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Deb's 50th Birthday

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BC: Made with love, Tammie

1: What does the name Debi mean? A name is much more than just a name! | D E B I | is for dependable, on you I can rely. | is for exquisite, who could disagree? | is for befriend, it's so easy for you. | is for interest, you show in others. | According to the 1963 U.S. Social Security Administration data, the name “Debi” is not a popular baby girls name in Texas. Imagine that, only 6 babies in Texas have the same name as you in 1963. Across the entire United States a total of only 172 babies also bear the same first name during the same year. From 1880 to 2011, the highest recorded use of the name “Debi” was in 1958 with a total of 503 babies. | 1963 2012 Milk: $1.04/gal $3.73/gal Eggs: $0.96/doz $1.90/doz Car: $2,300 $30,748 House: $19,300 $240,000 Stamp: $0.05/ea $0.45/ea Avg. Income: $6,998/yr $47,000 Min. Wage: $1.25/hr $7.25 Gas: $0.30/gal $3.60

3: Debi, It's all about you today! Happy 50th!! I'

4: Larry Charles Miller July 23, 1941 "Dad"

5: Harriet Lee Montgomery September 27, 1943 "Mom"

6: Oh gosh, How I love you! Everyone I meet says "is your sister as nice as you?" I ALWAYS say "Oh gosh, she is 100 times nicer than me. Once you'd meet her You wouldn't even think I was nice." Seriously, everyone loves you! You make everyone feel special. You make us believe we are "right" even when we are "wrong". You convince us we are beautiful and thin when we know we are overweight. You encourage us to think we are smart when we feel dumb. You step up to the plate when you feel like retrieving to the dugout. You are everyones confidant, therapist, and friend. And, I am the lucky one who can say she is all of that AND yes, she is my sister! I love you so much! Happy 50th!

7: I know Debi because I am her Mommy. She was such a cute little girl with her blond ringlets. As she grew to be a teenager, she changed into a beautiful young lady. She is not only pretty on the outside she is just as beautiful on the inside. At 50 she is one of the most loving and giving people I know. I lam very proud to say she is my daughter.

8: Mom, my favorite thing about you is your sense of humor and how you are always looking for a way to laugh. You have the ability to brighten a room and people adore you for that. You are always saying something witty, silly or light hearted, I hope to be able to see the world that way one day and strive to be more like you in that aspect. Have the happiest of birthdays and I love you (your quirky ways included) | From the first time that you meet Debi, she is very warm and inviting. She genuinely makes you feel like family. | Jamie Brown Uram | Bryan Uram | I love that you're super easy to talk to and be around. I love that we can just hang out and watch movies or laugh and act goofy. You are not only an awesome mom but a great friend too. Love, your favorite | Delaney

9: Nathen Uram "Grandson"

11: Happy Birthday from your Furry Friends! Meow Ruff

14: I remember the very first time I met you was at Eat n' Park. You were always so friendly and such a hard worker. Despite your circumstances you always did your very best to provided for your kids and you should be commended. Once Tammie started watching Alex, it became one big family with the kids and their birthdays. I will never forget the time we were standing in Tammie's kitchen and you asked me if I get on AOL very often and I said, "What's AOL" and you busted out laughing. I was a little behind the times lol Happy "50th" birthday! May God bless you always! Love, Tammy Summers | I've known Debbie for over 30 years. I met Debbie through her sweet sister Tammie. I remember having a lot of good times with her, and spending time together with her down on the "island". My grandpa Jack had nothing but kind things to say about Debbie. He always enjoyed going to their duplex and fixing things there just so he could say hi to her. She always had a smile on her face! I think the best times I had spent with Debi was when we "partied" together with Mike and Jim on the island believe it or not:) We had many good laughs and despite the troubles we both were dealing with at the time, we always managed to make the best of it together! The thing I love the best about Debi is that she always has a smile! Even though I haven't seen her in years, I still feel very connected with her through facebook. I love how she is always giving my pictures a "thumbs up" and she ALWAYS has the sweetest compliments, always! She makes my day! I really miss seeing her (and her sister) and hope she has a wonderful birthday. I wish you another 50 years of blessings, love, health and good fortune! God Bless you Debi and Happy 50th BIrthday! | TAMMY SUMMERS | JENNIFER VIRGILI NOVAK

15: How do I know Debi? Debi was with my brother for many years. The first time I saw her was when she and he stopped at my apt. in Knox Pa to spend the night. The moment I looked at Debi, I thought she was the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen, I couldn't stop staring at her eyes; I’m sure she thought there was something wrong with me, ha ha. The truth of the matter is that I am an artist, and we stare. We never got to hang out together. But when I had sad times, I went to my mothers and between my mom Vicki, and my brother, I was dumped practically into debs lap because they couldn’t handle my boo-boo’s... which turned out to be the perfect antidote for me.. Debi had a sure-fire way of making me feel better. She has a beautiful wit about her, and a heart that reaches out to you and understands, and if that wasn’t working fast enough for her to get to bed, she introduced me to boxed wine and jolly ranchers! A plate of yummy pasta always in the fridge, I visited it all night long and played on the computer drinking my newly found miracle juice! Let me say that I did not drink at the time..enough said about that. | I had so much fun that I greeted her good morning as she rushed out to work and I sat typing away, my problem a distant thought. Still love those watermelon and green apple ranchers Debi truly love Debi, and so do my son and daughter. My daughter whined that she wish she had Debi’s eyes, as I looked at her with a mix of *heyyy, and, me too! Debi, I have to slip in here that you not being judgmental about my antics endeared you to me even more. I’m the black sheep of the family, but I did manage to make it home for some get-togethers, and had a few at my farm. I think that I felt she was my real sis from the first time we chatted. She’s warm and understanding and oh so funny. A few years ago Debi had a stroke. My mom told me on the computer and my heart almost stopped. I literally cried and prayed for hours for her to have a full recovery. I couldn’t imagine our family without her and I’m sure that goes double for her own family. Thankfully she is fine and as sweet and kind as ever. I send all of my love to you as a sister, that feeling will never leave or be replaced. Who else do you think would stay on my right hand side alll day on Thanksgiving so that my mom wouldn’t see my new eyebrow piercing, hahaha. <3 Or stand in front of the t.v. and dance n sing together when Steven Tyler came onto the music channel. Turning 50 can seem a little daunting Debi. Fifty is nothing, It is a sexy number.. a cougar's number *wink*, you enjoy your day! Now when you hit 53 you can cry.. and if you want, I will show up with a box of wine, some jolly ranchers, and my puter so u don’t have to share. All I ask is that you make the pasta! Love you muches, Elle (sis), and the fam. | Elizabeth Kline-Siely

16: Dubbie is a very special person. she's like my big sister. When i was young before i knew what rock n roll was Dubbie use to come home n sing this song n i knew all the words but never heard the song. So one day i was with my mom and Aerosmith's song walk this way came on and i sang all the words and my mom said how do u know that song......well Aerosmith has been my fav band since...thanks Dubbie you turned my on to rock n rolls best band,i liked them before I ever heard them...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another thing about Dubbie is since I was a kid I always wanted a girl as cool as her she's just a cool freakin chick. | Tim Smith | Karen Yost | I've known Debi since we worked together at Eat n' park as waitresses way back in the 80's! we also shared a house together for a year with our young daughters. OMG!! so many fun things we did together. my best time with deb was when we did NYC in 24 hrs. we tried to get into trump tower and she schmoozed the security personnel with no luck, met the soup Nazi, and had a silly time. we laughed over New York crackers!!! I love that Debi is positive and sees the good in everyone she knows. She can make someone laugh and feel good about herself even if Deb may not feel like laughing. She is a gift to many and her laughter is infectious. I can't think of a time with deb that wasn't fun or adventurous.

17: My Aunt Debi has the most determined personality making it difficult to win an argument with her. She might be one of the most honest, straight forward and bold people I know making times spent with her interesting and often hilarious. I love my Aunt Debi because most memories I have of her are ones of laugher or complete fear that she's going to beat me up having me convinced I deserve it! | I'll never forget the time I risked my life to save your "purse" from the wreck you were in on the brick road on Roosevelt Blvd. I can still picture you coming to the door with your bloody nose. | Paul Sybert | Brett Sybert | WoW I can't believe you're turning 50. You don't look a day over 49. :) You're my favorite Aunt. Even though you're hard to handle sometimes I love the lectures and life lessons we get every time we see you. I'll be sure to remember them to tell my nieces some day. (Sorry Brett) | Amanda Sybert

18: i'Ve known Debi ever since I was a little kid and I came over to your house all the time! I like Debi because she is a solid person, and fun to be around!! Loves you! | David Betres | The think I always remember about Deb was when she was so sick a few years ago how she never missed work and always treated people so kindly. | Dr. Gribik | I met Deb when I moved to Butler in the 90's. Deb was the prettiest, kindness, waitress at Eat n Park. Happy 50th Deb .. | "Every time she'd see me she'd tell me how gorgeous I was, until Brody came along, now he's the gorgeous one " | Debi works with my Nana, Brenda Werner. I've known her ever since I was little! She's always really nice when I see her. | Meisha Hollefreud | My favorite memory of Debi is just spending time at her place growing up with Jamie. | Michelle DeVore | Debi was married to my cousin...She is a sweet woman..50?? No way...hard to believe... | Denise Evans Bauer | Nancy Cingolani | Megan Perez | Brittney Graham | Happy Birthday Aunt Debi! Love your favorite niece, Brittney<3

19: I remember Debi way back from Center Ave. elementary. She was this teeny, tiny little thing with super long hair. Oh that hair! We were all so jealous of that hair! So pretty and sweet. Happy Birthday Debi! Welcome to the 50 club - it's not that bad. | Arlene Roth | I worked with De at E&P, "Doodles" best friend at the time My favorite memory: After my unmanned car drove through the pizza shop window she and I went back past to see all the cops trying to figure out what happened Sweet AND gullible!! just how i like 'em! I once had her convinced that terrorists had blown up WDVE radio station LOVE YOU DEB!! | Greg Simpson | I would have to say that CHICK always had the biggest purse and man was it ever loaded. I mean you name it-she had it, and of course the biggest hair brush. When she would get off the school bus her purse would hit you in the head if you weren't sitting against the window or in the middle of the seat. So tell me, does she still carry a big purse??? Hope you enjoyed my fondest memory of Cousin Debi. LUV YA DEBI !!! | When I was 13, I decided to ride my bike into town to eat lunch on the hottest day of the summer. I deeply regretted the decision when my bike broke half way into the 12-mile journey. When I finally arrived, Debi brought me a glass of water, growled at me, and told me that she loves a sweaty man. At that precise moment, I changed my mind about the bike decision EVER! | Travis Werner | Michele Rasely | I love spending time with you, you are so much fun. PS: your house doesn't smell like pee. | Sara Morando

20: Well we drank a lot when we hung out years ago so I don't remember much....One time we were drinking and thought we would reenact the Whitesnake video the one she was on the car, so in the mall parking lot I was hanging out of the car singing and Debi was driving and she made a sharp turn and I almost fell out of the car!!!We thought we were cool!!! How about the time her car got stolen at the mall parking lot!!!!Her car was sooo nice.hahaha!!!! | I worked with Debi for 13 years at Eat n Park. She is one of the reasons that I remember my time there fondly. We always worked hard and played hard. Alot of good memories, probably most left untold. Debi is one of the most generous, gracious people I know. No matter how hard life is for her, she is always happy for you and the good things going on in your life. She is beautiful inside and out. | Debi was married to my nephew,Jimmy. That is how I know her and also through Tammie who lived next door to me. Debi, I know memories of Jimmy will not make you smile...but Grandma Brown thought you were great...and so do I. HappyBirthday... and remember 50 is the new 30!! You will look back at your 50th, when you are me age, and say "wish I was 50 again"...ha ha Enjoy, Love, Carol Klann | Bonnie Visniesky | Carol Klann | Denise Kiser | My favorite memory of Debbie is she always loved my one pair of pants I wore when hostessing at Eat N Park. Now understand I thought Debbie was the most beautiful woman and I wanted to look just like her. The fact that this goddess thought my pants rocked (not in a pervy way mind you) was beyond awesome. So when I was getting married and leaving the state I gave Debbie my awesome pair of pants. Needless to say Debbie looked way better than I could ever hope to. All I can say about Debbie is she is the most beautiful, kind hearted chica I have ever met. I just love her. Wanted to be just like Debbie when I grew up, I haven't even come close. I love you Debbie!!!!! Have a wonderful Birthday and know you totally rock the big 5-0!! | Nicole Harding

21: Debi... is my FV neighbor and friend through my sister. I have not met Debi in person, but we have done a lot of farming together and helping each other through all the tasks. She is also very good on the Slotomania and keeps trying to catch me. Debi just seems to be the sweetest person. Happy 50th Debi ,,,, enjoy and have a great time for your birthday, they keep getting better! | Back in the day... Late 90's... When the office used to be at the end of the pantry.... Debbie knew how to get her way with me with that certain strut, smile and giggle. She would come into office and hop up on my desk... Smile... Giggle and try and get her way...which she did a lot ha ha. Well one day she came in and hopped up on the desk and CRACK... The desk broke!!! The look on her face was priceless !!! | Jeffrey Sellers | Your friendship is special Like the flowers that bloom, Or when a butterfly emerges From within its cocoon... You remind me of that butterfly, Loving and free, Bright and colorful, For the world to see... We will share sunshine and rainbows; Sometimes, the rain and the snow; We'll stand together through it, While the cold winds blow... When the time is right, We won't stop to ask "Why?" Our friendship will take flight On the wings of a butterfly ... | Michelle Steighner | Patty Gould Nolf | One of the hardest times I ever laughed in my life. Quite a few years ago we decided to go to the casino for the evening after work and Debi said she would drive. My aunt went with us so I sat in the backseat of Debi's jeep. On the way back home there was a 90 degree turn in the road,so i said "big bend response so I said "BIG BEND DEB....still no response so i yelled ""BIGGG BENDDD DEBBB" too late she missed the turn and went barreling into a farmers field,bumps and all.When we got stopped Debi wondered where the road went??How about 90 degrees the other way...... | Brenda Werner

22: Happy 50th B-Day! It was always great to see you at the Plastered shows! | Rick Moses | I am your cousin and I remember the countless visits to your house and playing together when we were kids. I still have nightmares about that bridge we had to cross!! lol I hope you have an awesome birthday and enjoy. | Lisa Pry | Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed the short time we spent together. You're an awesome chick and anytime I come to Butler I would love to hang out with you! Don't fret, you're only as old as you feel. Love Ashton a KA Paula's cousin | I remember raising our babies and learning as first time moms together. Look at our kids now, we must have done some things right | Ashton Cortazzo | Linda Heichel | Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful and sweetest woman I know who always has nice things to say to others and always makes others smile. With love, Kathie | I know Debi through her daughter Jamie. Happy Birthday Debi!! I hope it is as fabulous as you. Have a fantabulous day and make every minute count | Kathie Bauer | Dawna Hustak | Happy 50th Debbie. Its been such a pleasure knowing you and I wish you nothing but the best. Hopefully We have a chance to meet up again... even if its only to put air in all 4 of your tires. Ha Ha | Gary Banner | My favorite memory would have to be the time we were at Chris Grahams 16th b-day party and all the adults were drinking and she was doing the "pop lock and drop it" dance with all of us. Ha Ha! | Meghan Huffman

23: I used to live across the Hall from Debi. We both liked to tan in the grassy area outside of our apartment. My favorite memory is when we took Delaney and my daughter, Amanda to a trout tournament at Alameda Park. She was the best neighbor i ever had,was always pleasant and generous. also, many men (esp. my boyfriend) always talked about how beautiful she was and she was not at all stuck up or self-absorbed about it. There are lots of reasons I like and admire Debi! HAPPY 50th DEBI (and welcome to the club) | Keith & Casey MaHood | Leslie Males | Debi was married to my brother Jim and is the mother of my beautiful niece Jamie.. We had alot of family get togethers.. Debi is a wonderful loving,caring person... We will always be family... I think Debi has a great personality and tries to live life to the fullest.. I love ya Debi and I hope you have the best birthday ever... Patty | I'll always cherish out memories from Eat-n-park!! You were always so kind and sweet to me!! I'm sure we had some fun at The Belmont too. You're a great person and I hope you have a Happy,Happy,Happy 50th ( I'd make the 50 huge if I could write this lol) Birthday,Debbi! You deserve it! Love ya kiddo !!!! Love Amanda (Saeler) Clouse! | We love your laugh, the way you finger all your food to make sure it's right before it goes to your tables. Casey personally loves talking about Channing Tatum and calling you M.J. We have some pretty great memories but none of which are safe for the book ha! Love ya Debi | Patty Brown Perez | Amanda Saeler Clouse

24: I "must" get one of these.

25: I will always remember all the fun we had in high school. Some good memories are when we would swap shirts in school. What were we thinking???? Haha and we always hung out together. I will always remember you and what a special friend you were to me. Happy 50th Debi. Chris OBrien Kabay | Chris O'Brien Kabay | Maria Fennell | Debi we met through Tammie and you used to come to the Creative Memories scrapbook workshops at my house. What I remember most is your love for your family. You have such a gentle, warm demeanor and you are loved by so many people. May God continue to use you for His purpose. Happy 50th Birthday! “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 | Michele Ruth | I remember sitting in Eat N Park as a child and you admiring my great coloring skills and giving Jeffrey a big kiss with your lipstick! Our weekly trips to Eat N Park weren't as great if we didn't get to see you. Happy Birthday! I hope you have many, many more! | Debi, i don't think there is anyone else i have known as long as you and Tam. we have shared our whole lives together and I am happy to call you a life long friend. You are as beautiful today as you were when we boarded the bus together in the 70's. Wow, where has the time gone? Camping trips, 40 foot, sleepovers, ironing your hair, and all your cars. The memories that flow through my head keep me laughing. Happy Birthday Deb! Even though it doesn't relate to you,heres a quote from Jimmy Buffet that sums up the inevitable "Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been" lots of love, Michele | Megan McCall

26: Robert Shuty | Mike Pacelli | Sherry Smith Clever | Beth Bittner | You are such a wonderful person! | Happy Birthday! | You still look amazing! | Cindy Graham | Brittney Graham | Happy Birthday Pretty Lady! Have to go out for drinks sometime! | Happy Birthday! | Happy Birthday! Love your favorite Niece! | Aunt Debi oh do we Love her....I remember the time at the wedding she sat on the table and ate this HUGH piece of Wedding cake.. | Matt Covert | Happy 20th Anniversary of your 30th Birthday! | Happy Birthday! | Ron Callender

27: I'm 51 years old & have known Debi for over 32 years but I have known of her for a lot longer! By that I mean it was no secret that Debi was one of the most Beautiful girls around & definitely one of the Most Beautiful girls I had ever seen. I never had very many crushes in my Life but I had a Mad crush on her. I remember one time she was hanging with my friend Richie Lynch & I was talking to her & I was afraid to make eye contact with her Beautiful eyes.....I can't remember exactly what I said, but I'm sure my words made no sense! I just heard she was about to turn 50......Wow she is still as Beautiful as ever (Inside & Out) She still has that magnetic personality that just draws you to her & makes you feel comfortable & want to be around her! Happy 50th Birthday Debi!!! Much Love & Respect, Donny Eozzo | Donny Eozzo

28: I'm so thankful and happy that Debi has come into my life. In the few short years that we've known each other we have shared so many great memories and smiles! It's always a time to remember when it's spent with Debi Brown :) you have been such a positive influence in my life and I'm extremely grateful that's you're in it. Happy 50th Birthday, Debi Brown! I love you and thank you for always telling me I'm pretty! :) | Amy Fend Infantino

29: Thank you Debi for being such an amazing asset to my life. You have helped me and shaped me in so many ways and I'm so happy to have you in my life. I feel that sharing our experiences has made me a better person and I am forever grateful for your advice (even when I didn't want to hear it) and for your constant support. You always bring a smile to everyones face and a laughter to everyones heart. I love you Debi Brown, and here's to 50 more amazing years! | Sarah Renae Hlebiczki


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38: 25 YEARS EAT 'N PARK MAY 30, 2011 Carnegie Museum

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