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Doc Martin - A Thank You From The Fans (Copy 2)

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Doc Martin - A Thank You From The Fans (Copy 2) - Page Text Content

S: Doc Martin - Fan's Thank You

BC: Thank You From Your Fans Around The World 2011 | "Doc Martin"

FC: Doc Martin A Thank You From The Fans

1: Thank You This book has been created by way of a thank you to the cast, crew, writers and producers of "Doc Martin". Amongst the following pages, you will find the thoughts and reflections of fans from all over the globe, who have been so inspired by the show that they have written fan fiction, created videos and perhaps most importantly, made friends with people from all around the world and shared in a common passion. We hope that Doc Martin continues for many years to come but in the meantime we look forward to series 5 and all of the frustrations it is likely to bring! As speculation and anticipation about story lines mounts, we once again say thank you, and bring on the 5th series! | The Slipway and Anchor - by Fozzeee (displayed under Creative Commons License)

2: Main photo by kind permission of Phil Shepherd (GRIP) Top photo Ian Sheppard (Beefsteak) Bottom photo Philip Pitson

3: Why Fans Love Doc Martin! I first saw Doc Martin in summer 2009 - having had my arm twisted by my parents who found it mildly amusing. Little did they know what a monster they had unleashed! The moment the episode aired, I was straight on the computer, ordering the box set as I couldn't possibly wait an entire week to see the next episode! I was absolutely delighted to discover that series four was just around the corner, and even more so to find the spoiler photos revealing Louisa's big secret! I soon fell completely in love with the show, with its bizarre characters and beautiful scenery. I can't quite put my finger on what makes the show so brilliant - Martin and Louisa's relationship is definitely a massive part, combined with the intriguing mysteries, their brilliant conclusions, blunt humour, all performed brilliantly by all the regulars and guest cast, particularly the wonderful Caroline Catz playing Louisa. I'm sure I'm not the only one who - when ranting and raving about Martin's latest insensitive/horribly cruel comment to Louisa - has been told by loved ones 'Calm down, it's only a TV show!' Maybe that says something about the sanity of the more dedicated fans, but so many of us have invested so much time and effort into fanfiction, fanvideos, and general over analysis of every aspect of the show, that it's not 'just a TV show' - Doc Martin remains so alive every day to the fans despite the two year gaps between actual series. I'd like to thank all the cast and crew for creating such a truly brilliant and heart-warming (though also nerve-wracking!) show. It has become a really massive part in my life and will always have a place in my heart (though I'm hoping it'll run for a good while yet!) Docmartinitis sufferer and proud of it! - Shelley Miller, England.

4: I borrowed series 1 and 2 of Doc Martin from the library one evening as I was looking for a new series to watch. By the end of the first episode, I'd requested series 3 and “On The Edge”, and placed an order to purchase the whole series. Series four came directly from the U.K as I couldn't wait for it to be released in Australia. My husband and I were instant Doc Martin addicts, and we're waiting in great anticipation for series 5 to be completed. Kim and Judy, Western Australia. | I stumbled across the series quite by chance one night. It was a repeat of one of the final few episodes of series 4. I was so intrigued that I made sure I remembered to watch the episodes that were left. I then bought the complete box set and devoured them in the space of about a week. That was it, I was hooked... well and truly! The main reason I love the show is because of the "love affair" (yes, I do believe it's that!) between Martin and Louisa. I so desperately hope they get it together in series 5! Nicky Wilkinson, Lancashire, England. | Photo bottom right thanks to Simplyred | Photo thanks to Philip Pitson

5: It all started by accident. Several friends had told me how good Doc Martin was, but somehow I’d never got round to watching it when it was on. Then one evening I was flicking through the channels to find something worth watching – as you do- and came across a repeat of Doc Martin Series 3, at the point where poor blind Mr. Cleary comes in to consult the Doc, complete with his guide dog. The scene where the Doc walks the poor man into the door frame, watched by Pauline with an incredulous look on her face, had me in howls of laughter, so much so that my husband came in from the other room to find out what on earth I was watching. And that was it, I was hooked. Having watched the episodes that were being repeated, I had to buy the complete boxed set of DVD’s so that I could watch it all, right from the beginning of Series 1, as many times as I wanted to - which was a lot. The part that I love the most is the romance between Martin and Louisa, with all its ups and downs – I just wish that there could have been a few more ‘ups’ to their relationship. I avidly watched Series 4, as it was broadcast, and added that DVD to the collection as well. Like many fans, I hated the ‘Non Wedding’ that concluded Series 3, and felt frustrated by the animosity between the Doc and Louisa in Series 4, which was only resolved in the last few minutes of the final episode with the birth of their son. Let’s hope that Series 5 gives us romantics what we need! But it’s this frustration that has led many of us to write our own versions of the story as ‘FanFiction’, and video compilations on ‘Youtube’ , and these have kept us going in the long two years between series 4 and 5. - Gill, Surrey, England. What is it that makes "Doc Martin" so good? It's unique and hilarious. It's well-scripted and brilliantly acted. - Penny Tindall, England.

6: I most appreciate the "Doc Martin" series for the excellent writing, acting, setting and compelling story line. The tension between Martin and Louisa, whether caused by themselves, or by the Fates conspiring against them, is a modern retelling of every love-lorn set of couples. Haven't we all stared across a room and been frozen from action by our own insecurities? Martin and Louisa are like each of us at various times in our lives; so vicariously we are living in Portwenn with them. While each has their own endearing qualities they also have emotions and behaviors that can get in the way of 'getting on' much as in the real world. All this of course set against the beautiful backdrop of Port Isaac and Cornwall, making me want to visit there some day and of course to think 'on this spot Doc or Louisa did such and such.' Bravo to the producers, cast, and crew for capturing our hearts so charmingly with this brilliant drama/comedy/romance! (Robspace54) Robert E. Schorry, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I love Doc Martin because: it makes me laugh, it surprises me, the scenery is intoxicating, it dishes up such a wonderful mix of idiosyncratic characters, it blends intrigue with humour, it gets under my skin, it leaves me wanting more.. and I’ve become hopelessly invested in the characters, especially Martin and Louisa. I love how English shows often have characters of varied ages, sizes and degrees of beauty – how completely refreshing and entertaining that is for audiences and how much better for storytelling. I also love the frequent use of visual humour, something that adds so much and yet is frequently missing from most shows. Thanks for giving us this little gem! Carolyn Curran - Australia

7: It was the 22 of April 2009 and we were staying in our caravan near Padstow. We thought it would be good to drive over to Port Isaac in the afternoon to see where the TV series Doc Martin is filmed. As we approached the tiny harbour, through very narrow streets, we were stopped by a local gentleman in an RNLI jumper saying that we would have to wait a while before moving on. Looking up to the school building above the harbour we could see a large crowd and in the middle an ambulance. As we looked at each other we assumed there had been an accident and had no problem obeying the RNLI jumper. After a short wait a message came over a radio he had in his hand, to say we could move on. Driving on up through the narrow street of this wonderful small fishing town we passed the "accident" only to see cameras and lighting equipment. We could not believe our luck, they were actually filming the first episode of "Doc Martin" and there was Martin Clunes in the centre. Well all there was to do now was to park our van and get back as quick as possible to take photo's of the goings on. My wife Chrissie and I are very keen photographers and this would give us a great opportunity for really good photography. Van parked we were soon back in the thick of it standing with other on lookers we had a ringside position to take in all the action. It was so interesting to see crew and cast at work from the amount of trouble going into keeping the camera lens clean to keeping the daylight balanced with giant reflectors. At 4:00pm things died down and after a wander round the town it was back to our caravan with talk of what a great afternoon we had seeing one of our favourite programs being made. All we can say is thank you to all the cast and crew of Doc Martin and wish you all the best. - Phil & Chrissie Shepherd, England

8: Many thanks, Nicky, for introducing me to Doc Martin. Once I started watching the DVDs, I couldn't stop. In less than two weeks I had gone through every episode and wanted more. This series is similar to an old US TV show, Northern Exposure, which also had quirky, but lovable citizens. However, Doc Martin is better in my opinion. I love the charming town with its narrow streets and beautiful harbor and hills. Every episode is so well written with totally different stories and wonderful guest actors who portray either residents of the village or visitors. There's humor, a little drama, and a lot of poignant moments mixed in with a slowly growing and often confusing romance between Louisa and Doc Martin (or Doctor Ellingham, as he prefers). I am really looking forward to Series 5. Will Martin and Louisa finally marry? Will Martin prove to be a loving father? Will he be sharing his surgery with another doctor? Will Pauline and Al marry? Will Bert’s restaurant be a success, or will he try out another profession? Will Aunty Joan find a boyfriend her own age? Will Martin get over his blood phobia? So many possibilities for the series. If Series 5 is the last one, I do hope there are some really great episodes and some closures. Diane McGill, California, USA

9: My wife and I discovered Doc Martin in the fall of 2010. Over a month we viewed all four seasons and were hooked - bemoaning the fact that Season 5 would not be filmed for months. And who knows when it will reach the Colonies! We do read a bit of FanFiction on different takes on the story. A word to the writers: Here's hoping the future is more positive and less combative than Season 4 or you might ought to enter the witness protection program. You laid beautiful possibilities with the last five minutes of the final show. We do appreciate your creative genius. We know all good things do have an end - but not too soon please for "Doc Martin". Ralph and Suzie McCluggage Pine Lake, Georgia USA

10: Here in North Cornwall we have lived with Doc Martin in one guise or another for over ten years now. The character first appeared in a supporting role in the feature film “Saving Grace, ” which was released in 2000 and starred Brenda Blethyn and Craig Ferguson as the two main characters. Martin was the cannabis smoking village G.P. whose character bore more resemblance to Martin Clunes’ persona in Men Behaving Badly than the grumpy Doc we have come to know and love(?) through the ITV series. Since then most of us have eagerly looked forward to the biennial influx of actors, technicians, crew members etc. who make up the Doc Martin circus descending upon our neighbourhood and bringing a bit of showbiz excitement with them. Of course, there are always a few detractors who find the inevitable disruption caused by a film crew in narrow village streets something to moan about. By and large though, the populace has welcomed the worldwide attention the area has received from a highly popular TV show being filmed here and enjoyed the benefits from the extra tourist revenue generated in Port Isaac and it‘s environs. I was lucky enough to find work as an extra on a few occasions during the filming of Series 4 but, unfortunately, my part ended up on the proverbial “cutting-room floor.” (Mr Clunes, please note for Series 5!) However, as a long-time film fan, it did give me an intriguing insight into how films and TV programmes are made, particularly the many hours spent waiting around for the cameras lighting etc. to be set up, then the endless repetition of the scene over and over until the director is satisfied that what he had envisaged was safely “in the can” and there was no “hair in the gate,” to ruin the shot. (See how I used the technical jargon there?) As far as the stars are concerned, I hesitate to use that term, because none of the main cast members I met behaved in any way like stars are supposed to. I found them, without exception, to be pleasant and approachable and always ready to have a few words with fans between takes.

11: I have an abiding memory of Stephanie Cole queuing up with the rest of us mere mortals at seven in the morning to get a breakfast buttie from the unit catering caravan. Caroline Catz has been spotted taking an after-work stroll on the Platt at Port Isaac with her hubby and two small children. Ian McNeice must have lost count of the number of village fetes and carnivals he attended to open or present prizes in the guise of his alter ego, Bert Large. And Mr Clunes himself? As co-owner of the production company that makes the series, he obviously has many plates that need to be kept spinning at the same time. His working day must start well before any of the other actors need to be on set and will not be finished until long after they have gone back to their hotels and accommodation. However, I remember one evening when the final scene of the day wasn’t completed until well after seven pm, but that didn’t prevent Martin from spending a further half an hour or more chatting, signing autographs and posing for photos with the many people who had gathered nearby to watch the filming taking place. For me the great thing about the show is that for the duration of filming many of the regular cast and crew live in the area for much of the time and in effect, for several months, become part of our community. No one bats an eyelid at the sight of Joe Absolom making his way to the pub of an evening, or Ian McNeice filling his trolley at the local supermarket. They join in and become part of the scenery. We, as locals, are only too happy to see them back again and to make them very welcome with our renowned Cornish hospitality. Long May it continue! Ray Worden (KERNOW)

12: Photo by kind permission of Ian Sheppard | Main photo by kind permission of Phil Shepherd (GRIP) Bottom left by kind permission of Alison Jane Hall | Doc Martin – the man I love the ironies in Martin. On one level he is the rude, blunt bearer of insults that we secretly wish we could unleash with the same uncanny and exquisite sense of timing and yet beneath that abrupt exterior beats the heart of a vulnerable man, subject to the same frailties and fears as others. Ultimately he displays some of the most noble of human traits – honesty, compassion and wisdom, albeit wrapped in a frequently prickly package. I think that is part of the genius and attraction of the Doc – being able to make him so rude and disdainful and yet so human and loveable at the same time. Obviously, the kudos for that goes to the wonderful Martin Clunes! Thanks for giving us the irrepressible Doc. Carolyn Curran – Australia

13: Doc Martin (Martin Clunes) I love the fact that clearly the Doc is besotted with Louisa Glasson. Yes, he’s a brilliant surgeon and doctor, but he’s an idiot when it comes to romance. He just hasn’t got a clue, but I love his brutal honesty. I love how he watches Louisa from a distance whenever he can, too shy for a long time to act in any way upon his feelings, despite Louisa’s best attempts - until finally in Series 3 he cracks and proposes when he thinks he’s lost her. I love how jealous he gets of Danny Steel, the contemptuous look on his face at the mere mention of his name, and the wonderful one liners he comes up with. I love how he races to Louisa’s side at the first hint of her being ill. Then he isn’t shy, because he can hide behind his professional front. I love how protective he is of his Aunt Joan, although he doesn’t always like what she has to say to him. I love the idea of Martin and Louisa as a couple with their baby for Series 5 – the baby is just going to have to puke all over his suit, isn’t he?? Gill, Surrey, England. Infuriating yet attractive. He's says the things we would like to say. Martin Clunes is superb. Penny Tindall, England. Martin Clunes is such an excellent actor, who is always smiling in the photos I’ve seen, and he’s definitely playing against type. Although I’m sure most people prefer their doctor to have a better bedside manner than Martin, I doubt that they could find a more intelligent and more dedicated doctor to tend to their needs. - Diane McGill. USA

14: Dear Mr. Clunes, I’m pleased to be part of this Memento Book, and I hope you won’t mind that I’m head over heels in love with Doc Martin, even though I suspect you’ll be glad to see the end of it. It’s just that I’ve only recently discovered Doc Martin (like, in January of this year) and it didn’t take me long to appreciate the natural chemistry between you and Ms. Catz and to see the incredible dynamic of the entire cast that makes this show the jewel it is. There are few comedies on television these days, from any country, that can make me laugh out loud, but Doc Martin can, and much of it is due to the thoroughly convincing way you portray the doc. “Treat yourself to a noun,” a line from the very first episode, makes me laugh every time I think about the context in which it was delivered. It’s okay if you don’t remember; just know that all these years after you first said it, it’s still making someone laugh! And when you pair that with filming in a picturesque village like Port Isaac – the likes of which we could only dream of having here in the United States – well, there’s just no contest. This show’s a keeper, and I’m glad it’s not over yet. Thanks so very much for being Doc Martin! Sincerely, Diane B. Baltimore, Maryland USA “A fan out there” | Photo bottom left thanks to Alison Jane Hall, right, thanks to Philip Pitson.

15: Played to perfection by Martin Clunes -With Louisa, many times he doesn't need to say anything, his expressions are all that are needed to show what he's thinking or feeling - with his patients he's quite a bit more vocal in a rude but mostly effective way. - Connie Jefferson Oregon, USA As a fan, there is nothing better I enjoy than watching a few episodes of "Doc Martin". I have been captivated by the series since Series 3 was shown here in Australia. The episodes are all well written and everything is fabulous, from the setting, to the plot and the characters. Keep the episodes coming! -Fable1, Australia Aww...he is lovely in his crude way, I like the fact that he is a fish out of the water in that village full of crazy people and all the problems he have to adapt to his new environment, his blood problem makes him endearing and how he relate with the villagers is completely amusing, I love the comments he make about how wacky they are and how appalling they are to him. Verónica Fernández M. (Tantracecilia) Santiago de Chile There is much debate amongst fans as to why Louisa finds Martin so attractive. Maybe we'll never quite understand. Is it his (brutal) honesty! I think not. Or maybe his professionalism, I think that's nearer the mark, she feels the need to continually defend him. Or is it simply because deep down under all those complex layers he really is an extraordinary man. In Louisa's words "he's never gonna quite fit in and he's never gonna quite be ordinary," and really... would we want it any other way? - Nicky Wilkinson, Lancashire ,England

16: I am a huge fan of Caroline Catz, and have great admiration for her in all of her roles, but particularly with her excellent and realistic portrayal of Louisa Glasson - and I have "Doc Martin" to thank for introducing me to her work. ShelleyMiller, England.

17: Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz) I love Louisa because she loves Martin to bits, despite the fact that she often struggles with his rudeness, lack of tact and general horridness. The fact that Martin is about as opposite to her father must be one of the reasons that she is attracted to him. Louisa is damaged goods just as much as Martin, because they have both suffered from being brought up by terrible parents. I love the fact that she spends a lot of time protectively defending him to the other locals, even if she tells him off herself. She gradually sees that underneath that gruff, rude exterior, he does actually care for his patients, although he would always deny it, claiming to simply be doing his job. I feel desperately sorry for her in S4 when she returns to the village six months pregnant, only to find that Martin appears to have a new girlfriend already – after all the years it took her to get close to him! I think this goes a long way to explaining her attitude towards him and shutting him out. He doesn’t exactly try very hard to persuade her to let him be involved, and so she puts on her ‘strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man’ front right up until the very end of the last episode, when Martin finally declares that ‘I was wrong’, and they finally kiss before she gives birth to their son. Let’s hope they can make a go of things in S5 without too many arguments/interruptions – please? - Gill, England Beautiful yet very human. Caroline Catz is amazing and truly believable as an insecure headmistress.- Penny Tindall, England

18: Louisa is my favourite character for many reasons. She is such a strong character who knows what she wants, and isn't planning to take what Martin says lying down! I like that she is gutsy and fiesty and gives everything her all. She is a great sparring partner for Martin and is the prop for some of his most humorous moments. She herself has a great jokey side with some witty lines, although it's wasted on Martin who never gets it. The snoring patch thing was probably more annoyance than humour, but it still provoked a great reaction. She is caring and thoughtful, dedicated to her job, her friends and the community. She really would make a lovely mother. Then there is her other side, which can be stroppy, hormonal and unreasonable - which gives her more depth and shows that she's still a real person and not a saint! Though she definitely has her faults, she is a genuinely lovely and beautiful person and I hope she manages to get her happy family in the end - she deserves it! Shelley Miller, England Caroline Catz is a lovely and talented actress, and I can’t help wondering why a handsome farmer from Cornwall hasn’t married Louisa, the pretty teacher with the pleasant personality who is loved by her students. Diane McGill, USA

19: I love the fact that she seems to see through the wall that Martin has built around himself and keeps trying to get involved with him. She's a very likable character but seems to have her own issues regarding relationships. - Connie Jefferson Well she is a great character and I like the fact that even her being the “object” of Doc Martin’s affections she is still the one who suffers the most his rude remarks, but she still likes him, I see some sort of stubborn streak on her that makes her want to try again and again to make Doc Martin adapt a bit more socially (hopeless case in my opinion) - Verónica Fernández M. What do I love about Louisa? Why will I watch her bleary eyed into the night to catch a glimpse of her? Why am I so enchanted by her dark hair, engaging eyes and the way she turns her head? Louisa is truly beautiful, but I know it is more than that, and it is puzzling me. Is it because I am re-living the crush I had on my school teacher? No..... Keep searching. I love how she can be funny while delivering a few home truths, and I love that she can see the diamond in the rough that is Martin, when no-one else can. Hmmm, sounds clearer but not quite there yet. She is warm-hearted and caring and it breaks my heart when her emotions overflow and she leaves herself wide open and vulnerable. I can almost sense her heart beat - or is that mine? Maybe, Louisa reminds us why we fall in love................Where did that come from? In the end it is probably some, or all of the above. So, Martin, watch out if you don't treat Louisa right! PT, Australia

21: Aunt Joan ( Stephanie Cole) I love Joan Norton because she is a ballsy lady with a somewhat colourful past. An affair many years ago while she was married, and then more recently her dalliance with the much younger decorator chap means that she is not one to be easily shocked - although she manages to shock her nephew with the infamous ‘kitchen table’ incident! I love the fact that she doesn’t hold back, she speaks her mind, and tells Martin exactly what she thinks. He regards her as his mother, so he listens to her, even if he doesn’t always like what she tells him. I love the fact that – like Louisa – Joan will defend him to the villagers, even if she then lectures him about his attitude or behaviour. I love the fact that she’s always there for him, to keep him on the straight and narrow. I love the fact that she is going to make a great ‘Grannie’ in S5! - Gill, Surrey, England Stephanie Cole is a real treasure. Who wouldn’t want an auntie like Joan, who loves her nephew and is much more of a parent to him than the miserable people who gave him their name. - Diane McGill, USA Stephanie Cole is very good as the down-to-Earth farmer who tries to help Doc Martin understand - Penny Tindall She's very funny and is someone that is essential in Martin's life. She knows him better than anyone and understands why he is the way he is in regards to his childhood. - Connie Jefferson I love the fact that she is Martin’s only family and she is always trying to help him even when he is a bit difficult and self-sufficient and doesn't want to acknowledge that he needs her help and support, She is the one who can see the real Martin hide “Underneath the gruff, monosyllabic, well-meaning but rude surface” - Verónica Fernández M.

23: Bert and Al Large ( Ian McNeice and Joe Absolom) Very funny, talented actors. I love Bert's charming hopelessness. - Penny Tindall I like the father/son relationship. I think I liked it better when they were plumbers but the restaurant business has been the center of a few good story lines. - Connie Jefferson Of Al I like that he is the one with some sense of the 2 of them, Bert is plain crazy!...and sometimes I want to smack him for his ill-timing! Always interrupting (I could do happily with his not interrupting so many “potentially important moments” between Doc Martin and Louisa Glasson - Verónica Fernández M. Bert frequently has me in stitches – what a stroke of genius to write a “larger” than life character and to have such a great character actor in Ian McNeice bring him to life. His comic timing is superb, as is his presence in so many scenes. I’ll never be able to erase from my memory the scene where Bert is sitting in his underpants in the Doc’s surgery. I also love the pairing of Bert and Al, which provides us with another dimension to their personalities and allows us to see a softer and sometimes tender side of both father and son. Carolyn Curran

25: Mrs Tishell (Selina Cadell) Mrs Tishell has to be one of my favourite characters in the series, played magnificently, by the extremely talented, Selina Cadell. I've lost count of the number of times I've been in stitches with her one liners. Obviously, it's her attraction to the Doc which is perhaps the funniest aspect of her character and the look on her face when she finally managed to lock lips with him in the last episode of series 4 was just priceless. I sincerely hope that Mrs Tishell and her neck brace continue to play an active part in the series for a long time to come. - Nicky Wilkinson Selina Cadell has wonderful comic timing. Mrs Tishell has had me laughing and cringing and feeling sad. - Penny Tindall No matter what she seems to not have given up on her hopes to someday get the doc to 'come to his senses' and take her up on her offer of tea and biscuits (and whatever other plans she may have for him) in the back room. - Connie Jefferson I love this character!...she is funny and infatuated with the doctor, the only villager (apart from aunty Joan and Louisa Glasson) who always defend the quirkiness of Doc Martin and accept him like he is, even when he not always is very gentle with her, but I think that deep down she like him forceful. - Verónica Fernández M.

26: Katherine Parkinson photo by kind permission of Philip Pitson

27: Elaine & Pauline (Lucy Punch & Katherine Parkinson) Elaine was a pure comedy character - with her kissing auditions, the infamous Greg and the brilliant impression of the checkout woman - one of my favourite scenes. 'She goes - wait for it - Sorry, six items or less!' 'And how many did you have?' 'Twenty, but all the same, d'ya see?' Then along came Pauline, who we could identify more with and who developed more as a character. With her brilliant sense of humour, watching her wind the doc up is brilliant, especially when she ends it with her classic laugh! I like the way Martin comes to rely on her and respect her (to an extent), and her bizarre logic and ways of going about things provide him with plenty of frustration and us with more great Doc Martin humour. - Shelley Miller Just what every doctor needs; a receptionist who fights back. Katherine Parkinson is great. - Penny Tindall I didn't really care for the character of Elaine - too ditzy. Pauline - I really like her. She's very funny and much more efficient than the doc gives her credit for. Underneath it all I think she actually likes the doc despite dealing with his grumpy behavior all day. - Connie Jefferson Elaine - I never liked her, I thought she was terrible but a key in the initial development of Doc Martin’s character. She was Doc Martin’s constant reminder of the wacky villagers and her incompetence was so shocking that made me laugh several times. Now Pauline, I like her, but I think she is sometimes too nosy, rude, and self-centered - Verónica Fernández M.

29: Mark Mylow and Joe Penhale (Stewart Wright and John Marquez) Inept and gullible, they make Doc Martin's life much harder and much funnier. - Penny Tindall. Let’s start with Mark Mylow. He reminds me of a great big puppy dog, eager to please and befriend the Doc, he keeps on trying to be his ‘best friend’ even though the Doc always knocks him back. I thought it was a very clever twist to see how Mark’s desperation for a girlfriend compared to the Doc’s seeming indifference towards the fairer sex, led Mark to suggest that maybe Martin was gay! It was a very uncomfortable Doc that had to listen to him raving about Louisa, and watch them at the dance together. But at least the jealous feelings Mark invoked in the Doc helped him to realise how much he liked her himself. I thought the scene where Mark discusses the size of his ‘physical attributes’ with the Doc was priceless. But it really was very sad when Mark fell in love and proposed to Julie, thinking that he was the father of her baby, only to be told by Martin that she was in fact a fraudster. A broken man at the end of Series 2, we never see him again, learning from his replacement that he has gone to Poland to learn to be a plumber. Joseph Penhale is Martin’s worst nightmare – even barmier than Mark, Martin thinks he’s delusional because he sees himself and Martin as the ‘dynamic duo’. But again, Martin learns something about his own character because of Joe’s medical problems – he wants to report Joe to the authorities as unfit to carry out his duties – until Aunt Joan points out that Martin manages to carry on with his duties despite his haemophobia, because people are tolerant and make allowances, and maybe he should allow Joe the same flexibility? So Martin learns that in a village like Portwenn, things are always not always as clear cut as he thinks. I must admit I came to look at Joe Penhale in a whole new light when he removed his shirt in S4 – my, my, who knew what a great body he had hidden under that uniform of his. Gill

31: Edith Montgomery & Danny Steel (Lia Williams & Tristan Sturrock) I was slightly intrigued by Edith when she first turned up in Portwenn, but by the end of series one she was already causing trouble, and I already hated her. Even though Martin did get annoyed with her, he failed to see past the slightly irritating surface and see the conniving, evil woman who was just out to make trouble. Put simply - by the end of series four I was urging Louisa to push her off the nearest cliff. Commendations to Lia Williams on creating such a despisable character! - Shelley Miller Lia Williams is brilliant in her portrayal of a cold-hearted, predatory bitch. Whenever she's on screen I just want to yell, 'Get away from him!'. Danny - The insincere charmer is a perfect contrast to Doc Martin. - Penny Tindall Edith - She really was annoying, it seemed like she really wanted to saboutage the already fragile relationship between Martin and Louisa. Having said that I think the actress portraying Edith was perfect for the role. Danny - Another annoying character, he was okay but he was hoping to get Louisa back all the while still looking for work in London without telling Louisa after proposing. I think Louisa partly was hoping that Martin would step up when he saw them together. - Connie Jefferson What can I say about them?! Danny was a stone in my foot but it was obvious from the beginning that Louisa wasn’t THAT interested in him, she was just testing and that “relationship” ended as quick and harmless as when it started, now Edith...grrrr, I really loath that character, might be the fact that she was the only one who “spoke” Doc Martin language? Or maybe it was because she was a vulture around our Martin? Or maybe was the fact that she was so sure of herself? Or was that she was so mean to Louisa? Or maybe it was because she was an old flame of Doc Martin? or how pushy she was for him to get treated for his blood phobia? I don’t know really if is one or all above!...but I truly dislike her (Lia Williams is an awesome actress and very well casted for this role) Verónica Fernández M.

32: Just a few of the excellent characters that have appeared in the show. | The character I remember the most is Stewart the Park Ranger (Ben Miller) and Anthony his invisible squirrel, I wish they had a more active role in the series, he was an hilarious character

33: Baby Ellingham | Baby Ellingham's appearance was the saving grace (sorry couldn't resist!) of Series 4. Martin and Louisa had been so nasty to each other throughout the whole of the series and we fans of the "romance" were just about giving up all hope that Martin and Louisa would work things out, even if only for the sake of the baby. Martin's declaration that he was wrong, "wrong about everything" gave us hope that maybe, just maybe Series 5 might see them finally understanding each other a little better. - Nicky Wilkinson

34: Photo by kind permission of Phil Shepherd (GRIP)

35: It's probably not difficult to figure out exactly which cast member would be so keen to include in the show some stars of the canine variety! To me it's pure genius! Knowing how much Martin Clunes adores dogs, makes the situations that the Doc finds himself in with his doggy friends just hilarious. I also loved seeing Mary in one episode. What a beautifully well behaved dog she was. NickyWilkinson,Lancashire, England

36: Main photo by kind permission of Alan Davies

37: Martin & Louisa There is something so deeply sweet and affectionate about Martin and Louisa's relationship which hits you right away - providing you catch them at the right moment! I was lucky in that the first experience I had of their relationship was in series 3, episode 1. The mental image of my first Doc Martin viewing is of Louisa coming to him when she is worried about her anaemia, putting all of her trust in him, and then them both smiling tenderly at one another - just one of several touching moments which reassures my faith in their love for one another. Their story is so brilliantly and realistically written that it has the power to stir emotions in millions of hearts - fear, excitement, horror, anticipation, love, rage, and pure happiness. In those last ten minutes of series four a communal cheer went up across the world, when Martin finally got over himself and burst into the pub to say the words we'd all been waiting so long to hear! I think the reasons people invest so much in their relationship is more to do with Martin than Louisa - we have seen in certain moments that he needs her - when she left the village he said 'there's nothing left for me here'. Aside from his aunt Joan, she is the only person who loves him and accepts him for who he is, and isn't ashamed to admit it or to stand up for him - and who eventually steps back and sacrifices her relationship with him, because she respects who he is and doesn't want to change that. He makes the same sacrifice when he effectively decides that she deserves better. He needs someone that caring in his life after what happened with his parents and she needs someone who values her that much - though of course, I'm very glad that they both eventually realised that they'd made the wrong decision in splitting up!

38: Their relationship has its ups and downs and although Martin is frequently insensitive and completely oblivious to the trouble he gets himself into, and though Louisa is stubborn and too independent for her own good, they really do have something special that is funny, enraging and completely heart-warming. Martin and Caroline have done so well in creating two characters that we feel so strongly about and who are definitely destined to be together in the end, with their beautiful little boy who is completely adorable! - Shelley Miller Now to Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz: Because of the lack of many good British shows here in the States I am afraid you are both typecast in our minds. I hope you are not put off by that because you both nuance Martin and Louisa in ways that only an artist can do. I can't emphasize enough our enjoyment of your good work. It is a miracle that any two people can live together. We want the miracle to happen for these two wounded and admirable souls. We do not expect it to be gooey - but a wee bit of movement toward understanding and communication. "It's a boy! It's a boy!" - therein lies the mystery and fun of Season 5. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. There is just one change we would like to have seen in Season 4. When Edith is speaking of "Miss Spikey" and Louisa is standing outside the kitchen, she should have heard Martin say, "Edith, you will keep your feelings about Miss Glasson to yourself. End of discussion!" Louisa deserved that. Ralph and Suzie McCluggage Pine Lake, Georgia, USA

39: I've really enjoyed the sometimes painful to watch romance. It has been frustrating at times because you really just want things to go right and smoothly for them. There are so many assumptions and misunderstandings between them that they have a tough time staying together. However, they seem to have an even tougher time apart. - Connie Jefferson Six words, “they have to end up together!” there is no other way, I love the fact that they are ill-suited but that doesn’t stop them from feeling attracted to each other, The happiest day of my life was when I watch series 3 episode 6, and the worst was when I watch series 3 episode 7 and all that follow until the last minutes of series 4 episode 8. For me they belong together and I expect nothing less than that at the end of the show. - Verónica Fernández M. Many people seem to like the "will they, won't they" aspect of Martin and Louisa's relationship. Personally, I just want them to get on with it and of course we know they have! (Hence the appearance of Baby Ellingham). The non-wedding of series 3 was really, really disappointing. Maybe it wouldn't have worked during series 4 if they had actually been married, perhaps part of the appeal of the show would have gone. The introduction of the baby into series 5 brings with it so many possibilities, I hope, however, that we see Martin and Louisa together, trying to overcome the many obstacles that will doubtless be thrown in their paths.The Martin and Louisa fairytale would be nothing without the superb acting skills ofMartin Clunes and Caroline Catz. They have a sublime chemistry on screen, which adds realism to the very cleverly written characters. I sincerely hope though that when this wonderful series does come to a close, that the writers will be kind to us loyal viewers and let the Doc and Louisa live happily ever after. - Nicky Wilkinson

41: Such is the appeal of the series, it has inspired people from all walks of life and from all around the world to find their creative side. Search "Youtube" for Doc Martin videos and there you'll find many fanvids. A lot of them are based around Martin & Louisa's fragile relationship, but there are others that just highlight the great humorous moments that are to be found in every single episode of the series. Here are a small selection of Youtube channels :- www.youtube.com/user/LouisaGlasson www.youtube.com/user/tantracecilia www.youtube.com/user/littleguinea www.youtube.com/user/michelangelobiggles www.youtube.com/user/tracetragic Another creative outlet for many fans, has been writing Fan Fiction. We have found it a way of keeping the series fresh in our minds during the long two year gap between series. Many of us couldn't resist the temptation of developing Martin and Louisa's relationship on a more intimate level than possible in the programme. While others have attempted to analyse the reasons behind Martin's unsociable behaviour. www.fanfiction.net/tv/Doc_Martin None of the videos or stories have been created for profit, purely for the pleasure of sharing our obsession.

42: Favourite Lines | Elaine Denham: Did you hurt that dog? I love dogs. Doc Martin: Yeah, I love them too. I love the way they smell. I love the way they bite you. Dogs are the best. (S1E1) Doc Martin: Elaine; when we agreed that you'd start at 8:30; you did understand I meant AM? Elaine Denham: Buying biscuits in the supermarket; yeah? And this bimbo won't let me through on six items or less. All baps up to here; and them stick-on nails; she wasShe goeswait for it: "Sorry; six items or less." Doc Martin: And you had? Elaine Denham: 20; but all the same. Do you see? (S1E2) Mrs. Walker: Am I your first official patient? Doc Martin: (to the elderly woman) Indeed you are; yes. Collect a thousand loyalty points; you get a free coffin. (S1E2) Louisa Glasson: Sorry. I've agreed to surfing club; of all things. What clinched it was the kids saying I was too old. Doc Martin: Nonsense. People of all ages go surfing. Louisa Glasson: Perhaps you should come along. Be great to see you out of that suit And in a wet suit. (S1E5)

43: Doc Martin: This is Dr Martin Ellingham. I just wanted to get a few things crystal clear for you and your puerile listeners. I admit to having certain difficulties; but they have not and they ever will impair my function as a doctor. And for the record; a certain village plumber's accident was in fact a prank with some ketchup; which; by the way; kept me from attending to patients in my surgery. And as for so-called homeopathic remedies...Well; I suggest if there's one for chronic infantilism; then your caller; and indeed the entire village; should embark on a course immediately! Thank you! (S1E6) Danny Steel: Bless you. Doc Martin: l didn't sneeze. (S2E1) Louisa Glasson: Yes. And he's just said the words "virgin's eyeballs". Doc Martin: Is that bad? (S2E2) Doc Martin: All right Caroline I’m Gonna give you an injection. Caroline Bosman: (moans) Danny Steel: l'm saying a prayer for you, Caroline. Doc Martin: Just a little prick (injecting Caroline and looking at Danny). (S2E4) Danny Steel: l made a mess of things with Lou once. Perhaps the Lord's letting me have a second ...(Coughing) ...chance. Doc Martin: Sounds more like the Lord might just want you back at the ranch. (S2E6)

44: Doc Martin: You're so beautiful. You're so very beautiful. Do you know that? Louisa Glasson: OK. If that's what you were gonna say, I...I don't mind you talking. Doc Martin: All I think about, every day is just catching a glimpse of you. (S2E8) Mrs. Tishell: I could just eat him with a spoon! (S3E2) Doc Martin: Louisa, you look very......busy. (S3E3) Doc Martin: Osteoporosis and sexual intercourse on kitchen tables don't mix! (S3E4) Louisa Glasson: There's no good acting nice, Martin. You've got to want to. Doc Martin: WHY?!?!?! (S3E5) Doc Martin: Marry me. Louisa Glasson: What was that? Doc Martin: Please, Louisa, I can't bear to be without you. Will you marry me? (S3E5) Doc Martin: If the infection gets any worse, you run the risk of losing your leg. Beth Saul: Janet says... Doc Martin: Far too much. (S3E6)

45: Doc Martin: God forbid you should use icky drugs when you can experience the excruciating agony of childbirth in the raw. (S3E7) Doc Martin: She said that she was fine and I wasn’t to worry. Auntie Joan: Bollocks, you're the father. (S4E2) Mrs. Tishell: oh! Doc, I didn’t know you were coming! You should’ve warned me, to get myself ready, made myself presentable Doc Martin: Just came to collect my suppositories. (S4E4) Doc Martin: I was locked in a cupboard under the stairs all the time as a child and it didn't affect me. (S4E5) Louisa Glasson: They have doctors and nurses at the hospital. I’m sure they’ll be perfectly capable of helping. Doc Martin: Yes, I was just trying to say, I’m expressing concern for your welfare. (S4E8) Doc martin: Look I know you don’t want me in here but I have to tell you I was wrong. Louisa Glasson: please come here.aaahhh. Doc Martin: I was wrong about you, about leaving, about everything, when I saw that taxi I feared the worst. Louisa Glasson: awwahhh People in the harbour: AAWWWWWWWW! (S4E8) Quotes provided by Verónica Fernández M. Santiago de Chile

46: Photo by kind permission of Phil Shepherd (GRIP)

47: Thank You... | to the following people for their kind and generous contributions; Photos Philip Pitson, Ian Sheppard (Beefsteak), Phil Shepherd (GRIP) Alison Jane Hall, Simplyred, Alan Davies, Thoughts/Reflections Diane McGill, DianeB, Ray Worden, Penny Tindall, Gill, Shelley Miller, Robert E Schorry, Veronica Fernandez M. Carolyn Curran and PT, Phil and Chrissie Shepherd, Connie Jefferson, Fable 1. Ralph and Suzie McCluggage And a sincere Thank You once again, to Martin Clunes, Philippa Braithwaite, the producers, writers and editors and to all the very talented cast and crew, who come together every other year to create, what we can only describe as a stroke of genius! Long may it continue. | This Mixbook was created and edited by Nicky Wilkinson (nickywilkinson@aol.com)

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