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Daniel Young Artbook

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S: Daniel Alan Young

BC: Daniel | This book contains a masterful collection of works created between 2003-2011 by philosopher, propagandist and artist, Daniel Alan Young. | Book Printed February 2012


1: Hello Universe I'm just your average sexually abused, left handed, vegetarian, starving artist with integrated multiple personality disorder trying to become a symbol of hope. My grandfather was an artistic rapist that trained my father to be an artistic rapist. My father in turn trained me to sexually abuse my sister. I felt so much pain and anger, I wanted to make the universe feel the pain that I felt. But I found my salvation in art. The hardest thing in the world to cope with is suffering that doesn't have a point. As far back as I can remember I wanted one thing: to become a famous artist. To make something so beautiful that it made up for all the pain and suffering that I went through. If I managed to do that then I could justify the entire experience to myself. I could say that it was a good thing that it happed because it propelled me to do so much good that it was meant to happen. To be hurt by an artist so badly and then use art as the very vehicle to pull myself up by my own talent, imagination and determination is so powerfully poetic that it just has to happen. My goal is to use love, logic and creativity to transcend cycles of violence and exploitation. I create artistic propaganda to try to convince the world to become a more loving and conscientious world. I shine a light on the darkness of injustice in the hope that more awareness of the pain that our actions cause will lead to better behavior. I also use my art as a visual diary to map my journey out of cycles of violence and exploitation in the hope that it will help others in their journey. I wish to use my life to create the maximum amount of life, happiness and knowledge and minimize suffering and ignorance. I believe I can do this by using art as a mechanism for inspiring others and a delivery system for messages I think would be beneficial if spread throughout the human consciousness. I am trying to prove that if you focus your energy constructively, people are capable of transcending cycles of violence and exploitation. I do not want pity or to be viewed as a victim. I only seek to fight injustice and inspire hope. I have dedicated my life to making the maximum impact I can through my art. This impact includes creating striking visual images that promote community dialog about the state of our society. My images challenge people to rethink social standards and practices, power hierarchies, and belief structures. The truth can be harsh so I wrap it up in vibrant of colors to make it palatable. I communicate an insistence that people need to be empowered not muted, that conflict and deprivation do not overall produce better people—love and support do, that truth is more important than winning, and that cycles of violence do not have to be accepted but can end right now if we decide not to perpetuate them. The core of my mission is to share my story and become an artistic symbol of hope in triumphing over abuse and other hardship. I want to inspire others to make the same decision to channel their efforts into constructive rather then destructive efforts. Nothing in the world can stop my relentless drive but it's easier to spread the love with your love and support. - Daniel Alan Young

2: There are two duplicitous meanings in this image. The first is expressing how we mask our malevolent intentions, claiming that we're good, moral and just when in fact we are ruthless, parasitic death machines. The other is a message of hope in which although we're faced with a world of hardship and scarcity, humans choose to construct a world of compassion, tolerance and love. | War Machines and Happy Facades

3: Infinite Rainbow Sphere of Consciousness Om.

4: The Struggle Between Idealism and Practicality What is more important: comfort and security or passion, creation and social change? When do you follow your dreams and when do you sell them for a nickel?

5: Work Will Set You Free People should work harder to produce a world of freedom, but be wary of work cults that seek to exploit and enslave people.

8: Humanity's First Birthday

10: Life Is A Fractal, Replicating Pattern All living things share much of the same DNA. Every cell is its own individual life form which together creates a larger body. From the cells in our body to people in society, we are all a part of something bigger that creates more life.

12: Manifesting a Better World You have an unlimited capacity as the master creator of your destiny. You can stand before the world and orchestrate a scene of beauty.

20: Stoic in a Snake Pit

21: Courtship

23: Man in the Moon | Mortal Cage

24: financial Web

25: Altruism "1. Unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others. 2. Behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to or may be harmful to itself but that benefits the survival of its species." -Webster Collegiate Dictionary

26: I'm Not obsessive

28: Part of the group because I belong

29: Think for Yourself People take the shape of their container and follow the herd. The only way most people will stop doing this is if the container and herd tell them not to. The problem is, that this is a paradox. If you followed my message then you wouldn't follow my message.

30: Fairest in the Land

33: Mommy Television Television takes on the role of a parent, telling us what is true and how to behave. It waves our needs and desires in front of us, but it is just a tease. It doesn't give you what you want it tells you what to want. Even though there is nothing there but a television, we instinctually open our mouths wider, desiring more and more.

35: Ant Farm Hive insects and humans are the only creatures on the planet that engage in long-term massive warfare. We both build cities, stockpile resources and have hierarchical social systems.

37: i ching king wen sequence

43: Love?

47: Family tree

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