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Delaney's Monomyth Project

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FC: The Help and the Monomyth | By Delaney Kelnhofer

1: The Call | Eugenia Phelan, also known as, Skeeter is a quiet, yet very honest and straightforward person. The call for Aibileen happened when Skeeter asked her "'Do you ever wish you could..change things?'" (Stockett 12). This got Aibileen thinking about things and how they could be different. Then Skeeter asked her if Aibileen could help her write the Miss Myrna column about housekeeping. This eventually led to Miss Phelan asking Aibileen if she would be willing to document her experiences of being a help (maid).

2: Refusal of the Call | Aibileen refuses to help Skeeter with her idea for a book about the helps' point of view. She doesn't think it's a good idea and is scared of the consequences. Times are bad in Mississippi and one wrong little move could have you locked up in jail for the rest of your life. Aibileen doesn't want to risk her freedom and the life she has. Aibileen's excuse was "'Do you know what would happen to me if Miss Leefolt find out I talked behind her back?'" (Stockett 120). Even though Aibileen is very stubborn, Skeeter doesn't let this discourage her and she keeps insisting that Aibileen help her.

4: Supernatural Aid | Skeeter was Aibileen's supernatural aid. She supportedAibileen throughout the process of the writing and composing of their book. she supported every decision Aibileen made and didn't pressure her into anything she was uncomfortable doing. Skeeter was also very cautious and careful about how and when her and Aibileen would meet because they had to be secretive. There wasn't a day that went by when Skeeter wouldn't thank Aibileen for cooperating by saying something along the lines of "'Aibileen... You have no idea how much I appreciate-'" (Stockett 142).

6: Crossing the Threshold | Aibileen crossed the threshold when she accepted Skeeter's offer to write the book. She also went beyond what was asked of her and started asking some friends if they would be willing to help too. "'I asked Minny three times and she still say she ain't gone do it. I spec it's time I believed her.'" (Stockett 178). Aibileen told Skeeter this one night, but Aibileen still didn't give up on Minny or anyone else. This action showed courage, determination and that Aibileen had "grown up" and realized that there were good consequences that could come out of the project too.

7: Belly of the Whale | At this point Aibileen is still the only one who is willing to write for Skeeter. None of the women that she has asked are as willing to risk everything like Aibileen is. She keeps trying to convince and persuade her friends and starts to give up hope after a while of no luck. Aibileen starts to realize that she is all alone on this journey and she can't even get her best friend Minny on her side. Aibileen has asked 31 people to help and no one will because"They all got excuses. But really, they just too scared." (Stockett 187). It starts to feel like things are never going to work out, but Aibileen and Skeeter don't give up completely.

8: Road of Trials | Skeeter has to have twelve maids stories to be able to send her book in to be published and Aibileen has trouble getting enough maids to agree to help them. Just when they think they've run out of time, several of the women from Aibileen's church accept Aibileen and Skeeter's offer. Then they find out that the deadline for mailing their first draft in has been changed and it's sooner than they thought. They rush to get everything finished in time, but somehow they manage to. It also doesn't help that they can't think of a title for their book until one night when Aibileen said "What you think about just calling it...Help?" (Stockett 419). Meeting up and interviewing with one another is another obstacle they have to overcome by being more careful than necessary.

10: The Goddess | Minny is Aibileen's goddess. She struggles with family problems, but stays strong and overcomes these problems. Minny then realizes that it's the right thing to do to help out Aibileen and Skeeter. This courage shows Aibileen no matter what's standing in your way, you can always find someway around it. Minny's strength gives Aibileen the support she needs with the writing of this book. Having her best friend on her side lets Aibileen relax just a little bit through this stressful time. "That's just a risk I'm gonna have to take. I already made up my mind. Either put it in or pull my part out altogether." (Stockett 433) Minny said, which showed that she believes in this book and will do anything to help out.

11: Apotheosis | All of Aibileen's friends that help her and Skeeter with the book gives Aibileen a more positive outlook on things. She realizes the good she's done for the colored women not just in her town, but in the whole nation. She and all of her friends have stood up for themselves and fought for what they believe is right. These women, especially Minny and Aibileen have gained self-confidence and believe in themselves to do the right thing. Aibileen even surprised herself when she interrupted Miss Hilly and said "I know something about you and don't you forget that." (Stockett 519).

12: Master of Two Worlds | Aibileen gets fired by Miss Leefolt because Miss Hilly accuses her of stealing silver. As Aibileen leaves she realizes that she's finally free. She knows that Miss Hilly and Miss Leefolt won't change their views about colored people, but she thinks she might have might have gotten through to Mae Mobley that there isn't a difference between them. Aibileen walks away from the Leefolt's house for the last time holding her head high and knowing that she did the right thing and knows what's right deep down and that's all that really matters. As she's walking, she thinks to herself "I'm free, like Minny. Freer than Miss leefolt... And freer than Miss Hilly." (Stockett 522). Aibileen starts to think about the rest of her life and what she plans to do with it now that she doesn't have a job. "Maybe I ain't too old to start over, I think, and I laugh and cry at the same time at this. Cause just last night I thought I was finished with everything new." (stockett 522).

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