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David, World's Best Kisser

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David, World's Best Kisser - Page Text Content

S: To David, The World's Best Kisser

FC: To David, The World's Best Kisser

3: I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, "if this isn't nice, I don't know what is." - Kurt Vonnegut

4: FELIX Valentino Bowsersocks

5: CARL ponce Jones

6: The two best additions to the family!! A house full of boys - fantastic! | Felix and his new pal Artie! | When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got... A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.

7: Chloe Time has taken me from you, although not very far. I'll be watching through the sunshine and through the brightest star.

12: To David, the world's best kisser

13: Pulp Romance He saw him across a crowded shelf. His deckle-edge was seductively deep, his endpapers velvety. He was a first edition, probably autographed. Any man would want to write his name in a book like him. He noticed him perusing his pages, and blushed. He had a hard spine, and a crisp dust jacket. His eyes were capitalized, and in an obscure font designed in Amsterdam in 1768. He caught himself glancing at his flyleaf, and looked away, mortified. They were in the YA section, and he was acting like a common galley. "Can I have your ISBN?" he whispered. He could nearly see his addendum. "Yes," he cooed, helpless. "Yes."

15: portland june 1998

17: I'll make due with coffee, if I can't have a martini this early.

20: To David, | The World's Best | Ass Kisser

22: David S., Dee, and I were getting ready to get strapped into the Boomerang, a giant rubber band kind of ride that was like a swinging bungee jump, at Worlds of Fun. There was a new worker strapping the three of us together and to the rubber band thing. Our backs were to the two workers and we were facing three people who had just finished swinging. One of the workers asked the other, "Is this part important?" talking about our straps. Then they started hauling us up to the top. Thankfully that part must not have been important because we all survived. -Lynda Lawrie

23: Friends

24: Camping, circa 1996 I remember going camping together at Silver Creek Falls. It was David, Amy and I. We stayed up late drinking and playing games (probably Scrabble). | One of the days we decided to go horseback riding. If memory serves correctly, one of the horses got spooked by something (I think it was David's) and, of course, we were in the middle of no where - or so it seemed. This picture was taken while we were on a hike - I'm not sure if we were intentionally dressed nearly alike here or not! | - Darla Sims Garcia

25: During the show, a fan threw a t-shirt on stage and hit Paul Weller in the face, which did not go over so well. He uttered something along the lines of “fucking assholes” or similar and stormed off the stage. No amount of stomping or cheering could lure him back. Fortunately he’d already played for a fair amount of time, so it didn’t feel like we were robbed of a perfectly good concert. David was living in Austin at the time of this visit and, because they didn’t have a Trader Joe’s in Austin, he brought an extra suitcase and insisted that we go to TJ’s so he could stock up. In all fairness, I think he was bringing back gifts for friends, as well. | Los Angeles, Circa 2000 I remember David visiting me in LA so that he/we could go to the Paul Weller concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. This was an adventuresome visit, mostly because the concert proved to be one- of-a-kind.

26: Los Angeles, Circa 2000 I remember how much Kira adored David, especially during the time he lived with us. | She was five or six years old at the time and she became especially excited when David got a promotion at Borders and became a Trainer. Her response (in a very excited voice) to this news was "a Pokemon Trainer???" as this was the only context in which she knew the word 'trainer'. After explaining to her that he would not be training Pokemon, she was less impressed and informed me, "well, Ash is a Pokemon trainer". Despite this shortcoming of David's, she remained in awe of him nonetheless.

27: Ypsilanti, Circa 2010 I remember visiting David in Ypsilanti shortly after hearing he was diagnosed with cancer. I am so glad I was able to go, although it was difficult to see him in such a miserable state on his 'bad days'. | He taught me how to play Cribbage and was very patient, even when I asked him to repeat a rule he'd just told me about or when I stated I needed a 'do-over' and advocated that I was entitled to it on account of being such a noob. He even let me win, or maybe it was on account of the Morphine and 'nausea medication'. I hope there are more Cribbage games in our future even if i lose every single one of them. | - Darla Sims Garcia

30: Our first meeting - Steven

31: moments with Val and Nicole...

32: Dave and I have a long history and a close friendship. While the time I’ve spent in David’s company has not been nearly enough, all of it has been special. Admittedly, I have been spoiled by the Davids. They are both incredibly caring, kind, interesting and fun, and the investments they make in friendships are tangible. | On my most recent trip to Ypsi I was pregnant and unfortunately unable to enjoy the typical cocktails. David and Dave made up for my lost fun by indulging me in other ways. We made a trip to the farmer’s market and went strawberry picking. Then David made the tastiest strawberry ice cream treat I’ve ever had, and the guys made an impressive dinner of farmer’s market goods and their garden harvest. This meal was accompanied by other fabulous home cooked meals during my visit. Honestly, my pregnant self felt so pampered by the constant creative and delicious cooking! David’s breakfast of freshly baked scones made to accompany his array of homemade jams was my favorite meal.

33: Along with the lavish food and NA specialty drinks of the weekend came great conversations and companionship. Card playing and a cribbage lesson. David was on a winning spree I know he handed it to me playing cribbage and Lost Cities, and he was nothing less than smug while beating Dave and me at a card game we had just taught him. David roller-skating with Felix and Carl- don’t know if there’s anything cuter! Another highlight was my pasta making lesson. David was a great teacher- patient, tolerant of me somehow knocking the pasta maker to the floor three times, explaining and then reiterating the finer points of rolling out the pasta and filling the ravioli. | The first time Dave told me about David I knew that they would share something special. And it is so obvious that they do. My friendship with these guys is invaluable. Over the years Dave has given me so much, and ever since I met David he has been generous as well. To witness Dave experience such joy, peace, companionship and fulfillment within his partnership with David has been the most beautiful gift David has given me. Thank you, David! I love you guys. - Regina Browne

34: Shooters anyone?? | another great party @ "The Davids" House!


38: Here are the proportions: 12 cups water 5 cups vinegar 1 cup salt 2/3 cup sugar | From there you just throw it all in a pot and get it boiling. Easy! | David's pickling lesson inspired Melissa to start canning... 22 QUARTS of tomatoes later!

39: Maple Bacon Cupcakes.... Hmmm!! | Someone in this group should definitely open a cupcake store!!

40: champagne wishes | and caviar dreams | WHAT WOULD ROBIN LEACH DO?

41: "The Davids" restaurant

43: "Glitz and Glam" New Year's Eve 2009

44: Ah, Leopold Brother's - locally distilled gin and games all in the same spot... how we miss you!!! | Uno with pals!!


48: The beautiful people

49: Yasu and Renee's wedding festivities

52: Tom and Emily's Wedding celebration


55: TAFFNER | Ta

56: george, penelope and the world's laziest kitten, safari. | (and figaro) | We love our sleepovers with our uncle Davids

57: george, baby is not under the couch.

59: Bella is so glad Val picked her up and David convinced us to make her part of the family! She had us at first belly rub and unlimited puppy kisses! - Anne & Melissa | Bella Marie

60: RC / SRM Team

62: Fond memories... Picking David up at the train station in St. Louis for the St Peter's sort right after 9/11. He spent 3 days on a train coming from Seattle, and I spent 3 days trying not to wreck his sort. He made it, but I'm not sure I did.... | Tearing up the Embassy Suites in Chicago while Marla tried to get a store open and I tried to train some Interim SRM's. We enjoyed the incredible breakfast buffet and the Manager's Cocktail Hour. And, I remember there was a huge GLBT softball tournament going on. We were there with Will Herzog (H-E-R-Zed-O-G) and Carrie McHugh (M-C-Haitch-U-G-Haitch) and we had a blast!

63: There were countless games of Lunch Money and I learned quickly that David carries a grudge and to be VERY careful about when I attacked him. | There were all those incredibly large salads we used to build for lunch... Huge salads really! | And, of course, Shun the Non-Believer... Shun. Shun. | Huckleberry AKA Falco who David used to walk at the Huron Valley Humane Society before he was adopted into the Kramer clan and given a proper naming! | - David Kramer

66: Where it all began.... plus a few other random domestic openings... | Store #565 Kansas City 2004

67: Store #591 Keene, NH 2004

68: Among the many moments I could think of during projects, meetings, training sorts, remodel phone calls, and a number of dinners (some of which included pretty martinis and good fries ) I wanted to include what was a very personal moment for me. I’m not sure if David will remember this but I do and I hope I got it right. | We were running the Wall Street sort together. Zen martinis aside, it definitely ranked up there as one of the most difficult projects. I was handling construction and David took over trainer supervision and schedules. We were receiving trucks after 7pm at night and construction continued straight through to the pre-opening martini party. As fate would have it, neither David nor I could attend. I’m not sure at what point it was during the project but it was far enough in that I looked like, and quite frankly was, the walking dead getting to the store before 7am and leaving at 10pm most nights with the staff and trainers who had volunteered to stay past the mandatory 8:30 pm. David, among others, had been encouraging me to leave earlier but my inner control freak and workaholic tendencies would not allow me to leave until everyone else walked out the door.

69: David and I were going over something, maybe the schedules, in the back office. Sitting on the shelf above one of the desks was a paper cup with screws in it.. Typically the carpenters leave these on random shelves around the store while fixturing. This cup, however, had individual screws pushed inward through the top portion of the cup so that you had to reach past the points to get to the screws at the bottom of the cup. David picked it up and started to tell me story of how it reminded him of a raccoon trap that he read about in Where the Red Fern Grows. He demonstrated “See when you reach in for the bright shiny thing at the bottom you won’t be able to get your hand out while still holding onto it. The raccoon would not be smart enough to let go of the bait/shiny thing in order to be free of the trap.” And then he looked at me. I responded, “So I’m the raccoon. Is that what you’re saying?” David couldn’t keep from laughing. He told me that if there was a parallel it was completely unintentional but essentially, if the shoe fits. I think I left at 8:30 one night that week for what it’s worth but his unintended lesson really did resonate with me beyond that project. I have always admired David’s dry wit, empathy, honesty and his ability to put work among many other things into perspective. He is by no means that simple but I seem to be failing in my own vocabulary to do him justice and will leave it at that along with my love and friendship. - DEE ELLIS

70: From Australia while opening Brisbane #501 2002

72: Store #328 Penang, Malaysia 2006

76: #356 P.R. remodel Spring 2007

78: Post 9/11 road trip to get home from projects - flying was not an option

85: CHEERS!!! | "Wait, by 'bottoms up' we mean specifically...?"

86: Cheers from Dee! | The Gamers send cheers!

87: The girls send cheers from Side Track.! We love you David and Dave

88: To David, you're the prettiest! - Darla

89: CHEERS FROM PORTLAND | Courtney, The Bad Tonya & Renee | Courtney, Tonya May, Renee & Yasu

90: Rats! I drank the first one! | Cheers to you David! And, a second Martini.... ~ Jill

91: Cheers to two of our three favorite guys,with love from Regina, Joan and Evie. (and a big yawn from Emmett!)

92: Cheers - extra olives! - Anne & Melissa | A shot of pickle juice totally gets rid of hiccups!

93: Cheers from.... | Tom & Emily | Cynthia & Jenne

94: Cheers to you from.... | Todd Friga & Sarah Taffner | Kellie Friga | Anina & Ariana Vancheri | Cienna & Noah Friga

95: Here's to the David's Love, Mom and Dad

96: Cheers from Jenny and Stan! | Hmm, Margarita in a bag.... delish!

97: Cheers from Greta & Matt! | A toast from Beth, Jane Jeff & Paul....

98: Friendship And the youth said, Speak to us of Friendship. And he answered saying; Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. for you come to him with your hunger, and seek him for peace. | When your friend speaks his mind you fear not the "nay" in your own mind, nor do you withhold the "ay"'. And, when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart; For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed. When you part from your friend, you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the climber is clearer from the plain. Kahlil Gibran The Prophet

99: A very special thanks to all the friends and family who participated or assisted with the creation of this book. So many people provided stories, photos, comments and support to us during this process. Thank you to everyone! Love, Irene and Melissa Contributors of photos, stories, floor plans, editing skills, support and encouragement include: Renee Banks & Yasuaki Saito, Nicole Black & Val Wahna, Regina Browne & Joan Hutton, Steven Comstock & Michael Hesser, Mary Crabtree, Karen Craven & Matt Sturm, Dee Ellis, Todd Friga & Sarah Vancheri (& kids), Paul Gagne & Jeff McKown, Darla Sims Garcia, Matthew Grey, Laurel Hanesian, Stephen Driscoll Hixson, Jen Huss, Kristine Inchausti, Beth Jodon, Tanya Komandt, David Kramer, Lynda Lawrie, Cynthia Long, Jill Lyon, Emily Mathews & Tom Wolan, John Newman, Greg Owen, Courtney Payne, Beth Peery, Matthew Potts, Todd Presley, Jane Regenstreif, Melissa Robinson, Raegan Sharrow, Anne Simpson, Carolyn Sliney, Debbie Smith, John & Dorothy Taffner, Jenne Talbot, Greta & Matthew Valmassoi, Melissa Towle, Jenny & Stan Weed, George & Lisa Werner, Marla Westerhold and Irene Yang.

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