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Damon Alexander Mertz

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S: Damon Alexander Mertz 04/11/2014


1: First we had each other, then we had you. Now we have everything

3: You are my angel, my darling, my star.. and my love will find you wherever you are

4: April 11th, 2014 | I love you, Bubba.. more than you will ever know Love, Mommy | The day our lives changed forever! I took off work the day before to have a spa/relaxation day and went to the gym.. can't skip leg day! I got my hair cut, eyebrows waxed, and got a facial so I would be all polished before you arrived. My Mom came over the next day (Friday the 11th around 12:30pm) to help me do some last minute cleaning and organizing- I felt great, but I kept "leaking" on myself. I thought it was just my bladder getting weaker from the pregnancy, but as time progressed I realized I was in labor and I wasn't leaking pee! I called my doctors office (around 2pm) after I had timed my contractions and they thought I had a little more time before going to the hospital- given it was my first child. I was having back pain pretty bad at this point and tried to get comfortable (moving from the couch to the exercise ball to the bed) and even tried to lay down to "sleep it off" but you had other plans! We went to the hospital around 2:30pm and when we got to the birthing center elevators we pushed the button to go to the floor but the elevator didn't move- I was impatient and walked to the main elevators and arrived on the floor. The nurse who checked people in was getting a candy bar so I was sitting in the wheelchair at the front desk huffing and puffing from the pain! We finally got back into the triage room and they checked me to see how far along I was- which was an 8! Yes.. an 8 out of 10! Things quickly progressed and we were moved into the labor room where I got my epidural around 5:30pm (and boy was it AMAZING!) and I had some time to relax by myself and let the realization that I was going to have you in my arms in just a few hours. At 6:30pm, it was time to start pushing, and at 7:09pm, you were born! We couldn't believe how perfect you were! You looked like a little man!! They put you on my chest and I couldn't stop staring at you.. I never wanted to let you go!

5: “No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one who knows the sound of my heart from the inside.”

6: Our first moments together! It was unbelievable to hold you in my arms for the first time! You were so beautiful and perfect!! It's true what they say... when you were born, time stopped. I didn't care about anything else except looking at you. You were so long I couldn't believe you actually fit inside me!! You are the best thing that's ever been mine... it was all surreal.. and FAST!

7: The Coonie-Mertz Family (1st Cousins) | April 11, 2014 | Great Grandma Patty | Sarah and Ed (Paternal Grandparents)

8: Damon Alexander Mertz | 4.11.14 | 8 pounds, 13 ounces | 20.5 inches | Lee's Summit, Missouri



12: 1st Visitors | Crystal Chiddix (SLES) | Heather Stallbaumer (SLES) | & Jayden | Laura Krone (SLES) | Kaitlyn & Jeff (and our kitty!)

13: 1st Visitors | Laura Krone (SLES) | Joaquin Coonie (Uncle) | JoAnn Kellam (Grandma) | Chad (Claytons Stepbrother)

14: ________________ | 4/11-4/18 | 1 | 1st week

15: Your first week, I was scared to death for you to sleep in your room! I didn't know if I would hear you, and I wanted to be close to you at all times. You slept in our bed, in the co-sleeper, and I used our bathroom as a changing station and to nurse you. We spent a lot of time in the bathroom!! You would feed every 2 hours or so and you never cried for very long. You are such a happy baby!! I stare at you sometimes in awe of how beautiful and handsome you are. I can't believe you're mine!! My work friend, Laura Krone was the first to visit you at home and she fell in long with you! We used a weird bottle (a kiinde) and I started to pump to daddy could feed you too.

20: Daddy Love


24: 10 days old

25: BABY PLAYTIME! | Daddy "feeding" you

27: Perfection

29: DAM

34: Poopy Face!

37: Daddy Damon Time!

39: The first month with you has gone by so fast! You and I have bonded over numerous diaper changes and late night feedings. You slept in our room for the first few weeks because I was terrified to leave you alone and was afraid I wouldn't hear you cry. I love rocking you to sleep, and I especially love when you look up at me- I could watch you for hours! I don't like putting you down, and spend most of my time holding you. Sometimes when I look at you I can't believe you're actually in my arms or even fit in my belly! You taught me things .. like how little sleep I actually need (haha!) and how to love unconditionally. You're getting stronger every day, and you're more awake and aware of what's going on. You're still a night owl though, which is good-- until school starts.. but we have a long ways to go before that happens! I love you so much, Bubba! | Dear Damon | Mom

40: Things I love: Warm fuzzy blankets Mommy Milk Damon Daddy Time Watching Dad play batman Your tummy rubbed Your"soothie" pacifier Memorable Moments: Daddy likes giving you showers instead of baths! You slept through the whole thing! And you started to smile on Mother's day! | Daily Schedule: You eat ALL THE TIME! Usually every 2 hours. In between you sleep and then we change your diappie, feed you again, then snuggle and rock you back to sleep. Milestones: You're able to hold your head up, hold your own pacifier at times as well as your bottle (the special one daddy bought for you). Daddy has been teaching you how to crawl and stand and you're sleeping a little longer! Mommy and Daddy are happy and more rested! | 1 month old | May 11th, 2014 | 10lbs 0oz 23cm tall 209 diaper changes Slept for 6 hours straight

41: One Month | Time flies when you're having fun! I can't believe it's been a month already! We spend most of our days watching Netflix (we're currently watching Switched at Birth) and Cosmos, sleeping, and eating. You eat about every 2 hours and when Mommy and Daddy go to sleep, you sleep for 3-4 hours at a time. We go for walks around the neighborhood and you love snuggling, especially on your side or on daddy's stomach You've been sleeping in the co-sleeper, bassinet adn your crib | Nicknames Bunny Little Baby Damon Baby D Sugar Bear Little Buddy

42: Mothers Day 2014 | Dear Damon, You have perfect timing! We celebrated you being 1 month old and Mothers day! Your Dad got me a guitar to learn how to play so I can sing to you! I cried for 10 minutes! We had beautiful weather and ate outside . I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful first Mother's day. I am so lucky to be your Mom and I love you to the moon and back! Love, Mom

43: May 11th, 2014 | You're 1 month old now! | We celebrated at Grandma Patty's house | 1 month old 1st Mothers day

44: Nurses Appreciation Night May 27th, 2014 | Houston Astros: 6 Kansas City Royals: 1 | Saint Luke's East Nurses

45: Everyone loves Damon!!

49: 1st Royals Game | Saint | Med | May 27, 2014 | Saint Lukes East | Med/Tele

51: You finally got to meet Aunt CoCo! She drove from Florida to see you then drove to Colorado, where she got a job at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We had an impromptu family reunion and you wore your air force shirt for her! She was so excited to see you and you smiled the whole time she held you! It had been 5 years since I had seen Colleen, so it was a really nice visit.. but too short because she was moving and only stopping on the way through. | May 31st, 2014

54: June 8th, 2014 Mommy almost cut off your finger when she tried to clip your nails.. it was HORRIBLE! I took a chunk out of the top of your pointer finger and you held your breath for so long and cried so hard and it made me cry too! I felt like the worst mom ever, but after giving you some boobie milk, cuddling you and rocking you, you fell asleep and everything was better. No more nail clippers!! 1st Mommy fail. | OUCH!

55: Your second month of life has been exciting! You're smiling now and you even started to laugh. I caught you laughing in your sleep the first week of June. It was the sweetest little sound I've ever heard! I can't wait until you laugh longer! You laughed at daddy when he was talking once.. I can't wait until you giggle all the time! You have the cutest smile! You've been wanting to stand up a lot, so Daddy set up your Jumparoo and we put you in it. You were too short to reach the floor, so we put a trash bag box under you so you could use your feet to move around! Mommy went out with one of her friends (Laura) to go see the movie Maleficent while you hung out (slept) over at GeGe's house (Grandma Jo). You've slept in your crib almost every night (except for the times you sleep on daddy or when mommy wants to snuggle you!). Grandma Sarah came over to watch you while mommy played volleyball.. but it got canceled last minute so we all went on a walk. You are the happiest baby and I find myself dreaming of you when you're older, imagining what your personality will be like and get really excited about all the fun places and things we will do together. We're so lucky to have you and I can't wait to see the world through your eyes. I love you so much, Buddy! More than you will ever know. | Dear Damon | Love, Mom

56: 2 months old

58: Things I love: My Passi Anything soft and fluffy My jumparoo Taking walks with mom &dad Music- it's very calming Memorable Moments: We walked around the block- you had your sunglasses on and were in the carrier and everyone thought you were so adorable! We started using the Tranquil Turtle to sleep with and also rain/thunder sounds to put you to sleep. | Daily Schedule: We put you to bed around 5-6am and you sleep until 1pm or 2pm (most times you wake up at 10 or 11 to feed). You take naps throughout the day, then at 4am you're wide awake and ready to go jump in the jumparoo Milestones: You're able to hold your head up and you jump in the jumparoo. You also get quite squirmy in bed.. turning yourself 360 degrees sometimes! You're a strong little boy!! You found your tongue and started to laugh at the end of the month | 2 months old | June 11th, 2014 | 12 lbs 12oz 62.86 cm tall 6.5 hours sleep

59: Two Months | Nicknames Squirmie Worm Bunny Sugar Bear Sugar booger Little Buddy Booger Bear | You started to laugh a few days before turning 2 months old. We laughed so hard we cried when you farted.. sometimes it's really loud and sometimes it lasts for a long time! We put you in the Jumparoo and you kicked around and tried to eat the frog and bird above your head. We take you for walks around the block (3.5 miles) and you fall asleep half way through the walk most times. At the end of the month, you found your tongue and started sticking it out! And you got your 1st shots today!! You did so good!

60: In the arms of a FATHER, a baby first feels the STRENGTH of a HERO

61: 1st Father's Day

62: Father's Day 2014

63: We celebrated Father's day on Sunday, June 15th with a card, some wife beaters, and this adorable picture of you! Mommy got you a special outfit to wear when we celebrated with the family on June 19th. Daddy saw you in your outfit and got teary-eyed. You're growing up so fast and you're looking more and more like a grown little boy! We spent the 19th at Ameristar Casino with the family. We had such a good time, and the family loved seeing your cute smile and Great grandma Patty had a blast feeding you and cuddling you.

65: Eat, Sleep, Play

66: Playing Watch Dogs | Playing Plants vs. Zombies

72: Dear Damon, I can't believe you're 3 months old already! Your personality is starting to show and you've been so smiley and giggly! You still love Daddy Damon time and you stare at him whenever he comes in the room. You hang out in the living room with me most days and we play on your playmat (you kick the piano) and I'm also trying to teach you how to roll over. You love your chair, and more than anything you love to cuddle and fall asleep. You're such a little dream boat that it's going to be so hard to leave you when I go back to work!!! You're such a happy baby and you love it when we read to you. You like watching your daddy play video games and like watching movies... so much that sometimes you look around me so you can see the TV... such a boy!! You wear size 1 diapers, although just before 3 months hit, I think they're starting to get a little small! You pee and poop in the toilet now, as long as mommy pays attention to your cues. You're fascinated by funny sounds (howling, barking, owl noises that mommy and daddy make) and you love fuzzy blankets. You've started using your hands more often, and you love your blankie. You're such a little dream boat and I can't believe you're mine! You'll always be my little boy! I love you, Bubba! | Mom

74: Things I love: My blankie! I love holding it and snuggling it - sometimes I get confused and snuggle a paper towel! I also love when I get to walk around the block with mom and dad. Theres a couple Memorable Moments: You started laughing (more of giggling) and smiling more. You laugh more often when we blow on your belly or make funny sounds, and you've started pulling mommy's hair. You love it when we read to you, and you love to be held. | Daily Schedule: We put you to bed around 7:30-8am, and you wake up from 1:30-4pm and feed. 6am you get really hyper and by 9am, you're ready for bed. Mommy starts back to work soon, so you'll be with daddy 3 days a week, and will be with me 4 days a a week. You play in the jumparoo, watch daddy play video games, and we've begin teaching you to roll over. We also try to read the ABC book (and animilia) and I love you Stinky Face every night. Milestones: We started EC (elimination communication) training and now you're peeing and pooping in the big boy toilet! You giggle, and have started using your hands more. You lift your entire chest up during tummy time, and you love to kick your feet | 3 months old | July 11th, 2014 | 14 lbs 8oz 7 hours sleep

75: Three Months | Nicknames Squirmie Worm Bunny Sugar Bear Squishy Face Bubba Little schmoopie | You're such a big boy! You use the toilet and have been training mommy and daddy to pick up on your cues. You started using your hands more, and especially love pulling mommy's hair. You grab our fingers and try to pull yourself up so you can sit up, and you're more awake now. You've been to the casino twice and we've had two bbq/get togethers and have even grilled out by a lake and you did so well being around everyone! You're such a little dream!

79: Dear Damon, You’re getting so biiiiggg!!! You're starting to stand up in your walker, you laugh and giggle, and boy do you talk! I think you're getting a little tooth, but daddy thinks I'm crazy haha! . You've been drooling a lot, and you're chunky like the Michelin man!! You're wearing size 2 diapers. You enjoy Daddy Damon time, want to jump or sit up more and more every day. When I go to work, I feel soooo guilty because I don't want to wake you up (you look so peaceful) to feed you. But when I leave, I kiss you on your forehead and whisper in your ear “I love you so much, bubba”. You smile so much and have the sweetest little smile I've ever seen. You LOVE reading books and you'll be super anxious.. but when we read, you calm down and are now starting to grab the books and try to turn the pages (and eat the book too)- as well as your elephant and green rattle ball (you love that thing!). Things are getting more exciting every day, especially when I work, because every day I come home you show me something new you learned. Daddy has been teaching you to pull a blanket off of your face and has been tickling your feet. Kitty really likes all your soft cuddly blankets and will jump up and start kneading you.. 7/28 you put your hand up and started petting him!! You really enjoy jumping in the jumparoo and you're so vocal! You love to smile and you enjoy when I sing to you. You love when daddy talks in his “Shaun T” voice and when he tickles your feet. You LOVE him so much- every time he comes into the room your face lights up. You love watching him play video games or YouTube- I often find you guys sitting on the couch watching YouTube and getting your nerd on by watching Vsauce or Veritasium. I love you so much, Bubba!!! You're an incredibly smart little boy and I can't believe you're all mine!! Love, Mommy

80: Things I love: Jumparoo, Walker, Fuzzy blankets Green rattle ball, Reading books, Mommy singing, talking and smiling. Putting 4 fingers in my mouth at a time.. and really putting things in my mouth in general! Yum! Memorable Moments: Swimming at Grandma's house for the first time. Trying to feed you avocado for the first time, reading your hand out to pet the kitty, and learning how to sigh. It's ADORIABLE!!! You also giggle when we tickle you! | Daily Schedule: Bedtime: 10am-12pm Nap: 8-9pm, 1am, 4am, 6am Play, feed, sleep!! Milestones: You can hold a bottle (the special kind) by yourself and you're getting more active and want to jump ALL THE TIME! You coo and love reading books. We still take showers with you to make sure you're super clean- it's just easier than the tub. You're so talkative too! | 4 months old | August 11th, 2014 | 17 lbs 2oz 27" tall 9 hours sleep Size 2 diapers

81: FourMonths | Nicknames Bubba Bubbles Mr. Bubbles Little baby Damon | I've loved every second with you so far!! It's hard to go to work and leave you, but I always kiss you and whisper in your ear how much I love you. Daddy takes good care of you and sends me pictures of you when I'm at work too, so I feel close to you all the time! You're more awake and interactive now and you're quite entertaining- you jump on your jumparoo, smile, and laugh, and we're trying to teach you how to turn the pages when we read to you. Love you so much, Bubba!!!

85: Dear Damon, 5 months already?! Where does the time go?! You're such a happy little boy! We started feeding you some food (prunes, pears, frozen fruit. You love sitting up, love your daddy, and you really like to read. We took you to Grandma's when Katy Perry was in town, and that was our first outing together without you... We had a blast, but I thought about you the whole time, wondering if you were okay! But you and Grandma had a blast. We went to Oklahoma Joes and met Laura Krone, a girl I used to work with. She loves you SOO much and has magical powers... she put you to sleep in 5 minutes- magical! You learned how to roll over and you prefer being on your tummy right now or sitting up and jumping. You get cuter every day that I see you and I still can't believe you're all mine!! I love you more than you will ever know, Bubba! | Mom

86: Things I love: Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Peaches, Mommy's water bottle, Giraffe, Anything that crinkles, and your mesh bag that we put fruit or veggies in it and you suck the juices out. Memorable Moments: August 18th you rolled over!! Now you're a pro and don't really like being on your back that much. You've also started to eat solids too- and boy do you love to eat! You take both your hands, grab the spoon, and shove the food into your face! | Daily Schedule: 11-1pm: Sleep 7-9pm: Wake up 9pm-10am: sleep, eat, play repeat! Milestones: From rolling over to eating, to having formed poopy, to continuing to laugh- you've been quite fun! Mommy and Daddy went to the Katy Perry concert and you stayed with GiGi until midnight. You did really well- that's your first time without us!! | 5 months old | September 11th, 2014 | 19lbs 9-11 hours sleep Size 3 diapers 3-6/6-9 month clothing

87: Five Months | Nicknames Mr. Bubbles Bubbles Bubba Sir Chunk-a-lot Damon Mr. Tooty pants | It's been so fun to hear you squeel and laugh! You love your jumparoo and spend every waking moment on it! You also love food and have started eating with us now- you get your prunes, green beans, frozen fruit, or daddy's special concoction haha! You love it when we talk, sing, or read to you and you love your giraffe and anything that crinkles. Can't wait to see what next month brings! You've already enriched my life in unimaginable ways- Love you so much, Bubba!!

89: Happy Little Baby!!

90: Dear Damon, Holy cow it's been 6 months! I don't even know what my life was like before you, I feel like you've always been a part of it. Everyday, you grow happier and you love to smile. We went on our first road trip together, getting the Esclade!! We drove 3hrs to Springfield, Missouri to get it, and 3 hrs back with you. You did great on yoru way down, but ont he way back you wanted your mommy and you wanted OUT of the car! You were an instagram sensation (got almost 200 likes on your picture with the HodgeTwins). You still poop and pee for the majority of the time in the toilet. We just gave away a lot of your clothes you don't wear anymore... I was really sad about it.. because I realized you wern't so little anymore... But.. you've gotta grow up sometime, and I just love the little boy you're becoming! I think you're getting bored and want new adventures.. so I take you outside every once in a while to look at the cars and trees, and sit you in the grass so you can play. You really like being outside. I still read to you every night and kiss you on the forehead before you go to sleep.. I love you more than you will ever know, bubba! I'm so lucky to be your mommy! Even though you grunt like an old man when you don't like something... haha!! | Mom

92: Things I love: My toes! I like to try and eat them! Sitting up & Jumping When we sing our ABC's Reading Where the Wild Things Are Anything that crinkles Memorable Moments: Hodge Twins Neil deGrasse Tyson Being tickled by mommies foot Farting on mommy and giggling Getting mommy's new car!! | Daily Schedule: Mommy works Fri, Sat, Sun and you and Daddy wake up at 5pm, take a walk, then play/eat/sleep repeat until I get home around 8am. Monday-Thursday, you and Mommy hang out while Daddy is working. We play, read books, sit up and go on adventures with Daddy when he's off work. Milestones: Sept 22nd: Sat up by yourself! Sept 30th: Your first road trip! October 6th: You started to rock on your hands and knees (1st step to crawling!) You crawl /scoot backwards | 6 months old | October 11th, 2014 | 20 lbs 7.5oz 28.5in tall Wearing 6-12month clothing Size 3 diapers

93: Six Months | Nicknames Kicky pants Tooty pants Bubba Bubbles | Can't believe it's been 6 months! You're HUGE and you're such a happy baby..until it's time to go to bed that is! You fight going to bed, but if we let you jump or let you sit on the ground for a while, then you get really hungry, eat then fall asleep. You're talkative and you love it when we make faces at you and read books. You particularly like Where the Wild things are, and I always sing You are my Sunshine, and read Wherever you are my love will find you and I love you stinky face!

95: Up... | Up... | And away!!

98: Dear Damon, You've been cranky because you're cutting your first tooth. Daddy thought I was crazy.. mostly because I've said you've been teething ever since you turned 2 months old.. hah! We love to make you laugh- and daddy does teh best transformer noises you've ever seen! While we've been sleep deprived (mostly mommy because she loves to put you to bed when she works) I love our snuggle time. We've started to notice you get bored in the house so we've tried to take you places (mostly walmart and things like that.. because they're the only thing that's open at 2am). You're such a big boy, you can hold your bottle, you're curious- and will try and take the dishes out of the dishwasher to play with them, and you love tearing down the hallway trying to chase us! You get lots of visits from your Grandma Sarah and Grandma Jo- they both adore you! But once you realize mommy isn't there, you start to cry. You LOVE bath time... whoever said it relaxes babies lied because it's like the bath is your pre-workout and you get hyper!! You splash around and play with your boats. You're VERY interested in food too... mommy likes to sit on the floor which she eats, and you like to grab the pizza off her plate! You also love it when we watch cartoons, turn the volume off, and narrate what's happening.. you think it's the funniest thing!! I love you so much, Bubba. I can't believe you're mine!! You've started reaching for me too, to pick you up. I love holding you and sometimes Daddy has to tell me to put you down :) | Mom

100: Things I love: Running in your walker Being picked up Fruit/Yogart Memorable Moments: Watching the Royals in the World Series! You started clapping! Running down the hallway in your walker and saying "baaah baaaah" Sitting on our shoulders and giggling Grabbing mommies hair like reins | Daily Schedule: Bed: 9:30am-11am Wake up: 6-8pm Eat, Play, Sleep- Repeat! Milestones: 11/6/2014: Your first tooth! 11/11/2014: Your first "sort of" word... "Baaah Baaah" You're trying to crawl, but you haven't quite mastered it yet! You like to scoot backwards, and also do baby planks with your butt up in the air! You're quite determined though, and get upset when you move away from your toys | 7 months old | November 11th, 2014 | 22 lbs 6oz Size 3 Diapers

101: Seven Months | Nicknames Bubbles Bubba Tooty Pants My little love monkey | It's amazing to see you learn and grow- you're changing so fast that sometimes I don't have enough time to cherish the moments. We've gotten rid of almost all your 6 month clothing because you're a hoss.. you're wearing 12-18 month clothing right now because it's big and doesn't cut off the circulation to your linebacker legs! We got some shoes for you too, so Daddy can take you outside with your walker... although it's pretty cold out there now! After Halloween, we've been in the 20's and it's much too cold for you!

102: Bubba Gump

105: Thanksgiving 2014

110: Dear Damon, Wow it's been a busy month!!! You got your first teeth (bottom two) and are starting to get your two top teeth (maybe you'll get those for Christmas!). You started crawling, but then mastered that so fast that you've moved onto pulling yourself up on things and are trying to walk. We've visited Independence Center and played with some kids, went to see the SaeLife aquarium at Crown Center, Science City and trains at Union Station, and visited the Magic Tree in Lee's Summit. You're so interactive now and you just LOVE to get out and play. You always want to stand up, and fuss when we set you down. You're such a beautiful little boy and your face is so adorable sometimes I can't stand it. I love the way you look at your daddy too... you want to be just like him. You love food- especially scrambled eggs and you want to be a big boy as fast as you can. You're a hoss compared to other kids we've seen and it's amazing to me how smart you are. You love pulling drawers open and running around eating mini Popsicles on your walker. Your laugh is infectious and it's incredible how much you've changed. Going back to older pictures of you, I can't believe you were so tiny! The world's got big things in store for you, and I"m so lucky to be a part of that- You're such an incredible little boy! I couldn't be more proud of you. I love you so much, Bubba! | Mom

112: Things I love: Playing with toys! Cold things- like booby pops! Walking with help ABC's and Numbers Mommy singing Anything that Daddy does Memorable Moments: Union Station & Crown Center Going to see the Magic Tree Crawling to walking.. then teeth!! Independence center- barking at kids! Thanksgiving @ Grandma's house | Milestones: 4 teeth! Kaboom! 11/20 you crawled Now you're a master! Pulling yourself up 12/11- all by yourself Pulls drawers open Very vocal!! And you love daddy's basketball goal | 8 months old | December 11th, 2014 | 25lbs 8-9hrs of sleep Size 4 diapers

113: Eight Months | Nicknames Bubba Sugar Bear Sugar Butt Cranky Butt Little naked boy | Your personality is shining and you're so inquisitive! You love putting anything you can find in your mouth, and you love pulling drawers open and shut. You're very active and you know where you want to go and what you want to do- you're very vocal, smart, and recently you've started playing diaper rodeo with mommy... sometimes you're naked boy haha! You love reading and zooming around in your walker.. and you're smile and laugh is infectious.. we fall in love with you more every day!!

116: 2014 | Christmas

120: Dear Damon, This month has been the most physically and emotionally challenging I think. You had a rough time with teething and didn't sleep- I called in to work for the first time in 5 years so I could be with you. Frozen fruit helped a little, but you were miserable! It was short lived and you were back to your happy self the next day, but we snuggled a lot! Lots of sleep deprived nights/ finally go you back on a normal schedule (yay!) and lots of love and kisses. You celebrated the New Year with daddy (mommy was at work making overtime and holiday pay.. and worked 6 days in a row.. and boy did I miss you!!!) We took you to the Lee's Summit Magic Tree and you absolutely loved the lights. You saw your first snow, and we celebrated two Christmas's because your Auntie CoCo came to town. You're so handsome and everyone that sees you thinks you're adorable- you'll be quite the ladies man! You love your new carrier- I think it fits you better and it also doesn't hurt my back like the old one. We play "tag" and I chase you down the hallway.. you stop and turn around and then chase me! It's hilarious! You're in love with balloons, and you pull yourself up on everything- including our pant legs. We had to bubble wrap the fireplace too.. you're very adventurous. You don't like to sit down or lay down and always want to be on the move. Almost every morning this month we've cooked eggs and cinnamon rolls.. and boy do you love to eat. You don't eat baby food much- we give you some in your yougies, but for the most part, what we eat is what you eat (in small bites). Daddy likes feeding you 5 guys hamburgers and fries especially. You LOVE fries and potatoes (raw or mashed) Every night, before bed, I turn on piano lullabies or we watch videos of kid songs to relax you before you go to bed. I try to fit your enormous body on the boppy pillow and cover your feet, but you have one leg straight out, and the other leg up on my chest. I stroke your hair and bridge of your nose and you instantly calm down. You're such a smart little baby and I can't wait for next month... okay I can wait.. you're growing up too fast!! | Mom

122: Things I love: Food!! Cars Anything in your spippy cup Throwing things on the ground Anything that crinkles Eggies Balloons | Daily Schedule: Bed: 7:30/8am Snack: 2pm Wake up @ 4/5pm Milestones: Playing ball Clicking your tongue Saying "DaDa" Crawl like a spider monkey Pull yourself up on EVERYTHING Play Tag (we chase each other!) Shut the bathroom door and laugh Standing on your own | 9 months old | January 11th, 2015 | 24 lbs 3oz Height: 29.5 inches Size 4 diapers 2 teeth (bottom) 12-18 month clothing

123: NineMonths | Nicknames Bubba or Bubbles Little Man Little Munchie | You're such a little love bug! You're curious and you're also VERY energetic- sometimes I wonder how I'm going to keep up with you! You're adventurous and such a happy little baby. You're growing before my eyes and you don't fit on the boppy pillow anymore when I feed you because you're a hoss. I don't know how, but I fall in love with you more and more every day- I didn't know my heart was so big! It has been emotionally and physically challenging, but you're teaching me how to be a great mom!

126: Dear Damon, You're quite the adventurous little boy! From sticking your hand in the toilet (and yes, even when we shut the lid, you're strong enough to open it) to opening ANY drawer and pulling things out.. You love to read books and also "help" me with the dishes (you like grabbing the plates and forks). You've gotten two teeth and the third one is trying to break through the skin which is really tough on you.. and tough on me! You love zooming down the hallway and have so much energy! I can hardly keep up with you! You say "DaDa" a lot, and we've taught you how to clap and point. We watch "Baby Einstein- First Signs" almost every day. Can't wait until you sign something to me! Out of everything we do in a day, your favorite time of day is when we take a bath or shower. You light up like a Christmas tree and start making cute noises anytime you get near the bath and we run the water. You're growing up before my eyes and I can't believe you still fit on your boppy pillow when I feed you1 You're going to be so independent- you've already started trying to feed yourself! I love you more than you will ever know, Bubba. I look at you and can't believe that you're growing up so fast- you're insanely smart already and you're such a happy baby! I love you, Bubba | Mom

128: Things I love: Brooms, Balls, Boobs, Food, and Daddy! Pulling books onto the floor Knocking block towers down Zooming up and down the hallway by yourself Sticking your hand in the toilet Dumping the cat's water on yourself Ice cream/Feeding yourself BATHS!!! Memorable Moments: Running around 24hr fitness in your walker, Playdate with Kari and Alek | Daily Schedule: Bath:6:45/7:45am Bed: 9:45am/10:30am Dream feed @ 3pm/5pm Wake up @ 6/8pm 1 nap now (instead of two!) Milestones: You've started feeding yourself, you clap your hands on command, wave hello/bye, and say "DaDa" and "uh oh!". You also can run up and down the hallway by yourself when you have your walker. You've taken two steps by yourself too- we're gonna have a walker soon!!! | 10 months old | February 11th, 2015 | 12 lbs 12oz 62.86 cm tall 2-1/2 teeth!! Two lower one upper Size 4 Diaper

129: Ten Months | Nicknames Bubba Little one | You've been quite the busy bee! You're so Curious and adventurous. Daddy loves to throw you on the bed and wrestle you- I try to do it but I'm too scared I'll hurt you! You love it though! You've been more engaged in reading and have been working on baby sign language. You hate water in your face but love baths and showers, and you're like Daddy's mini-me... all black/red clothes (but mommy likes a little bit a color!). You run around the house and love it when we chase you!

130: valentine | be my

138: Dear Damon, You're such a dream boat!! I've been "pinteresting" ideas on what to do your for 1st birthday and I can't believe you'll be 1 year old in 2 months! Where has the time gone?! This month feels like a whirlwind.. mostly because you've grown so much- and we've broken your routine many many many times! From seeing Aunt Tammy, to teething, to me staying late at work, taking my PCCN certification so mommy could get more monies at work, Daylight Savings Time, and meetings. Ugh! I'm exhausted! You took your first steps February 18th and now, March 11th, you're pretty much walking through the house on your own. You still walk on your tippie toes- guess you're going to have some pretty developed calves (daddy will be happy!). You were teething pretty bad this month too.. getting your two top front teeth in.. and you love to grind them on your bottom teeth.. eek! But, at least you like to bush your teeth (mostly sticking the tooth brush in your mouth to bite it, but hey.. whatever works). You still love the broom, although you mostly zoom around the house with your walker (you have three different kinds.. talk about spoiled!) and you're quite independent. I've found you a few times putting the ball into the basketball hoop in your bedroom. You know the meaning of words.. like stop (or clapping your hands together saying "op"), you know to put your hands up when we change your clothes, and put one foot up when we take your diaper and pants off. You're a lady killer.. Mommies gonna have her work cut out for her! You're the cutest little busy bee.. love you bubba gump! | Mom

139: Crazy Man!!!

140: Things I love: "Booby Pop's" Seeing Daddy's Studio Playing with daddy's guitar Climbing over boxes Throwing food on the ground (and toys) Opening EVERY drawer Vacuum and Broom Memorable Moments: Walking on your own!! You're such a big boy now and it's crazy how good you became in such a short amount of time!! | Daily Schedule: 7:45am Eat/Play/Bath/Eat/Play 9:30/11am: Bed 6pm: Dream Feed 9/10pm: Wake up/eat/play 1am/2am: Nap 3am: Play/Eat 5am/6am: Nap Milestones: ~Throwing the basketball into your basketball hoop ~Walking!! ~Pointing to things when we ask ~Waving/Clapping on command ~Getting more vocal and spunky | 11 months old | March 11th, 2015 | 26 lbs 6oz Size 4 diaper/2T-3T pullup 11 hours straight sleep (once) 4 teeth

141: Eleven Months | Nicknames Bubba Little Man Little One Bubba Gump | You're an independent little beast of a boy! I can see your little personality shine through and I know I've got my work cut out for me! You're such a boy.. so adventurous and curious. You love the vacuum and don't cry anymore- and daddy has been showing you his toy helicopter- you think it's a tiny fan- and you cry when it stops. You love to run around and are always on the go. You're getting more vocal now, and you're SOO hungry all the time! Everyone thinks you're the smartest baby they've ever seen and you continue to amaze Daddy and me by the things you understand by pointing or signing. All the girls love you too... you're such a little flirt!

148: Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. | st | BIRTH | DAY | party

149: You are only young once, after that you have to think of another excuse - Billy Arthur

150: When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. -William Shakespeare

154: The party animal has crashed | The after party in your Crib

155: Dear Damon- It's been a wonderful 1st year! I can't believe time has gone by so quickly.. it still feels like a few months ago you were a little newborn. What a beautiful little boy you've grown to be. I'm amazed everyday by how smart and cute you are and sometimes I catch myself staring at you because I can't believe that you're so perfect. I love being your mommy, even when you rob me of my precious sleep or scream because I won't let you stick your hand in the toilet!! You've got a strong personality already, and are very determined to do things on your own and you're so smart!! I can't wait to take you to the zoo so you can see all the animals we talk and sing about. You've got a smile that brightens my day and a laugh so infectious, you can't help to be anything but happy. I can't wait until you FINALLY say Mama... maybe by mother's day?! I love you more than you will ever know, Bubba. I'm so proud of the little man you're becoming and I wish I could kiss, hug, and snuggle you more than I already do! Love, Mommy

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