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Dark Requiem

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S: The Dark Requiem of a fallen Angel

BC: This Book contains my personal work and interpretation of the human condition and personal morality. If you don't agree or dislike what I state in this book or how I chose to express it then please.... just forget you ever read it.

FC: A Dark Requiem..... For the Fallen Angel of Humanity By: Kane Galen Mulligan

1: This book is in tribute to the darkness of the human heart and the tests that it must endure so that it may survive to challenge the world. It does this through my own personal works whether it's in the form of a picture, a poetic phrase, or both. This is truly a Requiem for the Fallen Angel that Humanity has become.

2: This was my first attempt at trying to understand the human heart and to put my understanding into words.

3: My simple dedication to the ability of the human heart to use the very darkness that plagues it, as a source of strength to transcend into the light of a better world.

4: My realization that the only way for the human self to truly see the world in which we live is to accept all facets of ourselves. Our darkness, our pain, our suffering,......our unlimited potential to transcend that which holds us back.

5: My dedication to man's ability to survive anything and become stronger through the struggle to understand the self, and its ability to alter that which makes us simple beasts to become truly human.

6: We, as humans, are a truly terrifying race. We can destroy, we can corrupt, and we can ultimately ruin our very lives and those of others. But we also have the potential to be a truly beautiful race. We can change our world for the better. We can create things that nothing else can. But most of all...... We can protect that which we value most. All we have to do...... Is transcend our own nature.

7: Humanity...... A simple word for young gods.... We believe to be superior to all that we see.... We are proud.... We are strong........... And we are oh so fragile........ As humans we are flawed beings, no matter how hard we fight against it that fact will never change. So we take our flaws in stride..... And get as close to perfection as we can.

8: What makes us Human? Is it something physical? Something mental? Something Spiritual? What does it mean to be human? What separates us from the common beasts that wander this Earth? Is it a Soul? Maybe we'll never know the truth of the matter. Or maybe....... One day we will....

9: Morality. A useless word describing a useless concept. But so many of us cling to this false sense of morality. We are monsters yet we think, we have morals. Is the illusion of morality the cause? Why do we cling to these false senses of life? Is it to try and keep peace with others? Is it to protect our possessions and keep families safe? Or are we just afraid of what the world would be like......without a shred of humanity?

10: Darkness...... Why do we fear you? You who hides us from that which we fear. Why do we hurt you? You who guards us in our dreams. Why do we hate you? You who keeps the balance of light and dark. Do you despise us my eternal ally? Or is that you simply want a place to belong? Do you long to be understood? You the darkness who sobs and weeps and begs for the understanding of every heart in the world.

11: Light....... Why do you exist? You who cuts the night. Why do we revere you? You who shatters our slumber and dreams. Do we love you? Or are we simply willing to understand? Do you despise us? We who ask so much but never give a thought. Why do you weep in the pain of solitude? You who's responsibilities shatter the earth and break the strongest of men...you who guard against the sobbing night.

12: Valor..... The mark of a man. Courage..... The sign of a fighter. Honor..... The brand of a soldier. Look to the endless battlefield that awaits our sons and daughters. Are they ready? Who can tell.......... For when our greatness is born..... It will be in the blood and fires of war.

13: The sword.... The edge that cuts away the corruption. Are you merely a weapon of war to be wielded? Do you weep for those you cut? Do you sob as you sing your battle song in this endless night of slaughter? Your blade resounding with the screams of the dying. Or, do you simply desire a place to sheath thine self, so like the humans who lock away their hearts. O' sword that cuts the night...are we the same?

14: Life is a forsaken blessing...... We ponder our place in its grand plan but can not understand our role. Why do we suffer? Why do we feel pain? WHY MUST WE SOB AND WEEP FOR THOSE WE LOVE???!!!!! The answer is simple. We woke up this morning and were able to walk, go to work, and provide or protect those we love, this is simply the price for this. That is the forsaken blessing of life.

15: Fate..... Fate is irrelevant. We change it every day. It is not the plan of some God that drives what we do. That is simply a delusion to protect ourselves from the pain of reality. We hold the power to write our own path. Our body is the pen. Our blood the ink. And the world................... The paper.

16: Dreams and Nightmares..... You who plague us with hope and despair. In the soundless night of our slumber you come to us. The bell of reality falling silent to your grandeur. Your icy fingers plucking at our souls. The slumber continues. Is this a dream? Our eyes open to a world of darkness. This is a Nightmare! A light appears and a voice resounds through us. No, it's both, this is life.

17: Death..... You, who are the one destiny we all share. You, the one we fear. Fear.......why do we fear you? Why do we fight against you as we do? You, who was there in the beginning and will remain until our end. Is it that we know nothing of you? Is that the answer? Is that why we cast you out into the shadows like the others we don't understand? Is our lack of understanding the root of our fear?

18: Rain.... The invoker of sorrow. Why do you fall? Is it to show the earth is weeping? Why do you rage in an everlasting storm? Is it to show the earth's anger? Rain.... Why do you fall? Why do you weep? Rain.... Ever weeping, so like the bleeding soul of humanity.......

19: Fire..... You who brings everlasting change. The great provider.... and the everlasting destroyer.... Fire..... The contradiction that changes eternally. Whether the fickle light of a candle....... or the proud chaos of an inferno you remain ever changing. So like the human heart. Ever changing...... and Everlasting............

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