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Dad's Memory Book

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Dad's Memory Book - Page Text Content

S: John Robert Hill

BC: ' 'Til We Meet Again | For Time and All Eternity...

FC: John Robert Hill Loving husband, father, and 'Kulu

1: Dedicated to the Life and Legacy of John Robert Hill, and to his Wife Anita, and their Posterity...

2: Page 4 Page 6- 44 Page 45-57 Page 58-65 Page 66-75 Page 76-81 Page 82-105 Page 106-125 Page 130-170 Page 171-177 Page 178-181 Page 182-193 194- 200 | Family Tree John Robert Hill: My Personal Journal to my Posterity Childhood and Young Adult Glimpses Through Photos John and Anita John as a Young Dad John's Adventures Traveling & Holidays with Family Weddings, Grandchildren & Dream Home Memories from his Children & Wife Spiritual Legacy Perryhill International Memorial Services Since You've Been Gone... | Table of Contents: | 2

3: John and Anita Hill Family 2010 | John and Anita Hill | Wade, Charlene, Brenden, and Cali Hill | Elder Dane Hill | Jordan, Taryn, and Abigail Hoopes | Kyle Hill and Tracy Christiansen | 3

4: Family Tree | Robert William Hill | Jacynth Gwenda Hill | John Robert Hill Anita Pamela Larsen | Wade Robert Hill Charlene Madsen Hill | Taryn May Hill Hoopes Jordan Douglas Hoopes | Dane Robert Hill Kelsea Park (Hill) | Kyle Robert Hill Tracy Christiansen Hill | Brenden John Hill | Cali Mae Hill | Abigail Summer Hoopes | John Richard Hoopes | Anita's siblings: Chris Larsen Debra Larsen Cain Clive Kellner | John's Siblings: Garith Hill Sharon Hill Ambler Roslyn Hill Brindley | Felicity May Kellner | Kenneth Anthony Larsen | 4

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38: Cindy married Chris Dore in London in March 2007 Anita, John, and Taryn went there for the wedding | 38

39: 39

40: In October 2007, Wade and Charlene had the first grandchild, It was a boy and they named him Brenden John Hill. | 40

41: On March 22, 2009 Jordan and Taryn's first child was born. They named her Abigail Summer Hoopes On April 6, 2009 Wade and Charlene's second child Cali Mae Hill was born. Dad was thrilled to have his two little granddaughters | 41

42: 42

43: 43

44: We had Christmas with the family at the home in Provo in December 2010 | 44

45: A glimpse into John's life through photos | 45

46: Above: Toddler John as cute as can be Below: John in his Primary school years | 46

47: John with his older brother Garith | John, Garith, Mom, and baby Roslyn | 47

48: John enjoyed various sports. Here he is in a school photo and a Rivercross team photo | 48

49: John with his three siblings; Garith, Roslyn, and Sharon | In Zambia with his Mother and siblings | 49

50: Photos of John during his Varsity years | 50

51: Above: John's University student card Below: John with his date at the Matric Dance | 51

52: 52

53: John had a passion for cycling and was very talented. He won many races and awards. | 53

54: John was well rounded and even performed in some school plays | John as a young adult in his flat and on the job | 54

55: High school photos- Kloof High School | 55

56: Celebrating his 21st birthday with friends and family | 56

57: John with his parents Robert and Wendy Hill | Make a Wish! | Happy 21st Birthday! | The ladies man | 57

58: John and Anita The love story begins... | 58

59: For John it was love at first sight and he told a friend "I'm going to marry that girl" when he first saw her across the room. | 59

60: Missionary Service John was called to serve in the Johannesburg, South Africa mission. He was able to serve as a companion with his older brother, Garith, for a short period of time. | 60

61: 61

62: John and Anita Hill for time and all eternity | 62

63: The wedding day: June 21st 1980 in Durban, South Africa Sealed in the London temple on June 24th 1980 | 63

64: The bride and groom with their parents; Robert and Wendy Hill and Felicity and Clive Kellner | John's best man; Kevin Leo Smith Anita's Bridesmaids; Debbie, Roslyn, and Sharon | 64

65: 65

66: 66

67: The Hill Family John and Anita with his parents, and with his siblings and their young families. John with the Hill boys | 67

68: John as a young Dad holding his babies | 68

69: Some moments with John and his young children, hiking, at a birthday party, and with Mom | 69

70: John loved spending time with his children outdoors, swimming, on adventures, and during holidays | 70

71: The family spent many summers traveling and exploring; Jackson Hole, Las Vegas, California (Disney, Universal) | 71

72: Right: Family photos when we first moved to the United States in 1990 | Below: Christmas at John's parents farm in Shongweni, Natal | Left: At school with Wade and Taryn in Sacramento, California | Right In Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the whole family and Nana | 72

73: Taryn's Baptism at Logan, Utah Tabernacle | Dane's Baptism at Sandton Ward, Johannesburg, South Africa | 73

74: Yellowstone with the fam, Hawaii for New Years 2000, with Clive, and San Diego and Disney. Dad still took the kids even though he was not a fan of Disneyland | 74

75: 75

76: John the adventurer | 76

77: A man with many hobbies, most of which involved being outdoors. John had a passion for the Bush, motorcycling and cars, hiking, fishing, scuba diving, and in the last few years really got into horse riding. | 77

78: John and Anita were able to experience many adventures on their travels around the world together | 78

79: 79

80: 80

81: John spent a lot of time traveling in order to continue running his business in South Africa while his family remained in the United States. John and Anita made many sacrifices in order to bless their family and provide opportunities for them. Once the kids were older, Anita would travel with John so they could be together more and they were able to travel to many countries together for business, pleasure, and to perform service projects. John participated in the Bison Round-Up at Antelope Island for a few years. | 81

82: Traveling with the Family | 82

83: Africa in December 2004 and December 2008 | 83

84: 84

85: Florida 2008 | 85

86: 86

87: Park City and Cedar City 2006 | 87

88: England for Cindy's wedding with Anita and Taryn 2006 | 88

89: London, England Temple where John and Anita were sealed | 89

90: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands with Anita, Jordan, and Taryn Dane with Mom and Dad on a trip | 90

91: Mom and Dad together in many destinations on family trips | 91

92: BYU NAC trip to South Africa that John and Anita hosted | 92

93: Hill Family Photos | 93

94: Special Occasions | Kyle leaves for his mission... | 94

95: Kyle returns home from his mission... | 95

96: John's 50th Birthday | 96

97: Four Generations | Taryn's Graduation | 97

98: Holidays with the family | 98

99: 99

100: 100

101: 101

102: The Family Gang | 102

103: 103

104: The Hill Siblings and Parents | Close friends John, Lingie, and Sarah with John and Anita | 104

105: His Cheezy Side... | 105

106: Dad at the weddings | 106

107: Jordan and Taryn: December 18, 2004 | 107

108: 108

109: 109

110: Cindy Matric Dance 2001 | 110

111: Chris and Cindy Dore Wedding 2007 | 111

112: Alan and Margaret | Kabryn with John | 112

113: Wade and Charlene Wedding August 2005 | 113

114: 'Kulu with his Grandkids | 114

115: 115

116: Abigail Summer and 'Kulu | 116

117: 117

118: 118

119: Cali Mae and 'Kulu | 119

120: Brenden John and 'Kulu | 120

121: 121

122: John and Anita's Dream Home | John and Anita's African home was featured in Garden and Home magazine in August 2005 | 122

123: 123

124: The home is at Kirtlington Estates on New Forest Drive, Inanda road in Hillcrest | 124

125: John and Anita built their African home together in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. They selected every detail of the house and the decor. They wanted it to be authentic and found everything locally, including curios and African artwork. They had water features throughout the home and magnificent landscaping and gardens. | 125

126: John and Anita Hill family November 2010 | 126

127: Wade Hill, Charlene Hill, Cali Hill, Kyle Hill, Anita Hill, Brenden Hill, John Hill, Jordan Hoopes, Abigail Hoopes, and Taryn Hoopes. Below: Elder Dane Hill | 127

128: 128

129: 129

130: Memories of our Father | 130

131: 131

132: Wade Robert Hill | What is there to say about one of the most influential people in my life? I have had the great pleasure of having one of the most amazing Dad's any young man could hope for. Not a lot of people can say that their best friend is their Dad! The single most important lesson I have learned from John Hill was to love unconditionally and this has been evident in my life, as he and my Mom Anita Hill have raised me into the man I am today. Some of my earlies memories of my Dad were in Kloof, South Africa. I was born in East London, but I can't remember those times. I remember the house we had in Kloof built on the side of the hill bordering the Kloof gorge. It was a steep house that my Mom and Dad had bought, and because it was on a hill, the garage and driveway were built above the house. I remember my Dad walking into my room early in the morning and telling me that he had something cool to show me. He walked me outside to reveal that my aunt's car that had smashed against the house. Apparently she left the parking brake off, and the car had lost control and ran down the driveway smashing against the side of the house. It created a sort of bridge between the bank and the house. | 132

133: "Wow" I said, "Can I walk across it?" Much to my disappointment he wouldn't let me. We always use to go on hikes into the forest and I remember that my Dad was always teaching me things about the plants and animals. He was a constant source of knowledge, and I found that at every turn he took an opportunity to teach me something. He was working for Unileaver at the time and his job was very tough as he was involved with their marketing department. I remember my Dad telling me about an amazing experience where he was going to work and he heard a voice in his head telling him to stop and go somewhere. He obeyed only to find that if he had just gone to work he would have been in a blast from a bomb that was set in the building. He has had many experiences like this where his instincts or his religious beliefs have kept him from harm. My Dad and I were keen on cycling and some of my favorite memories were on the road. I remember all the times that we cycled and as an adult my dad was much stronger than I was, nevertheless, he always let me slipstream with him, and many times he would grab the back of my seat and help me along. I always felt that he put me, and the rest of the family first, and as a lesson to a person who now has his own family, I have remembered | to do the same as it has enriched my life in ways I cannot explain. We moved to the States when I was about 8 and we lived in student housing while Dad got his Master's degree. Because of the finances and the time, he had to get it done fast, so he took over 20 credits a semester and worked full time. This was a tough year, but he manage to complete his studies, which for most take two to three years, in one! At the same time he received such high grades for his classes that they added him to the national Dean's list. He still made time for us and I remember him taking us to the cafeteria he worked at and he let us drink as much fizzy drink as we wanted. Taryn and I were beside ourselves because we couldn't believe that our Dad was so important that he could organize all this free soda!!! We moved to California where Dad worked on the Deseret Walnut Plantation, This was the coolest job because my Dad drove these four wheelers around these huge plantations and because we were special we were able to go with him. What an experience sitting on my Dad's lap and chasing deer through the rows of trees. After our stint in the States we all moved back to Bloemfontein in SA where he took a job at a feed company called Epol. He was in charge of the | 133

134: marketing and operations for a large factory that produced all sorts of animal feed. This was an interesting time where Dad and I did a lot of cycling. Dad, Grandpa and I did a 150 kilometer cycle race called the Jock Tour. This was three generations all doing an event together in order to build some bridges amongst us which had been down for some time. Dad and Grandpa worked together to help me make the long race, and at the end we were so happy to have accomplished this amazing task together as a family. We also did a lot of rides through the nature reserve they had in Bloem. This was a great time where my Dad was so supportive of me. He was at all my sporting events and he was always giving me encouragement when I didn't perform to the best of my abilities. After two years of working for Epol, Dad took a job with Tempest car hire and we all moved back to Jo'burg. This was an interesting time for my family as we made some changes in our lifestyle. Dad went through a few jobs where he found that the ethical behavior of his superiors to be wanting, so he decided to try and make it on his own. He started a company called PerrHIll International with his business partner Mike Perry. I remember that when we had to move into a one bedroom apartment with | all us kids, our uncle Clive, and Nana! Now that was an interesting time! I must admit that it was a good time for our family to see some of the stresses of life when it become really tough. We were all bussed off to school by Mom in the Toyota Corolla, which had bald tires and was from the 70's. Then Dad would head out with Mike to work. He even had to spend 6 months in the States so that he could secure some suppliers. This I think was the beginning of the end for my family. My Dad's business took off after a few years and we moved into a really nice house in Fourways where us kids went to school in the area. Dad bought a Land ROver Defender and this was his pride and joy. I loved going with him off-road and how he was always showing us how amazing its capabilities were. Whenever we went driving we would always be on the lookout for the next cool spot to go off-road. We took this amazing car all the way up to the Okavango Delta in Botswana where the whole family spent two weeks driving through Hell and the car only broke on the road back to Jo'Birg!!! I think that my father's passion for cars rubbed off on me and I still get all the latest editions of the car magazines. In fact, just before we moved to the States Dad worked for ICI chemicals and they sponsored the formula one team. Because of this all the employees got a miniature replica of the car. | 134

135: Dad spent so much time on inspecting this car, that he came up with an ingenious idea of adding a second wing below the rear tail wing to help with down force at low speeds. He wrote a letter to the F! team explaining the concept and promptly received one back thanking him for the idea and that they were going to try it out. Sure enough the next season they had it on their car and the season following all the other teams had it on theirs. He was always helping us solve problems and he was always able to think through any situation with a positive outcome in most cases. When we moved to the States we all had a life changing experience being immersed at an older age into a completely different culture. We were use to change as we all moved so often, but this time it was different because we had to leave friends and loved ones behind that we still have relationships with today. High school was a blur of events and challenges but through it all my Dad and mom were always there for us. I don;t like bringing up the bad things of the past but I went through a period in my life where I didn't appreciate all the things that my parents did for me and most parents would have said that I needed to move out and get on with my life, but my parents were different. They showed their unconditional love for | me by sticking by me and ensuring that I didn't fall too far that I couldn't get back. I worked on a ranch for the summer and got enough money to buy my first motorbike. This was not a happy day for my mom, but because my parents wanted me to make my own decisions they let me choose. I wanted to get this used 600cc street bike but Dad convinced me to get a Yamaha TW 200, which was a much slower bike, but it was also an off-road bike so I could use it for more activities. This also did something for my Dad as well and shortly after he got himself a Suzuki SV 650. Always have to have the faster bike, hey Dad? He was always good at letting me take it for a ride on occasion but this started his passion for bikes and he went through many more while he and I did a lot of riding together. I remember at one point he had two superbikes, a Ducati 999s and a Suzuki 1000RR. The Italian bike was his and the Suzuki was mine! He was always a lot faster than me, but when my lap times got close to his he decided to sell the bikes and get a car. Lucky one Dad!!! After my High School shinanigans, I went to college and eventually decided to serve an LDS mission. This was an amazing time for me, but the distance from my family was hard. I know that they went through some tough times | 135

136: while I was gone and I wish that I could have been there with them so that I could help, but all things happen for a reason and I guess i needed to be away from them to accomplish what they did. I still got a letter every week from my Dad and his knowledge was constantly being shared with me. I still remember how I felt after two years of being away and finally embracing Dad. I miss this most of all! It's been almost two years since he passes and I have that longing for his embrace which will unfortunately not happen. My times after the mission were probably some of my fondest memories of Dad/ This was the point in my life where he made me feel that I was no longer the learner, but an equal to him. He treated me like a young man and our relationship went from father-son to best friends. He helped me when I decided to get married to the love of my life, Charlene, and he helped me when I decided which career path to follow. Funny enough, I never thought that with his help he set me up to be in a position to help the family and the family business in the event of his death. Some might say that this was all part of his grand scheme to pass his company on to me when I was ready, but I just think that he was so happy with his life that he wanted all his kids to have the same joy that he had. | Dad and I are very similar people but different in so many ways. I could tell you of all the amazing trips that he took us on, and all the hikes through the Drakensburg where he helped me by throwing me on his shoulders. I could also mention all the times we sat in the dark looking up at the stars and discussing the meaning of life and the point of everything. John was a man that believed in something and lived his life irrespective of what others thought. He also made sure that he taught his kids what he felt were truths, and allowed them to process these ideas for themselves and make their own decisions based on what we felt were truths. When he said that he loved you, it was felt to the core and we as his family always knew that he meant it. The final times before his death he still kept up with this same trend. He and I had discussed me moving to South Africa so that I could work and study in another country to get more work experience and education overseas. I would have never thought that a month after I arrived he would have been in that terrible car accident, but I am grateful that I was, so that I could take the lessons he taught me about taking care of those that I love and protecting them from harm and apply them. Going through the car and sorting out all the paperwork was one of the toughest experiences of my life, but I felt that he was there for me and helped me be strong for my family. | 136

137: The aftermath of the accident has left a gaping hole in all of our lives, but the memories we have with Dad live on. I'll never forget his smile and the way he looked at me when he was so proud! That was the best feeling a young man could have! To have his father look at him with this sense of absolute pride is indescribable. I have had the great opportunity of having this happen and looking into my father's eyes and sharing that joy is what has helped me throughout my life. I still want to make him proud and wherever he is, I know that he is looking down on me and hopefully he has that look on his face. I love you Dad! | ' Charlene's Memories of Dad I loved how easy it was to be with Dad. he always had some new fact to tell me, and even sounded intelligent when playing with the fart app on his phone, bwahahaha! I loved the genuine interest he took in our lives and the Daddy Daughter Dates we would go on. If I ever had a problem, he would be the first one I liked to go to because he would help me figure it out and never made me feel bad if I had made a mistake. he taught me so many things about life, one of the things I remember the most is how much he talked about balance, and finding the right balance in our lives. Plus, he always had the best stories about Wade, and always could make me laugh. | ' 'Kulu and Brenden - Brenden and Dad would often go for walks in the garden and he would tell Brenden about all the plants and flowers, literally... like the dictionary version. Brenden loved this! After their walks they would always pick two bunches of flowers, one for Mom and one for Gogo. - Brenden and Dad often had Brenden days. On these days they would go on a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum, out to lunch, or just go play at the park. Brenden was always excited and happy to help Dad with any projects from making fresh juice to fixing the fence. Whatever the job, Brenden was just happy to be with his M'kulu. _ 'Kulu taught Brenden his first word of "Wow", he would walk around pointing at things with Brenden who would just keep saying "Wow" over and over. 'Kulu and Cali -Cali always loved when 'Kulu would hold his finger to hip lips and make that bebebebebe noise. Not even quite sure how to explain it, but she would always take his finger and put it up to his mouth for him to do it over and over again. - Another thing she liked was to listen to his voice, whether he was singing or reading a book to her, she just loved to hear him talk and he could always put her to sleep. She was always happy to snuggle with him to go right to sleep/ Dad would often walk over in the evenings, pretending to walk the dogs, to rock Cali to sleep. | 137

138: Taryn May Hill Hoopes | Nicknames that Dad gave me: My darling My sweetheart My favorite daughter Pinky-pops My love My little girl Ballerina girl My Poppet | 138

139: -Dad told me that the moment he saw me when I was born, I had him wrapped around my little finger. He said that he looked at my big blue eyes, and that was it, he adored his little girl, and would do anything for me. -He always made me feel so loved, adored, and protected. he made me feel like I was the most special little girl in the entire world. - I didn't have much hair when I was a little girl, and I always wished that I could have long, beautiful hair. I would always tell Dad that my hair was growing so long and would run into Mom and Dad's room and tell them that I had prayed my hair would be long, and ask them if my prayers had worked. Dad never had it in his heart to disappoint me. He would just say, "yes, my darling". - He always told me what a beautiful little girl i was inside and out, one day when we were in a lift together, another man stepped into the lift, and I apparently said to him, "don't you think I am beautiful?" Dad just laughed. -Dad loved it when I would brush his hair. He would sit on the floor while I brush it over and over, and I loved it because then i had all his attention, and I could just talk and talk and talk. He loved it when I would scratch, tickle, or give him massages. he would tell me stories, so that I would do it longer. - He was so ticklish under his arms. The boys and I would try to wrestle him to the ground, so that we could tickle him. we barely ever got it right, cause he was too strong. - Dad only took me fishing with the boys once. I begged and begged to go with them. When we got there, I just talked and talked the entire time and then complained about how boring fishing was. They never took me again. - When I was little, I would always sit at the window and wait desperately for Daddy to come home from work. He would give me the biggest hugs and pick me up. he always had treats (Smarties) for me in his briefcase. - He He always kept treats on his suit pockets at church, and would share them with us when we sat next to him. It helped if I tickled his back for him. But he was always nice and would tickle my arm during sacrament. I always got jealous if my Mom or brothers sat by him instead. - Dad thought it was hilarious to play the "pull my finger" game. - At Lava Hot Springs, Dad didn't tell me the water was warm. So, we went out to go swimming and it was freezing outside. I was wrapped up in my towel and he told me to get in, but I didn't want to get in and cold. So he grabbed me and threw me in. I was so mad, until I hit the water. Oh he laughed so hard at me. | My Childhood Memories of Dad | 139

140: -Whenever I went to the shops with Dad to get groceries, he always let me get my favorite treat, which was cream Caramel. - Dad loved to cook, even though he was very messy when he did. My first cooking lesson I remember was one-eyed-sailors. He let me stand on a chair and put an apron on me, and showed me how to make a hole in the bread and then fry an egg right in the middle of it. He told me he invented them. - Dad knew my favorite breakfast was French toast. he made it for me all the time, even as an adult, when we slept over at their house. - Dad and i both love mushrooms, so we would cook a pan full of them with butter and garlic, and eat them together. - Dad would take us to Parks all the time, and he would swing us for hours. He made us go so fast on the merry-go-round that we almost got sick from it and would feel dizzy forever. Then he would laugh his loud, cheesy laugh, while he watched us. - He took us to the field and study center on the weekends with the dogs and we would run around with the dogs for hours and have a blast with him. I think he took us so that Mom could have a break, and get dinner cooked in peace. -Some family nights, he would load us up in the car and drive us around the circles in the neighborhood over and over again and drive as fast as he safely could. We would all shriek with laughter. - He made me my first doll house, out of wood. It was pink of course, and I loved it. If my brothers tried to touch it I would scream, and Dad was my helper. - He would always take us to Milky Lane to get Root Beer floats. Once when we went the waiter gave him his Root Beer and then turned around to get the other ones. While his back was turned, Dad drank the whole cup and when he turned back the drink was empty and Dad said "where you going to put anything into that?' We all laughed so hard because the waiter was so confused. Dad told him what happened afterwards and paid for the extra drink. - Dad loved to watch motor Racing. I would often sit on the couch next to him and he would try to teach me about it. - When I was very little, we would walk holding hands. I remember that I would have to almost run or skip next to him because he had such long strides. - He made the best homemade pizza. We would often have company over or pizza parties and he would spend all afternoon cooking and messing in the kitchen. He would make all the toppings that we each liked and then we could create our own pizzas. | 140

141: - Dad knew the answer to everything, even if he really didn't know the answer, he would re-direct the question somehow so he still had a smart answer and then you would forget what your question was. -Dad always took us to the temple grounds of the Johannesburg Temple and we would walk around and he would talk to us about how special it was and how we could go inside one day. -He always took time to listen to me, even when I asked hundreds of questions about silly things. I would say "Hey Dad", over and over to get validation. - He took Wade and I on many of his business trips with him. We got to stay at nice hotels and eat fancy food and hang out together when he was in meetings. I went with him to some conferences and saw lits of new devices and got lots of free stuff. -He baptized me in the Logan, Utah Tabernacle. I remember sitting next to him all dressed in white. Mom had done my hair all fancy, and I remember the warm smile that Dad gave me that day. - He love to watch my ballet performances. My very first one was to the song "me and my teddy bear". Dad told me that we pretty much just hopped around holding onto our teddy bears, but he loved watching every minute of it and always told me how proud of me he was. He called me his little ballerina girl. One of our songs was "Ballerina Girl", by Lionel Richie. - Dad would swim in the pool with us for hours and hours until our fingers and toes were wrinkled. He would throw us up and down I the air until I'm sure he was exhausted. but we loved it. -Dad would tell us made up bedtime stories at night. They were often very complicated and hard to follow, or they were very silly and full of nonsense. - He told us lots of stories of his childhood adventures, about catching snakes as a little boy, playing tricks on his siblings, his first job working in a chicken coop trying to catch chickens, how he worked to pay his way through college. -He took me on many Daddy-daughter dates. My first one was right before we moved to the States. He asked me he week before if we could go out together. He dressed up nicely and opened my car door for me. We went to Mimmo;s Italian Restaurant in Fourways. He even had some flowers and a big box of chocolates waiting at the restaurant for me and had the waiter bring it out to me, I got my favorite, a Regina pizza, with mushrooms and ham. He let me talk the whole time and just listened to me. He told me that this is how I should be treated by every boy that I date, and that I should not accept any less than that. he made me feel so loved and special, always. I was so happy to go home and tell mom all about my date and she said I had the biggest grin when I got home. | 141

142: - We always made treats together for Family Home Evening, we would often invite people over or have the missionaries over. Mom and Dad would often play tricks on the missionaries to tease them. - When I was a teenager, we would have homemade hamburger Fridays. Dad would make delicious hamburgers and we would invite our friends over and socialize. I think my parents like it because they got to know our friends and our friends always enjoyed it too. - Dad made delicious curry, and flat round bread and was always experimenting with new ideas. - Dad called me PinkyPops when I was a little girl because I was so obsessed with the color pink and Strawberry pops cereal, we started calling them PinkyPops together, and then it became my nickname, - Whenever I phoned my Dad, he always answered the phone with "Hello my Darling: and would always say "Thanks fr calling me" at the end of our conversation and that he loved me. - He liked to tease me a lot; once when we were at a game reserve with the family in Botswana, we were having a food break on one of the game drives. He came over to me and put a buck poop into my hand, telling me that it was a "hollow rock". I held it for a while examining it until I figured it out and then threw it away. he was laughing so hard at me. - When we were swimming as a family, he would go underwater for a long time and then swim behind me and jump up and scare me. - When I was small, he would let me sit on his lap in the drivers seat of the car and let me play with the steering wheel. He would sing, "they call me a baby driver, once upon a pair of wheels, what''s my number, I wonder how the engine feels". -He named his pointer finger "Diddio" and would chase us and tickle us with it until we were almost in tears. - On the nights that I could not sleep, i would always go into Mom and Dad's room onto his side of the bed, and climb into bed with him and he would tickle my arm or play with my hair until I fell asleep. - He took me to do baptisms for the dead when I was first in YOung Womans and he baptized and confirmed me and would talk to me about eternal life, families, and the feelings of the Holy ghost. - He called me when he was on a business trip and told me he had just watched the movie, Father of the Bride. He told me all he could think about was me and that he couldn't give me away. | 142

143: - He bought Wade and I our first car, it was an Isuzu, Amigo. He was so excited to pick it out and surprise us with it. He was always understanding and patient with me if I got a ticket or had a small accident. - He loved it when I would sing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" to him, and I would do all the actions too. - He took me on a trip to South Africa with just the two of us after I graduated from High School. He planned all kinds of adventures for us, including staying at some amazing game reserves and also taking me to some of the villages where he had started work projects. - Dad let me go with him and Mom to Barcelona, Spain where he had a medical conference so that Mom and I could spend time together during the day while he was working. We stayed at a fancy hotel. We had an amazing time eating at delicious restaurants and seeing all the sights, beautiful cathedrals, museums. Mom and Dad bought me a Lladro of a ballerina on this trip. -Dad shared many of his spiritual experiences with us while we were growing up. There were a few times that he was prompted to do things that saved his life. When he was a young man he went hiking with some friends in a cave. It was pitched black and dark inside and as he was walking he felt the strong impression to stop immediately and to go ad get a torch (flashlight). He followed that prompting and returned later that day. He found that right about where he had stopped there was a huge pit/deep hole that he would have fallen into and most likely died. Another time he was prompted to go to a different petrol station to the one he had originally planned to go to. He later found out that the other station had an explosion and killed many people. - While Dad was studying at Utah State, he worked on campus as a kitchen cleaner at night in the cafeteria. He took as many credits as possible and worked as much as possible to support us. So, we didn't see him much during this period. Some nights he took Wade and I to work with him and we would help him wipe and sweep. It made us feel big so grown up and he always made it fun. - Dad always made me sit behind him on family trips while he was driving so I could rub and tickle the back of his neck. He told me I needed to do it to help keep him awake. He loved it when I would brush his hair for him. - He taught me how to make delicious spaghetti sauce using chutney as a secret ingredient. - He always use to tease me about how often I would spill my drinks and always gave me th same knowing smile and shook his head when I did. - He put a lot of effort into having us doing family scripture study together. He would wake up before any of us and make us a delicious cooked breakfast. Then he would read scriptures to us while we ate before school. | 143

144: - Dad bought me my silver Jetta when I started College. He was so excited to give it to me and surprise me with all the details he had picked out that he thought I would love. - Dad often said to me, "I don't think you have hugged me enough today", and "you are my favorite daughter", and " you will always be my little girl". - Dad paid for all of my college education, paid for my textbooks and encouraged me to get educated. He took me to meet with counselors at the U of U OT program and was so proud of me when I got in. The day I found out I got in, I went into my room and he had a new laptop sitting on my bed. - He really loved Jordan and even sent him e-mails when we broke up shortly to tell him that he cared about him and respected him. - Before we got engaged, Dad met with Jordan for a long time, read scriptures with him and gave him advice about love, the gospel, and marriage. - The night we came home when Jord proposed, dad was really happy, but so sad of the idea that his little girl was getting married that he went upstairs and cried all night. - Dad wrote me a beautiful letter giving me advice and expressing his love to me right before my wedding. He also gave me a beautiful fathers blessing the night before the wedding. - He helped Jord and I lend us some money for a down payment for our first car, the Honda CRV. He went with us to look at it and test drive it, any opportunity to look at cars. - He took Jord and I with him and Mom to the Virgin Islands for my graduation present. We had a wonderful time with them eating meals together, driving around the island, exploring the different beaches and sites. He tried to drive us around the island, but had no idea where he was going and would get us lost but not admit it. - He flew me out to SA to surprise Mom during my spring break, while they were living out there for a few months. He knew that I needed to see Mom and the family because I was stressed about boys and missed the family. - Dad had a passion for cars, the bush, and science. Often when we had Sunday family dinners he would put motor racing on in the background or National Geographic and try to sneak glances until mom noticed. - Once I was married, he still tried to take me on a Daddy-Daughter date at least once a month so we could spend time together and chat. | 144

145: - Dad still made every effort to be an involved Dad, even after I was married. He always wanted to make sure he was taking care of us in any way that he could, while still allowing us to be our own family. He would often fill up our car while we were visiting without telling us, buy new tires, service our car, get new wiper blades. Then he would just sneak my keys back into my purse and I would only notice when we were driving home. He would buy us First Aid kits, food storage and was always thinking of ways we could be more prepared and self sufficient, - He always tried to help us with opportunities, but made sure that we worked hard for them and had perseverance. He lent us some money to but our first own car, the Honda CRV. He and Mom gave us some money to help with our down payment on our first condo and then first home. He was very excited for us to be able to buy our own home and help us look at some of them, gave us advice, helped us to fix some things up, and even helped us to move into our condo and our house. - Dad like to bring special treasures home from his trips, just for me. It made me feel like he was thinking of me and missed me while he was away. He would say things like, "those shoes looked like something you would love to wear", or I smelt this perfume and I thought of you". He bought me some leather handmade shoes from Spain, Egyptian perfumes, a China teacup from London, and lots of other special treats. Every time he went to South Africa, he brought me Malt Balls (Chuckles), my favorite. - In the last few years, dad tried to plan and organize lots of family trips for us to spend good quality time together. Dad always made me feel that our time together was quality, which always made up for the quantity of time we missed when he was traveling. He loved watching us kids bond together on family trips. Some recent ones were: South Africa in December 2008 with all the gang except Kyle who had recently left on his mission. We had Christmas with the extended family and then went to a private game reserve, Mkuze Falls. Charlene and I were both about 6 months pregnant with the girls. Dad was so concerned about us, so he brought Malaria soap, candles, cream, sticks, and spray, you name it, he had it. We went on some amazing game drives as a family and enjoyed sitting together at meals and talking and joking. In August of 2008, before Kyle left, we went on a trip to Panama City, Florida with th whole family. | My Recent Memories of my Dad | 145

146: We had a great time playing at the hotel, and staying up late chatting. We even rented a boat one day and Dad drove us to a small island with no one on it but us with beautiful white sand beaches. We cooked meals together and braiis at the condo and had a blast together. The boys went on a fishing trip one day, while the girls went shopping, to movies and for pedicures. - Other trips we went on were to Cedar City to the Shakespearean Festival and hiking at Cedar Breaks. Dad of course would talk about all the interesting facts about nature while we hiked. He slept through most of the plays, I think. we went to Park City and the Olympic Village. dad made us all go on a Bobsled ride which was very fun and intense. We went to Long Beach, California and went to lots of restaurants, movies, beaches. aquariums.. - I had the opportunity to go to London with Mom and dad for Cindy's wedding. Dad put us up in a beautiful bed and Breakfast in Wimbeldon and made sure that we saw all the sights with a private tour guide and even went antique shopping with us. we stayed at the coast for a few days. Dad was so sweet when he gave Cindy away. We had a nice wedding dinner at a nice restaurant with everyone. Dad got so stressed when he traveled. One of the times he was rushing so fast that he got on a tram without Mom and I and it ended up being the wrong was, so we eventually had to find each other and we just laughed at him, I can still picture his embarrassed smile when we finally found him. - Right after our little Hoopes family trip to Hawaii in December 2010, that Dad paid for, we celebrated Christmas with the Hill gang. Dad was so happy to let us go on a trip as a family. Gogo and 'Kulu spoiled Abby rotten and sat next to her on the couch as she opened each of her many presents. we had a nice traditional Christmas lunch and as usual tradition, Dad passed out all the gifts with lots of funny comments. - Dad had taken some videos of Abby the last few months; eating her food, sitting on the new potty that he bought for her, jumping on her little toddler bed ans singing. He loved to show her off to everyone. Almost everyone that I spoke to that came into contact with my Dad, he had proudly shown these videos too. He was such a proud grandfather. - The Sunday before Dad let for SA, he invited us for dinner with him, Charlene, and th kids. We had a nice evening visiting and Abby sat with him and cuddled him on the couch. | 146

147: - My most recent memories of my Dad going out of his way to spend time with me or serve me. After becoming a mother, it was harder for me to be more flexible with my time, so Dad would come up to Salt Lake, even with his busy schedule, and spend time with us. He would visit, take me out, or sleep over sometimes when mom was gone. He would drive up from Provo, just to come and eat with us, and then drive home - Dad made so much effort to spend one on one time with his kids and grandkids, whether it was shopping or eating out with me, hiking with the boys, even just sitting with one of us and talking and listening to us. He even made sure to get on the level of the grandkids and act really silly, he was good at that. He would often drive up from Provo, just to take us out to eat, take me on a date, eat dinner with us, often when Mom was at Young Womens on Wednesday nights. He always made effort to spend time with his family. - Dad loved talking to me about my life, marriage, and Abby. He always gave such good advice, without telling me what to do, and in a way that I would learn and grow from it. He was always interested in what I had to say, and loved to talk about his passions with me; his family, the gospel. science, travel, his business, and his ideas for books, theories about life. He was always so positive around us kids, and didn't want to stress us out, even if there were stressful things going on in his life or business. - About two weeks before Dad left for his trip to SA in January 2011, he came up to Salt Lake to take me out for Daddy-Daughter Date. We went to our usual, Normandie Cafe for their 2/$25 dinner. We had some really interesting conversations. This is a place that we went to frequently together, often Abby came with us too. That night we talked about my work, my new baby coming, Jordan's upcoming graduation, Dad talked to me about giving Jordan an opportunity to work in the company on a new product they were launching, training doctors on the new device, to give him some international work experience. He was always trying to provide opportunities for us. We talked about the family, and he talked about the importance of making each day count and how life is so unpredictable and unexpected and that we need to make the most of every situation. He talked about how we never know what will happen in life and how important it is to focus on family. It was such a good conversation and special night. | Last Moments with my Father | 147

148: - Dad called me at eight in the morning on February 3rd which was about five for him. He wasn't able to call me often because of the time change, the hours I was working were usually the hours he was sleeping. He had just wanted to chat. He told me about all the work he had been up to , that he had been busy in Cape Town and that it had been very rainy and foggy, which was unusual for that time of year. He had been doing a lot of driving and traveling and driving on this trip to meet with his reps and suppliers. I told him that Abby was having some dramatic "terrible two's: moments, and he told me that he didn't think she could be anything but an angel, so he didn't believe me. He told me that he loved me and that he missed me and the last thing he said was, "give Abby a 'Kulu hug for me". He loved her so much. He had called me the night before to talk as well and a few times the weekend before. It was a lot more often than he usually did when he was gone. I think he was really missing family on this trip. He called and spoke to Mom, Wade, and Kyle that day too. | - The night before Dad left for SA that January, Abby and I drove down to Provo to spend the evening with him while he packed for his trip. Mom had been there for two weeks already to get the house ready for Wade and Charlene to move into it. We were supposed to have a family Sunday dinner the day before, but Abby had the flu and was throwing up all day. I told Dad that we probably should not visit with him, because I didn't want her to make him sick for his traveling. He insisted that we come that Monday night and said that he would deal with it if he got sick and just take a pill or something. He said it would be worth it to see us. He even said that if we didn't come that night, that he would come over for breakfast at 5AM the next morning before his flight. So we went happily to spend some time with him before he left. Dad made us a chicken/potato casserole and we ate with him and Kyle and had a fun evening chatting and visiting, while Abby ran around the house, When it was time for us to leave, dad walked us to the car as he always did, and buckled Abby into her car seat. He gave her hugs and kisses, than gave me hugs and kisses, and said, "I am so proud of you, I love you, and I am going to miss you guys". I looked up at him and he had tears in his eyes as he said this. Our goodbye's were usually more casual than this, not so emotional. As I drove away, I had a strong feeling that it was a different kind of good-bye and I felt as if it would be the last time that I would see him. I shrugged it off thinking I was just being silly. But,I later even told Mom and Jord that it was a different kind of good-bye and I told Jordan that night that I felt as if Dad had really needed urgently to see us before he left on this trip. it felt like he really needed to say good =bye and spend some time with us. - Dad sent me a text later that evening we visited him 1/10/10, it said "Thank you for coming all this way to see me, it was wonderful to see you and Abby. I was sad to see you leave, love you". - The next day I called dad at his layover in Atlanta because I had just had my first Doctor's appointment for my 2nd baby. It was the first time I had heard his heartbeat or seen him on the Ultrasound. I told Dad all about it and he listened intently and was so excited for us. | 148

149: I had just received a new phone and had transferred my data from my old phone. However, the only text messages that had transferred over to my new phone, were the ones I had saved that my dad had recently sent me. As I was sitting in the hospital room, I looked over and my phone had lit up as if it had a new message. As I looked over at the screen, I saw that it was one of the old messages that my Dad had sent me telling me that he loved me. it made me feel that he really was with me and this was a time that I really needed him and missed him. - In December of 2011, Jord and I went to the temple as our tradition on our anniversary month to do sealings. I was really missing Dad, and I prayed that I would feel of his spirit in the temple. We went into the sealing room, and knelt across from each other. The first man that Jordan was sealed for was named John. Then they had Jord go up and do sealings for parents and sons. The first father was named John and his son was named John. There were multiple other John;s in that sealing session. I felt strongly that my Dad was with me in spirit that Dad and that he was letting me feel his love and Heavenly Father gave me another answer to my prayer. I had tears in my eyes and felt the spirit of the Lord and of my Dad very strongly that day. - The strongest memories I continue to have of my father are the way he made us feel as his children. He always made me feel and know that he loved me and that he was always proud of me. The other thing that we always knew was how much he loved our Mother. The was he looked at her and the way he spoke of her, you could tell how much he loved and adored her. I know that he always will love my Mother and his children. Of that I have no doubt. | - Soon after dad died, when I was having a difficult time, I prayed that I would know that he was where I thought he was, and that he was still with me in some way. That night I had a dream where I saw my Dad's face and all he did was look at me and give me a big bear hug.. As he wrapped his arms around me, all I could feel was warmth and that he loved me. It made me wake up in the middle of the night, and my whole body still felt warmth. It confirmed to me that my Dad is with me and my prayer was answered. I felt love from him in that dream. - In another dream, I was out shopping with Nana, and Mom. The three of us were walking around from shop to shop and while we were doing this, Dad was walking around with us the whole time. He was following us from place to place with his arms folded and smiling at us, but we could not see him at all. Dad was never thrilled to go shopping, but he looked so happy to just be there watching us. It gave me the impression, that he always around us watching us and smiling at us, and it gave me so much comfort. - Right after my first son was born I had another experience, We named him after my Dad and Jordan;s dad, John Richard Hoopes. I was sitting in my hospital room alone and I was really missing dad, and wishing that he was with me for this special experience and to meet my son. | Dreams and Experiences with Dad | 149

150: -Dad and Mom came to visit us at the hospital when I had Abigail, with Dane, Wade and Charlene. He came again the next day with Mom and Dane again. He was so excited and eager to meet her and had even had a dream that i would have a little girl with blue eyes and dark hair. He had a twinkle in his eyes when he held her for the first time and she wrapped her tiny hand around his finger. He was such a proud grandpa. - He let Mom stay with us for a few days to help me out after Abby was born. It was so kind of him because he traveled a lot and their time together was precious. - Dad was in the Priesthood circle when we did Abby's blessing and Jordan named her officially. He came early that morning with Mom and Dane to help us get ready, make food, and just be there for us. He also helped Jordan give her a Priesthood blessing when she was first diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and then Septo Optic Dysplasia. I remember that he looked at me and said, "Abby is going to be completely fine". He had so much faith. - Once I became a parent, he always told me that he thought I was such a good Mom. He said to Mom once, "our daughter has become such a great little Mom". - The first time he babysat Abby on his own, she was at a clingy stage, and cried so much that he had to call Mom and I out of our movie because he was so worried about her. She stopped crying the second I hot back to the house. We teased him a lot cause he looked so stressed, it was cute. - He loved singing "Popcorn popping on the apricot tree" with her. And tried to show her off singing any chance he could get. - They played a game of flicking their index finger over their lips and making noise. Abby was always so intrigued and would grab his finger and put it back on his lips so he would keep going whenever he stopped. - He taught her a little tune while the three of us were out for a daddy/Daughter/'Kulu Date. he would tap the tune on the table with a spoon, "singing, "one, two, three". She would copy him and do it over and over again. - The first time she said, "hi 'Kulu" on her own, unprompted, I saw a little tear in his eye, and he said, "now you know why I like that name". - He really bonded with her when we went to Havasupai and he watched her on his own for two nights while Mom was away. He followed her routine well, and enjoyed cuddling with her. - He took her out to lunch for an Abby-'Kulu date to Red Lobster and he said that she loved eating the cheese biscuits and chatted the whole time. | Abby and 'Kulu Memories | 150

151: - He went with us to buy her a "Potty" and laughed and took pictures as she didn't want to get off it all night and was so very proud of herself. - She would climb on his lap and put her head on his chest and cuddle him on the couch. - He indulged Mom as she went overboard for the two girls 1st birthday parties. Two weeks before he passed away, he spent a whole Saturday afternoon picking out clothes for Abby with Mom even though he hates shopping. But he certainly loved his girls. - Abby and I spent the evening and had dinner with him the night before he left for his last trip to South Africa. He put Abby in her carseat and said "I love you" and then told us that he would miss us so much. He sent me a text later to say how wonderful the evening was and that he loved us. - The last thing he said to me on the phone was, "give Abby a 'Kulu hug for me". - He loved pushing Abby in the swing outside our house. - He built a sandbox at the back of his house for the grandkids to enjoy. | Jordan's memories of Dad | I'll never forget hiking up south fork canyon with Dad. It was mid October. The air was cool and brisk, but still pleasant. We parked about three miles up the south fork road and began our hike. Having married into the family almost five years prior I was amazed and in awe with the way Dad made me feel welcome and accepted. Knowing I didn't have a father, I think dad put extra effort into making me feel like a son. Working our way up the trail Dad shared with me his testimony and his love. Feeling overwhelmed with school, work, family, and Abigail's Diagnosis I was in desperate need of his council and his words. Stopping for a break Dad surprised me. Rather than pulling out a bottle of water from his pack Dad reached in and withdrew his scriptures. Infamous for his love of light and how it applied with the Gospel and with our everyday life Dad shared with me D&C 88:67. He explained how living the gospel didn't cost time and energy, but rather how, when we are filled with light, it blesses and energizes our lives. That experience, like many others, was a small moment where Dad took the time to be an answer to my prayers and to lift me up when I was down. Dad was easily one of the greatest men I've ever known. He embodied the definition of fatherhood. He was quick to forgive, easy to entreat, and full of love. He did what was right no matter the cost. He was a man who was every bit a success by world standards, but more than that he was a man of God. | 151

152: Dane Robert Hill | The last thing Dad emailed me while I was serving a mission in San Diego was, "I am always filled with joy when I see what you are doing with your life. You are on a great path that will lead to joy for you and your family. Follow righteous principles, and your life will will touch the lives of many." This was more than advice to me; it was the way he lived his life. i could always look to him for advice or just to be a tempered guide in a sea of chaos. Quiet an thoughtful, Dad always had the right answer to any question I had. | 152

153: I remember distinctly one evening about a month before I was to leave to the MTC, I was feeling some anxiety about leaving for 2 years and I had a lot of doubts about my capability to serve a full time mission. Dad took time to go with me to the temple, and afterwards talked to me for a long time about the plan of salvation, and shared with me some of his thoughts and his testimony of that plan. I don't remember exactly what he said that night but I do remember the way I felt. I felt a great sense of calm, and a reassurance that I would be protected and helped as I served. That was just Dad's way. He always knew what to say, what to teach, what to do, in every situation... and then he would teach you 100 other things you didn't ask about too. I'm starting to see that part of his success and his great leadership abilities stemmed in his love of teaching. I was fortunate enough to develop that love on my mission and I know that he was there helping me teach the gospel. Dad always operated on the time schedule of others, and he never missed an opportunity to spend time with me. Late one evening I was at home and felt like going on a Hike. I asked dad if he wanted to go. He instantly dropped the work that he was doing to go with me. We took a long hike up rock canyon with the dogs and discussed temples and the mountains. | 153

154: Before I left to on my mission, I had the chance to spend a lot of time with Dad on a couple big trips we took; one to Kauai, Hawaii, the other to Yellowstone. In both cases he was my cohort in our efforts to escape the more womanly actives of the trips, like shopping, for more rugged manly adventures. In Kauai we rented road bikes and took a ride around the island. Due to the narrow shoulder and poor drivers we feared for our lives most of the ride. Dad knew that I wanted to eat as much local food as I could while we were there so we stopped at the halfway point and got some fresh fish. Despite me being much younger than him, I struggled the whole way to keep up with him on that ride. Later, we took a hike down to one of the beaches and did some cliff diving. I was nervous at first to make the seeming high jump but, like always, Dad did a thorough assessment of the situation and reassured me that it would be safe. On the way to Yellowstone we stopped in Montana to stay with some of Mom's friends. I had gotten it into my mind that I wanted to learn to fly fish on that trip. Dad and I both got fly rods and that evening as the sun was going down we practiced casting. Despite our practice no fish were caught that trip, but we did have a ton of fun trying. In Yellowstone we would take longer hikes to explore some of the more remote reaches of the park. | 154

155: Dad loved nature and I think that after years of quiet persuasion he finally convinced me to love it too. I remember growing up we would go camping a lot and I would spend most of the time missing the comforts of home. One time in particular comes to mind was a 5 day hiking/camping trip we took with the scouts into the Uinta mountains. We were on the 4th day and had hiked to our designated camping spot. I had more energy to keep hiking and thought it would be great to just power through to the cars and spend the night in my own bed. Dad used a great analogy to teach me that even though we could end the trip early we would only be cheating ourselves out of a great experience. I had my mind set on going home that night so it wasn't exactly what i wanted to hear but that evening we were able to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery of the whole trip. We had powerful testimony meeting and a great dinner. I would've missed all of those memorable experiences had I ignored Dads advice. I feel that was a turning point for me and today I really do owe my own love of nature, a love with has brought me so much peace and serenity in the past few years, to that experience with Dad. | 155

156: For about a year before I left on my mission one of Dad and my favorite activities together was horse riding up hobble creek and south fork. He would ride Wyatt who would usually act like a bit of a goon, spooking on large rocks and oddly shaped branches. Dad always carried a pair of clippers, which he diligently used to keep the trails meticulously groomed of low hanging twigs and branches that could pose a threat to taller riders like him and myself. The first real job I really wanted growing up was to be a chef. Dad would always go out of his way to encourage and support me in that choice. Cooking was something that me and him loved to do. We would often talk about new food ideas and recipes. Often, we would experiment with new dishes, much to the chagrin of mom. Every time we went somewhere new he would always make sure that we went to a nice restaurant at least once. I remember one day we went to a cooking supply shop and while we were there he bought me a really high quality knife. I wasn't expecting it and asked him what it was for. He told me that it was for my career, that if I wanted to become a great chef I would need the right tools. | 156

157: Before we moved to the states we went on one last family trip to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I remember Dad showing us the town that he grew up in, with a little bit of remorse for how little things had changed. During the trip I had gotten malaria, and the symptoms had only showed up after we got home. That night, I was really sick. I remember how calm dad was, even though I could also tell he was worried about me. We went the hospital that next morning and I was there for about the next two weeks. He would come every day after work to visit me, bringing toys, video games, or McDonalds. I loved seeing him and would wait anxiously for him to show up. When we were little kyle and I would always fight to sit next to dad in church because he would always tickle our backs. I loved it when he would pick me up and put me on his shoulders. I felt like I was above the world every time he would do it. One of my earliest memories of Dad was when he took Kyle, Grandpa, and I to a fish farm. We brought our own fishing rods and tried to catch fish from the full ponds. Grandpa and Dad were having great success but I had gotten frustrated because I wasn't getting any bites, even though I could see hundreds of fish in the water. Dad sensed that I was getting upset and stopped his finishing help me catch a fish of my own. I was so excited when I felt the tug on the line. Dad helped me reel in my first fish and after told me how proud he was of me for being so patient. | 157

158: The news of Dads passing was a shock to me. I had been serving in San Diego for about 9 month and got a call from my mission president asked me to meet him at one of the nearby stake centers. I felt uneasy driving over there and knew that something was wrong. My mission president explained that Dad had died in a car accident. I sat there for a while and cried. After, my companion and I went to the temple. It had been closed for cleaning so we weren't able to go in, but some grounds keepers let us on the property and we just sat in the gardens for a while. I remember sitting looking up at the temple and feeling an incredible amount of peace. I felt like dad was there with me and that he was reassuring me that he would always be my dad, and that I would see him again. during the next year of my service I felt like he was with me many times through the high and low times of my mission. Dad was always the best about writing me while I was serving, even if it was only a couple sentences. I could always expect an email from Dad. one that is so filled with Dads personality follows: | 158

159: Mission letter from dad Footprint In recent years we have heard a lot about the affect of carbon dioxide on global warming and about our individual impact on the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere of the Earth – our “Carbon Footprint”. Every day we use things and do things that add CO2 to the atmosphere. We drive our cars, use products and use electricity. In theory we need to be aware of our carbon footprint and do all we can to reduce it. Our carbon footprint affects us personally and all people around us. It is a measure of how important our environment is in our lives. What if we apply this concept to our spiritual lives? What is your “spiritual footprint”? How important are spiritual matters in your life? I am not talking about religion per se, but the balance between the temporal matter of your life and the spiritual matters. When God the Father created the universe, he created everything to have both a spiritual and a temporal component. D&C 29: 31 For by the power of my Spirit created I them; yea, all things both spiritual and temporal – This means that each of us consists of a spiritual and a temporal component. Our physical body is paired with a spiritual body. Our temporal body is mortal, and our spirit body immortal. We cannot see our spirit body, but we can communicate with it. Our spirit body is capable of interacting with the Holy Spirit, so when we choose to listen, we can experience a spiritual interaction that is enlightening and uplifting. How do we listen to the Spirit? Much of this relates to how we live our lives. God has given us clear guidelines to improve our ability to listen. An example from the Old Testament is the 10 commandments. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God”, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, “thou shalt not covet”, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. The more we are living our lives in a way that we can listen to the Spirit, the more important our “spiritual footprint” becomes. What does our spiritual footprint look like? Our spiritual footprint is a measure of how important spiritual matters are in our lives. We respect all God’s creations including our own bodies. We honor our parents and we respect all people as children of God. If we chose to live our lives in a manner that prevents us from listening to the Spirit, our spiritual footprint will be small or non-existent. We also need to remember however that we are both spiritual and temporal beings. We can therefore ask the question; “How large is your temporal footprint?” – What does this temporal footprint look like? As we pass through this life, what do we leave behind us in time? How do we influence the people around us? Family, friends? Who influences us? Do we focus only on our own needs or do we consider the needs of others? Is our temporal footprint measured in financial success? Just as we have two feet to maintain balance as we walk, so we also need to maintain balance between our spiritual and our temporal footprints. The two walk in parallel. If one is underdeveloped, injured or non existent, we will be severely hampered in our journey through life. | 159

160: Kyle Robert Hill | 160

161: It is difficult to know where to begin when thinking of all the wonderful memories I had with my father. The most important memory to me is not necessarily a specific event, but rather a lifetime of feeling loved and cared for by my Dad. To me, he was the perfect example and emulation of unconditional love. I also want to begin by saying how I think about him every single day, and I miss him everyday. I still feel his love everyday as well. Most often when I am driving, running, or cycling, its like he is there alongside next to me. I don't ever talk to him, but in someway I can see him there with me and he is always smiling. I'll never be able to put into words exactly what he means to me, or how much I love him or miss him. I will share some of my favorite memories I have of him, some of them are lessons he taught me, while others are simply fun times we had together. | 161

162: LOTOJA 2012 This year, I rode in the Logan to Jackson Cycling race. It is a single day 206 mile bicycle race. It appears Dad's love of cycling has been instilled into my genes. Dane and I rode in the race. We had special bracelets made inscribed with "JRH LOTOJA 2012." Mom and Tracy drove in the support vehicle and followed us all day. They also wore the bracelets. One of the main reasons I did the race was to feel connected with dad, and do something I know he would have loved to have do if he were still around. I trained really hard all summer, and the day of the race was just a special day. It was extremely challenging and I got dehydrated towards the end of the day. The last 25 miles or so I was mostly on my own. As the sun started to go down and I was getting to the point of complete exhaustion, I started to think about dad a lot. I looked at my bracelet often and thought about him being there with me. As this was happening, a small group of riders passed me and a voice in my head told me, "If you don't stick with those riders, you wont finish." So I caught up and rode with them. I drafted behind them the rest of the way. I still continued to think about dad. As I got to the finish line and saw mom, Tracy, and Dane, I just started crying. I felt like I was finishing because of dad. Thinking of him motivated me to finish and I felt like it was a part of him that had told me to stick with the riders. I knew that he was waiting at the finish line for me with everyone else. That experience is important to me because it reminds me that even though he has been gone for a while, he is still such a huge part of my life and still influences me everyday, and motivates me everyday. Along those same lines, every time I go to the temple I fell him there as well. | 162

163: Early Memories We used to read books together, (kingdom & the crown, harry potter). One night we were reading one of the kingdom & the crown books before bed. I cant remember exactly what book it was, but it had to do with the atonement of Christ, and he stopped reading and put the book down. He took his glasses off and I realized he was crying. He then bore his testimony to us about Christ. I don't remember the words he said, but I remember it was about the power of the atonement and how he believed in the atonement. At the time I didn't realize it but as I look back I recognize it was one of the earliest times in my life when I felt the spirit. - Bringing us toys home from trips. When we were still living in South Africa, he would often go on business trips to the States. He always came back with little toys. They were never big or extravagant, but he knew we enjoyed them. - Giving me a blessing when I was sick and we lived in the flat in Jo-berg. I remember one night feeling so sick. I couldn't sleep at all. I was laying in bed crying and he came in and asked if I wanted a blessing. That is significant to me now that he asked me if I wanted a blessing instead of just telling me I should have one. He allowed me to exercise faith. He gave me a blessing and I remember feeling so much love from him. -Taking Dane and I to Wimpy and Macdonald's. He always loved to have activities with Dane and I. He knew we loved the arcade at Fourways mall, so he would take us there and hang out with us while we played games. He always supported my interests. When I wanted to be a Paleontologist, he took me to the Museum of Natural History at Thanksgiving point and the BYU fossil museum. I remember going to the museum at Thanksgiving point and we talked all about what it would be like to be a paleontologist and he talked to me like an adult, even though I was a little kid. He made it seem like it was completely normal and realistic for me to become a paleontologist. He didn't criticize me or tell me it was dumb or anything. He 100% supported me and helped me learn as much as a could about that field. He was always supporting and lifted me up, never once would tear me down or my ideas. One summer I was trying to make money by mowing lawns and selling soda door to door. We made little beaded | 163

164: animals out of beads and string, he took me to rock canyon park with a table and chairs so we could set up a little stand and sell our crafts. I remember sitting next to him on game drives through the bush in Africa. He knew so much about the wildlife and was always teaching me and telling me all he knew. -He would always tickle my back during church. We had a deal where he would scratch and tickle my back, then we would trade and I would scratch his back. -Once when I was in primary school in South Africa, there was a reading day and I forgot my books. I was planning on reading some comics but left them at home. Dad showed up in his suit halfway through the day because he saw I had forgotten my comics so he brought them to me. Since he was in a suit I knew he was doing something work related and it must have not been the most convenient thing for him to come to my school. -He used to take me on these long motorcycle rides. I don't remember everywhere we would go, but we would go for a few hours and always stop and get lunch somewhere random. I loved those little trips we took together. -He always supported all the sports and activities I took part in. One time he took me snowboarding at Sundance. He didn't ski or snowboard himself, but he wanted to watch me. He waited for me to ride the lift up and waited at the bottom just so he could watch me for a few minutes come down the mountain. He would also come watch me skateboard and bring me to different skate parks. - We used to go camping with Dad a lot. One time in particular, I can't remember where, but we were sleeping outside and we were just looking up at the stars and I was asking him questions about science etc. And he was trying to explain to me how a nuclear bomb works. I have lots of memories asking dad questions about how things worked or something like that and us talking about it. -Going to get a bike right when we moved to America. I got this cool black bike and he showed me how to get to school so I could ride my bike to school. | 164

165: Teenage memories He was my Sunday school teacher when I was in High school. He always had really great lessons and I remember how he would frequently bear his testimony very sincerely to our class. - Whenever he was in town, he would come to my Lacrosse games. We would often drive up together and drive back down together. After every game we would talk an analyze the game, what went well and what didn't . He was always so proud of how well I did, even if I didn't think I did well. He was always so loud and cheering during the games. Everyone on the team always said how he was the loudest and he would always use the phrase "Hassle him!" to the defense. It became sort of a team phrase and everyone started saying "Hassle him!" to the defense whenever they were riding the offense. -When we got the phone call that Randy had passed away, he just gave me a big hug and I sat on the bed with him and we both just cried together. - The summer before my Senior year, our ward did a high adventure trip to the Escalante area in southern Utah. We backpacked in an area called Death Hollow. It was a 4 day trip, so we packed in water pumps, food, etc. Well it became a very famous experience in that ward, because the first day, everyone ran out of water, and we had a hard time finding new places to pump water. The group go separated into 3 smaller groups. I had taken my dads pack because it was too heavy for him. He wasn't with our group, but had stayed behind to help out some people in a another group that was struggling. I was so worried about him that first night because he wasn't with our group. Eventually the next morning we all got back together. I found out my dads pack was so heavy because he had brought a 10 pound bag of flour!! We ended up making roles on a stick with that powder. They were so delicious and ended up becoming sort of a legend in the ward. -Another time, dad took me hiking up the big springs trail in Provo. I didn't realize till we got up there, but he brought me up there to talk. He was really worried about me because I had been getting into trouble for different things with school etc. He just wanted to spend some time with me doing something he knew I enjoyed. We had really good talks up there about honesty. I don't know if I ever told him how much that whole experience meant to me and helped me to want to be more honest with him in the future. It was one of my favorite times with him. | 165

166: - Dad loved food. I also love food. Because we both loved food so much, we would often go to lunch together just to hang out. Many times I would just say, "hey dad lets go to lunch somewhere." He never would say no. I have a lot of memories of just coming home to find Dad in the kitchen cooking. I would always sit with him in the kitchen and chat while he cooked. - One of his favorite songs was "Samba pa ti" by Santana. I learned to play it on guitar and played it for him once. He was so impressed and whenever I had my guitar out he would ask me to play that song. -When I first moved away from home, I moved up to Salt Lake City. He was so cool and trusting in letting me find a place by myself and trusting me to move into a good environment. When I did move, he helped me pack up all my stuff and get settled in my new place. He chatted with the land lord about how I was a good person and would pay my rent on time etc. This was significant to me because he showed me how much he trusted me and was allowing me a chance to grow up a bit more. - Dad loved learning about science, reading research, and watching things like discovery channel. This rubbed off a lot on me, and growing up I have so many memories of seeing dad sitting on the couch watching some cool show about space, or dinosaurs, or something like that. I would often sit and watch with him and we would talk about all the different theories and facts about these scientific shows. He also really like Star Trek. I remember we used to often watch Star Trek, the Next Generation together. I really loved dads "Nerdy" side. - One night he woke me up and told me how South Africa was playing england in the rugby world cup. It must of been like 2 in the morning. I came downstairs and we sat and watched the whole thing together. He taught me a bit more about rugby as well. - The time on the senior trip down in South Africa where he was telling me about a native south African song/dance thing he attended and he cried. - Once when Dane and I were heading back from South Africa with Dad, we were at the airport, and he was SO hyper. He was making funny jokes with people and really acting like a little kid. It was so funny. I think it's because he was so excited to see mom because he hadn't seen here in about a month. I just remember thinking, "Dad is seriously like a little kid." | 166

167: - My senior trip was one of my favorite memories with Dad. We spent a month in South Africa, just the two of us. We went on a week long trek along the coast, stopping at different game parks. We first went to this park right along the coast where we did some scuba diving. During that trip we did a lot of scuba diving. We also went to Aliwal shoal and did an amazing dive where we saw dolphins, a huge manta ray, and tons of other wildlife. We also did a Tiger Shark dive. Dad was so fearless and we had so much fun together. Dad was never scared to try new things like that and always was willing to push himself. During our game park trek, we also went to Tembe Elephant Park. I remember on a sunset drive, we stopped and had some drinks and snacks at this beautiful part of the park. We remember just hanging out with dad enjoying this beautiful place and feeling so happy to be with him. After we left Tembe, we stayed at this small village by a lake. We were driving down to the lake and saw some young kids carrying water from the lake. Dad explained how the kids have to do this everyday, morning and night, in order for their families to have water. We then talked about how blessed we were as a family to have what we have, and that we should never take it for granted. He was always so good and teaching me things like that in a very down to earth kind of way. Another highlight of the trip was going to the Oribi Gorge swing, a big bungee jump/swing. We both jumped and had blast. Right before we had left South Africa, I had broken my collar bone snowboarding at Tiffindel resort. I was in Durban, but had to meet Dad in Johannesburg. When I got there, I realized I had left my passport in the car in our garage. Long story short, someone had to break into the car, then we had someone from Dads company who was flying for Durban to Jo'burg bring the passport with them. Dad was so patient about the whole experience and didn't even get mad at all. The flight home required us to have a 9 hour layover in Washington DC. We decided to take a train into the city and visit one the Air and Space Smithsonian museum. We had a great time checking out all the exhibits and everything. I loved that trip so much. Eating Nandos, traveling all over, spending time with dad. He was so kind that whole trip and just wanted to make sure we had tons of fun together. - Dad and I once drove an RV from Pennsylvania to Utah. It was such a fun trip just hanging out with Dad for 3 days driving. The first night, we saw thousands of fire flies. | 167

168: Older Pre-mission and Post Mission Memories - When I left for my mission, Dad was just so supportive and loving. When we went to the MTC and watched the movie and said our goodbyes, he was crying more than anyone else. He gave me a big hug and told me how proud he was of me. I had so much love for him at that moment. That morning we had gone out to eat as a family to IHOP. We all had so much fun at breakfast. We all took funny pictures and laughed a lot. - During my mission, Dad wrote me more letters than anyone else by far. Almost every week I got an e-mail from him. He would always share insights with me from his scripture study and tell me about different spiritual experiences he had. It was such a different way of bonding with him. I would tell him about my different challenges and he would give me advice and counsel. He always reminded me to love everyone, and to learn to love how the savior loved. He was absolutely 100% supportive of me. -When I got home from my mission I drove in the car with dad to Taryn and Jordan's. We stopped at a bakery to get lunch for everyone. While sitting there waiting for the food I started crying. He gave me a big hug and told me I was going to be fine. He told me that coming home from a mission is a difficult thing, but that he would be there for me and help me with whatever I needed. -There was a time right after I got back where dad and I needed to dump a bunch of garbage. I suggested we take it to the Timpview High School trash cans. He said no because since they belonged to the school, we weren't allowed to dump our trash there. I was so impressed with his integrity about the whole thing, and sure enough we drove out to the dump in Springville. -Right before Dad headed down to South African, him and I went home teaching to the king family. Dad had asked me to share the lesson. I told a mission story to the family as part of the lesson, and I felt the spirit very strong. After the lesson while driving home, Dad told me how much he had felt the spirit during our lesson. When we got home, he gave me a huge hug and told me how proud he was of me. - We went to a BYU football game right after I got back and we talked about business Ideas and possible things I could do to make some money. He gave me the paper shredder Idea. We also talked about possible careers I could do in Human resources. We talked about all sorts of different jobs and careers. Dad was so good at not trying to tell me to do anything, but rather just help me figure things out myself. He was never forceful about anything. We had lots of talks like this after I was home from my mission. | 168

169: - About a week before Dad passed away, our last real conversation was me calling him to tell him that Tracy and I were probably getting married. We talked on the phone about some of our plans. He told me how happy he was for me, and that he was so impressed with Tracy. He told me one thing he particularly like about Tracy was her work ethic. He felt she was a hard worker and was impressed that she always had a job and that work was a priority in her life. He told me to treat her like a princess and that he hoped every time I looked at her, I would get weak in my knees, because thats how he still felt when he would look at Mom. These are just a few of the many memories I have of Dad. As I have said, the most important memory of dad is not a single event, but remembering that I always felt his love, support, care, and kindness. I still think of him everyday, and am influenced by his spirit everyday. Tracy's Memories of Dad My memories of John mostly revolve around food. I remember once in high school, maybe when I was 15 or 16, I had been with Kyle and some other friends most of the day, we were just hanging out at the Hill’s house and John just showed up with a ton of burgers from Carl’s Jr. I remember thinking that was so nice of him to just go get delicious junk food for all of his sons friends! Later, after Kyle’s mission when we had already started dating, I remember going out to a Thai restaurant and also John taking us to PF Changs. I remember the dinner at PF Changs the most. We, Kyle, Mario (Kyle’s mission friend), John and myself, just sat around talking and making jokes. I remember John told us a few jokes, one in particular was fairly dirty and John just laughed and laughed at the punch line. I couldn't believe my boyfriends Dad had just told that type of joke! It was hilarious! The Christmas right before John passed away, the Hills invited me over for dinner. John had made homemade pizza, and it was delicious. He had also made a few homemade loafs of bread. There was a month or so where John had a fresh batch of bread almost every day. They were always unexpected flavors, but delicious. He made one with nuts and white chocolate – I remember that one the most. While I didn't have the chance to get to know John very well, I can see from his wife and children that he was a great man. His example of honesty and hard work has definitely left an impression with Kyle and I can see it in all the other Hills as well. I feel blessed to be brought into a family who had a Father as loving as John. I know Kyle will be a great dad because he had such a great dad of his own. Maybe my memories mostly revolve around food, but I think it shows that John felt spending time with his kids was important even if it was just sitting around a table eating. | 169

170: I first met John in 1976 when I was the Seminary President, and he was in Institute. We would have a monthly meeting and all meet at the Durban Chapel. I always thought he was kind of full of himself, because at all the church dances and socials he would always be with a different girl. I swore that I would never date someone like that. I finished High School at the end of 1977 and was at the year end church dance. Norman Bellow, a friend of John's, asked me to dance, and we spent the evening chatting away. The following week Norman asked me out and we dated a couple of times over the next three months. During this time, we would often have John hang out with us, and I got to know him a lot better. Norman and I fought about everything and it was soon evident that us dating was going nowhere. About two weeks after I told Norman we were done, John called and asked me of I would like to go with him on a picnic. He was a youth Sunday School teacher and was taking his class on a picnic, little did I know. We had fun playing games and swimming with the kids, a pretty harmless date. The following week, he asked me to go with him on another ward picnic and afterwards, we had tea and scones at Rob Roy Hotel. At the end of the date, John while driving, told me that I was the girl that he was going to marry. One of the few times I was speechless in my life. Our next date we went window shopping. He showed me the ring that he was going to buy me. A couple of days later, he arrives with the ring. He told me to hang onto it as he was going to the army and then a mission and would marry me when he got back. That's exactly what happened. He went to the military. He was discharged 6 months later, as he needed a cornea graft. Shortly after recovering from that he went on his mission. We were married a couple of months after he returned on an early release from his mission. We married in Granny and Grandpa's backyard and then drove to the airport and flew to the London Temple in Linksfield, where we were sealed on the 24th June 1980. John and I were very lucky to have a very easy marriage. We never fought and were always each other's best friend. He was always the rudder that kept me on an even keel in my life. He always treated me with the utmost respect. He told me every single day how much he loved me, bought me flowers every week, and always made me feel special. He never made me feel that anything I did was unimportant and listened to me even when the stories were very long. He supported me in anything I wanted to do and gave me anything I wanted. I was always careful about what I wanted because whatever it was, Dad would give it to me. We just had a happy, easy marriage. | Anita's Memories How it all began... | 170

171: John's Spiritual Legacy | 171

172: 172

173: 173

174: 174

175: 175

176: John's Patriarchal Blessing | 176

177: 177

178: The History of PerryHill International | 178

179: PerryHill was incorporated in 1995 by John Hill and Mike Perry, as an international trading corporation. PerryHill's main focus was in the medical device industry, and it distributed for companies like Ballard Medical and Megadyne, who's products they proudly still distribute today. In 1997 John purchased all the shares of the company, and became the sole shareholder of the company. For the next 16 years John Hill took PerryHill International from a small medical supply company, to a major player in the South African medical industry. Today PerrHill International is recognized as a leader in providing quality products and excellent service. | 179

180: 180

181: John with some of his employees at work functions and parties. He was very involved in the lives of his staff, and helped many with education, homes, and loans. He was loved by his employees and was a mentor and motivator to many of them. | 181

182: Condolences and Memorial to John and his family | 182

183: 183

184: The last post he wrote before he passed away. He has so much passion and love for his work and for his family and it was evident in everything he did. | 184

185: 185

186: 186

187: 187

188: 188

189: 189

190: One of John's favorite quotes that he recited in a lesson a few weeks before he passed away

191: Memorial Service held at Edgemont Stake Center Saturday February 19th, 2011 | 191

192: John had a Memorial Service held in South Africa at the Hillcrest Ward in Durban on February 12th, 2011 | 192

193: Graveside Service held at East Lawn Cemetery February 19th, 2011 | 193

194: Since you've been gone... | 194

195: Wade and Charlene move to South Africa and Wade works in the company January 2011 | 195

196: Kyle and Tracy's Wedding June 2011 | 196

197: John Richard Hoopes Born August 6, 2011 | 197

198: Dane returns home from his mission April 2012 | 198

199: Dane and Kelsea get engaged October 2012 | 199

200: Anita wins Reserve Champion at US Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma in October 2012 | 200

201: Other Memories of John...

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