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Diggy Simmons Birthday Surprise (:

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Diggy Simmons Birthday Surprise (: - Page Text Content

S: Happy birthday Diggy (:

BC: Happy Birthday Diggy! TeamDiggy Loves You! Hope You Have An Amazing Birthday & We Hope You Like The Present :) Love, TeamDiggy And @DiggysLadies

FC: Happy 16th Birthday Diggy :) <3

1: This Is Made For Diggy (: ! We Hope You Have An AMAZING Birthday Diggy ! We Love You. & Keep Doing Your Thing ! TeamDiggy Is So Proud Of What You Do & Were Gunna Keep Going HARD For You ALL DAY , EVERYDAY (: You Will ALWAYS Have Our Support. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Love , @DiggysLadies (@iFeedDiggy & @LovingDiggy_Tip) (And @Baya_Airborne)

2: Dear Diggy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;D Your Finally 16 ! I Hope You Have A Great Day ! TeamDiggy Loves Youu <3 Thank You For Everything You Do For TeamDiggy And We Hope You Like Your Birthday Present ! I Just Wanna Say Happy Birthday And Thank You For Making Music I Can Listen To ALL DAY EVERYDAY (: You Will Always Have My Support NO MATTER WHAT . I WIll Always Be A DIE HARD JETSETTER ! I Want You To Come To Cali SO BAD. So Please Consider Coming (: Well , I LOVE YOU ! Have An AMAZING Day <3 Love, Michelle (@LovingDiggy_Tip)

3: Dear Diggy, weeeeeelll first off Happy Birthday :DD man 16 already :0 i remember first laying my eyes on you when we were both about 11 or 12 ish on Run's House. That was my FAVORITE show ever i remember watching it with my brother and on the theme song my brother would be like "WHO'S HOUSE?" and i'd be like "RUN's HOUSE" lol anyways you've came a LONG way and look at you now? a HUGE success in music and with the ladies ayee (; hm every time i hear your voice i melt a little cause its so mesmerizing, every time i see that smile i gotta keep my shades on unless i wanna lose my sight cause damn your teeth are pearly ! your style just makes me wanna trash like EVERY guys clothes cause none of it compares to you. if you read this it might not make sense but you might understand this Diggy Simmons i love you. Happy Birthday again. Love, Nathalie (@iFeedDiggy) p,s i do throwdown in the kitchen (;

4: Dear Diggy, You have done so much for yourself this yearr. But the best part is this is only the begining for you! And im proud to say I have been a fan since the start! Its been amazing seeing you grow as an artist and a person! Getting better, and better, but one more thing you gotta know is my support for you is long lasting <3 Make sure to enjoy your Bday today! & cant wait to see what this new year will hold for you.. #JetsettersWeUP. I love you. - @Baya_Airborne

5: Happy birthday dan! you're the most amazing person ever and I'm so excited to spend ur bday with u! Love you :) -@JessicaJarrell

6: I love you Diggy Simmons<3 more than life itself. Your music is so amazing it blows me away everytime I hear a song or your voice. You have The most gorgeous and beautiful smile I have EVERY seen. I'm gonna be teamdiggy for life baby! Your the reason I wake up in the morning and Check my twitter cause I always wanna make sure I dont miss anyyy tweets that you put! I love youuuuu mwuah Love your biggest biggest fan:)

7: Dear Diggy I love you so much, I know Im not your biggest fan, so Im not going to say that but I am still a huge one. I havent been your fan for the longest time but I know that I will always support you.I love your music and how the way you treat your fans,I have joined #teamdiggy a little while ago & the #jetsetters are like my second family already. One day I hope to meet you & see your preform, but until I will just tweet youu!(: Happy Birthday Diggy! Love you always Samara [@beliebinsimmons]

8: Dear Daniel , HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIGGSTER (: , I just wanted to let you know you are amazing! You are so talented and your music actually means something. I love how all your songs mean something & they arent just the same old same old. I know that 2011 with be your rear for sure! I support you to the fullest, always have and always will! My dream is to meet you! im such a big fan, Oh yeah and just to let you know your commercial makes me stop breathing everytime i see it! If you ever came to Indianapolis i would be the first person there to see you! So again i say Happy Birthday and i hope its a good one! Have fun, stay out of trouble, haha & make sure you spend time with the ones that mean the most! I love you Daniel DWayne Simmons <3 always && forever! Hope you like your present from #TeamDiggy!

9: @Jaszy_Jetsetter

11: Diggy : Keep dreaming, keep believing, keep achieving, ur going to take over the world! Happy Birthday all my love - Korinna

12: Happy Birthday Diggy :) Enjoy your day ! I hope this is one to remember . I love and support you . Forever and always . - Miesha @TeAmoDiggy

13: Dear Diggy, Happy Birthday :D I Hope you enjoy your birthday! I just wanted to say that you are one of my favortie rappers EVER , and your music always has you abusing my repeat button. You are such a great lyricist and you come up with the DOPEST beats... I CANT wait until you come to atlanta because i will be right there :D

14: @DiggysFan101

15: Happy Birthday Digg.. Watching You Grow From Runs House To Know, Is Amazing! Cant Wait To See What You Got In Store For Us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i lOVE yOU! <3 @iDiggysShawty

17: Dear Diggy, I could sit here and write how much impact you have made in my life, I definitly would but I'll make this short. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIGGY <3 Your actually 16 , getting grown on me... huh ? lol :) I hope you are proud of the MANY things you accomplished already in your 16 years of life. I wish you MANY more years in life success ! i'll be here though thick and thin. I love you and ALWAYS will <3 JETSETTERS STAY FLY . - Chizoba , Your Beloved PHILLY Jetsetter

18: Ahh! I can’t believe you are sixteen. Diggy, you’ve come just a long way. It feels like just yesterday when the first flight dropped. I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Thank you for all your sweet and kind gestures. I really appreciate everything you do for your #Jetsetters. Thank you for your inspirational music, fashion sense, and just being a down to earth person. You don’t take anything for granted. May you be granted with MANY more years and may all your dreams come true. Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Diggy. I love you very much! #JetsettersWeUp (: –Bianca (@bdoteng24) HAPPY BiRTHDAY DiGGY

19: Diggy!!! My love i am your biggest fan from Barbados. I love you so much, you are amazingly talented and a hard worker and because of you i am going to go really am going to go super hard on my dreams. One day i plan on meeting you so watch out :') Have an awesome birthday. P.S. i know your always working hard but please for your jetsetters sometimes just relax and dont forget to visit Barbados too :'). muuah xoxo - @MhizzTori

20: Dear General, well first HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have the best sweet 16 on earth , some em how generals do it ;) you have become such a HUGE inspiration to me and all the other jetsetters and whats even crazier is thats its only the beginning of our journey ! i love you Diggy and once again Happy 16th Birthday - @jetsetterpaiige

22: Our general is gunna have the whole world in panic now hes turning 16. all i can say is your talent changed my life and I'll forever remain one of your jetsetters. Happy 16th Birthday General i love you. i now salute you <3

24: hii diggy simmons! happpy birthdaay :) your absolutely amazing! & the only thing your birthday means is a whole nother year for your music to get that much better! You honestly made my dreams come tru by calling me on stage at Holiday Hot Night 2011 , your beyond great & gorgeous :) you deserve the best birthday ever! xoxoxo love youuu! Samantha Alfonso!!

25: Dear Diggy, your music is incredible and your fashion sense is out of this world. Most of all you as a person modivate me to keep going for my dreams. your amazing to me because you always strive for what you want and you dont let anyone or anything stop you. love you HAPPY BIRTHDAY enjoy your day <3 @sisi_airborne

26: Dear Diggy, happy 16th birthday!!! This is sad but im probably more excited than you are on YOUR birthday ! lol anywayy , i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and i hope its one of the best birthdays ever ! :) Hopefully, you get everything you wanted for your birthday ! Again, Happy Birthday and i hope many more :)<3 Your Fly Jetsetter Christal, @iCATERED_Diggy

27: Dear Daniel :) , Happy Birthday Love I really hope you enjoy it. I know all of Team Diggy wishes they could spend it with you. I really enjoy your music and i think your very inspirational , and one of the few people i actually look up too. All i can say is keep doing what your doing and you will be on top in no time. Alot of people enjoy your style and how all of your songs have meaning in one way or another. I will forever support you. My goal is to meet you one day and i really hope it comes true , but again HAPPY BIRTHDAY enjoy :) -@DiggySincere

28: Hey Diggy! i wanna say big Happy Birthday to you; 16 Woohoo:D!! It was just so amazing meeting you in London, hope to see you again! Jetsettin' Always! Love You Diggy! - @Joddiiex

30: happy birthday diggy!! I want to thank you for introducing me into something called "real music". You have subtance to your music which keeps me indulged in your work. your determination, dedication and motivation influences me to be the same with everything I do. I'm very proud of you from startin where you were and making it all the way to where you are now. Nothin you do ever goes unnoticed and unappreciated. It's been a great journey through the stars being a jetsetter with you and team diggy but now let's get ready for the real take off #ootw2011 let's go! -raven

32: God Bless The Leader Of The Jetsetters Is Finally Sixteen. Three mixtapes and an album on the way, you are truly a young icon & inspiration for teens with BIG dreams ! I'd kiss the mother of the person who cemented the ground you walk on bc u r the most precious thing god could ever give Hip Hop. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & courage with your fans everyday! Happy Birthday Diggy ! With Love From, #NYCJetsetter, @AirborneBEAUTY.

33: Diggy #TeamDiggy & Of Course #JetsetterForLife <3

34: Diggy, Happy Birthday!! I hope your day is as special as you (; Keep doing what you do, because your definitely succeeding ! I love you with all my heart and i hope your 16th birthday is the best one yet! Enjoy your day, and i hope you get everything you ever wanted!(: XOXO Ashley Nicole Jackson <333

35: Diggy you inspire me every single day. I cant go a day without saying your name. Which is pretty insane to me. But Happy Birthday Boo, enjoy your day. - Xoxo Jen, @iRunDiggy

36: Hey Diggy, I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and i hope you enjoy it to the fullest!!! Thank you so much for all the songs you have made for us ''Its Like A Breath Of Fresh Air" like you said. You have been an inspiration to me i wish you all the best in your success. i love you so much!!! God bless Leeane Lindsay

37: Diggy! Happy Birthday! I Hope You like this present and i hope you have an amazing birthday! I love you! - @Dancergurlyaya <3

40: :) Happy Birthday Diggy <3 Over The last Year And A Half I've Watched Yu Grow & Im Proud Too Be Taking This Journey With Yu , I Believe In Yu & Yur Vision. Yu Are Soo Lyrical & That's Gonna Put yu On Tha List With The Greats ;) ilyuu Keep In Touch @Liana_DS

41: Dear Diggy, I love you so much and I hope you enjoy your special day. Now that you are 16 you can get that license, Pick me up sometime & roam around the city of New York. ;*You have accomplished so much in your life & have been working hard, that you deserve this one day to do something for yourself. You don't know how I really feel about you, only god knows how much :) But I chose to be in this video to show you I love you & I wanted to say Happy birthday Baby ;* :) Muah xoxo- Nicky .

42: Happy birthday daniel ! I love you a lot, your the BEST teen rapper hands down. your amazing, hope to see some new music out and I was happy to spend some time with you in London. Love, your princess Jetsetter :-)

43: Happy Birthday love, keeep up the hardwork. We seee you ;)

45: Diggy! Happy Birthday!! i wish you many more. Always know that you got me as a JetSetter Fo' Life! I love your music & keep going! Till they screamin' your name [; Your JetSetters and fans are so sincere and that wont change. i love you!! we love you!! Your haters love you!! you are just loved! Love, @Digsdiggy2323 OHH P.S. I screamed so loud when you shouted me out on ustream[:

46: Happy Birthday Hunny! Hope Its The Greatest Everrr! :)

47: Dear Diggy, happy 16th birthday! I hope you'll enjoy YOUR day and that you're able to celebrate it with your family and friends. I love you. - Femke @loveforDiggy (PS. I'm LOVING the Ms. Chiv shirt!!)

48: Dear Diggy, I really have no idea how I'm supposed to express my love for you or how to tell you how much I support you.You inspire me to the fullest and you gave me many reasons of why I should support and love you! But, I love you and I hope you have an AMAZING birthday. Go all out because it's you're special day. I hope that you share it with the ones that you really love! You're JetSetter love you, JetSetter General! Have an amazing time and I love you! (: <3 Love, Vivian (: (@Vivi_Jetsetter)

50: Daniel 'Diggy' Simmons proved his point in 09' , beat all expectations in 10', now its time to make history in 11'... #JetSettersWeUP . -Baya_Airborne Us, Jetsetters are very proud of Diggy. He has accomplished so much this past year. And this is only his beginning ;) Here are some of the highlights this year...

51: Diggy Simmons Accomplishments at Age 14/15 (: -Help from Baya_Airborne.

52: December 2nd 2009; THE FIRST FLIGHT Releases 74,000 downloads & STILL counting.

53: March 17th 2010: Made You Look Freestyle Releases and Recently Hit TW0 Million Views on YouTube! (:

54: March 22, 2010 ; Diggy Simmons Gets Signed To Atlantic Records

55: March 31, 2010 ; First Apperance On 106 And Park

56: April 19, 2010 ; Diggy Simmons In XXL Magazine

57: May 15, 2010 ; What They Been Waiting For Releases !

58: August 29, 2010 ; Diggy Simmons AT&T Commercial Releases

59: September 10, 2010 ; Diggy Simmons Releases His 2nd Mixtape AIRBORNE. 71,000+ downloads!

60: October 23, 2010 ; Diggy Simmons Was On A BET CypherAlong With His Dad , Ice Cube And Others.

61: October 26, 2010 ; Diggy Simmons Second Apperance On 106 And Park

62: November 18, 2010 Shook Ones Freestyle Releases .

63: December 23, 2010 ; Diggy Simmons Releases His Third Mixtape "Past Present(s) Future" ! 34,000+ downloads!

64: Feburary 2, 2011 ; Diggy Simmons Was A Trending Topic On Twitter!

65: October 22, 2010 ; #DiggyOn106 Was A Trending Topic On Twitter!

66: March 1, 2011 ; "Diggy Simmons" Is A Trending Topic On Twitter AGAIN! ;)

67: March 2011 ; Diggy Simmons Is Apart Of XXL Magazine's "2011 Freshmen Class" Along With Lil Twist, Mac Miller Lil B, Yelawolf And More!

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