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Diary of John Brewster

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BC: By: Brady Thomas Austin Dressler Josh Kripas

FC: The Diary of John Brewster

1: Dear Father, I am writing to you from Boston in the Thirteen colonies of America. Many things are happening here, so I figured I would tell you about it. The family is all okay. Please take time to respond and tell Mum I give my regards. With Love, John Brewster | June 17, 1763

2: Dear Father I have just caught news that the king has declared that all westward expansion and exploration must be stopped and everyone must move east of the Appalachian Mountains. He has called this act the Proclamation of 1763. The King says that it is to stop disputes and battles between the Colonists and the Native Americans. A lot of men have bought or have | October 7, 1763

3: been given land in the areas that the King has tried to block off from us. We are settlers and we have a right to that land and us colonists are starting to ignore the Proclamation Line and take back the land that is rightfully ours. Tension is really starting to grow between the colonists and the British. I am starting to feel that this is the start of something much worse. | Sincerely, John Brewster

4: Dear Father Parliament passed the sugar act lowering the tax on molasses. You think this would be good but its not. They are trying to fool us into buying their molasses for a cheaper price but still pay them extra. King George is trying to make up money for the French and Indian war when he was the one who started it and made it in our land when they were keeping peace and | April 26 1764

5: stay safe because they know they would lose. I wish the French would join up with us and fight for the right to liberty. As many people have been saying around here, "Give us Liberty or give us death"we will be free. We will I am telling you right now. Sincerely, John Brewster

6: Dear Father, Today four Lobsterbacks came to our house. They said they have permission to "trespass into our home"! Apparently they can stay at our house until whenever they feel they need to leave! It is a new act, the Quartering Act. It says they are allowed to stay in our homes. The nerve of Parliament! I ought to give them a good piece of my mind! I hope the Son's of Liberty | April 2, 1765

7: do something to stop this horrid act! They have no manners and take whatever they want! We heard it was passed March the Twenty-Fourth, 1765. How can King George simply impose them on us! Well I will end this letter on a good note, James said his first words today! They were,"Mama" Sincerely, John Brewster

8: Dear Father, The Townshend acts were passed recently. They are apparently multiple laws combined in the Townshend acts. I have only heard of five but I think there were many more. the Indemnity Act, the Commissioners of Customs Act, the Vice Admiralty Court Act, and the New York Restraining Act were the only ones I heard of. I have also heard | June 29 1767

9: that Parliament is just trying to make an example of us here in Boston, Massachusetts. They want other colonists to be afraid of them and to be put other criminals in there place. The Townshend acts are not reasonable they are taxing us with out our consent. This is taxation without representation and is intolerable. Sincerely John Brewster

10: March 5 1770 | Dear Father Today in the colonies was a terrible, terrible day. The British Lobsterbacks shot and killed colonists. A good friend of mine was killed first, Crispus Attucks. He was the first killed in this event. They are all murderers of the kings decent. We have talked to the houser of the captain of those soldiers and he says he never gave the order to fire. This proves the

11: murderous intent of the British soldiers. This disgusts me. I want to fight for our liberty and our freedom. We can not always be in the rule of the king. He is bad for our health and must be taken down. King George is in the wrong here. He is not a man and should not be in rule. Sincerely, John Brewster

12: Dear Father A new act has been passed by Parliament called The Tea Act. They have propped up this tea company called The East India Company. The company has been doing terrible financially and has huge amounts of unsold tea. But now they are selling it at an extremely low price! It almost feels like a bribe from the British to accept the taxes that are being | May 10, 1773

13: held up by the Townshend Acts. In fact a lot of people think it is and are getting very angry at this. This act doesn't help local merchants to any means and is angering them to a fair amount also. The colonists are getting very rowdy now and there is starting to be talk of a serious rebellion against the British and all of the taxes they have piled onto us over the years.I''m starting to worry about something bad happening Father.

14: Dear Father, Victory for the Patriots! We went to the wharf when three ships of tea came in. We disguised ourselves as Mohawk Indians and raided the ships. We dumped all the tea into the Boston Harbor. This is showing how much we are determined to fight for our freedom. Someone said that the three ships were the Dartmouth, the Beaver, and the Eleanor. This act of bravery | December 16, 1773

15: was instituted by the Son's of Liberty. They are proving to be very helpful in our rebellion against great Britain! Not that I ever doubted them in the first place, but I am glad they are with us! Sincerely, John Brewster

16: May 5, 1773 | Dear Father I remember last week I said that if the British passed another act then a lot of the colonists( including me) will start some sort o rebellion. Well they just passed some new acts and we are calling them the Intolerable Acts. I have gotten word that the Parliament has collected about 21,000 pounds and now apparently thats not enough and they want to collect more

17: with these completely unreasonable acts and now i really think that me and my mates are going to do something about it. There are five acts; The Administration of Justice Act, The Quebec Act, The Boston Port Act, The Quartering Act, and The Massachusetts Government Acts. It's terrible and we're going to do something about it. Sincerely, John Brewster

18: April 2, 1775 | Dear Father, We got news of a new act being passed by Parliament today. It's called the Stamp Act. it puts a tax on all paper products. It was passed on the Twenty-Second of March, this year. Ship's papers, licenses, newspapers, and even playing cards were taxed! I heard Benjamin Franklin said "There is not gold and silver enough in the colonies to pay the stamp duty for

19: one year" I agree with him. The only thing we can do is hope the Virginia House of Burgesses adopts Patrick Henry's Stamp Act Resolves. They declared that Americans possessed the same rights as the English, especially the right to be taxed only by their own representatives; that Virginians should pay no taxes except those voted by the Virginia House of Burgesses; and that anyone supporting the right of Parliament to tax

20: Virginians should be considered an enemy of the colony. I fear there is something dark creeping towards us, a darkness these Acts are encouraging. Sincerely, John Brewster

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