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Dad's Birthday Book

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S: Birthday Book for Rob Rinne June 18th, 2011

FC: Happy Birthday, Rob Rinne! June 18th, 2011 A Card from Friends and Family

1: We put together this book to incorporate some birthday wishes for your entry into your 70th decade. To paraphrase Uncle Robert and Aunt Amy: “The 70s are the best years. You still feel good but no one expects you to be able to do anything. Anything you choose to do seems to amaze people.” We all hope you keep amazing us for years to come! Enjoy your special day and know how very special you are to many people.

2: Pat Eicker Well Rinne, congrats on reaching the big seven oh. In looking back, I consider those years when we were in Livermore together the best part of my professional life. We had a lot of fun at work. Not only that, but we had a lot of fun outside of work!! Altamont is memorable. And the hike we took from Moraga(?) thru the Las Trampas Wilderness. Carole was very pregnant! And, I don't know why it's stuck in my mind, Jim Woodard was PO'ed because deLaquil and his kid ate all the Nachos. Hah!

3: Klaus Niemeyer I tried to find some old material and finally detected a letter from Rob (sometimes late 80s). This letter was sent officially to IABG and created some concerns (my secretary, my chief, security admin) about the seriousness of our joint project ECAP. Only Rob, Jens and I knew about the background of “Leather Goddesses of Phobos”. Please give our best wishes to Rob, many more years in good health, positive thinking and time to uncover the secret catacombs of Phobos. All the Best Klaus and Christel

6: Jens Niemeyer

10: Rob - Happy Birthday! It’s a real treat to contribute to your milestone celebration. And it brings a flood of memories from solar to ECAP to SDI to lego bombs – and most recently, New Court, which is receiving renewed attention as we re-energize nonproliferation and arms control efforts. Your legacy lives with many of us. But the really important | thing now is to work on your handicap. May we all live to shoot our age! Mim

11: Rob, Joan and I have now retired. We were just talking about our first days at Sandia. That led to a discussion of you and what you are up to. We see Pat and in fact are going on a Sherpa tour with him this week, but we have lost track of you. Please have a great Birthday, and let us know what you are up too. Best of all for your day. Jim Woodard | Rob, A voice from the past! I can't believe it is your 70th. But you know what they say--- 70 is the new 30!!! I hope that you are continuing to enjoy the California wine country and the Russian River area. I recall some great parties at your place. What is in store for the next decades? I can see you and Carole doing some great traveling and taking on anything you want with the gusto that you have always done. If you see a vacation in the southwest in your future, let us know. We would love to see you. All the best Joan Woodard

12: Dan Hartley How can I forget Rob inviting us to Geyserville in 1981 for a picnic, then switching to a sales job to get us to buy the very property we were picnicking on. This photo was taken on the very spot we built our house. We loved our years there and the friendship of great neighbors, Rob and Carole. Rob-Happy Birthday and many more good years for you. Let's play golf again soon.

14: David Speights Forward pass: Rinne to Speights to Rinne completed (via the net) 40 years later. Ah, Sweet Bird of Youth.

15: Dear Rob, among us you are the first to round the cape of seventy... Our heartfelt congratulations! Interesting decades behind you, and we wish you many healthy, happy and not less interesting years ahead of you. It is a pity we are so far away from California - we would love to be with you on that great occasion... In the 70's and 80's we used to meet more often, but since the background for that was the Cold War and the Soviet nuclear threat we certainly should look for new and less dramatic reasons to get together again ... Professional encounters developed into a great friendship including both our families. We had your wonderful visit to Bonn, went all together ( with your 2 daughters and our 2 sons ) to Montreal, a small town on the Ahr river south of Bonn. Our careers then took us to different places and we happily met again in California where you invited us to a memorable wine - tasting - tour through the Russian Valley. It was great to see where you settled down and to admire your amazingly beautiful country ! Now into retirement - still occasionally interrupted by missions for the Foreigh Office with UN or Japan background - we have settled in Berlin but keep travelling a lot. Please let us know if you come to Europe and we will do the same if we come the other way. It would be so nice to meet again ! Fondest love to you both from Hans-Joachim and alexa

16: Ed Rinne Game at my parents house in Berkeley around 1963. Rob is blocking me out of the picture but my brothers, Stan and John, the back of Chris and Jim, a young Sue, and Art are all there. The other is Art and Pat's wedding.

17: Quotes on Turning 70 (supplied by Ed) Stengel was the manager for the Oakland Oaks when they won the Pacific Coast League in 1948. Your dad may have gone to one or more of those games as our grandfather, Pop, often went to the ballpark in Emeryville and I certainly remember going with Pop a few times. Anyway, Stengel then was hired by the Yankees and successfully managed the team to several world series victories, the last one in 1960 when he turned 70. The Yankees then fired him because he turned 70 and was considered too old. Stengel then said, "I'll never make the mistake of being 70 again." | A couple of Mark Twain quotes mentioned in the column on aging included; "I am able to say that while I am not ruggedly well, I am not ill enough to excite an undertaker" and with regard to "senior moments", "I'll forget the Lord's middle name some time, right in the midst of a storm, when I need all the help I can get."

18: It has been a long time that I have known Rob Rinne. I met him first in Charlottesville in 1971 when he was pursuing his doctorate in Mathematics. The first night I met him and Carole, we put together a puzzle. I remember it very well and since then I have had the joy of introducing him and Carole to Dominique to whom I have been married for 21 years. In 1997 Dominique and I took our nephew Sebastien to meet Rob and Carole in California. We had a wonderful time in the Russian River Valley at their home which is now permanent. Sebastien thoroughly enjoyed his visit to the wine country of California. Now Dominique and I will travel to Florence, Italy to meet them both and will celebrate Rob’s birthday together. We are both looking forward to it. Nancy

20: As a kid I knew Rob, the eldest of the three Rinne boys as RR. He later became Bobby-B. Rob has always been a creative person. He invented many board games that the three of us spent much time playing. He also wrote a series of stories that to the best of my recollection was titled "Me and My Horse as Space Cadets." One thing I remember is that Rob, even at a young age, had a keen business sense. My favorite story about this is that Rob would buy a comic book for a dime, read it, and then rent it to Chris and myself for a nickel each, thereby getting to read and keep it for free. He would then sell it at our lemon-aid stand for a nickel, pocketing the profit. Most importantly I remember that my brother Rob was always there to protect me and help when needed. Two traits that, even in our later years, I can count on. I have truly been blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ in giving me Rob as a brother. “JR” Jim

22: Rob, On the occasion of your seventieth birthday even though I have known you only sixty-eight of those years I have been asked to recount some of our shared memorable moments. I am writing this as you and JR are visiting for 'brothers work week". Everyone that I tell about 'brothers work week' is amazed that we do this and have been doing it for so many years. Not a few are a bit jealous of the relationship that lies at the core of the week. I think the week has it's origins in the time we spent camping out under the stars and showering under a makeshift solar shower on the hill next to the construction site of your now retirement home. That well water was as cold the High Sierra streams fed by the snow melt that I used to bathe in when I was hiking. I only have a few memories of our early years on Virginia Street in Berkeley. You, JR, and I slept in a tiny bedroom in a small house down a long walk in the middle of the block with a large apricot tree we could climb. How small was the house? It has now been converted into a single studio apartment. I remember you keeping score on the wall next to your bunk of games you listened to on the radio. How did you do that without getting in trouble with Mom and Dad? We moved to Ponderosa when you were in the fourth grade and you got your own room. We used to hope for heavy rains in the winter because the intersection of Ponderosa and Juanita would flood and we would be unable to walk to Monticito. As a result we would get to stay home and have hot tomato soup and crackers rather than lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch. Later when you were in high school you moved out to the clubhouse with it's high tech communication system. When I was in grade school, I used the small amount of money I was able to save despite your scams to buy small metal army vehicles from a toy store in Walnut Creek. You built an army with far superior fire power out of old plastic toys, straws, model paint and whatnot at almost no cost and crushed my high-class forces.

23: When we were in college at UCR we would make the long drive up and down 99 several times a year. The drive through all the valley towns, up the grapevine, through the San Fernando Valley and out Mission Boulevard from LA to Riverside took almost twice as long as it does today. I believe it was on one of these trips that the name 'Bobby B' was born to denote one of the drivers. The other, 'Guts', didn't stick. While at UCR we shared an apartment at University Village (yes, they are still there!). We called ourselves the 'Big Springs Athletic Club'. Were there any other members besides you and I? Did we actually ever compete with the 'Palmyrita Athletic Club'? I spent many years celebrating the holiday season with you, Carole, and your two young girls. I want you to know that I appreciated the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. Best wishes for many fond future memories and with the hope that I will be able to share some of them. Love, Chris

24: Cousin Dave & Lynn Coleman Rob obviously got his start towards his PHD in mathematics at a very young age. He used to buy comic books for $0.10 and after reading them he would allow his two bothers to read them for a fee of $0.05 or perhaps $0.10 each. Good way to get comic books for free. I spent the part of several summers at the Rinne household when we were just kids. I have very fond memories of all of those times, except for the time I was playing baseball in the back yard and stepped on a bee. Allergic reaction and leg swell up and Doctor had to be called. Rob thought entire thing very funny.

25: Once when I was around 12 or 13, Rob and I took the passenger train from the bay area to Los Angeles to spend time with the Newtons. Don't remember why we went, but may have been to give Aunt Pat relief from us and perhaps it was when JR was born. Really can't remember. I remember we bought cactus candy on the train and it was the first time either of us had eaten any of that confection. My recollection is it was not very good at all. That was also the first time I had ever seen color TV. Don't recall if Rob had seen it before. But do remember we even watched commercials due to the color. Amazing then, but nothing compared to todays systems. Rob was on his way to our house in Fortuna, California with Grandma and Pops Rose when they went off the road and Rob went through the wind shield. Many stitches on his head, but none the worse for wear thankfully. Or maybe that had something to do with his math brain.

27: Sam Thompson Dear Rob, The process of reviewing old photos for submission with this message has reminded me how long we have known each other. It will soon be 40 years! These photos date back to the beginning of our relationship, which began professionally but soon became much more. My friendship with you and Carole has meant so much to me, and I am pleased that we have been able to maintain it over the years in spite of the considerable distance between us. I have many fond memories of our times together... not only in the DC area and California, but in Maine and France, and most recently sharing the Taste of the Alexander Valley for several years. Best wishes to you on your 70th birthday and I'm looking forward to celebrating many more. Sam

32: Rob and his games. Submitted by Tom Morrow Rob is responsible for most of the families’ best memories when it comes to games. Rob Football in Walnut Creek: Before I was born, those that were there tell stories of Rob being the “great organizer” of street football pickup games. Although I have no first hand experience, I have been told that the rules changed regularly and if too many people violated Rob’s rules, or started making their own, Rob took his ball and went home. This early experience set his foundation and would affect Rob through out his game playing years. Chicken on Ponderosa Lane: My first memory was at the age of 4 on Ponderosa Lane when Rob had organized the “chicken competition”. Rob had set up the rules (as usual) and asked his brothers Chris and Jim along with neighbor hood (hoodlum) boys of the same age to borrow bikes for the competition. The game was to have two riders on bikes head directly towards one another, and the first one to turn away (the bright/responsible one) from the crash was the loser. Although Rob organized the game he was not a participant (very smart).

33: Cookie Bowl: Ok, ok, everyone remembers the Cookie Bowl, for many many reasons. For all, we carry around 2 more pounds then we otherwise would. Injuries were numerous, legs, knees, egos everyone paid the price. Never was Rob injured in this or any other competition. Why is this so? NO one attacks the rule maker and/or commentator as that would not be wise.

34: Dibble Dabble: Nine years later Rob, with the assistance of his brothers (they seem to travel in packs) brought the game “Dibble Dabble” to Northern California. Although I believe it was Chris that brought it to Walnut Creek, Rob perfected the rules (always in his favor). | Rob was slow to jump, but quick to splash, and had a knack for a quick grab even after a late entry. He always was the first one to start practicing and perfecting his skills. | For dibble dabble, this meant nudging in his fiancé and soon to be bride into the pool on a dare, even when no dibble dabble stick was present. The owner of the pool cried fowl, and from that day forward, (New Rob Rule) no one could enter the pool without first seeing the dibble dabble stick.

35: The great Jump and Dunk Pool Dive game: This game, you guessed it, invented by Rob with rules, has been outlawed in many states. Further, the game has resulted insurance companies refusing to insure homeowners if they install a spring loaded diving board. Why you ask? How could this be? Here are the rules as outlined by Rob, place a floating basket immediately in front of the diving board. Jump off the board with water polo ball in hand and ring the basket as you enter the water. So far so good according to Rob’s rule, every time you make a basket you have to move the floating basket hoop 3’ towards the shallow in. Before you know it the contestants are launching themselves 40 feet in the air head first into the shallow end. Just like with his early game of chicken, Rob usually lost this game towards the end, (the shallow end that is). I wonder why?

36: Fourth of July Drive and Bang Game: In lieu of just setting off fireworks in say a concrete area such as a school yard, Rob invented the “Forth of July Drive and Bang Game”. According to Rob’s rule, this game is played with one women driver, one look out and with Rob taking the “running and lighting” position. The three contestants depart in a small car so not to be noticed (Fiat). The women contestant drives to grassy common areas on the University of Virginia campus, slams on the brakes in the middle of busy cause ways, while contestant number 3, looks out for the cops (campus cops or otherwise). Rob then quickly departs the vehicle with fire works and lighter in hand. In the middle common park like areas with statues of Thomas Jefferson looking on, he ignites the fireworks, dashes back into the vehicle for a quick get-away, giggling all the way. Purpose (goal) of game: Not get caught and put in jail. Bobby B Bowl Pick’em: One of Rob’s most recent additions. After years and years of perfecting games that favor him, Rob used everything that he learned to form the Bobby B Bowl Pick’em, his ultimate creation. The rules are impossible to figure out, and only declared after the entry fee has been paid. Insults on the Trash Talk page continue, but they usually come from Rob towards the less fortunate (the other entrants subject to Seando the Allseeing’s many hidden rules).

37: Rob, you are a great guy and wonderful brother in law. I look forward to your next creation. And thank you for being part of our family and being our game organizer. You are a real talent. Happy Birthday Rob!! Tom

38: Happy birthday Pama! I love you so much. I can't wait to see you this summer. Love Corinne Dear Pama, Happy Birthday. I love you. How are you? I liked it when we went swimming. When we went swimming, I was good at swimming. I loved when we spent Christmas together. On Christmas I liked it when we played fussball. I miss you! LOVE Scott.

40: There once was a Rinne named Rob Who worked for the feds as a job He turned seventy He'd thought that was plenty But we hope he won't openly sob Happy Birthday Your friends, Cathy and David Anderson

41: Congratulations on the big 70! When we think of you, we always remember with delight the Astronomical Dinner you hosted for the Rotary Auction. | It was so much fun working with you and we think it was a great event. Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to us. Jerry and Mary Jane Campbell

43: Larry Brandt Happy Birthday, Rob – It is great to think back on the many experiences we have shared over the years. I guess it was almost exactly 40 years ago that I moved to systems analysis and we started working together. Of course, I remember the many trips up and down the Sandia stairs to the basement computing center carrying card decks to run cases for our joint studies (a great conditioning discipline to improve with my noon running times). However, some more interesting memories I have of our activities together include: Our Bicycle Trips - The Napa wine country trip stands out. (I hope Carole was able to add one of the pictures I took in the early ‘70’s to your memory book.) Dibble-Dabble – One of the most vivid memories that I have of my early trips to DC was my first participation in dibble-dabble. I think it was at the mansion on Massachusetts Avenue that Sam Thompson was renting at the time. It is still hard to capture in words my wonder and amazement. That evening was a great introduction to the “real” DC. Early Geyserville – I can still remember visits to the hill where the house was to be built, and the various weekends of building and rebuilding the “first version” of the Geyserville homestead. I really enjoyed participating in the work parties while construction was underway. Of course, there are many other times to remember. And I also want to thank you for all of your help and guidance, in both my work and personal lives, along the way. With wishes for a great birthday this year, and many more to come, Larry

44: Dear Rob, Just wanted to wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday. We surely did have some great times during the years that we spent a lot of time together. I especially recall road trips to Hartford and the World's Fair with Orv in the summer of '65, to Princeton with Wenz in the spring of that year, and to the 1966 NCAA basketball championships in College Park, for which you got us press passes from Wiles Halleck. After the great final game (Texas Western (now UTEP) over Kentucky), we were present for Baron Rupp's analysis of his loss in a corridor outside the dressing rooms. I very much enjoyed the time I spent with your family in Walnut Creek in the summer of '66. I think I saw them also in the summer of '65 on a road trip with some other friends. I seem to remember playing ping-pong with Orv and Carole then. An indelible memory is our trying to optimize cutting out Xmas cookies with Lee Jane in late '65.

45: I remember all those summer nights I used to come over to your place on University Circle in C'ville for beer and conversation. Remember my finding that tire one night on Preston Ave. in the Sheik? It's on my to-do list to come out and visit you, old buddy. Of course, you are welcome anytime here too. Once again, have a terrific birthday. As ever, Hev

46: June 18, 2011 Hi Rob! Carol and I wish you a Very Happy 70th Birthday. For as long as we’ve known you, you have been the ultimate organizer (activities director) for everything from childhood sports to tennis tournament organizer at Cal Camp, to family picnic games around the pool at Hilton Road, hiking trips around Madrone, football and basketball pools, to some amazing wine tasting tours, and even piling all the relatives in the back of the old green pickup truck and stopping when the odometer hit exactly 100,000 miles for a celebratory picnic. The above are just a few of the many fun times that you organized that we fondly remember. As far as we know you have always loved movies, especially the oldies. In honor of your 70th birthday, Carol and I are playing activities director and we have devised a short trivia game for you to play on your special day.

47: We looked up the top grossing films for your birth year and every 10th year i.e. 1951, 1961, etc. through 2010 (2011 is yet to be determined). Your challenge is to place them in the correct order by decade beginning with your birth year. Our guess is that you have seen them all! (Feel free to check out\boxoffice2 for the correct answers.) TOP FILMS (excluding 2011) 101 Dalmatians Terminator 2: Judgment Day Toy Story 3 Quo Vadis Sergeant York Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Raiders of the Lost Ark Billy Jack OR Diamonds Are Forever Once again, we wish you a VERY Happy 70th Birthday! Love, Orv and Carol

48: Robert Mason 70??? No way! We’re still young, right? [You can’t stop getting older, but you don’t have to grow up] Okay, some memories—and maybe one day I’ll dust off the 35mm slides, get rid of the mildew on them, and make copies of some of the images—and they may put the lie to how I’m remembering things...primarily at Sandia. Bob Peurifoy: our mentor and champion in our younger days—straight-shooter, he supported us when he thought we were right, regardless (especially when he liked to tweak the noses of the VPs when he was a director; none of us in his group responded well to authority or mindless bureaucracy) [He spelled his name for the registration clerk one time as we checked into a hotel: P.U.R.E.F.O.Y. When I looked startled, he said, “it’s easier for them to spell it this way. It doesn’t matter.”] Our threat modeling efforts: we were prescient—in the late ‘60s, we created a secret document (in reality, we copied a cartoon) and distributed it as report of the latest G4 on an incipient threat that might get under our radar defense shield: a large bomb in an oxcart with a peasant prodding the ox along. [Today, we do worry about rogue nukes in the hands of terrorists, delivered by primitive means we just didn’t know how prescient we were back then.]

49: When we did a real threat assessment modeling and was told, “This can’t be published. It would harm Sandia and the national defense.” The response was not, “this is wrong” or “this is poorly done” or “this method doesn’t stand up” but rather the response was decision that it was not good politically for this to be known. [This experience—learning that not everyone made decisions in the rational way we did as engineers (or mathematicians!) was a motivation for me to broaden my studies when I went back for my PhD.] Strict hours: locking up so security could come by on their rounds; serious stuff. But then there was the story of the fellow who couldn’t get security to answer the gate when he wanted to work on a Saturday, so he crawled over the fence and went on to his office. When discovered, security screamed, “you could have been shot!” To which he responded, “by who? No one was around.” Other memories: being introduced to good California wines with you and Carole (speaking of prescient: you certainly were when you somehow convinced Carole to marry you—great move!); watching your family grow [I recall it was Leanne—I could be wrong—who cried when you left home and left UC tied up in the shade (to stay cool) because “her coat would fade without the sunshine”]; canoeing down the Russian River; it was a good time that resulted in lasting memories

50: Congratulations on your 70th, Rob—you youngster! (I’m much older—had my 70th in January.) You had the good sense to retire early enough to enjoy your new chapter. I know you’ll have a great celebration, surrounded by a loving family. I trust that we can cross paths again before long and continue the celebration. May your day be filled with joy and sunshine, and may the next year continue to be filled with good health and good fortune. Bob

51: Happy Birthday Rob, The one big memory about Rob is that being around him is fun. Life is never dull in his presence. When one does something with Rob, you know there will be interesting people, lively conversation and good food. We appreciate his introducing us to Passport Weekend, the weekends at his home, introducing us to wine makers, and oh yes, making us bottle wine. Probably the most important thing is introducing us to his wonderful wife Carole. Al and Nancy Baker

53: Dad, As a child, whether it was coaching our latest team, building an egg mover, or tutoring me in with my math problems, I always knew that I could count on you for help and guidance. I have so many happy childhood memories with you. Lots of little things we got to do together, like our dinner table bets, playing catch in the back yard, talking trees, computer games and meeting you for picnics out at your work. I also remember how you taught me to drive a stick shift, wisely running through the basics then turning me lose in a parking lot while you settled into your chair with a good book. And who can forget our ice cream tests?! Starting in Corvallis during Father/Daughter Weekends, though I think we really hit our strides during your visits to State College. Two separate ice cream tests in one day! Quite an accomplishment. As an adult, I've come to take advantage of your many other skills. There's a reason that I invite all of my friends to the cabin and then turn to you to plan our wine tasting! Also, your amazing skills in trip planning sure came in useful when I needed to drive across the country. What fun we had hitting national parks, uncharted states and wonderful food, while discussing important topics (ice sailing, anyone?) I feel so lucking to have such fun and wonderful parents. Always ready for adventure, and always ready to support me. Happy Birthday Dad! Love you! Leanne

55: Dear Dad, Birthdays are a natural time for us all to reflect. As I do so, I realize I will not have enough space to tell you all the amazing memories I have acquired over the years. Many of the traditions you established I try to continue with Corinne and Scott. You were always home for dinner. I cannot imagine how you were able to do so without fail, but our family dinners are something I have always treasured. In hindsight, I find it remarkable that you were able to tell us about your day and it is only as an adult I am aware that you did so without actually telling us what you did. Few can fully appreciate that remarkable talent. You always inspired great discussions and encouraged us to run to the hallway to check facts in the Encyclopedias. Of course, Corinne and Scott now run to the internet for the same goal. While your job required a lot of travel, it never felt like you were far from home. You always called, brought back presents, sent postcards and still managed to be at our numerous soccer games, softball games, tract meets, band performances, and 4-H activities. From you we learned to appreciate family, art, music, sports and education (not necessarily in that order). I fear that if I try to express my feelings about our family vacations and the times and experiences building the cabin I will monopolize your book (and perhaps make it cost prohibitive). So I will summarize thusly, for all the opportunities you have given me, for the inspiration, the motivation, and the amazing model you have set with your numerous accomplishments, THANK YOU. Happy, Happy Birthday. I hope you can spend this time sharing in these happy memories and I look forward to all the adventures you have planned. Your trips, the movie and wine rankings, the sports pools and the imaginative games you come up with are a constant source of entertainment, joy and pride. I love you. Love Always Your Daughter, Colleen

57: Happy 70th Birthday Rob, My Dear Husband and Love. 70, wow, that’s hard to believe. You don’t look 70, you don’t act 70, and I sure don’t think of you as 70 – but the calendar says it – so we might as well celebrate. Life with you has been everything you promised and more. From our first years together when every day was an adventure just because we were sharing it with each other, through the joys and challenges of raising children and maintaining a career, to the current time of leisure and less responsibility you have been by my side, guiding the family, fixing problems, changing course when needed, entertaining with your humor, and providing love and support throughout. You have a unique talent to be able to step back from a given situation and see the best course of action. You can put together diverse and often opposing requirements and incorporate them in an unusual and almost always successful solution. Your creativity still surprises and delights me. On the occasion of your 70th birthday I want to tell you how much I love you and appreciate all you have done for me and for our family. Your devoted, admiring, and loving wife, Carole

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