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DNMS Final

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BC: "...education is not something which a teacher does, but is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being. It is not acquired by listening to words, but in virtue of experiences in which the child acts on his environment...We must offer the child the help he needs, and be at his services so that he does not have to walk alone." - Maria Montessori The Absorbent Mind

1: In this class room All of the students are teachers And all of the the teachers are students Dallas North Montessori School 1986 - 2014

2: Ms. Penny and Ms. Heather - What we hope for you: That there was enough laughter to outweigh the frustrations. That the moments of happiness outlast a lifetime of sad ones. And that all your hard work is overshadowed by your hard play. You are excellent, inspirational and appreciated! You were an important part of our lives! Thank you for loving our baby. Love - Addison Long and family

3: We enjoyed our summer camp and will miss you. -Antara

4: My Favorite memory of DNMS is Miss Heather. She was the best teacher ever - Austin Pflum | My favorite memory of DNMS is the playground. I liked playing outside after school. - Maddie Sue Pflum

5: Wesley Bogart

6: Madelyn & Connor

7: Dear Ms.Penny and Ms. Heather, I am deeply saddened to hear that my beloved Dallas North Montessori School is closing. Ms. Penny and Ms. Heather made a tremendous impact on my childhood and life in general. DNMS provided me with basic skills that I still use today and will use for the rest of my life, how to say "por favor" and "gracias", and learning not to press too hard when using a pencil. I became equipped with life skills that greatly contributed to the person I am today. The passport craft we made roughly 20 years ago sparked a curiosity to travel and I am happy to say that I have been blessed to me able to do so (I've been to 6 different countries so far!). I still have the doll house that Ms. Penny gave me as a child and I remember my favorite Thanksgiving when she came to visit and baked a pumpkin pie (my first time trying it). I also remember thinking that Ms. Penny's name was a Penny Quarter, not Penny Carter because quarter made much more sense. I regret not keeping in touch the way that I should have but I guarantee I will work harder to maintain the relationships will my all-time favorite teacher. Thank you for making such a large impact on my life as well as an impact on other children. I wish you both well on your future endeavor's, if either of you would like a travel buddy I would be more than happy to volunteer. Love always, Sharde` Amber Miller

8: We Love you Ms. Heather and Ms. Penny. Thank you for everything you did for us. Love, Anson and Edwin Gustine | First Day

9: My education started with Ms. Heather and Ms. Penny, two people that hold a very old and special place in my heart. Now looking back I can appreciate the care and attention that they gave me. Having to handle forty screaming kids everyday is a tall order, but the dedication they put into their work will never go unnoticed to the families who were lucky enough to pass through those school doors. I can't recall many memories from those times, just a general sense of happiness and satisfaction. I would have turned out a completely different person if I didn't have those six years in my life. I appreciate everything Ms. Heather and Ms. Penny did for me, and will forever admire them as my first teachers. -Carlos Pacheco-Perez | Carlos Pacheco-Perez, Spring 1997 | 2013 Graduation from Indiana University

10: Kimball Curnutt | Riley Curnutt

11: Dear Ms. Penny and Ms. Heather, I am sorry to hear about DNMS closing at the end of this year. I feel that it was such a healthy & stable environment for Jared and Jesse's early school years. I just wanted to thank you both for creating such a safe and stimulating learning environment for their education. They have both done so will in school since DNMS. They are both A students excelling in all the honors classes Plano ISD had to offer. They also have high self esteem, and are self reliant independent thinkers. I applaud you both for nurturing these wonderful character traits in them. You were not just teachers of knowledge but developers of character. As this chapter of your lives winds down, I wish you both much happiness and success in your next adventure. Kindest Regards, Becky Jones | Jesse | Jared

12: I Love Dallas North Montessori School. It is my favorite school and Ms. Heather is my favorite teacher. She is very nice and I like her very much. I like how she teaches me. My Favorite things about school are learning, playing freeze tag and art. - Elizabeth Mechler

13: DNMS is one of my favorite schools. My 2 years of experience at DNMS has given me confidence, knowledge and discipline to build my future. My sweet memories - - Challenging myself each day with new work - Time at park - Going full day school - Being with friends and school events | Dear Ms. Heather, You are great, sweet and I love you. I am proud to be your student. Sorry for the times I have not listened. Even though I will go to another school, I will carry all the good things you have taught me. I wish you good luck. - With Love and hugs, Saswathy | Dear Ms. Nancy, Thank you so much for teaching me art. I wish you good luck and I would carry all our sweet memories with me where ever I go. - With Love and hugs, Saswathy

14: Alex Paulett

15: We couldn't have hoped for a better school for Ines. Ines not only learned English but opened up to many skills, learned important manners that will guide her during her whole life and mostly, had the best time playing with her friends. She was happy when we dropped her off every morning and didn't want to leave when we picked her up in the afternoon. Thank you Miss Heather & Miss Penny for your care, patience, guidance and love. - David, Eva & Ines

18: Ms. Penny and Ms. Heather, I have so many great memories of school. I really liked it when you let me teach Spanish to the elementary class Ms. Heather. And when I got my diploma to go into 1st grade I was so excited to go to the elementary classroom. And Ms. Penny, you have always been there for me. No one can replace you. You are a serious, but funny teacher. Thank you for teaching me so many things. I know that because I went to The Dallas North Montessori my future is going to be a lot BRIGHTER! Love, Anna | Anna Castiglione

19: My teachers make this school special. My cubby is where my school day starts and where it ends. The shelf above my head is where the history of my work and all that I have done here has been recorded for my parents. This is where the protection from the outside is left behind for the warmth of my friends, and my teachers, and pizza day inside. The apples represent many colors of my friends and the school logo, nutrition, and holds seeds for the future and I like apples. My shoes are untied, I could not tie my shoes when I came here, but it is now time for me to tie my own shoes, which I can do now thanks to my parents and my teachers who helped me. All the students of this school are pictured above these apples and I will be a part of the history of this very important school. The future and the past and the serious and the fun are here in this picture. I will never forget these times and my friends and teachers and our history which is so special! Nicolas Metz April, 2014

20: Elizabeth Somabut | Ms. Heather and Ms. Penny mean so much to us. They were very patient and kind to us. They prepared Lizzy for what to come. In May of 2011, Lizzie received her Bachelor Degree from Texas A&M and she just received her Masters from SMU this December. We always think back of Ms. Heather and Ms. Penny because they gave Lizzie the foundation she needed to succeed. We are going to miss them so much.

21: The classrooms at DNMS were always fun and interesting. There was never a dull moment. I remember learning reading and writing in Ms.Heathers class. And going to the mini-store in Ms.Penny's class. I am truly sad to see the best teachers in the world to stop teaching there own school. But I do owe my love for learning to them so all I can say is Thank You. -Sydney Beavers | I like the Monkey bars. I like when I get a green ticket and I get a puzzle break, I like addition and ten chain. I like when Ms. Heather teaches us how a fire drill works. I like Ms. Nancy because she calls us an egg head! I like to do the puzzle and the rubber bands with Ms. Penny. I like to do art at free time with Ms. Kokila. - Ayden Beavers | We will be forever grateful for all the teachers and the staff at DNMS. They have given our children a head start in their education and in life. And we have made some wonderful friends. Our selfish side wants you to stay open forever. It will be a challenge to find another school as great as this one.Thank you so much and good luck in this next chapter of your lives. - James & Jennifer

22: Penny was a second mother to Billy during those school years she has a very special place in our hearts after all these 30 plus years. We will always be grateful for the love and caring she gave both of us. - Pat Tally and Bill Tally | Bill 1980

24: Dear Ms. Heather and Ms. Penny, You are both so special to our family, as well as Ms. Jo, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Kokila and everyone at DNMS. You'll probably remember when I came to you in May 2011 when we became Hannah's guardian. She was 4 at the time, had never been to school and we had never been parents. Hannah started right away in Ms. Heather's class. I worked next door and could pop in and eat lunch. You were heaven sent! Hannah has grown so much in this short time from preschool to first grade. I changed jobs this year and Hannah will be able to go to school at Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic | School in Irving where I work as the Director of Finance and Administration. You have been there for us when we needed you so much and we will miss you tremendously. We thank you for instilling in Hannah the skills she needs to become independent and confident. We wish you all the best! Love, Clayton and Jill Killam

25: My favorite time with Ms. Penny was giving the red ear slider turtle that I named "Climber" to the class and watching him grow. Then I won the quilt we made that year with a theme of "Under the Sea" and "climber" was a character on the quilt. I feel lucky to have had the BEST teachers in the world at DNMS! -Mark Hutchins | The way the Montessori method and my teachers taught me has been very special. My favorite DNMS memory is of the daily nature walks we had in Ms. Penny's class. Thank you Ms. Heather and Ms. Penny! - Will Hutchins

26: I love my teacher because she's beautiful. My best memory I want to do egg basket Easter again. - Leo Jagu

27: Dear Heather and Penny, Thank you for all of the love, kindness, and wisdom you have shared with Lina. Our family is so lucky to have found your school and we will miss you very much. We know that our daughter will continue to learn and grow in ways that wouldn't have been possible if she hadn't spent these past few years with you and the Dallas North Montessori family. Thank you again for everything you have done for all of your students. Love, Lina, Christian, and Samantha Hernandez

29: There are so many things I owe to DNMS, far too many to mention and far too impactful to simply list. Because of DNMS I have a passion for learning that has become my greatest tool in high school and I'm positive will be a great asset in my collegiate adventures. DNMS served not only as a school for me but also as a family. I grew up with the same group of people around me, some of which I still see at school on a daily basis. As my mom worked with Ms. Heather for a couple of years, DNMS became an even more integral part of my life, morphing into not a second family but rather a extension of my first. From writing stories, to balancing checkbooks and learning to embroider, DNMS prepared me in innumerable ways | I I | with work ethic uncommon in most children which I believe is the sole reason for my academic successes. For that I will be forever grateful to the wonderful women of DNMS who helped raise me. All my love and more, Rachel | I grew up with DNMS; the women there raised me and sculpted me into the person I am today. I have countless memories and countless past friendships from DNMS. I remember when Jared and I were playing tag and I ran into the fence and knocked myself out. I remember when | we used to go on really long walks that were tons of fun. I remember when we used to make fairy houses on the playground. I remember the day of my 3rd grade graduation when I wore my blue and white dress. I have so many memories that DNMS gave me. DNMS means so much to me. I would like to thank my 5 other mothers, Ms. Penny, Ms. Heather, Ms. Jo, Ms. Kokila and Ms. Nancy. I love you all so much and I hope even after DNMS closes you can still touch the hearts of children, just like you touched me. With all of my heart, Jessi

30: Dear Ms. Penny, You are such a nice teacher. Thank you for what all you did. What did you do for me? You taught me finer weaving - I love love it. I enjoy you being my teacher - Chinmayee Jeyapriya | Nila July 2006 | Chinmayee July 2010

31: Age 4 | Sophia Wynn

33: I looked around and chose this school before the kids were born and I couldn't have been happier with Miss Heather and Miss Penny. As a parent, I learned things from them that I still apply. It was the only school my daughter attended and I'm glad it was theirs (Penny and Heather's). They handled her death tactfully and gracefully, I couldn't have asked for better. Walter usually had his run-ins with the discipline of Miss Heather, but even this morning he admitted that it was a really good school. He also said, "I still remember Shady Grove, my true love...I loved weaving and needlepoint...I had a great time." I remembered that at his initial visit, he sampled Norton's food--I smelled it on him, and was very grateful they accepted him anyway. - Gregory and Valeri Stagaman and Walter

34: Gabriel | Lucas

35: Steffen | Gonzalez | Ms. Penny & Ms. Heather, Thank you for opening your hearts and school to Steffen, Lucas, & Gabriel. Our boys will positively impact the world because of all the lessons learned at DNMS. The school may be ending but your lessons will go on forever. "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein Thank you for blessing our family, Susi & Hondo Gonzalez

38: in the little things | Emily Morrison

39: Kayla McCullough

40: Varsha Appaji | Jay Appaji

41: "You have touched our lives forever!" - Jaanki & Keshav Upadhyaya

42: Thanks for everything you taught us. You taught us respect, life skills, and most of all friendship. We have both benefited greatly in so many ways from our experiences at DNMS. Thank you! - Connor & Jared Shurig | Connor | Jared

43: Through the years........

44: The first year 1986-1987

55: "Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter." -Brad Henry

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