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Dani's Outliers Project

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FC: The | Summer | Breeze | The story of success | 2014

1: Intro | Daughter and Mother | Everyday I do the same thing: wake up in my air conditioned room, take a shower with hot water, miss a good breakfast, and go to the biggest international school in the world that I despise. Ever since I’ve moved to Singapore American School, I’ve been having a hard time adjusting to an American school. Sometimes I have to go to the counselor where I am asked many questions such as "how is your life in SAS?" or "How do you find SAS so far?" It was a hard subject to talk about, so I would sometimes exit the room crying, only thinking about everyone back at Beijing. When I would arrive back home, sometimes my parents would ask me how my day was. I would usually say that it was okay and that I would rather go back to Beijing. But then, one day, my mother said that I should really be grateful that that I was in SAS, that my siblings and I got into SAS together. SAS had a huge variety of opportunities that would help me get into a better college, and later on, a well paid job. Ever since my mother started saying that, I began to think how my mother got a good job. She was studying in the Philippines where she started her education in a public school. Yet, she got a job that brought us to China and then to Singapore. What could possibly be the reason why my family was in Singapore, was it luck or opportunity? | Singapore American School is a private school located in Singapore that offers an American based curriculum from preschool to grade twelve. It is the largest international school in the world with two-thirds of the student body being United State citizens, while the other third consists of more than 50 nationalities.

2: The Start | 1987 | Founded by the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit in June 17, 1913, the College of the Holy Spirit is a catholic educational institution. In the Philippines, this school is known to be a girls school. However, the college broke the long tradition in 2005, when they started accepting male students. Also in 2006, the college department decided to accept male students in the nursing program.

3: A warm summer breeze crept through the open window, blowing strands of hair across the sixteen year old face. She tucks her black, straight, silky hair behind her ears and reads the pieces of paper in her hands. College of the Holy Spirit Manila Philippines, commits to build, through Christian and holistic formation, responsible citizens who are agents of transformation in the society. Donna-Bella Villamayor gives herself a small nod and then exits her room, walking towards the kitchen. “Nainai,” she calls out, “do you think this college will do?” Her mother, sitting on the dining chair, picks up her glasses and reads the papers. “I’m fine with any college just as long as you remember not to get a boyfriend. Education is more important. Now go, start writing your application form.” The young teenage girl nodded and went back to her room. She didn’t mind what her mother said because it was a matter of fact. If she did get a boyfriend during college, she would have been distracted by him and wouldn’t be able to focus on her studies. Donna began writing the application form to the College of the Holy Spirit, and there, she would find a huge list of opportunities.

4: College | The wind blew the girl to the direction of the building, inviting her to go in. With a new black backpack, light makeup, and a beautiful smile, the girl arrives in front of the gates. Very excited for her new class, she takes her first steps into the college going pass the gates. She then turns her head towards the brilliant blue sky and takes a big whiff of the smell of college. She then heads straight for her first class, chemistry. Waiting to meet all of her classmates, the girl grabs the handle of the wooden door and enters a lab. Surprisingly, she only sees four other girls: a Chinese girl with short black hair; a girl with fine short hair; a dark skinned girl and a girl who was the same height has herself. Afraid of being in the wrong class, she asks if she was in the right class. “Is this chemistry?” she said with a puzzled look. The Chinese girl turned to face her and opened her mouth, “yeah, this is chemistry. It’s a pretty small class this year, I hear it’s going to be only five people in the class. Nice you meet you.” The girl with the new black backpack started introducing herself to her classmates, “hello, I’m Donna-Bella Villamayor, it’s a pleasure to meet you all,” she said, not forgetting her manners. The other girls began to introduce themselves as well: Ellen, Lorna, Eleanor and Dang. With the small student to teacher ratio, Donna realizes that students had a greater opportunity to achieve more in class. They would have more chances to ask questions and participate more in discussions. She also became close friends with the other four students in her class. College, as we know, wasn't always about studying, it was important to be active and to find opportunities that could help her later in life. Donna’s first opportunity is when she applies for a government grant with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for her undergraduate thesis. Her team’s proposal was approved and they got funding for their study and access to DENR facilities. She then went to a summer internship, working for the German company, Bayer. Donna was also active outside of college, she started becoming involved in youth activity in the BF area she lived in. She was leading sports and social events for the youth community and also met a man who would later become her husband. Donna then spends half a semester teaching chemistry to college students using this method as a way to review for her Chemistry Board Exam. With all these opportunities that she found herself, she was bound to get a good, well paid job.

5: Bayer is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company, well known for their original brand of aspirin.


7: Top right is Donna Castro

8: Work 1991 | “Should I get a boyfriend?” she spoke out softly to herself. In her mind she thought that “it was a smarter idea to get a job now that I’ve graduated, Nainai would want me to do so.” She nods to herself, opening the blue curtains. She faces the window and lets the breeze come in. It’s a nice day. June 12, 1991, the graduate student gets her first job. She applied for a family run business, managing the manufacture of decorations for export. But then she was moved to the office to deal with clients. A year past. Once again, the warm summer breeze creeps through the open windows. Donna walks out of her blue painted room, and head towards a box next to the bathroom where her mother keeps the mail. She opens it, and checks the mail. Junk, junk, junk, mail for Nainai, mail for Taitai and mail for Donna. “What could this be,” Donna wonders. On the envelope, a logo is printed on it. P&G. Donna knew that this company was, it was an American multinational consumer goods company. She was actually a little bit scared to read the letter, for she did know know what they had contacted her. Opening the letter carefully, she reads it. Congratulations, P&G would like to interview you for a job. Donna was filled with joy. Apparently, her college had recommended her to P&G. The three interviews that she had went by in a flash. She did so well in the interview that she knew that she was going to get the job by the second interview. And surely enough, she got the job and became a research associate.

9: Procter and Gamble (P&G) is an American multinational consumer goods company that makes pet foods, cleaning agents and personal care products. Some well known products include tide, pampers, pantene and many more.

10: As the years pass by working in the small research and development (R&D) center, P&G decided that they wanted to expand into Japan and China. For them to do this, they would have to shut down the center in the Philippines, transferring those that they needed.They would preassigned people based on the companies need and the experience of the workers. Since my mother used the opportunities in college to increase her work experience, she got chosen to go to China. My mother had never thought that she could be working outside of the Philippines so it was a tough decision on the family. At this time, my mother was already married with two children, my older brother and myself. She thought to herself, she wouldn't have another opportunity like this. She then decided that we would go. So during the year 2000, the Castro family had become outliers, living outside of their home. Then in 2013, they had another opportunity to move to Singapore, and that's how I ended up here, in Singpaore. | The End is the Beginning.

11: Everyday I do that same thing: Wake up in my air conditioned room, take a shower with hot water, miss a good breakfast, and go to the biggest international school in the world that I despise. However, I go to school thinking how I could be like my mom, how I could be an Outlier. My mother played a big role in my life, so I would like to dedicated this to my mother . Because without her, and to those those who had helped her, I would have never been lived in Singapore, or even in China. In the end, because my mother graduated at the right time at the right place, she was able to get a good job. P&G was actively recruiting fresh graduates at this time. If my mother was a few years younger, she wouldn't have graduated yet and wouldn't have gotten that interview. She would have never gotten the opportunity to go to P&G. In addition, if she was a few years older, there wouldn't have been an R&D center for my mother to work in, and she would never gone to China. For my mother to have become an Outlier, she needed to have luck, opportunity and hard work. I could just feel the warm summer breeze.

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