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David C. Williams Family Book

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S: A Look at who is in your family...David C. and Janet Williams Posterity 2011

BC: I have a family tree with branches by the dozens. I have grandmas, I have grandpas. I have uncles aunts and cousins. When i's reunion time, no matter what the weather, it is such a happy day, when the family gets together | until we meet again!

FC: The David C. & Janet B, Williams | So, do you know everyone in your family? | As of Christmas 2011

2: January: 5th: McKayla, 10th: Spencer, 11th: Emma February: 2nd: Sammy, 9th: James W. 16th Ashlee March: 1st Charles and Shannon, 12th Jimmy, 4th Camilla, 22nd Janalee April: 20th Cassandra & Johnevan, 24th Matthew & Mariann May: 13th: Cameron, 19th Braden, 19th Kirk June: 3rd: AllieGrace 9th: Shannon, 11th Gwen, 11th Brannan, 17th Danielle, 18th Dan, 26th Caitlin 23rd Dan & Janalee, 23rd David & Janet, 26th Paul & Gwen' July: 6th Cassie, 13th Caleb, 23rd Danny & Marca, 27th Mark, 30th Mark & Kimberly August: 15th Brittany, 18th Wyatt, 26th Amanda September: 12th Julia, 22nd Camilla & Brannan, 28th Madison October: 2nd Madelin, 3rd Marca, 3rd Danny, 6th Paul, November:: 4th Kimberly, 6th Ammon & Michael 11th Janet 16th Matthew December: 5th Savannah, 9th Evelyn, 10th Mariann, 14th David 28th Charles, 29th Jimmy and Amanda | andHappy Anniversary

3: David Charles Williams: He turned 75 on Dec. 14th 2011. Some of his hobbies and interests are: Singing, playing guitar, taking care of his homestead, horses, and honey! He loves serving in the church, serving his fellow men in the Lions Club and has had many opportunities in his life to share his talents in these areas ranging from Moreland, Idaho to Moscow, Russia. He served a full time mission to the New England States. He got a master's degree from New York State and worked in education for over 40years.There is nothing that brings him more joy than being with his family and playing with his grandkids and making them smile. Janet Bunker Williams: She loves to be involved with her family and finds great joy in finding just the right gift for them. She is a wonder in music and plays the piano and organ and taught privately for years She played the saxophone in high school and got to march in an NFL game. She was awarded in 4-H and spent countless years blessing her family in cooking, baking, canning,sewing, quilting, scrap booking, and being the ultimate domestic diva! She loves clean romantic movies and musicals and loves to collect them. She and dad have fond memories of dancing and being the ultimate musical duo! She loves to help her family in whatever is needed and loves them so much. She spent over 20 years in elementary schools helping troubled kids to read and found great joy in their growth and development. She still loves to read and loves to collect good and clean books. | & | Grandma Grandpa | The Family Homestead | Last Family Reunion... | P.O. Box 181 160 N 740 W Moreland, ID 83274 | Married June 23, 1962 This summer will be 50 years. | Minus a few of the family...

4: Paul David and Gwen Van Orden Williams Family | 8 Bonds Dr. Iuka, MS 38852

5: Paul David Williams is the oldest child of David & Janet. He has six kids & 8 grandkids. He works in engineering for an aerospace company in Iuka,MS designing/tooling components used for N.A.S.A. and other flight related companies. He loves and has served his country since age 19 in the Army National Guard. Doing the math, that is 28 yrs. He has been on many tours of duty overseas and is close to retirement as a lieutenant colonel. On his off time, he likes music, especially jazz, plays the sax, sings, does carpentry, and is an incredible artist. He is the ward choir director. He has a great sense of humor that keeps us in stitches! | Gwen Van Orden Williams is the 2nd of five kids. We love that she is in our family. She is an amazing mother, wife, & registered nurse with great compassion. She loves her job at the hospital & helping others. She has had numerous ward & stake callings in the church & especially loves those that deal with music. She loves her southern ward & the friends she has made there. She sings in the ward choir with her beautiful voice & is the ultimate domestic diva making things beautiful & tasting scrumptiously!

6: The James & Amanda Williams Pendley Family 100 W. Price Lane Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 | JIMMY served a mission to Ireland. He didn't waste much time after he got home to scoop up his lovely bride. He is now the happy dad of five kids, provides well for them with his gov't engineering job. He is serving in the Elder's Quorum Presidency and has a great sense of humor. He is a great dad and loves being with his family.

7: AMANDA is a great mom of five kids. Most of her time is spent caring for kids, cooking, and keeping up with them, but she does find time for some of her great interests. She is very gifted at making things out of ANYTHING, particularly fabric. She has her own business on Etsy selling cute cloth diapers. She is very clever with crafties . She loves participating in the Stake's Messiah Sing-a-long with her beautiful soprano voice and enjoys Broadway music and musicals. She is also a great cook and loves REAL chocolate.! | EVELYN This beautiful red- head is an incredible reader and loves anything that gets her more time to read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc... she loves it so much it is usually used as leverage for great behavior. :) She also is a great help at home and is now playing the piano quite well.

8: CAITLYN | SPENCER | is her mom's little helper. She loves to do things that are artsy and is really glad that her mom is teaching her how to sew. She loves to read and loves school. She is always really good for a laugh and keeps all around her happy. | is a fun and vivacious little boy with a fantastic imagination. He likes to create with Legos and play with friends. He is in kindergarten this year and is already good at reading. He is such a funny kid that is not afraid to tell you what he really thinks. You will always get the truth from Spencer.

9: WYATT | MADELIN | is such a dainty little charmer. She is the girlie princess of the family and loves to play with her Barbie's and dress up, but is always up for a game of wire whisk war with her baby brother whom she is patient with. She even helps out with him whenever she can. | is the true baby of the family. He spends most of the time wherever his mommy is. He likes especially getting on the counter to help bake cookies. He is a darling one that draws everyone to him. He also makes a very cute lion at Halloween. He loves his older siblings. What a cutie, huh?

10: Daniel is a very loving father and husband that works hard to keep Marca at home with the boys. He is now the manager of an Aeropostale store and loves being the boss. He is a great Ward Mission leader missionary and loves to work with the local missionaries. He still loves to play basketball whenever he can. He loves to teach the boys all about superheros and all good boy things. | Marca Jo is a professional stay at home mom. She spends her time crafting, sewing, cleaning, and playing with two wonderful boys. The family is in the process of buying a house and so she has devoted a lot of time packing boxes and picking out appliances. She is the 4th Sunday teacher in Relief Society in their ward and is so grateful for the learning experience that this brings.

11: Kirk is a three year old self proclaimed helper man. He loves playing outside. He loves playing with and dressing up like superheroes. And any superhero wisdom he learns from his dad he shares with Joey. He is a true boy with loving handyman work with dad and grandpa and is mom's little helper and companion!going to all of Joey's doctor appointments and going to the grocery store. He is good to help his brother with his therapy and is such a great big brother. He is finishing up nursery and has many friends. He has plans to marry one of those best friends in the temple. Marca thinks it is a bit early for wedding talk. He is a joy to have and is constantly teaching his mom and dad just as much as they teach him. | kirk | Joseph Paul (20 mo.) is a little miracle. He is walking and into everything now. He loves to play with his brother and hates to see dad go to work for he is his greatest pal. He sees a physical therapist once a week and an occupational therapist twice a month and is growing tremendously. He has countless visits with doctors to help him with a condition they think is Noonans Syndrome. This is not a life threatening condition nor completely debilitating which was such welcomed news. He wears leg braces and takes muscle relaxers at night that help him immensely. We are so thankful for his progress and are so thankful to have him in our lives. He gets mistaken for a girl wherever we go, but we just can't cut those darling curls yet! | whoo whoo... are these darling boys | joey

12: The Mark David & Kimberly Massey Williams Family 1123 S Sky Ave Gonzales, LA 70737 | Mark loves to be with his family. He got his bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Mississippi State and is now working as an Electrical Engineer for Marathon Petroleum Oil refinery and enjoys it. He loves sports and is an ultimate Utes fan.. He loves to go to sporting events and do Fantasy football. He is a big tease with his family and loves to make them laugh.. He is wrapped around Allie's little finger for sure!

13: Allie Grace is such a beautiful young lady with the most gracious Southern manners ever seen.. She longs for the day where she is not an only child as does her parents, but she finds her best friend for now in her dog Sadie.. She loves her school and her teacher. She has a wonderful imagination and is good at keeping herself entertained with art projects and dress ups. She loves going to daddy's company parties and going anywhere as a family. | Kim is a great mom that has had trials with her vision. Although she is blind in one eye she keeps a positive outlook on life.. She misses being close to family and loves when anyone can come to visit. She likes family history work and hopes to do her family's temple work one day. She loves being involved in Allie's life and wishes the school would let her do more.. She has school on hold for awhile as to save money on unnecessary classes. She is a wonderful primary teacher in their huge primary and has a way of keeping them reverent. (which is a true gift!)

14: Brannan & Camilla Williams Ekins 247 N. Hale Grantsville, UT 84029 | Brannan is a welcomed part of our family. He loves Camilla and is working towards getting his education done. He works with Camilla with the Varsity, but assures that this is temporary as he wants to major in business. and is hoping that ATI Titanium plant will recruit him soon. He likes to go hunting with his dad, go rock climbing, and sky diving. He even took Camilla and she liked it too. He is handy with tools and innovative which is a good combination with home renovations.. | Camilla loves staying home when she isn't at her job for Varsity Contractors. She like to sing, do crafts, fix up their house, watch movies, play games, and loves taking care of their four and a half year old ShiTzu puppy, Fiona. She and Brannan just celebrated their one year anniversary and loved spending that anniversary in the Salt Lake Temple. She is working with the cub scouts for church and hopes to have a kiddo or two one day, but for now she does primp up and love her sweet little puppy!

15: Elder James Lonny Williams | Benjamin Williams | Elder James L. Williams is a full time missionary in the Salt Lake City South mission. He is learning and growing so much right now. He is really busy and especially loves when he can baptize someone. He was just made a district leader. He has had a few companions now and is coming close to his one year mark. He loves the gospel and wants all to know about the wonders and peace that can come to your life when you pledge your whole soul to following Jesus Christ. We love our missionary! | Ben is a senior in high school this year. He has many friends and is the goalie of the soccer team. He is really good at soccer and really loves playing on the team and isn't too proud to help out his younger cousins with it. He takes early morning seminary before he goes to high school and is looking forward to serving a mission. He has pursuits in medicine and will work towards being a doctor after his return.With a late summer birthday he will get in a year of school before his mission. He is the youngest in the family is the last one in the nest. He enjoys getting all the attention. He likes outdoor adventures and has Terry/Bunker teasing gene and keeps everyone happy and laughing..

16: The Daniel L. & Janalee Williams Hess Family 644 W 40 N Orem, UT 84057 | Daniel is a fun loving father of five girls. He loves his family and is so grateful to be close with them. He served a misson in the Phillipines and loves the gospel. He works as a seminary teacher at Mountain View high school where his daughters attend. He also works as "Bobby Jamison" at the MTC helping missionaries to have a more authentic teaching experience. He loves to act and was most recently a sword fighting 3 Musketeer. The past 3 years he has been Mr. Fizziwig in A Christmas Carol at Orem's Hale Theater. He is an avid BYU fan and his lucky number is 7. He still loves chocolate milk, and he landscapes an immaculate yard. | Uncle Dan!

17: Daniel & Janalee | Cassandra Hess | Cassandra is one year away from graduating from Byu-Idaho in Music Ed. She looks forward to teaching the subject she truly loves. She sings classical/opera in college and has loved the opportunities she has had there. She is in the Collegiate Singers and will tour this spring. She loves dancing and acting and enjoys a good chick flick. She served a performing mission in Nauvoo and after performing in the pouring rain and humidity, she can tackle just about anything. She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and was so thankful to get to share it. She works many hours to pay for her schooling and is so thankful to the Lord for helping her in her many adventures of life. She is willing to submit to His will which can be hard at times, but knows that His way is always the best way. She looks forward to her very bright future. | Janalee loves the Lord and enjoys serving Him to the best of her ability. She was a missionary in London England, she co-leads with Dan as EFY directors, and she teaches children music in her ward. She is a super busy mom keeping the family and all their many activities organized. She just finished as PTA council president over 7 schools. She teaches voice lessons and enjoys when her students excel. She loves watching her daughters grow in their talents and in the gospel. She makes everything lovely and still makes the best homemade rolls ever! She is enjoying a new facet of life in planning her first daughter's wedding. She has many talents and abilities and she loves to spend time with her family. She sings, acts, and enjoyed teaming up with Dan in A Christmas Carol as Mrs. Fizziwig. She loves hosting parties and get-togethers and share in their lovely home. She embodies the phrase Charity never Faileth.

18: Ashlee | Julia | Julia will enter her freshman year of college at Byu-Idaho. She has a real drive to finish a social work degree so she can be an advocate for children. She will also minor in drama, for that is her true love. She is a beautiful soprano vocalist and prefers to sing songs from Broadway musicals. She would love nothing more than to get married and become a mother of very cute little kids. That is truly the dream the awaits her with open arms. She is very creative and loves to put together missionary packages for her friends. She is working hard now before school starts at two jobs. She has a friendly demeanor that draws many unto her. That makes her really good at her sales jobs and has many lasting friends! | Ashlee is in her senior year and loves being with friends, going to and putting on parties and Mr. Mountain View (student pageant), dating cute boys, and just being a girlie-girl. She loves fashion and style and takes pride in a well put together outfit. She would love to pursue modeling and acting in a more visible venue. She has a sultry soulful voice that amazes all who see her small frame. How does a voice that large come out of a tiny body like that? She is a mystery to us all! She just played the role of Noah's wife in Children of Eden. She is a true beauty inside and out and will receive her Personal Progress award. She is seeking out the right college for her!

19: Savannah | Danielle | Savannah loves to read lots of books. She also loves to help with special needs tutoring and hopes to be able to do this more in her future. She plays the flute and loves to sing and act. She has a goal to be a 4.0 or higher in high school and is well on her way to achieving that. She is a kind hearted hard working and funny gal who loves to keep up with her friends and spending quality time with her family. | Danielle loves to sing, play the piano, and do anything artsy. Painting, coloring, and doing crafts is right up her ally. She loves to spend time with her family and friends and loves it when things are peaceful. She like school and loves to read. She loves to get together with cousins and getting to spend time in Idaho. She loves princesses and American Girl dolls and just loves being the youngest in the family. She has a new found love in Showcase USA performing group and loves to dance!

20: Charles Ferren&Shannon Harrop Williams Family | 4137 E 680 N Rigby, ID 83442

21: Charles served a mission to the Dominican Republic and would love to go back to see the temple there someday. He met Shannon by singing his way into her heart, (He sat behind her in choir.) He runs a video business and likes to record concerts, weddings, and family reunions and sell them on DVD. He is the Cub Master and loves music, computer games, airplanes, STAR WARS and enjoys seeing his kids grow in their talents. He is working in education and enjoys helping kids to learn. | Shannon is an amazing mother of eight. It was always her dream to be a mother of a large family and she is living the dream. Some days she might say it was a nightmare though! Ha-Ha! Especially with three year old twins. But she keeps a great sense of humor and is a wonderful example of living the gospel to the fullest for her kids. She is chief chauffeur, nurse, chef, diaper diva and is great at anything she does. She has a beautiful voice and her and Charles sing together often. She is cub scout achievement advancement chairperson. She is the greatest thing that ever happened to Charles and we feel so blessed to have her in our family. How she keeps it all organized is a wonder and a mystery and we are so glad she does. | Shannon | Charles

22: McKayla loves to play the piano and wants to spend most of her time doing that. She plays the violin, sings, and is a bright student who loves to work/play on the computer. She is enjoying indexing now and helping with family history. She has her driver's permit and loves driving everywhere she can. She is a fun and vivacious girl who is enjoying her teen aged years! She has a countdown until she is 16 so she can DATE! | Brittany loves to help her mom anyway she can. This proves to be a great blessing to their family. She has a great talent in keeping up on the cleaning and keeping the twins and Emma occupied when her mom needs a break. She is entering her teen years and looks forward to being another driver in the family so she can take her turn in the front seat! She likes learning how to cook and loves to bake brownies. She has a beautiful voice, loves anything to do with being pretty and hopes to be a cosmetologists when she grows up. She has a special relationship with GrandmaW. and calls to check up her her often. In fact...she loves the phone...period! If it is lost...look in her room and it usually will be found. | Brittany

23: Cameron is a great kid that loves school. He is especially great at math. He loves the drums and thinks every surface of the house is one and he has a nice voice. He loves basket ball and playing the Wii. He loves to play tackle football with his friends at recess and looks forward to being able to play competitively. He is a fast runner and would really be an asset to any team. He always has a hug and an "I love you" for his mom and that is appreciated! | Braden plays the saxophone and loves band. He also loves Scouting and just earned 9 merit badges and advanced 2 ranks at their last scout meeting. He loves to cook and proves to be a creative help in the kitchen with useful ideas and substitutes for missing utensils and ingredients. He is an amazing artist and loves to draw. He also loves baseball and plays in the Cal Ripken league in Rigby.

24: Madison | Michael Charles | loves being with friends and family for parties and especially likes it if it is a party for her. She is everything girlie, pink, dress up, make up, polished nails and toes. She loves to play with her dolls and Barbie's and has a strong willed personality and likes to go to church and sing the songs. | loves being active and is most likely to have stitches. Being a twin proves to be great for him because he always has someone to play with or terrorize... he loves anything with a ball. Baseball, soccar ball, football...you get the idea. He makes the family adventurous & fun!

25: Ammon Charles | Emma Kae | is the baby of 8. She loves keeping up with her twin brothers which has her climbing too high, running fast, and getting into trouble too. But because she is so cute, she usually gets off pretty easily. She loves to lead the music, play dollies, and go places with mommy in the 15 passenger van. | Whatever Michael doesn't think of...Ammon does. He spends his time playing, cracking eggs on the floor, climbing to high places, and just being busy! He also loves anything that has a ball at the end of it and he brings a smile to all!

26: MATTHEW JON DAVIDSON Matt has an MBA and works as an International Accountant for Melaleuca now for 10 years. He travels to primarily the Asian countries and enjoys the many cultures he gets to know. He loves to read and be with his family. He loves the gospel and scriptures and even though it is out of his comfort zone, he is in the bishopric. He is very good at relating concepts of the gospel so that any age can understand it. He is a wonderful father and husband and is known to take his turn doing a lot of the chores around the house. His favorite store is Barnes and Noble and he loves collecting BBC dramas and movies. He likes sushi and has been known to try lots of interesting foods on his trips. | 355 Quigg Ave Shelley, ID 83274

27: CALEB MATTHEW DAVIDSON Caleb loves sports especially tackle football and baseball. He is really great student and loves getting strait A's. He loves reading action books and aces every AR test. He loves to create Lego Bionacles and can master any Wii game. He likes to sing in the honor choir. He has a very soft spot for animals, especially his dog Zane. He plans on a mission in 9 years and is the most thoughtful young man and gentleman. He always opens the door for his mom and lives by the phrase, "Ladies first." He is a life saver for his mom and her back with his muscles and willingness to use them. He loves the gospel and knows when he feels the spirit. He really loves that feeling and is a good and obedient son. He is super loved! | SAMUEL JOSEPH DAVIDSON Samuel is a wonderful young man that is very friendly to all around him. Everyone thinks he is cute and he always has a hug for the ladies. (No matter the age.) He is a great student. He loves to read and do puzzles. He is a great singer and is now playing the violin rather well. He wants to be a train conductor when he grows up or work at Disneyland. He asks everyday when we can go back there. He has a great love for the temple and loves to go visit the Idaho Falls Temple often and was thrilled to see the Logan Temple for the first time. He is very sensitive to the spirit and often prays for Jesus to come soon so he can see Him again. He misses Him and loves Him greatly. He is our sweet miracle! | MARIANN WILLIAMS DAVIDSON Mariann loves anything creative. She loves to create music, literature, photo books, and baking yummy treats. She loves to keep her family close and is so grateful to be a stay at home mother. She volunteers in the Kindergarten and is grateful to serve in the church at whatever the Lord wants her to do at the time. She is currently in the Primary Presidency. She loves photography and documenting life. One day she hopes to go on one of Matt's international trips to China or England. She loves clean romantic movies and books and going on dates with Matt. She still loves to sing and is grateful she still can after her many throat surgeries. She loves life and family!

28: REMEMBER THIS??? Our Last Family Photo Shoot in 2007: It is time for another one. A lot happens in four and a half years. | Our original family grew when spouses were added...what a blessing and how grateful we are.

29: And then you made us grandparents and great grandparents. How grateful we are for our wonderful family! | What a fun bunch we are. We you and hope to see you at our 50th Wedding Anniversary Party June 23rd 2012!

30: Sealed in the St. George, Utah Temple David Charles &Janet Bunker Williams on June 23, 1962 This summer will be 50years For Time and all Eternity! | Sealed in the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple Mark David & Kimberly Massey Williams | For Time & | Sealed in the Memphis, Tennessee Temple Daniel Paul &Marca Jo Wilson Williams

31: Sealed in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple Daniel Lund & Janalee Williams Hess Amanda Williams & James Pendley Camilla Williams & Brannan Ekins Cassandra Hess & Johnevan Atkins | Sealed in the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple Paul David & Gwen Van Orden Williams Charles Ferren & Shannon Kae Harrop Williams Matthew Jon & Mariann Williams Davidson | All Eternity

32: My Dearest Family, As I contemplate the importance of sharing my thoughts with you, I am reminded o the value of our family and the times we are together. Heavenly Father has given you children and grandchildren to be in our family that we might be able to live a celestial life here on the earth in preparation for celestial life in the Celestial Kingdom of our God after this life. He has prepared temples through prophets, seers, and revelators here on the earth so that we might be partakers of the higher laws that bind us together forever. Our baptismal covenants that we take upon us at our baptism shows us that we desire to a part of his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The scriptures tell us that all must be baptized and enter the kingdom of God or we can't progress any farther. After our baptism by one holding the proper authority, the holy priesthood of God, we are then confirmed into the church by laying on of hands by the Melchezidek priesthood so that we may have the Holy Ghost as a constant companion from here through eternity. After we become of age, and we have desire to enter the temple, we are given our own endowment by those with the authority to do so. We can be sealed to our companions for time and all eternity in which we are then sealed as families. As we live the gospel of Jesus Christ and attend the temple often, and perform our callings and duties in our wards and stakes to the best of our ability, then our family will be a celestial family. Within our own homes is the most important calling we have. It is to be loving spouses, fathers, mothers, and obedient children. I have been taught on the bended knees of my mother and father to pray. It is my desire that each of my family will desire to pray every night and morning to their Father in Heaven. We also need to listen for his words by reading the scriptures. As we mingle together and socialize as family, it is a great joy to me to see the activities of each of my children and grandchildren. I love to attend their sporting games, their dramas/musicals, and concerts seeing their talents and abilities grow. But most of all, I love seeing their active part in building up the kingdom of God here on the earth. It is my prayer that you will remember all these things written. Just as the prophets in the Book of Mormon told us to remember how merciful the Lord has been with tender mercies of love and affection, may you continue in your life with this attitude of love and affection to each other my dear family. I want to leave with you my testimony. I know that God lives. He hears and answers prayers. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, the very Messiah that was hoped for. I know that He was sent here to forgive us, redeem us, and give us eternal life. It is only through Him that our repentance is complete. We only need to come to Him. May we come to Him is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. All my love, I do love you so much! Love, Dad, and Grandpa Williams | A lETTER FROM THE PATRIARCH OR OUR FAMILY

33: A Letter from Mom/Grandma | Dearest Family, I love you so much. There isn't anything more precious in my life but my family. I was once told that your family is not a gift, but a precious loan from our Father in Heaven. We are His children first, and he allows us to come to earth in families to learn of Him. If we are faithful to the end we will be able to be together forever and that will be our gift then. What a wonderful gift to seek for. I want you to know that I know that Heavenly Father is real. He is a loving father and He has made it possible to come back to be with him and each other forever. A family learns how to do this by learning of the gospel, yes, but also by having fun together. It is important to have a balance between the serious and the fun playful times together. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than when we can all be together. Yes, the details of it can stress me out at times, and I can get a bit testy. But I do want you to know that I love you so much, and I love having you around me and having fun times together. I also love you across the many miles. I love our family reunions so much. There is nothing more fun than water fights, crafting together, teaching the gospel, having yummy food, singing around the piano and just getting together and laughing about the days past and the fun times of the now. I want you to get to know each other and love each other. You love who you know.This is why we made this book. Get a good look at all the people that love you. Family is forever...it is lasting...it is important. May the spirit of Elijah be in your hearts as you turn it to your fathers and children and do what it takes to be with them forever. I want you to know that I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that as we live it in its fullness we can have true joy in this life and in the life to come. I love you eternally, Love, Grandma....Mom! | "A Family is Forever... Eternally Together"

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