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Darrell Holder Card

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S: Darrell Holder Card - Memories

BC: Children of Darrell Holder Card and Wynnette Kartchner Card Darelyn Card McCarter Dyann Louise Card Lewis William Mark Card Miriam Joy Card Olsen David Harold Card Michael Glenn Card

FC: Memories | Darrell Holder Card

1: Darrell's daughter, Darelyn, gave him the calender book "Share Your Life With Me". The result is this wonderful compilation of his memories. Lovingly compiled for Darrell and Wynnette Card's 60th Wedding Anniversary by: Darelyn McCarter Marla Card Bill Card Kelsey Provence Dyann Lewis

2: January 1 - What was your day and date of birth? 8 November 1926 January 2 - Where were you born? Be specific. I was born in my maternal grandparent's home in Salem, Utah. January 3 - Do you know any other circumstances of your birth (who was present, who delivered, etc). My parents were living in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Mother came home to her mother for the delivery. She (we) stayed there about 3 months Both of her parents (Joseph and Amy Holder) would have been there. Grandpa used to tell the story about what a strong baby I was. He said when he came into the house from hoeing corn I would raise up and look at him. Why he was hoeing corn in December he never explained. January 4 - If you have a childhood picture of yourself, put it in this space. | January 5 - Name your brothers and sisters and their years of birth. | Darrell Card - 1928 | Louise, Darrell (in arms) Earl Jr., and Eula - 1928 | Eula Louise Card Einerson - 1924 | Earl Junior Card - 1922 | Richard Lee Card - 1943 | Eugene Tinsley Card - 1918

3: January 6 - What was your mother's full name? Louise Ann Holder. January 7 - What was your father's full name? Earl F Card (initial only). January 8 - What was your mother's date and place of birth? August 10, 1899 - Salem, Utah. January 9 - What was your father's date and place of birth? August 14, 1895 - Emporium, Pennsylvania. January 10 - Tell a family nickname that you had. How did you get it? Billy - My sister started calling me Billy because she wanted to have a special name for me. Soon everyone else was calling me that so she started calling me "Johnny". January 11 - Tell of any other nicknames in your family. I called Eula "lala" probably because I couldn't pronounce Eula. Later I called her "Dee". I don't know why. January 12 - What did your father do for a living? Hard rock minor, truck "hauling" contractor, carpenter, crane operator. He ran a 300 T crane at Geneva Steel mill from 1943 until he retired in 1964. January 13 - Did your mother work outside the home? Mother worked as a sales person for JC Penny Co. in Provo from about 1928 until 1938. She was always their top sales person. January 14 - Name the towns you lived in before you were 20. Salem, Utah While in the Navy: San Diego, CA Chicago, Ill. Philippine Islands | Earl F. Card | Louise Ann Holder Card

4: January 15 - Name the childhood addresses you remember. Salem Utah -There were no street names or addresses in those days. January 16 - Tell a fond memory of your grandpa. Grandpa Holder used to herd sheep up in the area near where Strawberry Reservoir now is, around 1890. One night an Indian came into his camp looking for something to steal. Grandpa jumped out of his bed, grabbed his trusty Winchester and yelled "Get out of here you bloody Lamanite or I'll blow your head off." The Indian left camp. January 17 - Tell a fond memory of your grandma. We lived with my maternal grandparents from the time I was two until I was married and moved out. Basically my grandma Holder raised me. Whenever she wanted me for meals or whatever she would step out in the yard and yell "Darrell" and I would be able to hear her even if I was clear down to the pond, which was 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. January 18 - Tell about a favorite aunt. My favorite aunt would have to be Aunt Devetta Stewart (my mother's sister). She was much older than my mother so I always thought of her as being very old. She lived in Myton, Utah and we always thought it was a great adventure when we got to go out there for a visit. My grandma and I were there when we got word that Junior, my brother, was very ill, so we had to rush back to Salem. He died about 3 days after we got back. They moved to Salem about the next year so I never got to go out to Myton any more. This was in 1936 when I was 10. January 19 - Tell about a favorite uncle. Uncle Will Steward was my favorite Uncle. He never joined the church; he chewed snuff tobacco, so he would always spit tobacco juice everywhere, but he was always very kind and gentle to me. Beginning about 1939 he would hire me to work in the bee yard with him. He still had his bees in Myton and in Mt. Emmons, also in Salem. He had a bad heart so Aunt Devetta wouldn't let him go to the yard without me. In 1942 he sold the bees in Myton and Mt. Emmons to the Yack Brothers in Roosevelt so we didn't have to go out there any more. In 1945 and 46, while I was in the Navy, my father would help him and he got interested in bees and got some of his own. When I got home, I went back to helping him. One evening he went out to the yard without me. He went with Charley Underwood to sell him a hive of bees. He collapsed over a hive and died instantly. January 20 - Did any relatives ever live with you? Actually we lived with Grandma and Grandpa Holder. When the great depression struck in 1929, Dad was thrown out of work. He took to the roads trying to find work and Mother, with us three kids, moved in with her parents. The first year she picked tomatoes for the farmers to feed us. Then she got a job as a salesperson for J. C. Penney Co. in Provo. Dad was gone for 5 years, and came back in 1934. We continued living with the grandparents until they both died. | Salem house where Darrell lived

5: January 21 - Relate an experience or memory of a cousin. My cousin, Bob Holder, was the peril of my life. He was two years older and much bigger than me. He would come over to Salem for 2 weeks every summer, and I hated every minute of it. None of my friends liked him so they wouldn't play with me when he was around. After we were both married we both lived in the same apartment building in Salt Lake. We worked together in Scouting and went deer hunting together. We actually became quite close. January 22 - When you needed punishment as a child, which parent corrected you, and how? Mostly it was Grandma Holder who was in charge of discipline. She had a hardwood "butter paddle" which she could swing with great gusto. One swat was usually all it took. January 23 - Tell about the naughtiest thing you ever did. If you got caught, describe the consequences. One time I had a rope about 10 feet long. Eula and some of her friends were playing jump rope with it but they wouldn't let me play because I was to little. When I saw a chance I grabbed the rope and ran. Eula yelled. Dad saw and started chasing me. I ran good until I got cornered in the back corner at the lot. Dad was right behind me so I threw the rope to him. He just calmly took the rope and gave it back to Eula. January 24 - Who was the President when you were born? Herbert Hoover. January 25 - At what age did you first vote and for whom did you cast your first Presidential vote? I voted for Harry Truman in 1948. I became disillusioned by the way he was running the Korean War, so I voted for Eisenhower in 1952. I've voted Republican ever since. January 26- Did you ever see a President or Vice-President in person? No. January 27 - Did you ever have an imaginary friend? Not that I can remember. I always had plenty of real friends. January 28 -What did you and your brothers or sisters fight about the most? We didn't fight much. January 29 - What was the dumbest stunt ever pulled by you and a brother or sister? All of my stunts were brilliant.

6: January 30 -Tell about the worst winter storm that you can remember as a child. We had colder winters when I was a kid. Salem pond would always freeze over so we could ice skate on it. Now days it hardly ever ices over. My worst winter was 1948-49 when I was a junior in college. That was the snowiest and coldest winter I can ever remember. January 31 - What did you use to go sledding down a hill in the snow? I had a good sled with steel runners. I could go farther with it than any of my friends. I once made some skis out of barrel staves. At the "head of the pond" in Salem there was a grove of oak trees with a winding trail up the hill. I climbed the hill and started down. On about the 2nd curve I smacked my head on an oak tree and knocked myself out. I woke up with a huge lump on my forehead. That was the end of my skiing. February 1 - What extras did you use for your snowman's face, buttons, arms, hat, etc.? Coal. February 2 - Do you have any ice-skating memories to share? I never could afford good ice skates, so ice-skating was never a favorite sport for me. February 3 - Share a memory about a weather related school cancellation. They didn't close school for minor things like weather. We were expected to be there every day, rain, snow or shine. February 4 - Do you have any knowledge of the origins of your family name? The surname Card is an occupational name for one who cards wool. It traces its root to the French work "Card" meaning a "Teasel-head" or "wool comb." The form Card first appeared in the sixteenth century and is recorded in 1531. February 5 - What were you doing to first smash a finger? Probably playing baseball. February 6 - Who was the most famous person you ever met as a child? I don't recall ever meeting anyone famous as a child. Famous people wouldn't come near Salem in those days. February 7 - Tell about a big fib you told. All my fibs were small ones.

7: February 8 - Tell about someone who had a big influence over your life. I guess the one person who has had the greatest influence on my life would have to be my mother. As I was growing up I'd often get in situations where I'd think "what would Mother think about this" and I'd try to avoid things that I knew she wouldn't approve. It was probably the greatest influence for good in my life. February 9 - Tell of a nickname given to you by friends or classmates. How did you get it? "Greasy" - I was riding home from High School on the bus with Fay Beddows. She said something about my hair oil (which I never used) and I said "yup, just call me Greasy". She started calling me Greasy and her boy friend, Fred Johnson, picked it up. Soon all of his buddies (Bill Dudley, Dick Jarret, Cliff Lawrence) were calling me that and soon the whole school. February 10 - What was your favorite meal as a child? Roast beef/ potatoes and gravy and chocolate cake. February 11 - Who was your first girlfriend? Carol Hanks. February 12 - Tell about the Valentine Day festivities at your school. The teachers in each room put up a big decorated box and we all put valentines in it for each other. At the end of the day they were passed out. February 13 - Tell about a special Valentine you once gave. I don't remember any. February 14 - Tell about a special Valentine you once received. I don't remember any. February 15 - Tell about your first date. LeRoy Christensen and I took Pearl Marik Christensen and Carol Hanks to the Saturday matinée. It was about 2 miles from our houses to theirs (no exaggeration) 1 1/2 back to the show. Return trip. We walked all the way. On top of that I blew a whole 10 cents on her for the show ticket and candy. It's no wonder that romance didn't last. February 16 - Tell about your first kiss. It was from my dog, "Stooge".

8: February 17 - Tell about your first favorite TV shows. No TV in the 30's, but we did have favorite radio shows like "The Shadow", "Jack Armstrong", "Amos and Andy" and "Jack Benny", etc. February 18 - Tell about family reunions in your childhood. My grandmother's family name was "Ward" so they had "Ward Reunions" every so often; usually in Price Utah, at "Castle Gate". There was always lots of good things to eat and cousins to play with so I liked to go. It was very confusing to me when the church would have "Ward reunions" which were entirely different. February 19 - What do you remember as your favorite subject in school. Math and Science. February 20 - What do you remember as your least favorite school subject? English. February 21 - What is the biggest problem you remember having in Grade School? We had a school bully, Dean Hanks. Dean had been held back in the second grade for 3 years so he was 3 years older than the rest of us and he made life miserable for all of us through the 2nd and 3rd grades. By the 4th grade some of us had learned to stand up to him and we got along OK. February 22 - What is the biggest problem you remember having in Jr. High School? Trying to decide which was the most important, girls or baseball. Generally baseball was ahead. February 23 - What is the biggest problem you remember having in Sr. High School? Trying to remember why I thought baseball was important.

9: February 24 - Describe a place you liked to go to be alone. I had a tree house. Actually it was more like a perch, but I spent a lot of time on it. February 25 - Tell of a place that you discovered or built as a "haven" for your gang. Down by the pond there were some cement foundations where an old dance hall used to be. We used to dig out a pit in the middle of it and cover it with poles/planks/dirt making a neat cave. One year we made 2 huge caves of at least 10 feet square and 3 feet deep with a 5-foot long tunnel. There were some boys from Payson who came over and crawled in our cave. They immediately lit up. The smoke got so thick it drove us out. I don't think we ever went back. February 26 - Tell about a favorite "hang out" place for you and your friends in Jr. or Sr. High. We didn't really "hang out" in those days. Living in a small town and having long distances between our homes we just got together on special occasions. February 27 - Tell about the best pet you ever had. My first pet, Stooge, was a little wire haired Terrier that Aunt Etta gave me. (Etta Wilgar, my dad's sister.) He would follow me everywhere. He would run after the cows and nip at their heels if they didn't move fast enough when we took them to pasture. One day, as we were crossing the highway, he ran after a cow and a car came speeding past out of nowhere and hit him. I left my bicycle by the road and carried him home, but he died soon after. For weeks afterward I would think he was following me, but when I looked around he was never there. February 28 - Tell about other pets you had. I nearly always had a dog. One black terrier I had, I called Nigger. After a year or two he got wandering off and sometimes would be gone for days and then would return. Finally he left and never returned home again. Once I was riding my bike up on the East side of town and I saw him in the distance. I called him, but he just ran off and disappeared. March 1 - Tell about being in a school play or program. I was always in school plays and operettas and always had a leading roll. In my Jr. year in HS I won a gold medal in the HS reading contest, for humorous readings. In my senior year I was in three 3 act plays and one 1 act play. I competed in the BYU Forensics meet and won an award of "Highly Superior" for my humorous reading. Highest award given. Also, I went to the state debate finals with my partner, Joe Nelson. We lost out in the 3rd round.

10: March 2 - Tell about a school principal you remember. Lynn Hanks was our principal and home room teacher. He was a biologist, but he taught us Algebra. He later admitted that he was only about 4 pages ahead of us all school year, but he was the best math teacher I ever had. I thought the world of him especially after the football incident (see Mar. 7). March 3 - Did you ever pretend to be sick as an excuse to stay home from school? I liked school. I was more apt to pretend I was well when I was really sick so I could go to school. It was much better than Grandma's home remedies. Mustard plasters, Castor oil, Vaseline rubs, etc. March 4 - Do you have a good story about yourself cussing? One Sunday afternoon, Glade Stone, Sterling Beddows and I were playing cowboys down by the head of the pond. Naturally if you're playing cowboys you have to talk like cowboys. Actually we were yelling like cowboys. My mother and 2 of her lady friends were taking a walk around the pond and came upon us. Boy did I ever catch it for my language. March 5 - Tell about how you spent your Saturdays during the school year. Swimming in Summer Football in Fall Sleigh riding in Winter Baseball in Spring March 6 - Tell about how you spent your Sundays. Sunday afternoons we always had a big baseball game. The Eastsiders against the Westsiders. All the kids in town were involved. The Westsiders always won of course. March 7 - What was the naughtiest or meanest thing you remember doing in school? When I was in the 9th grade, one fall morning in our PE class several of us boys got to talking about the football game coming up that afternoon and how much we would like to see it. Four of us walked down to the highway and hitchhiked over to Spanish Fork. We were sitting on the High School lawn when we looked up and there was Mr. Hanks, our Principal, with a policeman. He said, "Boys, do you want to come with me or the policeman." We went with him. He took us back to school, bawled us out good in front of the class, and then brought us back to the game. March 8 - When on car trips, did you play car games? We didn't take many car trips, but the ones we did were long and boring.

11: March 9 - What was your favorite radio program? Jack Armstrong "The All American Boy". March 10 - What was your favorite movie as a youth? Why? I liked all movies. March 11 - Did kids ever tease you? About what? Kids always tease. They don't need a reason. March 12 - Tell of a difficult school essay or term paper assignment. Don't recall any. March 13 - Tell about your first smoke. As kids we tried to smoke dried wild lettuce leaves and sweet pea pods. March 14 - Do you remember your first pizza? The first pizza I remember was when we were living in Ammon, Idaho. About 1955 or 56. A new pizza parlor had opened up in Idaho Falls; so several young couples went in together to check it out. We didn't know anything about pizza. So Wynnette and I each ordered a large one. We took the left overs home and fed the kids on it for the next week. March 15 - If you went to college, tell which college you chose and why. BYU - When I got home from the Navy, it seemed so good to be home that I wanted to be able to commute to college rather than have to go away again. Finances also played a roll. Free room and board was a big attraction. March 16 - Tell your major and how you chose it. As a child I always dreamed of becoming an MD, so I first enrolled at BYU as a premed student. But, after my 2nd quarter, reality set in and I realized I didn't have access to finances to take me through 4 years of college, med. school etc. so I changed my major to chemistry/math. March 17 - Did people wear green on St. Patrick's Day? Usually just a token amount.

12: March 18 - Do you have any other memories of St. Patrick's Day as a youth? No. March 19 - If you ever hitchhiked, explain. We hitchhiked everywhere. During the 30's and 40's it was easy to hitch a ride. In 1945 while in the Navy, I hitch hiked from Chicago, Ill. to Denver, Colorado for a leave. I took a bus on to Salt Lake City and to Salem. After being home a few days my leave was canceled and I took a bus back to Chicago. March 20 - What do you remember as your favorite time of year? Why? I liked all seasons equally. March 21 - Describe some household chores you had as a child. The first chore I remember was walking up to the Beddow's house to get a pail of milk every day. About a block away. We got our own cow when I was about 8 so I must have been only about 6 when I had to do that. March 22 - Describe some outside chores. I was 10 when my brother Junior died in 1936; I had to take over milking and feeding the cows. We had two by then. It was so cold in the winter my hands would feel like ice. One day, when I touched the cow with my cold hands she really jumped. That's where the phrase "the cow jumped over the moon" came from. March 23 - Which chore did you dislike the most? Going fishing - I had to go fishing everyday to put food on the table. It formed a bad habit that has stayed with me all my life. March 24 - What bones have you broken and how? The only one I ever broke was in my nose when I was hit by a baseball as a child. When I was an adult, I broke the bones in my right hand. Doing what? Playing baseball. I also cracked 3 ribs playing basketball in High School. March 25 - Did you ever need stitches? When I was a baby, probably less than 1 year old, my mother had me in a jumper swing and a little neighbor girl was bouncing me up and down. The spring broke and the end of the spring tore my face from the bottom of my nose up to the edge of my right eye. Luckily we lived in an apartment owned by Dr. Torpridge and his office was within about 100 feet. It took about 10 stitches to sew me up. I was quite disfigured by the scar as a child but it slowly faded until it was hardly visible by the time I was in high school.

13: March 26 - Do you have any other good stories about being injured? When I was a sophomore in HS I had just qualified for the sophomore basketball team and our Senior Scouts (Young Men) played a game of BB with the ward elders. We were a lot faster than them but not as strong. During the game, Bill Christensen shoved me against the wall and broke 3 ribs. That ended my basketball career. If you can't play your sophomore year it was useless to even try in your Jr. and Sr. years. March 27 - Tell of a childhood illness. Never anything serious, but I got the measles every winter. So much for the theory that you can only get them once. March 28 - Tell about an experience at the doctor or dentist. We never went to either one. March 29 - Name your best school chums. Glade Stone, Lewis Miner, John Hanks, Lynn Christensen, Carl Carson, Roy Christensen, Richard Sheen, Blaine Nuttel March 30 - What were some crazy names or nicknames in your school? Piggy (Jack) Powell Bearer (Roy) Anderson Mooner (George) Money Stage Coach (Gus) Black - High School Coach Glad Rock (Glade) Stone March 31 - Tell about a practical joke or prank you played on a person. Don't recall any. | Darrell Card, Lynn Christensen, Glade Stone, Glenn Close, LeRoy Christensen, John Hanks | Back: Don Banks, Lamar Briggs, Lenard Taylor, Lynn Christensen, Lewis Minor, Wayne Miller Middle: Unknown, Gene Tolman, Bob Hutchinson, John Hanks, Ken Hatch Front: Junior Underwood, Andy Taylor, Darrell Card, Glade Stone, Merrill Dee Stewart

14: April 1 - Do you have a good April Fool's Day story? No. April 2 - Tell about a practical joke or prank someone played on you. Don't recall any. April 3 - As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A Doctor (MD). April 4 - Did you ever make a kite? How? Tell about your kite-flying experiences. I was always trying to make a kite out of apple tree limbs and newspaper, never very successful. April 5 - Did you ever feel a hatred for another person? Explain. There were always some kids I didn't like, but I can't remember any that I really hated. April 6 - Have you ever hunted, or tried to capture a wild animal? Hunting was a very big part of my growing up. Starting out with a flipper, progressing to a BB gun, 22, 410 and finally a 16 gauge. I never owned a big rifle until I was 19 years old. I loved to hunt pot guts, pheasants, ducks, rabbits, etc. April 7 - Did you ever try to adopt a wild animal? One time Stan Cold and I caught about six baby ducks, which we tried to raise. They died in about 3 days. We often caught water snakes and kept them for a few days. They usually escaped. April 8 - Make up a limerick about yourself. There was a young dude from Salem Whenever he saw friends, he'd hail em Every day to the lake A hike he would take There he'd make boats, then he'd sail em. | Darrell Card

15: April 9 - Make up a limerick about me. When my Darelyn was just a young lassie I sometimes had to spat her small assy She had a few flaws But we loved her because To her parents she never was sassy. We had a young daughter named Dyanny We thought she had the cutest little fanny So we sent her to the Y To find the right guy We were glad when she married her Danny We had a young daughter named Miriam She was cute as a little Antherium And though, to our delight She turned out alright She nearly drove her mom to delirium | April 10 - Relate a favorite spring memory. I remember one warm spring day we were playing baseball at the schoolyard, and it was so warm we all decided to go skinny-dipping in the pond. We all trooped down to a little boat landing below Blaine Nuttle's house. By the time we got there, everyone except Don Davis and I had changed his mind. We both stripped off and jumped in. Don hit the water and jumped out again so fast he didn't even get wet. But I had to prove my "Macho" (Didn't even know what that meant) so I swam around for about 10 seconds before I got out. | Darelyn and Darrell | Dyann and Darrell | Miriam and Darrell

16: April 11 - Did your mom or dad ever find something you had hidden? I never had anything to hide. April 12 - Share a memory of going to church as you were growing up. Sunday school was at 10:00. Sacrament meeting at 7:30. Everyone went to Sunday School, nobody went to Sacrament meeting. The Sacrament attendance in those days probably averaged 10%. At Sunday School they had Sacrament Service and song practice in opening services. We spent more time in opening services in those days than we do in the whole Sunday School Service now days. April 13 - Share a memory about a church social activity. One of my favorite church activities was the Relief Society Bazaar. I'm not sure what other activities took place, but they let school out at noon so we could all walk up to the church for lunch. They always had the best chili and chocolate cake. Then we got the rest of the afternoon off. I think they once tried to have school resume in the afternoon but the level of Biological methane was so high they had to send us home anyways. April 14 - Tell about an Easter egg hunt. When I was a child, the Easter Bunny didn't dare hide Easter Eggs around. There were always a lot of us kids around with BB guns and 22's and rabbits were favorite targets. We did go "Eastering" however. When I was small it was like taking a bag of goodies and walking up to the "head of the pond", as we grew older it became a two-day camping trip up to the "Springs". April 15 - Tell about any other Easter traditions. When we were in about the 7th or 8th grade, Lynn, John and I had a big project of making "home made" root beer for our Easter trip. We must have bottled nearly 100 bottles. This was the old fashioned kind with yeast, not today's instant kind made with dry ice. Some of the boys a year older than us got some whiskey and got pretty drunk but my bunch just stuck with the root beer. April 16 - Did you ever have a recurring dream as a child? No. April 17 - When you played make believe, what did you pretend? We played cowboys a lot. I was usually Tom Mix or Hop-A-Long Cassidy. April 18 - Tell about the best birthday present you ever received. One year when I was quite young I got some bricks similar to the Lego toys of today. I played with them by the hour.

17: April 19 - Tell about any sports you played in Jr. or Sr. High. When I was in the 9th grade our softball team had a ball game with Goshen Jr. High. Our principal and coach, Mr. Hanks, told us he would buy anyone a candy bar if he hit a home run. I hit 3. We had a school dance that night and I made him pay up at the dance. I really thought I was Mr. Big Shot sharing them with my friends. April 20 - Did you ever write something that you were really proud of? When I was a Junior in High School I wrote several feature (Humorous) articles for the school paper for which I gained considerable notoriety. In my senior year I was editor for the school paper and wrote just about everything that was printed in it. | Darrell's Contributions to the School Paper | "The Radio Has Got Me" Nearly every one in our family likes to listen to a different kind of radio program, consequently there is always an argument going on about what program we should listen to. At least this was the condition that existed until Dad, at his wits end, bought each of us a radio so we could all listen to our own program without making every one else uncomfortable. Now, I listen to dance music in my room, my sister listens to love stories in her room, Mother listens to cooking recipes in the kitchen, Dad listens to the news in the living room, and my kid brother listens to adventure stories upstairs. The other night all the doors in the house were open and this is what it sounded like: In the blue of the evening add one cup of flour, a pinch of salt, and take me in your arms, darling; ten thousand coal miners walked off work today in Alabama saying "I'm going to buy a paper doll" garnished with fresh parsley. Don't try to stop me copper we're on our way to be married. She loves me and I love the Japs counter attacking in the Finschoffen area, General MacArther said -- "Lay that pistol down babe" -- or I'll drill you and dump your body in -- Leipzig, Germany's third largest city -- serve it cold and I'll guarantee your husband will jump up from the table and shout, - "Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a beautiful sight, isn't it?" Well, by this time I had completely lost control of myself and started throwing radios in every direction. Oh well, at least they gave me a room with a southern exposure, but this straight-jacket is a little bit tight. | "Essay On Frogs" by Darrell Longfellow Card A frog is a very beautiful animal with four legs and a green back. However it can be told from a five dollar bill by its four legs. You can also tell it from a blond because its legs aren't so shapely and nice to look at. It can be easily compared with a jitterbug because it is always hopping around and doesn't seem to know where it's going or why it's jumping around so much. They seem to be way ahead of our jitterbugs mentally however, because you will never never see one of them wearing a zoot suit. They seem to be a lot stronger than most people too, because they can croak every night and still be alive the next day. (This is something the modern generation can't do..) Like some people frogs are very heavy drinkers and will often spend four of five nights a week in the gutter. Frogs are very funny in many ways and enjoy many of the same things a woman does. For instance a frog will often spend several hours taking a bath. Frogs also go in for mud packs and spend nearly all winter taking one. Frogs would make good ball players, because they are experts at catching flies. Still a frog couldn't be substituted for Babe Ruth because who ever heard of a frog making sixty home runs in one season. Frogs lay thousands of eggs every spring, but chickens get sixty cents a dozen for theirs, so if I were a frog, I'd rather be a chicken.

18: April 21 - What is the best book you ever read as a child? Jack London's "Call of the Wild". April 22 - What is the biggest physical problem you had to deal with? My bad eyes. I couldn't see well enough to really participate in High School athletics without wearing my thick glasses. April 23 - Did you have any superstitions? No. April 24 - Where were your best hide-and-seek places? I didn't hide from other people much, but I suspected they hid from me a lot if they saw me coming first. April 25 - Tell about the first time you were ever behind the wheel of a car. Verniel Jackman who lived across the street first taught me to drive. He was Eula's age, but I hung out with him a lot. One summer we picked cherries for Jim Pinnegar up in the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon and we drove back and forth in Vern's old rattletrap car. He often let me drive. The car was so old and beat up I guess he thought he didn't have anything to lose. April 26 - Did you ever take anything that wasn't yours? Probably, but I can't remember anything specific. April 27 - What did you do with it? Did you get caught? N/A April 28 - Do you have a story about a big surprise? Can't think of any. April 29 - What childhood fears do you remember? None. April 30 - Tell about a May Day tradition. I remember when I was in Primary, they would put up a tall pole (10-12 ft?) with long multicolored crepe paper streamers on it. Then they would have us kids each hold a streamer and march and counter march, weaving in and out to braid the streamers on the pole. It really taught us a valuable skill that I have been ready to use through out my life, but the right opportunity just hasn't come along.

19: May 1 - What were May Baskets made of and what did they contain? Don't remember any May baskets so they must have been made of air. May 2 - How much do you remember paying for an ice cream cone? About 5 cents. May 3 - Did you have a tree house? I had a one-board perch in our apple tree. When I was quite young I remember the older boys (Junior and his friends) had some very elaborate tree houses in a row of silver leaf maples that lined the road between Andrew Hatch's house and Art Bank's house. They had ropes to swing on and everything. I was too little to climb up there. Then one day Dean Mattensen cut all of the trees down and spoiled everything. May 4 - Were you ever bitten by a dog? Probably, but never seriously. May 5 - Did your mother ever make a special gift for you? Mother made the best chocolate cake with walnuts and the best lemon meringue pie in the world. May 6 - Tell of a favorite memory of your mother. One of my earliest memories of Mother was of us kids walking down to the train station to meet her when she got home from work. The train would arrive about 9:00 p.m. and she had to leave before 7:00 a.m. Usually she was gone in the morning before we got up so it was fun for us to meet her and walk home with her. May 7 - Tell about some good advice your mother gave you. Mother always told me to get an education. I used to say "Dad taught me how to work hard, mother taught me to get an education so I wouldn’t have to".

20: May 8 - Relate your family Mother's Day traditions. Usually all of my aunts and uncles would come by the see Grandma Holder and, of course, Mother would have to feed them. I think Mother's Day was not really great for my mother. May 9 - Do you remember any childhood songs or rhymes? We used to sing "Little Purple Pansy's" and "O we are the Boy Trail Builders". May 10 - Name some popular hit songs from your youth. When the Moon Comes over the Mountain Blue Moon Tumbling Tumble Weeds Harbor Lights May 11 - What was your favorite singing group or band? Tommy Dorsey Glenn Miller Sons of the Pioneers May 12 - Tell a favorite singer and a song that he/she sang? Kate Smith "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain" Bing Crosby "Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day" May 13 - What kind of dances did you do as a youth? Fox Trot and the Waltz. I never did really learn to Jitter Bug very well. May 14 - Tell about the first dance you ever went to. In Jr. High we had lots of dances and I never missed going to one, but we never danced. The boys all stood on one side of the gym and the girls stood on the other. Sometimes some of the girls would dance with each other. I still don't know why we went. May 15 - Tell about your High School prom or formal dance. When I was a junior, I was the class president so I was in charge of the Jr. Prom and I was determined to make it the best. We did the most elaborate decorations anyone had ever seen. It was a great prom, but I'm afraid I committed an unforgivable sin. I dated a senior girl.

21: May 16 - Describe your military experience or that of someone in your family. After I graduated from High School I had a long and distinguished military career in the U.S. Navy. Actually it was only 16 months, but it seemed long to me and my mother was proud of me. Actually when the Japanese rulers learned that I was out of boot camp and might be coming after them they just gave up. I should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor for that but I guess the paper work got lost in Washington D.C. someplace. May 17 - Share a memory involving a war during your childhood or youth. I remember the shock and horror we felt on the Sunday morning of Dec. 7, 1941. We had just gotten home from Sunday School and turned on the radio. My half brother, Gene, was there at Pearl Harbor in the Marine Air Corps. As soon as he could he sent us a telegram saying he was OK. Then he was transferred to Midway Island. In June of '42 we heard about the attack on Midway and we received a message from the Associated Press that Gene had been cited for bravery. He received the Purple Heart and the Navy Cross. | May 18 - Share another memory involving a war during childhood or youth. Gene was tail gunner on a dive-bomber. His pilot was the Squadron Commander. On their run over the Japanese fleet they scored a direct hit on a Japanese Air Craft carrier. Gene was hit by shrapnel in his leg, but he shot down one Jap zero and drove off another. When they landed there were 165 bullet holes in their plane. Gene was sent to the hospital, but the Commander took another plane out and never returned. He got the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously. First Marine Office in WWII.

22: May 19 - If you have another photograph of your childhood to share, place it here. May 20 - Tell about your graduation exercises or traditions. After our graduation dance our senior class rented a houseboat on Utah Lake and took a moonlight cruise. We got home about sunup. May 21 - What year did you graduate from High School? 1945 May 22 - How many students were in your high school? In your graduation class? About 300 About 100 May 23 - Tell of someone you envied and why. I think I always envied Joe Nelson. He was one of my best friends in High School. He was such a great athlete. He won a letter every year in football, basketball and track. All state in Basketball. Started on the BYU Basketball team 4 years and won "All American." He played pro ball one year. Joe was my partner on the debate team. We won regional, but got hammered in the 3rd round of the state tournament. We took 5 classes together our senior year. Good thing for Joe that we did. He always got a stiff neck trying to look at my test papers. May 24 - Did you have homework? Yes, in Jr. High and High School About 100 | Earl Jr, Earl, Louise, Darrell

23: May 25- Describe a very proud moment in your childhood. I think our awards assembly when I was a Senior was a very proud moment. It seemed like I was going up to the stage every 5 minutes. I was awarded the Honor Thespian award, Best Thespian, Runner up in the State Pepsi Cola Scholarship, Archive Williams Reading contest Gold Medal, BYU Forensic meet Highly Superior Award and 4 school letters "S". I missed a 5th one by 2 points. I was always very self confident but that was really false pride. I think that was a major fault that I had. May 26 - Tell about Memorial Day traditions during your youth. Memorial Day was the day for the gathering of the Holder clan. All of Mother's relatives came to Salem to decorate the graves and end up at our house. There was always lots of good food. So when Wynnette and I were pinned I took her to Salem on Memorial Day to meet the family. Boy did she meet family. When that didn't scare her off, I knew she was the right one. Mary 27 - Share a special memory of Memorial Day. See May 26 May 28 - Did you play a musical instrument? I played a clarinet May 29 - Tell of the closest friend you had during your childhood. Glade Stone was probably my closest friend in childhood. His grandmother lived across the street from us and his mother would bring him over to visit. So we started playing together before we started school. He lived about a mile away, but we would walk to each other’s houses to play Monopoly. Later we rode our bicycles. As we grew older we expanded our circle of friends, but we were always close. May 30 - Is there anything you have now that you kept from your childhood? Mostly just the pictures in my scrapbook. May 31 - Do you have any good bath time stories? When I was little, before we got our bathroom, we always got a bath on Saturday whether we needed it or not. We had a big tub, which we set up in the kitchen. Then we three kids bathed one after the other. In the same water. Grandmother Holder would wash our hair, and then she would pour a cup of very hot water on our head to rinse it clean. I was sure she scalded me every time. We finally had a bathroom put in about 1938. It was one of the first ones in Salem.

24: June 1 - Tell about a strange person that lived in your town. I think one of the most strangest persons in Salem was Johnny Abildskov. He was an immigrant from Scandinavia. Spoke only broken English and had no formal education but he knew how to judge horses. He kept a string of about 20 horses and whenever a farmer needed a new horse he would trade with Johnny. Johnny died one of the richest men in Salem. He became a director of the bank and one of the biggest landowners in town. June 2 - What was the funniest name or nickname in your town? Johnny Abildskov June 3 - Did you ever sleep under the stars? Yes, often. I learned to love the outdoors early in life. Mostly because nobody would invite me indoors. June 4 - Tell about hot dog or marshmallow roasting. I remember when I was just a tenderfoot scout we went on a scout hike. One of the requirements for 2nd class cooking was to cook a piece of steak over an open fire. After we got it cooked, we had to get one of the leaders to taste it and sign off our card. I took a piece to Lawrence Christensen (Assistant Scout Master) and he said "Oh that's terrible. It's still raw", so I took another taste to Mr. Gardner the Scout Master. He said, "oh, that's great. Just the way I like it". I've always liked medium rare steak since then. June 5 - Did you ever go on a camp out? Tell about it. I went on lots of camp outs. Always loved it. That's why I was so pleased to find out after we were married that Wynnette loved it also. June 6 - Did you ever go on a snipe hunt? I knew what they were. I wasn't that dumb. June 7 - What food did you learn to cook or prepare first as a youth. Steak on a stick. You can't even get that at "Sizzler" or "Outback" these days. June 8 - Share a horse-riding story. Most of my horse riding was in back of my friends who had horses. I never liked horses much. Still don't. June 9 - What was your first job? When I was a kid I worked for all the farmers. Hoeing beets, thinning beets, picking tomatoes, tromping hay. When I was 15 I got a real job at the Del Monte Cannery in Spanish Fork. You were supposed to be 16 so I lied about my age and got a social security card that said I was 16. After that I always worked at the cannery in the summers until I went in the Navy.

25: June 10 - How much did you get paid? About 75 cents an hour for farm work. June 11 - Tell about any other paying jobs you held as a youth. After I got out of the Navy I again worked at the cannery for 2 years. Then I got a job with the Bureau of Reclamation as an Engineer's Aid. We surveyed the Soldier Creek Dam (Strawberry), Rock Creek Dam and Flaming Gorge Dam. It was a Dam good job. June 12 - Were you ever chased by some animal? No, but I chased a lot of them. June 13 - If you were ever in a parade, tell about it. I think the most singular parade experience we ever had was when Wynnette was "Mrs. Utah." She was asked to ride on a float in the parade for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Park City resort. We arrived, but the float didn't. We were then asked to ride in the back of a dirty, rusty old antique truck. I took one look at it and told them Mrs. Utah was not riding in that and we were going home. About that time someone flagged down a new convertible pulling a new boat on it's way to Strawberry and we rode in that. She later presented an Apple Pie to the Governor. | Darrell in the Peach Days Parade | Mrs. Utah 1963 (Wynnette) and Darrell Card | June 14 - Tell another memory about a parade. I don't really care much for parades. I usually avoid them whenever I can.

26: June 15 - Share a childhood memory about a death that affected you. My brother, Junior, died in 1936. He was 14. I was 10. He was my boyhood hero. He was always taking me places. He taught me to ride a bike and was always doing the things a big brother should. His death left a big hole in my life. June 16 - Relate your happiest memory as a youth. I think the happiest memory of my youth was in the summer of 1934 when my dad came home. He had left in 1928 during the "Great Depression" to try to find work. The trouble was there was no work to be found. Mother had moved into Grandpa Holder's with us kids. We had a pretty tough time of it for about 5 years. I was glad when we became a complete family again. June 17 - How did you learn to swim? At the lower end of Salem Pond there was a train trestle across the pond. At 10 feet intervals there were large beams about 1 foot by 2 feet set on pilings to support the train tracks. These "poles" made good seats for us kids to rest on when we were swimming. The water at the 1st pole was about 8 feet deep sloping to 3 feet by the bank. I learned to swim by diving off of the 1st pole and crossing over to where I could touch, gradually learning to kick and paddle to go farther. As I became more confident, I graduated to the 2nd pole, etc. Knowing I could stop at the 1st pole if necessary. June 18 - Where did you go swimming? In Salem Pond. I practically lived there. I spent so much time on the edge of the pond that many people in town called me "that son-of a-beach". They had a funny way of pronouncing beach though. Kind of like they said crick instead of creek. June 19 - Tell a favorite memory of your father. Dad had a beautiful tenor voice and loved to sing. He also had a great sense of humor and would keep everyone laughing with his wisecracks. June 20 - Tell about some good advice your father gave you. Dad was never prone to giving advice but he set the example of generosity and frugality in his life. June 21 - Did your father ever make a special gift for you? Not that I remember.

27: June 22 - Did you have a special nature place where you went to explore? I remember one Saturday when Glade Stone, Lewis Minor and I hiked to the top of Mr. Loafer, just to see if we could do it. It's one of the higher mountains in Utah. On the way down we could ski on the snow in the gullies. We had a great time. Lewis had a 22 and he shot a pine hen that he was going to take home for dinner, but he lost it while skiing down a gully. June 23 - Did you ever go skinny-dipping? Many times in Salem Pond and in the High Line Canal. June 24 - Did you ever make mud pies? Sure, who didn't? June 25 - Did you go barefoot in the summer? Sometimes. I never really got tough footed. June 26 - Describe a few of the favorite hairstyles of your youth. Some of the boys wore their hair long on the sides and combed it back into a duck tail. I never did like it myself. June 27 - Tell about a bike you had. I inherited my bike when Junior died. It was old and very lightweight. It had no fenders so when the streets were wet, so was I. My friend, Glade, had a very fancy bike with lots of fenders, lights, mudguards, etc. It was so heavy he could hardly lift it. When we went on long rides I appreciated my old bike. June 28- Tell about your first very own car. I never had a car of my own until I was a junior in college. I used to say I was going to buy a car and Dad would say, "OK, I'll sell mine. I just keep it around for you". I felt like he could afford it better than I could. I finally bought a 34 Chevy Roadster in 1948. It had a convertible top and a rumble seat. It made a great rabbit-hunting car. We could just sit on the back of the seat and drive through the sagebrush and shoot rabbits on the go. It was a fun car. June 29 - Did you ever have or make a swing? I had tire swings and rope swings. Nothing very exotic.

28: June 30 - Tell about seeing something you thought was very beautiful. The most beautiful thing in my life was your mother. She has added beauty to an otherwise drab life for nearly 59 years now. | July 1 - Describe an outside game you made up. I don't know that I ever made up any games. When we were outside we played ball or Cowboys and Indians. (We didn't have any Native Americans in those days.) July 2 - Describe an inside game you made up. Inside we played Monopoly or Chess. | Wynnette and Darrell Card

29: July 3 - What kind of fireworks did people have when you were a youth? Firecrackers and sparklers, about the same as today. In those days you could buy them everywhere. July 4 - Tell about Independence Day traditions of your childhood. Almost every town had their Independence Day celebrations. There were always booths selling hamburgers and ice cream and there were some carnival (midway) type rides and always a baseball game in the afternoon. July 5 - Do you have a special July 4th that you remember most? We used to light firecrackers in our fingers and then throw them away before they went off. The time I remember most was the time I forgot to throw the firecracker. That really made an impression on me. July 6 - Did you ever go to carnivals or amusement parks? Where? I loved carnivals. We didn't really have amusement parks like they have today, but all the little towns had their special celebrations like Onion Days (Payson), Strawberry Days (Pleasant Grove), Fiesta Days (Spanish Fork). The UBIC was my all time favorite. The Unita Basin Indian Celebration (Roosevelt, UT). Indian dances, cowboy rope twirling, rodeo, etc. July 7 - What kinds of rides and games were there? How much did they cost? We had Ferris Wheels, Carousels, Tilt-a-whirls. Baseball pitching at bottles, dart throwing etc. 10 - 25 cents. July 8 - Tell about any State Fair or County Fair experiences. I remember once at a Salem City Fair, I took two of my pigeons up in a cage to exhibit them. They were the only pigeons entered. I sat there by the cage about half of the day until someone came along and gave me a blue ribbon for them. I was as proud as if I'd had a grand champion steer. July 9 - Tell about going to a circus or Chautauqua. The first circus I ever went to was when I was 10. Lynn Stone took me and Stewart and Joyce to it in Roosevelt. I thought it was wonderful. I was staying in Myton that summer with Aunt DeVetta. That was the year Junior died and we had to come home early from our vacation. That was the last summer I ever went to the "basin" because Aunt DeVetta moved to Salem the next year. July 10 - Tell any favorite summertime memory. My most memorable summer was 1939. Dad had a new car, and we drove down to San Francisco to see the World's Fair. We stayed with Aunt Jessy and half brother Gene in Oakland. Gene took Eula and I for an airplane ride over San Francisco. Gene was just 20 years old, but he had his commercial pilot's license. Then we drove down the California coast to Los Angeles and back to Utah via Las Vegas. My impression of Las Vegas was that it was just a dry dusty wide spot in the road where we stopped to get gas.

30: July 11 - Did you go fishing in your childhood? I went fishing nearly every day. My first pole was bamboo cane about 15 feet long with string tied to the tip. When I'd hook a fish I'd just flip it back over my heard. Sometimes it would land in a tree and end up being food for the birds. Later I got a steel rod that had a casting reel. I couldn't catch any more fish with it, but I saved a lot more. July 12 - Tell about your biggest or best catch. I remember one time I was fishing with young Jimmy Christenson down on the lower pond, when I hooked a giant bass. It was so big that I was afraid it was going to pull me in, but Jimmy grabbed the pole with me and we both tried to land it. Fortunately it broke the line and got away. I don't know what we would have done if we had landed it. We were so shook up we just went home. July 13 - Do you remember having a favorite candy? How much did it cost? My friend Wally Christensen's dad owned the local mercantile store. In the storeroom they had a big barrel of hard tack candy that must have been 100 years old because all the pieces were fused together. Sometimes he would let us go in the back room with an ice pick and chip off a hunk. We thought it was wonderful because it was free. July 14 - Do you remember having a favorite snack that you made at home? My favorite snack was bread, butter and honey covered with thick fresh cream. The closest think I have ever found to it was clotted cream and scones that they serve in Cornwall, England. July 15 - Share a memory about going on a picnic. I never heard of anyone going on a picnic when I was a child. I don't think they had been invented yet. People did pack a lunch and "go to the Canyon". I remember once going to the Canyon with Glade Stone's family and seeing a beautiful wildflower, which I had never seen before. Glade's mother told us it was a Columbine. It's been one of my favorite flowers ever since then. July 16 - What kinds of party games or party activities were popular? Kissing games. I didn't care much for kissing the boys, but the girls were nice. July 17 - Share a memory involving a heat wave or drought. It was always hot and dry in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter. That was before they had invented "global warming" so everything was just normal. July 18 - What did you do to stay cool? Went swimming in Salem Pond. But I was just naturally a cool dude.

31: July 19 - What was your favorite holiday of the year? Why? Christmas. I always looked forward to getting that lump of coal so we could have a fire and be warm for a day. July 20 - Share a birthday party memory. Don't recall any one special. July 21 - Tell about the neatest shoes you ever owned as a youth. Shoes were just something we had to wear when it was too cold to go barefoot. I never thought of them as being neat. July 22 - Share a memory about a power outage. We had them all the time, but I don't recall anything special. July 23 - Relate a memory involving a flood or cloudburst. No memory. July 24 - Relate a memory of a tornado, hurricane, or destructive wind. We never had such things in Salem. July 25 - What memories do you have of lightning or thunder during your childhood? I remember once when lightning hit a tree next to Thad Cole’s house (One block north of our house). It fried their radio and split the tree. I remember seeing big cracks in the ground around the tree, but it didn't cause a fire. July 26 - Share a special memory about riding in a boat. Once Blaine Nuttal, Richard Sheen and I found an old leaky rowboat down at the Pond and some boards we could use as paddles. Blaine had a small Colorado Spinner and some fish line so we took an afternoon vacation from school and paddled up and down the pond and caught several trout. Blaine's mother cooked them for us. My mother would have killed us. July 27- Tell about a family vacation trip. See July 10. July 28 - Share the best vacation experience you can recall. See July 10.

32: July 29- Share the most unpleasant vacation experience you can recall. I guess the summer of 1936 was the worst. Grandma and Grandpa Holder and I went out to the Unita Basin for what we expected to be a long visit. We had just been there a few days when we got a call that Junior was very sick. We rushed back to Salem, and he died about 3 days later. July 30 - Do you have any other memories about a river, lake, or beach to share? "Lake Salem" was the official name but better known as "Salem Pond." I played heavily there in my childhood. I spent most of my summers swimming, fishing or just hanging out there. July 31 - Tell a memory about riding on a ferry, bus, train, or plane. When I was young there was a passenger train that ran from Salt Lake to Payson and it was much cheaper to ride than driving a car. We used to ride it a lot. Along in the 50's they shut it down. Now 50 years later they are running the TRAX service again to Utah County. Life is one eternal round. August 1 - If you were to return to your youth, what would you do differently? I would learn to play the piano instead of the clarinet. August 2 - Describe your childhood home and neighborhood. When I was a child we lived with my grandparents. The house had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, front room, and no bathroom. The grandparents had one bedroom, Mother and Eula had one and Junior and I had one. Then when dad came back in 1934, we 3 kids all slept together in one bed. In about 1937 Dad remodeled the house. He put in a bathroom, furnace, new kitchen, and dining room. August 3 - Tell about going to a summer camp. My first summer camp was a Boy Scout camp at Timpanogos. We hiked to the top of Timp. I've always marveled that Mother let me go because that was where Junior caught pneumonia and died just two years before. It must have really been hard for her, but she never tried to hold me back. | Salem Pond

33: August 4 - Tell of an experience climbing a mountain or big hill. See June 22. August 5 - Tell a memory about having company at your house, or of a family party. Our house was always the gathering place for the Holder clan. Nearly every Sunday afternoon Uncle Jack and all of his family would come over. Sometimes Uncle Hillary and his family, always Aunt DeVetta and her family. Mother would make a big chocolate cake with black walnuts. No one else has ever made choc. cake as good as my moms. August 6 - Tell about board games and card games you played as a youth. Monopoly was the big game for us. Glade Stone, Lewis Miner and I would play Monopoly for hours at a time. We also played checkers and chess a lot, but of course they were 2 man games, so we mostly played them when Lewis couldn't come down. We lived about 2 miles from Glade's. August 7 - Did your mom or dad have a favorite remedy for what ailed you? We usually got oyster soup when we were sick with measles or chicken pox or things like that. If we had a chest cold we got a mustard plaster on our chest. August 8 - Share an experience about poison ivy or poison weed. The only time I ever got mixed up with poison oak was about in 1957 while we were still living in Ammon. We went to California and Howard Hayes (Uncle Howard), Grandpa Kartchner and I went down to Fresno to check out 40 acres that Wayne had bought just south of Yosemite. We hacked out the brush around the borders of the place and when I got back to Ammon I broke out with a terrible rash on my legs, ankles and arms. It took several weeks to clear it up. August 9 - What was your best talent? Theatrical acting. I always had a leading roll in our school plays. In my Senior year in High School I had lead rolls in two 3 act plays, one 1 act play, and did humorous readings in which I was awarded a Highly Superior Rating at the BYU Forensics contest for area high schools. This was the highest award given. In my junior year I won a gold medal for humorous readings in the Archie Williams reading contest. August 10 - Tell about a time when you got lost. I have never been lost. There have been rare occasions when I have been forced to consult a map to plot the shortest route to where I wanted to go, and once in a while my shortcuts have turned out to be longer than the more popular route, but that was usually due to unexpected road construction or faulty maps.

34: August 11 - Did you ever play in the sprinkler or hose? Not much. We had Salem Pond close by. It was better than any sprinkler. August 12 - Tell about being stung by a bee or wasp. I worked in the bee yards with Uncle Will so I was always getting stung. I built up quite a tolerance for bee stings. They didn't bother me much. August 13 - Did you have any favorite family songs that you sang together? No. August 14 - Tell about your bedroom. There was a bed in it. August 15 - Share a memory of staying overnight with a friend. Sleepovers hadn't been invented yet. August 16 - If you ever ran away from home, tell about it. No, I wasn't that stupid. August 17 - Do you remember being really curious about something? I was curious about everything. August 18 - Share your childhood experiences with roller skates. We loved to roller skate. There was an old dance hall about two blocks from our home and us kids would skate down there. There weren't any cement sidewalks or roads then so we rode our bikes there and skated around the cement dance floor. August 19 - Did you ever experience homesickness? The first time I ever remember being home sick was the first Sunday I was in boot camp in the Navy. There were about 10 LDS sailors in our company and we all marched over to the church services. I was OK until they started to sing the familiar LDS hymns. I got so choked up I couldn't sing. I never went to church again until I was transferred to Chicago. August 20 - Did you ever make a purchase that you later regretted? Probably many times, but nothing that I remember.

35: August 21 - Share an early experience with shaving. I started to shave in Junior High. By the 9th grade I was shaving every day. August 22 - Tell about a favorite doll, teddy bear, or other stuffed toy. I wouldn't have touched a doll, teddy bear or stuffed toy with a ten-foot pole. August 23 - Tell about another favorite toy. My favorite toy had to be a set of building bricks. They were the forerunners of the Lego toys of a later generation. I would spend hours building houses and outbuildings with them. There were great for entertaining me when I didn't have any friends over. August 24, - Did you have to abide by a curfew as a youth? Not a curfew as such. But I was expected to be in at a reasonable time. August 25 - If you ever had a hero, tell who? Tell why. Jack Armstrong, the "All American Boy." He was a fictional radio character. He had all the good qualities every boy wanted to emulate. August 26 - Describe how you used the phone to call a friend. We didn't have a phone, but neither did my friends. By the time I was in High School I had to walk down to Roy Christensen's house to borrow a phone. August 27 - Did you ever have a fire in your home or accidentally catch something on fire? We never had a fire, but I remember the night that Jackman's house across the street burned down. I woke in the middle of the night hearing someone running down the street yelling "Fire, Fire". We didn't have a fire department in Salem then so they just tried to put it out with a garden hose, which wasn't very effective. People kept running into the house trying to salvage whatever they could. Later Mr. & Mrs. Jackman were sitting in our front room and Mrs. J said "Oh Daniel, You're burned." They called a doctor, but he died a couple of months later from the burns. August 28 - Tell about going to box socials or potlucks. I remember the Relief Society Bazaars every year. The RS would have a craft sale where they would sell quilts and things to raise money for their charities, but the highlight of the event was when they let everyone out of school to have lunch at the church. We could get a bowl of chocolate cake for 10 cents. Only about 95% of the kids were LDS, but the ones who weren't didn't seem to mind getting an afternoon out of school and a cheap lunch. August 29 - Tell about an incident when you were very angry with your mom or dad. I'm sure there were times but I don't remember them.

36: August 30 - Tell about an incident when your mom or dad was very angry with you. Since I never did anything wrong why would they ever get angry with me? August 31 - Share a memory involving an outhouse. When I was little we had an outhouse (3 holes) built onto the end of our tool shed. This was important because it couldn't be tipped over at Halloween. Later, about 1936, we got a Roosevelt Monument, which was built by the WPA. These were very sturdy outhouses built with a cement floor and a lime pit. About 1938 or 39 we had a bathroom built inside the house so we no longer had to face that cold, cold trip outside on cold winter mornings. Grandpa Holder, when he would use it in the winter, would say "Oh, that's a marvelous machine". September 1 - Do you remember any Labor Day traditions of your youth? Labor Day was to new to have any traditions, when I was young. The area I grew up in was agricultural and not overly sympathetic with the labor movement. By the time I was in High School, Labor Day had become an accepted holiday and they always had a dance at Arrowhead resort, which we all went to. September 2 - Do you have a memory involving V.J. Day? On VJ day I was on a troop train being transferred out of boot camp. The Japanese spies learned about this and reported it to their government. This frightened them so much, thinking I was coming after them, that they just gave up. September 3 - What do you remember about your first day of school? As I remember it, they sent a posse out after me, which ran me down at the "head of the pond." I was dragged behind a horse, kicking and screaming (the horse, not me) all the way to school. September 4 - Tell about your school year calendar. It had 365 days in it, divided into 52 weeks and 12 months. September 5 - Tell about a school bully. Our school bully was Dean Hanks. Dean had been kept in the 1st grade for 3 years. They kept hoping they could at least teach him the alphabet. Finally they promoted him right along with our class. He bullied all of us for 2 or 3 years because he was 3 years older. Finally by about the 4th grade I and Glade and Lynn decided we could stand up to him and we took the side of the smaller kids in the class so the bullying stopped. September 6 - What do you remember doing at recess? We played softball in the spring and football in the fall. In the winter we played basketball or dodge ball.

37: September 7 - Tell about the playground equipment at your grade school. We had a swing and teeter-totter, not much else except for the giant stride swing. This was a pole with handles hanging from the top. It was wonderful when we had a kid on each handle. You could run around the pole and swing way high. When you were short a kid or two, those extra handles were lethal. After a few kids got conked on the head they removed the giant stride from the playground. September 8 - Did your parents ever make you wear something stupid to school? Just my clothes. They were usually pretty stupid. September 9 - Tell about who you thought was the smartest kid in school and why. Glade Stone, Lewis Minor, John Hanks and I were all at the top of the class. Among the girls were Lucy Taylor and Pearl Koyle were the top students. September 10 - Tell about who you thought was the dumbest kid in school and why. Dean Hanks, see Sept. 5. September 11 - Tell about the naughtiest kid in school. Had to be Dean. September 12 - Tell about a teacher's pet. I remember once in the 8th grade I sat right across the aisle from Dean Hanks. He was doing something bad and the teacher hit him on the hands with a ruler. Dean jumped up and raised his fist to hit her. I jumped up between them and told Dean to sit back down. He stared at me for a few seconds then sat down. After that I could do no wrong in that class. If there was a pet, I was it. September 13 - Name the schools that you went to. Salem Elementary: 1929-1941 Spanish Fork High School: 1942-1945 Brigham Young University: 1946-1950 University of Utah - MEA: 1967 September 14 - What was your most embarrassing school moment? Don't remember any. September 15 - What teacher did you dislike the most? Why? I never had a teacher I disliked. There were some I liked more than others. | Salem School

38: September 16 - Did you ever have a crush on a teacher? Not really. September 17 - Who was the best teacher you ever had? Why? Lynn Hanks. He was my 9th grade homeroom teacher. We just bonded well with him. September 18 - Describe your typical school day outfit. We wore white corduroy pants every day. They never got washed. To wash them would have destroyed their character. By spring when you took them off at night they would just stand by the side of your bed waiting for you. September 19 - If you were ever in a fight, tell about it. Once in the 9th grade, we boys were showering after P.E. When Andrew Taylor took a wet towel and starting flipping kids with it. When he aimed it at me, I said "Andy, don't do it". He flipped anyway and I went after him with fists flying. The other kids stopped us and Mr. Hanks, our gym teacher, made us put on boxing gloves and have it out. We pounded on each other for a while until we were both tired, but unhurt. I never did like him much after that, but we never had any trouble. September 20 - Tell about your worst report card. I never had a bad one. September 21 - What is the worst trick that you remember a student playing on a teacher? In the 8th grade we got a new teacher (home room) (Miss Meeks) in the middle of the year. We boys decided to play a trick on her to keep her from learning our names. So when she would call the roll we would answer for each other and changed the order each day. It took her several weeks to get us all straight. September 22 - What is the worst thing that you remember a teacher doing to a student? Don't recall anything. September 23 - How did you get to and from school? I walked each way or rode my bike, but it was only 2 or 3 miles. September 24 - Do you remember a special custodian? Our custodian was Emmet (aka Joe) Hanks. He was a good guy, we all liked him.

39: September 25 - What were your school colors? In High School - Red and Gray. September 26 - What was your school mascot? Had none. September 27- Tell about a memorable birthday cake. My mother made the world’s best chocolate cake. She made it for every special occasion. September 28 - Did you ever have a "good friend" who did something mean to you? No. September 29 - How did your school observe Homecoming? It was never a big deal. Sept. 30 - Do you have any special Homecoming experiences to relate? No. October 1 - Did your High School have cheerleaders? What did they wear? We had great cheerleaders. Best of any other High School around. October 2 - Can you recite any of your school cheers? No. October 3 - Tell about any other extra-curricular activities. Mainly chasing footballs or baseballs up to the 9th grade, after that it was chasing girls. October 4 - Do you have a good piece of advice for me? Always stay close to the church. October 5 - Do you have any special memories about raking and burning leaves, or mowing the lawn? These were just chores that had to be done.

40: October 6 - If you ever played in the leaves, tell about it. Don't remember it. October 7 - What allowance did you get? I generally had to earn my spending money, but sometimes Mother let me have the little egg money we got from selling our eggs to the Poultry Assocation. October 8 - Did you have to earn it? I cleaned out the coop and fed and watered the chickens. October 9 - What was your most prized possession as a child? A big spin top that Aunt Ethyl gave me. October 10 - What is the strangest thing you ever saw in the sky? I remember once we saw a big meteor in the sky just about sunset. It was just about as big as the sun and we could see it for several hours. October 11 - Relate a story about a mouse in the house. We killed it. October 12 - Share a memory about a bat in the house. Never happened. October 13 - Did you ever have any other strange animal in the house? Just my dog. He was pretty strange. October 14 - Do you remember the first movie you ever saw? Who starred in it? When I was real young they had an old theater in town where they would show a movie every Sat. afternoon. I think the admission price was 5 cents. It was worth every penny of it. October 15 - Do you have a good school pants wetting story? I remember once in the 1st grade when the teacher had us all stand up and march around in a circle and I saw a feces that someone dropped out of his pants. We had to be careful not to step on it.

41: October 16 - Tell about pulling or losing a baby tooth. I never picked on babies like that. October 17 - Did you ever lose something really important to you? Not that I remember. October 18 - Did you ever lose or break something that belonged to someone else? I wouldn't do that. October 19 - Was an injustice ever done to you? Just about every day. October 20 - Share a favorite fall memory. Once Glade Stone, Sterling Beddows and I rode our bikes up to the Dream mine. The road was so steep that we had to walk and push our bikes. It was a dirt road with many curves and ruts. It was so steep that we literally stood on our brakes all the way down. About halfway down the first one in line hit a rut on a curve and took a spill. The other two of us plowed into him and also went down. I've never had so many scrapes and bruises but luckily no broken bones. We shook it off and continued on home. October 21 - Do you have a story about standing up against odds for something you believed in? No. October 22 - What is the farthest you ever ran or walked? I remember once I was going to Spanish Fork with Uncle Will. We got about as far as the hill when the truck broke down so I ran all the way back to Lynn Stone's house to get help. Probably about 3 miles. October 23 - Did you ever pick apples? I always picked our own apples. We had about 4 trees. In the fall by the time I was old enough to pick for the farmers, I was working in the cannery. October 24 - If you had a watch, tell about it. I never had a watch when I was a kid. I don't remember when I got my first one.

42: October 25 - What hobbies or collections did you have as a youth? Glade Stone and I had stamp collections. We traded with each other and sent off for foreign stamps from catalogs. We spent just about every cent we could afford for stamps. Then one day we saw an advertisement for something like 5000 stamps for $10. We sent for it and nearly every stamp we had in our collections were in it. We decided our collections weren't very valuable after that. We just lost interest in them. October 26 - Share a memory about being very scared. Once Glade, Lewis, Sterling Bedews and I hitchhiked over to Spanish Fork to see a show. We got out about midnight and hitched a ride home. The two guys that picked us up started talking about the time when a cop had stopped them and they had guns on the back seat. (The two guys were in the front seat and we kids were in the back seat.) Then one of the guys pulled out a gun and was waving it around. We were 4 scared little boys. I finally got up enough courage to say "You can let us off here". They just stopped and let us out. We were still about 1/2 mile from Glade's, but we were glad to get out and walk. October 27 - Tell a story about a time when you dressed up in a costume. All of my clothes were costumes. October 28 - Did you ever tell ghost stories? Not much. October 29 - Do you have a good ghost or haunted house story to relate? No. | October 30 - What did people do at Halloween? We tipped over toilets and let the air out of car tires. Rubbed soap on windows. October 31 - Do you have a special Halloween memory? I remember when Rowena Killian's mother put out the word that if we would stop by her house she would give us a treat if we wouldn't do a trick on her house. That was the first I ever heard of "Trick or Treat." I'm glad the "T or T" custom has grown to what it is now and away from the "tricks" we used to play.

43: November 1 - Tell about how you first knew my mother. I first met Wynnette when she was a student (pre nurse) in a chemistry class for which I was the lab instructor. She just overwhelmed me with her brilliance and understanding of chemistry. November 2 - Tell about your first date with her. I think on our first date we went to a BYU baseball game. Up until then I believed that girls would never replace baseball. November 3 - What qualities first attracted you to her? When I look at pictures of her when we got married I realized that she was so beautiful that I didn't have a chance. It was like a moth being drawn to a flame. November 4 - Tell about how you proposed marriage to my mom. I don't really remember a formal proposal. I think we both just knew it was going to happen and started talking about getting married. November 5 - If you have a picture taken during your courtship to share, place it here. | Wynnette Kartchner and Darrell Card

44: November 6 - When and where were you married? September 1, 1950 Logan temple, Logan, Utah November 7 - What did you wear? White temple robes. November 8 - Who performed the ceremony? Who stood up with you? Elray L. Christiansen, President of the Logan, Temple. Later he was made a general authority. First Quorum of the Seventy. Ray Hemingway (Wynnette's uncle) was my escort. November 9 - Tell about any other circumstances of your wedding day. Wynnette's father, Wayne, had contracted Undulant Fever (from drinking unpasteurized milk) about a year before we were married, but it had been in remission. The day before our wedding my dad and I took Wayne fishing up to Strawberry. The exposure to hot sun caused him to have a relapse so bad that he couldn't go to the temple with us. Wynnette and I had to drive them back to California. We had planned to borrow my dad's car for our honeymoon. Mom and Dad came down to California and brought us back. What a honeymoon! November 10 - Did you go on a honeymoon? See Nov. 9. November 11 - Do you have an Armistice Day memory? I remember when I was in grade school they always used to march us all out onto the grass in front of the school by the flag pole to observe 1 minute of silence and prayer at 11:00 in memory of the end of the "great war to end all wars." We weren't supposed to ever have war again. November 12 - Tell about where you lived when first married. We had a little apartment in an apartment house called the Brockbank apartments at 234 E. 5th S. Salt Lake City. My grandmother's sister (Aunt Kate) managed the apartments and she got us in. Two other cousins lived in the same building. November 13 - What was your job at the time? I was working as an analytical chemist for the Bureau of Mines in Salt Lake City, Utah. November 14 - What qualities in my mom did you try to unsuccessfully change? I never tried to change her, but she sure tried to change me.

45: November 15 - Tell about the most serious problem or challenge you faced during your early Maybe our greatest challenge was trying to get proper medical help for Bill. We knew he had a problem, but we didn't know what it was. First we thought moving from Idaho to Utah would get him better help. Then moving to California. None of the medical experts knew what to do. Now 40 years later they still don't know. November 16 - Tell the full names, birthdays, and birthplaces of all of your children. Darelyn Card (McCarter) - Dec. 20, 1951, Salt Lake City, UT Dyann Louise Card (Lewis) - Nov. 2, 1952, Woodbury, NJ William Mark Card - Mar. 26, 1956, Idaho Falls, ID Miriam Joy Card (Olsen) - June 25, 1957, Idaho Falls, ID David Harold Card - Oct. 4, 1963, Brigham City, UT Michael Glenn Card - Jan. 27, 1965, Brigham City, UT November 17- Tell about the day I was born. The day Darelyn was born I remember that when I got home from work your mother was starting to have labor pains so we went up to the hospital about 6:00 p.m. After the usual stress and pains you were born about 11:00. After I was sure that everything was all right and Wynnette was resting well, I remembered that were having a Christmas dinner party at work the next day and I was assigned to bring sweet potatoes. So I went home and prepared a dish of candied sweet potatoes, something I had never done before. Took me until 3:00 am. Later I found out that nobody ate any of them. November 18 - How did you choose my name? It was just a feminization of my name. November 19 - What other names did you consider for me? Don't remember. November 20 - Who was the President when I was born? Harry Truman. November 21 - If you have a baby picture of me to share, place it here. November 22 - What were you doing when John F. Kennedy was assassinated? I was working at Thiokol. I thought they should give the day off but my boss just said, "Get back to work." | years of marriage. | years of marriage. | Darelyn Card McCarter

46: November 23 - What was the address of my first childhood home? 2795 B South State St. Salt Lake City, Utah November 24 - What do you remember most about my first month of life? Getting up in the middle of the night to warm a bottle under the hot water tap. November 25 - What were my other childhood addresses? 2. Woodbury, New Jersey 3. Martinsburg, West Virginia 4. 2265 Bittern Dr., Idaho Falls, Idaho 5. 465 Meridian Rd., Blackfoot, Idaho 6. 167 S. 3rd East, Brigham City, Utah 7. ? Lancaster, California 8. ? Helena Lane, Redlands, California November 26 - Share your favorite funny story of me as a child. When you girls were first learning to ride a bicycle you were giving Dyann a ride on your bicycle around the block and a big dog came running out barking at you. You made Dyann get off and walk so you could go faster and get away. November 27 - Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory. Can't really remember one. November 28 - Tell about the Thanksgiving traditions of your youth. What foods did you eat? Usually my mother’s relatives from Myton would come in to Salem. It seemed like such a long hard trip (125 miles) for them. Uncle Ed often brought us a live turkey, which he raised on his place at Mt. Emmons. November 29 - Tell your all-time favorites: Food - Bread, milk (thick cream) and honey Book - Robinson Caruso Movie - The Zoot Cat - Tom and Jerry November 30 - More favorites: Radio show - Amos and Andy Song- When the Moon Comes over the Mountain - Kate Smith Color - Blue - I was a BYU fan even then.

47: December 1 - More favorites: Bible Verse - Jeremiah 16:16 - Behold I will send for many fishers and they will fish them, saith the Lord. Then I will send for many hunters and they will hunt them, out of the mountains, out of the hills, and out of the holes in the rocks. Pastime- Swimming and boating on Salem pond. December 2 - As a youth, who was your favorite movie star? Why? William Boyde (Hop-along Cassidy) He always fought for the truth and right. December 3 - Do you have another good piece of advice for me? Remember, "The church is true". December 4 - Were you ever in a life-threatening situation? My mother or my dad often threatened to kill me if I didn't straighten up. December 5 - Did you ever have a bad experience with a haircut or a permanent? No. December 6 - Do you have any knowledge of how your first name was chosen? No, I've often wondered myself. Dec. 7 - Do you have a Pearl Harbor Day memory? We came home from church and I turned on the radio, and heard the news. We were really worried because my half-brother, Gene, was there. The next day we got a telegram from him saying he was OK. Dec. 8 - Tell about your favorite store to browse in as a child. The only store we had was "Salem Merc" which was owned by our next-door neighbor Jimmy Christensen. His son, Wally, was a little older than me, but I hung out with him a lot. Sometimes his dad would let us go into the backroom where they kept a big barrel of "hard tack" candy and we would chip off a piece of it that we could suck on the rest of the day. Dec. 9 - What did you like to look at there? The candy barrel.

48: December 10 - Tell about something you built, designed, or made as a youth. There was a swamp down by the pond where a lot of cattails grew. One day a bunch of us kids went down and cut cattails and made little huts out of them. I think there were about 7 huts. Richard Sheen and I had a really neat one. It took us all one Saturday. The next week after they had dried up good, Dean Mattensen set them on fire and burned them all down. Dean had kind of a mean streak in him. December 11 - Were you ever in a church or school Christmas or Holiday pageant? I was always in every play or pageant that they put on. Usually the leading role. December 12 - When did you put up your Christmas tree? Where did you get them? No set time, but we tried to get it up before Christmas. Usually someone we knew would go up to the mountains, and cut some trees. We'd pay him something for one. December 13 - How did you decorate your trees? We usually had strings of popcorn and chains of colored paper. Had some ornaments that we saved over from year to year. December 14 - Did you hang a Christmas stocking? Of course. Where else was Santa supposed to put the coal? December 15 - Did your grandpa or grandma ever make gifts for you? What? Not that I remember. December 16 - Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your mom. A big kiss. December 17 - Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your dad. Don't remember. December 18 - Tell about the best Christmas present you ever received, as a child. A set of building bricks. Kind of a forerunner to Legos. I could play with them by myself for hours. December 19 - Tell about the worst Christmas present you ever received, as a child. I had a friend, Glen Tanner, who had a set of farm toys. (Wagon, plow, horses, cows, etc.) How we loved to play with them. Every Christmas I asked Santa to bring me a set like that, but I never got one, so anything else I got was a let down.

49: December 20 - Tell about your experiences with Santa Claus. Nothing special comes to mind. December 21 - Do you remember a "best" Christmas of childhood? They were all pretty good. December 22 - Tell about Holiday celebrations at a relative's house during your childhood. Can't remember anything special. December 23 - Did your family go to a special church service at Christmas? Tell about it. Probably. Just don't recall any. December 24 - Tell about the most memorable gifts you have given me. You were given life in a loving family and raised in a respectable environment under the Covenant. December 25 - Tell about the most memorable gifts I have given you. You have always made me proud to be your father. December 26 - Share any other Christmas memory. Christmas was never really special until you and your siblings came along. Since then, every Christmas has been special because of the love you brought into my life. | December 27 - Do you remember celebrating any of your parents' anniversaries? 50th Anniversary. . | Earl and Louise Card's 50th Wedding Anniversary | Darelyn, Dyann, Darrell, Wynnette, Miriam, David, Bill, Mike

50: December 28 - Is there anything else you would like me to know about your childhood? Most of that is best kept secret. December 29 - Is there anything else that you would like me to know about MY childhood? You were always happy, cheerful and obedient. I was always very proud of you and still am. December 30 - Did you ever make New Year's resolutions? I probably broke them if I did. December 31 - What special memories do you have of New Year's Eve or New Year's Day? No special memories. | Darrel Holder Card Family Darrell's 80th Birthday Dave, Mike, Darelyn, Miriam, Dyann, Bill, Darrell, Wynnette

51: Darrell Holder Card July 5, 2010 | This book is a companion book to "Memories" by Wynnette Kartchner Card. To see Darrell's complete posterity chart (as of July 2010) and posterity photos please see Wynnette's book.

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