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Dave's Birthday Book

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Dave's Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: Happy 50th Birthday David Brian Montgomery!

BC: I love you SO very much!

FC: Happy 50th Birthday! | David Brian Montgomery May 6, 1961

1: This book is for you... The Man I love with all of my heart! Whose presence on this earth has blessed all of our lives; never let it be forgotten that your existence has touched so many! Love ~ M ~

3: Happy Birthday Smoochy Cat! There are so many reasons I love you SO much! Here are just a few I want to share with you on this special day! I cherish the way I can share my whole self with you. I have given you my heart and you have loved, cherished and kept it safe. You know and understand the leap of faith it was to give it all the way to you, and trust that it would not be shattered. You have always listened to my fears, regrets, hopes and dreams and understood the trust that comes with opening up and trusting them with you. I thank you for being such an exceptional, loving and caring Dad! I know how much the children in your life mean to you. I know that you would do anything to help them succeed and be happy. You love them unconditionally and fully understand what a gift you have given to be their Dad! You are a wonderful example of what a parent should be, to not only me but to so many others. I LOVE the fun we have with each other! The games we love to play ~ Backgammon, Crazy Eights, Cribbage, Rummy, Five Crowns, Golf, Guitar Hero, Mario Party the list goes on and on! The things that go fast ~ Camero Z28, V-Max Oh yeah! The sports we love ~ boating, skiing, monkey ball, hiking, bike riding, Go Jazz! The adventures we have had ~ Vegas, Disney Land, Disney World, Universal, Wicked and so many others! Traveling ~ any where with you is SO much fun! Most of all ~ being with you at home just enjoying each others company! I love how we know each other and respect each other! I love how we both appreciate what we share together! I love how we want each other to be the best person we can possibly be and support each other in that journey! The gifts you have given me are priceless and so precious! I am thankful that Randall and Shirley Montgomery had such an incredibly adorable and loving Son! I feel so honored that I get to share my life with you and be your wife! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and that all your Birthday wishes come true! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND WITH ALL MY HEART! Your wife! ~M~

5: Dad, As I think back on my childhood I realize there are so many great memories I have of you. This letter is merely a broad overview of some of my fondest memories. As a young boy I loved to be doing whatever you were doing. I remember following you step by step with my "bubble" mower as I "helped" you cut the grass. When you had to repair something I was right by your side with tools in hand, ready to work. It was fascinating and amazing to me that you could take something broken and make it whole and functional again. I remember watching carefully so that I could maybe some day be as skilled as you. As I got a little older I remember playing catch in the yard with you. I appreciated your patience and persistence with the quality of my throws. I remember some of my throws were so bad that you would get a little irritated because you were always running around to retrieve the ball, but you worked with me until I mastered the skill. I was never the greatest athlete but you always insisted that I participate in some sort of league sport. I am so glad you did because it allowed me to experience a little bit of everything and find what I enjoy. I loved watching you play volleyball because to me it was like I was watching a bunch of seven-foot pro athletes play. I would often ponder on the side-line whether or not I would ever be able to spike the ball as hard as you. I remember the numerous times I came and asked you for help the night before a big school project was due. It must have been very frustrating, but you were always willing to produce some A+ work. The best was the Blue Whale diorama you made for one of my elementary projects. It looked so professional and I'm sure my teacher knew there was no way a 2nd grader could produce such a magnificent piece. The same applied for all of my scout projects. I had by far the best looking pinewood derby car (the "Leaping Lizard") and space shuttle. Then there were the things you did with me every year. I looked forward to winter each year because I knew you would blow the snow into one large pile so I could build an enormous snow fort. You also taught me to ski and made the effort to take me at least a couple times each winter. I looked forward to every fall because I knew you would rake the leaves into a large pile so I could jump into it. I also knew we would take a family hike up Mueller Park canyon to see the leaves changing colors. I looked forward to each summer because I knew it meant boating at Pineview Dam. I know I was very hesitant about trying new things but your persistence got me to learn how to kneeboard, water-ski, and wakeboard. As I look back on my childhood I realize it was a very fun and enriching childhood. Thank you for providing me with so many valuable experiences, because they truly helped shape who I am today. Love always, Brian (#1 SON)

7: I remember... *Playing games on the trampoline into the wee hours of the summer nights, including but not limited to, Big Bertha and "Sim, Sim, SolaBIM!" *Donald Duck "Dinosaur Poo-Poo" the whole ride to the beautiful beach with my handsome boys! *Holding onto the end of your Ski Pole while you taught me how to snow ski. *Celebrating my fabulous 20th birthday in Southern California with you, my handsome new husband, and the amazing M (who I had just met for the first time and loved ever since)! Wicked is still my favorite musical of all time! *Playing monkey ball on the many tennis courts of Bountiful! Rules = NO FUN and much less exercise! *Our epic daddy/daughter dance at my wedding "Ooh Way Ah!" *Playing an endless supply of board games at the beloved Condos! *Having a giant candy can shatter on my leg while wishing you were there to witness it happen, only to look up and see you standing at the top of the Horse Trail... "Daddy to the rescue!" *Being read to while lying on the bottom of the red bunk bed before going to sleep. Island of the Blue Dolphins is still one of my favorite books! *Going to the DMV to get my license on my 16th birthday where you supported me in wearing my crown in my picture and where we discovered my middle name is not spelled the way we had thought for the last 16 years! Good times! the list could go on and I am looking forward to having more good times.... Happy birhday Pop-N-Fresh! (You can't get mad because I didn't 'say' it) Love Your Ultimate Favorite and Best Daughter, Brittney Rachell(e) Montgomery Souther

8: I love you with all the numbers!!!

9: Dad, As I sat thinking about my favorite memory of you, I decided that one doesn't exist, rahter, there are a WHOLE TON of memories that I don't know how to compare. SO, I will share a few of my favorite times spent together with you: Anticipating night time where we would hear the next chapter of the latest and greatest Harry Potter book, or Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and Wizard of OZ. You teaching me how to ski on the bunny hill by Snowbird and sticking with me as I progressed through the difficulties. Putting up Christmas decorations, listening to the Beach Boys Christmas album. Going through all of Super Mario Bros. 3 (multiple times in a row!) (PWings) Heading up to the condos to play board games, swim, make a fire and cook s'mores and going on hikes. You teaching me how to drive balls at the driving range. Also, us golfing when I got a hole-in-one on that par-3 with a driver. You teaching me how to mow the lawn and then asking me to re-mow the front lawn because I mowed it really bad. Going to volleyball competitions and rooting you on. Also, when you started losing and me and Brittney went to play at the play ground and while we were gone you started winning again! Going boating! Being out on the water, taking pictures, playing on the beach, having picnics... (Dam brownies.) Playing monkey ball, Frisbee, fireworks and BBQ. So many memories! So thank you for all of them. It's always fun to do things with you. You are the best dad in the whole world and I am so proud to be your son! I love you with all the numbers. And always remember: "I, your, Son!" ~(Elder) Blake William Montgomery

11: Dear Dadeo, We have had some crazy times together, haven't we! So many that I can't remember them all, it's crazy how fast time flies by. Remember when I would run around as "Supman" and pretend that I was flying, I would wear that costume anywhere I could. I bet it feels like that happened yesterday to you, because as time passes you become even more old fogeyer. Even though you are getting older, I want you to know that I love you very much and I don't want you to forget it! Love, Brendon J. Montgomery P.S. don't forget to wash your winkie...

12: Thanks for playing with us!!!

13: Yo Dadeo... Let's go-o to the show! Man you're the best dad ever. With all the boating and skiing you taught me. And thanks for actually playing with us. Whether is is Super Mario 3, or some board game like risk. Not to mention reading to us, playing jokes with us and just doing everything an awesome dad does. Oh yeah, and the condos. They're so much fun and any other vacations we've gone on. Scout stuff, like camping. I can't believe you did snow caves with me... it was torture. I love the way you tell us to reach for the stars and even though we know what was coming we lifted our arms and you tickled us. And that little alligator puppy that wanted "CHICKEN" and then it would tickle us. You are quite the master with omelets. There are so many things you're great at (like being a dad). And so many great memories I have with you. I love you, your awesome Braxton P.S. I love all the weird songs you sing too! P.S.S. I like this song; "Look at me I'm a kitty cat, I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat. If I eat them all I will get fat blah-blah-blah I'm a KITTY CAT!!!" I remember I wrote that song in wedding books and birthday cards when I was little. ENJOY!

15: Dear Dave, Happy birthday!!!! We can't tell you enough how happy we are that you are now a part of our family. You make my Mom so happy, the difference is incredible. Shawn and I have never seen her so cheerful and free. We know this is because of you, and the wonderful Man you are!!! When she smiles you can actually see it go all the way to her eyes. We always have fun when we are with you. When we go somewhere with you, we know that we are in for a good time. I know that we are always welcome, and that feels really good. Thank you for just being yourself. I hope we bring as much happiness to your life as you do to ours. We just want to let you know that you are loved and we appreciate you very much! Sincerely, Shawn and Nikki

17: I am honored to say you are apart of my family Dave! You are accepting, loving and kind. You have made my mother the happiest I have EVER seen her. I can feel the change in her presence, hear it in her voice, and see it in her eyes. You two give me a fantastic positive example of a healthy relationship. I never feel pressured to be anything but myself when around you, you are encouraging and helpful. I look up to the man you are and hope to one day be a father/example like you. Thanks I love you! Happy Birthday ole gent! :) - Devin

19: David, Happy Birthday!!!! I'm so incredibly happy to have you in my life. You have such a happy spirit, and laugh that can make anyone's day. Thank you for making my mom so genuinely happy. It's such a relief for me to know that my mom has finally found the love of her life. I also wanted to thank you for always coming to the events in my life that mean the most. Having you at my drill competitions, and everything along those lines, made me feel very loved. The relationship you have with your kids is very uplifting. They are very lucky to be blessed with such a devoted dad. I'm stoked to see how this family will evolve and grow. It's already been so much fun, I can only imagine what the future holds. Thank you for simply bring you. I love you!!! Love/JayLynn

21: Dave, you're finally fifty! Happy Birthday! I think you are such an amazing guy, and I'm so happy for you and my Mom! One memory that really stuck out to me was Christmas Eve two years ago. We put on the Backstreet Boys CD and tuned up the volume as loud as possible and just had a blast! Me, JayLynn, you and my Mom danced around my house and sang along with all the songs. That was so fun, and it really showed how outgoing you are. I never thought in a million years that I would be spending my Christmas Eve like that! I'm so glad we did, it allowed me to open up to you! I really enjoy how energetic you and my Mom are. Not many people would just go to Lagoon every Sunday with their kids! I'm so glad that you are part of the family! I love you Dave! Mallorie

22: The Letter “A” ANXIOUS (Randall do you think we should have one more) ANTICAPATION (September 06, 1960) Announcement (We’re going to have a Baby) Arrival (May 06, 1961) Acceptance (A little girl would have been nice but I’m HAPPY with 4 BOYS) Ability (Meadowbrook Elementary, Bountiful Jr. High, Viewmont High, University of Utah) (9th Grade Class President) (Who’s the kid in the white CORVETTE with a sign on the back, VOTE FOR DAVE, STUDENTBODY VICE-PRESIDENT) (Who’s the kid in the Burgundy Thunderbird) ( General Sterling Scholar-Viewmont High 1979) (Eagle Scout-1979) Aggression (I didn’t know you could dent a car door with your foot) (One Call-I hope my Siblings will BAIL ME OUT) The Letter “A” Aged (I filled out my A.A.R.P. application) (I can’t believe it’s time for my first COLONOSCOPY-BUMMER But ATLEAST I GET PICTURES) (What is GERITAL and PREPERATION “H”

23: The Letter “B” BAPTISM (May, 1969) BICYCLES (Are you supposed to ride this FORWORD or BACKWORDS?) (Is it true the HANDLE BARS are more comfortable than the SEAT) (It’s TRUE, Parents do have EYES in the Back of their HEADS- FATHERS for sure) BLESSINGS (June, 1961, Deacon-1973, Teacher-1975, Priest-1977, Elder-1979) BOATING (Memorial Day to Labor Day) (I didn’t know this BOAT could pull 5 Skiers, Who’s the LITTLE GUY) (Grandpa really is the CAPTAIN of the Boat- Look at his HAT) The Letter “C” (Cycle of Life) (Dad can you come and get Bart and I we’ve been arrested for Curfew, don’t worry about the kilt’s) (All four boys are Eagle Scouts- That’s Fantastic) (All five kids graduated from High School, Even Brant) (No one can escape family genetics; I hope you don’t get Cataracts, Enlarged Prostate, or Spinal Stenosis) (And for Heavens’ sake you’re too old for any more broken bones) NOW I KNOW MY A.B.C’S NEXT TIME WILL YOU SING WITH ME The Current Patriarch of the Family and His Eternal Companion

25: Dear David, I want you to know that you are entirely responsible for me being “your one and only” sister that is. I was three years old when Randy was born and as far as I remember, I was delighted to have a baby brother. By the time I was five though, things had really changed. I realized that girls played with dolls and dressed up and did all sorts of things boys didn’t, and I was ready for a little sister. I remember asking mom if we could have a baby sister and she told me that just maybe we could. Not long after that, Mom told Bart and Brant and Randy and I that we were going to have a new baby in our family! What happy news! It seemed like forever to me because I really wanted a baby sister. Mom’s tummy kept getting bigger. She kept letting me feel you move and kick and kept reassuring me it wouldn’t be too much longer. I turned ill in March and my birthday presents were all things to take care of my new baby doll. By the time May came around, I was quite the little mommy. I even had Randy trained to feed the baby its bottle and hold it just right, even though he was only three. Finally it was time. Nonnie and Grandpa came to stay with us on Friday night and they told us we’d have a new baby in the morning. The next day, May 6, 1961, dad came home from the hospital so Nonnie and Grandpa could go see the new baby. It was a breezy Saturday morning so dad took us to the park to fly kites. Normally, that event would have been terribly exciting and fun for me but there was something drastically wrong. What was it that would ruin my kite flying day? The news that my baby sister, my long-awaited beautiful baby sister was actually a –heaven forbid- a BOY! How could that be?? Mom had promised me (not really, but it seemed like she had) that I would have a little sister and now I had another brother to deal with. Life could not go on. Dad did his best to get me involved with flying the kites with “the boys” but all I could do was CRY. I did not want a BABY BROTHER!!! I was determined to not love you or even like you or even look at you. That lasted about as long as it took for me to take one look at you. But, you were beautiful, I instantly loved you and became your second mother. You, like me, would lie on your back and spit up with such force that the barf would be like a geyser 8 inches high. Your tummy hurt a lot of the time- the worst time was at 5 in the evening. So it officially became my job to take you every evening and bounce you and dance with you so mom could get dinner ready. It was the only way we would eat. I can remember singing “David Brian, David Brian, stop your cryin” to you many times, as did everyone else. Well, you grew older and I loved “my baby” a lot, but you didn’t any become easier. You had a lot of earaches (as did I) and you were a “momma’s boy”. It was very difficult for you to be separated from her (reinforced by a hospitalization for dehydration when you were about 18 months old. At that time, parents weren’t allowed to stay over-night with children so it terrified you to be all alone and tied to the bed to keep your IV in place.) So, even though I kept asking mom if I could have a little sister and she really wanted to have another daughter, the final result was that you were too difficult of a baby for her to take a chance on having another one just like you. After all, she was 38 and getting “too old”. So that is why I am “your one and only”. But don’t worry, David, I have never let that influence me. I’ve loved feeding my “little teddy bear” potato chips while camping, playing librarian and school with you, walking home from school with you, helping you make campaign posters in junior high when you ran for class president and all the other activities and memories we share. And you paid me back when I had my first baby Trevor. Whenever we’d come to visit, you’d steal Trevor out of my arms and I wouldn’t see him again until either he was hungry, messy or it was time for me to go home. Thanks for being a wonderful uncle to my children and even more importantly, thanks for being my wonderful baby brother. Love, your one and only, Marylin

26: My thoughts regarding David Brian Montgomery as he turns 50 years old. Wow... That is really old... Well, seems as I am even older than David is, I have very few thoughts or memories at all! I will look at a few pictures, and see if that may spark anything. | I do remember that David was always a happy boy! He always had a big smile on his face! Well, at least when he was posing for pictures... | Dave always liked to look sharp. He dressed nicely, but even when he was naked he liked to look good. | He realized at an early age that it took more than just fancy clothes to make a man look good. Maybe a little bit of rose in the cheeks, and nice luscious lips couldn't hurt! Oh, and don't forget that sugar water to keep the hair in place! | Dave was always a smart little feller too. He learned early that he had to watch out for himself, or his brothers or sister would snatch all the good stuff first! Even at his own birthday party he knew that he had to keep his eye on the cake to make sure that none of that good candy on there got taken! | As he got a little bit older, he learned quickly how to make a good deal. Who would have ever guessed that anyone would be able to walk in to Crafty Carl's Used Cow shop, and walk out with a well used cow for only a few thousand dollars? Well... Dave actually did it! She was one of the finest cows that money could buy! | Dave's talent at making a good deal never left him. He would use this talent many times throughout his life. I can think of many times that he was able to get deals that were just unbelievable! Like that time he traded in his pristine 1971 Mustang Mach 1 plus only a few thousand dollars for a rusted out Volkswagon Scirocco! That Scirocco was several years newer, even though there was very little metal holding that baby together... Hmmm..... Maybe we had better change the subject here...

27: Speaking of cars... Dave always did have good taste in cars. Well, other than that Scirocco maybe... I do believe that good taste in cars could be hereditary though... It goes way back in the family tree... | Dave was always somewhat of a competitive little guy too. Kind of like, "Bring it on dude" kind of a guy. He played quite a few different sports, and was pretty good at them! Baseball is always a good one! | Dave was also raised in the Bountiful 5th & 43rd Wards. You did not live in the 5th or 43rd ward, and not play volleyball! You can even ask Bart and Brant about that! Heck, even Nonnie could have told you about the heated volleyball games, and getting hit in the head with a spike or two! Not only did you have to play volleyball, you | had to be happy about it too! Marylin was in charge of that aspect... | The competitiveness did not end with just sports though. Ever year on Christmas morning there was The Great Oatmeal Race. The main competition was between Grandpa Gardiner, Randy, and David. It was an event that was looked forward to, almost as much as we looked forward to opening the presents! | Dave always gave it his best shot, and I have to admit, every year he was in the top three! Probably more towards the bottom end of the top three, but hey! There was some pretty good competition there!

28: Christmas was always a great time for all of us though. We would pack up the station wagon, and drive to Ogden every year to spend Christmas at Grandpa Gardiner's house! What wonderful memories we had there! Mom and Dad were always strict with us though, well until Bart and Brant wore them down. No motorcycles, until Bart and Brant wore them down. No BB guns, well, until Bart and Brant wore them down. Finally, they just gave us anything we wanted! David even got a new BB gun for Christmas finally! Oh wait, I was not supposed to talk about how Mom and Dad were right, and if David hadn't been given a BB gun he would not have shot himself in the hand, and had to have that nasty surgery to have the BB removed... We had better move on again... At least we never shot any eyes out.. | David did always have someone to look up to though. Being the youngest, that is not hard to say. Randy and David were the closest in age though, so maybe I had some extra strong influence on the fine boy. I was nice though, and at times I would let Dave feel like he was not the littlest, or at least the shortest. | Being the youngest of the family just may have caused a short complex in Dave though! He got to where he was even competing with the clock! He swore that some day he would be taller than that dang clock!

29: The other bad influence I may have had on Dave, was that I broke the trend of the family, and joined the band. Bart and Brant and Marylin were all great performers, wonderful singers and dancers, and David and I were Band Geeks... It really was kind of fun though! We were both in the Viewmont Viking Band: | Then as life went on, we went to college and we were both in the University of Utah Marching Band! What an honor! | Hey! Wait a minute here! I may be old, but I ain't that old yet! Dave was never in the Ute Marching Band! That dang kid is getting in to my stuff again! | No way! Dave would not get in to my stuff. He is too good of a brother for that. Maybe he was in the Ute Marching Band while I was on my Mission or something. I don't know. Oh, hold on here... I am pretty sure that is my suit! | And who the heck is that chick standing in front of my car!?!?!? | Looks like it is time to wrap up here! I am not going to make up any more nice stories about my brother Dave! Well other than the fact that we really were raised in an awesome family, and I could not have asked for a better little brother! Love ya Dave! Randy

30: Happy Birthday Uncle David- I’ve had fun reminiscing on old times. I have so many memories of you in my life. My first memory of you has to be going to the Bountiful Park and playing on the big metal slide, and sitting on the cement pipes to watch baseball games. I remember you always laughing, when you would tell me to “go play on the freeway”. I’d laugh too- not knowing what you meant. I always thought you drove the coolest cars. I loved riding around with you in the Mustang, Blazer, and the VW. I went on some really fun dates with you in those cars. I wanted to be just like you Uncle David, in my eyes you could do no wrong. That’s why I wanted you to be the one to baptize me. You have no idea how much of a support you were to me, when my Dad died. You sent me motivating letter in Hawaii (weird Al tapes). You taught me how to master the Calico and then the Nintendo. You helped coach my baseball team, and even lost a fog light in the trooper, doing it. There were countless hours helping me with my math- that I hated so bad, but you helped me get it done. I loved riding my bike down to your W.B. house and spending time with you. I will never forget the time that I was the new kid at school. I was having a bad day, and didn’t want to walk home alone. I called you and you came and picked me up early, and took me to Hardees’s for lunch. That meant the world to me. You continued to always help me thru whatever problems came my way, weather it was home work, proper English, friends, girls and all the other fun stuff that comes with growing up. You taught me how to water ski and how to captain the boat. But most important, you taught me to be a good father, by being involved with your kids. Thanks for letting me spend Christmas with you guys, and making me feel like I had little brothers and sisters to look after and enjoy being with. I love your kids. I’m so glad that your family is so close to my kids. You guys are great to come to all our birthdays, baptisms, blessings, and game nights. David thanks for all you do and the support you are to my family. I’m so glad that you have found “M”. It’s nice to see you so happy again. You two make a great couple. I look forward to a lot more memories we will make together. Happy Birthday! –Trevor B. White

31: Uncle David- I want you to know how much I love and appreciate all you do for me and my family. You are the most supportive uncle in the world. I will never forget the first time I met you. It was at Trevor’s court of honor. I was the new girlfriend, and felt completely out of place. You were so kind and your warm smile calmed my fears. I was impressed with how sweet you were with Bart. You were always by his side, taking care of him. I knew that night, that you were a huge influence in Trevor’s life. As I sat down to think of some memories I have with you, my mind is flooded with memories like. playing at the lake, the 24th of July fire works, conference weekends at the condo, the road to hell in Hawaii, screaming conversation through our snorkels, tennis, game night, eating tomato soup & grilled cheese at midnight (by the way- I blame you for 20 of the 40 pounds I put on in Brooklyn’s pregnancy:), birthday parties, bowling, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, coming to hold your baby Braxton in the hospital, your smile, you coming to see all our babies in the hospital, blessings, baptisms, weddings, graduations, cancer fighting, tears, funerals, many great conversations, watching your kids grow up to become awesome adults, and I will never forget you being the first one to hug & congratulate us as we walked out of the Temple. In all these things I find an amazing man- who has taught my husband how to be an awesome father & husband. You are a great example to us and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Grandpa was always the father figure to Trevor, but you were his big brother. He will always look up to you and conceder you one of his greatest friends. Thanks for making me feel loved and welcomed in this family- from day one. I’m so thankful that you’re my uncle. I love you! Love, Loralee White

32: Dear David, I can’t believe you are turning 50! Unfortunately that means that I am getting older too. When I got the message that this wonderful book of memoirs was being put together, I immediately thought, “That will be so easy!” I have known you my entire life. You were there at my baby blessing (granted I don’t remember that), and baptism, you have watched my dance recitals and school plays, escorted me to daddy-daughter dates, and even given me cat food for a birthday present. You came to my graduation and wedding, visited me in the hospital after the birth of my first child, and were at each of my own kids baby blessings. My memories of you include everything from “cut the cheese” jokes to spending your family vacation with us at our house in far, far, Houston; the annual 24th of July fireworks get together, to never forgetting to see what life is like through a child’s eyes. It has been rather hard to sum up a lifetime of memories and to actually write them down. This little journey down memory lane kept me up way past my bed time, (such a procrastinator), and I literally blew through half a box of Kleenex (such a sentimental homesick sap!) David, you are man of many talents, and attributes that I have admired and looked up to my whole life. When we would get to together year after year to carve pumpkins for Halloween, or when I watched you calligraphy Cub Scout certificates, I saw your creative and artistic abilities. (And also some patience towards your sister!) Your passion for knowledge and learning was evident while helping me figure out tough math homework, quoting various works of Shakespeare, and while debating over details of the scriptures. You shared your talent of playing the piano every Christmas playing the “Merry Christmas Polka” and specifically benefiting me as I called on you to accompany me on my first District French horn solo, and ever important show choir auditions. Your athleticism and agility is evident in the memories I have of you playing in volleyball tournaments, skiing & snowboarding, slalom skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, golfing, “killing” us at countless games of croquet, playing tennis, mountain biking, and many, many other sports. I admire your sociable nature as I always know you are up for a game or twoor twelve. I have many fond memories of you playing cribbage with grandpa, staying up all hours of the night playing games at your house and at the condo, eating pie, and laughing, laughing, laughing. I remember your strength as you took care of your dying Father; the kindness you showed to your Mother; the joy when you hold a child in your arms. One theme of your life runs deeply through the memories that I have of you and that is the great love you have for your family. You love your kids dearly and you are a wonderful Father. I specifically admire the patience you have for children—more so now that I am a parent. You were so calm putting coats on kids when their little fingers would get stuck in the sleeves and I can always count on you to offer a grand hooray at even the smallest victory. You realize that creating fun memories creates strong eternal bonds. Milestone Birthdays can be tough. I would know, I just had my 30th! I looked back at all the many things that I didn’t accomplish, questioned if I had lived up to all the hopes and dreams that parents have for their children and if they would still call me theirs. I wondered why things just didn’t seem to go my way, and evaluated all the choices I have made thus far, dealt with the regret of some. I hoped that my children could learn wisdom from the errors of my ways. We all have the times in our life that we wish hadn’t happened—the ones that we don’t have pictures of (thankfully right?!!). We don’t keep those memories hidden, just put away in another book—a learning one where we can try to figure out what happened and what we were suppose to learn from it. Life is the sum of ALL our experiences, be it good or bad. We grow the most during tough times, and find that perhaps the un-planned chain of events really were to our benefit. “What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. No smallest atom of our moral, mental, or physical structure can stand still in a year. It grows—it must grow.” --Mark Twain So here is to growth, and life, and living! I wish I could be there to tell you in person and see the look on your face when you open this little book. I love you David. Have a Happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for loving me and letting me share your life, Kalliemondo (A nick-name you gave me years ago)

35: David, Happy 50th birthday!! I wish I could be there to give you a big hug and say “Go Politics”!! Oh, I mean Happy Birthday! I have been thinking about some favorite memories that I have of you, and I remember that the first few time I met you, I was very impressed with how you loved your family, and enjoyed spending time with them. I loved coming up to your house and playing games with you and your kids. I remember laughing and talking nonsense until late into the night. I miss those times, and love whenever we can sneak a few late nights full of fun and games at your house when we come home for a visit. A lot of my favorite memories are of being out with you and your kids on the dam. I loved the times when we would go up to Pineview and not many people were out on the water and we would ski and talk and have so much fun, and yes even be threatened by egotistic park ranges and meet local law enforcement So many fun memories. And of course a favorite memory was when you and the boys came down to Houston for a visit. Kallie and I were so excited that you all would come down and see us, and oh the fun we had. I remember feeding the seagulls on the beach in Galveston. I remember signing “olla soy Dora..” and that crazy talking Napoleon Dynamite doll, oh what fun. We keep the picture that we took of all of us up at the Johnson Space Center up on our wall as you walk into our bedroom, so I look at that often and think of all these fun memories. I also have such great memories of spending time with you and your kids up at the Condo, skiing, watching conference, eating good food, swimming, going to Priesthood meeting, and talking. Every time I watch conference, I think of those times and Kallie and I talk about all the fun we had and how we miss it. I sure hate being away from all our family, it interesting what life brings us. I never thought that we would be hundreds of miles away from Utah, but here we are. We do love things about Texas, but would love to be with you all again. I think the hardest time we have being away is every July 24th. Because we are not in Utah it is just a regular day so there is nothing to distract us from thinking of watching the Bountiful parade and heading up to your house for BBQ, fireworks, and fun. I would be in absolute heaven to catch one of fun events again. All these great memories and they all have you in them, you are truly one of my favorite uncles, and I am so glad that Kallie has such a great family that I have taken as my own. I think a lot of you. You are one of only a few people I look up to as a great example of a good dad. If I had to describe you using one word I would have to choose love. So to the one who is love, I want you to know that I love you, and although we are far away, I do think about you and always look forward to the times we get to see you and make more fun memories to last until the next time we get to see you again. You are not only family, but a friend. Have a happy birthday, and picture me sitting at the table with you singing and of course eating some cake, probably two pieces, three if it’s from Dick’s bakery. Love Jed P.S. Elle says she remembers the stuffed dog you gave her for Christmas several years ago that she named Runny. Runny was lost for about a year but was found again, she was so excited to get him back. She loves her stuffed animals.

36: Dear Uncle Dave, When I started thinking about all the memories I had of you, I tried to think back to the earliest thing I could. I found two that I couldn’t place an exact time on but just when I was little. I remember getting presents from you, I have no idea what was in the package, but they always came with a hand made card with the coolest calligraphy. As much as I have tried it has never looked as cool as those cards. The second thing was being on the beach up at Pineview. I could always pick your car our when it came down the road. It was the only car with a water ski in the ski rack. I thought ski racks were just snow skis but water skis were awesome. Pineview opens up a ton of memories. The PERFECT conference day in October, need I say more. From perfect to thunderstorms and dead batteries and everything in-between. It has been so great to spend so that much time with you. It has been so great that you have let me crash your boat with all my friends, and I know they enjoyed spending time with you and think of you as a friend too. You have ruined boating for me I cannot go with anyone else, they have no idea how to drive like you do or organize everything to make it work so well. There are even some good memories of Willard Bay, me, you, M, and Mario skiing all morning then sitting and talking in the sun, great times. I couldn’t think of tons of specific one time events. You were always up for playing games, video games, on the computer or just play. I had fun and could tell you cared about me. I love you and your family. Love, Stephen

37: Dear Uncle Dave, I never realized how unique my uncles are until I got married. I thought everyone had uncles like you. I loved growing up playing tag, hide and go seek, Frisbee and catch with you and all the cousins and uncles at family parties. I'm also so thankful that you love my kids as much as you love me. I think one of my favorite memories of you is from Will's first birthday. He wanted you to help him open his presents. I have many pictures and a few videos of him helping him. I'm so glad you were there for him that day. He loves you so much and looks forward to seeing you at every family party! Thank you for being such a great uncle! You are a wonderful example to me and my family. I love you so much. Happy Birthday! Shelly

38: Hi M! One of my favorite memories with David is of course, the annual 23rd of July BBQ that he has at his house so that we can get the best view ever for the Mueller Park fireworks! It was always something I looked forward to when I was younger, and is something that I still look forward to very much since I can bring my family now! I love how he lets us all cram into his driveway, and then spend the whole evening at his house with great food and awesome family! What a fun event! One of my most recent favorite memories though was how cute he was with Jordyn and Peyton at the Montgomery Family Christmas Party. He brought his frisbee, and he played catch with my girls (especially Jordyn) for the longest time! She was so excited and talked about him for days! Then, before our next family event, which was baby showers, I told Jordyn that Uncle David was going to be there, and she asked, "Is he going to bring his frisbee and play with me?" I said, "I don't know, but I hope so!" Sure enough, he did, and he and his cute boys seemed to entertain her almost the whole night! It was so cute to watch her, as she would get so excited to throw and try to catch the frisbee! They made her feel like she was a pro! Wendy

39: Dear Uncle Dave, We hope you have a very Happy 50TH Birthday! You know what they say...It's better to be Over the Hill than buried underneath it (from Josh). We love spending time together as a big family. One of the best memories I (Amy) have is spending time together as a family at Pineview. I remember you helping us learn to water ski and loved to watch you, your brothers, and grandpa slalom ski because you were all so tricky! Can't wait for more memories! Happy Birthday, The Byrds

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