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Don is 80 photo book

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Don is 80 photo book - Page Text Content

S: Don is 80!

BC: ...to be continued

FC: Happy 80th Birthday! | Don Herzog ~ April 15, 1931 ~ New York City

1: Looking better than ever, and living proof that eighty is the new sixty.

2: Family

6: Arizona | School Days at the Dude Ranch

7: The early years

10: Okay, so what do you say about a guy with six kids, each of whom would swear they’re his favorite, each of whom thinks he’s the sweetest and gentlest person they know (and sometimes the funniest), each of whom knows no matter what they do or say or who they hang with, or what type of work or lifestyle or partner they choose will have all the love and support in the world from this guy, each of whom said when asked to write this missive wondered how they could possibly put into words the endless warmth and love that flow from this guy.This guy is spectacularly suited to being our sounding board, our rock, our muse, our role-model, our friend, our guiding light...and our dad. And as the eldest of his six, although I know in reality he loves us kids all the same and I really can’t claim he loves me moreI can claim he loved me first! How wonderful to be celebrating this day with you! Love you first and always, Deb | #1

11: Dear Dad, Happy 80th birthday! What a monumental occasion. It’s hard to process that you were born the same year that Thomas Edison filed his last patent, the Star Spangled Banner was adopted as the national anthem and Dick Tracy made his comic strip debut. The social, political technical and environmental changes you’ve witnessed over these years were some of the most significant in history. But the one thing that hasn’t changed in those 80 years is you. Through everything life has thrown at you, you are as constant as the North Star, and have been that kind of guiding light for me throughout my life. Your unconditional love, words of encouragement, balanced view of the world, and yes, your corny sense of humor, are qualities that helped me grow and learn, and and nourish me still. You've made sure that each of us kids feel our special and unique place in your heart. I hope you know how special and precious you are to all of us. As wonderful as it is to remember the good old days, I must say, what I treasure the most is that we’re still making memories. Your big heart, strength and courage have earned you this grand, old age and my birthday wishes to you are for many more birthday celebrations to come. , | I love you, Janie

12: Hey Poppy, You have been one of the only male influences in my life, and I appreciate all you do for me. It is so great to be living so close to you now and I am so glad that I get to be so lucky to spend so much time with you. You are a great grandfather, father, and all around great person. Happy 80th! Love you so much, David

13: Poppy, 80 years on this planet is a huge achievement. I’m so glad that over the measly 15 years I’ve been here, I got to spend a majority of time with you. All the times I got to come down to beautiful southern California to spend time with you, go bunny watching, and drag you to skateparks. Also, your love of fish has my mind thinking of you every time I see a fish tank! I always think, "Poppy would love this!" or "I bet Poppy could tell me what kind of fish that is." I love spending time with you, and we will have many more years to create more wonderful memories! Happy 80th, enjoy it! Love, Alex =)

14: Happy Birthday Dad! As I recently passed the 50 mark I find myself thinking..."What's the secret to a great, long, life?" Luckily, I have a tour guide just ahead of me, as you have always been showing the way and setting the pace. Devotion to family, living right, and good choices will help get you there for sure...plus a little luck. Well your family is devoted to you, you have always taken good care of yourself, and you are living like surf dude down there in SoCal not far from the beach! A lucky man indeed! And we are all lucky to have you. You have recently been plundering the vaults of family, camp, and personal history. I have enjoyed listening, and reading about your memories. But I promise you...there are still many more to come! Hope you have a great day Dad. I love you, Doug | Dear Don, A birthday wish for you can only mean one thing. Well, maybe two. One, that all your children and grandchildren are healthy and happy. Two, that all your ex-wives are also healthy, and happy, and never decide to star in "The Real Housewives of Don Herzog." | xoxo, Noreen

15: Dear Poppy, Happy Birthday!! I love you so much!! I hope you have the best day:) Come visit soon! I to sit on your lap, I love your hugs, and I love when you tell me old stories:) | Happy Birthday Poppy Don. I hope you have a great 80th birthday. I know the picture is funny, but we will get a serious one next time! Love, Daniel | Poppy, Happy 80th birthday. One thing I can say for sure is you definitely don't look 80. I hope you have a great day and I will see you soon. | Love, Lizzy | Love, Jack

16: Hey Pop! Skype, Facebook, e mail, texting so many ways to wish someone a happy birthday these days! But, as you have always shown, pen and paper is the best way to go so here goes! This is a big year for both of us. Me 50, you 80. It is amazing to me that “80” looks like you! Damn --you are still the handsome blue eyed guy that all our friends went crazy for 40 years ago! You really have defied all odds. I know there have been tough times Pop, but you are doing remarkable. I am so grateful to have you to talk to, to laugh with, to tell my stories to. You are always there with an open ear (yep only one) and always on my side and in my corner. You have given me so much over the years Dad. The unconditional love, the support and the friendship is truly unmatched. You are the softer side of our crew and oh how I need that. As we grow older together, I am so grateful for all the new technologies that allow us to be so close, yet so far. I love our “skypes” and our long talks. Your nostalgia moments are not lost on us --we soak them up, record them and will continue to pass them along to our kids. Your kids (all 6 of us) and grandkids (all 8 of them) are living full, healthy, happy lives. There is not much more we could ask for. Daddy, enjoy your very special day. Keep soaking up that California sun, come visit us when the weather is good, our kids just love their poppy don . I will always be your one and only Jilly-Bum. I love you daddy always and forever. Jill | Happy Birthday, Poppy Don! Please see previous entry at www.jillherzog.com/donis70 :) Seriously, though, what I said to you 10 years ago is still true today and more so. I feel tremendously fortunate to have you in my life and to have learned so much from youhow to be a loving father, a good man, and even to set up a thriving fish tank (okay, maybe not so much on that last one; the student has yet to become the master). I love you very much and wish you all the best for the happiest of birthdays. I'll start working now on what to write for #90! | Love, Dick

17: Poppy Don! The big 8-0! Well Poppy I hope that this birthday is just as wonderful and full of happiness as all the ones before it. I can still remember "back in the day" when we would go to your backyard and admire your ponds of fish, or having you come to Maryland to see us and help do a major cleaning of our tank. Luckily now with Skype I can see you any time I want to! I'm so excited to come to California to see you and the rest of the family for your big day. I love you so much Poppy! Happy Birthday! Love, Zack | Poppy Don, First of all, Happy 80th Birthday! I love you so much, and I couldn't have asked for a better grandpa. I will never forget all the times you have made me laugh and smile. | Poppy, I love you sooooo much. You are the best and only Poppy in the whole entire world!!! I feel sooo grateful to have you (the best Poppy ever) in my life. I hope that you have a great 80th birthday because you definitely deserve it! I feel so lucky to have a grandfather like you. You are nice, caring, handsome and just overall the best Poppy ANYONE could have. I am very, very happy that you got a "skypes," I love seeing you and being able to talk with you. I also really appreciate when you come up to visit us and you watch me play my sports! It makes me really happy when you watch my games. Thank you for that too!!!!! I love u more than anything. Love, Gaby | We have had so many memories and I will cherish them forever. I hope you enjoy this birthday and many more! XOXO Halle

18: Dad, Well, I am going to have to start off with wishing you a happy 60th birthdayerrrrr Happy 80th! Seems pretty hard to believe, you definitely have the rest of the world fooled. Dad’s old claim to fame, perpetually looking 20 years younger than he is. I am so glad to have my favorite sports watching wing man in prime form. What can I say, I’m pretty fortunate to have those devilish good looks in my gene pool. I also am very fortunate to have such a caring father who over the years has been a wealth of information for me and taught me so many life lessons. I don’t know how I ever would have mounted a shelf, learned how to shape the perfect pinewood derby car, learned how to sac up for a swim meet against my sworn rival, even with a 105 degree fever, or learned how to sweet talk the ladies if it wasn’t for you. You have been a lead by example role model for me and instilled great values and morality in me. You have always taught me and encouraged me to stand up for myself and for what is right. You have supported me unwaveringly in all of my endeavors and have always advised me to aim high and achieve the greatest I could. You have been there to bolster my self-confidence when I have been down and driven me to get back up again. Your wit, corny but lovable sense of humor and your timeless expressions and phrases that haven’t been uttered since the early 1890s, when the covered wagons were making their way down the Oregon Trail, are part of the all encompassing aura that makes you the best Dad in the world. I am so lucky for every minute I get to share with you, whether it is watching the Angels beat the Yankees together, or grabbing a bite to eat and discussing the old days, it all is priceless to me and I am a very fortunate son. Thank you for all the life knowledge you have bestowed on me and for just plain old being my Dad. | Much love, Brad | Much Love. Brad

20: Dad, You continue to be a huge impact in my life and have shaped me into the woman I am today. You taught me to fully see and understand the countless joys in life. You taught me to always buy green bananas, and that new stuffed animals make colds go away. I learned that dark chocolate is the best treat and that West Coasters just don’t understand how to make a proper ice cream soda. Through you, I have learned about the excitement yet simplicity, of skipping instead of walking, laughing instead of worrying, and doing instead of wishing. You have shown the world that any grown man can be, and should be, goofy and silly with his daughters no matter who’s looking. You have been a prime example of what it means to connect with the world and maintain strong relationships. It means sharing not telling, and conversing with strangers and friends alike. It means cracking a joke in the line at the grocery store and craning your head a full 360 degrees to see who else found humor in your wit. It means calling instead of emailing and laughing with others as well as yourself. It means offering an ear, a hand, a shoulder, a lift. I wouldn’t fully understand any of this without you Dad. Your fire and zest for life has resulted in many Daddy-daughter adventures and have provided me the skills to fend on my own. Riding horses, shoveling poop, and competing against the other fathers in a tense and very serious volleyball tournament on Catalina Island during our ventures in Indian Princesses, was just the beginning. Experiencing rodeos and Broadway shows taught me how to get my hands dirty but still be a lady and enjoy the finer things in life. Our travels by cars, planes, subway, trains, shuttles, ferries, lifts, monorails, cable cars, and boats, have added to the value and excitement that you have brought to my life.

21: Your kindness and patience bleeds into every decision you make and is a virtue that most people don’t possess. I will never forget the years that you stayed home. They were the greatest! Your persistence to learn how to braid my hair (I still don’t have all the tangles out), and hand delivering my lunch (peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich) to school at least 4 days a week when I “forgot” it on the kitchen counter are some of the things that still make me smile the most. I would rip open that brown paper bag as quickly as humanly possible to read the poem you wrote on my napkin for me, the “forguessinacup.” The fun didn’t end here. School adventures with you continued on through high school, when you would steal Lauren and I from track practice and treat us to Gina’s Pizza and The Shake Shack! I can’t tell you how often we speak about those afternoons with you. Your patience only increased (ten fold!) when you taught me how to drive. I still don’t know how you kept your cool as the passenger of the green minivan when I drove us home day after day through the narrow streets of Laguna Beach, doing my best to dodge lights, parked cars, cops and pedestrians. In the times where our family was facing many challenges, you always had the extraordinary skill of alleviating any discomfort through little gestures, big hugs and great advice. They still mean so much. | Love always, Catherine | Dad it’s only through you that I understand the true meaning of courage and strength. Through you I understand the importance of a good, hearty, contagious belly laugh, the happiness that writing can bring, and the significance of being respected and treating others well. Thank you for being the best pen pal when I travel, giving sound advice during hardships, being supportive of my choices, using laughter as medicine, consistently sharing your love of water and the outdoors, and using humor and wit in all situations. I appreciate your dislike for “old people,” your contagious laugh, your wiggly toes when you’re uncomfortable, your silly sayings and Dad-isms, and your courage to fight through the toughest obstacles. You continue to surprise me everyday with your passion, love, insight, strong spirit and persistence. Your story is amazing Dad. Who you are each and every day is beyond inspiring. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to have a person like you to shape, love, form and teach me the ways of the world, but goodness am I grateful for it. I love you and am so thankful and appreciative of you, every single moment of every day. Happy, happy 80th birthday Dad. You put “old” people to shame.

22: Don, The occasion is a glorious one, even though I can’t imagine that it’s really 80 years? How time flies when you’re having fun. Kids, sand, sun and smellin’ the roses, walks by the beach, wives, meds you never knew existed, more kids and of course grandchildren. You packed a lot into that time and your looking great. Hope your 85th will bring all of us, and more, together for another wonderful celebration. Keep on doin’ whatever you’re doin’ – it works! Love, Sue

23: Don, No doubt about it, you are a blessed man! You are well loved by friends and family ~ and especially by all your children. Heck! Even your wives luv ya! Enjoy this celebration of your birthday and your life. It is a confirmation of the man you are and how you have spent your life. Congratulations on a life well spent! Happy Birthday! Bonnie

24: Hi Don, You were always the handsomest guy at Scatico.....from your Facebook page, you still are!!!!!!! All my best wishes to you on your 80th. It's hard to believe we are so far from those idyllic summers, but the memories are truly wonderful. | Happy birthday! Fondly, Louise Holman Roth | Dear Don [Donny], Having known you for umpteen years as campers at Scatico, I can't believe that we have reached the 80 mark. We sure don't act it! Hope you have many more great years. Love, Bobbie (Barbara Kazdin)

25: Dear Don, It was wonderful getting together with you and Bobby last month. We're counting on you to make us legends in the Scatico history book. Happy Birthday and welcome to the Octo Club. We need more like you. | Stop by when you're in Santa Monica as I have many pictures of people I can't identify, and maybe you can. Your old buddy, Dick Kaplan | Note: Our gratitude to Dick for the wonderful vintage Scatico photos on this page and next.

26: On the occasion of your 70th birthday, I wrote: I think we first met at Scatico in +/- 1945. We were both 14. We started as "seniors" in bunk 15. We had a basketball player from Temple University for a counselor. He was named Jack Hewson, and he was studying to be a dentist. His wife was also a counselor at the girls camp. Knowing our hormones at the time, I'm sure we would rather have had her as our counselor. I can't remember the other counselor. My memory of Don was blond, sun burnt, great smile and a very easy going nature. He was surely the best looking kid on the "upper hill." It was good being his friend because there were always girls around. Although I can't recall him being much of a basketball player, he was THE star of the swimming area. At the close of each year, during color war, there was always a swim meet. Don was always good for a few first places, and invariably the color war lead the day of the swim meet. We used to canoe together, sometimes to chase turtles, but mostly to hide under an overhanging tree, out of sight of supervision, and wait for the girl canoeists. Thus, everyone wanted to share a canoe with the main attraction. Then there was a girl camper, Sue Kohlreiter, considered to be the best looking girl at camp, well maybe she had an equal in Joan Greenwald. Anyway, it was the perfect Scatico match. I seem to remember a few bumps in the road, but obviously not too many big ones. There was one summer that Don missed Scatico. Sue and I commiserated. I secretly hoped to take his place for that summer, but no chance. Then we became waiters. By that time, we were college freshmen and BIG TIME. We drank beer, played cards, chased the girls and just had a grand time. We lived in a small shack holding 4 waiters. Mickey Rogovan and another I can't remember. It was a wonderful summer. Of course I remember Joan. What a sweet girl she was. I can't say I remember Don's dad, but clearly his mom. It would be hard to forget those striking good looks. We stayed in touch during our college years, and saw each other from time to time in NY. After school, I moved away, and we lost each other for some years, only to reconnect in CA. Don called me a few months ago, finding me on the Internet. It was like talking to my old pal in bunk 15. I guess some things never change. I'm sure he won't, and that's a good thing for all of us. Mr. Donald Herzog is very special person and a good friend. Sincerely, Bob Sachson

27: EPILOGUE for your 80th birthday If you refer to the above letter, you will note that I could not recall the 4th waiter in our “tentalow”. Thanks to our recent lunch, I now know it was Dickey Kaplan, and heard the word “tentalow” for the first time in decades. Don, Dick and I had planned a get together for many weeks. A few days prior, Don had a health issue and had to cancel. Kaplan and I decided to meet nonetheless. 63 years was quite long enough since we last met. I must admit to having some reservations about the lunch date. It was like starting “color war” with the team general in the infirmary. The morning of the lunch, I called Don to see how he was feeling. He advised he was feeling much better. I told him Dick and I were going to meet anyway. He sounded disappointed but resigned to staying home. I arrived at the restaurant and asked if Kaplan or Herzog were already seated. The hostess said “Oh no, the restaurant is empty” – not a good dining sign! I waited at curbside and saw Dick drive up with someone in the passenger seat. I thought “he must have brought his wife along – well I hope not, she looks awfully big for a French lady named “Jacqueline!” Doors opened, and Kaplan got out one side and OUR GENERAL exited the other side. “OK” I thought,” Color war won’t be so bad after all.” We had a great lunch. Aside from some heart conditions and cancers, we were right back at Scatico like hardly a day had passed (no less +/- 23,000). It was picture-taking time before leaving. There were 2 young ladies at a nearby table. “Let’s ask one of them to take the picture,” I suggested. In unison, Dick and Don said, “You ask.” I did, and they took our photo (matched pose to any earlier one of the three of us). They repositioned me a bit saying, “SIR, could you move a bit closer?” And then they repositioned Don saying “ HON, move your head to the left.” And so it is – 6 decades later and nothing has changed. IT WAS A GREAT DAY. DON, HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY WITH YOUR FAMILY! Bob Sachson

28: Dear Don, To my mother, Shirley, your mother (Aunt Ruth) was hers, too, and she loved her and Uncle Jack so much. My mom cherished all the things your mom gave her as gifts when she was young and later as an adult. She admired her and wanted to be like her. All through the years, she'd tell me about hand-me-downs she got from your mom and how happy they made her because she had absolutely nothing. If it weren't for your dad, my mom would have never left New York, would never have become a model, and would never have become the person she grew to be. Uncle Jack had faith in my mother—that she was beautiful just the way she was, with no make-up and just a washed face and without fancy clothes. Uncle Jack was the one to take her to John Powers Modeling Agency in N.Y. and, as you know, she was immediately made one of its top models, leading to her being on the cover of Cosmopolitan and a very happy life both modeling and mothering. Thank you, Donny, for letting me consider Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jack like my grandparents—cool grandparents who let me drive a jeep all around their property when I couldn't even reach the clutch. If my Mom were here, she'd hug you and hug you and hug you, and cry, too. So, I'm passing this on to you from her. The closeness she felt passed down, and I'm sending my love, too. Happy birthday! Love, Susan

33: Dear Donny, It's not hard to believe you're eighty. It's only hard to believe how you look at eighty. Amazing is the word that comes to mind. Because you were leaving Paterson and New Jersey so soon after Bobby and I were making our way there—in our case, by way of Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC—we never really got to know each other well. One conversation, however, has stuck in my mind. The family was gathered in Al's backyard for yet another Sunday family barbecue with a cast of thousands not long after you and Sue had announced your separation. I was sitting and chatting with you, and we must have been talking about your impending divorce because you said, "Now you are too old for me Beth!" I thought you were joking. Little did I know you soon would put your words into action. But has your taste changed now, Don? At Alex's bar mitzvah I overheard you while you were dancing with Sue say to her, "We're still the best looking couple on the dance floor!" And you were. Happy birthday, Don. We hope you celebrate many more. But one thing' s for sure. When you do finally go to wherever we're all going eventually, you'll be the best-looking one there, too. Love, Beth and Bobby

34: Don, I loved you then and I love you now. You have always had the ability to listen and care. I hope you know how much it meant to me to pal around with you and our collective children and take fun day trips. I have so many wonderful memories, thanks to you and your camera. Even though you moved away, I knew you would be in my life and my heart always. You are my family and I love you. I'm glad you married my sister and I am so happy and blessed to be here today to celebrate you and your birthday. Love, Joan

35: Dear Donny, It’s amazing how our ten year age difference has become smaller and smaller as the years go by. My 70th and your 80th have come closer and closer together. We are now contemporaries. Back when I was five and you were fifteen was a completely different story. | The age gap was huge. You always made me feel so very special. The walks just the two of us took together, when I would poop out and refuse to walk back home, was our special time together. I loved sitting in your lap and combing your hair. You made my being the baby sister so much fun. | You are and will always be my favorite, bestest brother. I am thrilled to be here with you on this momentous occasion. I love you, Carol

36: Dear Uncle Donny, Wishes for a very happy birthday, a fun-filled, memory-filled celebration and lots of love and kisses from Liz, Scott, Rachel, Robert, Hannah and Willie

37: Dear Uncle Donny, Congratulations on your 80th birthday! I’m sorry I won’t be with you to celebrate, but please know that I am there in spirit and with lots of love. Your love of family and your amazing films and photos are a reminder to all of us that the most important people in your life are your family. Love always, Cathy | Nearly 25 years ago when I married Jonnie, How lucky was I, that this family includes Uncle Donnie. So handsome, so dapper and way beyond charming, you made the rest of the family seem not so alarming. Your stories, your warmth and generous soul made my joining this team feel completely whole. The times we’ve spent together are always merry and fun, When you smile it feels like the warmth of the sun. Happy Birthday to you and here’s to many more. By the way, we can’t wait for you to come visit us down by the shore! A very happy 80th birthday to you Don ~ cheers! with love and hugs, Karen

38: Though I haven't seen you in many years, I have only the fondest memories of you, and keep up to date through the Sammy network anchor man, Marshall Gelfand. Of your accomplishments, I think you will go down in history as the first Paparazzo, taking pictures of every person, event and moment of our 4 years in college. I hesitate to think what the digital camera and the iPhone have added to your output. I often wondered if you ever saw anything in college that wasn't through a viewfinder! I also know, that on the few occasions when we were together to look at those pictures, it brought back the good times and they made the recollection richer and fuller...I hope you keep clicking away for a long time to come....smile Don. Happy Birthday, Billy Persky

39: It will be 60 years this September when a chubby ("stocky" is what the department stores called it) 17-year old from a place called “East New York” in Brooklyn, pledged Sammys' Eta Chapter at Syracuse. What did I know about fraternities? We had gangs. When I learned that ZBT was not only a baby powder (my cousin pledged in Chicago), I decided I wanted to join a fraternity. I was happy that the guys on Comstock Avenue wanted me, because they were first on my short list. I pledged Sigma Alpha Mu and got to know the brothers. Most I liked, some, not very much, a couple, not at all. You, Don Herzog, were one of the good guys. You were classy. You were what is now called “grounded.” Surrounding you was a quiet strength and if I remember correctly, you were kind to us pledges during Hell Week. That's very important! It's been nice getting together out here in Southern California, where we both live, for me to know some members of your large and loving family, and now, to meet more. | I first met you in 1949 (Do I really mean 1949?) You were (and still are) a handsome, fun, loyal, genial, kind young man (what else would one want in a friend?). We bonded immediately, and I still admire and love you as much as any man I've ever known. | Through the years, we have geographically drifted apart although I have never relinquished my love, affection, admiration and respect for my old friend. Welcome to the 80's my friend. It isn't so bad. I have tested it for you. Gosh, we made it this far. Who knows how far we'll get if we keep going. | Happy Birthday Don. Much love. Fraternally yours, Don Kaufman | Kim and I wish you a fabulous 80th birthday. She's sorry not to be here with us all and she sends her love. We both wish you many, many more good years ahead. Your Sammy brother and friend, Matt P.S. By the way, I went from 226 to 180 that first year, thanks to the Dingle Man at Skytop.

42: Don , I have not been blessed with a photographic memory of my childhood, but I certainly remember that it was a happy time and a great deal must be attributed to the friends and family around me. The Herzog’s epitomized family in my mind..the kids were great and like brothers and sisters to me and Don & Sue were young and like my 2nd parents. I remember rides to the country (for me anywhere outside of Paterson) and my fondest memories were always my inclusion and participation on Christmas Eve. I can vividly picture Don taking the “family” videos with the camera rolling and the “blinding” bright lights. It was my job to help arrange the gifts under the tree after my “brothers & sisters” went to sleep. Then I would leave to go home, but would never get back in time on Christmas Day to see the opening of the gifts and that was no matter how hard I tried. Having the Herzog’s a few houses away until they moved away.all the way to the park, was a wonderful experience and I really remember Don and the very large dog by the name of Bobo all being bigger than life. These are fond memories and to a very special man, I wish a very special birthday. You truly are a young man in my mind and you look just as young in your pictures. Enjoy your day! Rick Rosenfelt (Ricky.to my friends)

43: Papa Don Juan, What a truly wonderful person you are. All the memories began in your green van in high school... whether it be when you took Catherine and I to Gina's Pizza, the Shake Shack, or when Catherine was "driving" and you were "supervising" ... to when you high-jacked us from our dedicated cross-country runs, you are absolutely a Don Juan of many sorts. That's for dang sure. Catherine is the light of my life... oh yes she is, and it is because of you. No... not because you made her, but because you gave her your sarcastic, hard-headed (in a good way), witty personality. Thank you for being exactly who you are and passing it on to my best friend. You never cease to put a smile on my face, even in times of my traveling and your fatherly input on such. I am so blessed to have you as a part of my life. I wish you the happiest of birthdays filled with tons of love, slobbery kisses and super-tight hugs. You are an inspiration of what a father should be and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me in as one of your own. I love you very much. Happy Birthday Papa Don. Love, Lauren p.s. I am certainly glad to say that I am your favorite 5th daughter. I hold that title proudly.

44: Don, The thing that I remember the most working with you at American Senior Funding was all your great stories you use to tell me about your kids, family and all your life adventures. I used to love hearing them and enjoyed our many conversations. Work seemed so much more bearable sometimes with having you there. You always treated me with such kindness and was a pleasure to work with you! I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more. Best Wishes, Theresa Lee | After 35 years Don, Karina and I have lots of memories, some forgotten, but here are some of our favorites: Baja fishing trip (just the men) – “Too much tequila” Mazatlan Vacation – “Too many Margaritas” Guadalajara Shopping trip – “The girls spend too much Mammoth Mountain Skiing – “Too many broken ribs” Company Outings – “Too much fun” Time spent together – “Never enough” Looking forward to celebrating many more and “remembering” them all!!! Love, Larry & Karina

45: You've chronicled our lives with treasured photographs, so we are thrilled to give you this keepsake of your 80 years! Happy birthday! With love from your children, family and friends.

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