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David's First Year

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David's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Baby Book: David Joseph Johnson

BC: Love, Mom & Dad

FC: David Joseph Johnson The First Year

1: To David With love, Mom and Dad This is a collection of journal entries your mother kept during your first year of life. Enjoy!

2: Tuesday, March 16: it's a boy! Dear David, On June 15, 2009, your father and I found out we would be having a baby. We could not have been more thrilled! Unfortunately at the time, I was in New York finishing up teaching while Daddy was setting up our home and starting his first year of residency in Seattle. I had to take the pregnancy test with your father on the phone (just could not wait!) which meant I had to deliver the good news from 3,000 miles away. This made me all the more anxious to pack up my bags and head out to Washington to be with Daddy. We always knew we wanted kids and were so excited to be welcoming you into our family! I really enjoyed being pregnant with you! You loved to kick and hiccup a lot in my belly. When Daddy saw that you were a boy on the ultrasound screen, he looked stunned, amazed, and ridiculously excited! We also knew all of your uncles – yep, all five of them – would be really excited to welcome a new guy to the family. All of our friends and family were so excited for you to arrive! They pampered you with lots of gifts! I hope you enjoy the stories that follow about your first year of life. Daddy and I will cherish these moments forever! We love you! Mom & Dad

3: Look how you made Mommy's belly grow! | Mom and Dad got married here! | While you were in my belly, we called you Jacques. | 32 weeks

4: Dear David, Your birth story is a fun one! You were born the weekend of the Super Bowl, which happened to be a showdown between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. As you know, Mom and Dad got married in NOLA – hopefully by the time you read this you will have been there many many times. While I was in labor, I wore a fleur de lis barrette in my hair to give me extra inspiration to get you out of my belly and into my arms! I just couldn’t wait to finally meet you! In fact, there were many people around the country (and world!) who were excited for you to join our family. Your Grandma Coco flew in from Michigan to be there for your birth and you had several visitors to the hospital including your Great Aunt Earline, Bill, Alison, Heather (who took beautiful pictures of you!), and Tulane friend Casey. You were a very loved little boy – even before you were in our arms! At 2:26am on Monday, February 8th, you joined our family and made us the proudest parents in the world! As soon as we saw you, Dad and I both knew we wanted to name you David (not Drew Brees, even though it was tempting). It just seemed to suit you! Nana Jo was teaching a class on your birthday and had to tell the kids she kept her cell phone on because she was waiting to hear the name of her new grandson – all the little kids were so excited to see your picture! After you were born, you had a little trouble breathing at first and so you had to go to the NICU to get checked by the doctors right away. Don’t worry, your Dad was by your side the whole time. I’ve never seen your father more proud. I’ll never forget the first time holding you! From the very beginning, you were just the sweetest most content baby in the world. We received tons of e-mails, phone calls, and text messages from family and friends who were eagerly waiting for you and cheering on the Saints along the way! You are so loved! I hope these people will continue to be a support for you throughout your life. Welcome to the family, David! We love you so much! Mom & Dad | The very first picture of you sent from Daddy's phone to all our family and friends.

5: You loved being swaddled. Daddy would wrap you up, walk into the room, and say, "Did anyone here order a burrito?" Mommy giggled every time because you were the cutest burrito in the world! | Our little superhero.

6: On Thursday, February 11, we were finally able to bring you home! We couldn't wait to show you our lovely one-bedroom apartment in Wallingford. | First family picture!

7: We called this your Walter look because you look very serious and wise.

9: Both of your grandmothers were here during your first few weeks to meet their new grandson. They were also a big help to Mom and Dad.

10: When you were just a few weeks old, your dad and I took you on your first road trip to Cape Flattery, the most Northwestern point in the lower 48 states. During our walk down a little trail to reach the actual point, your father and I learned the stroller was not meant for rugged terrain. Your dad had to carry it pretty much the whole way. Rookie mistake. We spent the night in a little bungalow just outside of the Makah Indian Reservation. You slept on the floor for part of the night and in bed with us for the rest. It was such a cozy little trip with my two loves. | Daddy was psyched to take you on your first ferry ride! | True story: Your umbilical cord fell off in the men's bathroom.

11: Your Great Grandma and Grandpa Space were so excited to meet you! They love playing with you and seeing all the new tricks you've learned. | Chin chugger! | You like when Great Grandpa Space whistles! | Four generations

12: Thursday, March 18: first smiles!

13: Tuesday, March 22: smelly advice Chris got a chance to catch up with (David’s) Uncle Jeff via telephone on Sunday. I decided to go for a diaper run to Costco and asked Chris to put the phone down for a minute to help me find the keys to the car. He decided to hand the phone over to David while we searched the apartment. We quickly found the keys and I started heading for the door when we heard a huge “pshchsehdohsh.” Uh oh. David had pooped. I decided to assess the situation before leaving and, sure enough, the force was so strong that the poop had escaped from the diaper. Blowout. Uncle Jeff admitted to encouraging David to poop while they were chatting on the phone. Tsk tsk tsk! I quietly made my way out the door while Chris cleaned up the mess. Despite this messy situation, I am confident that when Jeff and David do finally meet in person, Jeff will give my son much better advice. I did take a minute to take a quick photo of David on the phone with Jeff. (Yes, I keep my cameras on me at all times. Yes, I said cameras – one for snapshots and the other for videos. Yes, I’m a crazy first-time mother documenting everything my child does. Glad that’s settled.) This was pre-poop. | When I returned, the boys were wearing matching outfits, watching March Madness together.

14: Wednesday, March 24: red lights David and I decided to give Chris a ride from one hospital to another today. He had to be at UW in the morning on the cardiology wards and then at the VA in the afternoon for the women’s clinic. It’s about a 15-minute drive or hour bus ride. Chris looked exhausted this morning when he left for work so I made it my mission to get David ready in time to be able to give Chris a ride. It worked! Well, sort of.... David hadn't completely settled into the car seat when we left. Every time the car was in motion David was nice and quiet. Whenever we hit red lights he whimpered and cried. It was the funniest thing (except when he really began to cry at a particularly long light)! I tried my best to avoid the lights zooming down side streets. In the end, Chris was given a nice ride to work and I learned about David's aversion to red lights! | I like my car seat as long as we're moving!

15: Thursday, March 25: nap pics

16: Monday, March 29: shower It had been a while and a couple dozen burp cloths since David’s last bath. Chris, on his way to take a shower, decided to take David with him. David loved (or at least tolerated) it! I was there to catch my baby and make sure he didn’t get too cold! I think he looks pretty warm in the picture, don’t you?

17: Wednesday, March 31: nana jo and papa joe David’s Johnson grandparents were in town this week! We had a fabulous time. It was such a pleasure for me to watch Nana Jo and Papa Joe play with David. They are so amazing with him. I can see why Chris turned out so perfect! There was plenty of tummy time, rocking, poking, picture-taking, etc. David has been sleeping all day today as a result. He gets tired from playing so much! Another benefit to having Nana and Papa Jo(e) in town is that it also gave me a chance to get out of the apartment a bit on my own. They were more than happy to babysit. (Understatement.) | First time meeting Papa Joe!

18: Saturday, April 3: meeting the easter bunny. fail. I was so excited to hear that the Easter Bunny would be at the mini shopping center just four blocks down the street from our apartment. I thought it would be a perfect thing to do while Chris was on call to celebrate Easter! I invited Gabby, Heather, Lois, and Lois’s son Caleb to check it out. We got to the Wallingford Center in the late afternoon and it looked like the festivities were unfortunately wrapping up. We looked everywhere for the Easter Bunny, but could not find him! Apparently he had packed up and left since things were getting slow. I guess it's understandable. I'm sure he has a lot of work to do tonight. Luckily, David was not too upset. Mommy was definitely disappointed. I had not seen the Easter Bunny in years and was looking forward to catching up and acquainting him with my son. I’m sorry, David. I’ll plan better next time.

19: On Easter Sunday, we went to church in the morning and then had an Easter egg hunt in our apartment. David found all the eggs!

20: Thursday, April 8: 2 months Happy 2 months, David! I cannot believe how much he has changed in the past two months. When I look back at pictures of David at the hospital, I hardly recognize him. It’s amazing to see him grow, change, and learn new things every day. I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), 2 months means vaccination time. David had his appointment this afternoon with Dr. Greenzang. She and her husband (also an intern in internal medicine at UW) graduated from Columbia with Chris. This was one of the reasons we picked her – that, and we think she’s just great! Chris was post call and got off work just in time to make it to our appointment. I was pretty relieved, knowing this would be a difficult one for David. Dr. G examined David and said he looked perfect! He weighed 12 lbs 8 oz and measured 23 inches in length. He’s growing just fine. David was alert and active the whole time – he’s so much better at the doctor’s office than me. Then it was time for the shots. Chris had me step out of the room to get a drink of water. That was a good move. When I returned, David was crying a lot. It was a cry I had never heard before - the cry of pain. It broke my heart. I nursed him to try to calm him down. It worked for short intervals until he remembered that his legs hurt. His bald head turned completely red and tears streamed down his face. It was so hard to watch. I just wanted to make it all better. After a short while he calmed down and we put him in the car seat. David and Daddy are now taking a nap together. They are both snoring. It’s cute. Congrats, buddy! You’re vaccinated!

21: Tuesday, April 13: first mlb game The Johnson family spent yesterday afternoon at Safeco Field celebrating the Mariners’ Opening Day! This was Chris’s birthday present from my parents. Thanks, Grandma Coco and Grandpa Rick! :-) We couldn’t believe how many other babies were there! It’s one of those things you don’t notice until you have one yourself. David behaved, as always, and seemed to be pretty amazed by all of the sights and sounds of the game. I felt like a bad mom because I didn’t have ear plugs or one of those cool headsets Drew Brees had for his son at the Super Bowl. It wasn’t as loud as Wrigley or Yankee Stadium, though, and David didn’t seem to mind. He was even able to take a nap! David purchased his first Mariners t-shirt and picked Griffey’s number. Good choice, buddy! David’s first baseball game was a success! Unfortunately the Mariners didn’t succeed in beating the Oakland A’s 0-4.

22: Thursday, April 15: so cute!

23: Saturday, April 17: tulip festival Our good friends from Tulane, Colin and Sara, came into town this weekend. We were so excited to introduce them to David! We spent a lovely afternoon playing in the tulips at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

24: Wednesday, April 21: too cute for words! I am part of a mother's group called PEPS (Program for Early Parenting Support). I really enjoy chatting about being a first-time mom with the other women in my group and looking at all of their adorable babies. Yesterday we decided to take a group picture of our little ones. It was too cute seeing all of the babies lined up on the couch. We had fun watching them squirm around – lots of arms and legs flailing randomly! I think the mommies enjoyed it more than the babies. | Theo David Aidan Josie Harper Elsa Loic Maija Conley Eden | Theo eating David. Hehe!

25: Thursday, April 22: rolling over! I was really excited yesterday when David rolled over from stomach to back out of tummy time. I’ve seen him do it once before, but I wasn’t able to capture it on film. This time he kept doing it every time I put him on his belly. I think he felt proud. I was proud! :-) | Then, this morning I heard David talking in bed which usually means he’s happily awake. I walked into our bedroom to find him on his belly! David had been sleeping on his side, so he didn’t have to go all the way from his back....but still! He’s a rolling machine! I was actually shocked to see he was so happy on his belly. Mommy is so proud of you, David! Keep up the good work!

26: Wednesday, April 28: first bottle After weeks and weeks of wondering when and how to pump, Chris and I gave David his first bottle last night. Medical professionals advise not to introduce a bottle until the baby has passed Breastfeeding 101, usually around 6 weeks. David will be 12 weeks on Monday, so it’s safe to say he has a Master’s (Doctorate?) degree in taking milk from the breast. After Tuesday night, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and get a pump. I decided on a manual pump since it’s cheap (electric ones are super expensive) and I won’t need it often – only when I want a few extra hours without David. I didn’t make it to the store today so Chris and I decided to see if David would take a bottle of formula. We had some left over from the hospital. I realize this isn’t the best science experiment, introducing two variables, but we were curious to see what would happen. We broke out the formula and poured it into the one bottle we have. Then it was go-time. Chris picked up David and sat in the glider. I was afraid to pick him up and hand him to Daddy. I had heard when babies get close to their mom during feeding time they are more likely to reject the bottle because they know the good stuff is near. Chris cradled David and I handed him the bottle. David got a good suck on the bottle immediately and, to my surprise, I instantly began to cry. All of this time I thought I had avoided pumping because of economical and logistical reasons. At that moment, I realized how much I enjoyed the bond David and I have when we’re nursing. I guess I secretly didn’t want him to take the bottle, at least not so easily. I also realized how short a period of time this is and that soon he’ll be taking solid foods, drinking milk out of a sippy cup, and, sooner than I had thought, ordering pizzas to watch football games. He’s growing up too fast for me! Sentimental emotions aside, I am happy David can take a bottle. I know this is a GOOD thing! It gives us more flexibility and the babysitters will no longer be tortured. I’m still going to get a pump and reserve the formula for emergency situations only.

27: Friday, April 30: tummy time!

28: Saturday, May 8: slept through the night! David and I had a great day yesterday! We met some other PEPS ladies at Green Lake for a walk. Afterward, we sat on the grass for a while and had a picnic with Pilar and David’s buddy, Theo. We came home and took a 3-hour nap together on the couch – reminded me of his first days home. After waking up, we took a little stroll to the grocery store to get fixin’s for dinner. David sat in the swing peacefully while I made some bbq chicken and potato salad. Chris got off work around 8:30pm so David and I drove out to UW Medical Center to pick him up. We came home and got some great playtime in for about an hour. It was such a lovely day and a great start to Mother’s Day weekend! I was reminded all day of how lucky I am to have such a content, sweet, happy, perfect baby. I absolutely love being David's mommy! If all of that wasn’t enough to fall deeper in love with my baby, David slept through the night! Chris was going to do the middle-of-the-night feeding so that I could get a nice long stretch of sleep for once. Neither of us had to wake up because David went to bed at 10pm and didn’t open his eyes until 7am! Thank you, David! Love, Mom and Dad.

29: Saturday, May 8: just your typical saturday morning

30: Sunday, May 9: mother's day! I had the best Mother’s Day weekend! Thanks to those of you who sent messages, left comments on the blog, or called to remind me I’m now a part of this very special holiday. I feel so lucky to have joined this cohort of strong women. This year I felt even more inclined to thank all of the wonderful moms in my life for their love and care for their babies and for me. I am just beginning to understand what that means – wow! All I wanted for Mother’s Day was a picnic with my family. Ever since David arrived, I’ve fantasized about having a picnic with my husband and baby boy. This is probably because Seattle has such beautiful parks. Unfortunately, Seattle also has a lot of rain. Every time I’ve tried to make this picnic happen, the ground has been wet. Luckily, the weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend! It's a Mother's Day miracle! | What a wonderful day I spent with my husband and son! I love my baby boy sooooo much! I love my family! I love my mom! I love my mother-in-law! I love my grandmas! I love my fellow mommas! I love Mother’s Day! So much love in my heart!

32: Wednesday, May 12: first crawfish

33: Friday, May 14: all smiles, all the time

34: Wednesday, May 19: PEPS at our crib David and I hosted PEPS this week. It was a success! Even though we have a one-bedroom apartment, we actually have a rather large play area for nine mamas and their babies. It was Chris’s day off so he helped me get ready in the morning before hitting up some sweet Seattle coffee shops and continuing our search for a larger apartment. Before leaving, he and David served as doormen and greeted all of our guests. It was pretty cute! All of the mamas said they used to think David looked like me until they met Chris this morning. They all agreed, “He’s a mini Chris!” | David | Maija | Aidan

35: Monday, June 1: happiness is seeing your best friends with your baby Four of my best friends and David's adopted aunts - Kerry, Sarah, Melissa, and Sarah - came into town last weekend with their husbands to meet my baby boy. They instantly fell in love and we all had a great time!!

36: Monday, June 7: diaper time!

37: Saturday, June 12: sweet dreams, my love

38: Monday, June 14: the feet have been found! David found his feet last night! He’s been looking at his feet for a while, but mostly in a those-look-cool-wait-are-they-attached-to-me-I-can’t-reach-them sort of way. David finally grabbed his toes and couldn’t stop playing with them until bedtime! It was so adorable! Of course I whipped out every recording device I own to capture this new trick for you all.

39: Sunday, June 20: snuggly bear

40: Sunday, June 20: father's day! Chris, David, and I had a fabulous day! It was chilly and rainy here in Seattle, but that didn’t stop us from having a ball (ba dum cha!) at the Mariners game. I think it was the first time I actually saw the Mariners win a game! Woo hoo! Go M’s! David did a great job. He was definitely more alert this time. Our fellow baseball fans thought he was adorable. They kept telling us to go to guest services to pick up his “First Mariners Game” certificate. Chris proudly told them this wasn’t his first game. My son was at Opening Day. :-)

42: Wednesday, June 23: moving! Our family of three has outgrown our one-bedroom apartment. We love Wallingford and were lucky enough to find a two-bedroom apartment just two blocks down the street. David's bedroom is even already painted blue! It's not easy packing with a little one around, but David is having fun playing in the boxes.

43: Saturday, June 26: david's first international trip! Dad, David, and I had a great time exploring Victoria, BC today! It was David’s first international trip!

44: Friday, July 2: first flight David and I flew to Michigan together on Friday. The flight went amazingly well. The first ten minutes including takeoff were a little difficult because David was having a hard time with his ears. I started worrying about another three and a half hours with a squirrely baby. Luckily, he was a complete angel the rest of the time – not a peep! Everyone on the plane was amazed by him! I was relieved, but not surprised. He’s such a content baby. I’m so lucky! Thanks, David, for being so easy! We were greeted at O'Hare by Grandpa Rick (David spotted him before I did) and Grandma CoCo and then we were off to Michigan! I’m so happy seeing David around my family. I can tell he loves them. There’s something familiar about this crew.. :-)

45: Saturday, July 3: the planggers! David loves Michigan! He finally met Grandpa Rick, Uncle Brock, Uncle Eli, and Uncle Ricky! They all had fun playing with David and teaching him the ins and outs of being a Plangger boy. | Baby's first firework. | The famous hot dog stand! | David loves his grandpa! | Uncle Ricky!

46: Beautiful Lake Michigan! | Saturday, July 3: checking out silver beach

47: Sunday, July 4: baptism Today we celebrated David’s baptism. It was a wonderful day! Grandma CoCo, Grandpa Rick, Great Grandpa Rich, Brock, Eli (Godfather), Melissa (Godmother), Pete (Melissa’s husband), Aunt Judy, Cousins Regin & Spencer, Aunt Teri, Uncle Bill, and Uncle Brian all congregated at Father Ray’s house to witness David’s baptism. Father Ray is my childhood priest and I consider him a part of our family. The ceremony was really special. It was so nice to have family (some of my favorite aunts and uncles!) in town to help celebrate the sacrament and offer support to David as he begins a life of faith. David’s Godparents are really special to me. His Godfather is my youngest brother, Eli. Eli is a wonderful person and a great Catholic – the only one of us to attend a Catholic college! David’s Godmother is my childhood friend, Melissa Guzmann. We became close during high school, dancing together at Dolores Shearer’s Dance Studio. We became even better friends in college, visiting each other at our respective study abroad programs. Melissa was one of my main supporters during my pregnancy. She has supported David from the beginning – I just know she will be there for him forever! She also attended a Catholic college! I love both Eli and Melissa. I know David will be well guided in his faith by these two wonderful people. | After the ceremony we came back to the house for some yummy food. My cousins brought adorable cupcakes for the occasion! Thanks, everyone, for making this such a special day for David!

48: Friday, July 9: florida After the baptism on Sunday, Grandma Coco, David, and I got on another plane to Florida to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Broccolo. We had a wonderful visit! It was so special for me to introduce David to my grandparents. I have so many fond memories of times spent with them. I know David will have similar relationships with his grandparents. David enjoyed the Florida sun and even went swimming in a pool for the first time! | Great Grandma Broccolo loves you, David!

49: Friday, July 16: sense of taste We've been letting David play with a spoon. Gearing up for solids soon!

50: Saturday, July 17: afternoon with papa joe Papa Joe and Nana Jo were in town for Tim and Jackie Morrow's wedding. Papa Joe couldn't wait to come over Friday afternoon to spend some quality time with David. How precious are they together?

51: Saturday, July 17: first tooth! This morning I was surprised to find a sharp edge on David’s lower gum. My little boy has a tooth coming in! In the past few weeks we’ve seen all the signs of teething – lots ‘o drooling, chomping on toys & our fingers, blowing raspberries, his sleep has fallen apart, and there's been a little bit of unexplained fussiness. It’s funny because Nana Jo checked his gums Friday evening and didn’t feel anything. It must have punctured through overnight! (Chris and I didn’t get our first tooth until 8 months old, btw.) It’s exciting! | The Lil' Nubbins

52: Wednesday, July 21: mommy's cutie pie! | David and his buddy, Owen, in their adorable hats! | Do a jig!

53: Tuesday, July 27: time to take a b-a-t-h It’s been hot this week so we’ve had to give our sweaty boy a few baths. We’re doing it in the kitchen sink for now because it’s actually pretty big. He really likes hanging out in the water. I can’t wait until he learns how to splash! At least he’s interested in playing with (and eating) his rubber ducky now! :-)

54: Sunday, August 1: first hike! Chris happened to pick up a book from the grocery store the other day (it just landed in his cart, ahem) that describes 60 hikes within 60 miles of Seattle. He decided to take advantage of his free weekend and take David on his first hike. Chris picked a moderate 3-mile hike called Twin Falls and I agreed that it looked doable. We packed a bag, picked up some lunch stuffs, and headed out! | David enjoyed exploring nature!

55: He especially loved the rivers.

56: Monday, August 2: still waiting for a washer and dryer When we moved into our new apartment it did not have a washer and dryer. While we waited for our landlord to install them, we did laundry at our friends' houses or at the laundromat. This picture cracked up lots of friends and relatives! What a cute head you have, David!

57: Wednesday, August 4: first food: banananananana!! Last night, at 6 months of age, David had his first serving of table food. You may be wondering which food was lucky enough to be David’s first? The banana! He loved it! Chris and I had fun feeding him. Yum! | Can I have some more please?!

58: Tuesday, August 10: half a cake, half a candle, half a hat, half a birthday! Chris, David, and I went to the Trimm’s cabin at Lake Kachess on Sunday to celebrate David’s half birthday. Some of David’s favoritest people were there – Papa Joe, Nana Jo, Gabby, Alison & Bill, Heather, Sarah, Jackie, & Tim! He’s such a lucky guy – we’re such lucky parents! This group of really awesome people had a really awesome time together. We hung out, ate good food, played silly games, and sang Happy Half Birthday to David. He won’t ever forget his 6 month birthday party! Well, at least the adults won’t.

59: Thursday, August 12: 6th month doc appt. David is perfect, but we already knew that! Look who was able to skip out of work for a few to attend!

60: David at 6 months.

61: cute | We love you!

62: This boy LOVES solid food! Can you tell?

63: Sunday, October 3: sunday night football | Dad: Did the Seahawks actually just do that? David: Geaux Saints! | Dad & David: Eeeeeeeh, that was not a good play. | David: Dad, please no talking during the game. | Dad: I love watching football with you. David: I love watching football with you.

64: Tuesday, August 17: in the land of potatoes Chris is on vacation! Woo hoo! David and I are both really excited. For his week off, Chris decided to take David to visit his Idahoan relatives. We made the 8-hour drive on Sunday and David handled it just fine. He slept for four hours straight before we had to make one stop. We pulled over at a rest stop, put David on a blanket, had some sandwiches, and stretched out for a bit. The rest of the trip we did in two-hour segments, stopping to stretch our legs, change David’s diaper, and have a little snack. It was so pleasant! It wasn’t until we were about 30 miles from Boise that David started to get antsy. I jumped in the back with him and worked my best distraction techniques until we pulled up to Chris’s childhood home. It’s been great hanging out with the Boise clan. We’re all having a blast! | David finally got to meet Uncle Eric! They were instant friends.

65: Sunday, August 22: kitties say meow! David was fascinated by the cat at Nana and Papa’s house! We’ve never seen him so locked in. A stuffed animal that moves.....whoa. | David got to meet Mimi and Papa! He had fun pulling Papa's whiskers!

66: Tuesday, October 12: my little pumpkin We decided to take advantage of Chris’s day off and the beautiful weather to spend some time celebrating the arrival of fall, pretty much Mommy and Daddy’s favorite time of year. We had the whole place to ourselves, a benefit of going on a weekday!

68: Tuesday, October 26: peps halloween party Today was the PEPS Halloween Party at our place. We had a blast! All of the moms and babies in our PEPS group made it. I was really excited about having a baby Halloween party and it was awesome that everyone came with lots of spirit! Anticipating the cuteness of babies in costumes, we asked our friend and photographer, Heather Trimm, to take pictures! I'm so glad I did! | Happy Halloween!

69: More Halloween fun! Some of our PEPS friends joined us for a 5K run Halloween weekend! It's fun running in costumes! Dad was on call Halloween day, so David and I decided to pay him a visit - in costume!

70: Monday, November 1: david's first uw football game On Saturday we had tickets to the UW v. Standford football game. I wish the weather would have cooperated more that day! It was cold and rainy pretty much the whole time. For the game, Chris put David in three pairs of pants, two jackets, socks, tennis shoes, and a hat. In addition to clothing, David was held by Mom and Dad during the whole game so, needless to say, he stayed really warm. Unfortunately, the game didn’t bring much warmth to us (ba da cha!). UW had a really bad day and lost 41-0 to Standford. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, we left the game with 5 minutes left on the clock. For those of you who have ever attended an athletic event with Chris, you know he never leaves early, under any circumstance. It’s one of those things I absolutely love about him. As we were heading out of the stadium, I checked his forehead for a temperature and he seemed fine. I think if David hadn’t started to get tired, we would have sat through the whole thing. Instead, we came home, ordered pizza, watched some more football, and relaxed as a family. David went nuts rolling around on the floor and screaming. I guess he needed some floor time after spending pretty much the whole day in the stroller, car seat, or our arms. Funny kid! What a lovely way to end a fun-filled day.

71: Sunday, November 7: wilkommen in deutschland Today Chris wanted to go on a drive. Check out the beauty of fall. Relax on the road. Escape to the mountains. Spend quality time with his wife and son without the distractions of city living. We decided a 2-hour drive to Leavenworth, Washington, a small “Bavarian” town situated in the Cascade Mountains, would be reasonable, relaxing, cultural, and fun. | We had a wonderful time walking around and checking out the shops. I would love to visit Leavenworth during Oktoberfest or Christmastime.....or when Chris’s family friend, Hans, plays in his oompah band! Road tripping to this cute Bavarian town was a wonderful way to spend our free Sunday. David was perfect on the ride there and back, which served as a reminder to his parents to take advantage of these easy road trips now while we still can! | David loved spaetzle!

72: Wednesday, November 10: adventures in standing David does not like standing. He never has. In fact, we're not sure David even knows how to stand! Every time you pick him up, he curls up his legs like a frog to sit. We have been encouraged by the doctor and various physical therapist friends to practice exercises to help David learn to bear weight on his legs. Everyone is confident he’ll learn on his own, but it doesn’t hurt to give him opportunities to stand while we’re playing. | This weekend we propped David up against the coffee table a couple of times. At first we noticed that he would curl his toes while standing which would throw off his balance. This kid is definitely a monkey – not in the swinging-from-trees-Uncle-Jeff sort of way, but in the thinking-your-feet-are-actually-hands sort of way. He grabs toys, books, spoons, etc. with his feet. It’s so cute! To give him more stability in his feet, we decided to put on his tennis shoes. To our surprise, David started locking his legs and leaning forward for toys almost immediately. Yeah! I wouldn’t say he’s a stander yet, but it actually seems like he will be standing upright soon. That’s my boy – a quick learner! | Silly parents trying to make me stand! What's wrong with sitting?

73: Sunday, November 13: monkey feet David thinks his feet are hands, one of the reasons he doesn’t like to stand on them. When we read books, he wraps his cute little toes around the edges. Such a lil’ monkey! | David loves any and all books, but this one is his favorite!

74: Monday, November 22: first snow We didn’t get any snow in Seattle last year. It was pretty much 40 degrees and gloomy all winter. Today we woke up to snowflakes and it’s been snowing all day! So pretty! The first snow is always exciting, but it’s even more exciting to show David his world now covered in this pretty, sparkly white stuff.

75: Tuesday, November 23: first snow pt. 2 Today we woke up to fresh snow on the ground and bright sunshine! Chris had the morning off so we decided to take advantage and put David in the snow. Yes, we’re bad parents for not having gloves on him, but I actually didn’t think he’d put his hands in it so quickly! He’s getting more adventurous! After our two minutes of fun, we came inside for some milk and a nap.

76: Thursday, November 26: first thanksgiving David’s first Thanksgiving was a huge success! The day started off with a Skype date with Great Grandpa Plangger, Grandpa Rick, Grandma Coco, Uncle Brock, and Uncle Eli. It was so nice to get a chance to “hang out” with my family. Uncle Eric was over on our side and said we looked like a touching commercial for Skype or Hallmark. Chris, David, and I were crowded around one computer talking to our relatives back in Michigan, also crowded around their computer. I wish we would have taken a picture! After the Skype date and David’s nap, we headed to Aunt Earline’s house to share a lovely afternoon full of family, football, and excellent food. Chris’s family was there including Papa Joe, Nana Jo, Uncle Eric, and Uncle Jeff. Grandma and Grandpa Space, Aunt Earline, Cousin Dan, and Great Cousin Ken were there as well. It was a wonderful day and as you can see from the pictures, David thoroughly enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal! I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be David’s favorite holiday. I mean, he is his father’s son. BTW, have I mentioned David now has SIX teeth? Four on top, two on the bottom.

77: Sunday, November 29: seattle marathon David, Aidan, Cody, and I started training for the Seattle half marathon back in June. The training program consisted of David and Aidan riding in their jogging strollers while their mothers pushed them around Green Lake. On Thanksgiving weekend, family and friends gathered as The Racing Hearts to run/walk the Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon. It was a wonderful day! Everyone accomplished their goal! David, your mom and Aidan's mom finished the half marathon without stopping! Thanks for all your help, Coach. | Eating Mommy's medal. | Mom, David, Cody, Aidan | Uncle Jeff finished first! He loved holding you while we cheered on the rest of our team.

78: Sunday, December 5: santa Today David met Santa at the Wallingford Boys & Girls Club. It seemed like a perfect place to meet Santa since the club is just two blocks down the street and we didn't anticipate any long longs. In fact, there was no one else there when we arrived and so we got to spend a good amount of time trying to get David to smile. David never did smile, but he held it together despite his fear of beards. Oh, and the photographer asked if she could use David’s picture for advertising purposes. She called him a “baby model.” I guess I’m not the only one who thinks David’s the most adorable baby! (I guess I should mention we got there towards the end of the day and were order what if she had slim pickings?!) ;-) | The candy cane helped David work through his fear of beards.

79: Tuesday, December 14: houston David and I spent last week in Houston visiting family and friends. We first spent time with David's Godmother, Melissa, and her new son, Jack. We had a great time! | Then we met up with Uncle Ricky and Grandma Coco and Grandpa Rick who flew in from Michigan. We had a wonderful time shopping, hanging out in the hotel suite, and eating delicious food. We were so sad to leave them! | Uncle Ricky loved tickling you! | David loves Grandma Coco and Grandpa Rick so much! | Jack and David

80: Happy Holidays! | David had just learned how to clap when we took these pictures Dec. 5!

81: Our Christmas Card 2010

82: Merry Christmas! | We visited Daddy at the hospital while he was on call Christmas Eve. | David loved opening presents and eating the treats in his stocking!

83: Saturday, December 25: christmas day Christmas morning was quiet around our apartment. While David was sleeping, I made a Grandma Plangger specialty, Texas Sheet Cake. I made it last year, too, so I think it’s safe to say it’s becoming a tradition. Then I had to wake David up to get him ready for church. He wore his white colored shirt, plaid vest, and khakis, compliments of Grandma and Grandpa Plangger. He looked so handsome! We were running late, so I quickly strapped him into the Ergo Baby Carrier and we walked over to Christmas mass. We arrived only 5 minutes late and there was still plenty of pew space. I decided to take a seat towards the back in the center aisle. This was probably one of my favorite Christmas moments. Since David is such a master sitter, I put him next to me and we sat, as a couple, praying and reflecting on mass. Sure, I had to distract him a few times with a book and some Cheerios, but he was such a gentleman! There was a couple across the aisle from us with a 3-month-old baby boy. David kept smiling at them. When everyone started singing, David made loud noises as if he was joining the chorus. He looked at me funny when I sang along (I can’t blame the guy). When we said our prayers, David looked around at everyone trying to figure out what they were saying. I have to admit I didn’t do a very good job of paying attention to the homily because I was so distracted (in a good way!) by my little dude. My favorite part was when mass had ended and everyone clapped. David looked around and I swear I heard him think – Hey, I know how to do that! Clap, clap, clap! He continued to clap while the priest and altar boys made their way down the aisle. It was such a sweet, special moment with David that I won’t ever forget. I love him so much. | After mass, the woman sitting in front of the couple with the baby came up to me. She said, “Your son is brilliant.” I giggled awkwardly. “No, really. I have four kids of my own and come from a big family. I have never seen a kid sit like that or be so observant at such a young age. You can tell he retains so much. I can tell this is a very special baby.” Again, I giggled awkwardly and thanked her for her kind words. Obviously I think all of these things of my son, but I know I’m biased. That’s my job to think these things. That being said, I would be lying if I told you it wasn’t nice to have someone else recognize the awesomeness of my child. :-)

84: Monday, January 3: boise On Sunday, December 18, Great Grandpa Johnson (a.k.a. Papa) passed away. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather! We were so happy David had a chance to meet him last summer. Chris, David, and I enjoyed our time in Boise last week celebrating his life with family and friends. | David's 9th flight! | We'll miss you, Papa!

85: David is a good eater. He'll eat anything and everything. He often cries when dinner is over and doesn't like food on his face. His favorite food is banana, but unfortunately his body won't allow him to eat too much of it.

86: Sunday, January 16: crawling! At 11 months of age, David has finally started crawling! Yay! We knew David would be a late crawler because he has such a huge head for such a little body and has always been very content just to hang out on the floor. (Remember how much our boy loves to sit?) We're excited he has this new found mobility because it will open up a whole new world. David had been showing signs of crawling this past month. He's been getting up on all fours for a while now. Today he finally decided to give crawling a shot. Chris and I are convinced he wouldn't try unless we weren't watching. We moved the rug from his bedroom into the living room so that it wouldn't be so slippery. Then Chris and I pretended to do other things (like laundry, ha!) and sometimes even hid behind doors so that he would feel comfortable enough to try. I didn't believe it when Chris said he had just witnessed David crawl. I made Chris be on the lookout while David continued practicing. My favorite line from the day was when Chris came back and said, "Biggest crawl yet!" After a little while, David felt confident crawling in front of us and hasn't stopped practicing since! It's cute to watch him move about the apartment! | My little crawler!

87: He's getting more adventurous now and exploring other rooms!

88: Thursday, January 27: swing It’s been in the 50s around here lately and so today I decided to take David to the park to play on the swings for a little while. He got a kick out of watching the older kids play on the slide. You’ll be doing that soon enough, David! :-)

89: Friday, January 28: sitting in bed Yesterday I went to pick David up from his nap to find him sitting.yes, just the corner of his bed. He had thrown both socks and the pacifier over the railing. It was so funny to see him just sitting there, hanging out. This new crawling thing has given him so much more mobility. Today he considered pulling to a stand. I guess it’s time to lower the crib mattress!

90: On Sunday, February 19, we had a big first birthday party for all of the PEPS babies! It's hard to believe they're all one-year-old! It seems like just yesterday we were lining them up on Wendy's couch. | Group picture of our mommy and baby friends! | Buddies: Theo, David, and Aidan

91: Theo David Aidan Josie Harper Maija Elsa Eden Loic Conley | Theo & David | The chaos of trying to get a group picture! Go, Aidan, go!

92: Sunday, February 6: first birthday party! David turns one on Tuesday! I’m overwhelmed by so many emotions. I’ve spent a lot of time this month reminiscing about where we were a year ago. It’s fun to remember all of the excitement building up and around David’s birth. I never want to forget that special time in our lives. David's birthday falls on a Tuesday, so we decided to have his birthday party the Sunday before. It was a hit! We had a few friends and family over from the Seattle area. Nana and Papa Jo(e) flew in all the way from Boise for the celebration. David’s best bud, Aidan, came over to help break in his new toys. I know I said this before, but Chris and I continue to be grateful for all the wonderful family and friends in David’s life, in our lives. The three of us wouldn't have had such a wonderful year if it hadn't been for the love and support of our loved ones. | The theme for the party was Super Bowl 2010. David was born roughly 7 hours after the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl. I was in hard labor during the game and didn’t get to really celebrate (understandably so) this great victory for the city. This is why it was such a perfect theme for David’s first birthday! Chris and I experimented for several weeks – yes, I’m a psycho mama – with different food options, but ended up with a big bowl of jambalaya and red beans and rice. I made beads and we had a DVD recording of the game playing in the background (I’m embarrassed to say we even had it timed to end exactly before we wanted to sing Happy Birthday. Yes, psycho mama.). We had an all-around good time celebrating David's first year, our family and friends, and NOLA! Happy 1st Birthday, David!

93: David dove into the cake head first. It was hilarious!

94: David pretty much polished off the entire cake Mommy made for him.

95: Daddy had the fun job of cleaning up David afterwards. Being the clean eater that he is, it wasn't too hard of a task.

96: Davd enjoyed opening presents! Yay for new toys! | The dog's ears freaked him out!

97: On David's actual birthday, the three of us stayed home, had a nice dinner, sang Happy Birthday, and enjoyed some leftover cake. This has been one amazing year! We're looking forward to the years to come with our wonderful son. We love you, David!

98: David Joseph Johnson Born: Monday, February 8, 2010 Time: 2:26am Place: University of Washington Medical Center Weight: 8 lbs 1 oz Length: 21 in | 1 year Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz Height: 29 in Head: 18 in

99: Notable Milestones First smiles: 6 weeks First time rolling over: 2 1/2 months First tooth: 5 months First time crawling: 11 months First steps: First word: First haircut:

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