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Darby Hudnall's Monomyth Project

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Darby Hudnall's Monomyth Project - Page Text Content

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FC: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and the Monomyth By: Darby Hudnall

1: The Call to adventure | The call of this book is when Christopher finds the dead dog "in the middle of the lawn in front of Mrs. Shears house," "seven minutes past midnight," (Haddon 1). Christopher is curious about the dog, named Wellington, because it has a fork sticking out of it and it is dead. Already, he wants to solve the mystery of the murdered dog.

2: The Refusal Of The Call | When Christopher's father picks him up from the police station after Christopher assulted a police officer, Christopher's father tells him to "just try and keep your nose out of other people's buisness" (Haddon 20). Christopher does not understand this phrase due to his autism, so his father repeatedly tells him to "leave it," (Haddon 20). Christopher refuses the call to his investigation when he listens to his father's instructions to leave things alone.

3: Supernatural aid | The supernatural aid is Christopher's teacher Siobhan, because throughout the book she is always there at his school helping him. She knows how to explain things to Christopher in a way he understands, which he likes. One example of this is her telling him "You must never punch Sarah or hit her in any way, christopher..." (Haddon 29). The way she explains things to Christopher aids him in understanding important things.

4: crossing the first thREShold | The first threshold Christopher crosses is his neighborhood during his murder investigation for Wellington. It is a difficult task for him to interact with strangers because of his autism. Before leaving his home he prepares himself by carrying his swiss army knife for protection (Haddon 34). He also draws a map of his neighborhood (Haddon 35). This makes him more comfortable with the idea of going out and conversing with strangers.

5: The belly of the whale | After learning that Christopher had found the hidden letters from his mother, Christopher's father decided to come clean on some things. He admitted to lying about Christopher's mother's death, but only because he thought it was what was best for Christopher (Haddon 114). He also admitted to killing Wellington after a fight with Mrs. Shears (Haddon 120). All this information at once overwhelms Christopher and as a result he feels unsafe and trapped at his father's house. This is the point of no return for Christopher because at this point he has to make a decision about whether he will stay with his dad or run away to find his mother.

7: the road of trials | The road of trails is Christopher's trip to London because during this time he encounters many obstacles. He must navigate in unfamiliar territory, having never left his town before. He also struggles with his autism, which makes it difficult for him to interact with other people. It also makes it difficult for Christopher to process all the new information around him at the train station, causing him to shut down for about two and a half hours (Haddon 146). Along the way he encounters a policeman who tries to take him back to his worried father (Haddon 159). Christopher manages to escape the policeman by hiding on a luggage shelf, (Haddon 163) and continue his trip to find his mother in London.

8: meeting with the goddess | Mrs. Alexander is the goddess because she gives Christopher crucial information about his mother and Mr. Shears. From her he learns that his mother and Mr. Shears were having an affair, and that is why Mr. and Mrs. Shears divorced (Haddon 60). This is the first piece of information Christopher learns about the truth of his mother, which later aids Christopher in finding his mother.

9: temptation away from the true path | Christopher's autism acts as a temptation from the path often times throughout the story. Though his autism aids him in some ways,it often disables him from being able to handle his journey. On his trip to London he is tempted to just sit at the table and do math problems instead of finding a train ticket and getting on a train(Haddon 146). He would rather do this because he is overwhelmed by all the stimulation in the train station.

11: atonement with the father | When Christopher learns that his father had been lying to him, their relationship changes drastically. Christopher's father completely loses all trust Christopher had for him (Haddon 122) and as a result, Christopher runs away to find his mother in London. Christopher's atonement with the father takes place when he discovers that his father is flawed just like everyone else. This is a difficult concept for Christopher to grasp because his father made him feel secure.

12: apotheosis | The apotheosis is when Christopher is finally reunited with his mother (Haddon 190). At this point he realizes that his mother definitely is alive and well. He now has both parents, so he no longer has to wonder about his mother. His mother helps to change his mind about his father as she works to continue his relationship with his father. At this point he has grown because he has learned the truth about his parents.

14: The refusal of the return is when Christopher refuses to go back to his father's house (Haddon 197), and wishes to live at his mother's house instead because he still does not trust his father. Mr. Shears shows great disapproval for this idea(Haddon 206-207), and as a result Christopher and his mother move to a new apartment, close to Christopher's father's house in Swindon, England. | refusal of the return

15: Master of two worlds | Christopher's two worlds are his mother's house and his father's house, both of which he visits regularly. He lives with his mother and visits his father on weekends, where his new dog, Sandy, lives. His father gets Christopher the dog after his pet rat dies, partially as an incentive for Christopher to visit his house. Christopher's father wishes to regain his trust, no matter how long it takes. He tells Christopher this when he has his five minute talk with him, timed by the kitchen timer (Haddon 218). Slowly, his father regains his trust as Christopher learns to forgive people for their mistakes.

16: "Five minutes, OK? That's all. Then you can go." (Haddon 218).

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