You have been unfaltering in our time together; always showing an interest in my latest shenanigans, unshakable in your commitment to others, a font of sage advice, with abundant energy (sandwiched between increasingly abundant naps), and endless devotion to your friends and family. You came up recently in a discussion I had with Zoe. Most days I send my daughters out the door with a hug and kiss, followed by the exclamation, “Go Big!” I even sent Zoe a “G.B.” sign to camp which she posted over her bed. The other day I asked Zoe what I mean by “Go Big.” After several months of its use, she wasn’t quite sure. I struggled for a clear explanation. “Put everything you have into what you are doing. Don’t hold back. Be passionate. Work hard and play hard. Take it all in. Seize the Day.” The look in her eyes told me I wasn’t quite connecting. Since I know this look too well, I redoubled my efforts and epiphany came. “Go Big is what your Zaidy does.” No more explanation was needed.

119: GO BIG! | Love, Brett

121: To My Dearest Darling Dad, As the picture below demonstrates, you have always been there to lift me up. I would never have learned how to “fly” my own children had it not been for you. I have learned so many incredibly valuable life lessons from you that I am not sure where to begin. ~You have taught me to be open-minded, yet live by my convictions. ~You have taught me how to engage in vigorous, yet respectful debate. ~You have taught me to be silly, take risks, and go on adventures. ~You have taught me how to be a good card player (and loser). ~You have taught me to be humble, kind, and forgiving. ~You have taught be to be rigorous and intellectually engaged. ~You have taught me the value of longitudinal studies. ~You have taught me to bestow nicknames on those I love. ~You have taught me to make lists and cross off items when done. ~You have taught me how to make lemonade from lemons and grow through adversity. ~You have taught me caring, compassion, and generosity. ~You have taught me how to get my spouse to do the cooking and dishes. ~You have taught me fiscal lessons and realities and how to invest for the future. ~You have taught me to be proud of the Taussig name and to value my roots. | Most of all, you have taught me how to balance work and play and to pay attention to the important things in life (which is why I am making this book instead of writing the chapter that was due two weeks ago). I am indebted to you for all these things and many more. I am so proud to call you my father. Thank you for everything you have given me and for all the gifts I am yet to receive. I love you more than words can express, | Rehtaeh | Hadar | Fruma | Heather Beather | Heather Feather | Your favorite oldest daughter | Heather Nicole | HNT | Hund

122: Memories from your baby girl.. Going to your big, fun office on weekend mornings when you were on call and stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts along the way (I have you to thank for my love of jelly donuts!) Sitting on your shoulders and seeing the world from a whole different vantage point. Eagerly waiting for you to come home at night to play Connect Four, Masterpiece and Backgammon on the family room floor. You tickling my back and laying with me only to be snoring long before I was asleep! Learning to parallel park between trash cans in the front of our house with perhaps the biggest car in all of the southwest. Yes, I was embarrassed. Developing—and sharing—a love of tennis and basketball. Yes, we are going to some major tournaments in the coming years! Burying you in the sand on good ol' Mission Beach summer vacations. Teaching me to throw a pretty good spiral and coming up with the wackiest touch football plays of anyone I know. Sharing special daddy-daughter trips like the time we went to Hilton Head and I parasailed for the first time.

123: Thank you for... Loving me unconditionally and teaching me to do the same Instilling in me the importance of giving back to my community Modeling how to assert and protect myself Fostering and nurturing my intellectual curiosity Teaching me to think and act independently and to stick to my beliefs Editing my writing assignments in red ink--incredibly traumatic at the time but I have you and mom to thank for this important skill! Helping me understand the importance of living in the here and now, even if a decision might not result in a profit later on Being one of my greatest cheerleaders when I doubted myself Taking me all over the world and giving me amazing opportunities to see, experience and appreciate new cultures Showing me that 70 isn't to0 old to play a mean game of sardines and that it's important to play and be silly at all ages! Being the best father a girl could ever dream of having and, for that, I am so incredibly fortunate and proud to call you MY DAD!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Jennifer (aka, your favorite youngest daughter)

125: Dear Lynn, It is one of the great joys of my life to have a loving brother with whom I have a close relationship. My love for you has not been adversely impacted by the significant number of lousy investments I have made based upon your recommendations, even though you have made millions based upon my recommendations. Our wish for you is long life, good health and much enjoyment from Lisa, your daughters and granddaughters. It is a real privilege for Marianne and me to be able to share your 70th birthday celebration with you. Love, Stuart

126: LEADER You are a born leader. From your presidency of the city-wide high school student council to your chairmanship of the Department of Pediatrics, to becoming President/ CEO of National Jewish down to the presidency of our HOA, people look to you for your leadership capabilities. You listen to others, incorporate their ideas, get consensus, don’t overreact and are decisive ~ all great qualities of a true leader. YOUNG-AT-HEART You have a wonderful playfulness about you. You adore games! From Candyland (when your daughters and granddaughters were little) to your mandatory poker games in Tucson and now in Denver and your on-going gin rummy game with your beloved brother, you are the ultimate gamesman. From playing cops and robbers on squeaky beach to squirt gun fights with Zoe and Jessie, your zest for fun is ever-present. And what about those costumes! Santa Claus, the Mad Hatter, Elvis, the Venetian mask man, just to name a few. What fun! Don’t ever lose that “joie de vivre.” NO A word you rarely use when a friend or family member asks you to do something. You are so generous with your time and advice and frequently with your financial support. You take on so much and always get the job done ~ and done exceedingly well. You never procrastinate and accomplish more than anyone I’ve ever known. “When you need something done, you go to the busiest guy.” That’s definitely you! NAP You are known for taking them! From your early academic days when you fell asleep in the med school library (and learned the material by osmosis) to today when you can be “out in a flash” at the drop of a hat, you are a master of “the cat nap.” | L Y N N

128: TRAVEL You love to travel – to see the world, other people and cultures, and to widen your horizons. From our eight-country European honeymoon on $5/day, we have been off and running ever since. You are a great trip planner and, thanks to you, we have been all over the world and have been fortunate to have had two sabbaticals in three countries as well as two years in Montreal. Now, we are finally going to explore our own backyard with a Colorado/Utah driving trip (and for once, you didn’t have to plan this one.) TYPE A Anyone who knows you, knows that you are the archetype type A personality, but, for the most part, when it’s not driving your family crazy, it’s a good thing, for you are incredibly productive and extremely organized. You finish projects way ahead of schedule and never wait until the last minute. You keep a running “to do” list in your pocket (all shirts must have a pocket for the note card with “THE LIST”) and you check off items until the “THE LIST” is completed. UPBEAT You have an extremely upbeat disposition. You always look at the positive side of things and see only the good in others. The cup is always half full. You rarely complain. You don’t let personal challenges get you down. When one door closes, another opens. AMAZING quality! SPOUSE Wonderful! Always there for me. I am so fortunate to have married you. We have had a great adventure together~ and the adventure continues! There’s never a dull moment being married to you. You have been my soul mate through the good times and the tough times. I am truly blessed to have you as my “spouse.” I love you so very much. | T A U S

129: SOCIAL I can’t think of a more social being! You have a ton of friends, and you manage to keep up with all of them, going back to kindergarten! If I’d let you, we’d be having dinner guests seven nights/week and out-of-town company at will. You are on the phone every night of the week keeping up with friends and family and making plans to get together. Your dance card is always full! INNOVATOR Whether it’s starting a house organ business in college, a Children’s Research Center in Tucson, creating a new medical school for DU, inventing Backoff or even figuring out how to get our HOA to pay for watering the grass in our neighborhood, you are the consummate innovator. What a wonderful ability! GRANDFATHER (AKA Zaidy), FATHER, FATHER-IN-LAW What extraordinary guidance, generosity and unconditional love you have given to Heather, Jennifer, Brett, Zoe and Jessie~and what tremendous joy you have received from them. You have helped mold and shape their lives and they so look up to you with pride, affection and deep love. LYNN TAUSSIG-You certainly live up to your name! HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR! All my love, Lisa | S I G

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